The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 12, 1935 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 12, 1935
Page 8
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FACE EIGHT m s LIE B. H. S. llldPfil .;Ex-Alabama Player, Wlic Coached Chicks lo Bes Record, Stays, fly J. ! Carney Graham Laslle, who directed tlie Blytlievilte hic;)i ttrhoo Chlcka.saws to their first undefeated football season and added the county championship in imkettall will again be head conch of the local institution for another year. Announcement was made rercml) lliat ihe popular nn;l tfn:icnt ex- Alabama stnr "(id placed |,u -jolin Hancock" on the dotted Urn 1 foj 1035-30 with a ".-.ubstaittial 1 in salary. Tribe Wins 1 Ten Sfr.ilgli( 'Hie ttlbe annexed 10 pigskin victories including brilliant victories over Joncsboi'o. traditional riviils, :uid walnut Itidge, for tin- dish-Jet .title, In thai memomble ".'19 in In. me" football game, half or whlr : )i ' was played in the dark. Injuries and .sickness handicapped the Chicks in [he cage sport. Despite unfortunate chrmii- ctaiiccs llu- l^iKlIomen wound up their regular sdiwlnlc twelve vlctovlis mid but lorn- revmr.s. in the comity loiirnamonl they wli!|i- ped Johnny Burnett's jireeu cl.-id Shawncc oufntel for hijh honors. At- the district tlie "llrst jjanie defeat" jinx caught up wllli them, Hay defeating them in the opening contest. They came tack, however, and played fine ball until they were "stymied." Foollnli Si-hidtile Jiicimiiilete Opponent ]i«t lor 1935 Iti fool- bull 1ms not been completed. Tentative plans call for ten (rr.mss. Those w)io arc definitely booked include: , walmit nidge, pnrngouM. Wilson, Joiiesboro. Newpnrl'. El- forts are beinc nmde to bring (.in- strong Messick Panthers «; MOIII- p'nis for annther Turkey day engagement, it will be recalled tint ills Panthers nearly tripped the :r:be last Thanksgiving, ihe chicks being terely able to eke out a well fJ-nifd 7-0 verdict. It is hop™tl to schedule a strong Missouri team'us well as a Tennessee representativ Gate receipts for tlie Inst root- ball season lotaled si,830.22, the financial report of the Blythevlllc High School Athletic association reveals. The Hcmniz2cl financial state- mini os recorded by W. D. McClur- km, superintendent O f schools, .':ho\vs total repelpts of $2,442.02 ajWinst tolal expcmlittires of 5202154, or n balance of $42068 lo start the season nil next, year Til- largest item spent was $801.9!) f 0 - wiuipmem which added no little to the protection of the lenni and «n- Colors Oral) Browns - By Kreir/ (ARK.) COURIER NEVvS abled the Chicks to s!iow- np well their uniforms. in full follows: Tin. statement Guainnttefl visiting Teams S Offlcials ' Held Expenses ........ Electricity Light Bulbs ....'",' Phone c.-iils ; Cleaning Equipment''"!!! Equipment ircg. aerounui Rain. Insurance Joiiesboro - TC n ncss"e Ouarantee ..'.' Rcfunds-fAnnual nnci Basketball ...Miscellaneous'..'..'.'."'"".'.' 420.00 131 ..10 Total' .'....'$•> 021 o'l Receipts • " '• "' = : Balance s .... Season Tickets ...'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 3355^ Students S133.00 Adult 20^50 Gate Receipts ..'.' T.. }ma Trip Guarantees yinm °" J R^ZOO SiRllS .» .-JQ'QO 15 12.75 St. tauS BKO'UHS. "fae. BIG W TilC PI HI: If 1C ffAJAI/ SKNDf, MlKII £ faRRIK-TlNe, fAfflUC Cf Vfevrvs HARiJtne <.i-ir(,.. ELIEIE SHIFT OF Connie Expects Rookc First Baseman to Supply Needed Punch. lilHTOIl'S NCmT: Till. | S ;lh . nllicr of a series of arlli les on league, li-alnlnif rinips Hjsl lw " Mni-lrs nn (he » V HARIIV (JKAVSOM Sjiurlv |-;,|i|ur, NliA Service I'OIIT MVERS, Flu.