The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 6, 1953 · Page 53
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 53

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 6, 1953
Page 53
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Action Bringing Lewis County Goes Back A Total of 115 Years During W«»hington'« 1953 Centennial celebration, Lewi»'Amerlcan settlement. In 1827 thei county ii often referred Counties." to a. th. "Motk.r of land and Russia was about to ex- Jon held at Oregon City. Governor Lane's the establishment of territorial gov The reason is limply that Lewis county at one time plre, but U was finally continued ««rnent was made March 3, encompatied the greater part of what ultimately became the for "i Indefinite period. So it re- Washington territory, and later grew into the state of Wash-' malned unt11 1M3 ' ington. jFeellaj Sweep* Coaetry The story U exceedingly interesting, but thi picture goes fovernment and definitely estab- sheriff, were 1488.32. Total llsnlng the Washington Territoryjtion of property wl.thln the county. along with the Oregon Territory that date was 130,406.12. ~ back 11 S years. It was in ty became a live national question, . |and the famous slogan of-"Fifty. December of 1837 that Senator Linn of Mis-four Forty or Fight" swept the tJ» question of sovereign- somji ol ^ Columbia, river. ·ouri introduced a bill in Congress to establish the Oregon country. The agitation of this Is- Territory, authorizing occupation by military forces. There ; ^ was no particular interest shown. In December of 1838, Senator Linn introduced bill for the purpose--with the* same result. In 1851, at the first legislative session in the Washington territory, lVe»$el 'England. However, on June 15, new|l846, a compromise was reached ,between the United States and state of Iowa were used ae a rood-' Crea t Britain by which the Van- In December of 1839, Sena- el. Thus, without national sover-' couv 'er district, that section north e jgj,ty i g provisional government 31 "! west of the Columbia river, »' i^-^v....^! «i .«^,,~*..._ e jgj,{ V| g provisional government UI1 i »esi 01 me loiumoia river, tor Linn introduced another. was organized by Americans, un-i was conceded to the United States such bill and fortified it with der American laws, and patterned ;ai ?d the boundaries were definitely neitlnnent' atter the American system of " lt ement -ernment. as they are today. In 1845, the session of the Ore- OregOH was divided into four po. eon territory legislature which cre- · ·· · ^ ated the Vancouver district proceeded to divide that district. ron««t m«t at BJdnsr S. Pordl, on Ford's Prairie, near what fa today Centralia. The October, 1849, session of the federal court was! held at Bteilacoom, and the I860 session of the commissioners' court; was at John R. Jackson's on Jack-1 son's Frslrle in what is today Lewis county. -The 1847 census of Lewis county] Move for Washington Territory Came Early Only thrfee years after. terrltor-i "The Inhabitanto north of the lal government had been set up'river recpive no benefit or conven- TK« Daily Chronicl*--fV av uregon miy. uwvenror *"* *"i tcuoua 01 ucwis cuumy L_ |i._ ri»-o~~, *r..»»u,t.... -«*»i . C . -- ~~.*.^.. --... x . ulwu HJ w nrorl.m.tKm .nno.mrln s disclosed there were J«8 people in' !?* P,? 00 ,,Territory, settlers ience whatever from the territorial newspaper In 18M tdd of proclamation announcing, TM to IMOa ceJuVshow-! 00 ^, 0 ' "* Co'"TM"'* River'be- government of Oregon as now ad- mente on Uie CowlJU rtv, lishment of territorial gov-i^j a wh^ popuiaUon of 457 Taxes' ian demandm K » separate terrl-ministered." that year. was made March 3, lS4flJlcvied in 1847. as taken from thel^i ?2^?TM!"! «f.' b . ei . r ,.?*?: ., °~."""«" **«» They collated of a « thus ending provisional terrltcrlaljrecords of John R, Jackson, then 1 in in wh which were K heads of families enrolled. most of the present county boun daries were established, and In THE COLUMBIAN, Nov. IS, 1852. of the Columbia and There 1 '"""" 1 " ""="'""«' ul """«" a:mu,an agent other than Gov. Lane ";':igroup of settlers north of the Co- had ever been north of the river lumbla asked for their own gov- -- · - - ernment. Memorial Made It was drawn up by John 3. An item printed In a Imprc**- mlnlstered." " " ~~ that year. "' On " '»"« *««"* 4 They counted of a winf Chapman pointed out most of at Keegan's bur, three mite Mo* TM.J n ?. a . 1 ? '" , the .territory lived'Toledo, and a wing dam a t S "" " ' bar, about two mlfea abor» and Rock. The item the , , . , . an a e c o n v e n o n a 1861 the last few changes were - To whom it may concern: By myllltz Landing on Aug. 29, 1851. made in county boundaries, provld- direction the ship "Thraclan- with: The memorial wsi to the B 1 ^- 1 " · a r e IUmilUre ' etc .Chapman at the convention atCow-'and souls north of the Columbi · pparel this day seized in the name Chapman also co-nolained "abwil Ben- the scat of goJerSt beinz 300 Uhe House ol "·P'^n-mUM from "to TSlpS ILTM optatives of the Congress of the Unit- menta and with the entire legls States. " a plan to by gift of l a n d . ' I t took five' years of debate before thi» bill.jn^gj districts: with amendments, was enactedj j^g norih and west of the Co-i into law. But the debates «uc-!lumbi river wa* called the Van-jCounly b Named ceeded in arousing public aenti- jcouver