The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 11, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 11, 1931
Page 4
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PAQB FOUR JBLYTHEV1LLE. (ARK.)' COTJUlfcu mi, BLYTHEYILLG COUltlEU NEWS 1 IHE CTJSIUI NEWS CO, l>UBu!/5HKR9 I 0 R. BAJ3COCK, Mlloi j B. .?, ILMWiS, Advertising Jo;; National nanr;istng ine TCOium f. v'*rk Cu. too., New Xork, i oiiiJdpliia, Allaau, IJaUij, Sou Anlomo, Bio o. Chicago, til. Luiua. Published Every A;:eruouu uxcepl Euiidsy. tillered as iwunj class mutter fit the post otlicu si lilj-iheviile, Arkansas, under act ol Coujri'ii Ocltlxr V, IS 17 Ceived by lae United SUBSCHU'TION HATKS Uy came.- in tliu cuy ol uijinevtlle, Ibc per neUK ci Ki.W) F^r > ear " l fcaviincc. by moll ttiliuii a raaiuj ol 60 mue«, J3.00 ptr ji.-ur, 41.3U lei A\ momlis, tf&c lor Una; monllLi; c> mini HI poul iuuc;).k\\u to six, inclusive, vo.SU per }cji, in iuuus ocvcn rid e!|(tit, $10,00 per year, payuble In Hirsute, - We Pay the Price ' From now until such lime as a new legislature can be persuaded to right • the injustice, automobile o\vn;rs of the" Cliickasawba ilislriel of MLssis^ippi county will pay a tax ot 1 one cent on every gallon of gasoline they buy to help pay for the excellent system of gravel 'roads that K.TVCS the .southern and casterti portion ol' the O.-xiola district of this county. That situation exists because the man who was elected to uuaril'lho interests of the |>2oi>le of this county i" the state legislature not only refused to seek a correction of the injustice, but actually arose from a hospital bed and w.inl in a wheel chair to the lloor of the house of representatives to prevent the righting of a wrong done his own people. Perhaps it is a good thing it happened as it did. The c-xti'a cent a gallon which we will pay lo provide roads for certain targe property ovr.iei's m the south end of the county will be money well invested if it ,-;rvc.-i us a constant reminder that just -such wrongs are the inevitable price of civic and political indifference^ If .we leave llv; control of our public affairs to men wifh axes to grind we need not be surprised if Ihey grind their axes. Sir. Alexander, in the last week, made it unmistakably clear that he rc- • gnrcled his obligation to be to Mr. J. T. Cosion, lh\ Lan Williams, Mr. R. K. L. Vi'iHtm ami their a.ssociate.-i in the road improvement districts which will gci Mississippi county's share of state highway money, rather than to IhD rank and Hie of the citizenship of this county. The remedy, obviously, is for thq people of the county to elect a rcrj- rc£:!!tnlive of their own. ists usually comment: "It's a woman . driving. What could yen expect 1 .'" The melody to which lh:su words are sung will have to be changed, according to the census, Women are safer drivers than men. This does not necessarily mean that th.y arc more skillful drivers. It means that they are more careful. Men are used to Inking changes. They are u>,:d to risking their stakes in one IOKS. Women have been forced lo learn caution through the ages. They have never had men's opportuni- li-.s for new beginnings. They have looked more closely lo detail than to ijcneralilie.