The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 16, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 16, 1937
Page 6
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PAGE SIX (AUK.) COUHTRR NK Tlio Dope Rwkol Bv S, T. Friend iiii [):irrcll l.eniee the HOiillnvesl's No. iiwl talon u-lritlfi 1 .' if the utnie I'GIOIS In Uielr unl- ' I forms but the girls have while.} '! 1 .••liurt ^skirts and military jackets, j j I Blytheville Triumph Al jonesboro Would Makei Standings Equal By J. P. FRIEND If the Blytheville ducks are able to trim the Gokien Hurricane Friday night in Jonesboro, they will accomplish two ns\v records. It will mark (he first time in football history (records available only from 1921) between the two .schools (list the Maroon and White lias triumphed four consecutive !>-ars. and will draw them up on even terms during the foiiileen \esrs of gridiron warfare. Since the fall of 1934 the chicks have von all three starts from I he Hurricane. Until Ihe advent of Cari r-j Lasne the bost a local team bad evtr been able to muster ;. <.iuisi a Jonesboro outfit was victory and a lie. On (h e other hand Jonesboro whipped Ihe Tribe Ion straight, from 30 through 33. beemning with 1924. wearers of the black and gold have won six of the thirteen skirmishes. Blythe vllle five, and two have resulted in 0-0 deadlocks. Jonesboro lias scored 186 points to 15D. Ordinarily, the games have beer close nnd hard fought. In 192'r Jonesboro rolled u;> the biggest score, winning 38-0. In 1032 ihc-j won 32-0. Blythevillc's btggcs. scores came in 1924, when I hey vcen 31-7, and in '3,1 by n 32-8 touiH Each team has failed to score bn; twice each. and. oddly, seven yean npart: Hie locals in "a and' '32 and Jonesboro in '20 and '36. Past scores of th c two teams: 1924—Blytheville 31. Jonrsboro 7 1925—Blytheville 0. Jonesboro 25 I92S—Biythcville (i. Jonesboro 6. 1927—Blythcvilie 0, jonesboro 38 1928—Blytheville G. Jonesboro G. 1329—Blylhevillc 25. Jonesburo 0 1930—Blytheville 1. jonrsbpro 14 1931—Blytheville C. Jonesboro 1G 1932— Blytheville 0. Jonesboro 32 1933—Blytheville 1, Jonesboro 27 1034—Blytheville 20, Jonesboro 1 ' 1S35—Blytheville 32, Jonesboro 8 1936—Blythcrillc 13, Jonesboro 0 Totals 159 18C Head Coacii Jo; Dildy ha:| planned to let his charges >.;et n look, at :jr>nreboi'o plays this'afternoon. But since the heavy snow, he likely will tend them lo the National Guard armory for signal drill. If the inclement weather continues he may be forced to familiarise them via the blackboard. Thc Chicks got In 'a good Manday afternoon drill, consisting o! calisthennics. going down under inmU, pass defense, pass drill, line drills, wound up with thirty minutes of signal running. Since they had worked out Friday nix! Saturday, the workout wasn't characterized by the usual first of the week laxness. Dan Warrin?ton was out in uniform and went through it all without the slightest indication of .soreness in his hip. He said, however that it pained him some during the last forty five minutes. Coach DUdy was uncertain whether he would be ready by game time. Alternate Captain Calvin "Hick- ernut Head" Moody is recovering from a toe infection. II \vas neres. sary to lance and drain his righJ foot Saturday, but is healing nicely The club uhysician indicated Ilia the "watch charm'' guard should be ready for action by Friday night "His younger brother," Garland, ha been running at his position. ECHOES — From Olo Miss-Ark-' insas spectators; "I've heard niul: end .'i )ol jibowl this ' dax- •K' 1 . and if what Arkansas diel Sal- ' '. ur.tay wr,s ft samp!.