The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 26, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 26, 1950
Page 11
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FRIDAY, MAT W, 1MO (ARK.) "COURIER NEWS OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Willioms Our Boording House with Moj. Hoople COWBOV SPURS ON COMPANY TIME, HAH .' OKAY, LET IT EMP THERE.' DON'T ->OU LET ME KETCH YOU TRVlKJ' TO MAKE A HORSE TO GO WITH 'EM.' IT'S AWFUL TO HAVE A BIG BROTHER KEEPIM'. A CLOSER: eye OM VDUTHAN SIX BOSSES, FOR FEAR YOU'LL RLUN YOUR.- CAREEE.' BEST MACHINIST I KJJOW L6ARMet> H6R6 ARE- 6OM6 STATISTICS FOR VOU To INHALE, MAESTRO/ kUKULlK HAS DUMPED Pl\IE STRAIGHT THA MENTION TH6 BRtXEM BOWES, DOES IT? OF I SE* PlTlFUL BIL* ME/ FACE THAT ESKIMO WTH <SOPReM6 STUFF FOR. HIMSELF "THAN H6 DID FOR. T DEVISEO> SECRET <; ^ i&p WITH COLORS — ?=r-A F LVl MrV/ — THE UMPEECOVER ARTIST round in • haw semi-exhaustion. Two oe three tiaes se wa* aware ihai Piers wajmear—aware, '— ~' lL -~ comfort tiis loo, of tbe strang< presence brought. itudy thai he wondered suddenly they did not exchai Haa it oeen loolish of him someirmiR the docto PACT: FRECKLES AND HIS FHIENDS BY MERRILL BLOMM H« Want* H WMCT Television on Friday 1:30 p.m.—Headlines 1:40—News 1:15—MlclSotilh News 2:00—Berle Olswanuer 2:30-:Fashlon Parade -" 3:00—Jr. Disc Jockey 3:30—Hourly Dnodj- 4:00—Cactus Jim 4:30— Ilelln. Ladies 5:00—Kukla, Fran * Ollle 5:30—Itoberla (Jutnlan 5:45—News Caravan 8:0«—Parade of Stars 6:15—What's New 8:30—We" the People 7:00— Versatile Varieties 7:30— BliT Slory 8:00—Cavalcade of Sports 8:45—Fights of the Century J:00—Top Views In Sports 9:15— Featurctte We offer complete Television service., supplying and installing General Klectric, Motorola, M* Capehart models. =OR FREE ESTIMATES TELEVISION & RADIO / iAIES AND SERVICE ^ BtYTHEWlESAUsCo> '« 5 MAIN ST BLYTHEVIUE ARK Rent ACar... Drive It .Yourself Fresh Crappie Chicken Dinner Package Delivery Any when sons Cafe STATE LINE Phones 4948 - 937 Simps< Corrugated Metol Culverts Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes ap to 36 in. Concrete Septic Tanks Metal Septic Tanks Sewer Tile Best Prices w c Deliver A.H.WEBB Highway 61 at State Lin* Phone 714 XXX11 AT last Clemency went back into the house. She hart reached the bottom ol the stairs leading to the nursery when <he oecame aware ot someone descending. Looking up, she saw Piers. "Clemency " As he -an down there was nothing to oe Jone except to stand and wait for him. bui as he would nave taken her hands she drew back. He said: "1 have been wanting lo see you all day. After I brought the doctor back 1 had to go out again I oniy returned nail an hour ago. My dear love, you look vorn out. This is all too dreadful. They've got a night nurse, haven't they?" She oodded. It was incredible that he should behave as if nothing except Baba's illness had happened tc disturb their relationship; and yet at the sight o* him in the strangest way th'e anger and bitterness which had underlain her pain seemed to have died, leaving only that searing ach* 1 in her heart, and a deepening wonder that anything in Syric's hall-confession could ever have been true. "Come and talk to me for a few minutes." Piers urged. "I know that at this stage it may seem selfish to think of our own affairs but there are still «ome things which must be said between us." "Not now!" she exclaimed. "Afterwards perhaps." "Very well, later," he conceded "As long ai you don't forget thai we—are important.