The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 26, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 26, 1933
Page 6
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m,Y'fHEVlLL,E. (AUK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, OCTOBER 26, HW They May Change Grid History Saturday Wallace Wade's Thoroughness Produces Team Uc- ofOM Days. •BY JBDIV UONAUVr. .SEA SMTlce Si'.orli Wrltn- DURHAM. K. C.--AU aps'.ir! i r «HB;IV •: revoluli-U lu southern football; which :s ins: mnllier v.n of s'yin.-; tVsi Duke University. in Us 1P-2 defeat of Tennessee. '.» soiv ine iioll:-c that arioi1:or of WallJC' Wadt's treat teams is in the making. • Wide is the gent who ftraduntet 1 troai' Brown, went south to Alabama. and luriied o\:t such yri'i Kami there t'.'at Uiey played ir three Rev.- Bowl contests— 1025-20 30— winning games against the Un! versity of Washington nnd Wash iiyjion State, and playing a H" 'A' 1 '- 1 Stan/ord. Fifteen dnyJ -alter Wade's Ala- tama iMin ef 1930 had blasted V.'nEhisij'.on Sale out o! tl:c Tlosc EoMl. lie sat down p.l n dcs'it at Uuke 1 Uii'.versiiy.iynd began n plan ol tattle to prac.-> in? Blue Devils on n pay. -.uiii tile best teams In the OKI ril ry. cannot afford lo slick lo one sys- was able io keep her maldon lem unless M* material wnrronLs name, though married, by .select- With great- offensive nuicrlu], Warner or a Notre Damp i play a War I . | system; »'U1' I vflopln^ a c SIMS II without, »-ofk hmo in <! defense. Jim os her husband a man with llw same name, Benjamin P. P.lone, Women Keep Christian Namet Though Married (Every -Team Uses Notre'^NVER^ I Dame, Warner, Midi!- j Stone before she was married hero, gap. System or Variation'fl^. sllli *"» " Mar >' sione. sh,- Cheyenne, Wyo. The some day the iicenrr wn«. Luued for Ihe Stones here, another couple with the same nnnifi took out a marriage license. They were Mabel Roseberry and .), M. Ro5«berry, both of Denver. ~ _ None of (he principal was r°- 0)P)-Mary M. j MC d. II)., WOK Mary Read Courier Hews Want Arir. Till-: Is hi; t'.'ird year al thr hehn. Ills sophomore ?,Tidders o' 1S31', drilled three years under hi' master hand, are comins ihro'.i^ fci 1 him. Tliere'vi Pred-Jle Crawford, -the best- tack'.e" Wade ever couched; Nict L3«cy, triple-threat halfback; "Ccrrkv" Cornelius. w : .'.o scored al! 10 point:; against TemiMrec; pilIppijir: "Horse" ITondrk-kson, ? blo-r.iny. back who never c?.mec t'lc tall escept when he ;>l:ra sifcly and a couple of ondn irin arc niiion? -.he btsi in liie nation—Tom no-<!r'-. and Earl Wf-nw. DuV:c gave warntViF of wh?.l tc expeVi tVh SMW. hi l:s 1932 campaign. Then V/sde's crC'.v. Jti'.t [jetting; warm?;! up. pave Uie Vols ? icusji aft-'rnoon, and wove Just nosed out by a 10-13 SMW. Auburn too,. • :orert a win over the Blue rjcvlb, but it toa'i some tall ball toliiV to ccp the nod, 18-7. The only! o'Jwr black mark on Duke's record -.vns r. 0-0 :lefi;ai at Norll: Canlin?. State's hands. Careful cbsfrvers of Duke's play trie .las-, iwo years have ni-vlved a lhE--c~.n:lii3bn thai. \Vade Is Jusl cboi'ii the grant?.,! developer o! "si;5Claliy"_inJn rlncc Knute Rock- ll(!. HemlrtcVTSou. tile quarterback, on- cf hi* football laboratory prcd- ucts; Tills felloe Ls 10 Cornelius t-anfy and Cox, ire fiillbart:. whal Fi'.l !7;-;uon was to Red Orange. H~'S. [>h~iu tbe classiest bbrker is> ih? game, as well as a smart field £cm? idea pf how Wade bus bnlll tip hi: line for special duties ts iSwivn in th? fact that Crawford ciU ;f'!