-, then biiiiK, iVlolaSSCS I'lnKd'Crl KCCC1V- .sume more of It, ... Thai >vns the ilainceiest thins I ever •aw . . . Gosh. I iiet Die Miss .us nig!:tmaie.s of Hying footballs . . ThiiiKs happened so quii'kly I didn't ehire to even ii^ln a cig- iret ... if Dwiglil Sloan and lim Hobliins clem't belong on All- ^nu'iic-iUi I im'c T .s,iw two PasstTS s Type That Makes tinotis ol {,'O.spel. Wylfi- nnd the omstimeliny out end all n{ Arkausa: v. en'lh as; it 13nt you star tennis IV VI'l-:i.»O.\ HAHT Spin Is Lelilur, Austin SlaU'sniiin AUSTIN, TfX.. Nov. IIJ.--TCXUS!'"." ; a bl« .'.liili-,, nii;| sdifclitiK :tl| -!c S!( . . How these Arkansas ends' t;11 Jo:itb;t!l tc;nns from tlii'l'. . nu ejate'h u football—just like a luiil.'wi'.-.i Is a hlBist-r juh limn ',',''\''"'.'' ' MsclJRll and always lo<ikinf! (or '1-PP'iiS! IfliKh Wolfe and Ei-iil«' ''.j,,..,!,'.., omeone to t'.'.rov: U lo when they I-' l ' n v.'lif-n powei lumse.s' s ere tacklcil . . . Hddie Snliba crank up iinei start sliimprrliii!;. ihiycil n (,'reiil fame . . . There Vc.s. Die South ui'M has somc- vere few play.s that Dallied much lh:n^ up us .sleeve 1 beside t u- ivei him . . . Surmised me the tbw/liin! passing Baiue which is il:, .•ay lie handled himself in Ihe I.-HI hie . . , Atwoocl und ICakuis hm aoked gre'al . . . They're from i miners tii a campaign In which. I Urn-ado nnd Minimum, nien't eroini;! yiiliis have IJPOH nicely! hey . . . Dui yon seo that big mixed ull.i mping ovrrhtuci ! imch of boys on ihe Arkansas shots. ', •ni-ii . . . They .say there were Mast publicized of lot kept ;it home . . . The: laths have been Hilly Patterson. •eMiman line looks ni-eul. too, Baylor halfback and . Onvey; uy say . . . Unless I miss my OBiirn, Texas c'lnlstian ciiiarlcr.: to They are similar, types, both fini' passers line! nifty ball canim. [ Wolfe, 2U(i-];oim<l University 01 j Texas .star, is the ball carrier de iuxe 1 —lasi in das:i man hi Iracki I (/iiitk .si;*i it 1 ' 1 . jnmi.shiriK slitf-ann j nnd tremendously powerful legs, i 11 hurts lo tackle Ihe Big Had Wolfe, l-iiin ji'iked Die Rite institute r.ur mi.riii.'iiKi; mil) liciUi oiflfS ulOiii;. Jirltn '111 ' I'eihaps j nll-AmiM'leu <'ii]i:!ldu!e tills season embroidered in gold. i is a ntnsy, fl"iy Texas Chnslian The tinlfoi'ins were purchased at Junior, i-tiiorhillv named Kl Aid- almost one-half of ihe original cost ! i ich, Kl plays center, anil we mean because the company iiael them left I to say he <loe.s H belter than Dar- reflet the buying season was prac- ! ri'll Lifter. T. (;, U.'s all-Anierl- , tirnlly over, i lii-y cost $1«.15 after tan ol ':'A ami '.<5. It there is a liaviiif \t^i:' r \ priced al $:j[j ut the j.Mipn-iw mitrT .somwlie.-K', Spilth- ( lir.M of .school. iwe.sU'in lans wish he'd trot out ; r.nrt lei. t'leni take a look, i TlK'R 1 :!.>';• in.-iiiy, runny other j'tjj-no'ch l<:</ib'ill players running : thc fJeailhwi'.M ranges. IJick Todo, i jiassiMy HIP Ijryl halfb.'ick in Texi as A. \ r M. history, niljjlil be [ rinjl'.iei on u par v;lth Wolfe oi' ll'atk'reoii. C;iil Di-.i/i'll of Baylor i is 11 !;i!'al eiuarU-rtack. Dwitjhl Arkansas is as good a URSDAY, NOVRMBER 1(5, 10B7 ''Tills (Ippnrliiifnt would like 10 O.-1 »l,^v f\ i ' l~ f I ' T lli'' ee POil-season games sinctioncd 1.Ml UK: 1 UUlSKlfi LOOkinff In UN' i."^ association, or course then n «y DUKE- Klion D.ckson, sp»ris editor of ivil) cotifer with omclnls of the the jonesboro Tribune, expresses a Arkansas Athlelic Association In rc- cK'site that Ihe tilythevillc chick- e ard to a game in Memphis on a.'aw.s be allowed to play j>osl sea- ncc. n. son football. l mckson's comments, coinplinien- ""' 'he oninicn of this depart- : ary l" the Chickasaws, follow: "lent ihcy arc wnstinv both time '• I'ost-Season Football alld mom 'y. Each year the AAA has "° -."'