The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 16, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 16, 1937
Page 3
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TUKSDAV, NOVBMHKK Hi, I'm 1 BLYTHEVILLK, (AUK.) COUIURR NEWS FLAPPER FANNY By Sylvia I — ®ev NE» stBvicc. INC. T. M. nrc v.«. PAT. orr.—— 4 Played Promiiianl Paris In Victories o{ Alabama And Arkansas Saturday BV J, i'. ]'nn:,vi) The itcxl Rn.idc-1's of Alubanin , "i'f still oni' of Hie nation's frw Kiiclefeali'ii and untied football Iciniis by virtue of 7-0 defeat ol Georgia Tech's "nimhliii wreck", anil n torse -sharp of Hip cr«l!l • SOPS to UK- powerful and in'eural? kic-kinir of Herschel Moslcy, fonni-i Chirk sliir. Zipp Ncdjnan. Sjinits Editor of tin- birmljijjlmm News, covcrinij Hie K,iim> for l>i» paper siifd lit part, "Hwky Moxley's brilliant. inintim; paved Ihc way for Ala' biiiiiii to rash in on it's second iiiul last .scoring chance of the game. Mo.s]( ; y's punting lilted Ilio Crini- wins out of the slough of despair iiftci it had looked for 15 minutes that Georgia Tech. canyiny the buttle to Alabama on the sturdy !«'B.s of Fletcher Sims, was (joins lu pull an upset for an amazed crava of 26,000 every soul that could be halfway seated Hcrky Mosley boomed a liO-yard (Him to Georgia Tech's 17-yard line. The Jackets caught nil off- .side penalty and Fletcliev Sims kicked the fjaii M yards to Herky Mosley, who made n 9 yard return to the Georgia Tech line , . ," "Ocorgiii Tech got' as far as Rclitor's r Box Nov. 15, 1037. 'lloii Law lilK.i-lxnmnl :;il,'Mii<Mi Any mid-; iii ...n [, Alioul 1-stli of Aikumus' ,<•' '"II lieliei- di'.M'iii-loil/i' llu-ni j l:l^liwnys Mistnln .vurod 'I'lu- ollii'i ]|>»I I'i'uv lor Die IfcMnUiir which '-i-illix ,i, v «, ,|,,i,?i Ilk,. „ wu.sli- eiiiu'tal m,. ]„».. I ;,,,„,„ „„,,, ,„. , hl , (!ll . m)l pf miy "'' »•'"• ownrn imi:,l p;,y vvliiil •, i,r i,mii|. T . over is 1,1 ao miles mi' iMiidy 1-HMe mule (iiolli iii,'«n liom' jAi-kmixis i, m n,,, lmm ,, y W( , , my ls ' Y , not ull:- 'l'I»' t:imi|;r owners uiul ine- c'timilos iiniiWe lo render Ihe MI- Vk-i' inmiled by H U . «),,(,, ,.„„•( ki>li>|M,. H-illl th,w linvtiiK Safety 'l.nne ri|iii|>ii!cm. The enme(|uemT IS I'ltlleV U,,y W ||| | K , (,, raM , 11U (-'1 IJIlMllrv, »r (lie of slow s(:irva- lion Hii'mitA iin.l little iiu'ii who c'iin't HH'cnil (in- expeiiw ciillrd for liy the olilelnl lest fiiri! Convict Killer Wins I'AUETHRfcB Tile Mntiir Vehicle <To Hie editor:! The Safety I«uu' is n tnerUorlouN iiivenllon for eliecklng luiiomo- !)!.'(' iiilsl truck nllfjnmenl.s uiul ntt- .lustnient.s. The equipment, is used by die Mate in ear Inspections itiiide by its I'olico Uepnrtim'nl under the new Inspection ln\v •— ••-• ..- "unit,, ,,-. M ,,,,„ , tll . wlik-li BUI'S into elfect Drt-ember l ' ll|l ' li oil tlie IHiiinv.iy, their iiis,-^ l<lW " " 1 " 1 lhl „ «tli. ln-l|i-d to bulM. ; " "«"<•'< by l''i;in(; Kirh|iatrli'tt. At the Suite's liisiieetlon stu- M'"'li of Ihe lr,i,!e of county ' ^, W ' '' n ' lvi '' J'~- ''''«' I'll"' fi«lil seat uiul l,ii. town meivliimls will j j!,',,,.,,,) |W. J. Driver jr. Buys 80 Acres Near Osceohi j <:KCJ..'OU. Ark.. Nav. u; •- A 'Kill e-il'.ile ilenl (it IllU'li'M dllrlnii : llir LIM ii.\v days svus llu> |iui'- •i-hiuc ,il nic iw m-res known us letter was answered; followed by a Vi'-.t:«,' C A " r • i' VlsU lfm " lll ° eovcnior's son. Victim S SOI} As Friend Over a period of 20 years the Killer niul lib victims family have corresponded. The Huv. Stotmcnbcrg recently visited Orchard, mid the two talked of religion. It was the third Mich visit In n Boneratlon. I Ol.SK, ld,i, «(JIM--1'rlson offl- c'Kls jmlm to the friendship between Harry On-hard mid (he [iev I-MIIH- Sleiiiieiibei'B ,, s <nu , ,, r , iu ; ^rniifjfM they | mvi . ever eneoiui- teied. - .. Inspection tliins liic llrst sltjn to jjrenl the llility-lu'o yeiir s uuo, oreluird Mciv .Sieiim-iilicru's father t,, |,lls nllh ii nude boiiili. (|h victim w ,, s <3ov. I nml; KI,.,,,.,,!,,.