The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 16, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 16, 1937
Page 5
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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 1937 BLYTHBVILLK, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVK Declares Cheaper Residential Needs Protect ion Same As More Expensive WASHINGTON, D. C. — Ample Roteclicn of neighborhoods lor small homes as for expensive residences through community planning segregation of business urop- iiilelligoiit and the proper multi-family and ot primary importance from ihe standpoint of mortgage lisk, Eswarcl H. Molt, chief of the Land Planning; Section, Federal Hciishiy Administration, said today. The limitation ol excessive business frontage in residential neigh- fccrlioods. a serious' problem in many communities today, is aii- uher factor which, if properlj 1 controlled, will eventually pay IKI-JJP riiviJcncf.s to real estate op- crutors, according to Mr. Molt. Each of these factors, he emphasized, has a direct bearing on Your Home .CONSTRUCTION-EQUIPMENT REMODELING hcods are iu'cliltcclimil jumbles inut ope more odclily in the- lot won't mailer. Slill, tlic Miles are j;ood rules. .„, . . Ihc Invisible I'lpt-l'oiimlcr Does your steam huatinp, system Harbor mi invisible pipe-pounder? church Uces he seem to assault the pipes Steel House Insurance In Ihe completely finished house '-he framework—the Muds nnd Joists, he plates and sills—is not visible anywhere. But everything that is vlsihlc Is fastened lo Iho frainlni; nnd dependent upon it fov (joo:l behavior. Unless the framework does its jol) properly, floors sag, wal^ crack, windows uiul doors slfck, and even roofs may leak as a result of damaged flashings. There is only one sort ol framing that can ba wholly depended upon to do Us work properly and so keep the rest of the house hi good condition. That is open-web steel framing. Welded together by thu electric arc, Ms studs and joists and rafters form a continuous steel structure so For ln n n ^w^'^&, is caused ' " ' • • • lire UK, most outst-iirliiv s of t|, e utilldin.. cnleii ln° with a Hedge hammer every now this week. <.unmi,ir and then, as Ihmigh lie were Irvine c; A n>mvmi,,i «, . to batter them to bits? And clo'you room L,u £?„ i CICc(i ; il . B slx " perhaps, consider the nrtvlstblllly o , ec 0 , m " ° ' c "- scfi "' cc "" C °" '* 1 ' LS Six-Room Inn On Soutli Division Finished; Oilier Buildings Improved •flu- completion ol a tourist Inn "tyihovilUi Lumber eompiinv Ims at a lorn] tourls) camp, (he reinod-1 b "'» Improved lor Mr nnd Mrs n eling and repairing of several rcsl- i «• Davidson, who hmv leased 'th • deuces nnd the repainting; c f n ll0 "™ foi u year. They nmved ,SU- small rtojol mis built hi I lie Ijulh- rooin. A partition was made in (lie kit- I'lien so as [o have space for a utility closel In Ihiit loom and another cbst'l in the hall. This mnkc n lotul of five closets In llni house, where there were formerly two, and made the arrangement much more convenient. '!he entire Utilise was reriapereil Hi'.:! ri'|».Jiii«|, Tlv.> iioiiM! at 113,1 West Aili whlfli is mvnuil l)v (he old Lumber eompnnv, has jmnpliig out the window to escape the nerve racking uproar? his lourist camp soulh on Division street. The strong, rigid and durable that whatever is fastened to it slays exactly as it Is placed. Moreover, the steel framework is fireproof and vermin proof. That is why open-web steel framing, which can be cut and fastened at the construction site as easily as timber, is coming more and more cosl ls ""xlcratp and the rating of properties in "iucli j II'' .•„,,, „„,,„ , ,, , neighborhoods when estimating cmistri.rVn,, 8 , open-web b construction, is not much greater than that of wood. Any form of exterior wall and any sort of flooring their eligibility for mortgage in- under lenns of the Na mxlity. The kitchen was Jiiodcrjil/.cd \vlllt new cnulnels, modern sink nnd oilier fixtures, new l! s hl lixtures were insliil|e<l lliroiwlioiil the house anil necessary repairs mndc. The exterior of Ihe First Methodist church is bi'ltiir repainted am! tho windows reealked. ' t. I,. Ward is Imvliuj u now r:ml put on his house at 1105 West. Ash street, where Mr. and Mrs. K n , , *«: •'• * Uwroucc. who has! <*"*>*« t ^' by ,he steam blowing ^ t ^^^^^ extensive remodeling;, A new roof is tang added and ether remain made before (he cottage is repainted and icpapercd. Making more closet spncc was accomplished hv Mr -nut MVC I : , """ Jolm W. Meycr^t^ehCise.