-'. The naltire of their work has made them do so. And combined factors have laughl them lo beat lh;iv husbands and brothers in I hi- automobile-driving game. Women Drapers Women are responsible for lc. ; s limn their, proportionate shni'o of automobile acrideiilK, according; to ;i survey m:irie recently by a, popular nui^;i7.ine. This is inlrrcsting- in view of the t'iict. Hint public opinion is inclined to give men credit for more skill in molorinic When a woman driver makes a bad move in the traffic jam, oilier motor- OUT OUR WAY When Men Compete Wifli Boy A Boys in White I'lnins, N. Y., \vi::> nvcil to .spend summers pka^- :uiUy and prolitably uiidtlyiiitf on i':;e golf courses, arc proljiibly the glummest lot of juveniles to be found in tlic earth's four corners, It's all because the unemployment bure.tu there has dncidud to give nil i-;uliiyiii(f jobs to unemployed men. However cruel this may SCLMII to youngster.-: licnicil of their job, the .scheme i.s iindnnljtally mi inj;union-; uiie, and one which deserves universal itp- plausc. In. times past men have competed with boys in ncwsp-iper.-, blackhiK boots and ciin'yiujt Klo^rap'a messages. Now exigencies have caused them to encroach on thuir domain on the links. It may not be a permanent arrangement but it is certainly more important for men to earn a living than i!. is for boys to earn pocket- money, mid the latter should unselfishly view it in this light. As prcfo'.md as Einstein aometmici is, there's no denying he gees light on most of his Diecrics. "Hubh money," point; out the olTlce ^aje. is usually made on tiic milet. An endorsement from Gnmltil miyht bco^t the movcmrnt for the wearing of shorts. To easterners lashed by heavy [;alC3, March indeed luu> come in like n Hon. CoiigreE5mcii last year paUl the Bovcrnmeiit $07.000 for having llielr speeches printed. Ann yet it is raid thence is golden. This globe of ours, say:; scientists, Is over tvui billion years old. They cmld tell Just by looking at the lace of ihe eintli. When Edgar Lee Masters said that this Is "the asc ot brarj and c^s," was lit- lryii:f. by any chance, to explain the reason fur his biography of Lincoln? Akron. O.. rubber center, is f.iid lo be the hcnlthle.-l. city in tile Unitrd Slates. In n business slump, of course, workers ihcrii don't lire as much. • GLAiNCES By George Clark . WKDXKSDAY, MARCH 11, 1931 1 —— .j.--. _...-. - —. —. .- — _.. —__ ' ^ *fi \ "M/ /"-^ ^^Vl'4 ;l,i / »V 1 ' • I •' V; • • { ! /ife'.' : W*r—-U. 1 ' «'w^.."r^> . f 'Wj* . / { s'\ • -'>.li* WU(CH a cold jim-nllou class in which! itf-.-ri |pn MAT! mrT* t~"\ inir~\ <"»l i/-sn they recclvj a 15-mlmite ultra-! MOTHER flA I UKE b CURIO SHOP ; Viuiet llchl treatment once each ; wc:l:, and a ic.isiiconf.ul of bak-, ! ing soda and magnesium carbon-! etc mixed in a glass of water f.vico a day for .three days whenever they leci a cold developing. A careful study of ihe nuse, I throat and sinus Is made by a com-1 j |:ctcnt physician to ma!:e sure that | ihcre Is no chronic Infection. They! instructed concerning the dan-; of exposure and the import-'• r.uce uf Ihe of proper clc-thini;. Th? results of these who have! followed ihls routine a; compared I with those who have not' indicated • !o ti-.o author.') that epidemics of! cclds cculd be controlled, if all of those who are -susceptible to colds. t i*3$y*l' : X$££P ••; AMp GACK M-oii!d co-operate in making clfee- ; '' •'-. . : ; . . reaw 7H£ ptcTuKE. live the muhods thai have'been' •' : - •'•.