The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 13, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 13, 1935
Page 2
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(ARK.) COURIER eye y> Social Calendar *" THURSDAY'^ EVEN i-s I4!<MV<:ei> Bridge club ii Kh WG Hairy W. Hahies Thu.r?ciay Luncheon dub meeting ltti' Mrs A Ci. Ultle U, P: C. meeting will; Mrs.' M. joined by other guests lor several hours of dancing. Joel chandler having Trwralay Bridge club TJic Pute Gold glib bundio school c|$ts of the First. Baptist churcli iilfetlng with Miss Annabel- Stacy, 7:30 p.m. FRIDAY'S EVENTS Jllliior \'lgh P. T. A. pponsor- injr tins? pijtiy. 7 '^o o'clock, in hl3i> tchool llbrsj-J ; BATUKUAY'ij BYWTS Mrs. Marcus EiTard having S«t- \irijay Night, Supper club. Prcjb>ler|aji Wmncii Have I'|n?J ty«'lnB o? Clliih'h Vcai'. '.Chides of 'the'Woman's Auxiliary of the First Presbyterian chinch had Hie final meeting of Hie church y*nr jjonduy when the programs were on Brazil und the lina) study ct tile lllc of C'lirbt us taken (rum Ijie theme, The Mlnibtering NUS- kr" w given ui Uic boo]? pi MarH. The o»e exemption was tfie meet- ijlj of the tlrst circle which was held Saturday. A Brazilian luncheon was given by tills group al Ihe home ol Mrs. •E.-P.'Pry" when the uroalllon national colors, giecn and jelUw, lycve effectively canlcd out In fhc decorations. Mrs. Roy Wnlton gave the Blole'tesson before u brief business session'in which Ihe secretary reported the budget pledge completed Jvlih suinc funds yet to be collect- fd. fliere were 11 members and one .•ylfjtor prccent at this meeting. Mrs, ''<5aj u. Harrison Is chairman. ; Circle- 2, MIS I'rct) Sandcfur c|ia!inian, inet at the home ol Mrs. C|ics(er R Babcocl. The 10 wem- iL'ers and one visitor prevent heard ;*((? eiiwfiir Jtad ire progi'Hiii and Mrs o M Ciraj, the Bible lesson, Iftis group eNpocIs lo «ach Us tin- ancial goal when final (imds arc co)lect«d during tills week. Mrs.. Byron Me rsc und Mrs. Bernard. Gooon, entertained circle 3 at the Morte home when u attended. Mrs S3 E Vail, cbahnun, led the lirograni assisted by Ihc members who eaili ga\e Interesting' facts about the work m that Held. Mrs. D C JiftLcau gave tile Blb|e jes- W|l Trib ilrcls \\i)l .ilso have reaehed its finiinciiil goal when fln- ul funds arc added Pillowing l)i5 afternoon : scssions, tho Business Women s group piel in the c\ei)i<ig i|t Uio home of Mr*. B J. 'Alien Mrf HtiBit n. {ju/thpii conducted the Bible lesson for :; tijo nine memVrs and one visitor' present A letter was iead by.'tho sectary, Airs B A Buggr from Mrs. Robert E Lee King, of Pace,'Miss, former chairman 1\u, financial vvab. rwchcd by this gro'ui).' pefresJiHicnts uerc scived at all circles dining the social hours in tthleh time the Ihonghl OTS cxi pressed lhat Ilie past jcar's work Jiari been po ,si 1M essfnl ilial ihe groups fee] encouraged to go on with icnewcd efforts t * * lake Street Women Ifaic I'rogram JHecl Mrs, v p Cllalfanv W as leader of tlie program gncn ul the meet- f»S of l|;a Wojiian's Misstonai-y so- tiety of the Laks Street Metinxiisl church Monday afternoon' al the Home of Mrs o J Rodgcrs. the opening prayer was riven by Mr* Ivepon Morrlf, before Mrs. P. a oarrelt, read the sprlplurc, from We lltli chapter of Hebrews. J^P^s ot tlip lesion, "Gospel ATau, \\ere gl\en bj MT^ Adchua AUanw and Mn Mildred Tuck«r ftiri \v b oresn gave.a report oC the mcclmg al Manlh last week deH, r ,M ^ n eaga " '* ai clel;t « l » «.