> two ends. Went?, nnd R07- crs. v.tml down under Duke's pmi'.s cnlv] n'_ half-vard return cf them (hiring the game. WJiib Wade has developed Crau-- f?r:l, i::!o a speedy lackl?, he liar c:iiMi[>)te;! on L'.-C quiiilK of •••r-!.£vf- ous Durnc.r. in another wnv v Oil? is a great rocovcrer of iiunbl-v. It wi c . hs yvVo r:c3\ n l'!:-:-:M Duks mini behind the nil;ll:i; to alvc ilia Vob n sifjty in".-,:;l o! a touc'-do'm. tin:] he «•- c,-vv«.fj riot-or f;imb:e nt a critical Jtjoimnt i n the came, turning l!;<- :ic'f in Duks's favar. Tli? Blue D:vlU hnve a Icirjh row cf (liHr' 19'.3 string. Th?y* pla Ktii!' ^'<vv nirnrs? team. Auburn MJ'vhiKi. North Carolina. Nnrt v C?-"iii\i Riii<- niKl Gsov.ih Treh. !--'n-:-.v'-3r» nlMV; Ihe lin? in tin- <\'"\-r ]>>!U- T|;C. 110 ,,,-5 s m ;i[, ,| r WndEm^n. even as Oiov try W. B"t it '^cn-.! hiv;l!v IP'S'-C-. n fj-^-ito , 0 . v . in ,;,,'.„,_,,.. lo nny lull '••lib en tlioi. \\t\. BL-C'- Mo«r ft WHl Wear . M'mr.his Colors A?;ai lnifr=rc-.lon:il lattU's. i-op.reirnci' <!>ampicii : .!)i;) tuh-s :iiid ]ili>ln red-liot ifridiion biilllirs ure In storo for foo'.hail inns .Siiuu'day, Oct. 2!t. Aboiv an- six .stars who probably will slilin- for u.clr tennis ihut ilp.y. • AI. lf-n L-: Anrty Callon, Yale's si-r-iU tack, wlio'D n.vauli. Army's lino; l!;.'n Aiu'.v I'llney. tin: sopliainori' .stur rti Xoliv Ihinw. who Is c'XpetUit to -.!o u lot ol' hullbiickln^-tigiUiisi IV.i; npiw tt-nlcr lo Ormand Senc-h. Kan-'ni: battlleld nvc, vho'll biifk i]|> «n:inM Kuib:u.s -KiP.U'S. llm- liv n lilg .Six conflict; below He.vii. tit li-l'l, i.s Hill Sinlih. all-coast nd u! Washington Unlversl'.y Ins!, yfiu. YEIIU nop •• !•: win AJl-Ainrrlcfui rr:-oaiii!iun in Die Stanfoicl Hill Kiiiitli. c-apthin ajul comer •Jl Hie (Jnlvi'r.sily ».' TC.VUS' siinad. Is ol. IDWI- H.'-h-'U ivy lo brci'.k. up tlial Hh:i! u it auk; and at right is on-! ol l.'i;- slurs Jimuiy C'rsw- IIILS found u', Forditani—:'i:m Pluwlock, JJU'lbac;);. vho'il 'jiivk Alabama's forward v.p.K. ^r'-ii^t l|* .. .j - - '•' - <rw-,\ ^ )avicl Donlcy Will Take on Canadian in Feature Match Here Monday. David Dooley. the bc-whtskcroil "fir.i.^e of David niaiinan, ivtuvns 'ti the avnioiy iierc- Monday ntte.- ~n absence ol several weeks, when V luke-s on Hoy Welch in lh« 'catnvc iimlch on Ihe weekly mat The incpilni; of Dooley and \Vulch Is expected io puck 'cm in '.ccordins; to siwnsors of Ihe pro- •-nin since bolli have wins to their •ledlt over. Emll Fivpo. Ihe South American. -'' Uoorjy wiih his whiskers and 'iirsiirtl antics is a colorful pcr- 'onner while Welch Is a veteran •I'ilh mi uncanny ability lo isaime 'it 1 , opponent';; ciuliirnncc and start •i: acRiesslve offense Just when llir ~thfr. man is wllllnc. U I 1 ; clnlm- ••I. Donlev ami Welch sire t\nwn "ov mo out of three falls over Hit: v.n hour lime limit. Rav Meyers will tata- on Vie Vebber Isi .1 prehmimu-y match, ""iir-y nro do^n fcr two 0111 of luee lalls In n one hour match. BY BILL SPAULDIKd I vo I ball Coach, I'nlvwslly of CaB- fomia. at U« Angles l,ps AKP£LES.