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Binghamton, New York
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Jill, Jji.NUlLAMON TUESDAY hWALNG, MJE.MBEli 'M, 10 Here's a Chance to Help Boy Scouts of Binghamton DrsmslnvA AlJ a BOY IS ARRESTED Union Young Women's Class Is Busy Group STONE OPERA HOUSE-2 DAYS MEN'S CLUB WILL GIVE DANCE IN PARISH HOUSE 9 City, XoV. 20 The Men's club of All Saints' Episcopal church will hold a dancing party for the members and 'their friends in the gymnasium of the parish bouse Friday night at 8:30 o'clock. FDR BREAKING IN imsHA-rxSirKui in a buE Ross T. K. K.

Bowling and Bas- Successful Service Is Miss Nina M. Terry Heads kelball Under Wav Conducted at "war Kndh-ott. xv, 2l The -wly ell and in W- st F.ndk-ot t. The Kun- electcd officers of the large T. K.

K. sessions the data, taught l.y Vlxinn W. Hradbury, urn well at- claw, young forum fiMj oml an(J Central Kpi!" rcci fui l.mnl futirTtJonu. 'I in on, assumed Hull' duties ai Members of tin': class bowl rogu- t- 3 5 i. a.

a. 3 ft l. a ffi 11 2 1- I I 3 ee 0 is i i 9) da-- ho fi -2 AID THE BOY SCOUTS OF BIXGHAMTO.V HERE' HOW: When purchasing tickets for Walter Scanlan In "The Blarney Stone" at the Stone Opera House on Friday night, Nov. 23d, PRESENT THIS TICKET at time of purchase. Only one of these tickets necessary regardless of number of seats purchased.

By doing this you will be giving to the BOY SCOUTS 33 1-3 per cent of all monies you have paid into the Box Office. The "SCOUTS" this money to make last payment on their LOO CABIN. Yo'u are helping the Boy also guaranteed an excellent show and your money value. REMEMBER THE DATE. No advance in price.

Boy Scouts receive NO, CREDIT unless vthls ticket is presented at Box Office when purchasing tickets. NOTE: Cootl for Friday evening performance only. Above is a facsimile of the coupons which are being distributed this week by the Boy Scouts of Binghamton to boost the treasury of Susqucnango Council and clear the debt on tho Scout cabin at. Port Crane, The coupon is self-explanatory. If the person desiring to help the Scouts wishes tho above coupon may be clipped from the paper and it will be honored at the boxofflce of the Stone opera house the same as those distributed by the Scouts from house to house.

E1C0TT REVIVAL ATTRACTS CROWDS WEST ENDICOTT M. E. HAS NEW PULPIT SEAT AND BULLETIN BOARD I ndicotl, ov. SO Two accessor ies, both excellent in have just been added to st. i'aui'SRev.

Dr. McKitiney Is Force- Meinomst r.piscopat cnurcn, vvcst. Kndlcott; the one Is a pulpit seat and tho other a bulletin board, both built by Archie Ward. The seat is of oak, to match the; other church furniture, with pan- elled back, and la In bench form having throe compartments, a single seat at either end and a double scat in the middle. It was used oa Sun-1 duy for the first time.

I The bulletin board has a frame of i stucco, with brick base, to mutch the oterlor of the church: It has a glass: with gilt lettering and is electrically i lichted. It will be. used for the first time tonight. a Mnv 04 HEAR SCANLAN'S NEW SONG HITS in the gorgeous new scenic 4-act production THANKSGIVING SERVICES TO BE HELD IN SEVERAL CHURCHES OF ENDICOTT Kndlcott, Nov. 2(1 Endicott's a'n-nual Thanksgiving service will be held in the First Methodist Episcopal church on 'the morning of Thanksgiving dav et 10:30 o'clock.

The Kev. Charles L. Parkhurst, pastor of the First Baptist church, will be the preacher. The service in tho Union district will be held on Thanksgiving night at 7:80 o'clock In the I'nlon Baptist church. The preacher will be the pastor of that church, the Kev.

Alan Douglas. A Thalnksgiving service will be held in St. Puul's Methodist Epis- copal church. West Endicott, on the night of Thanksgiving day at 7:30 o'clock. The speaker will be the pastor of the church, the Rev.

Frederick W. Conncll, whose theme will be "Thanksgiving Sacrifices." The Sacrament of tho Lord's SuppeV will be adminlstcrad and there will be the dedication of the Communion service given to the church by the family of the late Thomas P. Meeker in his memory. Holy Communion will be cele- KrnlA In St on Thankselvlmr mnrnlnr 10 clock. i veterans who are patients at the Broome County Tuberculosis hospital.