••••-. • -i. JC - <-v,,, 0 , , -i i /—. L i ' fKt j(ji.lij I described. ; (V'W \. / ^^> ':. BuneKFLV STANOS OLIT . \sOiiio ee IHE f>\osr CONSPICUOUS TO M EfiS/Kf ? *TOU VAWiP A!ATU/WiLV TWMK THJF ONE IK ~ws COAfWASTVMG COLORS t> i&^i ny tii\ SCP.VICF. li .nr.G u. t. PAT. OFF. "I don't really miss (he (ianco; nr.ich; I yet so much exercise iinvivav." . WASHINGTON ".-.'.C:' i: r.uw ;'.bjir. a dollar a TASSO'S I1IKTII ! Gil March 11. 1544, Torquato ] Tasso, • the src.u ItaLan epic ; peel, was bcru lit Horrento, ihe j of a nobleman. | Hs studied law :il Pndui but alt- itu\\ard switched to philosophy at i '• In 1^'Jl he published! j .'ci:.c poems and the following year) •his ••Hini'.Hlo" apj:u;red. At 18 he ! wcs already famous. | In 1512 Tnsso was invited lo tli3 j court of Alfonso If. Duke of Fse- \ rara. While (here he produced his i mcst imiwKaiil iu>rks. His "Ain- j iiua." a pistorftl drama of great lyrical charm, is said to • have Inspired all motives of Italian verse !or the next two centuries. In the folio'.vinij 3'tar l:e completed Ills "Jerusalem Delivered," rme of the |1 L great epic pccins of modern times. KSGS IN GRFAT, <3£', £S Of SBVSRAi. -.') £ACH. " /.USKWTiW^ -vrf/ CHURCH EXCUSES Vollov;in7 his rclCAse from an insane hospital, where he was confined for seve 1 !! years. Tasso led a broken and wand:rin;j life. At : llv Gporsc W. Copyris'iUd Uy G. \V. Barkamif-l:? had any suggestions. She was Blyihtville, Ark. Ipitnipi in anSMcriu3-but inch an You linvc LJl'.pii h;arri me talk i ansivcr. She fnit! that the onlj about the woman lhat was so'wssoslioM 1 she ccuHl make v.-otild Rcme, where he haii been sum-1 good about taking my children lo! probably ln y feelings tol, Pelrarcli liad been, Ta-sso was stricken with a fatal illness ceremony w?.s never per- r'ilibl^ieiins Is Only Cii:iiu-i' Justice in Hfiiatt- and I'.V. ill'.' Prcpk- I :'c:n Siitrv.l IiiK.- ir-i. but thr opc-:i price has been ^ .. ests, Kays Oklahcmnn Who II— nfc-i:i 40 crnK 'lie «enator says. I," ' iMine Champ Talker at ;:•! lH-ri;* .".n-.iov.r.'.-r in the slate be- Con"it'^% 'jcv:.- lie is t;u ton of an oil field! i , and '.Mrin-.ra. mi.ible to get their 1 , AtmOVnceiKCnts RV liOBXF.Y I)'t I'C'IIKU land d;-i!l«l and piling broke from I - - - ivicc \Vrttpr [iroii^-ii. low p'.U'es and 16ss oi | The Courier Nev;s IJKS been au-1 incncd by Pop; Clement VIII, to be j Sunday School a::d church; and 1 declined lo suggest. She said a lev,' crowned poet laureate at the capi- that without warning me i-iie Icft-iistrr things but I will not ir.en- and I luivc ls?.d r.o end of worry | tiou iiicm, as 1 do nol think it trylnj to find someone to taiu- her'any of her business how I rahe plnce. She pretended to b; my my children or how I spend my neighbor and friend for mori; than j time. I do not need anyone to a year arid I will admit she \vas;tell me b.ow lo train them. I fi gcod woman and the children { I:KOW they should be in Sunday thought a lo'. of her. | School and Church, and 1 git'-'ss I Ihe morning she left she lold. sl'-onid Sive up seme of my plc«- WASH1NGTON. March 11—'T : :-. lease" rova'.tics.' have been holler-1 thoslzctl to make the following I isie where she was coins and as l|«res and lake them myself. And blistering." explains Senator Elir.'r' in!.-, nlcr.? wl'.h othcv Oklahomans.j announcrtnenls, subject to (he will | did not • think I would have any; 1 ' these v. omen kesp 1001:113 with Thomas of Oklahoma, "is exactly The slate hos sn oil production! of tbe people at tile municipal| trouble In finding some of the; lno ! ™ 1 ^'. akc m i' P lalls ED Uia ' cciv.jiftraWi; t' v iho urjjanizF.'