The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on January 2, 1953 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
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Friday, January 2, 1953
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WASHINGTON TERRITORIAL CENTENNIAL Centralia-Chehalis, Washington T H E Today'sNewi · ^ ^ ^^ W^ ^^ ' ^- ' TF' ^^^ v ^^ ^ ^^ ( L E W I S A N D S O U T H E R N T H U R S T O N C O U N T I E S Friday, January 2, 195} Twelr« Pages VoL LXU..N*. I/ Cor Crushed by Trailer M!AR SANTA ANA, CAI.1F.--The trailer section of a huge combination rif rests itop automobile · Her the bit carrier went out of control on wet pavement, then JickniVd and rrush.«i (he car which was headed in opposite direction. Still within the car when photo was made were Mrs Pearl Gibbons, 61, Vallejo, Calif., who was killed, and H»mer E. Anderson, seriously injured. ^AP WIRE PHOTO, Federal Judge Denies Appeal Of Rosenbergs Building Reached I 1 2 Million Mark For Year Building in the Twin cities fort-- with the remainder taken care 1952 went nlmost to the Sl'i million ot in supplemental permits, [mark, a review of building permits] Five months during 1952 were NFVf YORk" IT) A f»/l ,' ssuctl str Centralia and Chehalis higher than the corresponding jnv n-mrv uri n ifa-i ril , nal | s durt|1 g ^ , 2 monUls monUui in 1951| while 1951 led jn seven months. The actual difference between the two years, according to the unofficial figures, is Taftls Floor Leader Senate Republican* And Demo* Organize For Start Saturday Of New Congress WASHINGTON M) -- Sen. Robert A. Taft of Ohio Friday was unanimously chosen Senate Republican door lead- ·\ er as the GOP and the Demo- i'crats organized their force* or the new Congress opening laturday. Senate Democrats picked Sen. Lyndon Johnson of Texis as their leader, also by unanimous vote. House Democrats made retiring Speaker Sam Rayburn of Texas their floor leader. House Republicans had a meeting scheduled during the afternoon at which they were set to select Rep. Joseph Martin ot Massachusetts for speaker and Rep. Charles Halleck of Indiana for floor leader. The choice of Taft--a selection . . . r- · i i . , .'-^y "wi u u i i n g i era! j u d g e 1-nuay denied an.had disclosed today, appeal to save the atom spy| The 1952 lota] is" $1,410.469. team of Julius Rosenberg and A ma J° r project in Chehalis In ·^ . . ° ' T n C 1 TM i l H.~ l.,.il.J.-.~_ * - * _ l r _ _ 1U-* hi. wife, Ethel, from death in ^ p £ put the .ImiWing total for that $968.883.75. the electric chair. The denial was made by a terrific high of over $2 million, so 1952 had little opportunity to match the previous year. The drop is almost SI million, accord- r- j i i j i · n is I ur °P l5 »«n»5i 51 niinion, accora- bederal Judge Irving K. Kaui-,i ng to the mtmth-to-month figures man after hearing a clemency kept by the Daily chronicle. plea for the two. They are Hospitals Included in Sing Sing prison, scheduled,_ The building total in the Twin to die the week of Jan. I Kaufman »aid in denying clemency: "I still feel that their crime was Cities lor 1951 was $2,379,352. factor in the total was the 5650.000 St. Helen hospital addition in 1951. In August of 1952, a permit for $164,000 was issued in Centralia Comparison Made Months and their amount* for 1951 and 1952 were: 1932 t 98,871 79.69* 172,513 8.1,424 138,908 103,1)3 144,623 261,204 124,085 98,683 60,497 68,054 worse than murder." |f nr an addition to the Lewis County The Rosenberg's only appeal now.General hospital. Cost of the addi- is to the While House. [tion is much larger than that If President Truman should slay thejjontract was signed for $277.0CO;S1,410,489 the execution, the case might be- c o m e President - elect Eisenhower's responsibility because of the Jan. 30 inauguration. .Crime Worae than Murder Kaufman, who sentenced the er'iple to death, said in his opinion: "I have" meditated and reflected January Rbruary March April May June July August September October November December Totals 1951 »22D,000 136,284 162,631 223.809 made certain by behind-the-scenes Jockeying in the months since the election--was announced after a two-hour closed door session. The Republicans agreed to meet again Friday afternoon to deal with touchy