The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 26, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 26, 1933
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20. 1933 Stoclc Society — Personal Wedding for 8k«l« Couplw. The douuie wedding o[ Miss Martha Emma May lo Kilph Vlck an- ci MJS Migiuon Vick to Oarvcn •May was pcnormed in the Baptbi of. iii en at S o'clock Saturday nigln ijy me Miv. A. 13. Sartlier. About 3u relatives ami friends were present. Mr;. Vlck and Mr. Muy we cousins and have only lived litre uboul [wo years, having" come from Memphis.' MIB. Vick is me daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. J. A. May and M>. Hay me ssn of Mr. mm Mrs. W O. 'May. Mrs. Vlck has been attending high school Iwro mule M. May received his education in Ken UiCKy and Tennet:-ce. He is no. cnip.ijjid al'tr.C! Burjon Gin No. i Mrs. M.iy and Mr. vlck fire Ih ton and daughter of Mr. and Mrt J. F. Viek. Bolh attenSc;i Si.:Ci high seiioui. n-ncre tf.ey were prom inent in nililetic and social acllv. ties, and both arc workers in th bapMtt cnurch. Mr. Vick Is cm ployed by the 5tcc:c Union Gin. ' Alter .me ceremony the nariy lei | on a stiorl honeymoon trip lo Chn I ton, Kj'. T»wy returned here Smi-' day evening. . Monday nilcrnuoti Mrs. U \V. Weaver, Mrs. A. L). Absrnathy, Mil. J. H. Workman ana Mrs. Vickivy entertiMmil ins Woman s Miss.311- ary icciety In the cnurch annex. Mrs. Jones, Blytnc\'lllc music tea.-ner, \vno was a guest, gave s'-v- crfti musical nurn.ji-.o, it.ui JJKII' J«nic3 Alien ViCKroy gave a mifl- irif, ana a pliiio 5.10. Janr Bujie ija.'O n so.o and liule Lira MAJ Yiiforougn played a piano w- been pastor" or the Horncrtvllle' arc spending ihelr vacation In Mtthoiist church, wib transferred poplar Blult. arc hern thli week lo the Stcete church nt the iinnual r.nd have as li'.clr gim tlic hitler's conference at bikctr.n last Friday, sister. M:<S Elizabeth Morv:ll of Sum-day nnd Sunday. The Rev poplar Blurt. Mi. Dose was transferred uom Hit Vcrncn Cawy of Mampms visited Stecle chutfh to thai nl Campbell, hh parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. E. Catcy, Tr.oso from Sleele who attended Sunday night, the conference were Messrs. T. 1. j Mr. nnd Mrs. J. P. Bogle »nd Bro:ks, G. G. Bov.'cn, Brother Duncan, and L.- M. Hrcoks, Ilayli Society — cituuul in .10 service daughter, Mies Janr, Mrs. M. Q. A. ] Atwocd, Mrs. l>. W. Weaver, mid the Misses jiiltelU; Frank, Minnie T., loo ,,.(-/.vs n>nii-t o( tin. \vnH- Elizabeth Taylor und Imogens Jn lasi UCCHS repon 01 int w<.n ,,.„,.,. ,,.j ..,' , v unifmnn it. 'ine of M'-'-s Evelyn t-'rakcs il war, Mlchio, and Mr. J. Y, HufTmnn, al- •iionwiBly slated thai she wss '<"' le <! l »» "achers meeting at Milled" lo n Mr. Hughes. Miss Cape Olrtirdrau Buturdiiy. ?rakc 5 is now Mrs, J. Hughes Clark. " r - a , ni1 Mrs ' N '. ^"T" 1 " ul1a Mr, and Mrs. Fred Copcla«d of "iclr dinner BUM* Sunday Parker •;rw Madrid .spcni Sunday w | lh1 Coleiiiaii. who left In.llw after- I neon for Ins home In l/ony Be»ch. after nu extended buslueis Members ol the Ann Culburtson Claw, Ihc Ladles Aid. und friends, navo n surprise birthday party for Mrs. Lizzie Wallace on her C5lli >lrlliday, Tuesday cvcnln. Approx- mately flt) attended. Games under Ihc direction of Mrs. High Lewis, were played by all. Mrs. Wallace mndc a sjicech of thanks. Mi's. Wallace lias been a faithful member of the Methodist church to- many ycurs. president. Mrs. D. O. Slater; troas-'at, I/inchvllle. 