A full attendance of air members of the Auxiliary at this meet ing is particularly desired. STOMACH Troubles Ended Get rid of rain. Bloating, Belching of (its. Sourness, Stomach or Inteatinid Indigestion, Heart Fluttering and thmt awful gnawing feeling in tho stomach whether you eat or not, or soy other stomach distress right NOW. Eat all you want, whs, yon want, and when on want it and have NO MORE TROUBLE.

BELL ATONE great double treatment It is causing thousands of people to tnlk much about the wonderful results they have receWed si terother so-called remedies had utterly failed. Nothing like BELLATONE on the market. ONE LARGE BOX PROVES ALL WE SAT HAMLIN'S RED CROSS DRUG STORE The club will hold a regular meet- IVailnaa'JU tng in me phiimi night at 7:30 o'clock. The Sir Galahad club of the church will meet at 4 o'clock Wednesday afternoon. The Boy Scouts will meet at the same hour Thursday and St.

Mary's Guild will meet at 4 p. m. riday. RIDER'S LEG BROKEN WHEN HORSE FALLS Endncll. Nov.

20 Arthur C. Van Etten of Main steet suffered a fracture of tha right leg below tho knee, lacerations of the head and sprains of the left shoulder and wrist about 2 i o'clock Sunday afternoon when the horse which he was riding slipped on the wet pavement on North street and foil. lie was taken to his home, where Dr. Hay Humphrey of Kndlcott attended him. An X-ray examination of his Injuries was made yesterday and the fracture reduced.

He is reported to be resting comfortably today. ALL BAY MEETING. Johnson City, Nov. 20 The Ladies' Aid society of the First Baptist church will hold an all day meeting Thursday in the church parlors. Auto Gloves and Robes Largest assortment at Heath's, 32 Henry street.

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Rheuma acts on stomach, liver, kidneys and bladder all at once and quickiy brings long prayed for comfort to distressed sufferers. Eckerd's Drug Store and all good druggists seli It with guarantee of money back If it Isn't satisfactory. Advertisement. Phono 1dR7 B8y OP UHO, CARS G. L.

GATES 50c Taxi Hie Only Taxi In niiiRliainton Carrying 4 Passengers Same Price as One Chenango Binghamton. N. Y. Any Place in the City 50c CHAS. C.

ASH Optometrist EIFSIGHT KPFCLAMST 52 Court Street Phone 3I77-M One Flight Opposite City National Bank D. S. DIMON Optometrist EYESIGHT SPECIALIST Office Hours 8:30 to 5:30. Saturday's lo 9:30 p. in.

37 COLKT STHEET 1672-J The platform and footlights forjnight. All women of the church the play to be given by the Dramatic 'are asked to bring their friends: as club of this church were placed yes-: IImny ag possible will attend by Sun-terday. The play is "The Neighbors" dav gcnooi classes. Men will not bo anlwlI! '''Way i excluded, but are urged to be pres-1 he Sunday school of this church ent riciiidiuie uiu Agp is Brought on bv a A Weak, Torpid Lived Dlseatea of heart, bu, veaiela due to body poiiT Medical science knows that rm ous waste in our bodies wouM ally cause death in a fw a. eliminated by Nature-- Because it destrov.

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1 Wiliam J. Lindsey, 16, Held to Grand Jur on Charge of Burglary LOOT FOUND IN ROOM Attempt to Cash Forged Check Led to Detection-In Trouble Before William J. l.lndsey. 16 you rs old, cj 42 De ItiiHsry street, was arrested yc-Kti-rilny afternoon on a charge of burglary tn the third d-grce for breaking tnlo mid robbing tlio residence of Harry I). Bates at 30 Mill street last Saturday night.

Iilndaey vu traced by Detectives John 1. Crawford and Jeremiah Donahue, and articles atoleti from tho Hates residence wore recovrrcl in liia rooiit after, he In alleged, to have forged Hates' name, to a check for $300, which lut attempted to ash Saturday night at a local bank. Tho check was mado out after l.lndsey In alleged to hint- stolen Hates' check book and bank liook from his house. Attaches of the bunk noticed that the middle Initial of Hates' name on tho check was Instead of tho correct Initial, and this led them to suspect l.indscy. When they iiuestloned him he said he had been employed by Hates In a grocery store on the South.

