The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 26, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 26, 1933
Page 3
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TIIU11SI1AY. OCTQBKIl BIATIIEVn.LR, <AKK.) COUUlKlt NEWS PAGE THREE JKiller's Wife Double Helps Declarer Saves Friend Makc S)nal | g] am C onlrac i!?™ Supreme Couvl Will Ru' on Congressional mary Contest. Pri- LITTLE ROCK. Ark. i,UP)-Ar kansns- supreme court is OKJXW 1 w act Monday on i\ pillion Pic 1 1 b: David D. ferry '.vUk'li hiked l i ii' writ of ]j:olil"ticlo!i to prrv....t | C.iciil'. Jv.djo Marvin Harris m[ Third Division Pul-.isU Circuit court ! from enduing Ilio chJinnAn o: l'-i'-' Don'.ocratlc State Central commit- 1 tec tj'O incoHlfyiti!! 'IVrry'.-. name to, ijn? secretary of •':!'-' n« 111? o<::i- ; ;rr;'3sltm;il nojnSnei'. Attorneys I'd:- 'IVrry .ir.d Hro':*« Hay.-;. ».'!io i-'. conlo«i!n? t!i" vosr- of tin' IX'ma.'iMUr rim-trir argued '.lit' iw'.iiion '.vlien ii ' fi!«J vrflil ill? C0'.l:'l Chit. l(i. Terry filed tlif> petition" aft»r . Hfvs filed a motion in circuit court seeking to enjoin chairman Iff Milts and H. G. Combs, bsere.lnry ot tlie slate commit to* , from cvni- fylng a nominee. for Congress, mull the conlesl if. d«;i!<>ii nJipr a recount of bi'iibvs in .^-vera! eoim- tlr-.-i. jUtorr.«ys for iVc petition; 1 !' con- j tended tliat llic I'Mtifyin-; of nine's • of nominees is a duy imiXKcd '.ip- oh Hie chairman and .secretary o: the central committee and the statu convention, and that no auUiority Is given the courts to lawleiv in the proceedings. Gov. Futrell lias Indicated a goii- tral election to fill the congressional vacancy caused by the reflation of Heaxlsill Ragbu to take tli« position of fc-cti-ral judge :n uesiern Arkansas"., will no'- be ra!l<H? before VCQ. 19. Today'* Contract Problem Contract In this iiaiul is seven spailes. \Vopt c-vcns iho queen of cluti;. Tlu* h^.irl suit will not lircnk. Wliat i- the- lir*t possible cliaiu-r \ou h.ivj' nf niahlnf; ,Miiiraei? *0 V K Q S :, I ; : « Q 9 I <i i. in?. 5 ' • * vv * A A K ij J 10 ? I V A 7 « 4 None A A K ' 6-jlutiOll In Jl-rxl i':-u». fnint (lummy, South was forced in trump. If lie ti'uinpnl with tin 1 ten of liPails. Mr. Wel>er would ) with thf Jack. Soiulii 11 limped with Hie (Hi<xTi and Mr. \Vcbci won Hie Insl trick with the Jacl;, muring his con- iiflcl of n smnll slam doubled. Tux burden In France and England Is now $58.3."i a year per ctvpl- In. a k said. mono, Two spado-, wore discorded from dummy. j ; The queen ot cilnmomls \vns plr.y- , Ozark Mountaineers fil next mid ovoitnkeu In dummy i with tlie ace. Tin' Icn of spiulos ] On wiis reiurnf'd. If So'.nh trumps | will) tlii- qnc'cn <>f l!o;ircs, Wi-si "I'nr n/.\r't Moimtiilnoei'S," from Tent Show Program will discui'd his dull. Hiulio t.:;'.ion KMOX, lea'.llli' loui- best pluy wns (o dlsciml ! *»: W the ioa'.iiii> of tlio perform- !u tliftjjiond. West irunippil with liie I ni11 ' 1 ' ^'- the PranV: Sjiillh lonl sliow | ,' 'I imrsdny, l-Mday anil Sulnrdny ni^ht-;. V A « 0. A, K 1 :) 0 '.