** This time he managed to gain possession of her hands, and then as he looked down at them he asked sharply "Where is your rinj;?" "Upstairs." She knew abruptly that she could not discuss it now She. pulled herself free M I mus get back to Baba/ 1 she said. "We can't talk now, and it's useless anyway," Then she ran upstairs. Walching her go, there was i puzzled pain in his eyes. It waL only when he was back in his not to explain last night? And yet iow dilllculi It would have been. le had never been able lo make Syne crouching ID a Jon oclieve— | day nursery. ' Knowing what Syrie hnd twice I fection o* he _,, ^ w done to him. ne should have real- neglected, and she l>ok«d worn zed the oossibility of the tinal . and naggard. As Cleaency passed blow Howevei ruthless they are capable of DC ing, and however difficult it -nay be for the mere surface observer lo believe, there in men like Pi era Ambcrley. almost childlike streak of trustfulness. Corn trom their own complete integrity He told himself now that when all this misery of the child's illness was over, Clemency would listen lo him. • • • JT in the next days there could be no thought ot personal things, however important Dr Rigaud had sent an urgent call to a specialist In Algiers—a man renowned for his brilliant handling of chest and lung complaints, and the consultant promised to leave Immediately for the oasis. With his arrival the real began. Jon still paced outside In the passage or came into the day nursery to look through the open communicating door. The specialist had brought a nurse from his own clinic with him, but Sister Therese, ofl-duty there. ' Takorndi Is the only deep-water port serving the African Gold Coast. You'll Love Our Flowers! Bl.HHtVIl.I.E FLOWER MART MemphU Ulwaj rtiaat u«2 GASOLINE — TRACTOR FUEL — KEROSENE FUEL OIL — DIESEL FUEL OIL & GREASE G. O. POETZOILCO. 2089—Phone—2089 Office: 116 \V. Walnut Rulk Plant: Promised I,and Call 6911 for Blytheviile TIN SHOP HI North First We offer complete Shoot Mctnl service gin, oil mill & feed mill work, house gutters, duct work. Call Taylor 1-a.vtnn. shop m;maj;er. L TRUCK BEDS Made from the Finest Oak BARKSDALE MFG. CO TMCY COOM ~t> LOOK AT WHAT THEY CAHUA POSStWY SEE — AND THEY swy ibu« UUUCWID MOW, GOOMN, ' ye RE—YEW 1 J.«CK.oiu..*«rS JESTIN'/ / NEVER jesrs/ ' MOM I ./ I DEMAND IttJ SUX -< MS THE INVISI6I.E . me. i. » «o. u. • «r. on. "Yeah, they smiled at us nice, but how do we know they really like us? Maybe they're just hungry!" I'RISCILLA'S POP The Let-Down BY AL VERMEEH . _ _ KNOW THAT BIG KID DOWN THE STREET? I ALMOST fi STRUCK HIM iff: OUT! - -A' Q VOU KNOW THAT BIG KID 30WN THE STREET? CARLYLE ALMOST STRUCK HIM OUT! gg he sobbed"I ean'( oeai ered Her face •ould—(eel like tbU. ler—1 told you I'm not ype. But she's so p can't bear to lose her lerenl—1 promise PI OMEHOW Clemency could not bring hersell to mie any re- It was not anything Syrie lad done to Ber persorilly which froze the pity. in her neftl Ther was a hard gloss o! selnhness on MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LAN! THANKS