13. F. I>. M«n Uetd Up i?. Horses 1 Blind M"> !l«tij Sl»t» Body . urcr. Mrs, Dorothy Hill; recording Talmadgc Wayne Holt is 111 this! KEHKHOVEN. Minn. <U['i--Ai- BOSTON. 'UP)—A blind nian / i.ccrrjlary, Mis. Bcil Hall; corre- week. ' .ort Llmlgrui. rural nv.ill liirricr, i (oiuicr Siulc Raprirenlallvc Wil-V :]inndlii'i fccreury. Mr4. Don Mr. and Mrs. Jess I'oinier iinu | \v.o retlitd re^nlly, | ;c haa liain T. MfC«n)i;;, cl Ko:klaiui,' Cluipin: fupl. of local work Mrs. rtaughlcr have vctuniPd to their[ vc.n out i'i hoivct. ami eight has l«cn upuoinUrt by oov:rnor J. w. uiiodc» iiipt. of studies, Mrs. l;&.ne ul Rtclor uficr a visit with uttoir.obr '- "" - - ' Isltoy Wliltner; Biipt. of cliliden's Mrs. Pointer's mother,. Mis. Minnie I , • i'li HIP i!c'|:nilnicnt, Mrs. Nell Oolchcr: Ueny. i 'iii;:rinlcndcnl ol puljllclly, Mrs l!oy wyrlck: tuperlnwndcnt o( Mippilec, Mis. T. M. Horcx; Miper- inlruciciil of Christian sotlal re- Mrs. W. E. Byrd. Elv as director of ihc S'.atc Ci;;ui for I he Blind. ; Thlily-lwo tliousanil iiu'inbtis of Musso'.lnl'.i Black shirts arc being • trained In practical tanning. tlollvK here. . Ca| Mrs. [jiiulscy smith mid little v i s ||' 'tiuqlilcr La Jeanne of Carters-1 ' Mr s"oVh Fowler. Miss RUI'I .-ill;, were.- Here over Ihc week-end ]IuroU1 wall _ W | nltre(l RIlolics anA .0 attend Ihe weddings of Mrs. ,.,,.„,, A i cxi , raler havp , mllh.s /.Ister and brother, Mie- Chicago wlicrr they mvimi.i .. - ion and llalph Viek, who vrere CcnU |, v 0 ; i> r ourci-s ' ! M^^arot Myrlc, secretary null •arried to Onrvcn nnd Mniiha Km-. M . ". () ^ ]IS JQ'J,',, kdion and "-'"S'lfr; Cloudla Marshnll, chartii 1 •' M»V- LugiiUr Marjorlc of Padi'ical), Ky.. °< Ilie m " 5lc 6 "P" Ucs ' Mfj -aud Mrs.-Wf S. Haiil«r are.! ruv gucsts'ot Mrs. Kclton's molher. •lahnlnj .10 move to Memphis In'^vrs. Bates. »•. .hc-.^icar future. .'• j Mr. and Mrs. A. ncvcrti of Koch- Mi's. P. E. Ponder, who for sis cl!e, 111., lire vlslllng Uic lalter's parpnlf. Mr. nnd Mrs. W. D. Hud- gliu, and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. O. G. 'IVavIs arc moving this week to one of the nw- ly H>mo:lclccl Sliellcn aiiartminls. Stale Takts Over Slulnr HALF.M, Ore. (UPl-Chamiiocs Pi:rk, historic shrine of Oregon, will of Mr. nnd Mrs. bo under care of the highway dc |p:.ilmcnt and state pollcc'tlns win- Miss Helen Icr The slulc aljolisl'.cd the Job of er.rcliiker. A new i'nrct,akcr will named nMt .spring.. ; Miss Tlielma Paltcrson \\iaf. Ali'urd Hiiil.iiss. M.33 Tnenna i j ju<rr£on and Mr. Aiiufd hasc.n;3 were m.unej last IMesaay evening in the lionic of the bride's parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. P. 1'aitetE^n. TJ'IC ceremony wns ptnormed oy tlie Hcv. A. B. Sad- Lei, B.ipusl pastor. Trie bi'Aie, a graduate ol Slecle h!gn Ecnocl and ujriunersville Junior college, has Ueen nn active .votk- er in tne cnufcn for sev- lontlis lins been" In .1 j«r!oiis con- ''cn In a St. I.ouis hospital, was ^turned to her hor.ic here Moiulay mctvhat improved. Mr. and Mrs. Arlluir Tliamuson ' Mcmnhls si»nt list \v:sk-cncl •lh relatives In Pcmlicol county. 'iHiirdny night ilicy and Mr. and ..lis. K. C. Hudgins of Caruthcrs- vlllc were nuc Toncy Jordan FlnycJ lilc^sc,- iiml Marshal! of Mi'inpM-i wore dlnmr pii'-sts Sunday of .Miss Vivian Ab- boti of Aim^rcl. Ark. In lha of- ternccn Ihcv rlrnv hern fnr ,| y'ill v:i"i Ml«s Mushall's mother. ' M'j'cs Dii-".