The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 11, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 11, 1931
Page 3
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WEDXKSDAY, MARCH U 1 RJ.YTIIEVILLE, (ARK.) COUUIER NEWS PAGE THDRi News of the Blytheville Schools Lincoln Shrine Which Hoover May Dedicate Si'dburfi School To Miss Luna B. Wilhclm l.nst wrek the 4B grade had an! iri'liniEtic contest. Tho girls rac- i Khr's the sweetest teacher a ever had. all ihc live a belter cst wns hl?h the entire week be-: fc.'"flcesiii tusi cause ot the elosc daily icorcr,. The I «ay. . final uan'c put the girls on the i-he thinks terns wnnins side by two scores. , \vay. . Tuesday. March 3, the 6B pupils \ Shf'b the dearest teacher in nil weie'hed. Most of tl'?m have: the world, chirins the past month. rl'ln fri-nd of cverv boy and were v:ou!d tlieir chos- faces The aLJ children read a health story last wc(lk 1!boul Fairy Soa l'- *ud's. They decided they 1H-.? frr Soapsuds to visit rc-n Bernard Johnson was en (o fcu Hie fairy. He skipped (ito'.it tli? room and whispered to ti.r^e 'who had clean hands and that they were "Rnuv. 1 White 'cud to tlior.-- wilh dirty 'lands' rnd faces that they were "Slack PiUf." He found very few ••Black Ply.s." Them fci a sisn on the 2B door that say= "AH on tlmc". This Is t"ken down when a child Is late. The children Die working to keep P. on the dcor nil the time. 'The students'in the-CA room were fortunate enough to win the p. T. A. dollar this month. There ve::2 12 mothers present. The students from this grade are using the fnoney that they collect to pay for a set of books that they have been using. The pupils of 3A grade are working hp.rd on Health chores. After \vcl?hin?. they decided that it is better to eat proper food, sleep longer hours, nnd play in the frsri air. Mothers who visited 3A grade this wci?k nre Mrs. Massey. Mrs. Smith, and Mrs. Davis. The 5A group enjoyed a visit to [he depot and Western Union office last Thursday to more fully understand the inventions o( S. B. Morse and C. S. Field who they arr< studying in history. The following assembly program was given by the 5B grade Monday morning. Song—America—Entire assembly. Twenty-third Psalm—Jessie Miller. Playlet—Our Foreign Cousins—10 bovs and girls. Reading—When Sis Dresses Up —Iris Kleban. Reading—The Flirt — Wylodtne Massey. Holland Maidens -Eieht Girls. Reading— La7.y Willie — Jane Nirhckon. The two best book reports made February 27. "1931' were by George by George Greir and Willinm Harris. George Grear reported on "Bears of Blue River." William Harris on "Men of the North." Miss Lucib Armstrong presented the 6A room with & mahogany i nortable nhoncgraoh on March Oth, 1931. Thl, machine will be used exclusively ,for classical music She woiks and slaves the day through. To make ililnjjs just a bit tel ] well; Biggest Tom Boy, Mildred 11 ?c Norman. ] Hoys: Shlek; Maurice Lullrel; * ' I looking. Maurice Lultrell: Prettiest eyes, Maurice Lullrell; Pretty Hair, Jof Uunu; most lul- ented, Maurice I.ullifil; Biggest Slssle, Maurice Luttrell; Wittiest, Jclm Fiiyclt Burns; Mart -.tuitions, | jack Wilson; Most popular, Maurice Uillrell; Biggest blrl hater, Mell Brooks Jr.; Most tn Love. K' rl! | Maurice Luttrell: Best nil round.' P '' ole ! John Kay.Htc Burns. | Tt:e toys of the 1U Knglish clnss- ler . re have a number of bird houses; for you. i on display In Junior Ill&jh school. ] And I know you'll all agree when | Allied Arln'n house was given 1st. place, Paul Kciic. second; Glen. Bishop and Bobby Priest, third. i Billy Harrison a student ot 7A31 has not btvn In school this week -, on account of illness. • ' i Jack McHaney has been absent', - ibis week on account of illness. The 8A3 I say, 'Mis'- Wiliielm day". eels sweeter every | —Dorothea Hogers. r o the children