-"^ "one.about ^ 1^%^ ^^ would have to be a control as to Ihe number and length of UK postseason games. A genuine champion would be established. "In (he case of Blytheville. we wci.ild particularly like to see their request fulfilled, if they finish the season with a clean slate. The) ' mve 'V, " u ' t , i " 1e loug>lcst in the state but they've -» the " a " , \ *™ " ' " r!s»l!iviin, n c/v-al den! of 1)1'^ 'kill he ]c:,ine;l tlironoli y : . !r s if j school, headed by Fred Saliba an- worti ll N;.^ b ;vZ;,v" ! h, l >°'..- inoiinced (oday '<*™««w '^ °^<-^ i tilts. Unless ucss /irkitnsiis will be 'ill for many years . i . tinl "a . and on . -. etc ... SPECULATION — Conversation •hifled about nnd drilled to the ossibllillw of beating lubnmii nnd .some of Ihe otlicr iij teams . . . Oi\c who had .seen •ill) play. Oils year were of Ilie 1 , , . , ,. •liuicn tiiat Coach Tliomscn's i tca111 "" l o! •<-' uMl:s * doldrums •its were able lo lake the men of I 8 ''"""-' """ "«' mi<l ' l!(- °' " lc homiis iulo cnrnp A fun' boulhwcsl ">nfcroncr race. Until om the liiB Ten len itorv was : "' e bl " tlllll);lt ' k ' s eleadcye passes iso so impressed with Hit-'ims-j 01 " 1 "JUll-ll^e bru.sDes inlo the line I! possibilities of Arkansas lhat s! "" wl '" ""' Owls ' r ° mlh B"" 11 ' .' even vent .so far us lo infer 1 llle hlul l)L ''' n '"Juii'el previously), iclile. :iov.- ho\v all- re. They started out naming only II men whm this hi.-iiiu-M lii.s! 1,'i'Mi'ii. And who »ro| ai! U) chaiiiii.' i-.i' rules ol the 'Jhine. us niuuli as we'd like lo? rirsl Team END—Ui'iiion, Aikiinsas TACKLE-lidlc. T. C. U. CENTER —Aldrlch. T. C. 17. OUARD--.Jones. Texas A. & M. TACK! K YoilllB. Texas A. fcM. KKD-Ifamsey, Texas Tech QUAIlTtR—O'Brlt'll, T ,C. U. HALFBACK—I'alterson. liny lor HALfiiACK--Wolfe. Texas I-'ULLBACK—I.ain, Rice , ( l ,, is fr:i|)p!er, literally "mad? a monkev" ! . '"' «f rjorilln Uir/an. tile Dfs "' Mrnne.s, In,, Irishman in th- fea-' ^"ANCEHY COURT. line miucli at the Lwian's wceklv i ST ' V1 ' E OP ARKANSAS, I'laiiitiff, mi-- at (lie No-ih Second ' VH - No - C4:tc OP MISSISSIPPr COOKTY, • I reel arena here last ni^ht. | DELINQUENT LANDS IN TUB BLYTHEVILLE DISTRICT OP MIS- nabbf.ii. ulio picked "11:1 many : SISSIPPI COUNTY FORFEITED TOR KON-PAYMF'NT OP TAX I ricks of Die ancient sport n'hl'e n ' ES AND SOLD TO THE STATK OP ARKANSAS Deff ndnnls ' lioy In hl.s unlive Kurdestan. a ]ito-' r . . N O T I C i; vince of Turkev. proved the com- i notice is hereby given that piusuant to Act. No. 119 of the General nlete master of Diigan. oxeciH f 0| . | Assembly of the Snile of Arkansas of 1SI35, there has been filed in the rouehiiPss at which Ihe Irishman' a " w ' of lhe ctctk - of the Blytheville District of Mississippi Countv ^(•(•Ileii. Time after time Rabban.' '-''aiictry Court the complaint of the State of Arkansas to miiet iud iv sheer strength fDile;! the efrorl.s col ''"'m in said Slate the lille to certain lands mentioned in 4id com ct Dusnn lo'toss him an:l it v.'n.s ', plaint nnd lyins in the County of :\ onlv by stranaliiiw and .slu^yiii 1 : , Shile of Arkansas. 13 | vUlevjlJe thai Dupan weakened his opponent Al! persons who can set up any ri»ht to Ihe. lands <o forfei •i.HV:iently to retain a successful ! -^!d are hereby wavned to appear in'the Biythcville Dhtriei Hie most talkative character in all of Shakespeare's works is Hamlet, who has 1059 lines lo speak. f'riilc Sub-Division to lilylbpville lOufsiile C.'oriioralinnl Travelers Building ami l/ian °e K ]005 H. T, Tyle c jo n I6a5 Travelers Building iind Loan 3 I 1C 05 l.'ilnin Koliinsoii Aildilio/i lo Ill.vlhi'Villf f<la 7ful)bard Ida Ilubbard ). 