The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 26, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 26, 1933
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Served by the United Press BHTHEVIELE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHKABT ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXX—NO. 19i • JJ*Uy, Mew*, biylbertita Owrttr. n , v'rm.MMi i i? \u\' V«llfT LfxJ« HIrth»Tlll» Hwmld. BLU lih\ U.l.h. AKIv M'vin \ v i-w«iv\ni'n n> .UM)A\ , 0{ I OBKR 2o, SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Roosevelt Utters Words of Gold Decision Seen as Move to Weaken National Farm Strike. WASHINGTON'. On. 20. <U1M The government's first direct action to break the iiiitlnnal fanr ::'rike by partial surrender lo liie yirikers demands loJav 1'cnn of crop loins p price of con! with a promise tr pump money to firmer.--, "not li dnii'ets bill In millions." T"° "<r-i::i]U" r a\ a't insurant iyt rnlni<i'm ! <'n announced- Cxiav thn the tn'fpx: 1 . rit* <vi "-ly <*m HHI lv> i n*r c~H a'Kl i it rtily trios' favmors who promise to m-|i"" lli-ir jl"., .![.;) iv-u : ,~-.lllCtlOn fo 193* mil b» [rram<"i loans. A. A. A I'^-ninn h" n 3' r T; ti cir" Us fl'iovl I* loan plan Observations . bv 0. R. n.- FIK KILLED Gulf Coast Special Mils Auto at Saltillo. Consumers Counsel of. tlie A?ilcullur«l Adjustment Adminis- tration-Ls'issuing a bi-weekly Con- suriiers.GliUU', In which r>rtnll ; food-prlces i>i-e noted.and the nrc-nigc: ietufl prtas of leading (ted cc mined I lie.; in 51 leading Un'lied States elites are Ml forth, 1 Mobile. ami Ohio's It is much IL-O detailed to reprint. in itils p.tpev, but for the satisfaction of ICH'a! coiuumei's 1 am liaouy lo bo able lo note that BlytlievilliS I prices, with one notable exceptior}. 1 ] are as low or lower lhan pj'cvullmf? SAI/J'll.LO, Miss.. Oct. 20. (UP) prices elsewhere In U'ls coiimry. N —The Mobile ami Olilo railway's Tiie exception u fresh miiX'.Vwhlcly a 'ni Const Special'struck im luno- sells here at a higher price' lhan In? mobllu at a snide crossing here lasl any of tlie 51 American cities rorfl "Wit, killing live psrsons. • wliMi qi.o'ailons are Klven. \] yM " occupants of Lhe automo Milk prices, a;, of September 121' w!f died Insltuuly, the fifth dice (he last dato for which averagejr-i sl:orU y atl er rcni'lilng n Timolo lr= have been compiled, ranged from 1 P ! ' al . *»d. another was near deall 8 cents a quart In, Bt. Paul and today. Minneauolls. Minn., lo 14 ; cehts ii. Tlle dead are Dallas Pearson. Vi. I quart In Bridgeport 'and NesKHft-i 'Winer, his wife, Mia. Dallas poar- ven. Conn., nnd Jacksonville,' PluJ s 0 ". 3B ' "'<* dinahicr. C'.ivlslln? -- - - - • '"•-•! Ptar.-on. II, Gib Iwrl, a caltlc buj 1 - wl'h rmrfucllou (ITD1 _ o«,. n ciMnn Sl'-IVn rotlfri hv- tlin ,rvirl-«.p.sterii Oct. lllc f-i- rs n-s ?tat» and f/">.