The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 13, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, March 13, 1935
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Served by United Press THE DOMINANT NEWS1WEII OP NORTHEAST AKKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION -'.rc. ARKANSAS. WKimSDAY. MARCH .:>. im SINGLE COPIES FIVE GENTS Dish-id Engineer Is Confident That Leve.c Will Hold A water stage of «!• lrasl 24a feet al Big Hike. Is predicted for Monday or Tuesday by army engineers at the district office Memphis, who arc keening in clou touch with the situation. Such u singe will bring the take near the danger paint but John W. Meyer, engineer of Draunqp District 17, said this mornlni; tlia 1 the levees could be held with the water at that level av slightly higher. In 1927 the Big Lake levees did not go out until tile wafer reached 250.3 ami in .subsequent floods Die breaking point has been above, 248. The levees today arc , In better condilJcm to withstand high water than at any time, since 1921. Mr. Meyer believes. The sUge at the Highway 1! bridge this morning was 242.1, a rise of ahoul two feet in 24 hours Kennetl Levee in Danger By long distance telephone llil afternoon the Courier News learn ed from Frank Graver, of th army engineer. 1 ; district, office. Memphis, Hint the prediction - o a 248 foot crest al Big Lake wo hnly an estimate.- He pointed (m thai the big Missouri drainng ditches have not yet. reached thei crest cast of Kennett and thai 1 would be impossible to fix tli nnocent, Says Ty Cobb'sSon Army Knyineers and Cross Preparing Serious Situation for MEMPHIS. Mnr. 13 (UP)—The St. Francis river bulged rapidly tolls greatest overflow In ;;evil years today. Mingo levee, 15 miles above Pisk, o.. ha.s broken to spread the viv- ovcr a large low farming area id the river's flow will e: rces farther down the river. iciir Ross, U. S. area engineer, 1-j the Uniled Press today us he turned from the affected src- Break of ttie Mingo levee, how- 'er, ha.s helped to alleviate llooil anger at Fisk, Ross said, He n:- crtcd most highways overflmved .some place or olher with rond e.ffic paralysed in many sectior tlie vicinity of Kisk and Ken- It, Mo., and other areas on the . Francis. Guardsmen on Duty Fighting a charge ot attucklug a 13-year-old girl, flerschel Cobb, son ot Ty Coliti. famed ex-baseball Gtrir, Is sJioivu (fere as lie Big Lake crest accurately until | "P m ' nln ' courl nt "ertwood - . <Jity- Calir. Young Gobi) uleadeil l-y OS( i . iy- air. Young Gobi) uleadeil Mr. Graver declined to confirm ! "°.' E " tl11 . 1 ' l ° Ihe accusation of .tatemenls Issued at Kennetl to '}" ss J , ulla 0 Connor and asked he effect that a break in-the Si. ,f or ." lM f? trlnl - Hia f-" 11 "" '» stalcme. the Francis river levee near there was inevitable. He did. say, however, that-water cquali,.to that of 1927 V_'_ was i(i,-prospecUph the SI-. Fraii'cis p'~ t and'that the levee system, in'gen- ^ ^ eral, was in no better shape hold, it- than 11 was then. This year, however, the. threat'. of a break on the 'St. 'Francis-docs i not-- hold the menace to the Big Lake-Little River area that it .diil | in former years. The St. Francis I levee noith of Kennett lias been p n n( . rebuilt ami strengthened nml If n <->OVUlimuu break comes it, is llkelv to be south of Kennelt, at a point from which it could not find its way into Big Lake. The only possible threat to Big Lake from the Si. Francis. Mr. Graver said, would] be from a break far to tlie north, near Fisk. when the water mlcht find its way into the LiUlc Diver drainage system. Mr. Meyer, while recognizing the fovitv of the situation, was optimistic over the prospects n! averting flood damage in the Big l&V.c-Llltlc River area. He believes that the levees will hold any state that is likely to come unless a period of continued heavy rainfall should set in. Big River to Leave Brinks A delay In the planting of about 100 acre? In beans oil unprotected land on the river side of the Mississippi river levee from Tomato south to Liixora is anticipated because of Q rising river stage. backing lils fight; with o cliarge of Cramtiup. WHO! a IRQ Interferenc Blamed (or Loss of Mai kets Abroad iScnale Confirms Stephens As New Rl ; C Director '' WA^IINC-TON'M-H'-II n •l-'omii'r Senator flnbcrl. 