Hide and Hates had Riven him the check to c-ah. Utndsey was accompanied by an tache of the bank to the grocery store In question but no one there know Hates. I.lndsey, however, still stuck to his story and Insisted on Kolnjr to tho Hates residence with the. bank official. They failed to find liates home, however, as he was attending a dance Saturday night with his wife and did not return until early Sunday morning.

The ruso did not succeed, however. The bank refused to cash the check but keiit It and Sunday it was turned oier to detectives with a description of Ulndsey. The boy lias been arrested before and was recognized front tho description. This led to his arrest Into yesterday. A gold bracelet, a gold pin and a Bold watch and about J25 In cash taken from the Hates' residence were recovered in Llndaey's room.

He was arraigned In Police Court this morning on the burglary charge and was held for the grand Jury after ho waived examination. Negro to Pay as Waiter Bill for Victims Hit and Abandoned on Road I.eluml Nelson, a negro chauffeur formerly In tho employ of W. S. rioberts, a silk manufacturer of New York city, will act in that capacity no longer aa he considers the life, of ft waiter in a local hotel much sufer. Nelson pleaded guilty yesterday afternoon before County Judge Benjamin Haker in County court to a charge of leaving the scene of an accident without learning tho i-xtent of Injuries to his victim.

Sentence was suspended when Nelson offered to pay or all damage, amounting to 1315, to Tracey Itartnn, a negro, members of whoso family weru struck by a car driven by Nelson said he Is now living at 1 7 Tudor street and has lost his norvo since tho uccldcnt in which tho local persons were hurt. The accident occurred on the liingliHintnu to Vestal highway on Aug. IS, short, distance west of the Willow I'oint railroad crossing. Nelson was placed on probation to Humane Otficer Samuel J. Koerbcl.

1'rederlck W. Hawkea of Wavcrly appear for Nelson. Joseph rtiibllence, 3:1 years old, of Kndlcott, pleaded guilty to having a revolver In bis possession without permit and paid a line of lull. He was represented by Kdwanl 1 Kenan. Kalilirnce was arrested on July 10, by Chief of l'olico lanlcl l'rutlger of Kndlcott.

Arthur Dcllaven, through Attor ney Itonan, entered a plea of guilty to a charge of grand larceny, sec ond degree. Ho received a suspend cd sentence. On Aug. 1.1, he stole a Chevrolet Haby Oraml from tho t'sed Cur Kxchange. of this city.

The car was valued at $100. ENDWELL I.ikIhiII. Nov. 20 The l.mlwell firemen and their friends gave a dinner Thursday night in honor of Chief George W. Hurt.

A gold cigarette case was presented to him. Abo-It ISO persons were present. Mr. and Mis. E.

Barnes, will leave this week for Cnrnnnut Grove, I'la. Mrs. Humes' sister, L. II II-ler, and son will accompany them as fai as their homo In N. J.

Mr. and Mrs. George Williams and children, and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Reynolds and children of Elnitra are visiting Mr.

and Mrs. John llollen-baek. Mrs. George Carey of Wilmington. has returned horns after a visit with her brother.

Herbert Ii France. Chauncey Mills of Montrose avenim whose left leg was broken last week. Is resting comfortably. C. K.

Richard and son, Eurl spent the week-end with friends In Whittle Pp'nt- Mrs. Charles House Is visiting her mother in Endicott. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hull are entertaining the former's mother, Mrs.

I. Hall, of Hlnghnmton. Mrs. Curtis Beenian of West Endl-colt, is visiting Airs. 1.

L. Burt. Johnson City 13 Going Strono; on tho Tlnyal rrlncess cigar. A new 2 for 25c alzo has been added to the popular 10c shape. RATES' HESIDENG NELSON LEAVES GHRUFFEUR JOB Union Center Tuesday nights on two alleys at the Hotel I-reilciiek.

The basketball management has engaged' a coach, and his game is played Thursday nights at Ideal pavilion. The girls to the number of about 30 wnt to 1'nion Center Sunday night and conducted a very success- ful service In the M. K. church, which was filled with an apprecia tive audience. The class teacher, Mr.

Itradhury, presided, and Mlsa Minion A. La. (Irange, who is an assistant supervisor of music in the I'nlon-Kiidkott schools, was in charge) of the song' service. Assisting also with the music were Miss kltliij Meeker, the Central church organist, and the orchestra of the than Life club of that chinch, with tho club director, George C. Sherwood.

