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Palladium-Item from Richmond, Indiana • Page 3
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Palladium-Item from Richmond, Indiana • Page 3

Richmond, Indiana
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The Palladium-Item end Sun-Telegram, Richmond, Wednesday, Apr. 11, 1945 were sung, illustrating the different kinds of music. Mrs. Mac Hub-bell, Miss Gladys Lippitt and Mrs. Ollie Moore sang "Still, Still With Thee" and "Hear Our Prayer" to The Home Idea Box Liberty News Statue of Liberty Lights To Shine Brighter on V-E Water Is Safe for Drinking Despite Odor A decided taste and odor in Richmond water Monday afternoon did not make it unsafe for drinking, William Shoemaker, manager of the Richmond Water Works corporation said Tuesday. into the source of the taste and odor was being continued. Mr. I Shoemaker said it resembled; i iodine or phenol, but said neither iNCWSlTlGn I 0 V3Gt of these was being added. A Only explanation at present hejlNQiTieS Ot fTCed said, was that the chemical reac- tion set up by treatment withjQI rTISOnerS chlorine was responsible. The trouble was noticed at the! WASHINGTON. (AP) The white separately, put together and add sugar. Beat hard adding flour slowly. Flavor with vanilla. Drop with spoon in thin cakes on white paper. Bake in a quick oven. If desired put two together with a little filling made of butter, sugar, and cream, sprinkle with powdered sugar. Ice Box Cookies 1 cup shortening, partly butter. 1 cup granulated sugar. 1 teaspoon soda. 2 eggs. 1 cup chopped nuts. 1 cup brown sugar. 1 teaspoon cinnamon. 1 teaspoon salt. 21 cups flour. Method Mix, make into roll and chill in refrigerator. Cut off and bake. Pecan Drop Cookies 2 eggs. 1 cup sugar "(1 brown and I granulated). granulated; pack brown sugar in cup). 1 cup salted pecans. 4 rounded tablespoons flour. 1 teaspoon vanilla. Method Drop on buttered and floured pan and bake 10 minutes at (300 degrees Chocolate Pecan Cookies 3 squares melted chocolate. 4 egg whites. 3 cup sugar. cup cake flour, 1 cup pecans, chopped. i teapoon salt, teaspoon vanilla. Method Melt chocolate and cool slightly. Beat egg whites until frothy, sprinkle salt over the surface and continue beating until whites are stiff but still moist. Beat in cup sugar, two tablespoons at a time. Combine remaining sugar and flour and fold into sweetened egg whites, by sifting a few tablespoons at a time over the surface. Add chopped nuts, vanilla and melted chocolate to the batter. Drop by teaspoon on waxed paper on an ungreased sheet. Bake at (S25 degrees 30 to 40 minutes. Remove quickly from paper as they stick easily. Gross Phone 4855 1 vv l'i cups sifted flour. 2 teaspoons baking powder. teaspoon salt. teaspoon cloves. i teaspoon cinnamon. 1-3 cup milk. Method Blend shortening and i sugar thoroughly. Crush bran into fine crumbs; mix with dry! lngreaienis wnicn nave Deen smea together. Add to first mixture with milk and mix well. Roll dough thin on floured board. Cut with floured cookie cutter. Bake on ungreased cookie sheets in moderately hot oven (425 degrees about 10 minutes. Yields three dozen cookies (2J inhes in diameter). Drop Sponge Cakes 4 eggs. 1 cup sifted flour. 1 cup granulated sugar. Vanilla. Method Beat eggs, yolks and Cambridge Phone 73 are needed badly. The drive is being promoted by the Catholic church, but everyone in the community is asked to contribute. Mr. McNurney is chairman of the drive. Home Economics Club The Liberty Home Economics club was entertained at the home of Mrs. Omar Auxier on i nday with Mrs. Andy Norton, assistant hostess. Response to roll call was "My Favorite Frozen Food." Two new members were added to the roll, Mrs. Clarence West and Mrs. Minnie Schmidt. Two guests also were present, Mrs. Ed Kain of Connersville and Miss Mary I. Young. Mrs Auxier gave the second part