The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 26, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 26, 1933
Page 2
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two BT.rrTRvn,LB. (ARK.) COURIER VKWS THURSDAY, OCtOBE_R_26,_1933 j Social Calendar idreti boys Mid girls will be In tliCi'^'-H the Rev, W. H. Horn otfld-! Furnsworlh Black will go to Mem- 'parado which win stun at 7:30 —~ : .^,-. .-.. FRIDAY'S EVIWTS j P. T. A,, Mrs, ?. B,' !» P. «. i Pjclock at the hlel> school. the *ioc*i chapter o( Muwi will be h*M at Ran, irtll confer degrees. nting. . • i phis tomorrow where they »l|l »t- ' * ' , tenet lha play "Nina Rosa, 1 ' *t the .Metre-Mourr . ; auditorium and will be guwt« 0! Miss Itesic P. Ellen Mo\ier »ml Mrs. John l>, Flnley sr., (or thc ... ._.. . Jo'jcn Moore, both ,o(- Hlckmtn, Josephhia clrclt luncheon 5»tur- Plans for the nnnual Hallowe'en J have ontaln;d n'marriage licence. , day at the. Hotel Pcabody when —1..». .« .i,. i,,_i>. Him. ,-u™ii ~ • ...;;•'. „ _ . • '. ' | this year's debutantes will bei"Mt,s 11 ^==r t •';' > " fT, ot honor, They. ; \vlll return Satur'•••*•• • " day Qveiitii!!. • .Mrs. J. -J.. Davis attended to! I business |n QeceoU ytsterdayl ! Mlts Ruby K. Bolew .hue rctuni- ..led to liar home in JaoKMn, Teniv, Jll nfler K rtiit with Mrs. J. J. Davis. to attractions In contests, and n live pig is to be given for an attendance prize, ' To Bits Mostly. Personal A °< ilst chu « h *'IH complete h'V time officers will tc elected In '«'°" al1 ""' "*><* '" " and lulled On -Monday nluhl the ormrn fill have a Hallowe'en n«M at the Methodist church al party av me (VT-^JIWUJOV vnmvii Csceola. Announcemenl lias been madu of (he marrliigc of Miss Elva Walker, daughter 'of Mr. nniJ Mrs. J. T. p.;i mwulK i ct-mclcrv Ass'n \Valker of Huffman, Ark., to Mr. T[) Scrvc D | nrcr Suturclav Charles McClard, of Dexter, Mo., M ,. mbcls 0 ; ,iic ElmwooU Ctnic- The wedding w«s solemnized Sal- tcry jssociatio,,, recently oi-gmilz- - - . ..tatter. •'' ' . \ iSlTvELE, ( Mo.-r-Tht Sli'Ele g .Mr. ati'J Mrs. w. Jf. HlovaJI anil' clriscd tar over & mo/ilti for cotton afternoon • ft I the church Mm, ,j, it Hto\nll .nro hi Mfiiiphis picking, wilt repp'cji November 0. al 2:30 o'clock. . -. '• • lortay ' • ' •••-••• | .^umerow activities are "planned In this week's mcstuiK ,Mrs. A. ).;.- M. unk i\lt.™dn<| to business B11( j basketball will receive Kix/cla B. Fair fluid was leader ot the pro- in Muimiiiis yesterday. ; atltntlcn. Thc Juniors lire already pram on "Women anil Children In ,\jj s . ; /uiccn Fields, who has liccn pi-ncUclilg"a play, "Omk Clndcr- ImliiFtry" witu the Ooldcn scvcrul days from malaria, K clla," lo be presented umi«r the <11 as the prcrtnminiuU IhoiiBlH now ,, p , ; , recllou of Miss Mary Holderasc. address-^ I i!,, K , r :] i>ii!lllns Jr:, huA recover-' .-! rtl from H-vrriil dnys Illness. ^._ .-There arc 10,000 species of Fk-rrlwr M'nnlb will rcli'ivn i blids' oij-'tlic-.carlli,. accordlni; to to licr lionif In Kiull?arl-, Ark.,, to- I c«t!matfts. ... , morrow ntivr .scvern! d»vs stuy i "" ' '"—• wlih her sister. Mrs. W., Ixion Our argument why. you" should Smith, nnd fi'nllv. She t» ehro'utc h;ivo.jou.r,pft'8CVint,lohs niled. al our iirdaj 1 evening, October Iwcnly- C(t -( ot . (llc | nn .p rS c nf cailns fur tirst, at Cri". Olrsrdcan, Mo. Hie [his ccmc tcry, will have n clilckcn Rev.