The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 2, 1958 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
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Saturday, August 2, 1958
Page 4
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Th« Daily Chronicle, Saturday, August 2, 1958 Permits Total $28,227 Twin Cities, County Building Moderate Building permits in the Twin l a n d garage at 621 East Summa Cities and Lewis county totaled 12S.M1 as conslruclion activity ^ojfipsed *t a moderate pace duriitf the warm weather. Last week's permits totalled tlijeai. Centralia this week led with $20,003. followed by Che- SI. Mrs. H. L. Dye, J3«. to 'install new gutters on house at 52* South j King St. Harry Crater. $150, to extend garage at 1005 Smith Tower Ave. Bulldlni permits In Cenlralla! . this week were issued to: .. Christ Peterson, $30, lo repair I front porch at 1017 North Wash-' ington Ave. · Marie 1 Peterson, J70, to install new gutters on house at 1008 West. Walnut St. .Minnie Haverman, $25, to replace window at 1214 West Walnut St.' '. Mac C. Ledbeller, $500, lo in- ttall concrete block foundation under house at 302 North Oak Si! Russell Dunn, $700, to construct .garage at 610 Field St. Oscar Lewis, $250, to pour con- .creie driveway at 1012 Elm St. Church of God, $100, lo pour concrete slab, steps and walk at 519 West Cherry St. Merle While, $350, to reshingle roof on house al 818 E. St. . Chester W. Mitchell, $10,000, to construct single family residence Alterations Underway at Cooperative General remodeling of the Washington Cooperative Farmers' Association plant and warehouse in Cenlralia is now underway, reported James Backman, Co-Op manager. The' association, which haj been .refurbishing its facilities to coin' ride-with government-grading to =jo-inlo effect -this-year, took out a 57,000 building pcrmil this week wiih Ihe cily of Centralia. Included in the remodeling project is the installation of walls in Ihe Co-Op poultry plant to change, the line operation; building of new offices in 'the farm display- 1 room; 'repairing about one-third of the poultry' plant roof; building a ramp tj connect tlie feed warehouse and poultry plant, : laying a concrete loading 1 ramp, i snd putting in an emergency exit from the lunchroom in the basement of the feed warehouse. In addition. Backman said, the · Co-Op will later undertake a few | minor alterations in preparation for the government inspection at the plant. A law passed by Congress, he explained, has called for government inspection of poultry products shipped.interstate. Although the lair does not go into effect until next January, the association has set a September 1 date to meet the qualifications. At thai lime, a government in- · spector \rill be in" the plant al ill times. Backman added that although the association's products already meet government standards, ils facilities have been in need of alteration. How to Paint Cinder Blocks Cinder blocks are, so porous that it is belter to give'them a . a coat of cement, stucco or port land cement -paint before paint ing them with a permanent fin . i*. . If you paint cinder blocks with out cementing the surface, they Hill absorb a lot of paint and holes will still show. Outdoor ' type, rubber-based masonry painl is best for Ihe ouler surfaces. al 224 South Rock St. Laura Norman, J65, to'repair front porch al 816 South · Gold Harold Kinnaman, $25,' to lay new floor on front porch' at 712 West Walnut St. F. E. Griffith, J125, lo rtshlngle roof on house at 1020 Mellon St. Washington Cooperative Farmers' Association, $7,000, to remodel poultry plant and feed warehouse at 1100 North Pearl St. Grace Booher, $100, to apply sheetrock in utility room and install Jwo louvres, in gable al 1223 Mellen SI. , . D. L. Lyons, $20, to replace siding on front of ho'u$e and ap-' ply roofing on carporl at- 1209 Bayne SI. . · . - . Edward F.- Conzalli, $60, to break curb at .715 H SI. . / Building pt'rrfiit'i , In . Ch*'halii his w«jk went fo: Bruce Long, no valuation, to' ear down garage" at. 1696 Che- 'lalis Ave. * . Rose Thompson, $100, to re- air front porch steps on Taylor Ave,, on Coal Creek. Gilbert Gerber, $300, to lower :iliAg and change partition" at 60f Franklin Ave. . . : I. S. Agren, $125, to repair foundation at 1523'10th St. A. T. Flagg, '$400, to repair foundation of garage al 850 Adams Ave. Walter Hull, $200, for ' cedar siding on garage al 19%-17th St. Mrs. M. Haunreifer, $175, for siding on house and construction of another windojv' at ,2057'. ! WU- liam Ave. - - . - . - ' . . .