of the lesson on "Frozen Foods." The cooking of broccolli was demonstrated and served as part of the lunch during the social hour. The next meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. Kenneth Cleveland on May 2. Music Club The Liberty Music Study club met Monday evening with Mrs. O. E. Parrett. Miss Mary Mar garet Pierson, president, presided over the business meeting. A re quest was made by the Indiana Federation of Music Clubs that all federated clubs conduct a drive for funds to place record kits. song books and musical instru ments on hospital trains and ships. A drive for this purpose "will be made this month. The Nominating committee, composed of Miss Mozelle Tracy. Miss Gladys Lippitt and Mrs. Ross Ben-ham, reported election of officers as follows: Mrs. Stanley Gavin, president; Mrs. E. T. Paul, vice-president; Miss Charlotte Crawford, secretary; Mrs. Mac HubbelL treasurer. The Program committee consisted of Mrs. Robert Montgomery, Mrs. O. E. Parrett and Mrs. Smith DuBois. The theme of the program was "Church Music" Mrs. Montgomery talked on various kinds of church music, which was followed by a solo, "I Wonder as I Wander," sung by Miss Mary Arline, Witter; Mrs. DuBois told of the origin of spirituals, of anthems and the difference between hymns and gospel hymns. Hymns Presentable Gifts to. Reporter Esther Hamilton Library Books LIBERTY. Because of short- ages, publishers are unable to fill i all orders for books on time and it has been impossible to receive some of them at all. Some of these new ones are in the local libra -y and because of their popularity, they must have a reserve on them. The librarian requests that patrons return them as soon as possible after reading. Among the new ones are "Vegetable Gardening," in color by Daniel Foley, containing valuable information" about planting and cultivating, with 150 pictures in full color. Others are "Green Years," by Cronin; "A Woman in Sunshine'', by Frank Swinner-ton; "A Yank from Olympus," by Bowen; "Green Dolphin Street," by Goudge; "Samuel Johnson," a biography, by Krutch; "Ridin the Rainbow," by Rosemary Taylor; "Great Son," by Ferber; "Cannery Row," by Steinbeck; "Lebanon," by Miller; "Rocky Mountain Ranger," by Bush; "How Dear to My Heart," by Kimbrough: "Purple Heart Valley." by Bourke; "Captain from Castile," by Shella-barger; "Wings of Fear," by Eber hart; "Forever Amber," by Win-sor; "Apartment in Athens," by Westcott; "Young Bess." by Irwin; "Image of Josephine," by Tarking-ton; 'Black Boy. by Wright; "Red Fruit," by Bailey: "Boy Scout Yearbook," and "Child's Book of Bible Stories." Clothing Collection Leo McNurney, chairman for the collection of clothing for the suffering people of Europe, has announced that beginning Monday, Apr. 16, on through Apr. 30, the room on the west of the McNurney store will be open from 1 to 5 o'clock every afternoon. Any kind of clothing that is clean" and usable will be accepted. Blankets and other bed clothing Darke County Schools Set Graduation Dates GREENVILLE. With the commencement season starting late this month in the Darke county public school system, graduation dates already have been announced by 14 schools, it was revealed by L. A. Winchell, county superintendent. All grade schools will close in April and four of them have de- cided on commencement dates. The 1 schools and the respective gradu- auon dates follow: wuiowdell, Apr. 20: Washington township, Apr. 22; Van Buren No. 8, Apr. 26; and Ithaca, Apr. 29. Winchell said that commencement dates have been selected by 10 high schools. They include: Jackson township, May 11; An-sonia, May 15; Palestine, May 16; Union City. May 17; Hollansburg and Madison, both on May 18; Gettysburg, May 23; Franklin township, Alay 24; Monroe township, May 25; and Arcanum, May 28. Combined, the 10 high schools will have 225 graduates. Richmond This concise Richmond