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Press and Sun-Bulletin from Binghamton, New York • Page 11

Binghamton, New York
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BINGHAMTON PRE SECOND SECTION AND LEADER TUESDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 20, 192a. TlVEXTV-fclA l-AUJQ VAGEK 11 TO 26 JC Will Confer 29th Grade, Knight of Parents Seek for Girls Missing from COLONEL GREENE ASKAiS MISSING GIO LS St. Andrew, on Large Class of Masons I heir Susquehanna Homes Since Sunday TO IT REALIZED IN SOUGHT IN VAIN ililAL Get CHANGES HIGHWA LEGION POST AIMS FOR BEST 'OPEN HOUSE' ON NEW YEAR'S DAY rinns already are being made for the third annual Open House Day of Blngliamton Post, SO, American Legion, to be held in the Main street club houso on New Year's Day. A meeting, to which representatives of all of the war-time civilian organizations have been Invited, will bo held in tho club house on Thursday niglil of this week at 8 o'clock for Iho purpose of completing nil Dl BY POLICE HERE Three Susquehanna Maidens Believed Now to Be Just on 'Lark' Few Broome County Roads Marked on New Map for Proposed System i 1 4-7X1 1 4 A fi i- Ivy Kh A' KIDNAPING SCOUTED CROSSINGS UP AGAIN Reunion Events Leading up to Consecration of Temple on Thursday MANY VISITORS COMING Unusual Event in Ritual of Scottish Rite Bodies to Draw Largely Aim, and hopes of leaders of Masonry In this section reached a today with the openins session of the fifty-seventh annual of Otsenlngo Bodies. Ancient arrangements.

It is the Intention of the committee to make Ihls year's event the most successful of any held thus far and It is with this aim that the organizations who participated in the first open House Day have again been invited to lake their part in the arrangements for tti day. Any organization that has not as yet received an invitation to attend this meeting is urged to send a representative as they have been overlooked merely through lack of Motorist Suspected of Part in Disappearance Has Plaus-. ible Alibi Newberry and Gray Points Given Usual Attention for Projected Elimination Broome county highways will be but little affected by proposed changes to bi made in the present proper records. 33D AUSTIN S. Ill MP, 33U As Grand Master, king of Soot la ml v.

hoe. As Sultan big highway map through a now system of connected state roads be Binghamton police up to late today had been unable to find any trace of three young Susquehanna, girls who aro reported to have been missing from their homes since last Sunday night. Tho girls arc Margaret Craig, 18 years, old, of Erie avenuo, Susquehanna; Louise Valentino, 13 years Accepted Scottish Bite. Valley of binghamton. realization of the ambitions ing drafted by tho engineers in the state bureau of highways under the direction of Colonel Frederick Stuart Greene.

The new system of high :O.NTA(,IOlt) IHPKASES. Two new rtucn of diphtheria were reported to the Bureau of Health yeter day stid transferred to the City hnanllal. Olio cubo each of Inlliipn.a and pneumonia also were reported. The dally record of tntnl rontngion In the ctiystiowa: Diphtheria, chlrkcnpox, scarlet fever, J3; pneuuionlu, typhoid, menalet, inuutii, whoopiugeougli, Influenza, 1. old, and Katie Luetnda Florence, 11 years old, both of tho Oakland side of Siifquchnnna.

ways being mapped by Colonel Greene and which ill be introduced for approval at the next session of the Legislature Is what ho terms a sensible connected system of state roads to fit the traffic needs of the Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. V'lorenee, 'f if parents of the Florence girl, came to Binghumton late yesterday and reported the three gliis missing. Thoy advanced the theory that the girls might have been tho victims Hon If A Get rid of 1 1 II impurities with 'ft he leaders will come, on Thursday afternoon when the temple is consecrated to the Ideals of the fraternity here and to the use of Otsenlngo bodies and blue lodges in Blng-liamton.

Then will remain the work of these leaders to aid In retalnment of interest of their brethren in the order during the years to come. Interest in Masonry here was greatly enhanced when the Scottish Rite Corporation wns organized to build a Masonic Temple. The Scottish Rite invited blue lodges here to use the building. The temple at Main and. Murray streets is regarded as one of the finest in the state.