—A particular style of p!av traditional with a cc-'nool or coach is ca!!e<i a system. Yo'.i have he.nj of the Noire Dame, Wurner und MlchtijiUi sy.-su'iiis Tnesi! three adequately covvr liie siyles^ of foaital) In vo/ue m i!ll \;.'av. of tlw country. The Notre Dame .sy.v.i'-!ii s; iMsed on the t'cnnallon nifd when foot- b.ill was flrs-^ started. baiiiicnl llir —tiirco isien on nxti side of Uie center' and tru-e. 1 backs in a ro five yard-: back from the liii^ »i'.h a (juarlftrUaey. Iwiiind crnU'r. Tweiu-y-Rce years ago ihc quar- tc-rbock .luuidliHl the bill on M i!ay.i~he would give the bail '.o o lahoack or thfl fullb.u-k. ni!h (*»!' o: ihe men leading I'ne ph'.y und ih' others pushing. About 20 years ago lir rules were changed, sil!o»lnv he ctiimv io pa« '.he tall directly o the- man who carried ;'.. • • . coach Alohzo S'.aKs oonwlvec the Idea of sliifiiiiB ' !l ^ cnthi hacktieid to right, or !e!i to outflank the opponents and isiaks use of ilw direct pass. H> had soirt ess because In thiwe days the shift U!d no', "nave to come to u complete stop. Tne deleiw could not get sev before they becanv: en vek>j>ed by oft'eiisivc 1 uieo. Jess Harper. Ro=knc'o old tcudi toolt ihe system to So'.ro Dame where it, wa. 1 ; improved, lieckne tid- ded an end shift which msdti I very troubleDOmc- for tackles to figure aui. whether the wlngii'.en wen about to drive lh»m in or out Kockne had a loi of success will '.111.; style and i'- bscanw known a: t'nc S'oire Dune system. p ii T 1 About the lime that S'.ai;^ was HI UUnie nere 10- experimenting with the fundamentals of this system, Glenn Warner invented the wingback .system used S at Nlte by many teams today. His -idea was 1(1 o r I" O W m o r i o w CIllCKS, A full gridiron menu Is In. store Tin- foolbftll fans a 1 . Haley Field . l v .:cuy. At 3:15 o'ckck In UK- uflernoon : th; Biylhevllle jtmin: 1 high P;i- |:oase.i will meet ih; Jouesboro junior higli Whirlwinds. Al 7:45 Fri- djy night ihe liljthevilte high scool Chickntaws will take en the i!ti:li>fcfi'.cd I'ariiyoiihl linlldcgs. O: course, the night lilt will hold •i t'na; it, was diffjculi for an end t( block a strong defensive ta-jkle, anc position on the day's card Ihe. iillernoon name will also '-. oiler some attindivc fo-otbull. Whirlwinds nnd Papooses ' have met once- -already this season wiih lii-j \VhiriwitKh eking, out. n one toiichdoun vlclury al joheii- ; boro. Since that tiii'.r the Popoosc.-i j hi-vc won l^u yaini'j and |io;>e to ;cr:Ulnue then- wimiliVj streak • (tnd i av.'UBi: their t-ariipi 1 defeat nl I lie ' si-'mc titni 1 ionKiiTov, 1 attcrnoon. What Brilton war. to CJiiinnc. ihe Rridder en th? liohl is to t'.ie DISC-I .Coaches Pn-.keli and Holland it l?ft. "Cotky" Cornelius, li-li. is Duke Unlyersily'ei flashy ball car-• hone to have ihe p.ipoosc-s-in Ihe was his reason for placing a a yard back and a yard out- |sl<k- of Ihe end io lielp wilh Iht defensive lackle. TliU opened ill the defensive line for bucks, mid II ihe tackle did no: inovs out, off.