The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 9, 1968 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 9, 1968
Page 3
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-Blythevllle (Ark.) Courier News — Tuesday, April 9,1W8 - Page B«*, Beat rH£ NATIONAL REPORT ON WHAT'S HAPPEN/NC Hippie Yippie: So-called Youth International Party announces huge invasion of Chicago next summer to coincide with Democratic convention. Causing concern among serious antiwar groups and black power _ people who want to grab the headlines. The "Hippie Yippie" gang has predicted a "supercreative synthesis, energy "explosion and information exchange!" They are trying to link underground newspapers in a giant special edition. They talk of cars painted like cabs to hijack convention delegates. They talks of pot-boilers like LSDer Timothy Leary, poet Allen Ginsberg,' Dick Gregory, Bob Dylan, the Jefferson Airplane, Country Joe and the Fish, Arlo Guthrie, The Mamas and The Papas plus dozens more "names" of the rock generation. Talk, talk, talk. The roads will be full of hitchhikers if the Hippie Yippies have their way-say-day. Meanwhile, as Chicago fretfully girds for the long, hot summer, the Demo convention city officials hope the Hippie Yippies stay on a talk gag. INSIDE, TWIGGY: She's, changed her mind! Twiggy, sick and looking giggly, has decided to have a "real slam" at the movies. Busily growing long hair (what! no hairpiece), she's being touted ,by her boy friend-manager, Justin de Villeneiive, as "the biggest thing ever." The Beatles are backing the film, "The Wishing 'Tree." The story is -based upon a Faulkner. fairy tale. The girl (Dulcie) can't decide if she's 12 or 20. Being billed as "a classic for kids," "The Wishing Tree" could be the year's top comedy. 300-MILLION AMERICANS BY YEAR ZOOfl?: By 1975 we, may have population of 225-million. A birth is recorded every Va seconds; an emigrant departs every 23 minutes. All of the above despite the decline of the birthrate for nine straight years despite increasing number of marriages. However, projections do make 300-million a feasible figure for the year 2000! Fashion Note: Menswear Institute is plugging GANGSTER STRIPES AND SHAPE for late spring! ! ! Should put out a booklet "How to Look Like a Hoodlum." Another mens- wear gem — "The Meditation Look" — guru shirts, Nehru jackets, beads, amulets and other accoutrements worn by the faltering MaharisM! ,! ! Petersen Publishing Com- PIT STOP!: Coca Cola and Petersen Publishing Company producing flashy Drive Ed film for high school use next .fall. .The works: top drivers, new cars, classic cars, racing cars. A large contest with no less than eight new " Blacks as principal prizes. Motorists will. see a ton of. checkered decals on bumpers in fall of 1968. The insignia says Pit top " Program has blessing of National Safety Council.. LEARY WEARY — NOW LEERY: Dr. Allan Cohen, early LSD-digging disciple of Dr. Timothy Leary, turned off .some years ago. Life's work now? As a counselor at University -of California at Berkeley and in most free hours he advises tripper to shake drug scene— claims it's a big bad bag— the worst .way of all to seek one's identity. Lady Dentists: Scarce as Hen's Teeth: Only 55 women students have received dental degrees at Universitey Of Southern California's School of Dentistry since it opened in 1897! Why? Tradition alonce since elsewhere in .world 75 per cent of women are dentists. Teen girls urged to check out dentistry—it isn't all that difficult and it's very lucrative. TEEN GUIDEBOOK: Fullerton. California's Commission on Youth recently published a "Guide for Parents and Youth" and gave a copy to all students in grades six through 12 in the school district. Pamphlet covers curfew hours, -recommended dating procedures and contained data about drugs. Teens laughed heartily through section telling high school seniors -to be home from supervised activities, by 8:30 on week nights; also loved the part that quaintly advised all teens below 10th grade to avoid any form of pairing off. Many teens and some parents resent being told what to do— consider idea of book an insult. To others, it's a godsend. Will it start a trend? — By Robert MacLeod Editor, 'Teen Magazine NEW YORK (AP) ~ Girl watching has always been a major industry in the American business office, but the arrival of the miniskirt turned it into a fine'art. You can tell a person's character—or lack of it—by the way he gazes at the gams that pass his desk during what is referred to, sometimes laughingly, as the work day. Sometimes he will demonstrate more real acting skill than goes into the winning of the average Motion Picture Academy Award. , If you look around your own office, you may note some of the following familiar types of miniskirt viewers: THE GLUTTON-This guy ogles any femme that moves- young or old, tall or short, fat or slim. "Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy," he keeps : gurgling. His day would be made if even Lassie sauntered by in