«? i 1? ° '< >lsslt> 'iary ™»r«- «>cc In NLKjwrt tu bt licld **I1U ciuti, Pfn)t roses and frc^hins «)v co. rated Mrs. Elton w, Jtlrby's Jiousa jciteidoy when t,hc hud the Tues T day LiiiK'licon cli|b. A tag-course inenu ,w»s ttJcvc'l to lliu incin, bsi-s and, one BUUJI, MIS. I'runk Diiluney. Mii Harry Kirby won ttic prize, lingerie. « » • Aincrlcan Li'iliin lu S|io]is,[ii' Nightly Dances. Bccait.s; of- the popularlly of Ih; orcd by l|ie Ai)i«r- for the young »co. . Is of Blyllujvlllc and vicinity (t as ton (Icctdsil to have nightly apces except when Ihcrc urc nrl- 11 to parties, Ohaproiicp are fumlslicd by i]it> pud Casoti pott who conclude ijje ancss at 1 o'clock U |s planned o t-jj'c these ft5p3i'l«|ly for (lie .ioiuiz Matron: iced le'a HM. Club rarl Members ol' Bridge club placed budge at" the ffi«l^ avsuftj-i&J l|ai Birthday r Jr ij the altrac- whcrc thi til u con Jackson home ' Plaje assisted ' 10 n Legion pooplc but older people »re >o Invited. Musk is furnished by . electric recording iiiacbins'with JIB giiwls going "Dlllcli," Uellt rc- "fsliiucnts ale spld. 0 j. Little is In cliurgc of lilt SteeJe-Cooter Society — Personal Mrs. Alvln Stephens was hostess i (he Woman's Missionary socjcly t her home on Walnut, aveniis lonelily alternonn. There wore" 13 icnibcrs present.. Mrs. Gerald Brooks gayi; the Missionary Ont- ook Program, assisted by Mrs, J. f. wqrjsiiiim and Mrs. O. A. Dunl- nnl. Next, week tile .society will nccl wlUi Mrs. li. A. Sjicili.'?. .Mr. and Mrs. Lciilz, pf Ncthcr r and, were guests of Ilic laLtcr'ji larcnls, Mr. and Airs. j. M. Mar- In, Sunday night. Mr. and Mrs. Hubert. I'crry nii- (ouiice Hie bhih ol u dui|gUlpr al he home of Mrs. "Perry's inoljier, >lrs. Fowler, of Cooler. Mrs.'PCI-T •y ivns bclori; lier marriage M|ss Milbry Fowler. The baby has not been given a name yd. Mr. und Mre. Jeriy Holly hiivs elurnctl from a vtsll lo I'orl Sinlih, irk.- Wlljiard McDanlel, of'St.'Louis, irrived here Sunday for' nn'ciitoild- :d visit.\vllll |>Ib wife. ' ' '•"•' v .'.l/ooperT'-Awilla'''^^^ ' "'• Jii.shi.eai \isltoi-s : 'ii\.' !«•.,', '•"' . , .,,. ; Mr..and,Mrs. J. M. w.right, and aniily. iverc guesW of Mr. niici Mrs. Qcrald nlipdeinan, ot Pormii.'sun- 'ny. ' J..A. Combs, of Frcdcrliiktou-n, is J business v|4-|lqr liere liiis week, Or. Chapniaii liad an X-ray pic- mo made of on injured knee al IhB Blytliavlllc hospital Sunday and 1lscover«l his Icnce-cap \v«s brok- °n- Dr. Chapman was injured in a car iiccldcnl Thursday nlglit of last vcck. Others injured were E. S. iVoikman, n fractured skull; Atly. ioy W. liai-|>cr, lio'clj' bruises, and Otis Fowler, injured spine. Mr- "I'd Mrs- u. j. v.|Us and -.lildrcn of shuron, Tciin., spent asl week end here with Mrs. pills' nother, Mrs. p. E. Waters. Mr. and Mrs. J. p. Bogle, Mr. and *Irs. if. A. Spcncc. Mr. and Mrs. .(. B. bpcncc iirrivcd home 'nies- Uiy morning utter several days'visit \\ Jaekson and Lawrcn'cobiirg Ten- lessee. Huybiirn Overlurf slopped here Sunday for u brief vlsll u-ill! his .rarenls. Mr. aim Mrs. A. J. O -auk after u busitiess visit In ^^en)- Mr. and Mrs, Miiu u. Alwood and Miss Hirtiyc Aflilry spent bsi week end in Malilcn as guests ol Mr and Mis. u. c,. Nichols. Mr. and Mrs, Jim Hobnrts and anilly, Mr. anil Mrs. Bonds and family Jell Monday for mi extended visil willi Irisnds and idalivcs in tluntlnclon. Tenn. Cecil Winglleld left, (otiay for 'bov- i!-al days visil with Mr.' and Mrs, Jim I'Vosl, of Memphis. Bils oj Mostly Personal Qiteen.byDint of Her Dimples Mi'B.- I,. 