-v =1111 iin-l IMHi •>i-n'«:nl rirm-p lo J'ontMoc. ML'.s., Frsuny ami bronchi Q'Uoll McU|"- t-i in."n n ([p|. i v - 0 v:ceks. vls-il with rdn:vcs. .\;-.-; niivf r.-*-'*"<- oc j-ni'^-vi : fv-nt !:'>.' vi->v ' i, nrc as [| 1( , • "• •'• rl M'ss Dollie Lnnc. Mr. :m:l M's. H n • t -'•> iv. n-. n-ni'i'iiioit ilio latin's brollicr (o Hnyli H-'''-hv »--v".. "^ --•. " lr iin tlieio (or hiH home Iii at. Louis nf'"- s-""iln» n W cck here v- 1'ivcs Hmltli MHcrtalned her Mid-Week cli-' ' " v -"tig Mitrons club with 11 biin'co party. Miss Helm Tiv o- 1-lBli r.'.-nri! priw [-r Ihe Sickle la- I'ifi niui Mrs Muschell Hamra held' low score Mrs. i,-"vls Clllcei'.s were selected for ihc iluli school tslce cluli, ns follows: Virginia McDonald, president; Hal- tle Lois Randolph, vice president: Mcsdimc.i D. 13. Ilaye.s and Jirndcn v:ere liuslcf.^es lo Ihe iB Mihslonriry Union of iitlsl Church iU the home Ktrby attended an oil company mci'tmr. and Mrs. Klrby vlsilcd lier rot':!n, Mrs. Dave Clark. Poplar Corner Missi's Vanelha rinil Hnlliu Wll- vlsiteit at Manllu Saturday O Million Ucllar Road Cnnlr.ivt HELRNA, Mont. (UP) ! A man in 8tovk|iorL, Knghini, — Tlic I appointed himself tnilfic conlrollor ;ominh- i ai « busy corner, putllng in six Montana State Highway commli .-. sion will hold another million dol- j hours u day and receiving no _ .. Inr letting of highway project except what passing molorlst-.i v,\\t\ contracts Oct. 28, C.-.niriiiau C. S. him; he is a cripple, iisln? crulcli- , Warden lias announced. cj, nnd grimly rcmlnils l'c drivers .: i to drive safely. ; >• of Mrs. Hayes • Wednesday :iftcrncon. 'flie Woman's Missionary Be.eUli met at thy home .of Mrs. J.'M. Miles Wednesday Hflornoon with 'JO meinlx^rB .present. Offlcor.s were clecteil for president. 1 Mm. J. T. Duckiey; Hams night. Mr, and Mrs. Hrynn and rhidren were the RiicM.s Sun- gg dav nl Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Osborne. 'fj A novd ol ycunij folV^s attend- gi Tl ;i daiipc HI Lenchvillc Friday gS r.iiiht tiivi-'n by Mr. and Mrs. Vcr- si n[<- 'luukfr, v.lio formerly lived . gi here. \ |S Miv Uoyd Tomlinsoii and chll- i fs, dren. Luiidlne, Sanford nnd Belly . ig , N'MS, sjien! Hie week end nt Lost Jp| cum'. ;H Mr. and Mis. Gcoreo Fnrlcy anti j = rhildrr-n ai:d Mrs. J. R. KiiiR spti)'. l;i<il wa-k tnd visiting relatives at . Di-ll. . ' ,'• ~ „, O^lJOl•lll; Is i-iiipioyed | g lOt -=^= «' : va Jor B8LIOUSNESS m Sowr ! aiic ;in CONSTIPATiOH Thrive . SALEM,V. Ore. (UP) —Oregon's cherry popiilritlon ccinsibts of -1'IG,- 95U (rets of bearing w. and 371,- 05B •yuunit Ircc:; liol yrt bearing. , Oregon milks ;c.ventli In mature Ichurry treo.s In this coi:ntr>'. era ; years. Mr. Has'.iniis, \vhii has vt-i, nm om. mcmbsrs of Ihe. Coaler nwae his h:mc. here witn his sis- rinb nnd Airs J?s=c Bnvk-lt l-.-i- lor ter, Mis.-Frank J. We:i«r, numbir of ienrs, Is no.v employed at Pn!!lip3 66 slat.on at the state luu. They will make tticlr home in Stt-e.e. The bride was honored with a shower Monday even,113 attended oy 5j gucats. The Rev. Mr. Massey, ivho 1ms Th f _ i Ipiii-'o pri?e went to Mrs. Jon- f •i 1 ' Rhc J "s. Mr. nnd Mrs. M'rrls Shiiiiliir" Pccompan'ed by Mr. and Mrs. Mendel Shambcrg of Hnytl, si>eut last •••" A !t end with i-clatlvcs in Mcm- p'-ls. .Mr. nnd Mrs. A. L. McBridc ami .'en Lloyd and Mrs. L. C. Spencer will spend ibe coming week end , witu relatives in Tennessee. Head Courier News Want Ads. 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