"Old gospel songs'' were sung with line effect. The service of the evening, besides testimonies and prayers, included an address by Mr. liradhury, congregational singing, songs by the Clean Life boys, a song by the young women's quartet, a song by the young women's class, a solo by Miss I Orange and a solo by Miss Eva Harris. Perfect in Schools Ilutrovver, Josephine Krch. Jose- Phino I ibank, John llrncirlk.

John lioblnson, Gertrude lleylmun, Alice I'uliiilskas, Charles narrower, Kd-ward Kretzer, John Maney, Hudolph Skojcc, Anna Ontko, Ontanet Koltln. and Leona Jacobs. Town of IVnton. District 2 Kate Muzzy, principal Carl (lames. John Clcak.

(labriel- l.i Clcak, Anna Cb-ak. Hexford Haker, liarrell Morritt, Katherlne Kh'e, Kemp Keynolds. Clark Phlp- Lorna Phlppen, Ksther Barnes, I nl "ice. Aubert Kussell, Lewis Htissell, Joseph Clcak, Virgil Muzzy, kobert Keynolds, Cynthia Kinney. Tliclma Potter.

Winifred Potter. Joan ScratTord. Leon Ruaaell, Mlnnio Strain. Alice Yeonians. Dorris Mer- i-ltt, Wright Baker.

District 3 Lillian Bulflnch, teach er John Rosenzwelg. Florence (iule, Ktliel ingraham. Mildred Stevens. District 4 Ethel Ingraham. teacher Clifford Davidson, Harold Thompson, Blanche Jnnks, Mabel Thompson, District Doolie Corser, teacher Doris Beymore, Bernlce Badger, Marjorin Badger, George Foland.

District 6 Loretta Keynolds, teacher No perfect attendance. District 7 Inez West. teacher- Alma Granger, Irene stefllck, Celma niitticK. Town of Irk wood. i Dislrlct t--Catherine Joyce, teach-or Kranklin Cllne.

District 2 Mildred White, principal Curtld Andrews, Harold Andrews, Lowell Andrews. Francis Shcrer, John Kinder, Clare Camp-hell. Gertrude tinkle. Edith Andrews, Mary Kerezman, Marion Newberry, Virginia Stanford, Alice Wlllour. William Willour.

District 3 Loretta Meaker, teacher Albert Dehr, Kobert Doo- liltle, Adrian Faulkner, Wheaton Webb, Flora Covert, Marlon Faulk ner. District 4 Florence Ttafey. teacher John Crawford. "Walter Kshlcman. Daniel Hoadley, Marie Corbln.

Edna Eshletnan, Mary Hoadley, Lucille Low. Cora Kimber, Frank George, Jack Hammitt, Stanley Willis, Harriet Abrams, Irene Kshleman, Ttuth George. District 5 Nettie Cronln, teacher F.dna Thidger, Tlulh Nelson, George Nelson. District Alvah Shephenlson. teacher P.uth Fuller, Verna Nicholson.

District 7 Doric Welch, teacher Katie Cermak, Mollie Cermak, Stella Zetnbeck. Kruia Shrplierd, Lawrence Madison, Frank Zenibei'k. District Esther Comtek, teacher John Lcwanlck, Joseph Lewan-b George Bemick, Margaret Kees- 1 ihii-iiaru Andtew Treadwell, Tony Dimbero, Josephine Dlinbcro, Leila Abbey Bertha Wagner. District in Inez Beavan. teacher Marlon Hurts, Cltnlnn Mi'Laiid.

District II Marjorie Hush, teacher Arleen GritTls, Helen Bush, Frances Hush. Tow 11 of Windsor. District 1 Harvey' Ransom, prin ciple Htcbnrd Bell, Kenneth Bond James Boyee. Robert Conk, Henry Mosetey, Charles Reed. Boyd Sherwood, Winifred Austin.

I.eons Bell, Inc. Hell, Brrntcc English, Rciilah Giidow, Carrie Heath, Catherine Iluyck. Margnrrt Ostrander. Evelyn I'omeroy, Eleanor Ransom, Mna Si ward. Ilaumih Treadwell.

Doris Casey, Duane Haker, Lawrence Parsons, Wlllard Sliums; Lynn Wagner. KMlirr EngllHh, Clara llondley, Ilcnry English, Robert George, Robert LaFave. Clark Lunt, Gordon Tfrrell. Viola LaFave, Cecil Wll-hiims, Doris Chase, Edith Wilmot. Alice Wagner, Nelson Watson, Harold Atvtell.