questions of membership on key committees and proposals to revise Senate rules to make it easier to choke off filibusters. Wilsons To Die on Gallows Saturday Governor Langiie Refuse* to Interfere in Execution Of Cvou Brother* Convicted of Kithup- Slaying of Jo Ann Dewer of Vancouver -- Vt P«ur'« Fifth Engagement with Hangman OLYMPIA W--Governor Langtie refused Friday to interfere with the hanging of Utah and Turman Wilson «*rly Saturday. The chief executive iaiued hit decision Just 13 hows The number of deatns In «ccl- before the Camas brother* were to be executed for the kidnap- ' Holiday Dead In Accidents Grow to 218 By tbe AsMrlated Tnn flaying of 18-year-old Jo 1 Ann Dewiy of Vancouver, March 19, 1950. It was the fifth ",'tte with th« . ( Other Key p»st, Sen. Saltonstall of Massachusetts 156 609 was chosen as whip, or assistant 211623 majority leader. Also picked for key Senate posts by unanimous votes at the morning meeting were Sen. Styles 12,319,352 long and difficult hours over the New Year Off to Wet Start As Finish Comes to Dry 1952 The New Year started off for the'Feb. 20 when five Inches wire piled a 7T7,5«1 161,011 80,824 108,160 Bridges of New Hampshire to* be 19.213 president pro tempore; Sen. Wil- 56,624 liam Knowland of .California io be chairman of the Senate GOP Policy Committee; and Sen. Eugene D. Millikin of Colorado to be chairman of the GOP conference which includes the « Republican senators. The new Congress convenes at noon (EST) Saturday and shortly thereafter these selections' are expected to be made official by form- Twin Cities and Lewis county with up. Friday's meeting was what is dents du holiday rose Friday. The total reached 218. This Included 159 -in traffic, 22 in fires Tour other execution dates* and 37 in other types of accldents.| were cance | e j k y courl or( j er The victims lost their lives in the executive action, period that began at 6 p.m. (Local Oovemor L u ' .. . study of the Wilson brothers' case,! made by a three-man committee jtlmc) Wednesday, and will end at midnight Sunday. The number of deaths in the current holiday period was falling short of the number reported during the long Christmas weekend. During the 102-hour Christmas loliday period fatalities averaged lightly more than seven per hour. During the first 40 hours of the New Year period they averaged toll, which Include' IN PARIS -- Thh Eiffel Ttwer hairdo is just the thins to 0ak« any woman poised. In fact, a stumble would be disastrous for what Parisian hairdresser Jean Clement dreamed up while bein{ inspired at holiday dinner In Eiffel Tower restaurant--AP WIRE- PHOTO. sentence In-Oils case. I have stud-plenty of what 1852 produced little tr n UKt HV nf ihi. v» a r »-., nT,lt ' " ""·"'"» "J" ·"""· '"Uirfp-i" ied and restudied the record and I of - rain. Lull 9 the rtrcurv loine to 9? d£ ^° w . n ~ as a caucus ' TM »· toe P ' C . t - d ' have seen nothing, nor has »nv-l -n,~ ««,,- v,,.,, I.«IM... .... ,...I J1115 »· l ne mercury going to 97 de- Ihi cause orig 46 Lose Lives In Explosions At Valparaiso VALPARAISO, Chile ffi -- Rescuers methodically combed wreckage of Valparaiso's New Year's explosions Friday as the toll in this Chilean seaport's worst tragedy in 46 years mounted to 47 known dead and an estimated 350 injured. Officials weighing the list of missing expressed fenrs that thej tragic reckoning might rise wen higher before the search is corn- of leading attorneys recommended by the American Bar Association, left "no doubt" us to the guilt of Turman, the older of the two convicted brothers. Utah Regarded as Acceuary "Regarding Utah Wilson." the record 556 deaths in motor vehicle accidents, evoked pleas for caution from safe-' y leaders. Rain or snow In many sections since the New Year death count legaa may have slowed motor- ng. Traffic fatalities soared to a record high 55« during last week's our-day Christmas holiday. There were 744 accidental deaths. The violent death toll for the 'our-day New Year's holiday last year was 611, including 375 in traf- ic mishaps, 69 In fires and 167 in miscellaneous accidents. The National Safety Council has estimated traffic accidents will kill 410 during the New Year's holiday period. Etfht KHM ia The State of Washington cheeked off eight accidental deaths