The iwemonv Thursday after of kidnapers. Three roads and the elimination of two grade crossings are included in the Hewllt bill which was passed j. ANTI-BIUOUS Detectives working on the case some time ago by the Legislature for Katlo Luiindu Florence, one of tho three girls missing from slnco Sunday for whom search Is being made here. this morning, however, scouted this theory and bellovo that three girls have started out together on a 9 construction during the next four years in Broome county by the state. These proposed highways includo the lark" and will probably be found PI L.L.S L.US stranded not far from home.

SETS MOTOItCVCLE RF.CORD. Philadelphia, Nov. Mil A world's CHANCELOR FLINT WANTS CLEAN PAPERS Vestal to Vestal Center and tho state line highway, a distance of about Bcvcn miles, which it is proposed to lne Valentine girl is the daughter of Guy Theodore Valentine, who was mutiircyclo speed record was estab t', 1 it Af yl'i they regulate stomach, liver anil bowels All ilriiasMft or E. I'Ol li New York construct next year; the McClurc- arrested in Susquehanna Nov. 10 tor Binghamton police on a warrant lished here yesterday by John "Red" VVolveiion, captiitn of the "ace" racing team.

Hurdling his four noon will be the first by 111. Leon M. ihhntt nf Boston, most puissant charging him with fertrerv in tho second degree. When Detective Ser cylinder machine over a straightaway course of one mile, Wolverton obtained a speed of 130 miles an geant John I. Crawford and Detective Jeremiah Donahue went to Sus hour.

quehanna to return him to Bingham ton he refused to come. He was ir. CAUL IIAHOIK, 321J li'puty Griuul Master Gruen Watch Bettsburg highway, a distance of seven to eight miles, and the Chenango Forks to Whitney Point highway, a distance of JO miles. The trade crossing elimination plan in-includeg tho Newberry Crossing. at Klrkwood and Gray's Crossing near Hooper.

It is believed that the new map being made under the direction of Colonel Greene will include these roads for improvement and also will include the Improvement of the extension of the Corbettsvllle to the Homo buyers and homo builders later brought back to this city, however, by attaches of the sheriff's of conhlantly use Want Ads. ft. WMkCiM irn Syracuse, Nov. 2(1 (Vnltcil Press) Urging newspaper publishers to Btand ngalnst obscenity which ho declared is "eating out the vltula of civilization," Chancellor Charles Flint, of Syracuse University, told newspapermen what he believes they can do to correct this evil when he spoke before the New York Newspaper Publishers' association here. The Chancellor told the newspapermen that the press Is the greatest of three influences which deul with the souls of men, the other two being educators and ministers.

flea and Is now being held in the SemlThln Model JS) iiroome county pail to await tho FOR DECLAMATION -tittlini. action of tho gfund Jury on the iffMl, SOLOMOX J. KELLET, 32D Master of Ceremonies sovereign grand commander, during the time he has held this office. Nearly 350 candidates are In the class which received the fourteenth grade this afternoon at the opening ceremony at 3 o'clock. Dr.

Miles M. Smith, 33d, thrice potent master of Otsenlngo Lodge of Perfection, was In charge of the work. The candidates are from the jurisdiction governed by Otsenlngo Bodies in the Valley of Binghamton. The territory includes the following counties: Broome, Chenango, Delaware, Tioga, Tompkins and Sullivan. Ithaca Lodge of Perfection is represented by a class which was sent here to receive the grades tobo conferred during the reunion.

The ilelpirjitinn in in eharcrft nf III. Wil Whilt QolJ $2750 state line highway In the town of EVENT III ITHACA Conklln. known as the River road 25 TD HELP OTHERS This highway which extends along the west side of the Susquehanna river for about a mile is an extension of the Lackawanna trail and 1 Ultra Qaaliry Fillea Cata-U Jawtls Local High School Will Send Oood Thing-DON'T MIBS IT. Send your name and address plaint) written togelhtr with 5 rents (and this lip) to Chamberlain Medicine Dw Moines, Iowa, and recaive in return a trial package containing Chamberlain'f Cough Remedy for oonglia, eolda, croup, bronchial, "flu" and vhoopinp coughs, and tickling throat: Chamberlain's Btom fcch and Liver Tablets for stomach troubles, indignation, gassy pains that crowd the fciHouanasi and constipation Chamberlain' Halve, needed in-avery family for bums, scalds, wounds, pile, and skin affections: thesa valued family Medicine for only fi cents, fioa't list ia Advertisement. ON THANKSGIVING MORE HTOI.EN ORDERS.