1). Hit'-' p!!i'i>.\ Mississippi, was oonllrini'ii C | by the K?H;I|I.' Imlny In |[n> Kucun- iKiiiinUun t-'in'mri- corporation board Out dlifctots, Klliil'tly ultrr Ins iwm- inutlon \vas sent up by President ItlW.Sl'VI'll. .Stephens was di'li-mcd fur llilbi). vews ln hls Legislative Inquiry LITTLE ROCK, March 13. (UP) —Arkansas lias no funds to make n investigation of sharecropper ondltlons In eastern Arkansas. Oov. . M. FHtrcll tolil Norman Thomas, iitlional Socialist lender, tod:iy. Thomas asked llial n legislative :onimlltec lit 1 appointed lo liakl icarin&js throughout the plantation veil "to show people there Is soiiu 1 - hhig wrong." Ue told of conditions hat. would nmko him prefer "the lurtis of New York city ten times over." The .situation Is of national 1m- wrtimce. Thomas suirf, ami should The sharecropper's plight In Oeoif- ;ia Is worse llian in Arkansas, He jclieved. Landowners- got CO per cent ol cotton proceeds iintler the AAA, lio said. Fulrctl Promises Statement . •••:--• nv M. L. nnowx United Press Financial Writer NFAV YORK. Mat'. U World siiDremacy of Amerii CGa.OOO.MO cotton industry is da- fimtely threatened, cotton experts Turned today. Government melliotto, Involving (crop control. procei-siiiK taxes, and tariffs, are considered the paramount reason. They in turn have brought other 'roubles, including: 1. Increase of ,10 per cent In foreign production us the United States crap is reduced and introduction of Eiilistitiiles for cotton v .irond. 2.—Movement tiway from ' the United States, chiefly to Rrnzil. of American cotton men anct cotton The United stales engineers of- ce here has ordered about, 200 lotorboats into the ciKlangem •eas as a precnilttonary measuri nd the Red Cross ami olher reef agencies have entrenched fo n emergency. Iloffl said. Howeyoi emphasized there Is no rcn gev yet and possibly levee, owor down the river, iiirtii'.Hiv hose lit, St. Francis, Ark., wi ! Ithstaiul the menace. He said three companies of Mix our! national guardsmen move nto Levee District Mo. 25—Ken lett—last night, and . were patrol ng and helping sandbag levee mil a large -"drainage ditch in a effort to hold the water with! bovwds. --• ; Un\e Hie Mississippi wasi restless.'The big viver, -swollen by he tloo'rfi'd Ohio and other large :rlbutaries. was gauged at 24.3 feet ioday. n vise of two foet in 2i hours, nnd United States Forecast- P. W...Brist, predicted It would v,a over flood stnac: of 3<1 feet by Monday or Tuesday. Brist. said three was no apparent danger from the Mississippi in the Mompbis district. While- River :it Crest Tlie White river, swollen above ficotl stages, began Jo recede a? Bnlcsvlllc after cresting at 38.6 at 9-)0 a. m,—is.r, ton aiinvr flood stage. At Newport, farther down the "river, the stave was 30.0 feet, with 2ii feet the flood stage. Workers still sandbagged levees Governor Futrcll stiid lie Und consulted legislative leaders two wce!<s ago regarding n slain Investigation nml that these men advised ' there was neither time nor of Mall Mcas- ure (or l\vo Per Cent Levy Appears Certain UTTIiE HOCK. March 13. (UP) —Commissioner of Hevenue Earl 1! Wiseman bewail .si'tltn^ up his or- nanb-alUm to collect tin* two p<; evnl snlcs V.\x passed by Ihc liousi late last night. The l<w la In become effective May 1. W. E- Pillows, commissioner education, fori'inosi advocate of llr sales (ax, estimated lodny tli srlionls would receive &1.509.GOO am tho general revenue fund $8QO,OQ(! J. B. Williams, 29, ditching coiv- ; After passing In Ihc hoviso llv Irnctor, who drove tils cur lino the nail sales lax bill was returned I', '''u 0 " lovln j.,' JOX ''" r "'',.'