Friday, with two days still to go in the. long New Year weekend. Plane crashes, traffic accidents a fire and a shooting hid clalmec their toll before the year was hours old. Hurt and Howard Evans, Oka nogan brothers who operate ranch es on the ColvlDe Indian Reserva tion. and Robert Bleakney, 26 RicWand,; were killed iri plane in Eastern Washington governor said in a statement, "the committee found two items which, onsidered independently of all ither evidence, tended to show that IB may not have participated in h« actual abduction and murder, rat that he did »t leijt have guilty knowledge of the crime, and was robably an accessory after tbe act. "One of these items was the record of conversations between the irothers at the time they were in he Vancouver jail. "However, because of the difficulty in deciphering this record and toe fact that the Wilsons hat been warned that their .conversa- '.lons might be recorded, the com- Bitter Battle Reported on Korean Front SEOUL Ul -- Allied raiders fur- ously attacked a Chinese Communist position near Bunker HOI on fce frozen Western Korean Front, then withdrew early Friday. The U. S.EighUi Army said tto raiders killed or wounded an tsOr mated 45 Reds In a bitter bonr- and-a-half rifle and hand grenade battle before racing back to their own lines. On the Eastern Front, craekHnt Allied rifle *nd machine gun fin halted seven thrusts by North Korean Communists in sub-nro wear ther Thursday and Friday. The probing Red units, raofint up to TO men, were teased back northeast of the Punchbowl area, TO miles from the. East Coast mittee seemed to feel this item was not entitled to much weight. "Tbe other H«m was the polygraph test, conducted by Alex acknowledged that such tests, though entitled to Jregory. "The committe* Heavy artillery barrages support :d the Reds. The Communists probed Allied positions at three other tpoU--tw» in the center and one in toe West. The temperature dipped to aft day trees below tern in tht Central Sector. careful consideration, are not gen- JUD Emtem«t erally considered as legally admls- -- -·-··'~~-" sable evidence in court* of law. Evidence Is Oreffwhelmiay "Whatever weight, however, should be accorded these items, considered independently of an cars "and 40 supply YrtucJes.' AfkAV Kiri*lA_u. *!._ «_.!*. i _ i«_ i .^. . . . . "^* 1 _ The Fifth Air Force said B-tt bombers destroyed five Cotnnr*. nlst locomotives during iWtes for tht second s night Anicd pbnwc shot no « Me other evidence, the fact is that there was a great deal of other evidence tending to establish the tons guilt of Utah M well H Turman Wilson." Republican senators' got together to agree on. the slate they will offer when the Senate organizes. Assured et Election worse The Rosenbergs were convictedi """' *"" *"""'" ««· »"* "'"igrecs hy a Jury March 29, 1951. for cm-' c , ar ' ar - (J - according to Centralia' ., - . _ _.i . , , ' r i T V data to Russia. The 0. S. Supreme Court already kept 1952 from being the driest year on. record. Dec. 31 produced has refused to intervene. Earlier]24 ° f " n J ncn ° f precipitation and The average maximum temperature for the year was 63 degrees and the average minimum was 42. Since last spring, only December Since the Republicans have a majority in each branch of Congress, their slates are assured of election whtn the Senate and House formally organize. hursday. The Evans brothers were- herd- ng horses from the air when their cause of the blasts that shook this I""* £ rashwl * * *"**.*«* of city of 200.000 - Chile's second | B , M waj ^ ^ ^ largest - a force reminiscent of n m ,, es west ,,, WaUu j a . He j eft the great earthquake of August. p t 6 Wednesday to fly 1906. An estimated 4,000 persons to Orangev |i le Maho . A search died in that disaster. . . . . . . Fire Prewdes Blasts The explosions occurred early Taft then will take the title of Thursday when a fire enveloped a majority leader. Whoever theihtehway department warehouse. . .. . week their attornev went be- pusned lhc y ear 's total to 29.10 approached being normal in its! " L and made an sloned appeal for clemency. Have Shown No Remorse After meditating over that plea p Judge Kaufman said in his opinion j : Friday: driest "**" year since 11)25. Average rainfall for the