is pumping station, but lasted' for only a few minutes, but it quickly spread to the distribution station, reaching the downtown section early in the afternoon and the West side later in the day. The taste, Shoemaker said, disappeared from water in the business district late in the afternoon. Mains on the West side were flushed Tuesday. Mr, Shoemaker said that samples of the water were taken at the plant while the odor and taste was most noticeable and that bacteriological reports on the samples indicated the water safe for drinking. Fountain City Mothers' Club Plans Meeting FOUNTAIN CITY. The Fountain City Mothers' club will meet at the school building on Friday, Apr. 12. at 2 o'clock. Devotions will be led by Nellie Brandley and music will be presented in Helen Brown's room. Election of officers will take place and tea will be served. For Quality and Price See Weiss i 1 1 9x12 Jute RUG PADS 3.65 A Jute pad under your rugs will add years to the life of your rugs. After housecleaning is a good time to start using Jute pads. VEISS FURNITURE STORE 505 Main Ph. 4011 I i Mrs. Ethel Kuster, Correspondent the tune of Brahms "Lullaby." Records of parts of oratorios were played with Mrs. Parrett giving a talk about them as they were played. Mrs. Maxwell Bertch sang a solo, "The Lord is Minaim or His Own." Members present were Miss Mary Margaret Pierson, Mrs. Stanley Gavin, Mrs. Harold Hughes, Mrs. Ross Benham. Miss Esther Hamilton, Mrs. Robert Montgomery, Miss Mary Arline Witter. Mrs. Lawrence Downard. Miss Gladys Lippitt. Mrs. Ollie Moore, Mrs. Mac Hubbell, Mrs. Maxwell Bertch, Mrs. John Hartley. Mrs. Williard Bertch, Mrs. Smith DuBois. Mrs. E. T. Paul, Miss Mozelle Tracy and Mrs. Parrett. Homemakers Class The Homemakers class of the Greenwood church will meet Friday evening, Apr. 13. at 8 o'clock at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford McCormick, with Mr. and Mrs. Howard Jarrett as assistant host and hostess. Entertainment will be in charge of the Program committee. Attend Memorial Services Mrs. Robert Talbott, Mrs. Dais Talbott and Mrs. Clint Bond attended memorial services which were held Sunday in the United Presbyterian church in Oxford for Quentir. Hyde, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hyde who lost his life in the South" Pacific in February. bZO rtir MONARCH Foods-ail Just as Coed 1 -timJC to- NORCROSS GREETING CARDS Upstairs at 728 Main Calendar Church 3:30 P. M. 6:30 P. M. 6:45 P. M. 7:00 7:45 8:00 M. M. M. 9:00 A. M. 12:00 Noon 2:00 P. M. 2:30 P. M. 6:30 P. M. 7:00 P. M. 7:30 P. M. A. Street School 12:00 Noon 12:00 Noon 2:00 P. M. 2:15 P. M. 2:30 P. M. 6:00 P. 7:00 P. 7:30 P. 7:30 P. M. M. M. M. 1:00 P. 1:30 P. 2:00 P. 2:00 P. 6:00 P. M. M. M. M. M. 7:00 P. M. 7:30 P. M. 7:00 P. M. 2:30 P. 7:00 P. M. M. 7:30 P. M. 7:30 P. M. 8:00 P. M. 12:00 Noon 12:00 Noon 2:00 P. M. 7:00 P. M. 7:45 P. M. Blue Lantern Gift Shop The Second Floor at Jenkins Co. NEW YORK. (AP) The torchlight in the Statue of Liberty will burn brighter than ever on V-E day. Six 400-watt high-intensity mer- cury vapor lamps, which resemble a living flame, will be added to the thirteen and one 250-watt incandescent lamps in the i War department announced Tuesday that names of American prisoners of war liberated by allied armies in Germany will be released immediately to newsmen in the European theater. The new policy, effective at once, was instituted as a result of the recent liberation of large numbers of American soldiers from German prison camps. Previously, the names were withheld until the War department had notified the next of kin. Official notification will continue to be given by the department but in many cases the first notice a family will receive will be through newspaper reports or radio broadcasts. These reports, the department said, will be based on reliable information from American sources and the