0. Polls ol Uwrcnce- Jiiru, Tenn wtiu hnii beep vUltllig 'icr'daitBliter, Mrt" L. M. Duriicttc, ,mu to t'ottcr, Ark., yciilcrday for a vlsll wllh her son before returning home. Mrs. Paul Huckins Jr., returned lust nlgiu from Grenada, Mfss., where she attended the funcriil ol an 'nnclc. Mits Eriiesllnc Holland, who lias :c;n vbUlug her parenU> ut New Albuny, Miss., has returned here lo be employed by the Nqw York store, she'Is making her home wllh ".r. and Mrs, Turn W. Jackson. J. M. AnderbOii, who hfli been crllicnlly 111 at the! Blylhevillc tiospitul, 13 slowly Improving. He plnns to go lo Columbia, Mo., Friday lo rcciipcrale nl Ihe home of Ills sister who Is here wllh him, Mr. mill Mrs. Russell Rirr and VJrti. Joe Trletclnuijii lire In Memphis lo(|ny. Mrs. Dixie Crinvlprd mid ^frs. Rllcy 13. Jones, accompantcd by Mrs. Jones' molhcv, Mrs. Waller Card, of Wilson, \vlll spe]id Sat- nrdiiy 111 McmpliLs wlieri 1 they ivlll ECC "A;i 'I'hon.'-JlKli, Clicer". ' Mr. and Mru. R. J, Watson mid dwiehlcr, of Newport, are 'guests of Mrs, T. n. Waiioii, and Mrs. J. F. Sanderti and family. Mr. and Mrs. B. P. Clay and Mrs. Gay's lilslc'r, Mrs. Jerry While, iirilvcd liomu Monday cvonlng from weeks j>penl in Florida. Mr. Guy, who has been ill, Ip now jreally Improved. Mrs. Ci. If. Great went to Memphis loday where she will under- so nil operation Ihc last of the week a't Hie Methoillst liospllal Her sister, Mrs. I Allen Webb, and Hie f(ev. ^lr. Webb, oi Wright City, Mo., accompanied her and Mr. Groin- and daughter, Miss Knthyrn, will go down for the operation. The Rev. und Mrs'. \Vebb have been giicsts oi' rela. lives here [or several days. Mr. und Mrs. j. j. Daly and Mr. mid ,Mrs. ,1. A. Hollcy attended » group nicciing of jnnu- agcrs of J. c, Penney slorc.s J|i this- district »1 UcelfooL Lukci Tenn., Sunday. E. B. Lymun Ims iis his guesls l!« brother, w. [^•inuii, ajid" ft'lr's. Lymim, of Cotton, ' MhnV., wjio are j en route home from Mlmpi, i in Tennesi«e (or Mr*, Mary Lipucomb .,,,_„.., A[o.n-.fniiBful services w?rc held Ihls |iio tT ,lrig at Kcbo Melhwlist cliurch, -Luray, Tent)., for Mrs. Mary Thomas Llpscomb, T4, who died here laic Monday. The Uotly was lubcn (o TfWieESec by Ihe German Undertaking com- |iuny, .Mrs, Llpscomb was born at Pine Dluff, Ark,, but moved to Hender. son coiinly, Tenn., In •Infancy and lived there unlfl 25 years ago, when she moved lo Stccle. Her husband, llvliry Clay Llpscomb, died 15 ycavs ago. aiic Itail been |i) bncf heallli for over a year and last Sunday be. ciiinc suddenly HI with pneumonia. she had made her home with Jicr son, Welter, until about a week ago, when she moved to |,ho Mi's. Hawrjen Beny, ih.e Mlwes larky, Jo|m Plt^s, arjri Geneva Berry will] a party Saturday night. Web Crouch spent lust week end n Kctecr »i E'fcsl of his iister. R, a. While Is In Blythevillc rtsitlng his sons (Ilk week. Mr.' and Mrs. R. T. SegraveB vere in Memphis on business last week. Odls Jackson, Paul Underwood, Misses 1'iuillne Cunningham, Inez son, Charlie, home of another and fuiniiy. Survivors are fcvpu sons, Jlui UxhiElon, Tenn.; Bnr|ey jo Cliiirjes, Barney, Jcssjc, Waller, "ali of bteele, 22 grandchildren, Bi'cnt gfundciilWren. Manila First co-cil lu lovcl|neK» by a ijlciir marBiif uE two dilifples, lEurleiuc Ciillalia'ii, ubovo, >VLIS elected to wear bcituly'u crpwu for lilt' illfl'll IllllO 111 LO!|]Ki- vua Polylechiilc IiisllUiti;, Uus- ton ( La- wlieri aiie wgu chosen (o reign over Uio sluderila' own "iil'dl (i|-as, livaljnjj Uni Nuw fiesta [or vulehrltudu, , Ark.