district annually is 44.77 inches. Snowfall for the Twin Cities, the jnnnunl weather report revealed, above average in 1952, a total - * Ith hes, just .04 of an inch below normal. The warmest day of the month was 68 degrees on Dec. 12, while December 24 and So tied for the coldest night at 24. Average maxi- JDcmocrats choose will become minority leader. Sen. Wayne Morse of Oregon who bolted the Republican party to become an independent and support "Nor have I seen any evidence of 12 inches falling. Average- is 8.1 mum was 52 degrees and the that the defendants have exneri- inches. Heaviest snowfall came on 'rage minimum 37. cnced any remorse or rcpentencc. Unfortunately, in its place, this court has been subiect lo a mounting organized campaign of vilification, abuse and pressure. "This court, however, is not subject to such organized campaign! and the pressures which have been) Perma Plant Coiitr; WINLOCK -- A contract for the it cognizant oi the human trngedyiP l a n t h * involved." officials * been awarded Friday by of the Perma Products The Communist party has spear- comp j ny ,- liri acllia , construction headed a "save Ine Rosenbergs" ! campaign. twork on the building scheduled to Numerous persons not connected B el under way immediately, with the party also have pleaded' Successful bidder on the project for the reversal of the conviction ',,.,, (hc Wcst side or for commutation ol the scn-i tcnccs. Mason County Man Drowned BREMERTON Wl -- A Resolved That- company of Olympia. While no bid price was announced, original bids!, submittfd by a. number of contracting iirms ranged between $206.000 and $230,000. Tom Steenson. head ot the West Side Construction company, was Winlock supervising construction NEW YORK (iPi-- It's only 1953, not the miHenium, but take a look at these New Year's resolutions by members of the Boys Athletic League: 1. Do homework tefore playing or watching television. 2. Go to school sith a smile, no hitching rides on cars or buses, and be clean, courteous and honest at all times. 3. No more mustache art on subway and car posters. 4. Eat the packaged cereals bought for box-top premiums. jVets Return From Korea County man drowned early Friday :of work sheds and other details The scries of blasts rocked the city with such force that, crews aboard ships in the harbor said they thought an eathquake had struck. was started when he failed to arrive on schedule and a railroad worker found Bleankey's body in! his wrecked plane Thursday. Three Die in Traffic trance. No Communist jets wer* encountered along ICO (alley. ·Okinawa-based B-J9 1 Euperfotta Thursday night dumped : Traffic victims were Merle Bol- Brothers Accwei of to establish Utah's guilt, Langllt said: "It was Utah Wilson's fingerprints which were found on the beer battle. "This, the committee found, represents a piece of genuine evidence. t "It is Dtah himself who testified. *nd continues to assert, that he was with Turman at all times on the night the crime was conv milted. "It is Utah's alibi, as well as .,,,,. ,,. Turman s, which was thoroughly nlst ground fur discredited." :he Democratic presidential nom-l President Carlos Ibanez with two inee during the last election, did'of his cabinet ministers rushed not attend the session of Republican senators. The afternoon meeting to con- here from Santiago, the capital, to Iskykomish. er. 22, Shelton. Bollinger was killed New Year's Eve in a bus-auto collision east of case and .criminal make emergency plans lor the stricken. their prior "extensive' record. Concluding, the chief executive sider committee assignments will! T" 6 government has decreed a i A- -.--, _.,,. .. .. . three-day period of natidnal mourning. lave to deal with the question of whether they are going to give Morse places on important committees. If the Republicans decide against; alloting places to Morse, he would still be entitled to consideration for !?,,-.,. places in a. "minority" member.|F OV Holiday Has The Democrats would then have to decide whther they would allot' places to him. Despite poor driving weather and heavy traffic, the New Year noli- One of FBI's Top 10 Nabbed PHOENIX, Ariz. Mt -- Harden day failed to produce Dobyns was fatally injured when struck by a hit-run auto in South Seattle. Brenner died late Thursday afternoon after a two-car Intersection collision in Shelton earlier in the day. Twenty-two-year-old Ivan L.