-J. ft Owen, pastor of the anner s*lun\ny In thc Inilldlnq First'.'Baptist church, perfonnctt ncxt to thc Nc ' u . Mcade'clothln-j the ceremony at his home . store -rickets will be 35. cents. .. Trie bride wore a navy blue silk Proceeds from thc event. will be corduroy tunic frock with acccs- placed In tlw fund to gravel p trio torie'£ in the same shade mid her street from thc hishwny to"the cordage was of t>itik rflsos and cemetery, baby' brf otl). ! Miss ' Margaret. Alison, of dipt lUmra-Olcnn Glrardeau, Misses Nell Bosion nnd 'I'hc: marriage of Miss Womile Hazel and I*uise McAdams, nt Glenn nnd Lennlo Hnmrn. both ot Ti'le'r Mo were Iheir only at- Uci-ring, Mo., occurred Saturday tcndants i'" UllK clt> ' wlth " u; llcv - Sl Ml M'«. McOlard Is a Bratote of Wntson performing Hie ceremony the Cooler high school and inlcv home from Chicago. . ,. . .. Mvs. C. M. Duck fin's Voile Lo i liH|Hl!e , . i s^rw— qnlj;., .rcKl '' , ea druggtsu and price , . Phocnls, Ariz., ,for..B visit with. Mr. ! Rliarn.meeit .' bcst.'^-' KlfbjV ;.DflUO 'in<r Mrs. Ilnrry H'rowh wiio form- i Store*. : - : '- '••' •'•'••' ••'' '•••••"••'.' intended tlic Will Maynfld college 'at Marble and tlie I.tdbetlcM(i>p|i?r Miss iret'.a Homier •, , n , ibr , ltcri of hw taught In the Cooler grade. ' .The bridegroom attended Teach. | ers-college atcapeotardeaii before t-nterhrt the University ol nul Elmer Mo., were , - . &( . b . ni * [h of J Armo ,. el ; , VcVl; J _ OI l " c sccl)ml Is now'instruelor of science and athletic coach In Ihe high whool Ulere ' .. > « ! 'nii> Girls club of .fiinlor high P E O Meets i fc^ 1100 ' \w 'i cc » iornicd nnd these The 13 menteers and tiio vibilor.' °fllccrs elected: Aiijtn ' S'truckd, Mrs. E. E. OarlliiRLon ol 8«aroy, President; Marjorlo Warren, vice- Ark. -houseguesl 1 of Mr. and M^. pr«Uent: Sybil Bracktn, secretary; „ t , .. ... „.!._ _.. i. . iv,n Alln Favfi SimniinK. trrnsurer: B A who atien tied Ihe All a Fave. Slmn; OHK. . t v en sure r; NIGHT raeetin? "oi the P. E. O. chapter Elaine Anderson Wednesday, alternoon at. the home - '.i'lj.',.,. .., of Mrs. A. Conwxy, hearri Mrs. ^''l' 1 "-"" 1 " 1 "' Lynch give a report of the nation-1 Tin; inurrlags ol Miss Oluucj al conference in Kansas Oily. i Williams imd Edwin Chapln, botl A-salad course was served with of Mnniln, took place gaUlrday orange rolls mid lioi t*a. — *.-*•• ; lUs. Game Supper ' Members of '• Ihe 'nwn-day Luncheon club and their husbands vere gucets of Mr. and Mra. A. O. ' LlttW last evening for a game supper and bridge parly nt their country hohic "FaU-nelds." At cards Mrs. Everett- B. Occ tlie prize, a va«. • ; Students to H»IT iiiuke Dance Tonight Students OT the city high school mean to "paint Iho tovni r«l" with a snake dance tonight pvlor lo the Bijrtheyllle-Paragould foolbsll game here tomorrow night. Several hmi- CON8TTPATION RF.LICTKO BV PLANT LEAVES AND ROOTS Thedford's