The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 26, 1950 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 26, 1950
Page 8
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• ?AGE BTGHT BLYTTIEVTT.r.E (ARK.) COURfER NEWS Tk« Nation Today; How Do You Sp«ll It? Exasperated Senator Exacerbates So/ons By JAMBS MAK1.OW WASHINGTON, May 20 — W— Senators seem to charm themselves and one another with what they have to say. They sit there, talking cr listening to one another for hours. And when one of them slips in a high-level .word, the others usually nod and never bat an eye. Tills week it was different. All in one day they had dictionary trouble and trouble with one another. Senator Aiken, the mild and kindly Republican froin Vermont, was reading from a memorandum by Ihe Government's budget bureau. What the man who wrote the memo was trying to say was this: If the Senate wiped out a certain minor government agency, the people there would be unhappy and pretty shaky about finding another government job. That \vonld have been (he simple wav to say it. Bureau Man Not Simple But the budget bureau wasn't .simple, su what he actually said was this: if the agency was wiped out, the workers there would .suffer all "exacerbation of that .sense of Isolation and insecurity ____ " At that point Senator Cain, the Washington Republican who sued to be a paratrooper, landed on his feet. He told Aiken he wanted to know how to spell "exacerbation" so he could look it up in a dictionary. Aiken had to spell it twice for him. In a wink and a nod Cain was back on his feet with Information. He said the dictionary said: "Exacerbation: the act of exacerbating or the state of being exacerbated; increased severity, as in the symptoms of a disease." "To Irritate" (He might have added, but didn't. that the dictionary also says exacerbate means to irritate or make bitter. So. apparently, the budget bureau man meant the workers would be irritated if they lost their Jobs.) The Senate had hardly passed through this semantic crisis when Senator Tom Connally, the Texas Democrat who has some white hair •nd a lot of sarcasm, got up. He asked the Senate to approve President Truman's Point Pour program-giving skilled American hcll> io bacfcwHnl countries. Right there •enitor T»ft got on hjs feet to pro- tut. ' Taft, »he Ohio Republican, Is R *a*t t-alk«- but hardly a'match for Coonilly. Taft said he thought OoiWMlly wa* asking th« Senate fco approvt tha program a* a "ma- ttr ol oourse." ThU must have exacerbated Connally because the Texan replied: "the senator frnm Texas (meaning himself) . Sid no such thing, notwithstanding the supereoKntion of tile distinguished senator from Ohio i who swmi to know more about lew l*i«ri anyone else I know." Tmft Execerbaled have exacerbated Taft because I was back on his feet, demanding: What does the senator mean bj 'supererogation'? I want an explanation of the term." There are various dictionary definitions for supererogation— sucli as "to perform in excess, to pay out, " over and above... briiclied them all but Connally aside, without mentioning them. He said: The senator (meaning Taft) can look In (he dictionary for it. I do not have time to educate.the senator from Ollio." Having disposed of Taft, Connally went on to explain that, of course, some of the language in the bill to set up the Point Four program was a little purple. "High Flown Expressions" "These," Connally said, high-flown expressions designed to create tlie riglit kind of climate." That brought Senator Donnell, Missouri Republican, to his feet. Donnell has a double habit: of quizzing other senators when they make long speeches, ond of making long speeches himself. He asked Connally what he meant by the "right kind of climnte." "Wartn in winter, cold In summer," Connally said, not helping Donnell's dilemma at all. But, prodded a little bit more, lie said the purple language to create the "right kind of climate" was meant to encourage American businessmen to invest abroad. This apparently not only exacerbated Donnell but exasperated him loo. He said he'd like to answer Connally. Said Connally: "Not with a speech. I want an answer." This must have caused an acute excandcscense (growing hot) in Donnell, for he replied: "I cannot speak without, speaking. I cannot discuss a matter without alluding to it." Said Connally. "I have observed that, the senator from Missouri cannot speak without a great deal of speech." 