|, Green, n Puget Sound Navy Shipyard apprentice welder, perished in a fire in his Bremerton home said: ·The Wilson brothers now stand convicted of murder. They are no longer entitled to lie presumption of innocence. "In fact, the that they are i Tighter-beaten poroded On*. rhunlst frontUa* .sad supply peat* T-W to enly X : bombs on Red barracks at an en yard near Eonjchoo in tral Korea. Other B-29S blasted tht ___ marshaling yards four miles nortli of tbe Red capital, Pyongyang. Bomber crews reporting sighttnf Red night fighters but none attacked. There was light Deputy's Car In Accident A reported 1 shooting at Wratoek. Thursday afternoon was a factor' for Lewis County Deputy Sheriff Jjee Clinton being involved in » xaific accident in Chehalis. Ke va* _ south on Market (tract now ii irith siren sounding and red H«nl ·""·· ii»n when his car collided with on* hem has dor* any- , .ivtn by Aaron D. Corp, Olympic. iton. ir, f ing to overcome that presump- "On the contrary, they have, as the committee found, impeded the New Year's Da)-. Green was trapped by flames after he entered the Thursday afternoon. Police said who was traveling North on teenth street. Meanwhile, railroad workers dJ»-' ' an unidentified worker who 39 -""TM 8 Collins Kemper, described by his employer as a "quiet, hard-working" automobile mechanic, was captured at his home in nearby: . . Glendale Thursday night as one] w a s t a k e n Three Lewis and southern Thur. ?/,,"* F8I ' S 10 most WMlted fugi- s h " i f f s - on a drunk later posted $250 bail. Archie William loann, 40, of Ethel, posted $15 bail Ion a charge of reckless driving. He in custody hy deputy .22-caliber pistol accidentally discharged, fatally wounding the boy. 5ton county veterans were among ! lives. Special FBI Agent Gerald B. Most of the accident activity was in Centralia, where parking meters during a night clam digging exnc- connected with start of Ihe project.| 3 5M w ho arrived in Seattle from!Morris said Kemper 50 lived in . P rt * tire hvrfrant WM-. dition near Tahuya, on Hood Canal, i According to Perma officials the ;'he Far East Saturday on two Glendale under an assumed name down In, ThursdasI and : Godwin. 25, jsirie w a m 0 [ the 400-byl80-foot'Navy transports. , ,'or more than a year. The victim a grader operator for the i\fason ''builrtins will be poured cementl County roao department. . m SKtionS| and lllc roo[ wiu i, e , MSEOtl COUntV r l l t S , f - r o nrivif ·" ' reported Godwin and a Iriend, Bob Laving of Rice, went clamming at midnight;.,:.'! h . ..,._,, , f t , r low tide in Godwin's 10-foot skiff.'^ ,,. j n Dl "" While digging for clams they dis-j P ce ' France Still Minus Cabinet PARIS W -- Rene Mayer, a Radical Socialist (Conservative) financial expert, began · consultations with parly leaders Friday in . hopes of persuading a majority of the James O'Hara| Hc o»ered no resislance. M noon Friday Centralia police the rightist and moderate groups were Major Keith L. His employer, John Phillips, said were still looking for the driver of.'in the National Assembly to back and' E/3C he was "really knocked off my a car which hit a lire hydranuhim as premier. jury's verdiit should now be permitted to take effect." Attorneys Review Case The three-man com] . . . Central,*, n T . Si tn *' Sward ' Rochester Docking two hours later on the rest - morning accidents. . fe * l *? the ""^ of Kemper's ar- about 4 a.m. at the corner of West) Mayer, who has served as II- covered the tide had carred the' Contracts for the plumbing and n, Co*, of Pe Ell. boat out into the canal. Godwin -electrical work will be let separate-1 removed his clothes and swam '·''· an(i blti5 on tilis P art ol tnc after the skiff. The last fiice h-,ard wcrk wi " b* opened shortly, from him was a shouted "I donT Contract on the main building think I can make it" in the dark-lcalls for completion within 150 ness. · days. However, this time may be Searchers found the skill after shortened, depending on weather daylight, but s'.ill were looking for conditions. Godwin's body. ' i Alien* To Register l Truck *°*d* SEATTLE (.