— Why ' }m Connie Muck made a catcher out of James Hmoi-y Foxx,' Kreilll . S | Itmu-dlslance i-InlH-liiiixl liuter ol ill time lijul tmi- of ihe iln-ee foii-- inml llrsl ljfi<!ciii(>ii in t>aseball'/ Wily did Fi»:x trmsent („ t |r switch? There Is nttlo () ui..stln)i • tiia't ii will .-hortw) Fojf.x'.s- hrllllnut mnjar siu! cin-fcr. Tlie wear and tear vastly urcatiir behind UiV plnic limn in Tlicm is-miitli more dain-er of the Mavylaml rnifi- b(.|n K injured. Mack, '12. nnd laus-^i!;ig his fi'ind season, reallx.e.s all this. Tli'! tall tactician's explanation tliK importance of tak-h- inu and Ihe. .veaicity of recelvei.s. With r-'oxx catching, tho Atii- By Barry Gray son Dr. James Nalsmith. who back In the so-called Gay Nineties \rnny a peach basket on the running track of the Springfield, Mass Y. M c • ~,*~ ~ ' w ".-.*.,.i,« **-s.t A. Evffinusmm, and thus Invented ! f'°, ol!; °" rlllcs Changes.and will the game cf basketball, sticks close ' f, k . c '\ ""Dcrimcnts made to the University of Kansas where tnrail <"""" "'" "" -" " "•• -' conferences (o slop monkeying with tlic rules," says'. Fiowe. "They : are only bringing chaos into the E amc. We litivc tried' to eliminate liiols nobody wauls the game to develop Into n parade from foul line to foul line. But nothing wa can do will succeed unless everybody understands clearly- is a. loul and what Is not."" Howe hn.s Instituted experiments in some, of the Cleveland high ne Is a prolcssor. But if he wan rtered far afield and looked in on lite gams us now played from Atlantic to Pacliii, nnd all over tlie world us well, he hardly would recognize his brain child. - Tlie fundamentals are Mill Ihe throughout the country, notably at the. University o! Kiuisns by Or Forrest C. Allen. Me it'll! present this information to tlie national committee for consideration at Us .spi-iny tneelini;. rne fuiKlnmenlnls are Mill Ihe f | i c 1 i same everywhere. The game is','" 05 " ls '"53lVagCd played with o blown-np round bull niwt'llic. ijlra Is to to,\s it IhroUfii a hoop. nut. hni'dly two coaches " From Lake Bottom . . leacit 1( alike, or (wo" (earns play II alike, alike. or l\vr> oflleiiils oillelale It "les Neril Slanrtardblnj- From coast to coast has risen a shrill protest at the way it is being played. Teams (jolng from one section to another to play have found (liemscli'e.s bewildered by n different set of rules mid the rule ' 11(11.99 boo! >- '» I'll'ectT has been discsmled. 18.00 For rm . v r »'o that is pertinent lo the actual playing of (lie jjtimr. is an Interpretation, and each section has adopted Us own. The most striking departure from tlie rule book is practiced in'Ihc' southern dlvisioli of ll lc pacific Const Conference. The code, says that' after every ( score, play is resumed with a centcntcss-tip. The :oast group has discarded the center toss . The center tap long has been attacked.'and the rules committee is ready to discard it if n. discovers >"nl the basketball playing and observing public wishes it so. nut ;1 /° cwte tap is only incidental in nl $2.442.62 " lc P rcsci " furor over basketball Summary What is a foul, anil what isn't? ',""" Receipts 244262 n ' !U ':' i the sorest point. lota Expenditures ... : .. ' a.02l'94 ""^ "I'c 5 committee has labored u™"?? 5 .