The Star Press from Muncie, Indiana on January 27, 1992 · Page 6
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The Star Press from Muncie, Indiana · Page 6

Muncie, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, January 27, 1992
Page 6
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The Muncie Star MONDAY, January 27, 1992 Page 6A Loca Desperately Seeking? By CAROL SINGER Star Start Reporter Remember the movie of a few years ago Desperately Seeking Susan ? If I made a movie, I would call it Desperately Seeking a Husband. I'm not looking for a husband for the usual reasons like love, companionship and security although I wouldn't refuse those benefits. I'm seeking a husband for the really important reasons, like car maintenance. When I was married to my first husband, the only thing I had to do with my car was drive it and occasionally fill the tank with gasoline. Although I was and am a zealous feminist, I was more than happy to let my husband be more equal in this regard. My second husband expected me to actually pay attention to things like changing the oil and putting air in the tires. He even wanted me to give the beast a bath. Just imagine! It was a brief marriage. Now that I am single again, I find myself totally in charge of this mechanical beast that delights in developing periodic illnesses. Since lam absolutely helpless in diagnosing Chevette sickness symptoms, either I end up spending lots of money for a mechanic to cure the illness, or I keep driving the beast, praying all the while it won't pass out on the highway late at night. The most serious illness the beast contracted was my fault. I let it run out of one of its vital fluids, oil, and it required major surgery to repair the resulting defect A husband would have made sure all fluids were injected at all the right times. If I could find a husband to take care of the beast's health, I would even agree to cook his meals and wash his socks. That would be quite a sacrifice for me, since I don't cook my own meals. Thank God for Portland's Paradise Pizza and Muncie's Wendy's. I do wash my socks. Not only is my Chevette prone to illness, it is also prone to injury. Twice this accident-waiting-to-happen broke one of its appendages while on the highway and expected me to perform a transplant. Those were times I fervently deplored my single state. Fortunately, I must have looked helpless, because a kind THE RECORD SUITS FILED Circuit Court Globe American Casualty Co. vs. Geoffrey A. Hull Jr.. complaint for damages. Ronald D. Barton vs. Bobby E. King, complaint. Trevor and Susan Meadows vs. Highley Real Estate Inc. and Jerry D. Highley, complaint. Union Federal Savings Bank vs. Tod A. and Kimberly K. Phipps and J-B Agency, complaint. Superior Court I Beasley, Gilkison, Retherford, Buckles and Clark and Bruce Hardiman vs. Recovery Services International Inc. and Cigna Property and Casualty Co.. complaint Superior Court 2 State vs. Vincent Layne, forgery. State vs. Pedro G. Isom, forgery. State vs. Randy A. Hayes, battery. Superior Court 3 Richard D. Priest vs. Captain's Cove Marina, complaint Superior Court 4 Jeff Mason Construction vs. Zeni and Shepki Emini, complaint Tammie A. Couch vs. Ruby E. Hague, complaint for protection. Jodi Dishman vs. Larry Dishman, complaint for protection. BANKRUPTCIES (Filed in Indianapolis) Dean R. and Sandra D. Butler. Richmond. Debts. 137.668. Assets. 1321,201. Chapter 7. Luther M. Johnson. Anderson. Debts, 140,780. Assets. 13,250. Chapter 7. Gerald C. and Helen L. Rees, Anderson. Debt, $27,233. Assets, $19,942. Chapter 7. John T. and Nikki L. Marlow. aka Deborah S Baldwin Miles. Chesterfield. No debts or assets listed. Chapter 7. David C. Clark. Anderson. No debts or assets listed. Chapter 13. Russell C. Erickson, Elwood. Debts, $11,708. Assets. $73. Chapter 7. Harold L. and Joyce M. Schuyler, Anderson. No debts or assets listed. Chapter 7. Rondall J. and Catherine M. Green, Elwood. Debts. $49,460 Assets. $29,175. Chapter 7. Michael F. and Cheryl J. Duffy. Albany. WORTH MENTION Open Door Community Services Inc. has received a grant to supplement emergency food and shelter programs in Delaware County. Funds are available in three areas rentmortgage assistance, food assistance and utility assistance. Anyone needing assistance can contact Open Door Community Service Inc, 424 W. Jackson St., or call 289-5966. D-D ' ALBANY - The town council will have a public meeting at 7 p.m. next Monday to discuss the operator's assistance program at the sewage plant. Representa Stormy Monday Q r Cjf stranger stopped and performed , the surgery each time. I'm no Blanche DuBois, but I do frequently depend on the kindness of strangers. I suppose I really shouldn't admit that. The next person who stops to "help" might help me into the next world. I understand Ted Bundy appeared quite pleasant. Another reason I desperately need a husband is to contend with my beast's constant minor health problems. It frequently develops