11. Hendricks J. IL Hendricks Eugene Wright Mary Cov ted and Cag e Schedule For Steele High Releaset STEELE. Mo—Following Is tl. basketball schedule for Ihe steel high school Bulldogs: Dec. 3— Stecle at Deerins: Dei T, Steele at Cooler; Dec. !0. Sled at Portagevillc; Dec. 14, Hayti a Steele; Dsc. 17. Holland at Stcclc Dec. 21. 24 and 28. open; Dec. 3 Braggadocio at Steele; Jan. (Jppn; Jan. 7. Bragg City i\l Stee (Boys); Jan. n. Wnrriell ; Stcile: Jan. H. open; Jan 7 Warden at Stcclc: Jan. 14. O] Jan, 18. Stcclc ut Hayli: Jan 2 Open; Jan. 26. Steele al Holland Jan. 28. Cooler at StcElc; Feb. Steele at Braggadocio; Feb. Steele at Caruthcrsville: Feb. Girls tournament at Hayli; Fill. Deerins at. Steele; Fcb 1 Steele at Warden; Feb. 18 Opot Feb. 24. Cotmly Tournament Caruthersvillc. :at .\;innesola. Nou-e Uiime sivl i fiie-;- hndii't .-.cored a point. They pleitly since then, mostly hers wovld have a ton . . . The way in which they! 1 " 1 " Lain'.s passes o r on his person- aelc meiiikrys out of Mlssksippi «ll.v-«>iiditi(e<l lours around end. nised one to wonder how in thr nice Rice nnd Haylor heal them . . Mnybe. those guys over Ilicic n toss n few pigskins, loo .... simply n nuilter of oiit-ttisshi" ! sel: ich other when a Soitthivcst v " !mB onl - v onfcreiicc team trims anolhtr It's strictly a iiltcher'.s ane! U-'ni-r's leiij;iie. XKURAB— When the ticker click- 1 oil: 1'iir.' llliilf 1, Litllf Hewk li. A Ricat blocker, (on. His only i!;mdicaps me that he is not so jasi a.s st'veinl eilher backs in this nud he is inexiiei'icncccl. sophomore. Wnlt until llils 21H-|ioimder uels . Mis liiowth! \Vc have nominateel a backfielii nvciv.;:li>g. nearly 195 pounds de- presence of lialitvvelKlil tolled off nil hopes of the niy-| uilli ' 1 ' 1 ' llt> Kicl> leiille Chicks' winiiiut: (he Ark-I „ , ,,,,,. nsns l,I 5h s( , hool duinipinnshlp ' Ml : k '' s '',"" k L ff , . . . Under the CI K If, Conterenc • „ Jl " limtfci "' ArkM ™* «'"•, ls .c lenm fmishinB with the l,i,h- "i^... « w . of ... rucclv " "'" l '"".^ t- perccntafc Is hampioiishlp, but in cuse ot " '" passers famous. Nearly ^six-six, weighing 1H5. agile ami between two or more team's i f ' lst r " r a Wl; inau - llc "'°» ""a^es lie one hnvinu the lui'aest muu- " U|)OS - sibl ° i'»l-chrs a habit. The er of conference Raines is declnr-1 " l; ," " Ulsl . il " vc molasses on iu' d Ihe winner 'lay B iianic.s ave onlv 5 . . while thc Chicks . If the two had allied lo a tie and Ihe Tribe omes through against Jonesboro nd Forrest. City (und Unit isn't The Zebras' "'"Sers. His <iefenslve work is of " '-• • muility. iillhough perhaps uoi so spectacular us tlmt of Ramsey, captain of the Texas Tech team of the Hnrder conference, of Sam lioyd. when the Baylor star is Si com) 't'ciiin . END—lloyil. Baylor TACKLE—Lalman. Arkansas OUARD—Moore, nice CENTEU—linelcr, St. Mary's fiUAHD—Reisers. T. C. U. TACKLE—Spraijiii!, So. Mcth. END—Hamillon, Arkansas QUARTER—BrazcH, Baylor HALI-'BACK— Todd. Texas A.-M. HALFBACK—Sloan, Arknnsas FULLBACK—Ttllly, E. Tex. T. Thirrt Team ENU—Naiici-. lice TACKLE—Brny, Texas Christian (lUARD—Mnyne, T. C. U, CENTER—H'«~!ell, Arkansas GUARD—Krlel, Baylor , TACKLK- Blue. Baylor END—Wetulfirf. St. Jlary's QUARTER — Hciiu'inaii. Texas Mines r:i^llt minutes willi the crab hole! i The description of said lands and after considerable roush stuff or corporation. last paying (axes thereon are ti<; atainst which Referee "Red" Rob- j ' rTt.s tif Little Rock was appareiitlv i powerless lo halt. Rabban afiain J used the Japanese arm lock sue- e'essfnllv to win the third in len | In Whose Name Assessed Ihe names of the persons, firm LIST OF STATE LANDS IN