parsed into Ihe ludi'orium. which after the chairs liad been removed to one side look on the appearance of a large playj room, the children spent a half Imiir playinc, singing, and in fames directed by Miss Elizabeth; flalstead. ! Afrer the visitors had departed 'he Lan£e childivn resumed their ! .hnrning and In a few minutes wrc very happy to find they had, n7sday morning given by tlu pub ten invested in the development j be invaluable to the jot-seeker of of the American business woman, u,o future. In the International field, the Federation has been one o( the most | physically, mentally and morally. ] Us wvll rounded -program seeks •, u inlallltes and hundlcops, u seren: .ami couiagcoiis approach to Inisi. luvss, problems. Seeking better cdu- . r.iilonal standards tor the ycunj liiisinc.Mi woman, the FeileraliDn , IMS nicomaued tlie establishment • of .<dio'.:nslitp funds In I dubs UiHiiighoui the Untied Stales, , i by mc.ins of which prospective busl- iir.vt Blrls have been cnnbled tc I complete their hli;li school training or to take up college or unlvcis'.ly Mudii-s. Til enable the mature business I wcmnn better to cope with her jprcWi'ms, Ihe organization has car- lilcd on an extensive program of hcsiT.icli. 'I'he Ilrsl conersts f-ictc three successive summers, its members have had first hand contact with business and professional women of 10 European countries, and have gained an Invaluable knowledge of political, economic and social conditions abroad, which must eventually have Us reflection In a more, Intelligent, handling of American business problems. Ache All Over from Colds? Those dull, th robbing painsinhead and that ache-all-over feeling that u«mlty | ever assembled about business wo- iccompany head colds can be relieved class of Junior Hiuhj T i, ls CLll(lc onc -room cabin lu which Thomas Lincoln anil Nancy Hanks, parents of Abraham Lincoln, were ta'cT'cii'lQUitn Douglas who '"has ! ""iTicd is to brcome » shrine for the nation. It will be homed In the Lincoln Mairhigc Temple, which been blck for the last few days wilh I President' Hoover has been Invited to dedicate on June IS. in the Piney Memorial Slule Park at lluri- lonsilllLs. i rodsburi;, Ky. The lender In memory work inl - „_. „ ; . this class of 8A3 was Jack Wilson' with 324 lines. The Junior High students n song and play skelhc Wed . men en masse nre contained In « I in a lew minutea with Capudine. Iking .survey which was a co-operative 1 liquid, Capudinc worksinonc-tliird the oiloil of Ihe National Fedemtlo:-. | time of oilier forms. Easyon the btwn. of liusincss ami Piolesilonal Wo- j ach. Approved by druggiclsasharmlca men's (Jh:l-s and Ihe University of \ join chaser and quick comfort to all headaches, loo,3oc,6ocbottlcsatdrug • fuels, whlc.i are tnade about a quarter of a pound j n c speaking class of Idgh schcol. Lone Oak Items of butter. cess they To celebrate their suc- had a mid-day lunch of butter .and crackers. This exiMilence was very valu- ible both educationally and socially, inasmuch as it furnished material for veadlnR chart. 1 ;, number lessons, art. and language as ll\? children wanted td write letters 'o the central children to tell thcinj en-!60,000 American Women Arc Members of Business Clubs Miss Jewell Maxwell rnent! ^ov; much but tor they mule. Per-1 week, hfip^ ttie greatest vnlue wns the Ola pleasure 1^2 children derived from ths experience as one little sir} r?xn;-esscd It, as she was getting ready to go home, wh.?n she joy- Thursday night with Miss Beatrice j.Clubs ol the United States, under Cook of Gosnell I whose auspices National Business Miss Lancaster spent Tuesday'Women's Week Is observed March night with Miss Lillian Smith. i& '« '*• ^ t"e lar B«t organization Miss Eunice Brooks Is 11! this I of business and professional women ' In the. world. It numbers approsi- i the matcly 60,000 members and has ap- The National Federation of Busl-1 Organtzed tn 1918 at St. Louis, Missouri, the Federation has gro\vn rapidly both tn numbers and inllu- ness and Professional Women's proximately 1250 local clubs scat- ex- Bee Richardson of Bendona Hney, Thursday tered through the 48 states, with Mr. Raymond Evans of Osccola I branches In Alaska and the Hawal- was the guest of his sister. Mrs.I Ian Islands. Bud Walker. Tuesday night. I — Mr. and Mrs. Ditsel Tomlinson were guests of' Mr. and Mrs. Evby Hodse, Wednesday night. Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Hodge called i on Mrs. Tommle Belts. Thursday Srmlby Harwell has made a very nvr «i«^ - 1 attractive bird house-. Other paplls' " Tvho have constructed bird houses are Dick White, Betty Brook Isaacs .and Billy Chamlin. The 3B grade has had ously clau;d her hands and clBimcd,"aln't we had fun." Central Ward ence. until the majority of the women In the United States who hold positions of executive Importance have become members. Mrs' Herbert Hoover, wife of the president of the United States; Mrs. Cnlvin Coolklge, wife ot the ex- president; seven of the eight women In the retiring congress. Judge Florence E. Allen, only \vomnn su- preme court Justice In the world; I Judge Nellie Tayloc Ross, ol I our women governors; Mrs. Ilertha K. Landcs, who was the first woman lo Lt; mayor of n Inrgc American city; Mary Andersen, head of the Women's Bureau of the U. S. Department of Ltibo: nnd prominent in the U. S. government .service; Dr. Lillian M. Clilbrclh. who Is In the forefront of the engineering profession In the United Stales —these lire a few of the outstanding members who have been on Us roster. The organization Ls non-partisan, non-sectarian, self governing nnd self supporting. It has raised and s]>cnt during the tnst twelve year* approximately Sl.OOO.OOO, which 1 an accurate gaiiRe of the fields which oiler her greatest opportunities lor development us well as financial remuneration, and should teresting Indian room this week. on in- display in their This display has Miss Almn Needham spent Friday night wilh Miss Thc'.ma Richardson. ; Mr. and Mrs. DiUsel Tomlinson spent Wednesday at Hnlf Moon with relatives. Lange School been in connection with the story| *-. IT »;„_.. of Hiawatha Gomell Neivs Sara Lou McCutcr.son and Betty Brocks Isaacs have brought three i Miss Virginia Richardson visited volumes of "My Book House" for ; n Lone Oak over last week end. our reading tattc. The pupils have I The c fr f g |' ri5 QTC making cnloyrd the books very much. .I qu!lt3 tor the Fair. Alvie Needham spent Tucs- TWs room wen flve dolalrs this day night with Miss VOT- for having the most mothers . Miss Margaret Pruitt Tnd dadys present at P. T. A. ill this past week. ;-cctinjsi $2.00 for third prize in percentage--of membership and $1. ne ii. Ekr(m garne 00 remaining from last year, rook.- won ^^ Ramcs ! r.» .n total of S8.00. This money The Man Who Owns a Car In lhc year 1929 there were 31,000 trafTic accidents ciuiswl liy motor OIVK. Tlure were 1,200,000 injured. A i-iir nceidctit occnrreii every 16 minutes. The tolal economic cost WHS $850,000,000.00. A small premium paid for protection is much bolter .than ii claim or judgment without it. • . . Stic us W. M. Burns Insurance Agency Phone 213 v» I've marched with the Foreign Legion Financial Statement of Hrst j Grade. Central Ward School: I —says Chesterfield Bbke. ; ha.s been ' A large crowd attended the Gos- • FTiday. Gomel]' Miss Robie Bevill spent Thins- The .fourth grade pur/.ls have F->n' penmanship papers to the Cmamer Penmanship Company to be corrected. Elbert Ross has teen bringing Indian pottery to school. He has dug up several pots in his front yard. He lives on the Gosnel road. We think that the Chickasaw