The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 9, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 9, 1940
Page 3
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MONDAY, .DECEMBER 9, 1940 BLYTHEVTLLE (AKTt) COURIER 1 NEWS PAGE THREE;? One Of Uncle Sam's Armored Divisions On Tlie March Tour Of Main Militar Posts • Shows Thorough- j ess Thornton Writes j •fcV VV1LUX THORXTON Xi.'A .Service Start' Correspondent WASHINGTON. Dec. 0.—Tu the i-h: months since Mav IK when Prfisidr-ni Roosevelt announced thai iiil) .steam was ban-.' turned into the 'preparedness" program, the U. S. Armv has 'laid- a .broad,'firm foundation for the great army thuiV'is in the making. llr-re are some of the aceom- IjHsruVnit:;: From about 240,000 men, the 'ar- r. n di\ active service has been in- (•'•<ii*ftd to jilxmL 550.000 men. From scattered lank" battalions und regiments, tv.-o lull armored divisions have been fashioned, und ;mi today "ready for battle," according to their officers. Several infantry divisions have b^.er. completely equipped with the new Garand semi-automatic rifle. About 38,000 such rifles were available in May—now the number is crowding "lOO.tiGO. Aiiles of modern barracks in a score of camps have been coin- a* $ <« \, fv , U>**' s -» x * 5**' '? " / £*$ . £&« Mi si i a ps a I Home (lausc injury OF Several Osccolai hi;; officii. his hnnds nro and he Is not nblc to 'uso' thorn. .-. .--. ,v Jimmie Roberts Osceola's Safest Driver Of Month OSCEOLA, Ark.. Dec. fl.—Dr. W. J. Sheddftn.'Qscoolii pliystcinn, sus- tftlupd ])iiinful burns on both hunds while iryJntr : to «xLin« a burning newspaper and prevent II, ditching ft\\\ to oihcr lurnl.sln'Uus in liis ilvlny : 'Voom, Dr. Shoddan htul come in from « call around four o'clock in the. mornlnc, picked up si morning pu- I)! 1 ) 1 Iron tlu'.vnrd and spread 1<. out on top of tlio circuHitiny lu.'Ut- t'r oi. dry (ill UH* frost when it iy- nited. In uetting to tlio bathroom with il and .Oitlutiui-shinn Ou> 1 tomes, spreading, both hands wtir»3 burn I'd and had to bo ijrcssrd by another ])hysiciiin. Uon TulliafiM'Yo, uno - y» > s\r - old son of K. L. Tallinfcn'o, prtJjjilnt'iit lumbenium, and Mrs. Tul- beiiiiri. ,his • expi'rlmi-iuiiu' curly i \vhi- 1 !) playing uromul flu 1 room Sunday morning lie thrust, u Iwir-pin in a wu'll socket cixvwlng a short circuit, in the wtill recoptucle. The shod-: luiockinf. .Ucn over tuui cfui^c'd :;lltilil- bum;; on his 1 fingers. Let 1 Maxwell. .SJneluir ck'nlt'i 1 in wu.s, puinlully bi.'nuui on OSCEOLA, Ark.. Dec. 7.—Jimmie Roberts, well-known garage, bpcrn- lor nncl mechanic, was voted, by thi! oJttdai conimltte as Osceola's driver for the month of November, it was announced by Mitchell Mooro, president of the Paramount Club sponsoring ihft . Mr. Roberts is the s t.orlcs of winners to ty through July 19-11. 00 won (he honor for October winners aro promised-h bo.y.s at thi! und of lh« cont|p|i Questioned about his driving ^x- ' uu'icnw. Mr, HpbRrLs .said, "I have bi'on driving :w^ years, starting in Chicago in 1902 wilh' •'o'lir:.. and two I'yhncinr ears." „ •• .;\ { .- f ' Mr, Roberts b(?li(;vo-s that us u umorul'Tiili! boy.s should not be- tiin driving 1 - until lf> and' girls, mi- ti! Hi. AskeMi what lie thought vyas •he most important i'ftctor in -sl'u^ driving ho replied "aleii'inoss and strict. ol)si!i'Viuu:t'' of tmltk' rules, Wlit-ir 1 com*' upon u "frog" .sign I rilwuyf, fitop even if tht»rft :tro' no O.sceola and 'Luxora' school- to'Jonesboro for ihe annual jug of the Northeast Arkansas "*» band^clinic in session Friday and ,^ Saturday. : .' , '; T* MemWrs '* attending were - Bruce" Ivy, "Jr., F^rank O. Gwinn, W, R. ,1. Holhleld,. Eddie Banks, Dick Prew- iLt,.. Blllfe Driver, Tommie- : Cox, Joyce Williams,, Linda Edrm'gton, Kugene Thorn, Elizabeth ''fhorn, and B. O. Wilklns, Jr,, of S KIN CHEMICJ ''Aijripr- NPW<: want flfM -'• TROIBLES OF EXTERNAL CAL CAUSE Cleari rig-up help and healing aid helped uy antisepsis of Black and White Ointment aqothcs out burn, Itch. First try does it or your money ,.