FOR THE UH, \ RAND'S PRIVATE PCKKtVES. CYNTHIA. WCKJ7 I SHE WOULDN'T APPRKtATf MY NDUCOrYltW? X POACHING ON TOEV everything about the otir which THAT SHE'S BEEM HUNTING OUT OF SEASON, ACLRWHT, BUT SHE DtFINimY WASNT THE ON£ WHO TOOT A SHOT ATVOO. more tragic fiat should have wrought so nich mischief and unhappiness. As she re-entered tbt otha room the nurse and the l%o doctors were gathered about be bed. Sister Therese stood a littliapart, silently telling her oead«,l Conscious ot the nun's serene roirit- uality, which she translate^ into such practical scientific hclp'wben it was needed. Clemency th«ugh« who 'seemed to need ho rest in her Involuntarily: It Is that which wt need above everything— taitlj and work together; arid sh emerged from that terrifying stupor it .was Clemency she wanted — to loin the others, strangely ClenienL-y alone who could quieten I The specialist wa» holding Ue ol Baba's small, .inert wrists ke- tween his finger*. After a momint her, hold .her gently down in the bed' from 'which in frightened delirium she tried to struggle. CAPTAIN EAS\ BY LES1.1K TURNER he put it gently down. Syrie had gone entirely to pieces VES. HC WAS HURT BAD... VOU REACHEPl BUT HE'p DRAGGED * HMJD- you WERE A SPOT. UIBLIK 1 . IF YOU WEWT fOK. HELP VOITD PROBABLV BE BtCOGMIZED... MEMJTH6 N005P FOR VOU! BUT I COULDN'T PESEB.T HIM! HE WOULDN'T IEWE THE BftG, SO I FIHAILV OOT 'EM BOTH TO THE ONLV HOUSE I'D SEEN. BUT MORODV WAS HOME! I BROKE IU.,,AUp THER6 Wf>,S NO PHOWE.IPIDML I COULD fOR HIM.. BUT HE DIED AT SUMDOWN! THIS WAS\VES. IT S£E*ED fOOLISK THE PUGH UORISKMIUS POUWD 60VS' HOUSE Int RE,SO I UFr. UEiT [>RV WAS AND T «£ "KEA, WAS CUL1. EkRCHINQ almost choking h suffering Justine had to cope with no!" she whispered, The doctor passed a hand cor passe a an wca- 11 y over his forehead. "I think shV Clemency had slop all right now," be sai4 everything she was asked to will "She la sleeping quite naturally. flawlesa efficiency she still move* (TO 'Be C*BtiBIKd) RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DRS. NIES & NIES (All Tjprs Except Cancer) Clinic SH Main Bljlht-Tllte Ark. SHEET METAL WORK BUGS BUNNY OF ALL KINDS I GOT A SINGIN' \ VEWV TELEGRAM FEft } WEU_, YA, ELMER.' / <X-' FWIENI7' HAPPY W3lTH*Y BOITH..fV JUST HUH? ,—^A MINUTE. I'LL BE WIGHT Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up to 1/4 inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop Broadway - Phone 2B51 FOR SALE Mississippi LUMBER C«nereU enlTtru. iz inch u M Inch, plain «i rrrn forced Al«o Concrete Bnlldtnt RIocLt cheaper than limbci tot harnj chlrkrB tenant tool ibcdi W» <cUTer Call «. far free MtlnuU. Ft. Ruilders Supply So. Hi way 61 BY V. T. HAMLIN OSCEOLA TILE & CUIVIRT CO __ — — WELL. ABOUT--/1LL TAKE OUT ' ONE MORE SHOVELFUL " THEM. ITS HO KOCK, BY G*VDFRT IT'S *& H& A CHEST! IEON BOX Or SOME K1MD.',' For Expert Laundry and Dry Cleaning—Coll 4474 NU-WA BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN WAT OVi 'E.P.'KW \<b t.«. CCXAVKXa Chamblin Sales Co. • Sales & Service • "Your F riend/y Sfu^ibafctr Deafer" RAILROAD & ASH PHONE 6888 LOANS CARS, TRUCKS Real Eslate * FHA United Insurance Agency A. F. (Dec) Dietrich, Mgr. 1st & JIniii—Rear City Drut; Blytheville, Ark.

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