^roi nffir.m.n rironarpr! fir a f r " fo 'ence to discuss agricultural relief. Rock 12 cents, and Blytlieville. IS cenls. cOo Tlie current national administration does not seem to be free of i vealed by the president when he aimoimced in the oval room of the common Republican rallacy that House, as shown here, that he had' authorised the R P C to Si l.ouls paid 10 cents a Memphis ail of 1D.3, Ltlll : er. and Artie I'ciisou. Anolher major step In (he • government's economic projfram was re- . a government market for newly mined gold hi me United ^ barT j ers | n tj le u . ny ot th( , | mpDr . Slates and to buy and sell gold abroad. This, he said, was for trie purpose of enabling the government to take control of llw Industrial value of the dollar. ID USE TROOPS FLASHES tation of foreign. goods. Only yesterday there came the announoeincHt from Washlnzlon Uiat tlie president Is prepared' to Gertrude Pearscn, M-year-u'.d daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. mllns Pearson, was taken to a Tupelo lios- pilRl where ulie is not expected to f) recover Tiie accident occurred as irie Pears;n family was returning lo Us Saltlllo home after visiting Mrs. Pearson's mother, v.-ho Is .seriously ill at Iwr home several miles north [ -«ni)i"^,.,, 7 nwa )ort hv „ fho Iff. dffii-d n!c!tn's .ot<ttl<m«d »i. the! M ; .«™rl nvor hric!» e new Plaits- nin"t)l. M°S.. Burl »«"VteH SO |ive- si^-k Irnckc to inarket twtav. N»li.. woiTiiyl Mm »..iKols."Uho hurt. tiii-iinH hick oil livestock-.stilivnenM nwrjnnsJv." il m t sm . Ritemnt, to ini°rf c rc tviMi the nouvnv would rc-ity su'f. in "serious cnuwnuence*?.' 1 a Tli« erouu of farmers expressed in r.hp national • admln- if l ration's ability, to solve farm problems If given time and charged (lint- inc.'il of the" fdrin strike nickers were non-farmers and Fnrm lentlers. Including Mllo IV"nu. rivu.iont of i-he Farm Ho'l- div As'tv'oMon. enrior-ed Ihe. call '•f Oov. Clvrie L. Herrlnqr of Iowa frr a conferonce of r«D-c«rn(a- tlve.s of icn jui-i-n^cic-'! slates to be '•elrt hpre October 30. Governor Herring talker! to p-(iriH(-nt Hiwwplt. mvrt 5a ! 'l the nrcsldeiH had indicated Hcnrv Mor«entli!iii jr.. povernor of the f!>-m rrfriji nrimhvstralion, would attend '•'" conference as Roose- vrlt's agent. Call Out Indiana 1 !{ N^cpssary to Catch Bandit Gang, • l .'NTJJAKAPOT.7S. InH.I Oct. 26 JPi-^ThB Tiiriiann ."«li"nal eua'nl .•iioiiK- will be called In an ef-. ri lo at^ r eh f >nd w hand of >A? V - •rtiri« nul-laws which )>ns eluded, state-police nnrl-p?flcc officers forj "V- ihnn tiiiA weeks, Gov. Paul M'-Nntt. said today. . '<• "rnnn'of. escaned convicts notorious crlminiJ.s was b°ltey- ecl to have partSclpatr-'l in at leo-st n of /"our hunk robberies in 'the -TnLr. this \'-p"ic. A total n f nnprox- im^'elv <80.0iv> wss obtained. "If stale nn<1 local Dnl're offl- -'• r s a^e unable to combat the -I'lntim'" I nrohablv will call out •!*e s^'d'crs." Governor McNutt ">id. E-irllcr in Ihe week he had -i'fii-e'i .TO n'i-<e!)l of peace officers for guardsmen. "They ivill be armed with ma- ^'litie guns and slatloned at Cl r«lc7ic prnnf.s al>ont Lho state." Governor McNutt said. "We can ARM CONFERENCE TO RECON- DECEMBKK 4 | Oct. 26. (DPI—Tht I im:> of the world use his .authority lo restrict 1m- ports when In his Jiidgmen such aciion is necessary lo maintain price levels In this country. : If that report Is correct It reveals on the part of President Rocteveit a disregard or a failure lo understand the simple fact that must Import foreign . export. of iierc. Norwood Asks Delay Pending Decision in Injunction.. The Gulf Coast Special does not! stop here. WILL ASK OH0EU—30 LITTLE ROCK, Ocl. 20. (UP) — 'Hi- 1 i'.ute of Pfnnsylvania today notified Ally. Gen. Hal L. Norwood o( Arkansas of Us intention to irliii' s"tl Noveniccr 8 in the United Slates supreme court, to force. )>r.