^ Lu'nTn 'IT™" 0 " °" East Kentucky avenue, which is now 'Mike new". Formerly, the bathroom was between Iwo hc:l- Police Courtesy Wins Benevolent Fund Gift TOUT WORTH. Tex, (UP)—Tho A i of it I'Tort woUli polled- mi\n In u vislthiB oil man enriched the Police- Benevolent nsso- ctatlou $200 recently. The vWloi- «ns n tit. lx)iiis oil man, A. a. neMipliut-r, honorary policeman in his homo city unit Die son ol a policemun killed In the llni,> ol duly, Doxhi-lmer miulo, im 1 nc<n!uiiilniH'o o( I'atrolmun l-oy HiitfB. l.'ali.'. look the stranger (o (ho stiilon, intiiidnei'il him to city elfli'lnls, mid inadi- such u. plenn- liw immT.ssion that DvxJidni! r left u HOO check for Iho imllca til ml. the region ami conditions that severe climatic ijjii' gold prices will oirset the huge expense Involved, New H&mnsHire Builds Acria! Mouiilain Tram ' N ' "' l "I' ( -'l'»<' "'^ Novth Amerlci, Ucrml Hoising Act. Existence of disturbing neigliborhoocl fnctov.s may very readily have, an cfle,,. upon the size of the loan which fireproof house HID Housing Administration would hfs willing (o in.surc because of Iho .'eduction cf the ratiny of the location caused by these factors. Mr. Moll, whose section has conducted 45 subdivision conferences during the past, year in large metropolitan centers, has met with builders, suhdivideis and real estate men in nil parts or the nation with whom he has discussed and roofing can easily be attached lo II. And of course'it forms the essential base for the completely water out of its way in the horizon- ,. tal pipe leading from the vertical r supply pipe lo the radiator. Such n I ,, ,.,._, ... °° ' these problems of city and neighborhood planning-. During these ele- m rt I, r '7^*MfcK*5^>»«KkTi k'^VftJiV-Q All of (his means economy hi thong run. Depreciatioji and maintenance costs are reduced to the minimum in a steel framed house especially if wlmi may ^ MM ^ steel motif use of metal carried out by the lath - concrete sub- conferences, lie said, these merits were emphasized. "ft is of great importance ... the planning of neighborhoods." he said, "to emphasize the fact! laticn. outsidc'waiis and" roof "The that neighborly.,., for small resale value of such a hou'e re homes deserve the same treat- main.? high. The man who has a ment and consideration as neigh-1.steel framed house has a lot of in- „ — -••« wuiii* ULI: MIU- Hears, and durable fireproof Insn- borhoods for more expensive dwellings. Existence of unfavorable factors in such neighborhoods has surance against housing Iroiibles Two Kules On Style ^A great deal of house planning is j ,, . . months. jiisf as.inueh disturbing effect up-! done during the winter cti_ appraisals, valuations and cli- Although building can be carried on gibility for mortgage insurance as a " "ie year around now. spring "is they do in more pretentious locali- i - slil l the time when most construc- ties. The problem of inharnronious i licn is begun. Hence the winter land uses in such localities must " receive tr.e most careful consider- --;>~... »tl*,,l.t. Mil; *V llllL'L months find many prospective home owners poring over plans. ation. Just a word about the style ct "If there is an evident need for, 3 ' 01 "' " clv house. That is. Is It to be apailmcnts in a certain section I c °l°nial. Cape Co:l. mcdenr or of the city, definite areas should i what? There are two simple rules te zoned and restricted for their "'"' « 1 " 1 " 1 ' 1 •"<•>>>'- -• •-- • • use. They .