names and serial numbers will be checked carefully before the information is released. Liberated prisoners will be permitted to write immediately to their families and friends and the War department said it will make every effort to establish contact between the soldier and his family as "expeditiously" as possible. The families were urged not to write to the War department for information prior to receipt of the official notification from the adjutant general's office because no information will be available there. When official word is received from overseas, the department added, the next of kin will be notified within a matter of a few hours. Government To Sell 1 11.000 Missouri Acres i NEVADA, Mo. (AP) Eleven thousand acres of rich Missouri farmland which once belonged to i William Scully, an Irishman, who owned more farms than any other man in the United States, will re-; vert soon to ownership by small farmers. I The federal government will re- ceive sealed bids on the land Tues-! day. Scully owned 45,000 acres of i land in Missouri back in the 90 and provided farms for 350 tenant families. He charged casn rentals of $1.25 to $2 an acre and tenants i made their own improvements, i He had even larger holdings in i central Illinois and in Kansas, a I total of 200,000 acres valued at 510.000,000. The government purchased the I Missouri land from a son, Thomas i Scully, in 1941 when it sought to I provide land to relocate farmers I moved from an army camp site. The government paid $1,078,154.53 for 41,844 acres. BACKACHES" Mrs. Peacock Helps Nature Work RIGHT! Vola-Vin is made from the juices 12 natural herbs. Long famous for their health-giving properties, these fine ingredients ate now combined in ONE remarkably effective medicine. Taken as directed, Vola-Vin has brought relief to countless sufferers from bloating gas, constipation, muscular pains, upset liver, night-rising, low energy, and other non-organic, non-systemic ills where due to faulty elimination. Yet this famous medicine costs only a few cents a day! A special Vola-Vin representative is now at Hook's Drugstore No. 2, at 8th and Main Streets, Richmond, Ind. Here she is introducing and explaining the properties of the "naturally made" Voia-Vin compound. Vola-Vin is recommended and sold by leading druggists, and endorsed by count-j less grateful users. Help yourself; health. Start today bv buvina a bottle of fast -acting Vola-Vm. New low price $1.10, or 3 for $3.00. 1 i Conducted by Mrs. Floyd ft Cookies For the busy days ahead you probably will be looking for cookie recipes that take little time to make, and not too demanding of sugar and butter. These peanut butter drop cookies and spice wafers save fat, sugar, and time and what a comfort it is to have on hand a jar full of fresh cookies. Peanut butter itself substitutes for part of the shortening required; bottled light sirup cuts down on sugar; and, "drop" cookies require a minimum of time and effort to make. Use two spoons to drop the stiff batter onto the baking sheet to help keep cookies uniform in shape and size. The combination of peanut butter and date flavor is pleasing, but if dates are not available, raisins or current may be used. Serve with a glass o'f milk for afternoon snacks, as dessert or pack in the lunch box. These cookies keep and carry well. Peanut Butter Drop Cookies (Makes About 4 Dozen 2-Inch Cookies) i cup shortening. i cup peanut butter. 1 cup sugar. cup bottled light sirup. 2 eggs. 1 teaspoon vanilla extract. 1 cup dates, finely cut. 2 cups enriched flour. 