.' '.'": x ~ " 10 senate for concurrence In wiis in a serious' condition at \\K lilytlievlllo hospital .today with a B. Williams in Serious Condition Alter Car Crashes Into Tram Arkansas towns witliin 10 nillw )l cil Irs of 1(10,000 or over In nn- iT stiui> not lie subject to the. nx. Thai uincitOmnn. was nluwil in (lie iiu'tiMiro liy .Senator Clalli- iilj.s when Ihi? Hull bill pa.'.sal lie seiiuli', 18 to 17 l-'ulivir Pleased While f.iovernor Kiilrell refused .0 cnniinml on ihf house vot?, for which l«> stuyod nl the rap- i(i)I long after his usual hour for departing, lu> appeared highly .-iM'il will). the 'piissnijo of (lie measure. Severn! iluy.i iigo, lie will- ii me;isai><' In (!<(* housr- In- fnnnlni; the iiv.utK'r.s Unit, "a sales lux lilll win satisfy Wnsii- ie was iis.siiH'il by Hurry Hopkins, U'lleral relief administrator, llml- the K«v«miwnt. wuuld vesture wort: relief, jobless anil school aid If the legislature p:is.scil a measure irhjcli ivmild sjive stale the Hinds In share (he relic! burden. llu? fractured skull. Williams, who Is employed on a Job near I.uxoni, was rehirning point about it o'clock. He turned oil Highway 61 overn railroad crossing north of the Frisco station at Iiiixorn and drove into a fast mov- fri'lghl train, enrouie from . The houses concurred in amendments that exempted cities whoso ' business districts arc separated by slate lines, exempted food stuffs . , money to hol<| liisirinRS. He said Memphis to Rt. Louis. The train he would make a statement of con-1 «,-.«- removed WIIHnms from his dllions, if Thomas desires, Hint, can | car. \vliinh uiis practically destroy- be used in seeking n congressional investigation. The statement, would not make any request or (Delate any procedure. Thomas will make several speeches in caslern Arkansas before leaving the slale. He will go lo Parkin this afternoon and to Marked Tree tonight. Tomorrow .morning he will be-at Gilmore, at Trmnanti in the afternoon, and in Memphis that night. He will spwik • twltfc Friday, at Lepanlo and Bifrtsonk HARRISBURG, Ark.. Mar. 13. (UP)—Appeal of Ward H. Rodders, former 1>ERA instructor, convicted of anarchy tii connection vath tin 1 eastern Arkansas sharecropper controversy, was delayed In circuit court here today. C. T. Carpenter, attorney for Rodgcrs. stsiil UK case limy be hoard tomorrow. The court 'was Uying a murder case today. PUYALLUP. Wash. (UP) —Ed He was rushed hero on the midnight pniacnsw train from Memphis. x Williams was conscious after the wreck occurred and told a friend that he did not'hear the train be- cnvio Ws ear radio was Urrncrt on. Box cars arc-usually parked along side tracks In the vicinity and Williams apparently was under the impression that the moving train was only a Hiring of parked j cars when hf,.niadc a quick turn, on',0 " ' crowing;-it'was stated. •''"' 1 , , 'V , ° "f"™,\ m '"" K , ml l)a P cr ccllt '" ll)0 •' ril0(>1 Only final scnute roll call vote rcniidnrd today ;n the way of enactment of the measure. Tin- lilll, nmriuk'd 1 lo exempt sluice foods anil drugs, was passed by the house of representatives lost- night, f>! to Semite Ifadci'K said they held no feav of defeat ol the bill, proceeds from which will go lo UK common schools and for unemployment relief. Approval of Governor Fntrell is regarded as cev- Inlii. rtep. Ivy W. Crawford of Mis- sisslppl county voted with the 1C representatives who opixiEcil the wu: . _ . ... ; , . ,- • " . Three Millions A The sales lax Is expected Takes No Action Pending -. of Legalization Bill By Governor The city council mel In n>qiilar monthly session at the city hall last ntshl but with tbe fate of tlic Thorn Jill (o legalize sales, still imcctttiln :oofc no stop toward Imposing a city license fee on liquor dealers and devoted Its attention to routine matters. The council voted to Increase by II.100 Hie city hospilnl tiro and