-*^" Vital in cleansing is eood ; got Blaclc and White Skin Soap, COMPLF/I'K LINE OF ^~ OFFICE SUPPLIES CM 1« r '~"\ ' DELTA' '"*. : , FICK SUPPLY S'I'OKh i«.K. anil Ash SU Martialetl in ail their steel-clad might, two completely equipped is part of the Second Armored Division at Fort drawn divisions' art a foVvrunntr of :"a do/.en such divisions to t:<>n\o. for u review us observation '{riaiies thunder or are nearing completion. Scores of thousands of acres of £nd have been bought and added, i> military .posts lor firing ranges JY maneuver fields. At least one division (the Sec- •nd. at Pt. Sam Houston) has been ,ompletely motorized. | Officers' schools at PL Sill for he artillery and Ft. Benning for he infantry have been expanded o handle 5000 and 8000 officers ti •oar in "refresher" and "brush- rp" courses, and several thousand u c h . officers are now going '•vewh 10-\veek courser; in the chocls. Of 16,000.000 men registered -.ider the selective service act Oct. *'. about 25.000 have been in- "uctecl into service. Not quite 100,"0 of 250.000 National Guardsmen ?ave been called into active serv- ce. \Vork at almost every camp cen- ; :rs around training men to be '.structors of those who are to cllow. Great schools for radio .peraiors, mechanics, cooks and •her specialists have been esfcab- shed on a scale equaled only by * The,Smoke ji 'Siower-Btifniiig Camels gives you— EXTRA MILDNESS EXTRA COOLNESS EXTRA FLAVOR AND- :Selective Service : (Editor's Note; Below is published a list of registrants as they are sent Questionnaires by Mississippi county's three draft beards. Earlier' 'groups liave already been published ,iii their order number and others follow.) dres Jones n; 854. James Leeo Black n; 855. Homer Lee Hlnchey; 856', Leonard Tate; 857, 'Clyde Richard' Ledbetter; 858. Vance iSavage. '»; 859. Echvard. Bernie Dou-nnm; 860. John Elvy Lindley (unknown); 801, Orvlll Lee Treadway; 8(i2. Tellie Elmer Terrell. 863. Jasper Aycox n; 8(j4, Russell Gill; 865, Thomas Jake Orval Merton Mitchell; 8G8. Vlryle Cieorge Raney; 8GD, Delana Charles Jolliff; 870.. Luther Loyd Ricks; 871, Lee Jones ri; 87'2;'BertalJame.s Alphin; 873. Robert. HOlt; 874, Ber- le.ster Moten ^'-875, Ray Warren. The enrwlg is n hnrmless .beetle- like insect. At one time, it ; \vas supposed to creep into the hurri'ai Clark; 8GG, Amos Farley n; 867, ear, hence its name. both hands und wrist;; whon uii oil liitutcr In'his living room bxplodt'd Sunday nl^hl. - ; .',,-, Ccrosoiii* und lire \vuro 'thrown )vcr iho walls und ifurnluire Of tin? I'oom. In try in u to extinguish the flames his hands were burned und his clothing sol on lire. A negro servant. Instructed to bring wiUev, brouyht the bucket and set U down in the doorway uncl fled. Olenda Marie, ten-year-old daughter oi Mr: Maxwell, had presence oi' mint enough to throw the water on hei father and put out the tlames. Considerable damage was don • to the walls and furnishings o the room. Wlillc L Mr.'Maxwell is up I'.nd-at <M\t:< in sight.!' Osceola Band Members At Jonesboro Meeting OSCEOLA. Ark.. Dec.' O.—T. C WlngHeUl, Osceola band director md Mr. and Mrs. M 'A. Thorn uc- eleven members of thi NRW YEAR'S EVK DANCE Owen /uck and His ORCHESTRA Sponsored l>y the Blythevillc Bachelor Club City HaU Or. Saliba's Clinic EYE, ..BARy: NOSE and THROAT i * 128 B. Kentucky Ave.. Corner Franklin & Kentucky .'..'•GLASSES FITTED \ .1 A. Snliha, M.O., M.E, Ph.G. Office Phone 418, RM. 419 Board A 529, Raymond Benjiman Hodge; 530, James Luther Williams; 531, Doyle Pen/il Cloud; 532, Wesley Earl Pegues n; 533, John Prank- lin n; 534, Travis Rock Brooks; 535.:\Villie Lee Dane! n; 53G. Claud Lee'Thaxton; 537, Jack Reed; 538. Willie Arthur Phillips n; 539, Alfred Franklin Stovnll; : 540, Thomas sterling Hailed . • . „" .541, Carl Listenbee n; 542, Emmett While n; 543. Eugene Ware _Cudd; 544, -John -Evert. 'Franklin "Elledge; ^545, Jolly Curtis Sparks; 546. Johnnie Johnson n; 547, Floyd PershingHouse; 548. Roland Howard; 549, Tom Dodson; 550. Lovelace Ma this n; 551. James Filmore Wood; 552, Thames Featherston Jackson. Board B 826, Sam Heeman;, 827. Fate e largest universities. MORALE •;OOD A tcur of adozen of the large vmy .camps and posts • recently .'cnducted for newsmen by the Edwarcl Owens - 8 28. Orvilie Dud- Jar Department leads to this con- ley Massey; 829, Elbert Elvie .Lan'-lusion: caster; 830. Melvin Frank Brown- The groundwork has been laid lee Jr . 831- Raymond Kirby; 832 . 