2 teaspoons baking powder. i teaspoon salt, i cup milk. Method Cream together shortening and peanut butter. Add sugar gradually, creaming well after each addition. Add sirup slowly, beating well. Beat in eggs, one at a time. Blend in vanilla extract and the finely cut dates. Sift flour. Measure and sift together with baking powder and salt. Add sifted dry ingredients alternately with the milk to first mixture. Drop by teaspoonfuls on a greased baking sheet. Bake in a moderate oven (350 degrees for about 15 minutes. Spice Wafers cup shortening. i cup brown sugar. a cup bran. Pershing's Aide Says General Could Wear Six Stars WASHINGTON. (INS) Friends of Gen. John J. Pershing were urging Tuesday that the veteran general of the armies be given six stars to preserve his superior rank over the officers who were recently made five-star generals. Confusion has arisen over whether General Pershing, who wore four stars when he last appeared in public, is now outranked by the new generals of the army, George C. Marshall, Douglas Mac-Arthur, Dwight Eisenhower, and H. H. Arnold. The six-star proposal, was intended to put an end to that confusion. Pershing's aide. Col. G. E. Adamson, told International News Service: "It would be only logical for the general to wear six stars. He should wear six if he wears any at all. He could put on as many stars as he wanted to. He can design his own uniform and always has." But Adamson said he was not pressing the proposal because he thought it "ill-advised." He explained that General Pershing is "quite sick and feeble." In his quarters at Walter Reed hospital, he gets up two or three times a day, but spends most of his time in bed. Pershing, who will be 85 years old next September, has suffered serious heart trouble for the past six years. Milton W. S. C. S. To Hold Meeting MILTON. The W. S. C. S. of the Methodist church will meet Wednesday evening, Apr. 11, at the home of Mrs. Robert Moore, at 7:30 o'clock. Mrs. Joe Rorschi will give the lesson. The devotions will be in charge of Miss Mildred Dora. Texas House Passes Bill Outlawing Closed Shop AUSTIN. Tex. (AP) A bill outlawing the closed shop in Texas passed the house by a slim margin Monday after several days of debate and went to the senate. Modoc Homemakers Club Meets Apr. 24 MODOC, Ind. The Modoc Homemakers club will meet with Mrs. Merritt Peters, Tuesday, Apr. 24, at 7:30 p. m. All members are urged to be present. City Court George Ronemus, London, Ohio, was fined $50 and costs in City court Tuesday on a charge of Community ADVERTISEMENT preview of events of the coming week in presented for your convenient reference. "VOLA-Vi RELIEVED ME TUESDAY, APRIL 10 Virginia Asher Business OF GAS GLOATING Kappa Kappa Kappa at Lynnhurst American Society of Tool Engineers Leland Hotel American Legion Indoor Fair Rollarena Daughters of Isabella K. of C. Hall Eta Pi Kappa Y. W. C. A. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 11 Sheep Shearing School with Walter Kendall Lions Club Leland Hotel Coterie Club at 426 N. W. Fourth Street Wayne County Society for Crippled Children Y. W. City News Phone 179 Baptist Church Services Prayer service and Bible study the Baptist church is held on Wednesday night at 7:30 p. m. The public is invited. Mission Society To Meet The Woman's Baptist Mission society will meet Friday night with Mrs. flattie Jacobs, with Mrs. Hazel Hall assisting hostess. Rebecca Knipp, interpreter on India, will bring the program of the evening. Installation of the new officers will be a special feature of the evening. Bring jour "love gift." A good attendance is desired. Brotherhood Meeting The Baptist Church brotherhood meeting will be held with C. S. Vallandingham Friday at 7:30 p. m. All men of the church are invited. Brotherhood To Meet The East Central Association brotherhood meeting will be held the Baptist church Monday, Apr. 16. Supper will be served at p. m. This includes the two Baptist churches of Richmond, Connnersville, Rushville, New Castle, and Cambridge City. A good attendance is desired. Personals Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Will spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Herman White and family of