lor- nndo' insurance policies, already iir.ouiitlniT to S27.0DO. The council ilso instructed the city clerk to collect nil Insurance uol'.clcs on city property and place them In his olflce safe or vault. lo brln(> Into llic treasury sllglidy over £3.000.001) annually, .Sixty- five per cent would .c'u to the common schools ami the reinnlnC- Predictions of a stage of 34 feet nt Memphis by Tuesday mean that fertile land in front, of the levee will be inundated. Tlie bean crop was to have been planted next week, for canning at Ihc Blvtheville Canning company here. It will be delayed until the river suteiiles and returns lo channel. ing lax on rough rice after jorily teadrr Joseph T. liol; warned Unit iho industry Is "lacing ruin and destruction." Tin? measure already has pas-sod tin- house. II goes back lo Hie Harris, Puyaltup, tonk ten wci'ks to j lower chamber for confrrenc: 1 over servo a it-day sentence for gulling senate changes, salmon. The court permitted him lo Thr- senate action made ric.' a spend one day a week in jail, to, "basic commodity" under AftA reg- keep from losing his job. .... . - ... Processing Tax on Rice Wins Senate Approval WASHINGTON, Mar. 13 (UP>— ier to care for the une'mploynbles. The- senate today voted to Ini- j The Hall bill, which calls for ad- pcss a one cent a pound process- [ diilonal taxatton with no decreiisc r Ma-1 In any existing tax. was backed ibinson throughout the session by the state i illations, such as cotton nnd wheat. education cited tlic tlire need of ruval schools. Tlie measure calls for a flat two pel' cenl tax on' ail retail sal with certain exemptions, The house amended the bill cutting out the p.scmpttou for \Ve-sl Memphis under a provision Hint Row Beavers, cllv clerk, w/is relieved of any llabllily tlii\t milsht -Wo. mulled trmn |li5,,Uiff),, of 8U23sj)' l "ffom his o'tlfcc; ilurid* the :oon>hoiir of'March a. All alder- iien concurnvl in the lisolution. A group Insurance plan Tor hp- lohil-ivc .employes and olUclals oi he city mlmlnlslra.Uon was ap- nroved by tlic couuclt, the city pay- ug 50 cents n inonth on cacli cm- uloye's SI.OM policy. A total of 12 jersons will-secure life Insurance .nuler the proposal. On motion of Tom Jackson, second ward ntclernian, the council I'Oted to supplement the street de- navtmcnt's trucks In the annual sprint; clenn-up prasrnin iiovv un- dsrway. May Affix Signature Today Bui Legal Sale Faces Fuvlhci' Delay LITTLE ROOK, Mar. 13 (UP) — Oov. J. M. FUlrell pledged Arkansas legalized liquor today when the house passed -two measures fotloviiiK his special address to Unit body. The house passed the Hijnor-lRW enforcing measure nnd; the senats gallonnge tax bill In rapid, order niter the governor hntl piomlseil tits plRnattire. on 'tUc Tiiorn li^ubt 1)111 If these measures were passed. 1 He promised, also that federal relief would return In lull force •I'llhln •!!) hours niter signing -of tin; bill. The enforcing bill passed, 62 to 25, nnd (he other, G1 to 25. _' . Speaker Ifurvo Thorn said .he exp«c(erl the governor to sign the Hnuor bill lute Ioday. T.lrenses Not Yet Hearty Llniior will not flow In the stnte, Iwcvcr, py>i'eiitie Conimlssloher Kurl Wisonuin said, for sey.etal days. Appllcallons for state permits cannot bs made until applicants receive permits fvom -i\\t federal alcohol control authority. Some few linva received these permits but the stale administration will not be 1 ready to Issue Hermes for several ctnys. "The liquor bill vrfll be no -suc- ce.w unless it puts bootleggers outi of- business," Governor Fittrell'- •-alii, urglni; passage or the cn- forclng act, '•Condltloiis can hftid- ly be worse." "We expect the'liquor drinkers, sellers, anil' law -enforcers to be : pa. .lite side, .of the Ia\v enforcement. If the liquor law doss not' groirin? and lextile machinery and ical- Newport and engineers said 'we hope to hold It." Dozens of families • today were driven from the Oil Trough bottoms section. 