Iteporis of the theft of poatnl money order forms from the following font offices were received at the Hlmttiiinitnu post office today: Station 70, Chicago, forms numbered from Slims to fiouoo, would allow tourists from Binghamton to Scranton reaching tho Lackawanna trail proper at Hallstead Representatives for Prize Speaking Waat'trhu ViM rttft, Sdutti Nate Ratnti Until ChrUmct H. SWEET Stone Opera House Blk. liam C. Andrae, 33d, professor in without encountering various danger points on the Klrkwood side of the river. Efforts are being made ln a mversiiv.

una nines notem inclusive, on Nor. Ill; llagan, forma numbered 47IMI2, 471)43 and 471)82, on and Lexington, N. forms numbered from 150001 to 100000, inclusive, on Nov. Pennsylvania to have the three miles oi unaca or. i'enec- Church Offerings Will Be Devoted to Worthy Benevolent Causes and a half of the highway in that Binghamton Central High school will be represented in the invitation state improved near year.

The twenty-ninth grade will be Conferred fonlrht nt Velnrlr tinHnr IX This is Colonel Greene fourth at declamation prize speaking contest to bo held In February at Ithaca' tempt to have adopted a map sug gested by engineers of the highway High school, it was announced today bv Donald H. Tower, instructor lorgery charge. Valentine is said to havo lived on Court street at one time and a short timo previous to his arrest on El-dridge street, this city, and detectives this morning conducted a search at both former addresses of Valentine In the belief that tho Valentine girl who visited her father on numerous occasions when he lived In Binghamton might bring the other two missing girls here. Their search, however, proved fruitless. The girls are said to have been seen in the automobile of a Susquehanna man Sunday afternoon.

This man has been questioned by the Susquehanna authorities but denies any knowledge of the whereabouts of the three girls. He said he saw the girls together near the Barnes Memorial hospital walking towards the village at about 5:30 o'clock Sunday afternoon. He said he saw them a second time at 9:30 o'clock Sunday night standing near the Barnes hospital when he left the Institution where his wife is receiving treatment after an operation. Local police aro chiefly concerned with the disappearance of the Florence girl, the only one of the trio about whom they have received a report. She is described as pretty with dark blue eyes, long chestnut hair with curls.

She wore a dark brown hat, short black velvet coat, black dress and gray and black slippers. The Craig girl who lived with an aunt and uncle, has blonde hair, brown eyes and was wearing a brown suit, brown hat, blacfc stockings and patent leather shoes. The Valentine girl is also a blonde with bobbed hair and wearing a long dark brown coat. DIHTKICT IIKAD COMING. Mrs.

Mary Makepace of Waterfown, district president of the Ladles' auxiliary of the Snn of Veterans will be the gueat of the local auxiliary and will attend a special meeting tonight at 8 o'clock, a( the home of Mrs. Barman Wilcox, 4i3 Court street. department, and sponsored by himself. Three other proposed plans submitted by him were turned down by the state legislature. Meetings have been called at the state highway headquarters.

65 Lancaster street, Albany, today and tomorrow to which reprcsenatlves, various civic and state organizations interested in good roads have been invited by Colonel Greene to discuss the proposed plan for new highways to be submitted when the Legislature meets. In order to be sure that Highway Map No. 4 cannot be called even a In public speaking and dramatics In the school here. Educational authorities of Ithaca have Invited High schools in the Southern Tier to participate in the contest for a valuable prize, the character of which will be decided later. If successful.

It probably will become an annual affair and ln years following may be held in other cities. Other schools which will participate are Elmira, Rochester, Auburn, Geneva, Waverly, Owego and Nor Week-End Shoe Specials On Fall ami Winter Footwear for the Whole Family Hundreds of pairs of styles that are sure to pleaseat prices well, just come in and see the WONDERFUL VALUES we have to offer a few are listed below WOMEN'S WEEK-END SPECIALS Special offerings for worthy benevolent or welfare purposes will characterize the coming special Thanksgiving services next Sunday, and on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 29, as a result of which thousands of dollars will be raised in the many churches of the community. Speakers will be heard in several churches ln the Interest of the Near East Belief Fund. Special services are announced for Christ church by the rector, the Kev.