|2or>3 to kcc P bashetbnll an fnlcrtalniiv — 'last-moving K nmc. It has hedged W-,i \r • • c- i I, °" 1 " s n!l "'' Certain provisions West Virginia Students (oott ">ll "«cllc.s and gnerllln wnr- Favor Capital Punishment ^."S'tt'^Stll ^ ^ I Realise of She mcdi-rn craze for in- JIORQASTOWN, w Va m P )_ I tcr l»'cl!HtatUi, Students of W;s t Vir B inia Uni-' ' ' ' \ersily b;liave thnt capital punishment should to retained by p'n- (he lelies have a chai:c,: to win American league pcnnnnt," says Mack, shading Ills pale blue, eyes from the Plot-Ida sun, "We oiultl no Ijcltcr than run hfth in Ifli'Kely because we' Oh, To Be a Teacher! MeMullins and Famous Store Are New Sponsors in Eight-Club Loop. ; The Commercial Soft nail league will be composed of eight learns •u the coming season M It wa.s ye.iv but two new No wonder Max Cnvey and Leslie Mann opened n baseball school in Miami. Ha. Ijmk nt Hie pupil lucky Mann Is lendilng how to catch! Klv-A pretty Bonnie Claire. :i dycd-in-lhe-wool southern "cracker," v.lio b:irncd inio Hie school and declared. "No. snli. you sho nnf cain''t keep inn out of yo baseball school." And who'd want Co, anyhow? orricc appfnl than Foxx. who swatted fit! i:ome. runs in 1932, nut the difference In iheir pay well illttsiialos how fortunate K star is to be In New York and working for an owner like Colonbl liave a tntcher of real worth and dltt noi! 1'''- >XX ' wh'i'is only 27, hns been ,',,Imnfle*captain of Hid Athletics, and ;n,ore or '' one who could hit inudi uitin his welshl'. 1 couldn't buy, hot row, a cntcher wiio ilsiired to 1 than .200, but in Alex riooks IMirehased from Tulsa, 'i Ifnvc a basuman who should hit a t Itait .27S. Honks, with an avcr-i age of .340 loss the batting plomnlp of the Texas League last season by only iw l'o\x Tivvors S'uile;» "The boss made the decision for m?," smiles. l- n ox):, the .3<iO liit- Icr. "After all, my being put out of tlio game for any length of lime means more lo him than it docs to. ;mc. •1: simply l-ati a chance . to do some business. Mr. Mack made it worth wiiile for me lo entcli. so here 1 am." Foxx reveals that lie is 'to .... given a bonus e:ich season if, the Philadelphia club winds up in the HIE! division. GLADSTONE. Mich. i(JP)-~Frce. j coal for all who arc iiiKCnlouri enough to salvage it from the wa- lers of Lake Michigan on the Gladstone waterfront hns brought nearly aoo men out. on Ihe Ice each day this whiter. Coal docks occupied a shore site here for 40 years and al one (imr: nearly 1)0,000 Ions of coal were (lumped in, ihe water ' en the docks caught fire. Salvagers use u wire basket with a heavy Iron bate lo hold II rigid. One nuiti is reported lo have taken "" Ions mil of (he water. The Sudlersville sluRger v Is KO 1'ositlvc that lie and his teammates will ntliihi this rnt|. that lip Mhp.idy Is ri>iintln<; the extra cash. "I should collect between SC5- 000 nnd 575,000 on tlie new lliree- ycsiv CQiUrnct 1 signed, nt. tlie conclusion of last season,", he V.oatns. l ; 'rom (bat you 'easily can reckon tlic approximate amount of Foxx's flat Kdlar.r .'inniiolly. . Babe Ruth, whose major league home tun t-et-orcl of BO fo^x hnix'S t'O break, wns p:iirt SBO'.OflO for |\io .<;ea.iOn of 1930 * by the New Vork Yankees. Ruth hnd vastly more color nn:l hitting could be iroughl into play every day, but .;on have to go back to fioser ,'; liresn;,hun to nnd a-''ease any- uhere near parallel, lo that of Foxx. John McQraw iraiisfoimed ti'j Hi-.'sncihnn [10,11 a fly chaser n! aulhorltiss as a means urrmg crime. StudeiiLs of criminology that after receiving replies Westionnaire submitted t do- found to a i the l.s ve- ~ _• " "• 1\J,t iMIJLltU spondrng, ail favcircd capita isnment. w hi,e only ,35 it. L.fc imprisonment in all caws « against the death ,, ran iiv. received 101 voles, with 31H opposed. Tennessee Women Ask To Serve O n Jury Duty KNOXVILUJTre™. (UP)-Ten- ncssse women desire the right to serve on juries and they have; ta.