MISSISSIPPI COUNTY BLi I HtVlU, [.; DISTRICT FORFEITED FOR 1933 TAXES KALI-'IiACK—McKinncy, Uar<liu- Sinimons HALFBACK—Harris. Austin FULLBACK—AlcT.ison, Texas minutes, Sugy Ha^auiaka. Japanese jn jilsii artist, was unable to overcome •> weight handicap and lost to Sid j Marcus, "the Hying Jew", in an in- j '•"-"stiin; exhibition of speed and skill. Marcus captured the first fill Hiid third fall against the Jap with 'U'iii'^ tackies anci body pins and Hsyumaka employed a Japanese arm breaker to take thc second tumble in nine minutes. Ha^atnu^a save the audience u good exhibition ,. ; tif ju jitsu work but was unable to ! pin the elusive Marcus more than once. Part of Section Sec- Tax, penalty Lorn] Band May Go .To Jonesboro On'-* Friday '-Nighl Referee Mike Meroney who injured his right eye two weeks ago in a meiee U'ith pietro Uossi, the [ chubby Italian, -served as announcer i fo ihe matches but turned thc more j strenuous duties over to Roberts. j who perfemncd here some lime a?o. i Meroney's eve was severely scratch- j ed by Rossi during a scuffle and I Mcvoncy appeared with a bandage j over the injured optic, which he said was behvj.treated by a Mcm- I phis .specialist. lead pipe chinch! then Hlythc- having rait; of his KOIK! days, ilie could liavi; won without ai' A tic would count a Hum-, nwsji'cl 1. B. thile of -.• same won ami the snmc lost '''exns Christian, 2H5 pounds of . . U Ihe Tigers had won there ! "'eanncsb, and 215-pound Roy vns still n chance for lilylln-ville is they have to play North Little Hock and that Same wasn't in thc bag" by any means There s no doubt that Coach Allen Dnn-way must have a first class club Ho always turns out n •hampion contender . . . But 1111- ti we arc convinced by defeat, the 'Jiik'ks arc the best in the stale. LOST — Coach Lowell Manniti Yoiinj; of Texas A. & uremnd lacklcs .nny coach would iie deli^litod lo call liis own. Tiiey loKk like unnninious al]-Southwest cejnfereiu'e clioires this year. YonnK made it in '30 and Hale, There arc any number of capable guards in tt:e Senilhwesl, tuid Texas A. & M. is fovtutuile in s certainly havitiK iiis troubles at i hiivini; two of the Burly Joe Jonesboro His Golden lliirrl- ', ' who placed on several all- .•iiiic has been harassed all season ' Ann:ricas lust year, and his mn- witli injuries . . . The latest to • cl i nt T mate. Virgil Jones, can be lie lest is Willard Tdlcy . . . The ' tar back underwent an appendix 1 tv.t- nlhcr ni K IU niythcvillc's new school band is to pe.tform at Ihe Jonesboro-Bly- llievillc loolball yamc at Joneiboro I Friday night if transportation is j 1 e)blaiiif<i for 23 member.';. Although the band memlier.s inaele liieir first public appearance last Thuixdj'.y in t)ic Armistice Day celebration, the skill in which iliey played and marched showed they i were ready to perform again vdtb- ' i>ut move practice, according to those who saw them. The band is handicapped because of the lack of large instruments which -ptil Hie "iimpa" into band music, especially necessary when playing onl of doors, according to tiie band master, Charles G. Moorhead. One large instrument, formerly owned by Ihe old citv ban:!, wa.s contributed and was used Thursday titter having been sent to Ihe factory for an overhauling. Mrs. Znl B. Harrison is chairman FAST-ROLLED, NEAT "MAKIN'S" SMOKES NO TRICK AT ALL! o|>erallon Friday niglu „„ his ,c- ; i Bn . nearly n centm'v 'less than his ' WeiRlis but ] of n Rirent-Teachcr Asocial ion "SI i in which In attcmptim; to raise S700 for the purchase of thr ManniiiL" . . . Fivst it was Mull ler with n Imiken hand Then a siren <,f btiils aiv! malarin . . . Milton "Fat" phaiis .vas next with a biokcn rib . . . John O r xvmi T(>wl 's'"P H North. Range 8 East O. C. Williams NE NE u Township 15 North, Range 8 East SE SW •> SW SE 6 .....Lot 8 N'i SE 8 E lla lot 2 N'f, SE8 NE NE 18 NW SE 26 S'.i Lot 3 SW 31 NE NE 34 Township 16 North, Han?c 8 East S. L, cani'ley, Res Prli N ,,, SB SE 20 Township 14 North, Range 9 East Lot 7 S'.