The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 26, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 26, 1950
Page 7
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FRIDAY, MAY 26, 1950 Middle East Arms Aid Should End Race Danger, State Department Says Y-mryn i v. r<\T?K.Y cmmr™ By JOHN M. HIGHTOWKK + WASHINGTON. May 28. (R't — Slate Department officials said today Ihe new American-British-, French agreement covering Ihc sale if military weapons to the Middle ^flsl should end any danger of an • mis race between Israel and the Arab slate.!. At the same time, they declared, the three power commitment to act against any threat of agrcssion by either Jews or Arahs, coupled with the arms agreement, should lead to a new degree of stability throughout the whole region. If results are In fact accomplished, these officials snid. the Western powers will be able to count on much greater security In a pnrt of the world second only to the North Atlantic area In Its strategic Importance In the cold war with Russia. Outgrowth of Meet The Middle East agreement, announced yesterday, is an outgrowth of the recent meetings In I-ondnn of Secretary of State Acheson. British Foreign Minister Bevin and French Foreign Minister Schunian. One of their purposes- In trying to reach an understanding on the problem wns to eliminate a conflict of interests between the United States and Britain which has long irritated their relations. Up to the time they met. Britain had been selling arms to the Arab stntcs and the United States had been selling arms to Israel. KE.,.., ot the big powers knew In general what the other was doing but no formal agreement covered their actions nor were French interests In Ule area adequately taken into ac- «|'jnt. ^7 Arms Race Danger That the danger OT an arms race existed was recognized as long ago BS August 1949 when representatives of the three governments said In the United Nations security council that they were opposed to such a development.' Yesterday's agreement, agninst ttie background of the fncl that the United States and Britain have been arming the Middle Eastern countries, made three major points: 1. The Western powers, evidently with one eye on Russia, snid that the Arab stales and Israel "need to maintain a certain level ot armed forces" both fo protect their individual security and also for the defense "of the area BS a whole." Arms will be supplied to these countries to "level." Must Give Asst.-anre 2. Each of the governments purchasing arms must give assurances that it does not Intend "to undertake any act of agrcssion against *"l,v other state." , I. The United Stales, Britain and France declared their Intention to act immediately "both within and outside the United Nations" if they find that any of the Arab states or Israel Is preparing to violate the frontiers or the armistice lines o f rhe area. Some State Department officials said that the effect of the agreement could be actually to reduce the amount of arms going into the Palestine-Arab parl c f the world from the Western powers. Thai apparently would depend on whal the Western powers and the military leaders of the Middle Eastern stales determine to be the desirable level of armed forces for the security of the area. Magnolia Man Foils Kidnaper; Wrecks Auto TEXARKANA, Tex., May 26, HP) —A Magnolia, Ark., millworkcr says he escaped from a kidnaper by rtc- hbe ntely •&mining his automobile into another here. As a result Hubert McClelland. 24 of Bolssier City, La., a former Texas convict, wns charged yc«rrrjay with a federal count of kidnaping He denied the chnrge and was h'1.1 under a 52.500 bond. The millworker. F,. O. Swlcegood 21. said he gave McClelland a nrte in his automobile near Magnolia Wednesday, Swlccgood's three-year- old son was with him. McClelland, Swiccgood said, drew a pistol nud forced'him to drive to Texarkana. Here McClelland drove his automobile Into another. His companion's arrest followed. The boy wns Injured slightly in the collision. An FBI agent filed the kidnap- ing charge with a U .8. com.niFsion- er here. The complaint alleged McClelland had threatened to dopriv? Swicegood ol custody of his son. the necessary With the Courts ..Chancery: Henry Banks vs. Miiggie Mac Banks, suit for divorce. Hattic Fnye Quinton vs. Charles Edward Quinton, suit for divorce Circuit: Mills-Morris Company vs. R. n Hinsor. and the Service Fire Insiirl ance Company of New York, petition for garnishment for $150. The Texas Company vs. R. H. Illnson, petition for garnishment for $125. , Fannie Allen vs. MnlMe Washing- Ion, et al, suit of ejectment concerning Lot 7, Block 7, of the Snn- nysldc Addition. Douglas Fortenberry vs. William (Bill) Hutton, suit to collect 3500 for damages caused by foliage ousting. Common Picas: George o. Yates