(inent oi inleresl due on state highway bonds. In 11 leltev to Ihe Arkansas at- lorncy general, Ally. Gen. Wm. A. Hchuadcr of Pennsylvania said RC- llon would be "a sn'.l In «jnii.y to compel Hie Uefend.tnl to carry out limna ot a eonlracl validiy entered lino between 11 and Ihe plnhuid rnd 13 enjoin I.V.c defendanl trom- roulliuiing lo psrfinn acts In v!o- lalloti or UiJi'i contl'nct." Pii)meiii Enjoined At a recent special session of '.ho I ] Arkansas IcBlslalurc n bill was passed appropriating {CO.OOO to bo used to p: J .y inl'.'rest on Arkansas 'ilBhwny bends lield by stales. Fol- 'Iu tpllo of the new police regtllallons In BroimllU 1 . >' Y, foiblddlnn i lowing plu>s3ge oi tills act. how- accordance .irith the resolullons of the steering. commlftee. HEFLIK WILL RUN' WASmNGTON.'Oct. 26, (l)t 1 ) —J. Tbomu Heflln formtr «n- ate stormy p«trel from Alabama. iid h? bitends to run for in the fifth .Vlabama dis- | Irfc-t' in next .veir"s Democratic. | primary. He .'Will oppose .Miles Alljeorl of Gadsden. '. HELD AS KIDNAPERS . PUHI.'NGTOS'. N. CVOcl. 26. | .(UP)— Tommy Colcman and Marvin iiollman. K'jrlin;ton white jrien, were in j-»il Indav w'Uiont b^nd for &n ailFccd attempt to I Udnap Mlw Wlllard Ruth, who ' was found bound and hrre yesterday. large volume if they are to be sold at all. .' Barriers against foreign trade cannot' enhance a cou'niry's "prosperity. That which they add to the ux.alih ol one part of the coiuilry'o population they lake Sway from (hat ot another. Former Lieutenant Governor Charged With Em- Bank Funds., uny i> tnat nemys tralfic, Imsuaiuls of t'lius patrician New York suburb Insist on Hiving their wives Uiulr usual morning farewell smack, ovai though It may mean u tu»i<iioiu>. Here a tvulllc vnrns one couple to "make' 11 ur.uppy." over, bondholders obtained un in- Junction Iti federal court which re- Et.ralncd ill!) Arkinsas ire^surer Award of Grand Prize Will from payiilK out Highway funds. i This in'iinili'n soil Is to bo ! iieanl in LlU!e Hock Oclobar 30 bs- '. for" a Llirnu judge federal court. iVorwMd, In A Megrani to the Pransvlvinla attorney general, ast- ed. "Will y6u postpone filing mo- Pnrvlr'i « if Gl/^h r\f\[ [ " ml m tha *uP" ln ^ court until de- 1 VjOORIllil OCllUUllc-Mon In lnjunc(!on sull It injunc- ° Illri; Is ill55'olv6d Pennsylvania debt • I will U?.paid. , . . Tcmo'rrow afternoon some woman i sucb dishes. This year's program | 'Tntciest due <!Ai ...Kansas hl?li- In Blytlieville will be very happy' o| inexpensive ccoklnif Is very pop-1 uay bonds owned by other slates, _ _ _ _ for she will b? the owner of a n;w ulm- with local women who realize. Nevada and Pennsylvania, would o - v •• c ip c t r i c siovc, a gift from the Ar- now that inexpenslve-.dl3ri«s can be-have been pild." Norwood said, 5] CAMDEN Ark (UP)—Th'e' trial k»nsas-MI:soiir},.,.Power company, made attractive and flw'.e.wrrM;. I "but a', bondholders cdmihittep'ce- 11 of-Lawrence E WIVion form»r lieu- This award wl'n.bc the final of n- Vc-slcrday's winners wen". MiOij cur(-d'tti^s .-in']unCtk!h~-- 1 ii5'.