•should not be scattered Ihioiighonl a single-family residential district or lie built across ' :oe shculd not be exactly horizontal, hut should slops from the radiator to the vertical plus to allow water, resulting from the condensation of steam In the radiator, to run back lo the boiler. Often, however, as a result (if im- prqwr installation, or, msre likely, tin- settling of a floor, tho pipe will slam i|i the wront; direction and allow the formation of a water pocket that stops the steam In its effort to reach the radiator. When lha steam pressure heroines strong enough it blows this water out of Ihe way. with a hammer-like sho:k to the pipes. In the one-pipe .steam heating svstem, steam flows through Ihe top of Hie pipes to the radiators as water flows alcnj their bottoms back to the boiler. Hence all pipes must slant from the radiators Inwards Ihe boiler. Remember (his nrinciulc. nnd YOU can probably rout the invisible oipc pounder. Waterproofing a cellar. If there : - "" r ihmpr O f [t s i)eln» wet. .., almost as necessary as waterproofing a roof. No Duutjcnn Limulries! Every I'TOsewife would like lo have a laundry. If you are plannfiy on« for \our new home, or aro 'hinciiiT of modernizing your old home to include one, dcii'l. be milled hv a ponular idea that the laundry should be in the basc- street. from single-family homes. A heterogeneous neighborhood. made ni> of various types of structures, cannot be considered as stable or sound as one In which single type of use is permitted. "71)0 allocation of excessive frontage f^i commercial u.>c should te discouraged, limitation of this factor being essential for Ihe pre- icrvation of values hi residential neighborhoods. In nil cases, where (he problem of providing for commercial use in connection with a residential community must be laced, the shopping area should he determiner! carefully in relation to Ihe number of families it must serve. The idea — whether friic or not— that commercial property i:, more valuable than residential properly leads generally toward a tendency to allocate more liinri lo this use than is justified. High values arc only justified when the income derived by the operation of the store warrants .such valiirs. If more commercial land is created than can be sup- poitcil Ijy the community, tlicrc ).-. a roiuitant threat of ruinous competition affcctint; land values :'s «-ci| as business income By «*«rlc(. IIB the area ( ,, ro u B h 'deed ~ ..... >,>>u .>jiLi|jit: luiijs "*Mu*Ai^ auuiuu ui; in me ijasc- that should enable you at least to! n >enl. it is much better to have It nnri-.-,,. ,.„,.,. .v..i_. „:„. . .. I „„ (h( , fiMl ( j ool . at |j., ( , clll (o thc narrow your choice. First, don't choose a style that will tie glarin»ly at odds with the style of your future neighbors' houses. !f you do, your house will add nothing to thc attractiveness of the hoightovhood , kiirhcn. In every wav it is hanriisr there and modern laundry cquin- ment >nakcs it unnecessarv lo uiit M in the tascmtnl to rid the first floor of steam and odor. and it.s rssale value will bo seriously injured. Second, don't choose a style that is alien to your part of the country. A Spanish style snlta- . sye sna- »lc for 4 Cuba. Mexico or southern But if, for architectural reasons it must ?o in thc basement, seetlut it is as dry, sunny nnd wcll-venti- !alc;l as possible. It should have ,. plenty of electric light, it should Ij 1 have .light colon):! w'alls and a E'j I cheerful linoleum or tile floor. If '-' i Ilie masonry wall; and floor of the 1 basement arc inclined lo be damp, that defect should be ovurcom:. A coating o? hard cement plaster with waterproof paint on it may do for the walls. Rubber or asphalt Cahfcrnia Enjlnnd. Within (he limitation . tiles on (he floor may bo the thin? suitable for New ' lo insure a dry floor. j The idea is not to let the basc- 1 ment laundry become Hie dank and Within (he limitations ol these ! ment laundry become Hie dank and rules there is no reason ivhy you ' dreary hole that basement laundries shouldn't please yourself. But. you in old fashioned houses—even ex may say. V0 u i lav( , your | lcarl ', ct j pensive old fashioner! houses s on a particular style and you mean to have it whether or not you violate thc rules. Well, perhaps you can n,,d a sil c for it where there arc others of that style. Or—if I must be frank—you can probably Pill it where yon want lo anyhow, because most American neigJibor- ir^i- , n h, nmM " a " lt!