15 miles east ot notesville. as the highest water ncc 1027 flooded their farm homes. Ballast \vas rushed north from Bnlwvlllc tav Mlssoiirl-PartBc crews in s\u eitort. to k?oi> a section f?r th-" 1 Vhlte river division track north of Rework fnni was'.iip? out. The rack was an inch under water to- lay but passenger service was con- 'llUKd. equipment. 3.—Foreign exchange irregularities that recently have placed the cotton farmers at ;\ rilsadvantnje in world trade. The forcgoinp; affect now only tlic cotton Industry but tlic ml- .ton textile indusiy as well. Tlic " I Litter, nccorfiiiif to Goldlhwait H. inundation of the unprotected! Dor1 ' pre3itlcllt of tlle CM °" ™land on ih c river side of the levee (less not mean (hat any threat of water beyond the levee' exists, Rotarians Invited to Memphis April 23 Members ot Uie local Rotary club have been invited to visit tln> "Memphis Rotary organization on April 23. The Invatation was received today and il will bo decided at tomorrow's meeting whether or not the club accepts. If the BlythsvHlc members vts they will prcMSH the program. \ i™j" " has been announced by W. R, Her- stehi, president of the Memphis group. lile Institute, ha.s .operated in tin 'rc-d" luce July. 1934. Foreign spinners have turned to Brazilian, Indian. Egyptian and other prowths to supply their nerds whereas formerly they used American. Japan has been providing severe competition. By reason' of the high price o: Ihc American staple American ox- ports have fallen. Thus far Ihl season they are' nbout 2.500.000 bales under a year ago. Stntlstl- cirms estimate totcil exports for this season will run at about 5.- f-00,000 bales or about 3,000.000 bales bclou' last year and less than Kill ot Ihe peak movement In 1020. wove 10,326,000 bales. Services Held Monday for Mrs. S. E. Harrison BASSETT, Ark.—Funeral services we held for Mrs. S. E. Harrison, at 10 n. m. Monday at Whitton Church. Mrs. Harrison, who had been suffering from gall bladder trouble fov fame time, had recently bad ,1,1 option for this May Call Two Billions in First Liberty Bonds WASHINGTON, Mar. 13 (UP) — Tlie federal government tuny cull 'Is enlire outstaniilnir first Liberty 'nan bands, amounting to ncnrlv before the cnrt of , to 'call a.' spccltii session "of th.\ legislature and repeal It. 1 ' t He reminded of the need of revenue lo lake care of oldmgeJ pensions and uncmployables. ] Will Curl) Drunken Drivers. , Tlie governor said the'" enforcing act would "remove the deadly hazards of drunken drivers • from- highways." ' He advised (lint this step mustj te taken sooner or Inter. ; Tho enforcing mi was passed > less than ,'.4 hours before adjournment of the 50lh Keneral assembly. Revenue from the enforcing ad- ' mlnlslratlon will come from an auto drivers' tax. 'lie weok for refundinR into lower 'ntercsl brarins securities, it was •-nmed today. Treasury officials still were un- 'r-cldcil nr. to' v:hetl7r the call '"ould be issued but H \VHK expcct- d by the government bond mar- et. The three months notice reed lirfore an interest date ex- s Friday. (rouble nl the Memphis Baptist, bcspltal. She died Saturday, leaving r. husband, two daughters, Mrs. G. Warden, nnd Ruby, Shawnee: Shirley, EtnoiT. Jim and Mrs. ^'iscv Jones', step-children. The Rev. Mr, Randall, pastor of 'he Joiner Methodist church, con- iurtcd the services and interment v?.s matle at Whitton cemetery. Pastor's Wilt Requested Burial in Wooden Box I.OS ANGET.ISS (DP) - Because of the "sinfully large sums Hint are spent tn dknosing ot derul bodlw." the Jatc Rev. Edward Bell Easkell a/;ed that he l>e buried in an ordinary wood box. His will, making the unusual burial request, was on file today In pitiliate court. Deportation of British Author Asked at Chicago CHICAGO. Nfar. IS (UP)—Evelyn John Strachcy, prominent ISrit- Ish author and onetime member of pnrliatnenl. was released on SCOO bond today after n secret hearing on a \vnni\nt secVsins his