-'. : ...'..-. . . Fomia Tesreau, $200, to re- roof at 1221 Market St. Fornia Tesreau, $225, to re- roof at 1223 Market St. Don Miles, $250, io repair foujf dalion at 1161 James St. .,: . Fred Heins, , $30, to . rep'air porch at 762 Geary .St.· ' Irvings .Motor Park, no valuation, to tear down old building at 1121 Main St. Irvings Motor Parts, $2,275, fo rebuild .two walls and roof IZtftain St. V.' ; --S.t- .. George Cady, $150, to. re-roof al 1290 Third St. Frank McClung, $368. to instal, shakes on house at 1287 Washington Ave. ; , Clifford Johnson, $1,500, to construct a retaining wall at 11S4 Adams s Ave. Building permiti In th* county I thii wt»k went to: J. F. Still, $200, foi 1 barn on Bear Canyon highway near Morton. . ' ' ,, ' . : ' ' William J.. Wagner, $150, to re- roof house on'J. : C.'Beam road near Pe Ell. William Lufl, $150. to re-roof house and tear down a barn on Saher Valley road near Ccrt- Iralia. · -S. Guenthner. no valuation, to tear down old house near Mary's Corner. Waller 1 White, two, to re-roof house on Ayery road south of Chehalis. F. E. Leyman, $500, to construct an addition lo. house and remodel on old "99" ; joii'th of Chehalis. - ·;= . H. E. White, $500, to'build a feed shed on Ocean Beach highway near Bunker. . '·· HOMES FOR AMERICANS Cooling Cost Cut Sharply By Insulation Proper insulation may decide i( you can or can't afford air conditioning in your home. Here's why: Thick mineral wool in the walls and ceilings tai'id in floors, where needed) blocks the passage- of heat. As a result, an air-conditioning system has less work lo do, since less heat from (he ouU side gels into the house. cash immediately on your. air. conditioning, whether you are building,- remodeling, or simply installing 'cooling .equipment, in your'present hor/ie, because Ihe thick mineral wool per- m/Is'a. smaller'and lest costly system--- as much as 50 percent less -- to cool the-house com- forlably. .· ' . . · H this sounds like you'll be" robbing Peter lo p'ay Paul -- spending more for insulation to save on cooling equipment' -- consider- these 'savings b.uildej-s realized when the ' Air Conditioned Village, in Austin, Tex., was constructed: ' . . These -builders saved an average of $139.60 per house by ; n- stalling (hick mineral Wool. ! Each dollar they spent on in! sulalion above Ihe FHA's mini| mum requirement saved-11.82 on : air-conditioning equipment. This I meant, a cash savings of 32 cents j for-every dollar spent on insulation. Fattest Tree Said Found What may b« the world'i fastest ree Is an ancient chestnut at he fool o; Ml. Aetna in-Sicily which has a trunk circumfert ence of 204 feet. . .,· When'measured in 17» by 4 :ount Borch, it was only 190 eet around. Some giant western ·ed cedar trees along Ihe Oregon ind Washington coast have, mea,- tured 55 /eet in diameter. Choic*. umoer comes from these ir«s. DRESS UP Hit p«reh , . , Vinyi ptnils miy b« tnt^ti te i p«rch r«ilin« with * ptntlc clothtilln* for *n tttrxtlvt »««ft at ytur ' Vinyl Porch Panels Add Color to Home ABUNDANT LIVING AREAS'are Wphasiied in this compsct design which includes two bedrooms; living recm, family room, kitchen, terrJc* and solarium. Tn« habitable area has 1,335 squar* feet. 'Tn« pUn/ HA^-PG, is by P«tersen-G»l»*r Associates, 1171! East Eijht Mile Road, Warren, Mich. · - - · people looking directly into your home-and you form a miniature an outdoor living area. The fences can be built of western red stare.right.into their liying ; rpom. There's a cure.for this condition which offers special relief fo'r owners of a row house; One architect has fashioned attractive paneled fences which are built in separate sections with alternate sections staggered to give additional illusion of depfh. The 'panels are about-'eight :feet or nipre in length. One is installed' directly in front" of the entrance door, but close to the sidewalk line. Others follow along Ihe sidewalk, line. The staggered effect tUfinrtjve and provides a sha- ·'dow.line'effect. -By this method I .Added lo these savings is the I economy of operating the units.' The thick insulation made-it pos- sible.lo heat and cool the houses at an average savings of $107.90 per year. If you are building or planning to build an air-conditioned house, -- .,.,_ ,, .......