Theodore J. Dewees, on Thursday morning, Nov. 29. Holy communion wich. According to the invitation from step-child to old father politics.

Ithaca, the High school at the col the direction of 111. Austin S. Bump, 33d. Forty-two members of Central City Consistory of Syracuse will confer the twenty-first grade tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock. The Pary will arrive at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon In two special passenger coaches on a Lackawanna tram.

Gardner J. Chamberlain, commander In chief of the con- 111. Jerom8 l. Cheney, work dCpUty' w111 dlrect th0 The Rt. Rev.

Harry S. Longley. ilt Molncs' Ia bishop of hah'r Vmer reCtor Chrl8t 2 "tmp'ihcatlon of the twenty-W'Tam fad morrow night A' Johnaon, 33d, com-too JmK h'ef of otsenlngo Consls-LJ1 Charse te work, bott wrnn enKn "-'ommander Ab-io" ce leaS91a.le1 in the consecra- i mese members to arrive Is George lis cuf the TT b9 included "clik nlht at 7:30 C0e? memberS and lne lt0 the be bodies 'he work by tonight to witness will be celebrated at 7:30 clock. Women's Hl-Shoos Black and Brown $3.95 50 pair lot of Gray, and Black and Gray Pumps and Oxfords. All "welts" Af- or "turns" 80 pair lot of Black Kid, Black Patent, low and high heel Pumps, All CO OC or "turns" and morning prayer, with sermon, will be held at 10:30 o'clock.

The choir will sing at the latter service, under the direction of the organist, Colonel Greene has sent letters to the following organizations, all of which represent groups of persons unselfishly interested in good roads: American Society of Civil Engineers, Dairymen's League, Farm Bureau, County Superintendents' association, New York State Association of Real Estate Boards. New York State Auto association, New York Motor Federation, New York Grange and Motor Truck Owners' Association of America. lege city will pay expenses and entertain all visiting speakers, the school which the speaker represents not being taxed financially in any way. A speaking contest will be held In the school here within the next few weeks to determine the best speaker to represent the school at the Ithaca event. Speakers may select their own topics and may not speak longer than five minutes.

Several excellent speakers in the Harold T. Neville. Similar special services will he reld that morning in the Trinity Memorial church by the rector, the Hev. Wilson E. Tanner, at the The Latest Fall Models of Black Suede and Log Church of the Good Shepherd, by the rector, the Rev.

J. DeLancey Dance Slippers of Black Satin on Very Clever New Pat- fit terns. $3.45, $3.95, school have been graduated in the Cabin Buck Pumps Scovll, and in the Episcopal churches at Johnson City and Endi- last year but Professor Tower be MEETS WITH MRS. WATKOfH. The Ladles' Aid society of the High Street M.

E. church will meet at the home of Mrs. Truman O. Wst roils, 206 Vestal avenue Friday for an all-day lieves he has some good material and Oxfords cott. Generally, the occasion will which will uphold the standards of be appropriately observed.

Binghamton High school at the big The Right Rev. Monsignor John PWomens FELT SLlPPERSr-Padded soft soles. J. McLoghlln, pastor of the St. Pat 95c I contest.

George sample, a negro student who won the Meeker Prize Speaking contest at te school recently, Elliott Coleman and Kendall 10 colors, all sizes I rick's church and dean of the Binghamton deanery, says that special mnsses will be held Thanksgiving morning at St. Patrick's church and at the other churches of the denomination in this city, Johnson City and Endieott. CHILDREN'S WEEK-END SPECIALS iwiimk MARHI.M.E LICENCES. The city elerk has Issued mnrrtaire licenses to John It. Pelaney of 4 Centenary afreet and Margaret T.

Morrison of 133 Murray street; Jnmea J. Hurley of 10 Went Catherine, street and Katber-ine C. Cofflh of 00 IJenry street. Booltee Style) I it I'l KS, Kel, Blue, Roberts are among some ot tne nest speakers in the school now, it Is believed. Kenneth Grady, who won first placo for Binghamton at the New York State Extemporaneous Contest this spring, was graduated in June.