deportation. Evitlencc taken at the hearing! will bo sent to Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins in Washington for final decision. .P MOSS'MANAGER OF THE BLYTHEVILLE WATEF COMPANY SAVG IT IS THE IP 'AlK TO FURBISH THE BEST SERVICE AP THE- LOWESrr I^DWlBLE COS i • e>y GOLLY' S'OUR SORE (OOKIM'MOCH BE1THR Tulane Professor To H'ont Mayan Ruins NEW ORLEANS. (UP) — Franz Blom. of the Middle American Research Dsp'artment nt Ttilaue Dni- vers'ty. is benclina an expedition to the interim' of Honduras, where the party \vlll conduct archasolojlral j and clhnolojical work ninon^ The expedition includes besides Bloin, a member of Ilie Royal Nations] Museum of Dunmni'li. Jens Vde. and PrentUs Amlvcivs, o[ Chicago. They esi«ct to be gone two months. In addition to the ruins of Maya. Ins expedition will visit the ruins of Quirigija fl iul and also the capitals of Guatemala and F.I Salvador. ATTHG TIME THEY AQUIRED THE W«TEU PROPERTY TH&Y KE/VUZEp \T WF& NECESSARV TO SPEND WRGE SUMS Op MONEY IF THE PROPERTY W/l^ TO F1INCTICM PROPERLY. . MOSS SAXS CONDITIONS ~ IX>OKIN6 MUCH BETtHR. Btr SupP YOU HAVE NO LEAKS IN M3UR PUJMB- ,- • ING-AKD VOUR auis > WOKT BE LIKE THIS >x FbLUDW-A LEAKV CAN RUN A WATER BlU UP WGHTY Fft9T- !n Danger of Inflation Now, Is LaFollette View WOOSTEU. O. (UP)—Ttiere is n danger of uncontrolled inflation T cnri'encv nr» lon^ as the feihral ovcvtiment levies taxes sufTicicnt- v heavy to maintain yovernment •rcdil, United S(at« Pnnator 'obert M. LaPollotle. of Wlscon- In. told nn audience at Woostcr ille'je here. "At the. nrescnt, the goveni- 'ont's credit Li nowhere near the laniicr Mint." the senator said. Kc warned, however, that the :vstrin of direct relic! could no^ •oniiniw Indefinitely without proUicinf: a cataclvsm, and proposed brcarl progrnm of public works veniment ouiinrsliip of utilities and ft brondeniii'! of national Income as slci)5 In the solution of national economic problems. To Drop Small Industry, Codes, Rkhberg's Plan WASHINGTON, March 13. (UP) —Dropping of all codes covering less than 10,000 workers each and merging them 'nto 181 major codes was suggested today by Donald B. FUcliberg as he concluded his testimony in the senate's NRA Investigation. Richbcrg made clear the stiggas- llon WP.S not made as a recommendation but only as something for the committee to consider ivheii drawing new legislation. It would simplify tlis ^ssfc- of NRA. he said. Induslr'e.s retained under -the codes oil would bs distinctly Interstate commerce, he added, explaining, however, that "wa can't nccrat :he theory lhat manufacturing, mining and rclnil stores do not affect Interstate commerce." San Francisco Cheery Ovsr Business Outlook Firemen Saved Bahy With Collapsed Lung l.OS ANOELSS (UP) — A baby with a collaiised lung, ioday owed Its life to the efforts" of an Inhal- atcr squad of tha West Hollywood fire department. The crew was called by Dr. l.ce Douglas and worked in relays continuously for 131 hours and .39 minutes before the Infant was out The c-oclor said the baby would WEATHER SAN FRANCISCO (UP) — The •imny fide Is up in San Francisco, 'he Chamber of Commerce re-orts. Tli? chfimeer found this record: Conftrucliou up S5 per cent -vcr this time last year; real es- 'ate sates up 37 per cent; indus- ria! and coiumorcial gas sales up 13 per cent; Inriuslrial expansion ir> U per cent; electrical sales en- »rgy sates up seven per cent; retail ! r.ide up seven per cent; manu--' fac-turing payrolls up 5.4 per cent; postal receipts up fivo per cent: manufacturing employment up 3.4 rjer cent and cargo tonnoge up oue pec cent. Arkansas — Fair tonight and Thursday. Memphis and vicinity — Cloudy tonight. Thursday Mr nnd coWer. The maximum temperature here yesterday wns 43, minimum 33, have died had it not been" for the clear, according to Samuel F. Ncr- arUficlal respiration. iris, official wcathar observer, t

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