*i53l 1 ri.i:"' ' Sarr-»t Wi'l Mike Not Negotiate With Berlin wno < n ,-, n r- i i i I near |i\av USWCl 1 . liOldeil LaKC, Pleads Guilty to Volun- teiiant governor of Arkansas, will number of gifts given each after- Mrs. Tom Litlle, cnke; Mrs. W. L. | court which restrain, oiion here Mcndsy In circuit court noon of the four day cookln? sch:ol Horncr, salad; Mrs. Edwin Jons?, treasurer from pjyinu »rew o'll of alleged shortages of In add.tlcn to the prizes, lomor- Lou Rogers and Mrs. W. L. Omen. $25,000 in his accounts when he was row's session will' be a happy one , baskets, liouldalor ot three closed Ouichlta for everyone. Those whs attend county banks will learn cook baked bean' | At the spring meeting of the DID- —the kind men.rave over on;c.old. chlta county grand Jury April 21, winter days. Then there will bo n Wilsoiv was indicted and released steamed .brown bread preparcu on $5000 bond. , which especially delight womsn anil Specific stiortagcs set out by state children. Other Inexpensive recl- auciitors were- . I P<* to '- prepare:! tomorrow bv Onaclilla Valley Bank, Carndcn. Mrs- Ocorg* Thurn and hsr assist tavy Manslaughter. OSCFXDLA. Ark., Oct. 26.—R a y lOswell. Golden Lake farmer, clnr»- PARIS. Oct. 25 (UP) - Albert'ed with the murder of an older rained the state idiy in circuit court noon of tne lour aay coonmj s^u-ui numui-, sumu; wra. tuum jons^, iteasurcr [rom paying out highway •vith Judge L s Brill presiding spoiuortjj by tKe Courier News and nic-nt pie; Mrs. Salllo Hubler. M> funds." Wilson (aces trial on seven a number of the leading local flims H. H. Schmucit, Mrs. Maggie Col- 1 - 1 Under the Injunction no highway cliarces of "embezzlement which m the clly liall audllorlum. ; Miss Dorothy Ooodrlch. Mrs. Emms funds except for nrilmahancV of - ---- ..... — '- "-- —'-" ' ---- "- '"•• ""-»-• "•»' »*- •" ' "• ...... ii: e highway and''revenue depirt- inctits can bu paid' out, no county turnback of gasoline tax money em ue dlsbui-seU, no Interest or maturities can 'be pnld lo slate governments that hold any hhh-yav bonds, and no short term notea that contnctors hold can bi paid. Srrk Kcfumlirtf Asreemsnt i At [!ie extra SWS.'OT fiurJs were appropriated froin highway department revenue for the payment of all old vouchers of ths rtc-partmeut of less than -$ioo and $11,095.61. :nni. Mis. L. T. Rsnts^ler, will ln- r juaiin Slate Rank, [/juann. $10.- i dude macaroni and cheeic. salmon „ . p . a ! puffs, refrlserjtor copies, a green i Olock Wliivket Lommittee Suppresses Evidence for 50a '.puffs, refrlgerjtor co:kles, a green Bank of Stephens. Stephens, $3.- salad. Dutch auple pie and pspper- l j m.nt Ice errant. Early In November. 1932. Wilson 1 Whil-it Is.expSctcn Ihit tlie lar»- slEiic'd as liquidator. He W3S a;)- wt allcndancu will b: for Hie clos-1 Fear of Violence. for payments to s'ali Tl^ littei- Dmcuntcd to $60,030. Thess aporopriitlons n'a t'ie oi^s Hint cius"d th n bondhtichr- n ask tiv )i» r-stra'nlinf Injunction. or on streets, made a break.!™ freed of a murder charge In It started In the attic, evidently at a pre-arran 5 cd s, 8 - ™>« «* Hastings Confesses Part Damage toon, a nesro on the Village pan- - — «• -*« New York Cotton Africa. . Lancaster, a World war nee. dLx- [ ] app-ared in Ihe Sahara rteserl while in Steele Bank RnMlPrv - tempt ln« a "comeback" long-dls- NEW YORK. Oct. in oseeie oans nooDery , onccpfl!g>!t grlcr his norl ^ trial cotton closed steady. for the sloyin? of Hayden Cl»rki.