SMP- 95c lUlHC Ver hom ot Eva it 1' A union service of the Port Dick-lnon Community Bnptlit and the Ogden M. E. churches will bo held and M1" Ann 'ill Supper ked members Play and School Wear Size 58 $1.25 Size 8ii 11 $1.45 Size H12 2 $2.25 Heavy Sewed Soles Boys' For Dress or School "Just like Dad's" Size 9 12 Black and Brown Size 1212 2 Brown $2.75 Size 2y2 514 Brown $2.95 Absolutely Solid Leather "Pletetl. aprons they have ASPIRIN WEATHER BOY 103 cour ST. a liaiiiii'iiiiiiirf Brown Calf MISSES' SHOES, rubber heel, all leather $2.75 nt 7:30 oclock Wednesday night, Nov.

2S, at the Ogden ohurch. The Rev. Russell A. Gates, minister of the Baptist society, will preach, and the Kev. Harry J.

Rlnes, pastor of the Ogden church will. assist. Both choirs will Join in unity in the singing. The High Street M. E.

society will hold, under the direction of the pastor, the Rev. Ferris P. Cornell, an early morning service, from 7 to 8 o'clock Thanksgiving morning, at the church. A Thanksgiving social will he held at 6 o'clock next Thursday night at the Emmanuel Evangelical liiurc'i on Front street, the Rev. Jnhn M.

Beck, minister. A sauerkraut nipper will be served for the members of' the church and their friends. All members are urged to brjng their annual thank offering for the ben fit of the benevolent causes that day. The regular Thanksgiving servic es Say Men's fF Youn2 )1 brogue Oxfords. U.S.

Army Shoes, $095 Heavy Grain io.v; "boib are proti-hly fair, but unsettled." The fore-cam Por Binghamton nd viiinlty: Hecnra-l" unsettled with far woath- lte tonight and Wednesday; warmer tonichr with jpAYEfcj rubber heels AS uxrords CJ Calfskin Shoes $4,95 Dainty Slippers IUK have just received an entirely new group of slippers for afternoon and evening wear. You will like their slender, well-bred lines and will appreeiate the saving their modest prices provide. iwwerfi i lemiieriLlnpu on 5 P. m. 9 SPECIAL LOW PRICES ON RUBBERS AND ARCTICS NIGHTWEAR for Cool Nights FIXT, SIZED WELL MADE NIGHTSHIRTS and PAJAMAS temnl midnight m.

-uieier si Men's Rubbers $1.25 MEN'S ARCTICS Women's Rubbers 85c uJe- Boys' Rubbers 95c 1. Buckle, dres3 $1.05 Misses' Rubbers 75c 1-Buckle, work $2.05 ag. CO were held last Sunday, under the direction of the Rev. Mr. Beck.

The speaker at next Sunday morning's services will represent the Near East Relief. A special Thanksgiving service will be held at o'clock Thank.i-Kiving morning at the Knglish Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, with a special sermon by the minister, the Rev. Chrisenberry A. Ritchie. A matin service will be Hung by the church choir, and throughout the program will be made most attractive.

WOMEN'S ARCTICS 4 Buckle $3.45 Gray, Black Astrakhan $3.05 Misses' $2.05 Children's $2.75 today It cCrry Store smi. tau Boys' 4-Buckle $2.95 Genuine "Bayer Tablets of Aspir Children's Rubbers G5c Youths' 4-Buckle i 10 Store ha. Made from best grade outing flanrifl. Sec our large assortment before buying. in" have been proved safe by millions and prescribed by physicians over twenty-three years for Colds and grippe misery.

Handy boxes of twelve tablets cost only few cents at fjuDLEYN national SELF-SERVICE SHOE STORE Oullng Mglit Shirts ll.f.O to a.sii each any drugstore. Each package con KKW POSTMASTER. Notice was received it the in gbanit on tains proven directions tor colds anu BETTER SHOES AT LOWER PRICES 116 WASHINGTON ST. (Near Hawley) Outing Pajamas, fi.00 to $3.00 34 Court Street post off ice today of the appointment of I tells bow to prepare an Aspirin per suit 9 I Miss Annie Dirk to be pottmistreM at gargle for sore throat and tonsilllis. Strawberry Hldge, Pa, Advertisement.


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