a miniskirt. HAMLET—To look or- not to look, that is the question with the old-maidish office bachelor. He 'knows he wants to but thinks he shouldn't. By the tune he settles this soul-searing issue, by- taking a look, the girl is just disappearing through the door. For the next hour and a half he sits and silently broods in disappointment. TH.E . CONNOISSEUR-'.'I can't be bothered with rcn-of- the-mill views," he says; He refuses to become interested unless the girl meets his exact specifications—blonde, aged between 19 and 24, wearing'pale violet fishnet hose and a miniskirt at least seven or more inches above her kneecap. Then he closes one eye, puts a magnifying monocle in the other eye, and hods in calm artistic approval. THE OLD-TIMER—"Too much is too much," he remarks reminiscently. "These miniskirts have turned the office into a public beach. It was more fun in the old days when the girls left more to a fellow's imagination." THE BORN LOSER-Joe is near-sighted. "Boy, Jiere comes a real'beauty," whispers the fellow at the next desk. "Where? Where? Where?" asks Joe desperately. By the time he switches to the right' pair of glasses arid focuses in, the girl has turned a corner and gone. THE EEKER—Roscoe prefers the worm's eye view. Whenever a miniskirt looms on the horizon, he pretends to drop something on the floor, so he can bend over and glance up. "Just as I thought—she's wearing her'cerise garters," he announces later to an all-male audience in the washroom. THE PURITAN-He can't help staring at the girls, but it bothers his conscience terribly. After looking at three miniskirts in a row, his guilt bothers him so much he phones his wife and says, "Darling, I love you, I love you, I love you. I think about you all day long." THE ROVER—To Rodney the grass' is always greener in 'the other pasture. "The birds in our office are all dogs," r he declares. So, when there are no executives in sight, he moves his swivel chair'to the window, takes a pair of binoculars out of his desk, and stares at the girls in the skyscraper across the way. MR, BIG- HIMSELF—The boss thinks the new girl in the 'Jttto WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10 3:00 ALL ABOARD Slow and Steady Wins the Race. /:-•' . 3:30 TftPIC: MEMPHIS CITY SCHOOLS ' Faculty-Forum, Superintendent E. C. Stimbert and four panelists from the city schools system. 4:00 WHAT'S NEW Space Age. Different and unusual fuels for space travels. 4:30 HISTORY IN SPACE Great Is The House of the Sun. Scientists in Hawaii who probe the phenomenon of Air- glow, the mysterious brilliant lights in the upper atmosphere. 5:00 THE BIG PICTURE Weekly Report. The U. S. Army in action around the world. - 5:30 ECONOMICS Relative Rags to Relative Riches. Economic development among the nations. 6:00 NEW ORLEANS JAZZ Papa Jack, The Patriarch. The early days of jazz in old New Orleans. 6:30 WHAT'S NEW Space Age. Different and'un- usual fuels for space travel. 7:00 ALL ABOARD Slow and Steady Wins the Race. •''.•• 7:30 CHANNEL 10 TRAVELS Parks Are For People. Oregon State Parks. 8:00 BUSINESS ROUNDTABLE Government Employees and th§ Right to .Strike: 8:30 PUBLIC AFFAIRS International Magazine, A report on developments abroad, usually from five different countries. , 9:30 CITIES OF THE : WORLD Munich. Alan Whicker of the BBC attends Fasching, Munich's annual carnival, and compares the frivolity with Germany's dark period ... the days of World War II. Jan Barna writes from Montreal, "Knowing your sense of humor, I thought you might appreciate what happened-in our weekly duplicate game at the Chateau Bridge Club. "I was sitting South and'' my, wife North. East opened one no-trump, but I wasn't paying much attention and thought that he had passed. When West passed also and my partner bid two clubs, I thought she had. opened with a forcing bid.-In?- cidentally, her two - club bid was the Landy Convention showing both majors. "When I replied two diamonds. West doubled. I don't know exactly why, but I guess tie didn't really have any reason to do so. Anyway, my wife bid two hearts and, in typical i husband fashion, I jumped to three no-trump. East doubled and West opened the jack of clubs. "Dummy's queen lost to East's ace and a club came back. West played the 10 and I was dummy with the king.. I led a diamond, taken by East's king. A third club was won by my nine and I cleared the diamond suit.. East had no defense at this point and, for want of seeing • anything better to do, led another diamond. I cashed my diamonds and the last club while discarding down to the ace-king-10 of hearts in dummy. East made the mistake of let- < ting a heart go, so I overtook I' my queen of hearts and made an overtrick at my silly doubled contract. 