- tackle plays would be used. Alter other coaches had lormu- laled defensi-s to cope success fvlly with this formation, Warnei conceived tlie double wingback ner, and Ihe otl'.cr i;siy t;: "llors bluckins; back i:i tin 1 smith. probably Ihe bsst j P?ak of t'cvm *-r sliL-lr letiirn jn- sagciKi-nt the Jouesboro team t l r.. T'"n. — with ll^sbv E'-njiv Moorp. the Jaitn" J man e vt i'- lo -r-\d n Memn^ils ur-'- f i-'-n i-on.s' virn uv icani il:? .Uemch's Timers n"-»i Hie Chlci70 "' ""'•s 1'cre Sunday in w'i«' should prove one of the best foo;- r»>i! ^-,-,p^ , P .-,, r , t Ho ,|.„,. r , ?] ,, Tl"--blcif-ff "-i!| 1:o at I-AS „. m . The sensational running Buckv Moore will not be ths onlv nei r man In Ihe Tiler lir.eiin Rundav Red' Sai'Siele. W-i£hin?tnn U:iiv>r- il' v 'star np:l cilled bv r-oire football aul^o-HKs us Hi? ?rn:al o' Mo^'-e. ^vil] p'^o roTvi in ihn Ti' ft - backflelcl. Ted Illman. former!'- wt'V t 1 !^ NEW Yor 1 -- GiJin's nn-' "Tiedhot" Burn?, with Proviiicncr- le^l ^esir, ara the. olhe 1 - i-orkfi" 1 ' ntwccin?rs," while Dave Ribb'.e. 24 pounds of power and with the St. Louis Gunners last year, will perform a.s a Memphis tackle. R^rd M'ii ^^irilt'.ed to B?r t £ALT LAKE CITY. Utah (UP1- Wlllani G. Shellon. totally lilind realized li'i life''} am bill en when admitted to the Utah State Bar. A . victim of an- etnlosiin \vheti a bov , Sljclton has since learned to read ; with his finders and use a lype- ^.Tlier with great speed. S 1 1 I "<:<; H^s N Rnav >v, O-P-.e. But S.M.U.' Game Will. ^'YT-rTPvn.l^E. Ark.. Ort. 26. -Thr UnS l-f !Vcl>.v of Avl:n|l<:-is HlZ- •^ack.i will r»«"niA their rVv nf. "r tho SoiU'uvest Co>if-»vncc •ixi^ ihe Oe-rtrks. TT will Us Horn-. 1 - : "riiiMin*. on Ihi Arkansas ninpvis. iri[j 0*0 c nlrvlll iie.d nitri-'-io:! of 'he Howcoinl'w r">,! u i-"fn i>-ri 1 ftyibail pame that will r« fur 'e<vnrd determlntiif. t ll n Southw.i 'I'Je wl'Mier, Is exuocted Irv druv 'hnu-ands of alumni and football Tlie Razorbacks. cockv over their "'c'ni'ies, over. Tev^s Ch'si'.in imil ^ivlo". were e.H^sieiTvi a-'^ rti< 'v bv T .cnl!-lnna State li>sl Simrdav. •-,.(,,0, -^t i-i'l of fioir noiloiK "f ''•vin^ihiliu-. O lr ? iilnvors are coins Dii»h a stiff grind of n-i-U:e •»i<: week, mostly on pas^ defense, lilnre of thctv p?«s defense to •'•i- ; on aooi'iM I.. S. U. and the ouilK-.n Melhodi5ls' w«H-t-uown "ri.ii oitack ave iesix)ns'''le for ls e ft" erlsh practice in this d»- Pupil, Toaclicr To M;'tch Wiis In (yiumr Friday ; . i which aiiiiiially ranks -js one of the A CM s:m by Dr. W. Dean ofi'"'" 1 "* J "" lor s "' mds ° f ' r " c st;l15 ' UopinghBm. Rntiai-.c!. liiiglnnd 1 , to | Tj frn ,, , 10W Mvo filend ai Frammgram in Suf-!,„,,. ^ llia . lo by ll!t , propsi . , co ,,. I folk. i'i ^ 103 milc.i away, was mls-cd j its ni l \v horn? und was dis- iit'4 o; hens. ;i device has been ox- i;;']i;ed wiilcli deliver.; a 25-pound Fupil will be arrayed a?<ilnsl l.v.chor when tho Blyt'.'.eville Chicks ami p.ii-iuould Bulklojn mtct hav Fi-idny night. ll will b? a brittle o: wii, ns: brawn for ihr leache:- Is D:«lc. 1'iirncoiild co:ic'i AvknnsAs State mentor. an-J vi:cil is -Acs" Puilicli. Cluck and ex-Arkansas Si'ate t-r. Pncketl ncnu'rcd jDine cl know!5d<?e of ihe grid soon under lJ:.le'<: tutelage and \\m ll'.c.- siiiie in an rtlovt lo sen:l his fL' ccurh down in defe.i; to- r.ioircw. Pnckett proUiblv S'-cit i;i»a of the system Da!< d^f^-ii-.-cl Bulldo-'j. \\i\\ e:n-^\ c:o - si of snine tralnliiK he IP-, ah- sorb?d In ihe past. .