.iOii ••'. lax ot ;< IK: c;nt uross and the. election to be held April 1: !ab<:r. A bJ:orin:- man'.'i '•:;... ::li]mt> in tride prices has cut] —--hi;:ice for justice i.'.s in cr^ai i - mrcir.c frcni oi! dcnii to nlwui n Vor Slnynr r.E. In tivj ScnaU'. p. ini::i'- '.!\ird of whr.t it was. which putsj A. B. r AIR FIELD «!y ch.Mice fov r-tilice Is to n-"- ti'.n ta^ right bad: on the people, lie Eeimt3 rules, cither to ki!l .1:1 The cittt-3 enjoy go-jd times when WJ _ liiin; cr to 52'. .'.- n.': r:;'d rn;l other laborers are cm- rntlan for nn tiers o! great in- /Icyert. b'H usionip'.oym'nl has hill S-'cr C'ity TroainriT •onanco which have teen I'.-:: .'- (ftlr.huma a:; it lu'.s O'.IKV states. AJ ROSS BliAVKIS cd. . jl.-i;.; park in Oklahoma city is full (rc-cltction. 2nd term! No HKlnisur cvvr i)ii:s tiiiMU.'h : of food lent;, which arc feeding] —^r^., mi unjust l.-'.v. A fllib'.: cr,:i-, to;3 i)',-r:u:is a day. iJ-.S not hurt the people, bin i 1 . can i The indcpcniieut oil producers, ~ irotect them nn:l ciin b'.Oi't ma- •. (list, pu 1 , on a Un-iiie campaign for', ™ icrillir, when they arc h-.-tilrwl] nn oil tarilT: they knew thr bi; oil By William NETliL TlF.F.n (tle-KIcctlcn, 2nd Tcrrnl ncishbors who would be glad to! ' can lake lium take tile c.ii!:iren I did no; tak: j Ira ir.veilijr.tiin cue nor: I the uouble lu gel her name. S j • I think I ain goiirj to find to be . v.-hen I found tint uo::e uf the ;'.!! right and If she is 1 will sec j ethers csme to get the children: v:hat I can do witli her. You know i r.:id I v!r!i:d, f.rr.on; them' thr.i r, Mother cannot be too care- j ::id nci-.- oirt.'Pd to help in? cm I : fill atcut v.-ho she sends them ,v;th., ! decided to v.rite hc-r. ' I caiUd f.t: !i she cion't belong to the faivjj*| I the place she had worked anil £3t. Church i beloni; to that I'.ill uo I her na:r.e and v.roto h2r to see ii against her. DV irlfi--l; : pedal interests.' ' ! companies, headed by the S'.anrtirrt! firnntor Thomai wan the b:= Hli-i tivup, i.erc brineing iii 100.000.0CQ.: cus'.sro: 1 of the list Con?ix'Fs. lioiil- 1 tairrli a yeir from abroad and| ing the ficcr t:n llu- Inst d.iy v. illi. vvith onorr.ions domsslic overpro-i what he'says thf sole tin-ntlun :(|i.n.-tion. felt rtiat ought, to be o( i;Utact!.-.s national inlcvc.t to, stoiiped. "liu third largest intlnslry m the j Lcs i 'j- nr irt Ficbt . ccuiilry. which is wholly lu-.rcgu-; The r ij ,,,.;,-, dviv , t .,i, cd nnc i ,;„ i cc iatcd.' Led Oil Vir,ll( 11::- !r.v. v :e'::r u[ Congress there j -.\L.; ;>. strung iiiuvcinent for an cm-'. , . . , t:- uiJiiin": ,i r-.u;ivui -.11 111 .caii^t.-, them L-.'!-duc to what h,- .vns.d-1 (1(;il ,,, , 0 . ui;iio . lb ,„ ,„,. huU:s --, y .i •.red lii-j fitnrcs ol the Inrtc <•.:. ccr- , v . hkh v ., r rrol) . s(:il j; , n roso u ; iian liorations-tlmt he ciio.^c II:? spec- ,,.„.„]„„.,, b;; ;,-ye oi Nn-:i!i D.ikoia.l p'.ibiic .\tlcntion. ra i;:^ c ; te parjiiicnnry sna- 'thc E-::ialor emphallcshy ' '''f f. lion-Ti-cr,^ •(l.-ci::.d to fillbusier hovcver, that h? was rr T :-i,sIblc ,, nd (J , t ,, c v _...,,. ,,, R , ); , llt wh!U , for bloofciuj legislation in lhose |tlu . u .. tlic | niMcri.ily and infancy mrasuie, the | ' c ; the parl'jiiicntnry sitna- • . .. i ...v ^,, ul . cuLni'anie.i were doir.i; last lln-ea hours. I-auure 1-1 the ({(i .,,,-,., ( |,.. rn(l£ .... ; ,. | -•-••• v -rv ^ .PA.