-The Lions Club decided al its )«st meeting to purchase two druriis und two bms; |orns for a jtf^nila iiaiid. Other .lislniinenlfi w|}| be furnished by tlje players. Serena Imvo signil'e Heir willingness to 'purchase in strutncnis and il Is ' believed bj Hose who are promoting the band hat il ,y||| be Hi. operation In Ihe near fuiurc. l " dc| '' clla J'-"'»i> '"f hie iil coinmlllw of (he Lions Olub, will be In charge of the band. Memphis, with M,rs. Will son, of Union Cjty, Tenn ylsiltng tjierc. ami wlio urc Services Held Today For Mrs. Susie Pyre l''i(ncral services were lie|d at Cleveland.,' Miss., today for Mrs. Susie Dyro, 67, who d!cc\ a.t thp:iionie of a daughter, Jfrs. John Brock icrp. ( She Ui survived by sovpru) md daughters. quite," i|l for nlpc weeks, is i|ow convalescing. Ho is expectei) • lo be out hi another \vcck. Mrs. w. p, Tanner and son, Jlmmic, of Helena, have 'arrived to siKiid, several weeks vvilli' l\lrs. TiituiL'v's jiiotljer, Mrs. T. J. Ma. han. Mr. and Mrs. E|ton W. Kjrby went to Tupelo, Miss., today for 11 Iwo days visil- wllh rcliiilves. Bethany Paughl, ton of Mr. and Mrs. w. W. Faurjhl of this cjly and a junior' »l Arkonsa's State college, Joiicsboro, was one of (lie escorts selected from the national guard, al the D. A. R. reception given by (lie faculty ladles at Ihc Women's Residence Hull on, Friday afternoon, M>rch 8. Mr- FiuiBht Ls specializing " In aBricul- lliral work. Tom WliiMrortli spent Sunday in Is Sponsoring Bane Family Leaves Towu to Save Their Dog's Life _WjBDNESpAy, MAUca 13, Ip36 scd in spulhcm Ohio. D r H oU»r Iso Is owner of the iW,. , Iol ',. nl hf>rp 1,'hlnll I,1r4it..l, : ' ™ eioig|, T The just because O. (U[») , tlielr-doi la .move, to ,,' 0 save 1Us lifc ' , living \ n « oxi i c .. ' their German , was senlcncea to death - ruMJiut: i^uijiiui^nuiii, 4iica i' w " w " MW O , MUO ocnienc^u to deatu , Slid Bvu Martin attended ? l Bcnwaod,' w. Va., their former purty at Sandy Rldgc Saturday " omr " night. Christian Church Young People to Give Program The First Cliristian church will liave l( ( s mid-week service tonlglit. In addition lo Ihe po^ luck supper and the Dlblc study hour, the young people of the church are planning a surprise. They are going lo present an "nil. star" mock radio program featuring such distinguished Bucsts as "Lillle Jack Llllle," "The Boswell Sisters," "Marjah, your unseen advisor,", and many others. Even those distinguished old fiddler* tho "Cottmi rickcrs" will uc there brlr.giug those old limes of long ago. save Rex's life, the .family cumu here lo live, bringing.Alieir pet. • Y •' The execution order was issiiod by Mayor Henry 0. Ncaly for an attack the dog had made neud Courier Hews Want Ads. {on a 5i!|all boy. • Several weeks a^o, Rex awakened Ihe Neidenncycr family when their home at Bciwood caught lire. Physician Uses Plane Ambulance in Ohio GALL1PQL1S, O. tUP)— A fflillv fill friend of the sick, Dr. Charles S- Holzcr, 4V, who once used a horse- and buggy lo reach his patients, has "taken lo, Uio. u!r" In his progressive eflorls to reach his patients more speedily. Dr. Holier recently purchased the first airplane ambulance to be ffightower News K. Qriggs ent«i-lt(lned Mr. and Mrs L. Stanford, Mr. and Mrs,' J. Wesl, Dcipree Raniey, and Travis Jackson with a card parly Siitur- Barly Cnpps ciUcrlained Mr. and CROSS MISSISSIPPI RIVER VIA TIPTONVILLE FERRY A" WeatUer Road Shortest route tu Keelluul Lake, Pfulucafi, Ky., Nash- vilie, elf. Take U. S. I)J (u vdrTHET '•• Meet Your p'ricnda at Johnny Biiliier's / Silver Moon Night CM \\'herc Iho .Jiliiaic is ,|!!vei| Better Tliaii Bel'ore^Hic Crow-els