Hagerstown. Mr. and Mrs. Ora White and Viola White of Milton were afternoon callers. Mr. and Mrs. B. R. Conner entertained with a family dinner party Tuesday evening in honor of the birthday of their daughter, Mrs. Willis Kuster. Mrs. Gilbert Keihn and daughter, Kaye Ann, and brother Leon Bishop, and Mrs. Eileen Boyer are spending the week at Alexandria, with Corp. Gilbert Keihn, who stationed at Camp Claiborne. Miss Violet Kelly and Jack Reid Connersville were the week-end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Bowne and daughter, Shirley. Private First Class Joseph Kein Billings hospital, Indianapolis, spent the week end with his family at their home on Shawnee avenue. He was honored by his friends Saturday evening, who came unannounced in honor of his twenty-first birthday. BACK? SIDE? CHEST? I Heat relieve muicle paint quickly, efftc- tirely. To get welcome, continued heat i relief, for days, right at the ore tpot. apply one biR Johnson RED CROSS PLASTER or the heavier, warmer Johmon'a Back Plaster. The mild, active medication gently heatt the back, atirs up blood cjrcu- i lation, fighta congestion, easea pain. i Warm cloth covering retain body heat, pro- tects back against chilling, provide contin- uoua aupport. Try thia clean, easy, proved way to "heat treat" aimpie backache and other muscular paint TODAY. (In case chronic backache, tee your doctor.) Always insist on the GENUINE, made by Johnson Johnson. FvmWi RED CROSS PIASTER FmWt BACK PLASTER Qoliovb M1 bowel movements you've ever had. No griping or weakening effects. Just complete satisfaction! So take Clive Tablets tonight to feel bright as a dollar tomorrow. Caution: use as directed. 15i, ZOt. 60(. AN Helen Hunt Club Meets CAMBRIDGE CITY. The Helen Hunt club met Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs. John Jones. Miss Katherine Kniese, presiding officer, led in the flag salute and club collect. A paper prepared by Mrs. Ivan Druley was read by Mrs. Charles Kniese on "The New in Drama," and was followed by a paper, "Poetry Today," by Miss Nellie Jones. Mrs. R. H. Wehrly, Mrs. E. E. Oldaker, Miss Mary Overbeck, Mrs. Lorin Ulrich, Miss Edna Harter, Miss Rose Greisinger, Mrs. M. R. Krahl, Mrs. Frank Williams, Mrs. Charles Golay, Mrs. Wallace Warren, Mrs. Albert Freeis, and Miss Katherine Kniese. The next meeting will be held at the library with Mrs, Robert Hicks as hostess Monday, Apr. 23. Box Social A box social will be held on Wednesday evening at Lincoln High school by the members of the Jackson Township Farm bureau. All members are urged to attend as a special program has been planned. Mrs. Serwick Miller of Richmond will give a review of her schooling of emergency and a film will be shown. All ladies are asked to bring a box lunch. Friday Night Club The Friday Night club met Thursday evening in the auditorium of the library. Mrs. Margaret Lewis, who was a resident of Guatemala for 17 years, spoke on "Life and Customs of the Natives" and exhibited their handicraft, which will be on display for a limited time. Mrs. E. O. Paul, Mrs. J. Nellie Patton, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gift. Mrs. Lorin Ulrich, and Miss Mary Blumke were club guests. Members present were Miss Katherine Kniese, Rev. and Mrs. R. II. Wehrley, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Morris, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Biser, Mrs. L. F. Miller, Miss Rose Greisinger, Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Harmeier, Miss Donna Pierce, Miss Nina Kirkham, Mr. and Mrs. Alva Cate, Miss Pauline Morris, Miss Eunice Ballinger, Miss Louise Baley, and Virgil Finchum. The next meeting will be held Thursday evening, May 2, with Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Biser, Mr. and Mrs. Lotus Miller, and Miss Nina Kirkham in charge. Announcements The Cambridge City Women's Relief corps. No. 151, will