1910 1915 1920 1925 1930 1935 1940 1945 1950 The noivschart above, based on data from the Department of Agriculture, shows how the u. S. /arm population declined steadily from a 1933 depression peak of 32,000,000 to 25,200000 in 1045 then' climbed back to 27,700,0000 by 1949. Improved business conditions after 1933 caused a steady migration from the forms. World War II hastened Ihc trend, as millions left the farms for city war plants or Ihe armed forces. Farm population today appears to be levelling off about midway between the prewar normal ond the wartime low. Portageville News By Mi's. Raymond Toomfos MEXICO Cl'lf, May 2<>. (AP) — Two men kldmpjx>d the six-year- old daughter of a millionaire movie fiouse operator yesterday and left a note demandiis $18,000 ransom in sold. The child, forma Granat, was snatched as shi and her nurse left tlie home of ^er father, Bsimuel Granat, owner Jf a chain of movie houses. Tlie jien gave the the ransom (einand then drove fjuickly away wth the child. The note ga\J no Instructions for delivering the put, but warned that If police were notified "the child will be killed." J'olic Nol Told Police said ;hcy had no report of the kidnapng, but it was confirmed by the'hild's mother. Theater sources csimated Granat's fortune at between $1,003,000 and $' 000,000. Mexico's fecral law provides Its heaviest penaly—30 years—for kid- naping a chile AnvlliiK for Chilil "I'll give iiything to Have my "Supererogation" turn must Want to Grow Hair? VICTORIA PARK, Australia 'AP)J-The announcement that she sought a young bald man on whom to try out a cure .for baldness has resulted in an Australian nurse, Mrs. E. M. ROM, being besieged by bald-headed people in Australia and from other countries for dc- tnlls of her treatment. Using massage and a preparation of her own whtch combines lanolin, glycerine and other ingrledlcnts, Nurse Ross claims to ha-vc produc- ed.ln six months a good growth of young hair on the head of her 75- year-old husband who has been bald for 30 years. Innumerable people called, or wrote but she chase only two, a man of 25 and a girl of 24. both almost completely bald, on w'hom she is now experimenting. Mrs. Shoiilts Honored Mrs. Kvnn Raker. Mrs. Itiizel Willey and Miss tlufstcdler en- .ertaincd Monday evening; in the lomc of Mrs. Baker wilh a stork shower honoring Mrs. Melvin Shoults. As the guest of honor entered she w:i.<; presented wjtlj a bassinet illed with packages. Mrs. Haleigh Barnham and Mrs. W. A. Tanner, Jr., won in ames. Seniors Ivcitertained Following commencement exercises last Wednesday members of 'lie 1950 graduating class of Por- rigeville High School were enter- alncd with a reception in the private dining room of Mac's Cafe. The entire faculty and student body were additional guests. Social Nolcs Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Patterson celebrated their 3-tth wedding anniversary last week with a dinner party Mrs. Margeret DeUslc. Mrs. Grovcr Mcatte and Mrs. Edith gc'nt received honors Wednesday when Mrs. T. A. Lee entertained her bridge club. Barbara Lusk celebrated her 13th birthday Monday when her grandmother. Mrs. Emma Christian, entertained with a dinner. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Workman entertained Saturday with a dinner for members of the Hughcy-Work- man wedding party. IVARNINO OKI1KK The defendant. S. C. Alexander, is warned to appear in Ihe Chancery Court. Chickasawba District Mississippi County. Arkaasas, within thirty days and answer Ihc complaint of the plaintiff. Ethel Alexander. Witness my hand, as clerk of said court, and the seal hereof, on his I2th day of May, 1950. Harvey Morris, clerk By Anla Sykfts, D. C Frank C. Douglass, ally foi pltf. S-13-20-27 8-3 CJKAiN'I) OI'KNING IJig New 1950 FAIRGROUNDS AMUSEMENT PARK IN ME M r His Saturday. May 27—from 3 p.m. to Midnight ENJOV! Rig Fireworks Display MlnMdirr Golf • New Kiddie Land . l iol , se O r Horrors and Many Other Thrills at Ihc Completely NEW Fairground, OPEN: Sunday 2 p.m. (ill midnight—weekdays 1 P.m. till midnight. COTTON GROWS FAST With MIXED FERTILIZER — RESULTS OF COLLEGE EXPERIMENTS — Results oi careful experimentation by colleges show that: • NITROGEN in fertilizer promotes plant growth, j • PHOSPHOROUS hastens maturity. > • POTASH keeps the plant healthy, prevents rust in cotton, prolongs the period of productivity, helps bolls to open well. That's Why You Should Side Dress Your Cotton Now It's not tea late to use mixed fertilizer on your cotton . . . and phosphorous and potash are important to your crop. Plan now to side dress for an early-maturing, bigger crap this fall. All Regular Grades of Mixed Fertilizers Are Available BLYTHEVILLE FERTILIZER CORP. South Highway 61 BlytheviUe, Ark. Two Men Kidnap Daughter Of Millionaire Movie Owner FRIDAY, MAY 26, 1950 ciiild oack," Mrs. Gr.inal told a reporter, "If they will only take pity ond tell me how Norina Is." The raiLwm note demanded 400 hundred-peso gold pieces. The gold pieces, worth considerably more than thpir face value, are no longer minted but can be bought legally. Draper Suit Nears Jury HARTFORD, Conn., May 2G. (/Pj —The $200.000 Driiper-Adlcr-McCul- loiiKh libel suit Is expected to t;o to the jury late today following completion of Ihc plaintiffs' summation flii'l a charge by Federal Judge J. Joseph Smith. Dancer I'au. Draper and Larry Adlcr, a harmonica player, are su- IIIB Mrs. Hester R. McCullougli, a Greenwich, Conn., housewife. The entertainers charge she damaged their reinitattons and earning.! by nilscly calling lliein uro-Com- mimlst In symunthy. The case now is in Its 20th court day. Are Termites Riining Your Property? GovernnPnl statistics Siiy thai Termite iliiningc was second >n!y to fire in the Unilctl Slates. We will make an inspclion and give you an eslimale, if needed, wilhntil cost. 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