^ of , (lll |, () Orolinnl was senleneed to |jf u ; liniwf.viMiHi.iK.. mid lieciiine con- ! Vi'ite.l to M-llnl,,,,.. | !( . coirespond-! oil vvllli (lovh'iioi' .Sleunciilii-iv'.si l:iiiill)' In K,«ebu,,.; ore., uiul Head Courier News Want Ada. Drs. Wert & Wert OPTOMKTniSTS Ovtr Joe Isaacs' Store "WK MAKE 'KM SEE" Phono 540 Is "Your car may bu .Mifi' bill ihiiiuc'raus"— quite ns im- liosstble as lelllin; tlie truth nnd if. In one iilli'iiince. The siun Hit slogim of u sali'.siinin bin tile .State 1ms nothing to sell, H tin; car fulls to pass tlio Suite's o/llcial test ;, slicker is pasted on the n-ind-ihk-ld carrying In Jnvsc ii;l k-tters "This car is unsure." Tlie car owner is lianded nil otll- vial lest curd spoclfylni- Uic lesl I'ulluri-s, and instnicltd to tnke his car and tile test cnrd to nny gnr- .mil' M ' ' ' ul "" J nlv jpt'ui 1 from (lie i j,. '.|.]. ( ', (.[', \vartns ol JILJOI' P,MI- > , / . .. hills wliose ulnierl"!;'''". 1 " ul ,,, rlll; ' 1 i:t ' d " ir Wl - 'iJiuei.., In,mi.. Die fjivnis lire now MiMiiuiiice is eiirncd In tin- bottom Innd cotton Melds, will 1:0 on relief in their homes, and the 1111- cutlon will rul in the Held sponsored by the ixTsmislvc Nu- (loiud .Sulety Gomit'il. to return foj- nnolin'r] *•'<' "> <'ar ejiuiiieiatlon wind nvord -What's (lie i,.le:i, inakinjr „,,. W! ,j,p Vl)l i viiil lie | K re at (our o'clock and Ive been lierc since four-tlilrty!" U< -W<.K and I. the liirnini! point of the game.! C_;.l \i i M Somebody asked who cared.! 3mittl y Makes HofSC Alabama's '28 hi the third period. And from (here on Alabama .showed it had Hie courage, the football and the gools to break up the game. And. many of Uie Ihanks should go to Herky Mosley. who kicked the Crimsons back into the game, givitig them Hint chance for victory ..." Jlusley Started Tilings "And a little halfback, weighing less than 100 pounds soaking wet. made, possible Alabama's victory, Until Herkcy Mosley came into (he game to kick the engineers ofl Alabama's collective necks, there wasn't a chance for Alabama tc Mart anything mired deep In it; territory." "There is still power in the foot in football — and Mosley footed the bill for the victory, jml as he had helped to do against Tulane.' Henry Vance, News feature writer, had Ibis to .say about Wesley'. 1 performance. 'The Tide, however with Mosley serving the greatest number of entrees with kicks ir 'em, excelled at the kicking en< of the game and ulso at yardagi sained .by; passing." Then Jaii}es Saxon Guilders, 'ir 13-yard '; The first man .said that Mosley's ii-1 yard kick from behind his goal line was the turning point of the Saliba Cunies Through Jimmy Tipton and Eugene 3U\ck\vell,' cx-Marooncrs. cliipptxl n their share at tackle and end. •cspcctively. Eddie Sallba's ruic work at guard n the Arkanstis-Ole Miss anmc in •Ic'iiipliis drew praise from David 31oom and Coach Shorty Propst -f Southwestern. "Among the standout pltiyefs In lie Arkansas team w:is Eddie Jaliba ot Dlytlieville who did a u-eat job at guard," penned the ?oinmiTd;i) Appeal sports editor n his "Huddle." "Eddie Saliba, "the Blytheville :oy. who was converted into a :uaid after performing at full- •ack in high school, was a sur- M-ise imckagc. Eddie played an •utstancling game for the Pork- rs," Scribed Propsl, who Incident- illy. niiidc n desperate effort to and Eddie for his Lynx two yean ISO. I', of P. Gets S954.4C8 PHILADELPHIA I UP) — ind bequests to the University of -enusylvonia totaling $954.408 dur- , .