meet Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Nola Crook. The anniversary of the Girl i Scouts will be observed Friday afternoon. Apr. 13, with a wiener roast. All Girl Scouts and Brown- ies are to meet at Creitz park at i 6 p. m. and each girl is to bring her own food. The Modern Mother's club will meet Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Paul Erney in Pershing. The program will be given by Mrs. Roland Shif tlett and Mrs. Willis Scholl starting at 1:30 p. m. The Good Cheer circle of the Methodist church will meet Tuesday evening at 7:30 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Martin Lowery with Mrs. Frank Williams assisting. BogSofg I7dy Produces More 'Natural Like Bowel Movements ir you feel half-alive, mentally dull, have headaches, upset stomach with gas, bloating due to constipation don't take harsh, blasting laxatives which often gripe and leave you so weak. Instead, try this Physiclan'a own purely vegetable formula Dr. Edwards Olive Tablets! Olive Tablets work so gently so mildly. Tet see If they don't give you the most thorough, comfortable and more natural-like a Li JLX 4 of at 7 is of of of Co-operative Club Leland Hotel American Legion Indoor Fair Rollarena Madonna Rose Travel Study Club at 215 N. W. Tenth THURSDAY, APRIL 12 Altrusa Club Y. W. C. A. Kiwanis Club Leland Hotel Will Be Bunko Club at 115 North Ninth Streit Sunshine Circle at 1601 National Road West Collegiate Club at 2050 Reeveston Road Elks Lodge, No. 169 Elks City Club American Legion Indoor Fair Rollarena Women of the Moose, No. 534 Moose Hall Wayne County Junior Leaders Club at Whitewater High FRIDAY, APRIL Women's Club First Christian C. 13 Rollarena Presented By TORTURING Mrs. Georgia Peacock, Cambridge City, Says Fast-Acting "Natural" Medicine Also Relieved Her Daughter of Stomach Distress and Constipation. If you've been unable to find relief "from gas bloat, aches and pains, or other miseries caused by faulty elimination, by all means try the marvelously successful "natural" medicine, Vola-Vin. Mrs. Georgia Peacock says: "Vola-Vin Has Regulated My Bowels Improved My Sleep" "Vola-Vin relieved me of awful gas bloating and torturing backaches. It has also regulated my bowels, improved my sleep, and as given me much more energy, i am giving Vola-Vin to my high school daughter, too. Recently she i was bothered with stomach trouble and constipation, and Vola-Vin has I relieved both conditions. I certainly! con recommend this fine medicine." DO YOU NEED VOLA-VIN? Check your symptoms on this chart. If you hava no organic or systemic ailment, yet suffer from any of these common miseries, your trouble Is most likely due to faulty elimination and Vola-Vin can bring you fast relief. Eloatlni Gas Sour Stomach Ingestion Cuj SpeHt Backache Headichet Nljht-Rlsirg Low Enorry Poor Sleep Muscle Achit Itz Pains Low Spirits of to Athenaea at Lynnhurst Pleasant View Mothers Club at Light Office Glen View Home Economics Club at Garden Clubhouse Wimosis Club With Mrs. Murray Pitts, Fountain City Girl Scouts Camp Clements Reunion Garfield School American Legion Indoor Fair Rollarena Castle Heights Club at 616 South Fourteenth Street SATURDAY, APRIL 14 Final Night American Legion Indoor Fair MONDAY, APRIL 16 Monday Club with Mrs. Ernest Wildman, Salisbury Road Mothers League at Lynnhurst F. T. A. Club at 116 South West Ninth Street Psi lota Xi 527 National Road West Men of the Moose, No. 167 Moose Hall TUESDAY, APRIL 17 Exchange Club Leland Hotel Rotary Club Leland Hotel Current Events Club with Mrs. Etta Wilson Sigma Phi Gamma at Lynnhurst Delta Theta Tau at Gas Office For listing in next week's calendar, call Beth Coleman, the Crosley Reporter, Phone 1156 Vola-Vin Is Sold by i HOOK'S DRUGSTORE EIO. 2 8th and Main Richmond, Ind. And By Other Leading Druggists The Corporation

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