BlMlc-Orauslil. Is one ol the most popular laxatives sold tMi? btctnsc I'. U rcmci* ol tiic htves ttai* il. brings TsfrefMus rclltl frr.u t —^-^^ lrirjbl-i. Trv II lor I'.at- I DtilEUCC fOIK IL-h or c»n!Up>t;d Iwxt-K". ! Ht»tVt> WU» erly lived licrc.. llefore • returninn home she will also visit In Los ; Aimeles nnd othc jwints.qf CJalfJ-,' ornla. She plans lo be awoy six j weeks. '• I'alty June--Unvls. who tmd':r- ; went an Inpuendicltis operation 1 re- : ccnlly »t tin: nlytlnVllIc hospital. I was removed yesterday lo Iho j home ot Mr. mid Mrs. . .M«rviiv| oblnijoii. Her condition Li excel- ] ml. . ' ' Jcr Evrnnl. son ot. Mr. ai»l Mrs. iarciis F.vnird. lihdefvreiiO .a fec- lifl uitiMold uiicrnllon yealprdily. at Ic-Memphis, fiiipllfl. hofllitnl. Mr. Vrnrd rtturncd hiM/iiilghl bul Will o to MOiiiphis itoinorrpw lb spend lie -weekend-; u,jth Mrs;' E\Trard : nnd ; x.-; Jnc's conditloiv.'ls; vch^BOOd. j Mr and Mrs. J. L. .Ciliard-and nmllyj, .uccoiniianlert, by.Mr.. ai)d ' Irs. Terry Guard mid Inmlly of] 3ti!ruthersvllli;, have relurne<l from Iqimllty, 111., where tl'.cy vLsllert | ac mother of the two Mr. Guards, j lio Is critically ill. I Mnu'S. John L. Finlcy Jr.. Elton V. Kirby, James K. BeJl ami Don't m\vc cclds, diu'i tlirt' with ' PncumotilB. liulld up •'•your rssisl- ilicc. insure iigalnst sickness. TAKE COD LIVER OIL. Best prices''and I. .1 ftoc| . 1U K1Rn y S '. jStoref.' TONIGHT at the Big Tent Theatre Acrosr from Armory The FRANK SMITH j»LAYERS j i : '—Proseht— "Know Your Groceries" "~ : " "Also "Thc Ozarl; Mountaineers" Direct I'rnm KMOX In I't-rsoii Kridity Night "Lena,',Ktvers" '.-. lOc and ZUc SPECIAL ;:; SALE ««lot. Tlic Ek'gancc t>t! AnlolMlum Day* Reflected in Brilliuni. Anniversary Pattern of 1847 Roers Silvenvavc Uispliiycd today on the iiwdel labk- uf Mr;-. .;. George. Tluirii, lionic ccoiuniiis't. ;it (!;;• '!• Cotirlcr iN'cwK Cooking S'.-liool. .-..This liatuJ^oinc 2G ; Hti prltcil al only 81,50 C€ y. Satu^dw.v, Monday,'-Tuesday & Wednesday 10i Discount Will be given un all Coals, Suits ;mi! Dresses. Our buyers have just returned from the market anrl we have on« of the most comirlctc lines of Sport Coats. Dress Coats, S^Yagg«^;Suits and Dresses in Ihis part of the country. We invite compittison, both on quality and price. This sale will hi- for five days nnd does not apply on merchandise already laid away. New Fashions Arc Keatuvinii - - Tucked and puffed .sleeves, slender silhiiueilcs, unusual fur effects In squirrel, badger, fox and. wolf fur trim, Silk ci er.c 1'ncd and interlined. Sport Coats and Swaggers both plain and tailored and fur Irimnwi. Sizes 14 to Priced Krom ir j. fl'Cft ,75 to w ( J. Less ' Id 1 ' Discount to DRESSES -. Chick fall -frocks in rough crepe*, light- .»rt-t rn weight woolens and novcUy .wpplpns 'Ail.JU and sneer crepes and velvets. Newest fashions in sniiirl sle'l/c treatments Less Hi and cape models. Sizes U lo 52. Hisconnl HATS Vrautifu'i collection o) felt, uovtlty wool, crept and metallic combinn- 'Jims'. $1.98 to J435 SHOES ,\.