lire Bigger—jipcl'There's Fun Every Night Wheii Yot|'ro Dancing to George Ford awl liis Neiv Teimesseun-, Miss Elizabeth Fosicr T|ic Spilth's'finest Blues tJiiigcr Two Miles Nprtli.or Ark-Mo. Stale Line - Highway 61 >nemi',W the guests frent to ^og hut they !le-li2d s bfd] headache, arid Ras^afraid he would mate 3 poor showing at'an Im'poitant conference that morning However, he look Capudme, and soon the lain left, entirely, For hesdacfccs Hu« lo luuctlonal dutu!t>an«5 Capudfas U' Ideal.' It ^inCatas siyera!.injr«i:eiHE which act .tojcthtr (o give quicker teller. Also lor puins due to colds, neuralgia, sad for B.u-«ular and Joint aches, Ash for Capudtue 'tlquld or Iho modiaec* formula, Cepudlne Tablets The Service That Never Ceases A mere turn ol' your water faucet at any huur oi' day or niyht und this constant, obedient servant will .Fulfill your wants. ^requires a great deul ot' planning, an ever increasing investment and a highly trained personnel to provide a dependable, stife and economical water supply. We pledge ourselves ip the continuity of such service. BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. Phone 80 .'"• ..":'; 113 S. Broadway Q. fr-MOSS, Manaftr. . ... Courteous, Personal Attention to Every Customer IS THE BUY FOR 1935 Buick Suiu VO t>s/nt)«ndcr 5-pmi. Sciian; Baity 6y Fisher 1935 BUICK PRICES ARE THE LOWEST IN BUICK HISTORY .Think what that means — for true Buick quality and stylc> economy (15 miles jicr gallon) and dependability* performance; case and luxurious room^ Now come and sec the big, roomy Buicki Delivered -- -..i- *twjt,tj.- M al here, which Iii5titi|t| on wa .. •.total In 1938 by the president' ; the American Hospital Asso"ia Ion as the "best equipped small iospitaj iii the United States." He a n member of the American Col- ege of Sui'ueons. Canada's Touris*, Trade Showing Big Increase OTTAWA, Ont. <uj>)_cni>ada'a ourlst industry, once one of Hu ^ounlry's most important, Is on ;hc up-grade again after declining iteadily for sevsral years. A reiwl issued by Ministry a| National Revenue R. c. Matthews' reveals lhat during mi a. total ol 3,?51,8jS foreign automobiles, carrying lourisls, tho majority of Ihcni from ihe united states, entered' Canada, compared with 3,096,887 in Last Time Today • 'CARNIVAL' with l.KE T'HACY, SALLY EIL'HJRS-'am] JIMMY DUIlANTB I'animoinU Comeilv flmrsday & Friday S W EE T ANN DVORAK 1'aramoiml -Review.. ' Dumbbell LettersNo. b' Musical "Harlem Harnnm.v Scries 10 t'(iu[>c nilh Uctli In Blytheoille This price includes feature? HI\I| accessories provided by no other car: Buick vali c-in-hca J slraight eight engine; original bsalcj chassis torque-lube drive; Uuick's built-iu Kncc- Aclion; Silent Syncro-Mcsli transmission; front and tear UcIco.Lovcjoy hydraulic shock absorbers; automatic sliming, choke, spark control,carburetor heal control; otlancsclcclo fenders and oihcr sheet metal parts bonJcritcd against ru 1'ick-pruof lock for ample glove compartment; radio aerial loof; dual Jorvn-draft carburetor; crankcasc ventilator; an tcry type Jtccl wheels; gravel ilellcclor on rear bumper. Prices subject lo change without notice, Special ciiiiipincm cxira. ROXY Mutinee — Friday, Saturdny and Simtlity Only Wed. and Thursday MAT. & NIGHT-iOc - 25c BETTER AUTOMOBILES ARE BUILT ;' i . BUICK WILL UUltD TIIMt Lee Motor Sales, Inc. t'LA'.CS ADVLR( fSEMtNl ADVENTURE Withf BINNIE BARNES Neil Hamilton, ?t\A Cavinan Euginc Palltttt, Gran Ferdinan.d GotUchdllt,.' Kox News Comedy

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