-\s fir D.iie he V-as kont a cliJj? varch en ihe ChlckaFaws anrt will have his j/rid- (icrs prro.ired to tn-ei !iv JociU' aeHal and runniii-' alfirk. .The niilldCiis will enter the cam? favored to trounte vVi lo.-,il: 1 . .;i.nvl »\.IIL1, lll-JJStl-., U *0-&AJU11U ll-Jlua K11U UUUi :co-.ore:l. *ix days later, silting out- U) lllr< , c tllllcs u mUu , le on Ult ., opponents. is.dL- Dr. Dean's home. ! ci , t , u , a 6iu . u {o , ,, ours al „ , !m( ,| , n lcoklllg b J^. .^-^~^ ~ wUiiout cracking the shell. ' tuns, I would A c^j placing a back outside 'of each offensive end and two " backs foil, yards behind ihe center.of ths line Pop figured that tlieEe.iwo wing- bucks behind an unbalanced line- four men on one side of the cen ter and two on ihe. other^-sprea; Ific defense. •'.-"' «_»,»:• -.' . The Michigan' sysiiin .'is' : different froiu Hie bt'ner/tfro.-Proponent- of"tlits feel .that, a .good-offense f- ihe best defense.'•Coacli ant h:i successor, Kipke. bieU-:-ye a slea dy defense and a good • kkkin g.nne are better il'.an' aii offensiv ^tylo cf play. . • •' : . . Followers of this style feel thai a well-executed pass for 30 yards is belter than six plunger through the line at flve yards per plunge. Ti takes less mil of their own teams und puts more tear'intb the back over tllese Sy5 . say lhat a coach Discount! tins 55c Goodyear U«c!e Has Same Punch as Nephew Aikwsas end Soiuhmi Method- i DENVER. Col. (UPi-They '••i hav-- met seven limes rr»vi- lolll!h hombves. these Baers. ->-slv. vlivi Ih? Miistaun hnldhu' Tcm ' si<:c<> CAn readily vouch •i ndvaniu^e of th-ee vtctcrie<: io for " lc ability of PAiioltnin iv-n- ".vo for the R.iMirbacks. Two J nl »hi F. Baer. uncle of ihe fistic j ' -"i-r-, rrs"li^d In ties. Ln^t year .chnmpion. Mnx Bner. Toini :-l:icc • Sotiihcni Mcihexf^i defeated Ark- i of btisincrs. a sofi drink parlor, -imns 13 lo 7. Scores of previous! wni the 'iibject of n liii'[n««s irlu Ciirs 7;r/t quicker th.m smooth, old tires nnd quicker than any otlier >'«.. .Take AH-Wcoihcr "« unnecessary chances on slippery tall nnd win- icrro.ids pin on sale-gripping new GooJyears now* Mosi siies still priced lower than lasi fall. Substitutes [or cotton and wool V.have been produced by German . tclonlists who now are workln? on . a new plant that has all the quail, .ties of hetnp. j ky a .>ietty thief, who w;is en I rr.i'nicied by Patrolman Uner and 1 H. A. Jack near the scene of the shell. Having !>eeu notified of she i of cigars nnd a few other I articles. Tony Immediately hurried 1 to police headquarters. On see: ing the thief. Slsco held back his . right, but somehow the left wad-, f d Into the hollow of Ihe mlscre- j i ant'.s stomach. Patrolman Baer : ' rllnchlnely saw the thief take the ! OSOEOLA. Ark.. Ocl. 26.— Tho count and Immediately "threw 1 his Osccola SsmlnolM will plav the rl?ht to the lower side of Tonv's Kclser junior hl?h stl'.ool football chin, flattening him to the floor, j team here Friday afternoon. | classified as a knockout. Arkir c .A?-S. M. U. name? nre as fellows: IP.'.i— A-kansas u. s M u. 0. 1922—Arkar.vas 9. S.M.U. 0. 1923—Arkansas C-. S.Mii. n lPP.4-Arknnsas U. S.M U. 11. lS2o—Arkansas 0. S.M.U. 0. ]01l_-Ark!in5DS 6. SM.U. 42. 1932—Arkansas 7, S.M.U. 13. 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