| • o^ 11 K ? h low (UP) — Today's deckel against R. !l. Ha 1 Kdss Smith white men. includes cases -i. Cvl YoniiT. • Horsljy. all • with Is Chairman of • suits and asked for more and more.—-i-' bv wlils-cr-d protests from — Wlnthrop W. Aldrich, head of the I C'lwse bank. Tho committee went ; irlo a huddle niter wlihp:rtng for •\ few mlm.tes and voice! to con- 'iili-r It on 1 .-.- In ^ sfcr.i; session. First Frost Too l.'?rit to Damage Bean Crop CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo.. Oct. 2G.—A second confession has been obtained bv officials investleat'n- th? ro'ibery last July of the Bank of Steele. Array Hastings, sentenced lo 10 years in prison for cor.'p'racv in the hold-no, has ad- tn!i|"d romplicUv In the robberv P.-cseculing Attomey Robert W. Hawkins has revealed. The confession concurs almost entirely w!lh a confession made by T. L. Matthews, former denuly sheriff, whose admittances led to convittian of Hastings and Ray- mend Mtchle, who also received 10 years, earlier In the fall. Prosecuting officials Indicated that It was realty Hnstlng's confession, made some time ago but kept sccrel. which led lo the arrest of Clyde Oweirs of Illinois as a orlncloal In the robbery. Owens Is In Jail here awaiting preliminary hearing Saturday. „ writer, who succeeded him in aff-'ctlons of his living partner. Ja 'i Mrs. jo^ic Kelt>i-.MIller. March The British aviator was acquitted' Ma J' !n August of 1312. He -set out frD'n • England In A'iril to tly to Capetown Oct 910 9?7 933 1006 1020 972 978 9A4 1007 1020 1030 leu. UUBI-..UU niui B I,..IU _ Last night's fro=t, the first of the .,= ,.-,,.. The latter lliree are com- USCBOla tomphanCe pOtiy s'-iison. had little or na effect on {Jya? ZeT"^ 0 '^ Pavs c l°j| e ]panlon cases. | ' l!:e. pr-s-nt ooan crop. j _•-... 55! XS I '; OSCEOLA, Ark.. Oct. "2S.-A. S.: The frost was 'o-> '!-'« '" '""<-1 ni" STB ' Cniinr F1 ri B J : Rogers was named chairman of the much dimare and Geor?e Greb of! Train on Briark Trestle MEMPHIS. Oct. 26 (Upi_A n . othe r life '- ! ^i mnrkcd «n tirii-.- on Oi" rlqlm o rl by a B-iqrk .Iu".c- tlon Irastle wi'.v the rt^ivv lo.te yi^tei'da" ot Robert Ho"in">s v "i'l, 25, of Curtis. Ark., freight train Visit to Fair n] 988 1000 1030 995 1003 ions ind dlsappeaaxl. Spots closed quiet at 980. off 10. Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T. Aneconda Copper Bethlehem 3teel Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola 118 3-4 14 1-8 28 1-2 41 2 3-8 94 1-2 Genera! American Tank 29 1-2 General Eieclrlc 19 1-+ General Motors 2' 1-2 Internal lonal Harvester 37 New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 26 (UFO I.Cctton closed \ery steady. I o^eti h!?h low [Dec 885 986 B47 Jan 976 S"6 958 March 931 991 970 May 1004 10!M 985 July 1013 1016 999 I NRA Complljtice Baard a', Blvl^eviilc Ca-mlii? cinmny 1 CHirAno. Oct. 26 (UP). to MemoMs T"°'day Ighv lo look for work, r'dln" on j too of a box car, Hol ;i n* 7 sh"id The; leaned to the ^ro'md wh?n Will Mart H«>T(» Frirlav Balltzallon rna:t'n-{ and : S. M.Hoi-,sMd no rcp-rt-i rt l"-,i *••* b-?n fv^l Zenu^lin. Gernnnv's trans-'i ra i,, stn«pcd. In' th» dark he did nm ii.cci HCII, niu«^ |gss was clc , tod s ,.. rc;il -y. otlier-r'-'Mv-d from the section alon? the ^tlnntic nassenTCr airshlo, arrived nnt, realize thai t'i c train hud "IV nt t 1 ' 0 e"' 1 "' "•• •""•"> hollod ^sn tho fr/vctlo ™ „, , -, > ., Tlie Mississippi countv election along the ' m " mutl: s of the committee are J.