^ NW 6 Township 15 North, Range 9 East Lot 1 NE NW 31 •••Lot 12 SE N'W 31 tion Area & Cost Mary cox Fred" Whimper Fi'ed Whimper Ada nullin Ike Wells Ike Wells Carl Reynolds J. H. McCarkle Virginia Carrulherso C. and J. Simmons 8 Mack chancy 2 Einina Hicks i Emma Hicks 2 15 !i lfi.40 1C 5 7.83 1 2.78 2.1B 20.45 B 8 1.52 7 !) 1.52 8 9 20.45 3 12 10.35 •1 1'J 1.62 1.52 >0 12 4.20 3 13 7.83 15.40 20.45 1.52 15.4C 1.52 Ruddle Ileighls Adeliliein to Blytheville D. M. Alexander.. Chas, Yancy R. A. Nelson H, A. Nelson Mai-y Wood H. W. Cowan W. L. Henson Ira Watkins W. W. Shaver 10.05 23.9-1 31.84 1.80 14.08 •10 40 American Building 1 and Loan 4 Tom w. Jackson 7 Gco. T. Webb 8 J. D. Church 11 40 40 2G.42 25.92 12.10 31.84 31.84 40 1S.OS 4.20 14.31 12.50 John MeDale Will Rnst .......... Delta Gin Company .............. Lot 9 E'l SE 31 Township 15 North, Range. 10 East ................. W 8.30 a. N of Drainage District n ........... . . . E Via" NE ' 30 Township 15 N'o r u,, Range 11 East ................. Lot 4 NW SW B • - - .............. Lot 5 NW SSV G ............. ---- Lot 20 SE a ................. NW NW 23 ................. SW NW 2'' Toitnship IB No r th, 11 East -• ...... ,- ......... SE NW 31 Township 14 No r (h, U ang c 12 Kast ...... ........... NW SW 1 • ................ SW SW 1 G.10 Lot 7.00 4.75 4.75 Tonnle Alexander Virgil, Brackin . Andrew Berry Clythla Ogle Orlena Hires . Oilcna Hires . J. A. Hemphill 8.30 7.10 57.98 20.91 5.95 5.24 M5 5.24 Lot 1G.05 A. L. Sanders A. L. Sanders Otis Kardesty WE TO THE CRIMP CUT, PRINCE ftlKRI LAVS RIGHT-NO JP1UJHS OR BUM01- 1*6. VOU GET A NEAT, TASTj; CASHMWIMC S.WXE EVfRY TIME Charley Taylor ™ * lurn ^to Jonesboro after wltiirssliiBJijiiiMi-Ioii.'! „ , i'- e i C1 «tnr LI ?" E:UIK< ' ' ' ' lou * :hl Chance- ran 35 miles in the "jnck-j 1'U'ec horns but so' far'thc'so'iii'has, nuiard .^. . And Coach i son fex limit . . . What, no fox? ! fallen far short of this amount. . . . Eililio Saliba hud an acid) EnoiKh money was raised for the lest in Us fust pame at guard j down paymenl on 25 allraclive uni- . . . \Vns iitainst Texas A. & M. | fovm>. which arc the same kind . . . ills opponent was .Joe nointlwm by Ihe Grrrnwoo.1. Miss., who was named on several All- i band. The maroon colored military Osment ^ cracked a miltcn i Americans . . . iio iicMillian al- i imifoims. with (heir wiiite trim, arc Lloyd Carey missed a con- lows no ncprocs on hij, Indians; lopped with white Sam Hrownc learn . . . llciky Moslfy contin-' hells and Hcrshins hats of the dnrk tied his great kicking the rod. . . Alvini t'.. M. Terry jr.. Mary Jeanne shiner . . . i Alflick and Winifred Crawford. HID . Did hot- ' DlllV i PRINGEALBERT bum L ple of sanies because of kucr- . . . ami now Til ley . . . lien Epstein revealed in his v.Titc- . "Rambliiv,: Wrcclc" up of the Zebra-Little Rock tsnuu . Justice is wearing that there were .sonic wnindsland 1 Got It In .wrimmaiic . Qvll.'s in thc Capital city . . .'lev with my pickings Wanted Pecans HtRhcsl ['rices 1'iiitl WOLF ARIAN 12S K. Main Questioned tactics of Coach Van : Texas, nuke. Little Hoik save us! Sickle . . . Has a distinct aroma ' thr tloiibie X ... Was right for > of sour grapes, iiciime . . . Ad- j 5V minutes on Texas A. .V M vice to Little Rocjc opponents: j A big boliunk ty thc name of Ed wear stiiprd jerseys . . . Young] Blnlrj