vs. Mrs. Delbcit O. Duncan mil charging unlawful Dr. Herr Elected By Stafe Medics LITTLE ROCK. May 20. (if)— Dr. H. A. Herr of Heber Springs Is new president of the Arkansas Eclectic Medical Association. He was elected here yesterday ns the association concluded lUs annual convention. Dr. A. B. Bond of Little Hock Is retiring president. Dr. .1. B. Mitchell of Lonoke, Dr. R. W. Smith of England and Dr. J. P. Oucnthncr of Gassville were elected vice prcsidriHs. Dr. Prank C. Smith of Little lief: WAS named secretary, and Dr. v O. Norris of Tuckerman, treasure 1 Dr. Roy A. Longhf • Fayetlcvillc told the association [hat antl-lilstu mine drugs arc val \ule in treatment of allergies but for colds they are uncontrollable." hat as remedy mrcllable and The highest coal line In (he nation—second highest In (he world- is at Fiorcsla, ncarpreslcd Butte Colorado. " 11 Die Violently In Arkansas By Ihc Assnctalcci I'ress At least II persons have died vlo lenlly in Arkansas this week. Latesl was Herman Rlggan, 21 of Mnlvern, who diowned while, swimming near Malvern Thursday Two olher persons had drownc; previously in unrelated Incidents. Other violent deaths included four in traific accidents. 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That is one of the things we mean when we lay lor dollar, you can't beat a i and sec tor yourself. EDSON Continued from Page 4 . 'Enjoy yourselves—It's La- cr Than You Think. 1 "I left my company In the lurch i come to Washington m}d It oomcd. [ left CED In the lurch "rt It zoomed. So whenever anyone ells me j nm crcn remotely indls- ^imulc, I know better." SITS Struggle Kur Survival Tinning serious (or hts main heme, Mr. Hoffman declared, "This Irugglc we're In Is not World War I or 'Vortd Wnr III. It Is a real BBle for the usrvlval of western ivillzatlon, That sounds oratorical, ul the things we do now will dc- cunlnc the kinds or lives '.vc lend ti the future. "This struggle we're In Is called 'cold war.' it Is an apt nd I'd like (o dud a teller one. lut the kind of cold wnr lhat the Russians arc fighting now hns the nine four fronts as the modern hooting wnr. They are the military, •conomlc. political and infornmtion- il fronts." "This wnr is on now—not lornor- ow. if we arc willing to cany on hat kind of wnr we can see Europe nillt up and not In ruins—and we can finish lhat war at a cost of •CSS than $15,000,000.000." Mr. Hoffman, quoted former Arm> Secretary Gordon Gray to Hie effect that the lotal cosl of World iVar II by the time the last pension s paid will be $1,300,000.000,000. The cost of a third wnr would he even greater. "No one should say, 'Lets get on .vitii the shooting.' " exclaimed Mr Hoffman. "Wnr Is the ulllmntcstu- ililfty—hut if we carry on a smart four-front war, Russia will be contained." "Russia is not a super-stale," Mr. Hoffman declared in his final pica 'It Is a slinking stale. If we cat carry on this war at this exlremelj low cosl, we'll see freedom on the [larch again." GROVELS BODY SHOP Clear Lake Ave. & Clark St. Kxpcrt Body and Tender Repair Highest Quality Auto Painting All Types Undiitlor Work By Highly Skilled Mechanics Every Job Guaranteed Owned & Operated by Grover Canada Phone €981 WE BUY AND SELL USED & NEW FURNITURE PHONE 2112 FOR SALE Bargain! Bargain! Bargain I TRUCK $275 Hauling Cotton Choppers 503 EAST MAIN Teacher State Professional Society Committee Miss Cecil Cassidy. a member of he iiiph school tcacliinj; staff, Ims been named chairman of the SUle Auditing Committee for the Drtla Xappa Gamma Society. It was announced today I." ..^tc president, Mrs. Hazel L. Dabncy. Miss Casslnj a n:i> iinmcumto past president of the Zulu Chapter .'HOTfCT IKWt . . . ITOUft ..HOME...MMK 4CCOUNT :*m f \<f wM li. Ifttn w)H firmtn SAVE MONEY W. L. Walker, Districr Agenf 200 Isaacs lldg. ot Delta Kappa Gammn at Blythe- viilc, and had previously served as treasurer since organization of the chapter In 1340, She was re-elect«d treasurer for a Uo-year term at » recent election. Miss Cassldy is In the commerce department of the high school, and nlso has been elected to represent the Business Department of the Arkansas Education Association as stiitc (leleg.ilc to the National Edu- CRt'-on Association In St. Louis In July. Biu. Phone 3«M . SI13 ^H VACATION PIAN * are YOU using? 1 "ll'e had am vacation tf'Ot all • (u'ckea" out , so tt-e wanted to tai't in utiith at fn>fiil>tf on /j./iu/ior- In<\on in ort/tr la have mote to sfltntl wfirn u-t iini vrd. 1 'hut' j why tt-r ehoie dreyhountl. " *) "Iff fraJ ti definite amount /» «• ifitinl. . ami u-untfti to ft> as fur ai u'f foiilit — irt at muck •/ Amtrita a* fioitible—foi thai amount of ninney. That's, why EC/ cfiost Gny~ froumi. " fither Way, GREYHOUND IS YOUR BEST VACATION BUY! 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