« - District Immi-' Lewis county commissioners Pri- gralion Director John P. Boyd cs- *"' had accepted the bid of Floe's C. C. Ballou was Corp. Jesse White Pass Is Closed Briefly The White Pass highway in eastern Lewis county had its first closure of the winter Friday morn- Main and Pearl streets. The hy-,nance and justice minister in other "He was really a good worker'^rant rhell was broken but thejpostwar governments, expected to and did a swell job," said phil-^pipes were undamaged. Officers said lell President Vincent Aurlol Frt- lips, "I guess it's Just one of those!" 16 driver kept going alter theiday night or Saturday whether he things." [mishap, but they had an Idea theyicould form a government. He saw Kemper was sentenced fo f - Tu!cl sce nim as*TM- L " ( t at the i Foreign Minister Robert Schumtn, years in jail in October, 1951 as.*" 1 "' 6 , was \ liccn5 * pUtc ' a PP» r -'S e . fcn: ' ently from the hiUrun car. the head of » southwestern auto theft ring. ,, ^ Minister Rene Pleven and [Education Minister Andre Marie o f l of a wor 1 train car near Winloefc' He used a shotgun to blast out U» windows, officers said. Northem Pacific railroad officials are v no- ducting an investigiUcin, Apt charges may be filed against tk* worker at a later date. \ Clinton told Chehalis police tail an estimated IIDO damage wu caused to his patrol ear. and Corp estimated damage to his machine at "~\ An estimated |25 damage was the outgoing government Thursday.! of the case for the governor consisted of Harlan S. Don Carlos of Hartford, Conn.; Henry Franklin of Peterborough, N. H., and Erie Stanley Gardner of Temecula, Calif. The Wilson brothers, who have had their dates with death postponed more times than «ny other condemned men in state history, were convicted in June of ItSO on both counts of first degree murder and kidnaping. The a ark county Jury, out for (Continued on Page jo. Column J) First Baby of New Year, Girl Folke place. New Senator Signs Roster WASHINGTON I* -- Thomas H. same time resigned as Callfensk state controller. He went through the formality of signing the Senate register sM getting his name on the !·* payroll. He was appointed by GOT. bri Warren to take the Besstt ssst given up last midnight to Vice- President-elect Nixon. Kuchel's Senate wnterttr *s» dates from Friday, oat day h a4- *** TM Umated Fridi in the Pac riday about Uo',000 aliens Gnra 6 e in Chehalis lo iurnish the ific Northwest slates and TM lnt " wllh a used four-wheel drive most of western WiJh- About 6 a.m. Thursday Pred J. Premier Antoine Pinsy's right First newcomer for 1953 i n the Hohman Jr, 6!5 Ohio street, Che- resigned:Trin Cities Is a girl, born Thurs-ivance of senators elected to ^^rXA^ncTwa'^rnW · oeiore f o r n | s grrest ^"isoo'da^age'to^iirkuw'w" S 0115 ^ 11 ' arxl Fo ^" ^p^-is^iji;' °» nc «- "^ *TMy Crashes into Soond i« toUicnSrtad vehicle "«" G " r ««' Bid «^ *»« «P «» -*"'- .»*«*««*·. « ** 1« been attempt. temporarily absent on Jan. 1 is The (nick *upposed to report his address with-,control work in 10 days. Alien address cards art availa- bl« at pottollicej. ^ Since that time Kemper ington had heavy rainfall the Ca's-" r *f d ' n Gler.-Ule as an auto-. Mtinialeu 'cades received a covering of new.^ile mechanic^ $100 a__wcek/ a n d MM three-car rear-end collision 100 block ol South Toner i 1 o p^. . ., r , about 3 am. Thursday,! 14 UlC 111 WfeCK McC'laln, Olympia, a n d j OUYAQU1L, Ecuador W, _ be used foe weed state" h"iBhwav'"d'm»rt m 'ent' sa'id'lng the llcenw. til.'to,".";^ TM.T,. , u ^ al ? Kcnmir -. also Olfnipia, each persons were reported killed \nd M»uri of bentraiia.' "l!** 5 sntl TM an '-,had (iamaBe estimated at »100 done many named, was the only New year t»by in the Twin CitiM. «st vesr the district had three New Year's babies, the first ' to SEATTLE ji -- On* crew ber ?,as reported mlssiaf FrUay , Penny Pearl ii the third ehlld for the PaczkowskJ ftmily. At home »rt Janet, 11. and Jimmy, ». The father is employed it the CejiaUi Brick and lu* conpsay. after a Navy patrol pli ~uget Sound after · -,..v... the Wbldbey Tslud Mrs. George A. station field. The other four crtw were rescued qatckly. dot te* fractured leg. The PIT of Patnl Sa^adna \ crashed on the takeoff, half * from CM and (t ttt rwtp,

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