spoiled it with a T D , . ' Jess Willairt made his rim; debut : Zounds! ', Miami Starts Yacht Racing Season Feb. 5! MIAMI. Fla. IUP1 — Dales for] ihe major events of the winter I yachting season iiere have been' announced by the Miami Yacht! Club and the Biscayne Bay Yacht Club. Heading the schedule will be the annual .wiling race for the Sir Thomas Llpton cup. perpetual t ro . I phy donated by the late English! sportsman, which takes place! Feb. 5. and the Miami-to-Nassaii 1 race on Feb.'8. [ The annual small boat .sailing' regatta Js set for March 13. fol-! lowed by the regular Biscayne Bay i mid-winter regatta for power boatt en March 20. i Sailing regattas of the Miami Yacht Chib will be held every olher Sunday throughout the \\-in- IMPORTANT NOTICE City Paving and Sewer Taxes For Paving Districts 1-2-3 For Sewer Districts 1 and 3 All sewer and paving taxes arc now clue and payable al ihe office of the City Clerk in thc City Hall. ' , £ i£ Please pay llicse taxes without delay and save penally and extra costs. RUTH BLYTHE City Improvement Collector Read Courier News Want Ads, PAY YOUR LEVEE TAXES NOW! And Save 25 Penalty Be At Biytheville November ?2nd to 30th Mrs, Lyn P v Gooch, Collector Cliff Kinney Ot-leiia irires Orlena Hires Orlena Hires OrJena Hires Orlena Hires Orlena Hires Township U Mike Ekensair Mrs. Richard Blair Richard Blair Mrs. Richard Blair J. T. Carson Township 15 Carrie Robinson Robinson and Thomas Tax, LotES.23 E-i NE 13 SW NW 14 Township 15 No rt i,, Ranjc 12 East ................. Lot 1 NE NE 10 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 5.28 40 31.84 31 84 42.59 1G.05 lli.05 16.05 20.00 2.21 16.05 •••SE SE 33 •••SW SE 33 -••NE SW 33 •••NW SW 33 •••SE SW 33 • V 3W SW 33 North, Range 13 East •••Lots 3-4-5-6 NE 7 • -Lots 8-9 NE 7 •••LOt 2 NW 7 •••Lots 2-3 SE 7 ••/Lot 7 SW 18 ""till, Range 13 East Frl. All SW 3 Frl. All S',i NE 4 13.32 11.01 40 40 40 40 40 40 34.79 14.16 .78 14.16 4.72 65 20 31.84 31.84 31.84 31.84 31.84 31.84 20.00 9.14 1.11 9.14 3.21 25,92 8.15 In Whose Name Penalty & Assessed Lot Bik Cost TOWN OF BI.YTIIEVIM.E' Charles Alford J. I. Alford J. I. Alford J. I. Alford 48 87 88 15.40 20.45 5.30 20.45 Allison Addition to Blytheville Will Williams 7 l 7.83 Roberts and Grant 1 3 7.83 Lloyd and Anna Macklin 6 3 6.5S James Vaughn 7 3 10.35 Emma Hassell 3 4 12.88 Chns. Richardson 4 4 12.88 Blytheville Lbr. Co. 8 4 15,40 J. A. W. Shirers 4 5 15.40 Columbus Oliver a 6 10.35 Jones and Moore H 6 7.86 Chns. Richardson 13 6 7.86 A, Harder Est. 2 • 8 20.43 Barron ami Lilly Addition to Itlylhvcille W. T. Ingram 12 Leonard Taylor 0 W.C. Van Bibber 12 W. M. Goodman 11 Louise Sanford 1 Louise sanford 2 Eddie McGregor 9 20.45 12.88 2.78 15.«> 4.03 15.40 7.83 Illylhe Addition to nijlhcvlllc W. D. Cole E'i I 20 176.97 Mrs. Ida Molt 13 24 20.45 H. B and H. M. Ncdray 3 26 40.64 H. B. and H. M. N'cdray 4 26 40.64 C. A. Elfratlp. 2 31 25.49 W. D. Cole S 1 '- 7 33 2.28 W. D. Cole 9 M 25.49 IH.vlhcvllle Lumber Company Firsl Addition to Blyflicvillc Chalres A. Wood 6 3 20.45 lilylbcvillc Lumber Company Second Addition to Blytucville J. t,. Boyd 1 1 < 03 ,1. L. lioyd J. L. Boyd 4.03 4.03 Addition to Itlylhevillc Mrs. E. L. Rhodes 6 Mrs. E. I,. Rhodes 7 Myrtle Sevicrc 1 15.40 2.78 15.40 1 Chicago Mill and Lumber Comjvany 1 Third Addition to Blytheville D. J. Cartee 4 1 7.83 Carrie F. Rhodes 10 1 12.88 Travelers Building and Loan E. H. Batten E. H. Batton Alary Holmes il G 7 10 17.92 2.78 2.78 2.78 Chickasawba Gardens Addition lo niytbeville E. R. Jackson E, R. Jackson 3 E. R. Jackson 4 Ozell S. Branson 4 Davis Second Addition to Blytheville 2,73 2.78 N. Johns S. 95 Ft. 1 N. Johns EX. N. 45 Ft. E 1 .'