31- an impressive army. What can . Parker Oneal Camp; 833 ; John s seen today is not an army, but, FTank ii n .Sanders; 834, Charlie Clin- •ie foundation, for an army— and ton shourcl: 835i Ruben Albert is a foundation both broad' and Da vis; 836. Ned Gilbert Rice; 837, Mose Ellis n. . The great lacks are in materiel, :hiefly in guns. The 105 mm. saw field -.andard divisional 838 Em . t Nimmo; 839i Zftnial pinl 84Q> willie Graham , 1; 841t gun, planned to be the JQ h CHfton McDaniel; 842 , Ray . ivisional artillery vveap-i mond R Cae 843 _ Judd Ma to replace the World War 75 j Hudson . 844 ' ' j am es Oliver 3tal- its adaptations, has not yeti Uons; 845 _ Jcsse FTanklin Hycle; LESS NICOTINE than the average of the 4 other of the largest-selling cigarettes tested—less than any of them — according to independent scientific tests of the smoke itself. ,-peared in uny quantity. Neither ave heavy tanks, though light nd medium tanks of new design re now .coming from the facto- ies in an increasing stream. Almost, every unit now in trailing is specializing in training) raincrs. A.s new selectees come nto the service, for every 220" of hem, 30 experienced . enlisted nen will be detached from their .resent units to form cadres for he new units to be formed. Train- ng for this work is a large part .i today's army activities. Almost to a man the present irmy is a volunteer force—made •i;j of men who volunteered before elective service became effective, jr who volunteered for immediate crvice on being registered. The -.pint seems excellent. The hardest kind of work for long hours uid sometimes with inadequate equipment, brings no complaint. Officers .seem to be buckling :lown with the same resolution. ~!nd to. have every solicitude for hs welfare of their men. SERIOUS SPIRIT Training is practical and pro- ressive. The many officers with ~OTC and CCC experience are a 846. Harold Garfield Walk n; 847, Clayton Gladis Wilson; 848, David Allen Baker; 849, David E." Thurman; 850. Sharon Garth Edwards. 851, Manuel James .Archer: 852, George Edward Burks n; 853. An- Relief At Last ForYourCough Creomulsion relieves promptly because it goes right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with the understanding you must like the way it quickly allays the cough or you are to nave your money back. CREOMULSION for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis and the National Guard maneuvers, together with he better general state of the '.uard, have put many units far ahead of the point that might be expected. Recreation facilities are in an unfinished state in many camps, the movie tents and recreation hells being as yet not ready and under-equipped with books, magazines, and games. But that is plainly temporary. There is little whoop-la, and no observable whipping up of hatred against nny particular country. The whole spirit is businesslike and serious. Field problems arej attacked by even the youngest re-1 cruits with deadly earnestness and clear determination to learn to be soldiers, and do it right. No high-flown sentiments, no incendiary scngs. The whole army seems! to have something of the spirit J cf a young aircraft mechanic who was sitting at a soda fountain in | j Columbus. Ga.. when he was asked j ' what prompted him to "join ,up." "Well, they need an army, don't they?" he asked, gruffly, scarcely; locking up from his soda. "Well,j that's me." FOR A PERFECT CHRISTMAS MOST POWERFUL TRUCK ENGINES IN THE LOW-PRICE FIELD 90-HORSEPOWER STANDARD ENGINE •Human beings are capable of! thinking and laughing; no other, animal is able to do either. PAT O'BRYAMT JEWELER Corner Mam & Second Sts. 93-HORSEPOWER HEAVY DUTY "LOAD-MASTER" ENGINE (Opffonol of exfro coif on Hoovy Duty {rucks) MASSIVE NEW TRUCK STYLING making these new 1941 Chevrolet trucks the best-looking as well as the best-performing trucks in the entire lowest price field. NEW LONGER WHEELBASE NEW RECIRCUIATING BALLBEARING STEERING GEAR greatly reduces steering effort—brings true passenger car steering ease to truck operation. NEW, MORE COMFORTABLE DRIVER'S COMPARTMENT with greatly increased leg room and better, form-fitting seat and back in cabs, giving much greater driver comfort. 60 MODELS ... ON NINE LONGER WHEELBASiS . . . A COMPLETE LINE FOR ALL LINES OF BUSINESS CHEVROLET DEALERS' NATIONAL TRUCK WEEK••• DECEMBER 2 through 7 TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO.

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