\ to f. .1 tu in ?:. .1111) s>; Ulhn- LIU ir,l>"r:. *( :m<i si I'.Mlvily rnnd New Eeonoiuy Shop igram Ultlc. Phone ',T)I Watch! Don't Be Flim-Flammed on Price and Weight LIBERTY CASH GROCERS ANNIVERSARY SALE ••• (STOCK UP AT THESE LOW PRICES) Specials For Friday. Saturday and Monday 5 Lbs. lOc JM Fresh L)€/.en 3Sc 18c TrrJlMM) Sweet Clover, (2-Lb. Limit) i'ounrl Sunny nrook, Cahova, Oenns or Maxwell House, i'ound ' Swift's SilveHeaf or Rex Kif* Kitrrii'r Lane Pound SKNNUS Macaroni - Spaghetti • 42/t Noodles, 'liox w*» D^ATUbC Libby's. Fancy Yellow rLilLllLo Cling. No. 2 Gin TOMATO JUICE Phillips 4c lo-LI). Limit. Pound MILK' ,t1)I>y's. Ha by Can 3c Tall Can 6c BACON Sliced Pound lie [«irge Head. " Each 6ic CRANBERRIES Fanev BIG DEAL SOAP Large Pound 12 2 C 3c FLCUR,!;!™ ; , 1M $7.50 m "95c CCRN FLAKES liox 5c SALAD DRESSING Vi Pint 7ic 1 10o ''« I'urc Pork. Slado Fresh"* 1 and Clean. Pound KIDNEY BEANS Joan of .\rc Can 7c Van tamp ••* ^ No. 2 y : Citn t C j ffls .; & ,,,.™,, ^ I7fc SALT MEAT " st fl u d an. S' 0 ' Sic SOAP Extra Standnrd No. 2 Can HENS P "" D "^' -EL 17c PEARS Libby's No. 2 >/2 Can 171C GEISHA CRAB MEATS? 25c 15c SALMON Style Mackerel ^ i -, Tall Cart I 2\f Fresh Shelled I'ound 59c APPLES COFFtE Fancy \ork Imperials At* Pound t %'\f Fresh Ground Pound lOc DA VCT (From No - 1'BeeO Shoulder Clod, Lb. 15c iWniJi ' T. Rib, 12i/jc; Stew, 7'/jc PANCAKE FLCl'R Washburn's Package 7ic TURNIPS Rutabagas or New- Pound 2c PORK SHOULDER' KaltordVObtlisk. (None Better At Any I'rice) 6 Ibs 33c; 12 Ibs, 60c; 2-llbs.-$1.15 BARING POWDER "^ Do ^ A ^ 12-w. I0t; 2 Lbs. 18c KLEEN KLEENER oSffS »«25 c PINEAPPLE Llbb! '\i r ± 7c Yellow, Ripe Pound BLUE PLATE MAYONNAISE S CHEESE ONIONS U^d or Yellow -5 ^ . Pound OC GROUND BEEF' Nice for Merit Loaf Pound ' K. C. 25-oz. Can DILL PICKLES Quart Jar 12c NAVY BEANS,!:. 0 $3.40 lb Sic BEANS Kt" 1 $4.15 PINTO BEANS Lb. New Crop Pound 4ic 5c Wisconsin Full Cream Pound PILLSBURY FLOUR POTATOES Fancy,, Red O ^ Pound 9m V BLACK EYE PEAS Pound 5c PICNIC HAMS Nieu Size Pound RED SALMON Rosedale No. I.Tall Can 12c V.P'AflHFTTF ° r Macaroni - Kentucky ^^ C'rAUIlt'l 11 Home. Lot. Box I'C PURE LARD, H SI WV,.,. $3.50 TENNESSEE50RGHUM«. 50c JLARD TOILET PAPER Northern or Fort Howard. Roll 3-Lb. Crtn. 21c S-Lb. Crtn. 57c ,ibinly Carton or ^ . Yard. Do/,. COCOANUT Lb - Ei ASPIRIN " ,tt, HAIVK Swift ' s ! /i or whole, Il/ililo Empire cct pire center cuts 17 1 /; BALLARD l '^S Bos TURPENTINE HERSHEY lllPfrl ITI? MarihmulfowOf C Uli DLUfl Crciim, ,lar 61 Rerl N'u. 1 Can -. lOc Km BLACK I)KAU(: S 8IW 17 C REX.JELLYl^;,, W ~ ASHING I'OWUKU v .ColilDust 01 0. K. Ito SHOE POLISH 8 ?r 25 C TOMATO PASTE DURHEE 9! L JELLO; A " SPARE RIBS "5- J'OTATOKS OK: N. Halls. I,b. HEN FEED SARDINES Am "S: "> K CABBAGE Circen Lb. Mornin. Brace^ STEAKS ^•ice and1<>lC lean. Lb. 162 CORN '' * PEANUT Uc ZZc M AKSH.M ALLOWS' • K^ Angel rood, loz pkjr v MUSTARD"'"" •& 10 U OLEO SNOWDUFTSSft Old Virginia Brunswich STKSV Small Can Ufc; Lge Can 23r LIPTONTEAl^'.-.g BLACK PEPPER £& LjGHT : GLOBESJ/^25 L SALT (AB You CHARCOAL L S S TEAKS Round, toin, Rib ICt Fjom No UU. S. beef. IbiJ COCOA "^" CRACKERS', PAR-T-JEL A " 15c $ PARK 1 UUU BEAN S KRAUT ^S-s, 8'

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