. 2 4 N. Johns Wi N. Johns 4 30,54 15.40 6.55 12.87 Davis Third Addition to Blytheville Virgil Henderson 5 5 30.54 Ilcarn Addition to Blytheville Delia Caldwcll Delia Caldwcll E. D. Giilcn E. D. Giilcn 1 25.49 1 25.49 2 5.90 2 40,64 Holtemlalc Addition lo Hlythcvlllc J. E. Vickers F 1.83 Hollipcler-Shonyo Addition lo Blvthcvillc Will Sistrunk William Batley William Batley Robert Mallory L. Bell Ora Jones Linda Maron 2 1.52 2 2 152 'J 17.93 1.52 1.52 1.52 James Addition to Blytheville J. W. Bader 2 C 17.93 Marsh Addilion to Bljtheville Knox Craig Cent. 1-3 3. 4 2 15.40 7.83 40.64 15.40 Morris Addition lo Blytheville W. O. Baker 18 B 20.45 Laura Collins Est W'i 3 4 Laura Collins Est. 7 4 S. C. Moore 2 5 Ada Hicks C 15.40 P. J. O'Brien Sub-Division to niythcvlllc (Oulslde Corporation) Wm. C. Wood Wm. c. Wood S H. WyaU 4 5 18 4.20 10,05 2 2.23 Park Addition lo Blythcvlllc William s. Wood 2 Myrtle Bourland 7 Blanche F. Brooks •! Blanche F. Brooks 5 Afary Jone Brake 5 W. O. Hale 9 20.45 25.49 20.45 G 20A5 7 4 17,92 10.35 G 20.45 6 2.78 i 20.45 9 17.92 Sunnysidc Addilion to Jilyllieville Cicero Ogle Est. 5 Emma Hicks Emma Hicks 8 J. F. Province 1 Cicero Ogle Est 8 Cicero Ogle Est. 4 Cicero Ogle Est. 9 Cicero Ogle Est. 5 Jeimie Hays Jennie Hays Cicero Ogle Est. 3 John Taylor 5 John Taylor 6 Tom Mnthews 6 Tom Mathcws 7 Cicero .Ogle Est. 13 14 10.35 10.35 • 12.88 12.88 10.35 10.35 10.35 10.35 10.35 10.35 4.20 2.68 12.88 10.35 10.35 9 12.88 Vicks Sub-Division fa Blyllicville Lydia Hughes E. 40 1-3 Ft. 2 5.30 Lydia Hughes W. 30 2-3 Ft. 2 15.40 Lydia Hughes E. 93-3 Ft. 3 1.52 West End Sub-Division lo Blytheville (Outside Corporation) •Anderson Bullens 22" '-'1 '1.24 Oils Sr-iilh 7 3 1.24 H. L. Atkins 16 3 1.24 Punk WHiss Sub-Division to Biythcville (Outside Corporation) Constance Westbrook I Constance Westbrook 2 TOWN OF BELL Original W. A. Whistle 5 W. A. Whistle W. A. Whistle W. A. Whistle 8 8.15 14.10 27.24 16.30 1C.30 1G.30 TOWN OF I.EAC1IV1U.E Original Survey- Bank of Leachville 6 9 11.30 Nancy McKnight 5 14 9.25 Hayss Addition to Leachville H. H. Hendrix G 5 4.73 Grace . Jacltson Addition to Leachville Grace W. Willlford 1 A 11.50 Henrv Bailey 2 A 18.25 Nelson's First Addilion lo W. M. Edgirs Leachville B 5.87 1'ark Adilllion lo I.eaohville Francis M. Smith 17 B 13.73 Smith Addition lo Leachville Lena B. wilhelin 21 Lena B. Wilhelin 22 R. M. Morgan R. M. Morgan R. M. Morgan R. J.f. Morgan 9 10 24 25 C C D D G G 1.37 1.37 8.28 8.28 8.28 8.28 Smith's Sub-Division lo Leachville C. A. Stuck and Sons 10 J 8.25 W. W. Edgirs S. 70 Ft, 16 J 9.25 C. A. Stuck and Sons 11 J 1.37 Staudclimeyer Addilion to Lcachviltc J. E. Swarmer B B TOWN OK MANILA Original 4.75 Lude Ashabramer 1 Lude Ashabramcr 2 Lude Ashabramcr 3 Lude Ashabramcr 4 Lude Ashabramer 5 Lude Ashabramer 6 Lude Ashabrnmcr 7 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 5 5 11 13 14 Rosa Childcrs E 3-4 195 H O. Mike G. Mike 48 48A Francis Austin 129 T. J. Price 115 Rosa Chitdcrs W'-j 194 224 225 1.37 8.13 1.37 8.13 1.37 8.13 1.37 67.14 67.74 1.37 9.25 9.25 2.51 , 1.37, 8.28 4.75 J. C. earner J. C. Garner Troy Wetheny 226 C. D. Ashatrammer AdelHion to •Manila W. L. Griffin 14 3 1.37 W. U Griffin 15 3 1.37 W. I, .GrilTm 16 3 1.37 W. L. Grlfflii 17 3 U7 W. L. Griffin 18 3. 1.37 W. H. Ashabranvnicr Addition to Manila Ltaie Mae Davtd 3 ! 22.75 Lip.zie Mac David 4 1 1.37 I'arkview Addition to Manila Aubrev Scott O. B.'Barker 10 1.37 137 West End Addition 16 Manila Mary wells 2 4.75 J. E. Tolllver 7 4.75 TOWN OK YARBRO M. C. F)o-«rs 3 1 2,53 Dated this Oct. 9, 1937. II. M. CRAIG, Clerk. SEAL By A. F. SMITH, D. C,

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