strange coughs, tremors and digestive difficulties. Since I tend to diagnose and treat myself for minor ailments, I also tend to ignore my beast's complaints until a major illness occurs. One time, the patient actually became paralyzed. I could not make it move. I had to take the poor thing to the hospital but the problem was not as serious as I thought. The doctor just gave it some medication transmission fluid. Now, I periodically refill the prescription, and the beast is fine. Within the last few days, the need for a husband has multiplied. Another transplant will have to take place before too much more time passes. As I was driving to Muncie from Portland the other day, I noticed strange noises coming from the beast's internal organs. When I hit a chuckhole, a whole organ was torn loose. Now, a muffler operation is indicated. A husband could perform the surgery a lot cheaper. I really do love my little beast, but I also would love to keep my sanity, such as it is. There must be a man out there willing to help me out. OK, men, you have heard my compelling reasons for entering into matrimony. I await your calls. And I promise I will give equal consideration to every proposal, no matter how many I get Carol Singer is The Star's Joy County reporter. Debts. 127,170. Assets, $11,955. Chapter 7. Jerry G. Odell, Anderson. Debts, $25,717. Assets, $1,505. Chapter 7. Malone F. Johnson, Muncie. Debts, $7,705. Assets, $1,060. Chapter 7. Danny W. and Vicki L. Sapiro, Muncie. Debts, $29,985. Assets, $36,796. Chapter 7. Willie D. Beaty, Muncie. Debts, $10,905. Assets, $15,220. Chapter 7. Willa F. Mann. Muncie. No debts or assists listed. Chapter 13. Elizabeth S. Griggs, Springport. Debts, $380,-156. Assets. $11,100. Chapter 7. Michael R. Johnson, Knightstown. No debts or assists listed. Chapter 13. Sheila F. Powell, Pendleton. Debts, $52,458. Assets, $5,892. Chapter 7. Leah J. Thomburgh, Muncie. Debts, $10,037. Assets, $1,950. Chapter 7. Kimberly Kim A. Harlow, Webster. Debts, $14,305. Assets, $5,205. Chapter 7. Thomas L. and Delisa K. Ferguson Cox, Richmond. Debts, $65,701. Assets, $48,625. Chapter 13. Robert C. and Carolyn F. Craig. Straughn. Debts. $42,652. Assets, $1,400. Chapter 7. Cleora Habahee Weaver Thomas, Muncie. Debts, $29,979. Assets, $18,575. Chapter 7. Ronald S. and Elena M. Hezamer, Anderson. Debts. $31,686. Assets, $27,900. Chapter 7. Herbert (Herb) T. and Soo N. Smith, Anderson. Debts, $60,017. Assets, $37,900. Chapter 7 Wayne M. Jr. and Trade Anderson, Muncie. Debts, $41,823. Assets. $34,468. Chapter 7. (Filed in Fort Wayne) Sharon L. Marsh, Warren. Debts, $34,976. Assets. $1,000. Kevin D. Morrison. Montpelier, formerly doing business as Moe's Backboe Service. Debts, $11,667. Assets, $1,000. Janice J. Kavanaugh, Gas City. Debts, $55,566. Assets, $61,000. Douglas W. and Nancy A. Hutson. Hartford City. Debts, $51,948. Assets, $31,565. Donna Y. Lloyd, Berne. Debts, $10,780. Assets, $2,005. Edward L. and Barbara E. Gilford, Marion. Debts, $45,370. Assets. $24,835. John A. Myers, Markle. Debts and assets not listed. tives from Indiana Department of Environmental Management will be present. The meeting will be at 210 E. State St. COWAN - The Monroe Community School Corp. board of trustees will meet at 3:30 p.m. Feb. 5 in the office of Supt. Larry D. John. An executive session will follow. WINCHESTER - The Randolph County Hospital Board agreed last week to have engineering work done for the installation of emergency sprinklers in 'Conspiracy' Ex-Congressman Sure of Mafia Involvement in INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - Floyd Fithian, the former Indiana congressman who investigated the murder of John F. Kennedy as a member of the House Select Committee on Assassinations, remains convinced mobsters were responsible. Fithian said he believed that elements of organized crime orchestrated the assassination. The committee's official conclusion in 1979, 16 years after the death, was that Kennedy "was probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy." "Put yourself back in that time," Fithian, now an aide to Sen. Paul Simon, D-Ill, said in an interview published Sunday in The Indianapolis Star. "There had never been such detailed, intense pressure put on the mob than what Bobby Kennedy was putting on them. "Put yourself in the mob's position. You are already getting hassled by the Kennedy administration, but if you knock out the brother, then what is the reaction of the president? You'll double the activity." Organized crime was "politically sophisticated enough to know that I '4 j I vJ f ' J j . J4 , ; ? r r-.r ?J I j ft I ufb TPS, f ff V J - ( Jt " "Vi (fez? i , -t-v Aii-,kt -? f h- 'tf Penny Portman prepares to go skiing Sunday afternoon in Tuhey Park, while her 4- Puppy Dealers Dogged by Police By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS One of two women who allegedly ran a puppy mill is being investigated in Indiana and at least two other states for similar