district. Claims to the three All west of the Cowllti river and ·r,»nf nv»r tKi- rnimtrv in i t ,.districts souto and east of the Co-'north to 54 degrees and « minutes ment over the country in "·. lumbte were conceded to Great|was given thtfname Lewis county, lavor. Britain. Vancouver was considered in honor of the explorer, Meriweth- L " Great Britain as its ultlmateler Lewis, who, it is recorded, trav- In pre-terrltorial days the county the United States of America, and ! ed States. llative power south of'tbTcolum- i nf t °°^ nty Was ver 'j not!ce k nereb y given of the filing H said: "At a regular constitut- bia River, "the rights of citizens ««* h, H . pu .' Dae to d^^nces,of an Information in the admiraltyied convention of delegates of Ihe'must go unredressed crimes and and hard travel conditions, peoplejto enforce a forfeiture of the same, people ot Oregon Territory north of'injuries unpunished ·' did not like to travel far to get to The olfense is -------- - - i - - . . . - . . . . . ' _ . v ^«^. -rh Un 'rL Seat ° r hoW a court - .curement of an ^^^..^a.. ^..--. , F .TM^ on , u uuu.cimu.i ix*jivui 6 tJ^ e Octob ? r *· 1841 . session of ment in the "District of San Fran-ithat a separate territorial govern- uie commissioners. Colonel Sim- Cisco." Simpson P. Moees, Collectoriment ought to be organized north ·-"«**- **» tifnr uu»iv.. l jw t ji. v* \si cg^ii icni\\tiy uui in ui · uijiuits uiipuiiisneu, a fraudulent pro-]the Columbia River, a resolution! He concluded with an appeal for American enroll-jpassed said convention resolving a separate territory to be desig- . . mons, James Douglas and James of Customs. Bay CompaBT Dhllked »h» , , , rr*.\ territory. In June of 1846, follow- 1 ersed a part of the county near were"" 1 * lhe "·TM t '- four *"* m Fight" 1 Jackson prairie. The remainder of anv toml aBltation to thU countT ' Great, the district was then named Van- w/re und« !Britaln conce letl Vancouver couver county. The exact date of w r e un . Hnri.on'n Bavi dlstrlct w tile United s ' aMs . at ^ creation of the Lewis county, Hudson s Bay compaw of the present time .Oregon Territory, was December In ]841 a representative meeting! 1 '" 4 vi£w « Differed |18, 1845. The law was signed by was held at ChamuoeK in the wif-' - - i Ismette valley to plan an organized I contended that this country's boun government. A provisional court'i dar y in the Northwest should follow was organized and a committee!"! 6 agreement made with France named to prepare a constitution ,*n the Louisiana purchase of 1803. and code of laws But this eom- IEn £ land never Q utte agreed with United States from the first *e governor on December 21, 1945. With the compromise between Great. Britain and tie United States not made until June 15, 1846, It will be noted that Lewis county existed and Its affairs were admin- that, but did concede to the Unitediistered under a government set up States the territory south of the'ty Americans six months and four Columbia river. The U. s. strenuously contended that the boundary should be on county. This independent -govern- In July of the same year a code Canada. In 1824 the United States of laws was effected "until such and Russia agreed upon latitude time as the United Slates shall ex-|54 degrees and 40 minutes, the most southerly point of at the northern limit for tend their Jurisdiction over us".jpresent As far u possible, the laws of the [Alaska, days before the United States actually came into possession of the mlttee did not act. Law Code Adopted In May or 1843 a second convention wa« held at Champocg and a _ _ ,, . provisional government adopted by the 4Sih parallel, toe line which ment continued until 1848, when the close vote of 53 to 50 against, now divides the United States and Congress took over the Territory - - - - of Oregon. Eastern Change Made Vancouver county became the present Clark county on July 16, 1848, at the first territorial conven- 1/EWIS COUNTY OF 1845 It rtiown »bore hi enlline map. K was created from he huge Vancouver dh- trict, and the division line w«j rousMy the Cascades from north to south. Note, too, that »t one time Lewis counly's neighbor (o the north wa* lUsda. Tbe boundary ihtn was approximate!; that of Alaska owned in 1845 by th* Russians. ' 25 Y E A R S of AUTO S a l e s a n d Service! YOUR 1953 AUSTIN DEALER 'The Most Popular British Car In America t" Endurance test--10,000 miles in 10,000 minutes. Four drivers running continuously for 7 days and 7 nights. Drive the '53 Austin--get up lo 35 miles per gallon 1 LES FLOYD MOTORS lOOS West Man Street, Centralk Did 6-3603 of the Columbia River. desig- that would extend from the Pacific Ocean to the Cascade Mountains. COLEMAN INSURANCE AGENCY AIR TRAVEL CENTRAUA 6-7OTI At Your Service lor Prompt, Dependable Moving --Thru The Years -- It Was On March 1, 1918 that Ray Conrad and Reid Conrad purchased Ae Hub City Trarufer in Centre, lia. Most vuu were borte-drawn in thote day«, «nd then came the hard tired tmcki as pictured at Ae right It required skilled packing and careful handling to traverse the dirt, sawdust and wooden block streets of early jean. Modern equipment, new' scientific moving methods make Hub City Transfer's service the finest in the Northwest "Bob" Conrad and "Bill" Conrad, sons of the original owners, now operate th« company. 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