- V^ OP no PE.tO X-iMiT MET- U immigration rrstrictio:) bin r.:;l the copyrijht bill to beccm: lav has widely attribute:! f> the Thomas hlibustcr. ta:t 'i ;-omas mints o'.:' thai, all Ihr.T Ivid their r:irmfr-, ami thai if he l^.iir:' bmi ilifcustrvhiE i" lhr(.- licnir. -omconc else would h.'.ve be.n Ttli- you nn by pub- '• liclty what yr: can'i dn by icjis'.a- j lio:i." Thomas s.iy=. "i'.'.it tha; In- ti:sl. \Vi- can't. i;.->bte 0:1 any' plr.^r? ff [l-.o oil hu 1 -:'.'.!-: = iia'c/s \v e I l:n:v.' th!> f:'.cts. It Cun-'ri^.s do'sn't I (.1:1 (Cir.c- alona aiyl uut it in a I . -Not a slnnlc bill Ihi'.-. !i:-.d n\ "'•'•>'•'"• } nnc" n'.ic bloeked." Thn::n • ^ay?. j "Wo v. :.::: In k;rr. • '.o whal c-x- • •Fvrry b'll a s-.ii:«icr wnu:>-:l M I WM ! lrl!r ;no ntl Intcrcsjs rcr.tro'i o:h:: cculd have gone through a .nr a< , ir.r'.in'.n,-.-— raiiro?.:!:-. iir.nlt:.. p;:b:i;- ; I x'.ns concrrnnl. as did til'' ?"'M.>.- ! iiti'.'r.r. i.-m snumMi.p ln:r.s. Ko- 000 hcsoitalixr'lkm bill n:id "iKiv." tcdy kn:i>i-.. 15ns '.<.- dr> kr.ow. fi:r I Any/ay. aoorrimR to '1 i'.nuu'. . inatancc. thai il-.? Su.nd.ud Oil ;i-.c slata o! Okbhoir-i : Behind : ,.,n-jp ai:-.i t':u:r I'.i'.-.idbvi- : form him lo a man. Oklahoma i- -'.ich a I r, rrvcn ti:lii:m doilnr iuio.x.-,; ar.d , l>: ; o!l prodiic!!'.'; stale ti:.-'. im-'lh-.i; thr '_:..-.:,•? N.i!:i!:ir.l I3.-.H'-:. Ih-' i Irr'-; the cil industry proap:: Okln-' blsq'st in the <varl.l. Is admittedly. hran.i tlce;n"t prosper. T !•• f-ir/jl! rni'' • -ii:d by s:.i::r:nrd Oil. whirii 1 co::if ,i:ilcs v>h:cli b: ;. drill- leci ...e- lishl a.;amsl our measures j ii;,; hav.- lately had no n:.i:.:fl for i ::: ;!!.• b?t Cciitii'.-s." I ! Simple RuKv Effective in Keeping Colds Under (^ Hit. MCWKIS H>llll! 1\ i r::i: cf r.H : koilc". .TrirTr.^.l (f tlir .\:i-iTiran : ir..:lVL lirl'. Mrdiir.l A' •>:'••'• >t : '•'••. -':'• '<' MV.'.'C -..'no ;•; 1 ' ;.'- : n.' '.-• :>:' c iff. •-:"i H:M; • ;in:i adv.ylm:; riii . i.' i ;>.ir;- Ir. ^:t!'.rr men', nl hvi'.e-.r :i:;d . ! ni 1 olorv. r.:v! • L. ~.;::. •-:-. :n CcrLi.-li I5i\v.u;:\ ]:..\<- !? -. .1 in- c:.'i K'Ur.ii;..; '' r •:•.•;.!•:-. It w.'.s |.( : Hi .Lt'rnSioll lo .• ,•• c, ;,u> ta roirij v-.'-.v c-.i mjditying »r -!;-.:.-.^. rrs. ;i:r p:'ev;r.tio:i S i f (•.->:.;.-. ;., '.i\tii spo- . Perhaps you do your staple shopping by the week. Larger items you renew each month. Household fuvnishings, automobiles, radios, and similar things are in the nature of investments, whether i'or months, for years, or for life. You buy these things at long intervals. r.ut no matter what you buy, you serve yourself best if you plan your purchases in advance. Every list you make is a budget in itself. Careful study of the advertisements will always help you in picking and choosing ... in corn pan-fig prices — in weighing your needs and desires. Makinp; up your list is really a fascinating game when you play it against your allowance. The more careful you are in the preliminary study of the advertisements, the bettor will be your chance not only to gel tlie best selection for your purpose ... but also to find out in advance how much money you can save for unplanned extras! ::!:. ,;:'n t'r.:.>.^ v.ho .'..T vb.;- '.r ^V.rn r.onii.iUy :.•-.;;.!:•.; Ih '.-!'..'•:::-''••:•'.•...• i.' -i:r,- i.,' i:;. /..dir.;; ;;; Ih:' !•!,; tu ir/.i;' -.his-cs of .,:;:::>•, ,,f lo.;:' rr n v or ;•.-.•• LKlnii;?- ci fniil

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