•> . ; . (• EV H*M. K. McKEXXEV I S«ret»r)r, Aintrlcan Ilrldse l.eairuc : The f*ritlein*ii from Kpiilucliy— and Hie ladles, too— liave expand-! ed their lisl of pastimes beyond | horscraclng to contract bridge. • Their finst annual state champion- j ship tournament was held recent- I ly ui Port Thomas, and 1 wus i thoroughly pleased with the fin.: | f coutrart bridn play- Doilhif i * - A :< V ••V l':i. ; -K. niul \V. Mil r lcn.1 — 4, S. Xouli K.i« l>.u 1 A 2 * :i M. T. t V 1'asi riiij sliow, which Is hero . Oils \vrok nndor i\\t i\\iiplccs of Hi- 1 local Ameni'Mi lieaion. L< lo- ciacd nci-Ois Trosu the iiiinorj' on I Soul It Second firi-e;. Tln'se rndlo i i'ni»i'tal:i(<i'£ h;m- Wn brniulc.isl- liiv. on till- F.ii'ii) lio'.ir lur SOII:B Hint'. A!o:i£ »Hli llik t'litcrtatiniK'ni a | play, "KiiO'.v Your Clroceilfs" will I i>' iiii'si'nu'd luiiltrlit viiul "l/»na j Kivci 1 -;" tomorrow nielli. An orcho:;- Iri. furnl.'iiir'S m«<!c between the I I'.i-l. uf ih" vaiKlevlllit. He.Vil Conner News Wniil. A'ta. I five Osceola Society -- Personal Quirt actiou by tlio wife (it Pred "Killer" Rurko saved Iho life nt Mrs. Cua Wlnktor, eanfistcr'n widow, in Chicago. Siifipectini; a aniciile [itieiiint after Mrs. \Vicklei- talked despondently by telephone, Mrs. Rurte rur.hcd '•<• doctor to her Jrlend's home and round her near deatli by ^as. Mrs. Burke is Citnvn above as police Que^Umed her. A fortune te!!ing boo'.h and a shooting sallevy are fcaturc.5 of the :i;n\ual Hallowe'en carnival and paiiy .sp^itsort-d by the Osceola i'arent Tew'ner assaciation to fccl^' in the high school auditorium tomorrow evening. Tile carnival will open a' 7:1<"> and admission will entitle one toj a free program'l:i ndditio nto which] arade* one. Iv.o. four and six will i present special programs In their respective looms. 'Hie high -school KlrLi will have a novel conccs;!on i'.nd there will be candy, confetti and peanuts [or sale. Proceeds from (lie benefit- parij will go to'tha'- library, fund sorel (lii<; yen:- by tile local dation. Members of the literary department of the Osceola Womens Pro-1 gi'Cssivc club met Tuesday after-1 I'.ocn at the country home of "Mis Cieorge Edringion witli Mrs. G. B. Kc^iaveii leading ihe le-sson, which was taken from (!•; study tsxi . "Ccd's Goid" by John T. Flynn. 1'arts \vere. taken on the program by Mrs. 0. M. Harwell. Mrs. S. M. Hodges aud Mrs. W. E. Hunt. ntxt- meetiii!; \vill bf held at tin 1 lioms:. or Airs JQ. W. Klviii'ton vitli Mrs. George Edrington leade r 0:i Tuesday, Nov. ixlilbition of coutrart bridg ed in this tournament. Mi. Lx>;iis \Vtbei- and Mr. (Jharl- lon Wallace ot" Cincinnati, nfier 11 close race, captitrwl liie contract pair chfiniplonship and today I present one of tlie hands that helped them win. I In this hand I believe Souths ' double bad, because it East, and West are In a bad contract Kouth ,s bound to have a eood score without the double, while the double may disclose valur.Wc infonna- t lion to the declarer. The Flay ' North's openhitf lead was the 1 elan', of Clubs, Mr. Weber In UK . West whuung with Hie king-. Mr. i Weht-r cashed Uie uce of spades and thon led tile ate and a unidl clnb, ruffing the second club ill dummy. j The kinfc of spades was relurn- cigarete and cd, South ruHlng with the deuce viien they "f hearts and West over-ruttinB with Ihe three of hearts. Tlie ace and king of hearts then Why nul lunch as, ICIRBY'S? us'.y jijn'jvrlehv'i and drink. 