|Mls«if&lppl river where a lar?e part here todav nt t ' ' nallet i on , ne trcs tle. commission will appo'.nl otflclals for STOCKHOLM (UP)-Thc Swedish ix>sl ofilce dcparlment showed c hsr.dsome prom hsl year amounting to 13.200.000 Icronor This sum was about 1,500,000 kro- nov nnaller than the previous year, _ ^ ^ _ Mlddlewesl UllliUeJ Montgomery Ward New York Central Packard Phillips Pell-oleum Radio Simmons Beds 1-1 18 3-4 31 1-2 3 3-4 15 1-2 C 7-8 16 1-2 Sl."l.ouls-San Francisco 2 7-8 Standard of N. J. 4' 3-* Texis Co. U. 8. St«l SM 964 978 902 1005 Spots closed steady al 952. ofl 1. Chicago Wheat open high low close : struct consumers regarding their The county has been divided In-1 part'in tho recovery p-ojram "A to five districts -with a m^nrter 3f ; future <-f t h= campalsn will be the levee board to be elected froni't'hreo minme lilks to to ?lve:t Ir each district. the churches on Sundays and at The board Is expected to make other public gatherings Sues for Divorce Regains His Memory After 10-Day Lapse ! giant ve<rat9bl3 measured five fjet, ' one inch in circumference. a definite Interpretation of the qualifications necessary to vo'.e Inj the election to guide officials. H, has been Indicated that the onlyi ., „.. , requirements will be that the vot-; Doyle Sanders has filed full In l)»c 871-4 873-4 851-4 85 3-8 c " *« a resiient of the district nn^, clianccT cn.irt asking divorce from May SO 91 1-4 88 3-8| In.' votes. One member of the else- ; They were I 1!or ' board lias slated tl'al in his 1933 and K landowner in the distrlcl in illicit j Jane Sautters. re married In Februaiy. Kparaled In May. Oen- opinion other rcqulslles are P.HT eral Indignities are al'.eecd a.i ,. ^-, , op->n iil«h Ion- close Jcsfentlal. such as payment of pall sounds fo.- the action, wb.'ch was 251-2 j Dec 473-4 485-8 471-4 47 1-21 tax. Definite clarification of vol- J filed through Claude P. Cooper, 40 M iMay 531-2 541-2 533-4 527-Blinj requirements Is expected. (local • NEW ORLEANS. O:l. 26. (UP) j—After a 11-div li"<? -f •n'Mnvv. •limes H. Taylor. 3l. division trat- f:r- nniiat'r of Trnis-Con'incntil • and W:st^rn Alv. \vllh licaiquirt?ra i ! . OWahonu C'.lv. realized who he -• Back »t Akron AKRON. O. Oct. 2S (UP)—The, German dirigible Qrnf Zeooelln| ""ntarcd over Akron airport at; 2:40 p. m. today and prepared toi descend to the portable mooring: Arkansas — Mostly cloud- 1 . WEATHER mast. showers and warmer 'on'.^ht. Frl- i d»v "artly cloudy, colder In west ' porllon. HMv t.™.\ jr->'V-l li S "i-«->.« Memphis and rtelnlty — Partly MONTREAL. (UP)—A novel anl- c . cu(J y am i warmer lonight. Fri• f: Holy Laud, da} . probably showers. as at a resU'irant here. complete u-lth 730 moving fliutes. Taylor iwt-ned police to chock that roprcssnl 30 groups d;p!ctln?i Tl:e maximum letnperature here t:p on his acllv'llcs durln? the n-^- - L > "led and stated lie Jast rememrje narking l:'s car In front Jlahoma. Clly hotel. -f'cvist is b:lnj exhlb- yesterday was 02, minimum jmembered Itcd at.'tt department store he-^e. clear, with frost durin? the nl?ht, of an Ok- Tlie model Is equipped with elec- according to Samusl P. Norra, o.- "jtrlcal effects, |M«1 weather observer.

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