\ -I '— --...-.. r ...... v t.iuj!>>,y[ii:ia loiann^ sy.74.4Ub anr- his'-.w^pnienr-of utter ;thc ganul ,,g the past fiscal year were an- proceedmgs among the fourth es- noiiiiced by President Thomas S tate. wrote, "Finally someone said Gates in his anmml report to Hie one play stood out, ill his mind as trustees. Shoeing Traveling Job AMARILLO. Tex. (UP) — Wlien the horse shoeing business began lo slump stveia) years ago, R. j. Beeler of Amarllto packed his bag and became a wandering blacksmith. Today, he snys he \s t!)e only 'horsesltoer left in the Texas panhandle, nnd reports business good from ciovl.s, N. M., lo I'ampn. Starting in the trade when he was 11, Bcolcr estimated Hint lie bad .shod 386,000 horses and unites in the past 25 years. From 1912 to 1025. he averaged shoeiin; 10 to )2 head a day. "At one time I shod horses for $1 n hend, but in recent years, because of the smaller number ot horses and because there lire fe\v liorseshoers left, the price is $:t now." Beeler said the hardest thing about shoeing a horse is Betting the hoof level at the right angle. "All horses lake dllfercnt type shoes. When a person thinks of the many different types of Knits, such as a rack, slow gait, canter right and left, trot, miming walk, fox trot and others nnd the different types of hovses such as the trotter, running horses, hurdler, polo horses nnd' the work horses, it is not hard to understand that the business of shoeing horses is really n specialist's job." li-M alter, he Biunge has remedied the defects noted on the test card. The lad K not n siiijjle BHI-«(-I- in the state can mnke the car meet .ic official tt-si unless it has u Safely Ijine e<nilpmenl. Until six weeks ago there was probably not a garaue-owned Safety Lane equipment. In Ihe .slnte outside of Lllllo Hock. The gaiayes can't qualify ears for the olllcial test without n Safety Lime of ilieir own. Can It be the sliilc Is n .snles- mnn for Safely Lanes? They nrc sold to the „ „,.., for $1150.00 each, of which more limn $1000.00 Is profit for the Inventor, manufacturer and distributor. Now the garages are buying Safety Lane equipment lo enable them to rescue a.s many cars of fanners and small operators us possible from auto graveyards. How many garages In the state can Ei/font to buy a Safely Lane equipment? Most of them nrc but two jumps ahead of the sheriff. Not half of them can afford the expense, but. the oilier hiilf nro enough to enable the Safety Lane trade to mop lip in Arkansas. Safety Lane sales nt $1150.00 |ier, backed by the whole police power of the state, nre not the work ot The Greatest Single Volume Ever Publisher CONTAINING THE LARGEST AMOUNT OF INFORMATION EVER PUT INTO ONE BOOK more |)erM)iu,i injury ucei- in Arkansas than in New Yoil; or Mew Jei.seyV .Safely Ijine Ihe roinpal/y FREE GIFTS FREE GIFTS (liven Awny Until Cliristiiiiis Only a Short Time U'fl to r»'i'|i!irt> for Die STATE AUTO TEST Save Money On Auto Purls and Accessories °:,S ( ,. ARiAN AUTO PARTS WAMTED 100 CARS TO WINTIOUJ/H 'I'ONI'Mll* A Complclu Clu'i-k-np On MO'I'OU, HATTKIIY. I'HKSTONK 1>HT IN KADIATOH (Ii (J|s.) This Comph'lf Special OiTcr Only Sri.!15 Alon., '1'nes., \Vt'd .'107 K. LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. s 1 Sniiill Hod ('i ll)s KuljbtT llct'ls Foil Women & Children , 2r )( ,When Heller l/Millier Is Tunned, Hmlth Will Buy It SMITH SHOE SHOP OliTirnc Hide. 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