1 ;. Ev- •rMiiuiif cooked in our own kit- n.ns. K.1RUV HltUC; S'IX)HES. 01 lu-aits unit then led the javl: of dinnionds. uverlrikiiiK In Ihe dummy with the hiiiK. 'Hie ten of dlnmoiuh was returned and the losing club discarded. NOM-. wliatei-er Mr. Weber led Many Women Benefited Thousands of women have aid CARDUI helped them to overooms much suffering at monthly tlme^ and that after continued uce man; ul their ailments disappeared entirely. TryCardul! Druggist n«ll It. Ho you kno-*' why tobaccos tiiste better camt; from KIRBY Dru=; Stores? It's because they are iresher. Prices vfre cashed. ^Jorth showed out on always the best. KIRBV'S. the second heart, discarding a. dia- What is your Beauty Problem? You will liiul OUT opiTittnrs skilled in t'vi'ry lU'iwitnK'iit of litiiulv work. 'Therefore you can tirinn' u^ your liL'itdly prnhlenis wi(h perfect asstir- aiH'C (it the |<ni|n'r trialmeitf. Margaret Deen Beauty Shoppe lnj;r:tni 'hone • 'ttiere's a stc«d<»s( loyalty in the xvay I' 1 D r s h e i m Shoes perform. No nutter how particular you arc about style unil comfort— I' lorsheims will more than 0 Children's Gordon S<K'ks Just Arrived (JOCK) Shoes and Hosiery EART°f a Where to Get Genuine IndiaTea it a due:- f ndlaTcatavcil. oblo in you/com- reunil/. ..and irortt at v.h:ch (her may b» had. Each of brandi contain) Ind^n Tea ... r«a fror.i lh» land lea in the world ii grown. And btand baari lh» (obovo] 0^ 111 lobtl, !n cddit^cn lo th? biar.d na.r.e. !a let you \i.r.c,« yo ^•Ming 9«nuine !Md:a AIRWAY ALTUS .............. All DcaUr> AMERICAN tADY ... All I)c3k , •ASTOR 1XIH.V ...... All Dc.ilcr BANQUET 1S1I1A CKV1.ON ..................... All l)cMrr> BO-KA ..... InclcpiT.deH Grucen! FAUST .............. All I)Ml:r. J KESTAI. HAM ....... All Dral-To KORHES' <)i;Al.l'l'V . All Dralvrs KKHNCII .MAKKi;f r.OI.DEN l>i;n- The finest tobaccos — only the center - leaves The very heart of Lucky Strike's fine quality is choice tobaccos- ripened by warm sunshine, rich soils and gentle rains. 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Tonic 99c $1 Wine Cardui 79c SOc Groves Chill Tonic 39c 5dc Nash Chill Tonic 39c SOc 666 Chill Tonic 39c 40cCastoria • 34c SOc Drakes Cough Syrup 33c SOc White Pine com. cough syrp 35c $1 Cod Liver Oil, Norwegian, pt 69c $1.50 Super D Cod Liver Oil $119 $1 Super D Cod Liver Oil 79c I $1 Ovaltine 79c 50c Ovaltine 39c He Camphor Ice ,-8c lilc Blue xSeal Vaseline 8c 19c 30cLysol ISc 50c Jpana Tooth Paste 35c Vicks Salve 29c 3Cc Porters Heal Oil 19c 25c Germicidal Soap I5c 50c Hinds Honey Almond 35d $1 Citrocarbonate 79c Crazv Crystals fl Beef-Iron-Wine Tonic 79c $1 Listerine V 59c $1 Hot Water Bottle 59c JUS Quinine, 1 oz. 89c 25c Quinine Caps, 5- £L Doz. 19c 15ft ralophen Tal)s, Doz. 8c SOc Syrup Pepsin 49c Ec Man-0-War Shave Cream 10c $1 Adlerika 89c Sc Meads Dextri Maltose 59c 19c 25c Black Draught UIDDV'C Main at Second III BID I O Main at Broadway

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