«.».^ you can realize similar savings courtyard which, thanks to the with proper insulation installed fence, .can even be-used' as j during construction. ' If you are remodeling or simply add'mg_ a'cooling system- to yoiir-preseiit home, mineral wool in the. correct thicknesses for-air conditioning can-be blown pneumatically into existing walls -and ceilings. Similar savings-on equipment : and operation will result-. -. 'Air conditioning engineers- rec- commend a 6-inch thickness : ot mineral wool for ceilings, a minimum of 3 inches-in walls,.- and ZMnches in floors over such areas as 'crawl "spaces, 'all a died .garages, and porches. · · · AVOID' RUSTY TOOLS Drop a piece .of charcoal in your tool box. It "will absorb moisture, and keep your tools from rusting. · · ' '· Fences Are Staggered .No,privacy! This .is the'legiti- -- --- -- -- mate complaint·. of many, folks I ce(far hoards and dimension.lum- whose,hom£s are-located so" dose I 1 !" or. Dou|las-fir.. E ; il(ier is in-, to the:.slreet that - passers-by -can .expensive; ,ind. .both /lake'. slain 1 xlora rirtVt* .'«*« /I.TM.. K..:...* . , Surf nflilltV VfiTV U'/llI paints'.Very, well. 1 -; STAPLER SAVES TIME A staple gun saves time and trouble when batls or blankets of mineral wool are installed in a wall, ceiling, or floor. The gun is operated, leaving .the oilier^ hand free to hold' the'insulation in place. Staples should're than 6 inches apart. Mozart produced'more than 600 compositions-during his 35 years -r 11 r_ 'v-- prevent ! lt's the colorful touches that make a summer collage a thipg o f ' f u n . · . : '· A mobile on a screened-in porch 'at'a seashore' place can "incorporate everything from starfish to seashells.. Or lake a sprig-of a sunbaked tree branch?or driftwood and attach little beach bau- bels lo it. Anolher idea adaptable 'to an old veranda or new home is the use of gay panels laced to porch railings. One designer showed a [un-in-lhe-sun house incorporating this idea, using waterproof, fade-proof vinyl that is also wash' able. ... . . .. . He \ised semaphore colors--red, yellow, blue and green for porch panels. If your porch has a railing, -you -. have- the -frame. If not, rails or dowels may be set between the ijprights. . : · · Choose vinyl that has color on both -sides- rather- than fabric- of. life. .·Wattles is the term applied t o i hanging from a j Read The Chronicle Classifieds! MAY HEAD NASA-Dr. Hugh L. Dryden, above, may be the civilian director of the new National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). He is now head of the 38-year-oid Nalional Advisory Committee for Aeronaulics, which. NASA will supersede. The NASA administrator is charged w i t h planning, directing and con- dueling aeronautical and space activities.'.. THIS EXQUISITE patio deck gets much cf its charm from iti jimplici^. Tlw deck has b«n built of Jx'4 firmly »t «t slight intirvili to allow rain runoff, on a framework of (ir. Not* I(M effect of checkerboarding in diagonally installed, eight-fc«l jectims. tr« hat section of raw earth. ' and bii'uty Douglij 'fir, iturdy 4'* tfii decking confr«fing · · ' le Room Made .You can stretch that small, bedroom fo .make it. serve-. double duty and teep.the'floor^ of most furniture, one 'prominent western small homes designer adyises:- . · · All you'need is a window located somewhere near the center of the outside wall. . . Design a full wall; of built-in cabineis so they will come flush .\yith .th^wmdjtt jirame on, both sides' and. the top., They need not be 'over JO to. 24 inches, deep. Don't close .in ''the. space', below the wiqdow"; 'iiulead, just, install a desk top at the 'window level and .you can have 'a couple of suspended drawers on either side of an adequate kneeho!e. Presto, you have a.desk and'ypu have storage space' for wardrobes', full chests of draivers for all your clothes and accessories, and even 'for occasional ^storage in'the harder-lo-reach space above Ibe window. To make this installation look like -a custom-built piece of furniture. build it enjirely of of the'attractiv'e, neuiral - loned soft- ·- woods, : sudi as -west coast hemlock or Douglas fir: Then' take your -choice of finishes, clear lacquer to retain the beauty and 'grain of the woods, or paint to-suit "ybur'clor scheme. ' About : all you will need in such a room besides, the bed is a chair or two, for the wall built-in replaces " dre'55er5. : chiffoniers and 'other such furniture and at 'a considerable saving in cost arid room space. N ' · " backed material. The-weight is about like that normally used for upholslery seals. Panels may be cut lo whatever shape or size you desire, the material is-'available in 54-inch widths. Grommels, made by an upholsterer, awning maker, sail maker.or auto.seal upholsterer, are (hen ins'eVted along doubled over edges of (he vinyl! Then'the panels may be laced lo the porch rails hifij-'plastic clothesline. A ?ood effect may be achieved by caving three inches'for the lacing arming Ihe panels. If your porch is the screened in type, ..