tribj burled the pots. When our pussy willow branches I Laura Orowder; take root we are goinp to set them'" out in the school yard. The fourth, ilfth. and sixth grades nre having Good English Week. They are stressing good En7lish In class and are makin? attractive posters. The Lange First Grade girls and bovs participated In an unusual hat interesting activity the . other day! that of "Making butter." The activity grew out ot n story previously wad ol some children making butter in their schoDl, so the next morning Harold Dean Robertson brought n pint of cream to school. Maxine Wilder went home and borrowed n quart fvuit jar . from her mother after stcralizing. Ihe jar and lid the cream was. lioured into It <md was ready to be churned. Thirty-five ca?er chil-. drcn anxiously awaited their turn | to Kive the jar three or four shakes { before the churning was finished.' These boys and girls hnd another Dleasnnt surprise. The Central S'hc-ol tint grad; girls-and boys with their teachers. Mrs. Banister; hnrt come lo them. Their lit-: t'c visitors were Invited to he!p| n-ith the churning. ; The activity of butter making j • was put aside in ord?r that the i litlle visitors might be entertained., for children who could not buy them; S3 00 for Bobbs Merrill Readers and $3.00 for Central' Ward Library fund. . j The 8A3 class of Junior High; School has a Who's Who contest/ Tbo following results *ere ob-i ardson. Miss Settle Beatrice Cook was the guest of Alviq Needham, Wednesday night. Miss Jewell Maxwell was thfij Miss Beatrice Cook, Thurs-: i Mr. Rudolph Lamorsk has mov-j Miss 8A3, Dlola Harwell; Cutest, i ed to Flln V Michigan. | Prettiest, Lottie j ' Heath; Prettiest Teeth, Sarah Richards; Neatest, Laura Crowder; \Tcst popular, Laurs Crowder; Mcst In love, Margaret Ozment; Mo-.t Talented. Pattv Shane: Most • Studious. Juanlta McDonald; Wittiest, Mildred Lou Norman; Moat fa-ihionnble Margaret Ozment; Biggest Man Hater, Margaret Oi- ment; Best al round, Dola Har-. If Pun down fake • DrPIEftCE'S MILL WORKER JENEFITEO Picked Up After Taking Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound Towards, Pa.—"I was working in a Bilk mill and got BO tired and rundown ' " that I weighed only SD pounds. I was not well! ' enough lo do my ' work. As soon as • I began to lake Lydia K. Pink-; ham's Vegetable Compound, I be-' gan to pick np. • After being mar-; rietl for thirteen I I years, I had a" baby boy am) the next year I had an-, other boy who now weighs 37 pounds and ia healthy as a bear. The Vegetable ; Compound has helped me in a dotcn ' wys unr! I hope olnera will try it too." —Mro. C. 11. JonNsoH Wc^b fVrcct, U. D. ffl, TowsnJa. rcnnsj-lvaoia. AN OLD FACE -b'mrnie Boyd's new play house is open and already. Everybody is saying' "I'll Meet You at Jimmie's in the heart of Blytlieville Next (o Hubbnrd Hardware Co. Pool Checkers Dominos Lunches and Cold Drinks Yorfre Always Welcome — at — JIMMIE'S PLAYHOUSE ©1931. IICOETTA: MriiuToMCCo Co. you sign for me at your country club' What do the grim watchdogs of the desert know of luxuries? Well, try to take their Chesterfields away fcom them! Over there—and here too—a good cigarette means good tobaccos. What you taste in Chesterfield ciga- rettes is mikkrznd better tobaccos —nothing else—blended and "cross-blended"to produce a satisfying fragrance, a flavor which is Chesterfield's alone! h 1*OR NINETFEN yctrs, our Rcstiich Department hts Upt intimate touch with every new development of Sci:Dce that coulii be upplied to the rainuficlure of cigirettn. During this period there hu been no development of KsieJ t»lue or impoiutKC to the sir.oVer which we hive not incorporated into lie oukipg of Chesterfield cigatettcl. Liggitt & M)trs Ttbaat Co. Greater mildness . . . better taste!

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