complaints, authorities said. Police in Illinois said officials in Kentucky and Indiana have been investigating Patricia E. Rumph, 35, for allegedly selling sick puppies and misrepresenting their breeds. About 40 complaints have been filed against her in those states, officials said. Rumph, who also is known as Patricia Fitch, and her sister were arrested late Friday. Caseyville, I1L police refused to release the sister's name Sunday and would not comment on whether the women were still being held. Collinsville and Caseyville police said they arrested Rumph in the parking lot of a Collinsville restaurant as she was about to sell to undercover investigators a mixed-breed puppy misrepresented as a purebred. parts of the hospital. The work is estimated to cost about $27,000. . The board also voted to hire the Reier Group of Med-Econ Inc., Greenville, Ohio, to provide anesthesia services during the absence of David Heaps, RCH anesthetist LYNN - The Randolph Southern School Corp. board of trustees will meet at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday in the superintendent's office, 1 Rebel Drive. An executive session will follow for the discussion of collective bargaining, pending or threatened litigation and the job performance evaluation of individual employees. Floyd Fithian Former congressman with the president out of the equation, then Bobby and Lyndon Johnson would not stay together," Fithian said. Personal differences made it likely the younger Kennedy would not remain U.S. attorney general under the new president, he said. "The motivation for doing it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out," Fithian said. Conspiracy theorists long have suggested the mob had a motive to destroy the Kennedy administration. Several Mafia leaders were openly unhappy with Kennedy's failure to overthrow Cuba's Fidel Castro, who had closed their casinos in Havana. Robert Kennedy was investigating James Hoffa of Snow Fun year-old son, sled. Indiana Attorney General Linley Pearson filed a lawsuit against Rumph about 2 weeks earlier. Pearson said in the suit that Rumph placed newspaper ads offering particular breeds of puppies for sale and arranged for customers to meet her in parking lots. Customers who took the puppies to a veterinarian because of sickness were told they weren't the breed advertised, Pearson . contended. Many of the puppies allegedly suffered from worms or other diseases. After Rumph's arrest in Collinsville, police found 45 puppies and three bitches in a two-room mobile home in Caseyville. Feces littered the mobile home floors and the diseased and emaciated animals were found without food or water, Madison County Humane Society officials said. The dogs were in small plastic travel cages stacked on top of each other, the humane society said. Several larger steel cages were HARTFORD CITY - Adult education classes will begin Feb. 10 at Blackford High School. For information or to sign up for any course, contact Jean Ann at (317) 348-7560. Courses include: Keyboardinp (Typing 1) Is designed to acquaint non-typists with the keyboard and help them develop touch-typing skills. The 5-week course will meet 6-8 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays. Cost of the course will be $30, plus $3 (or supplies and usage. Word Processing is for those persons who have had some training or background in WordPerfect 5.05.1. The 5-week course will meet 6-8 p.m. 2 days a week. There is a registration cost of (30, plus $3 for supplies and usage. Basic Woods for Women is for women who realize that woodworking can be as enjoyable and practical for them as for men. This 10-week course xm imMJ'',7 "The motivation for doing it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out." the Teamsters Union, who was closely linked to the criminal underworld. Fithian, a Democrat, represented what then was the 2nd congressional district in northwest Indiana in 1975-1982. He ran unsuccessfully against Republican Richard G. Lugar for the Senate in 1982. Fithian in 1976 lobbied then-Speaker of the House Thomas P. (Tip) O'Neill Jr. for a place on the select committee. A long letter describing his abilities as an academic researcher he taught history at Purdue University succeeded in landing him a spot. The committee, which took testimony from 335 witnesses and conducted 4,924 interviews, con- Star Photo by Perry Raichanadter Michael, entertains himself on a found lined with urine-soaked newspapers. Both women were charged by Collinsville police with selling animals without a license, a misdemeanor. The dogs were taken to the humane society's shelter in Edwardsville. Police said officials with the Illinois Department of Agriculture had been investigating the puppy mill for months, but were unable to locate it. Police first learned of the puppy mill after a St. Louis man complained that he hadn't received registration papers for a dog he purchased from Rumph, who called herself Fitch. The man learned