-:en up the banner f or their' cause The League of Women Vot- .ers, tne East Tennessee Wom«n •: Lawyers' Association and the Bust-; ness and Profe_«ional Women's Clubs are petitioning legislators "Wojjicn of higher intelligence nave .time for jury duty and they ^Id-be-lcss likely to shirk their outv, said ^rrs. Amelia .Corkiand Strauss, president O f the' Women La«j - e'rs' group. l''oul Iinrtrr Slirroscniic The rules commlttoe brlieves sin:rely that ihe game n s tha code quires It to be played is a goad ?ame—If only teams would play ac- cordins lo the co.1e. Unable so far io enforce its cotle 1-e committee is ready to revise it drastically, if necessary, if only the fonnlrj- as a whole! will agree on ie definite code. Uniformity ol Interpretations as well as rules is vital. fiecetHIv. I'loyd A. Rowe. .of Cleveland, "a' msmber ol !h c national- committee. ice to study tlic varying interpretations witb the hope of briiig- Wg Ims uniformity. s "We have to teach conches nnd Burlon Service AUK. MO. STATE LINE DODGE ECONOMY BRINGS ORDER FROM SOUTH POLE Byrd Expedition Operator Intercepts Broadcast... Sends World's Longest- Distance Order 9,000 Miles To Detroit Rcaci Courier Kews Want Ac's. Super Shell Gas at Missouri Prices Franc' :es Sandwich Shop In connection - Ljin K to lhc economy of Ibe big, P ow«f u |, New-Value Dojge. B u t im. »gine the ™pri« ^ m \ Ks ladio message, fiom far-off Liltlo Ametica, teaclicil Iho Dodgefaclory.ftom Radio Opeialor Clay Bailey, aboard Admiral Byid's flagship. Mr.Bailcywiretessed: "Picked up radio description last ni^ht of new Dodge'that does l\vcmy and more miles per gallon of gns. You can place my order now. Please hove Coupo awaiting me Boston on our rclum to Slotcs. You can lake in anil sell my old Dodge now. n was a darned good car. After months of toughing \\ in this sea and ice max new 'Aitglide Ride' will certain!? feel swell. Dodge lias always been the finest riding and driving and most economical cnt J have ever drivac — and I've, handled 'cm nil." (Signed) Clay Bailey, Radioman U. s. N. Night back flashed the Dcdge an- sn-er to ihe returning explorer: ''Will have new Dodge awaiting you." Throuphout big America, too, the pules response lo this new t)odgp is the most sensational in history. Never before has any car, so low-puc^ given such clear-cut supremacy iti riollar.for-dollar value. And remember with oil its 95 basic advancements the big, New-Value Dodge delivers for just a few dollars more than lowest- priced cars. CHRYSLER MOTORS DODGE DIVISION .VEW. V4.LUB DODO/? S64S >n rf „„ Ml"*'* f o. ». /irt«,,, D,!,,,,-,";^^ lo clijnjte mtftoul noi;«-. Time p., vm j' ' '" *'»•«»' >»"<(«• •*«* fo.- llV eft', Chryitrr Motors Comm^rc;j| C-trfrj 3; - wo !' ! !l!l?f rrj'' Field here. A's ^liglit Win, Says Jimmy - "Yoii will recall thn;. a year :iga ! iiviulicfcd the 'Atlilcllcs would tc on lo]> again in four years," asserts- fom, "and ', 1 v.'ouldn't fce at . all ' surprised if we won tills season. We have tlie stuff. H only has lo bo brought oiil. ft Is to be n-wide-tiiieti race." .Mack, considers POKX the most yer.ialllo top-rankini; player j ;n tba history of .the game, as well as the foremost long-distance right- Ill last ... " ~ ' -~ ~ - "" tii; in ViJUij.VJi:* will replace old sponsors in tlic or- ganisation. Play will start April 1C. Tlic two new sponsors in the loop •e Joe Ap;>l<*.-iimrs Famous store ind MfMnll[u'.s cash Grocery. They cplacc Ilaynes 1 Men's Shop nnd liberty Cash Grocers, who have .