'My wife asked if I were crazy to bid three no-trump against an opening no - trump with my five points,.and for the first time I realized that I had not heard the opening bid. The best I could do was to apologize to my wife and our unfortunate opponents, but I did not give back the top score." We have heard of many instances of a player not-hearing an opening bid. Most of the FOR THE FEMOCRATS, Linda Borgeson Rogers sports a big smile and a big button as she boosts Robin Malone for president. The lovely Denver model, who bears a striking resemblance to her comics-page Candidate, is pictured in front of th? Colorado State Capitol. The I 5~*al Robin Malone, beautiful boss of a far-flung industrial empire, has kicked off her "presidential campaign" in the nation's comics pages. National Monument Wakefield, the -reconstructed birthplace of George Washington in Westmoreland County, Va., is a national monument. The original house was destroyed by fire and no description of it was to be found. A colonial house was built there, but no claims are made for its authenticity. - Aetas, primitive tribesmen of the Philippines, like to smoke cigarettes with the lighted ends in their mouths. home the loot: LOOK! Recent Cash Winners: M. I Welch, Malvern, Ark. T. M. Buddephatt, Little Rock, Ark. Mrs. Larry .McGowan, Little Rock, Ark. Jimmy B. Wattham, Little Rock, Ark.' Legolia Atkinson, Little Rock, Ark; And there are still thousands of prizes (like this, and morel) to be won plus instant cash right at your Esso Dealer, No purchase necessary. Every licensed driver can play at participating Esso stations. Muiphy Huff, McCrory, Ark. J. £ Kessler, Jr., Little Rock, Ark. Judy ObergfeU, Little Rock, Ark. Carl Brown, Little Rock, Ark. Ray Dean Rainey, Little Rock, Ark. HanlitoOOCIMbi a'» Uadlnfl EnKsry Cempanr stenographic pool Is wearing a miniskirt that is simply too scanty to fit office standards of propriety. "Twice last month I called her in to bawl her out or fire her," he tells a pal at lunch. "But, heck, after all, I'm a'leg man at heart myself; Each time I just sent her back to her typewriter with a $2.50 merit raise!" JACOBY ON BRIDGE KOETH . 9 AK1096 V.AK1032 *5 #KQ8 WEST EAST (1» *A§4 *QJ87 V9876 VJ54 • 863 4'AK7 + J103 + A64 SOUTH A 32 V'Q 4 QJ10943 #9752 - North-South Vulnerable West North East South 1 N.T. Pass Pass 2* .Pass 2» Dble 2V Pass 3 N.T. Pass Pass Dble Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—#J time, the result is catastrophic. We are glad to learn that this time the failure to pay aten- ion was well-rewarded. QUICK QUIZ Q—Why does the moon have more influence on the tides than the sun? A—Tides are caused by. the gravitational pull of the sun and moon upon the water. The moon, being so much closer, is the principal cause of the tides. <J-What are the two units of tune from which all others are computed? A—The day and the year, which are based respectively upon the earth's rotation on its axis, and the earth's revolution around the sun. Q_Who won the 1967 Nobel Peach Prize? A—For the second consecutive year, the Peace Prize was not awarded. Q—Why is: Wyoming nicknamed the "Equality State"? A—Because women were given the right to vote in 1869, one' year after Wyoming was organ- ized'as a territory : and 51 years before women could vote generally in the United States. Q—On what dates does Can- ada Observe, Thanksgiving Dayt A—The second Monday of. MAN'S GENUINE OR SIGNET RING CATSEYE Maufva rfylw fa years of wearing plaai- ura. 10 Karat natural \ told. 3 Ways to Buy: • Cash • Charge • Lay-Away SAVE AT DREIFUS JEWELERS tode! C4IO—Antique White A fine G-E clock radio for only ! 12 97 It's the best clock radio buy in town. Features Snooz-Alarm® - the clock that gives you 40 extra winks on those hard-to-get-up days. Great 'round the. clock ~ performer. Hurry! Stocks are limited. Open An Account Easy Terms! — T/eu>e MEIT MEIfUS .T..WMH DREIFUS BARGAIN PRICES SPECIAL PLYMOUTHS . „ * EQUIPPED WITH EXTRAS MOST PEOPLE WANT Like an all-vinyl Interior? Oeluxa-' covers? Vinyl roof, lighting package, spa-!,, cial trim and more? They're all yours on: ' the Special Fury shown below. All the Spa-i ' cial Plymouths come specially equipped.);And to complete tha package you get bargain prices. SPECIAL PLYMOUTHS SUCCESS CELEBRATION . . . IF ANYONE SHOULD HAVE ONE, WE SHOULD Yes, Plymouth should have a Success Celebration because tor the second year in a row, Plymouth continues to set new sales records. So now's tha lime to catch the beat and fly with success. SPECIAL FURYS, SATELLITES, BARRACUDAS AND VALIANTS Whatever you want in a car- you gat in a Success Celebration Plymouth! Luxury and stretch room - It's Plymouth Fury. Tight handling coupled with greai ride-try Satellite. Sport and lasting flair-Barracuda. Compact economy-go Valiant. 11 Special Pl-'mo'uths are featured to give you a size and model selection that goes on and on. AND THE GREAT DEALS GO ON ... Bargain prices on special models ara just the start. Your Plymouth dealer is ready to do almost anything to win you over. Has there ever been a better, time for you to pick up the Plymouth) beat? Plymouth Sueces* C*M>nUon SpacW Pttneofe Any-Ill See your Plymouth Dealer today "61" MOTOR CO.• N. Highway 61, Blytheville, Ark.

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