The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 9, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 9, 1940
Page 5
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.MONDAY, DECEMBER 9, 1940 BLYffiEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER KftWS P AQI FIVB All-Electric'Kitchen, Modem "Fountain Of Youth" Work Saved Means Youth Saved Children Take Naturally to Electricity MAKE IT SAFE FOR THEM J Install a modern electric range in your kitchen, and enjoy a whole new world of cooking ple'asure. Electric cookery is clean as sunshine—no smoke or soot to soil curtains or darken your kitchen walls. It is faster today than ever before, and it cuts cooking costs to amazing new "lows." 5 Cooking Speeds Hotpoint's amazing new Select- A-Speed Calrod cooking unit brings moiC rpeed to electric cookery, and saves in cooking costs. Select-A-Speed Calrod 5 Cooking Speeds. r.» from Intense-High'' to LowAVafm. A correct, electric speed for every cooking need. "Now thftt you've been married four years, the rest of us have stopped fretting about your being the prettiest girl in town. But really. Helen, the women who haven't seen your wonderful kitchen just can't understand how it is that you'.still look like n bride!" Helen, is properly modest when she listens, to her old friend's fluttering comments, but she really knows that she looks just as young as the day she was married. And she knows-this wouldn't be true it' her husband had not insisted on providing their home with a modern, electric kitchen that is 'very nearly self-conducted. Bright, and clean and charming, the work shop of Helen's home is planned, for a step-saving-, effort- sparing routine which depends upon a streamlined arrangement of her electric range, electric dishwasher sink, electric refrigerator and electric water heater for most •_|bf the real wovk. I All this equipment is clean and j compactr-^and stays that way year i in alid year out. Pans come from 'the electric range without trace of black or .soot, as easily cleansed' to shining brightness as the glass and ! china which they follow through . .~. 0 w.ciuui- is cleaned as easily rts a china bowl. It, gives Helen's thrift marketing of substantial quantities for low prices perfect germ-free preservation, and does the major part of the work in perfecting the many chilled and iced dishes she and her husband find .so wholesome and appetizing. The electric water heater is so reliable that she never has to give it a thought. Youth lingers when, dainty hands are kept out of the dishpan and away from old-fashioned kitchen drudgery—.when a restful hot tub or invigorating hot shower is constantly on tap for the moment when fatigue .sounds a warning— when food is perfectly preserved in its original freshness and purity, and perfectly cooked wit-lv al! the precious vitamins and nourishment retained—when tiring and tedious kitchen work has been banished! Helen knows how lucky she is. and she knows, too. that her husband still has the girl he married! Death Dive Youngsters are astonishingly quick to grasp the workings of appliance's. MODELS AS LOW AS INSTALLATION 10'r' Down— Balance Slofithlv A £&iiiwj, Qift ARKANSAS - MISSOURI POWER CORP/ American Bar Urged To Fight Alien Isms ST. LOUIS (UP)—The greatest task of the American Bar Association and the legal profession, according to Jacob M. Lashly, president, of >the association, 15 its duty to guard against the : encroachments of alien philosophies and the excesses of American democracy. • Lashly said the primary aim of the association "is embodied in •the simple word justice." He ns- sertecl that, unless the legal profession is united and consecrated to a legal • system guaranteeing right and fair dealing the efforts of the association since its beginning will have been in vain. Justice marks the point of departure between American jurisprudence and that in the totalitarian states, he said. •"PHE older generation marvels,, aft 1 * tho wonders of electricity but are a bit skeptical and ottou tare- f.ul. Youngsters accept it as a matter of cotirse. To them light has always come from lamp bulbs; awjtuhes; when, turned cm, do interesting things to the appliances oii the other end. Children's curiosity makes them eager to play with these fascinating things. They tackle them without the slightest fear. Mothers think" of this safety feature -when they are buying. They instinctively sonso how vitally important it is to have safe appliances. But they 'do not quite realize the just as vital necessity, of having tho wiring and the cords safe. '. •' The Electrical Inspection. Bxireau of .our community is actively" carrying bri educational work 16 stress this necessity. Permanent pretty/well under control/'because most of this is inspected 'by' tile Bureau to insure safety "befor'e the power company will turn, on the current If you have had your: wiring done by a licensed electrician •who used approved material' and have a certificate of inspection front your inspection, bureau, your houa'e is .safely wired. But if thework has be<m; ,,dqn'e by.;a ,.free ,l thbrized worker a handy man, the safety of your wiring^is questionable, your family j:and'^our property are not'safeguarded as you would wish and your' firo insurance may be cancelled Buould firo bo traced to faulty wiring. Have you loose sockets or receptacles that spark and sputter? Is your wiring old? Is your lighting inefficient when one or more appliances are in use? If there is any question about the safety of tho wiring in your home, why not call your Local Inspection Bureau and ask for an inspector to chock it? Have him look over tho appliance and GIFTS THAT MEAN MORE! KLKCTRIC GRIM, Perfect for toasted san cl w i c h c s and other uses. KLECTRIC Adaptable to every WAFFLfc