•itlidrawn, Sponsors remaining rom last year Include Robinson ^rug company, pnstimc nilliard 'arlor, R. D. Hughes, Terry Service Station, Arkansas-Mis.soitrl Power I'oniiuiDj' aim Ark.insa.'; liulld- •rs Supply. At a meethi" of iengiic directors last night Fred "Hock" Saliba wns re-elected president, other ofiltor.s Jlccted were: J. p. Frind, vice pre.s- Jleeted were: J. p. Friend, vice pres- H. F. Drogoon, treasurer. The newly prepared constitution if the league with a leiv nme/id- uciit.s was adopted. The constitution had been prepared by n committee headed by M r . Friend. A schedule committee of Vf-rnou h plaj'lng any position, and pitch, too. Ruth and other pitcher* switched to the outfield their nev/ spirit'at Finally Takes"-.'Welch in Third ..Meeting. Here; Ptirdiii \Vinnei-. Lon Chsiney finally won over Hoy Welch in the third of their scries i ^l^ ^ Citc ^ !l ^ ^ c annory last Chancy took the first and third rplk in a rough and tumble match with welch annexing the second. Clianey. piled.-up the referee anc Ins opponent .in gaining tliu final /i. ' . . rc . fl?rec crawling om, o' the j JWJ J^-Ui.1li!IJl,U IJ^llt- .. ' " •-'••• "-1- 1.1 U WllJI^ UiJ lie is capable of c '-ingle to pat chancy on ! back. | '• In a preRmlnary Jack Purdin de- rcmarkable ' C3 }, tert M "x Glover, two out of three falls. Fissll Snake BROWNINGTON. Mo. tup) _ cnlcher of '1'ralee's early career. -, in the Duke (cctl lnn « "» d »'.rt'»metcr. The fossil was --*••- A in: iv.xjll \VilS I under n three-foot vein of coal 40 Bresnnliiin pitched. 'cnu»lit nnd performed in ijoth infield'and outfield, but if Jimmy. l-'oxx fulfills the v;liy Mack's 1 expcetatlons. he will'.suppliint Kcge'i-ns. the sveat- cst.R.II• raiinrt Uiil! player who ever lived, in the opinions of many uticse ine.'noty extends over three Tuesday - Weds. MAT— 2: f)0 - lOc & 2f)C N1TIC— fi :.[ri - l()c & 35c A love story os human as a kiss! As stirring as a baby! As thrilling as a carnival! ROXY Malincc ^ .Friday, Sa(unlay nnd Sunday" Onlv HANK NIGHT TONIGHT Tues.-Wed.-Thurs. MAT. W.T.BARNETT AUTO SALES E . SALLY TRACY • EILERS JIMMY DURANTE Si arr <i*4 ttmn tltrr lj» Bg^trt Sti Irh Wr«tt«d by Wolttr long A COLUMBIA PICTURE Paramount News Comedv EXCITinG ADVENTURE with' BINN5E BARNES N«i! Himllton, Paul Cavjnaj'n, CujiRt Pilltttc, Grant Mitchtll, Ftrdliund Go Fox i\e«-s Comedy TUESDAY, MARCH 1!?, 1935 Rimer, J. p. friend and Ace piu* ett was named to -p renar e t h league's Eemdiile. - i' K i' are » Play will be staged twice a «•<,.-on Tuesday and Thutsdaj, nl JJS e ' Small admission rales Jlf," eliai'ECd, varying for adults ,,,« oblldrpn nnd sfudejils. sixlv £1 '•oil of tlie gale receipts will go |I Ihe high school, M |X> r cent, to the soil, ball league fund and 20 , OT rent lo secure Irophlfs for !-=niinp winners. > Calls Palestine To Give Golf Score PINEJIURST, N. C. (UP)— Wlitit, probably i.s u le longest loug-dlstanco leleplione call ever made concern! ing a golf score— from Hasten ( 0 I alcstinc— wiis martc last week afi« r P. W. Wliltlein'orc.'BZ. shot a CO ,„ Ihe seniors' golf championship tour- iiament here. Mrs. Whifiemore, read or the n rC , i," Bwl °" n^Paiwrs and led her sister in Palestine to loll • my husband (ij)p Me nUy has his health i m . a , KP ,,^ .,,,^ " VVB ANY AMOUNT".^ COAL as_ lillJe as jjrjQ || JS il'T . X ~ CKI ' rro "> Alabama lie-st to hold fire, full or |,cvu THE SUPERIOR ['HONK IM Acre's a world of smart style m HART SCHAFFNER & MARX All-Wool Shetland SPORT SUITS S 30 JUEW shirred hack nnd yoke • effects ;ind free swing models with different lines lend variety ;m(! interest (o (ho sporl suits for Spring. Superfine tailoring of guaranteed all-wool fabrics, with (he new sof( lapels and rolling fronts for luxurious case, give you (he maximum of value in styl->, in quality, in wear and all around srttisfticlion. Mead Clothing Co.

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