(lie vinyl panels may be laced .oulside it, and -besides offering a prelty effect, it will be some protection .against the elements. The panels may be laced behind screens also if you'd' like to have, color behind tbe screens. Flower boxes of geraniums or petunias wiih · varigated ivy are other ways to enhance your'ium nie'r porch. Put lightweight boxet, on porch'rails !or anchor individual pots-in 'colorful containers to ·the..porch uprights/'- SCRATCHES. BREED CERMS .Always use a. properly · sized screwdriver, when working on ?. water, faucet. Scratches on ir. -,":** ,."«-«. oudicnes .plumbing/fixtures caused by im Proper .tools are'good'places for bacteria "IQ breed.. - ' SAVE COFFEE CANS Save old coffee cans for paint mg jobs that come .up from timt fo. time. The cans make goot containers for mixing painl am for cleaning.brushes, when th job is finished. Read the Chronicle Classifieds! FRY FULL VALUE BONDED IOHBIP MMUT fJINntl' · WITH itHDK rilfHMAMU ' BONDED MEANS: 1. Seals sWnjIe down completely »o wind or wtttr 'cannot blew In under «ny part of th* shingle. 2. Th* insurance bond is Issued dlr*ttly to the customer from th* iniuranc* com- 3. Th* bond Is Issutd for th* full value of the job for M yean. (Labor t ·matwla'1).'' U*BT *MT m Mwai n* nu - *r emtct.. .*MU» ex *f.mi fuu^amrm rvmtxt wymn mMta* MT. RAINIER ROOFING FRANCH'ISED '^ DEALER I APPLICATOR f!2 St. Hiltnt AVI. Chthdii Ph«n* SH 1-17(3 · M»r1on, Mostyrcck, Rand It.-, ini PKkweed Artii. Call Rifft, YU 3-2W* . ' T I R I N G WORK-This inqui;!- i five youngster is gomg to be i a "tired" young man before he ' succeeds in moving this 3.355- i pound giant at the Firestone i plant In A k r o n , Ohio. The ' world's largest production tires, ! they are nine feet tall and esch i one contains 1,763 pounds of f natural rubber, 418 pounds ot j fabric and more than five miles , of bead wire. The huge lirpj are used in transporting complete pumping stations over the Saudi Arabian sards. S A V E ! AT PALMER LUMBER CO, on 210-lb. 3 IN 1 ROOFING $ ONLY.. 9 4S PER SQ. OPEN ALL DAY SATURDAY PALMER LUMBER CO. 952 Prindle -- CHEHALIS -- Phone SH 8-7162 YOUR BEST BUYS ARE AT KNOWLES' BUILDER'S SUPPLY ',4 THE LONG WHEN CEILING SUDDENLY COMES ID LIFE n»w ·tylcsl S n»w color*! new dMtg"* 1 No wonder nobody is buying plain white .ceiling tile these days. .For now there's a' full Jine of Armstrong .Ceilings ^o" ?hooje from, Fiye'semting new ceilings .to fit every remodeHng budge.t.. .for every room in your home, /ind a jpe- .cial^G joint makes them easy to install. You can do- it-yourself and save. SonnJ-Conditiooui f . ^J^-'.-^ff-i Rubber Coupled* CEMENT Sewer Pipe... . . . the MODERN SEWfR PIPE BEST for · CIVIC · FARM ·INDUSTRIAL · HOME SEWAGE DISPOSAL ' Grjy.tMi RUBBER COUPLED CEMENT SEWER-PIPE wt r t»tirtdi ev.r « IS dtgrtt ditpl«e«m«nf wct'n«i( Iciloji or Impairmtnt of wittr ,«nd wwH« tr«nimini«n. Creuntf w«t.r i it«l«d OUT, »wagi is scaled IN, Diipwtl planti *r* ntt «vtrt»x«i, wwn* ii proptrly dispoitd of. :.'.'..: ' . : . ' ..: : CALL OR WRITE-FORPFULL DETAILS ; ^ Grtyston* Of Centralia (Lewis Materials) »3 Summa - PE 6-ttQS PRODUCTS Gr»yit«ne OfCh*halit. (Chehalii R**4y-M!xj ' Old U. S. f*r-SH 1-4141 FULL RANDOM CUSHlOhTOMC . .Soond-ConJilioni n i l decoriKs. DECORATOR STYLE. Three excitin|.oew printed in nenlnl coters.'^n mow vhite " For a freeeitimtte on an Arrmtrong Ceiling foryour honie, phone and jire 01 your room measurement*, Yon'll he surprised at how little it co*t« to enjoy the beauty of a modern Ann- ttrong Ceiling. |(flrt ni so. n. · FREE PARKING Open All Day Saturday EASY TERMS Ai-O'lofclc on Approved Crcdif. * Attend rt« S.W. Waih. Fair... Au S , 20-24th! 1211 Harriton CENTRALIA (ME 6-3832: f -

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