>med ling. viilue:; i' enhanced effect upon minimized." and often were. Although (he housewife may spend little of her lime in the laundry, there is no reason why 11 .should not be a hrighl. cheerful and healthful room. And it can be mat 1 , so by the exercise of care and forethought. There is a tendency nowadays Ir >-••• -« mnnv bathrooms in a house as (here arc bedrooms, but remember you can't put ihe unexpected lo slcco in a bathtub STEDMAN BROWN. lew Rates Long Terms Prompt Service Prepayment Privilege* FA) Anywhere in Mississippi County Wilson and Worthington 1st National Bank Bldg. Blytheville, Ark. Mortgage Loan Solicitor for The Prudential Insurance Company of America CLARENCE II. WILSON HAKVEY MORRIS oms. The partitions of'two -"losers ;re moved nnd this space" con- rlwl itilo n hall, with doors ousn- g Intc, (he uedrooms and balh. A «n Kl" " s T'>' " C!il summci ' ll wl11 fcffi ^ "»' -£g%™ ™* od nf usrcniliiiB and (Icsc the inoimlnli). .Originniiy planned as n i projei-i, ihe tramway In wholly ihiiinced by the state being Guard Your Water Pipes Against Freezing Weather Now is (he lima prepare for ivinlry \ We .suKKesf (hut all nrcipci'jy ovvnors have cs- . (KiEcd water pi;;cn or (hhsc subject to IhnniiiKhly'wnippctl 'mid 'pvoiociciT. |,, (his'way Uicrc will hu no inlcrruptioa of ymr wjil-.T ,service this winfcr. Elytheville Water Co. Your rent receipts will pay for the house you are living in in approximately ten yearn. U will enrich the Huasm-i; of Ih-injr while you ari! young and provide protection in t-a.^ of adversity in old ;i(;c. OUR COMPLETE HOME BUILDING SERVICE TAKES CARE OF ALL DETAILS. TO MOST K/\.M||,j[.; s V/c. appreciate th;;t and do all in ,,nr |,,,n-.-i' io "lake j[ ; ( highly wtlisfuctory event. New Yukon Development For Gold Investigated VANCOUVER (Ul')-Clold niln. 'nu tnten-Ms In South Africa pliin t» .'.pi'iid $5.01)0,000 In iiivlliulimrv '!tv(.lcpimin In the Yukon, iic- enrdln^ in n r . August Wleijciisvlt ninsiilliiiR ciiKlnccf for (lie Con- mlldiiti'il Mines of Bonn, Africa, who recently returned lo Vun- (TOH-cr from (IK- North. Tlii area ,ol prnpssMl development IK ccnlerd mound Ourmnck, end iilmosl extends In tho old Klondike urea of i;o!d rush dnys near Uuwson. Dr. \YlcgensclL inspcclcd tho nrni from (he air mid bollevea (hut despite tin- inaccessibility of INSULATION IS NOT "EXPENSIVE" If you arc Inla 1 - csltil In INSULATION lids wlnler let *J^ filvc vim :ut cMluuUu of l|i« '"I »n>\ Miiny people have Utc mislukcn itlca tlml the cost of JnstilaOon i» prohibitivo for the nv- erase property owttcr. This is not Ihe case. CmiHiilerinjf tho years of comforl Hint insulation ImiiKB i n winter iinil summer, and the fuel sitvinif in winter mwillts, (ho cost of In- siilallnff your fttKc with He (5 Top Insulating Wool Is coinpnrittively siiinl!. ARKMO LUMBER CO. 1'ltotie -10 Simmons ACE offered on 'I !ir iniisttiilJon alicvc ^liou.s \ linf j : ns to yrur matin ss r ti m\ oltl fc.sliicncit !-prin-_-(ho toili of Uic iratlrrs.% arr t'orcrrf donn i"lr> I he tills of (he: spring. KrsuK—less com- fcrl ^.nM p:e-matiirr lircalt-down. The UluKtiation s>hn« p s how the Ace ircvcnfs this, nnd ntfmvs tfic ceils ol Iho n:aUrr,s.s in ndjnst IhEniscJvc-i to >•< ur ucislit. HcsuM—maNtmunj rnm- Ti rl and bn^cr llfr; for combined cijy/r merit. Special Terms Small Down Payment Easy Weekly Payments We've changed from old fashioned mat- (rewics to Inxiii'ioiis intier-spring malU'ess- CH. These modern mattresses demand a new kind «f spring. The usual spring allows Ihe mattress coils to he pushed down in In Ihe spring coils, which means that the comfort built into the mattress is lost. . ... The New Simmons Ace Spring has metal cross hands covering citch coil. T^ese make a flexible platform for the mattress—result—less wear and far more comfort. The Ace Rives CONTROLLED RESILIENCY— rot loo soft, not loo yielding. 0!) Double deck coils. StahiK'/.ers. Smooth horders. Aluminum linish. Made lo last for years. It.s cosl is S10;50 and you can buy it now on tiiiccwl terms. HAY WOIITHINGTON.

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