of the puppy from a newspaper ad and picked up the animal in the restaurant parking lot. About six complaints were taken Saturday from people who said they bought dogs from the women, and police continued to search for victims of the alleged scheme will meet from 7-9 p.m. on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. The cost is $30, plus (3 for usage. Beginning Computers is for those with little or no computer experience and will cover basic operating practices and simple programming. The course will meet from 6-8 p.m. Mondays and Thursdays for 3 weeks. There will be a registration cost of $25, plus $3 ior supplies and usage. MONTPELIER - The Montp lier-Harrison Township Publ Library will celebrate its 85; anniversary Saturday with an ope house at 2 to 4 p.m. The new librai addition will be featured. KNIGHTSTOWN - The Charles A. Beard Memorial School Corp. board of trustees will meet in executive session at Assassination eluded in its 27-volume report that Lee Harvey Oswald fired three shots from the Texas School Book-' Depository and at least one other , shot came from a grassy knoll to the front right of Kennedy's motorcade on Nov. 22, 1963. "When it gets to be more than three shots then it gets to being something involving more than Oswald, and that's the bottom line ,". Fithian said. Fithian, 63, said his biggest regret was that no federal criminal investigation resulted in any arrests or any apparent widening of the committee's findings. "The sadness is that we went that far with it and nothing more happened," he said. "When we closed up, we sent the Justice Department a letter and said we found some very important leads; We urged them to take the leads and pursue it. There were a few meetings after that, but nothing happened. It went in the files." Fithian said he saw the Olivet" Stone's current movie JFK but said he disagreed with it because it manipulated the past. House Vote on Boat Gambling Comes Today INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - A proposal to legalize gambling aboard paddlewheel boats cruising the Ohio River faces a major test this week in the Indiana General Assembly. The House of Representatives is scheduled to vote today on House Bill 1188. Rep. Larry E. Lutz, the Evans-ville Democrat who sponsors the proposal, said last week that river-boat gambling proponents were getting close to securing the 51 votes needed to get the measure through the House. The proponents figure to be aided in their appeal for votes by House Speaker Michael K. Phillips, ; D-' Boonville. "I going to vote for it," Phillips said last week. Last year, a proposal to legalize casino gambling in Gary, French Lick and West Baden Springs and to permit riverboat gambling cleared the House on a 51-49 vote. Like that proposal, this year's gambling bill faces an uncertain future in the Senate, where casino legislation died last year. Senate Finance Chairman Lawrence M. Borst, R-Indianapolis, said last week that he didn't plan to schedule a committee hearing on the riverboat proposal if it got out of the House. On Friday, Borst posted a committee schedule for this week that doesn't include a hearing on the riverboat bill. The Legislature is moving rapidly toward the end of its 30-day session, and it is possible the Finance Committee won't meet again after this week. Because the riverboat bill has a financial impact, it would have to win the Finance Committee's blessing to advance to a vote by the entire Senate. Without the committee's approval, the proposal still could be revived later in a House-Senate conference committee. But even if the bill could clear all of those hurdles and emerge from the Legislature, there's no guarantee Gov. Evan Bayh would sip it. Bayh, who hasn't favored past casino gambling proposals, has said he is "somewhat skeptical" about riverboat gambling. In addition to the gambling legislation, the Legislature could consider more than 150 bills today in a marathon meeting. Midnight is -the deadline for the House to finish work on its bills and the Senate to cast final votes on its measures. 6 p.m. Tuesday in the school office to discuss strategies with respect to collective bargaining and pending litigation and the evaluation of individual employee job performance. NEW CASTLE - The board of trustees of Henry County Memorial Hospital will meet at 8 a.m. Friday in the administrative board room of the hospital. An executive session to discuss medical staff and personnel matters will be at 7:30 a.m. odari with a nwi dp or an vnt to b publkiud con contoct Iho mslro datk ot 747-5755 of 1-800-78 3-78 2 7 oftor J p.m. daily. ThoM with Hartford City, Montpelior, Upiond or Matthews phono achangoi can roach Tho Star by callcna 348-1499, and thoM in Iho Winchoitor calling aroo con rooch Tho 5 tor' l oHico Ihwo by colling 584-1500. Itomi about coming ovonti iftovid bo moilod to tho motro dtk, P.O. Ba 2408, Muncw, 47307-0400.

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