IRON Built-in heat control for perfect results. See Our Other Electric Appliances and * Our Complete Stock of Modern and Beautiful Lighting Fixtures how you cau identify safe cords because just recently a meaua of Identifying safe cord Has been perfected. You will note in the Illustration that the cord oa dhe Ironor has a little label on it. This label signifies that the cord is approved for safety. The Bureau urges that every mother niake sure that oven' lamp of appliance cord in use in her home carries this identification and that the cord is in good condition. The label reads: ''Underwriters' Laboratories' Inspected Cord." This label is applied .every five feet. Reliable merchants sell only appliances arid portable lamps -equipped;\vltb. approved la- belled cord. Insist on cord bearing thia label of approval and if you have the slightest doubt about your wiring, call the Bureau aud ask to havef an, inspector come 16 inspect your home. . , mixing purpose. WALPOLTS ELECTRIC SHOP 110 So. 2nd— Phone 311 Half-shrouded in n pall of .smoke, a British fighter plane plunges "to destruction after an air buttle over Germany, according lo Nazi-censored caption on the picture. Frenchman Turns Bike Into "Sedan" FOOD PROTECTION 5 KIHOS OF COLD FOR 5 KINDS OF FOOD "Mom"' knows what she's talking about. She knows that a Wcsling- housc Refrigerator provides the 5 different kinds of food protection essential to every- meal. Crisping cold for vegetables. Standard cold for staples. Non-freeze extra cold for milk and beverages. Non- freeze extra cold HUMIDIFIED for - meats. Below- frcezing cold for ice cubes and frozen foods. Sec the new Wcstinghousc. Compare it with others. Get ALL the Super Market Refrigera t ion fa'c t s. N O W OFfrE&ED AT A. NEW LOW PRICE! r IS THE SECRET One setting takes care of all,5 temperature conditions for .Super Market Refrigeration--and'holds these S zor.cs.of cold steady, regardless of changes-in room temperatures. •' t . DE LUXE EQUIPMENT < Includes: Full width glass-topped- Humtdrawer. ::;Big 15-pound drawer-type Meo*-Ke«p«r f •undo genuine Holl ehinaware wqfer server.:: Squirrel Sleeps With. Dogs DEXTER, Me. (UP)—A 2-year- old pet squirrel" named Ole'y now sleeps beside the cats, dogs and kittens in Henry Thin-low's home. : Janitors Go To School BROOKl/INE, Mass. (UP) — 'A .school for janitors is t-hc latest educational project in Brookline. Qncc a week school janitors take over a classroom and are instructed .by experts in all necessary sub- Avoid Chimney And Wood Frame Contact Wood should not be built • tight against a chimney, according to technical advice of the Federii Housing Administration. Water may be . prevented fron coming in around ' the chimney by menus of "flashing" and "counter flashing." Flashing is metal—tin. galvnh ixed iron, lend, ov capper—u'nilcc onto Lhc roof and under the shingle and bent up against the chimney Coiinterflnshlne is • tho. metul i'sct ii}to the brickwork and bent down ,o\ ; er Lhc flashing to form a water- light joint. ;" .-... •'•> The flashing" and..•.coti'nterflashing should be placed so as to overlap generously and thus allow for any movement, that may occur between chimney and roof, and fus H protection against the entrance of moi.s- Lure during heavy snowfalls. Flash!ny may be replaced or repaired as a moderntaa'tlon project financed under the Modernization Credit Plan _of ; . the Federal Housing Administration. Funds for the work are obtained from lending Institutions qualified by the FHA. Gilrod, Hotpolm'• »c»led electric hettin* unit. he«tj witer from ttit iaiidc- jects. The schooling win promotions. . helps them Since the year 1500, more than $ worth of gplcl has disappeared through destruction, hoarding, or ship sinkings. Read Courier NRWS want ads Know the pleasure of having an end- Jess supply of hot water without even thinking of the heater. The new Hotpoint \Vatcr Heater is 10 completely automatic that you simply .connect it and forget //.You never need look at it. 11 tu rns itsel f q^and off electrically — automatically —Tatelfv Trtcre are" no matches —no flame—no danger. Come in. See the new 1936 line of Hotpoint Electric Water Heaters. Learn/how cheaply you^ctn have plenty of hot water by using electricity. AS LITTLE AS cin nnwN iiaiancc ylU UV if II Monthly SPECIAL 1 1-4 CENT RATE FOR 24 HOUR HOT WATER SERVICE ARKANSAS - MISSOURI POWER CORP. \ Make this a White Christmas! FRIGIDAIRE Refrigerator and Electric Range <**fe ^— v^ With Paris under a fuel shortage, this Frenchman', was faced by the prospect o'f hayin'c to use his bicycle Cor "rapid transit" duijirigj ihe ..winter. So he in- genibusly transformed it into a closed car" by. building canvas- '- 'covered shelter on it. OTHER MODELS AS LOW AS 1114.95 ARKANSAS-MISSOURI POWER CORP. ONLY 14 MORE SHOPPING DAYS TIL CHRISTMAS BRAND NEW MODEL of Joweif pnc« In /ir'jfory for a Frigidair« with all • Super -Powered Meter- Miser • Quickubc Trays • Double-Width Dessert Tray • Frozen Food Storage • Cold Storage Tray • Sliding Hydrator • Famous Cold Control • Onc-Piece All-Steel Cabinet • Automatic Interior Light » 5-Year Protection Plan and many others fo>_ witfl TO MARK A GREAT OCCASION/ Upon request, this beautiful sterling silver gift medallion will be affixed to your Christmas'-Gift Frigidaire—a lasting symbol:of ; the/happiness, yew gave and the joy you had-in giving/-Sec-it today I •~ Cooking Topf Camp ' • Automatic Time Signal • AlljPdrcclain Finish* • ThermizerWell-CookcT • Automatic Oven-Heat Control • Speed-H£atCookinj , Units wth 5 speeds • Big Twin-Unit Oven • High-Speed Broiler • Sliding;Ad justablc: t Shelves t One x -Piece PorceUia, ^Cooking Top v , HARDAWAY APPLIANCE COMPANY 206 W. Main J. W. ADAMS, Mgf.

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