Robert Eisenhnrt, Charles McNair, Lama Wagner, Dorothy White, Gladys Atwell, Le-01111. Hoadley, Kathryn Hanynn, Lawrence Hoadley, Gerntd Lewis. Charles Osterhoiil. Gilbert Williams, John Wllmitt, Helen Caily, Marlon Woiden. Klsle AVblte.

John Springsteen, Dorothea 1'ultz. District I Mabel Guernsey, teacher Olin Buck. Kenneth Carey. Harold Guernsey, Eugene Hvser. Bernard Wilma Carey, Marlon Carey Dorothy Guernsey.

A'lnnla Hvser. Iva Pull. Lorena Pull z. District 3. Delia Mallery, teacher Richard Cable, Joe Frederick, Stanley Frederick.

Alice Cable, Mary reoertcK. District 4. Nina Bowman, teacher Nora Muckry. Helen Muckcy, Frances Bowman. District 5.

Ahab- Bowman, teacher Walter Bell, Clifton Jacobs, Ethel Spearbeck. District 7. Maud Beavan, teacher Mabel Bottle, Klslo Bottle, Mary Bottle, Kdwtn Frost. Ruth Frost, Richard Vlnlng. Esther Vinlng.

District 8, Faye Case, teacher wcli-ntt' nilfil rmi iiim hf l.i imi i I nt the home of Mix. a i Orange In Htiil The officers are: I'resident, Miss Nina Terry; vl 'president, Mrs, Slat Me secretary, Mis leralillmi Morgan; treasurer. Alias Jlar-Karet C. Fullmer. The new commit.

cnalrmen are: Miss pearl fi. Metiibershli). I sunshine, Miss ioia 15. Phillip. The manager of tho lmwllng team Is Mrs.

Margaret Wheeler; manager of, Miss Ueraldltle Morgan: basket-ball captain, Miss Nina Jtrown. The. class decided last night to follow Its past custom and bring good cheer at. -Christmas time by helping some needy family In the community. No business meeting win held lit liecernber on amount or the holidays.

The January meeting will be held in the newly remodeled home of Mrs. Krnest Keeler of Prospect street. The class roll last, night allowed that the membership has Increased to i2. Several of the young women are flunday school teachers and otherwise help official capacities in various church organizations. The membership includes young women living in the Fnlnn district and other prrts of Kndlcott, in Vestal, In Knd- Many Have Records Iiiills of the Second Supervisory i Hlstrict of llroome County, of which J.

Edward Hurlburt Is superintendent, who were neither absent, nor tardy during tho month of October are as follows: Town of Con I in. I'lstrlct (Corbettsvllle). Keota Strickland, principal- Walter Ayres. John Ayres. Mike Paydlcs, Aibert Prentice, Italph Green, Uarilel Cal-lan.

Milton Sykes, Kmma ICngllsh, Lizzie La bar, Anna Paydlcs, Loulso Sparks, Kva Ciree.n, Irene Callan and Mary Paydles District 1 (Oonklln), Edna Ham-blet, teacher Norma Campbell, lidlth Ostrom and Karl Ostrom. District 3, Charlotte Slocum. teacherDorothy Holts, Charlotte Hunzey, Virginia Hall, Irene Kerns. Arllne Wright, Charles Morgan and Peter Ilodotilck. District 4, gather Oates.

teacher Uryan Hlrch, Harold Hlrch, Marian Birch, Helen Bond, llladys Burgess, Charles Burgess, Clifford Coy, Hciiy Crozler, Helen Carlln, Lcona Car- lin, Helen Elmore, Dorothy Forbes, Eugene Lawrence, Itlchard Smith and David Smith. District 5, Myrtlo Snedaker, teacher Woodrow Withers, Oscar Klnch, Leah Brown, Mary Brown, Iva Spafnrd, Elsie Salisbury and Mildred, Division 6, Margaret Brown, teach-er Genevieve, Puraeley, Kather Spa-ford. District 7 Mrs. Cora Wright, teacher Vem Bratnan, Donald lira-man, Carl Gratslnger, Stephen Ka-hanek, Leltoy Lyons, Ueorgo Yottkat, Mary llarnum, Anna Dlabro, Anna Kabanck Antonio Kabanek, Mary Kahanek and Jidda Pearson. Town of Dickinson.

District 1 Cordon V. Burr, prin cipal Lawrence Almy, Akher Clark, Lester Darling, Jtobert Davidson, Merle Ellsworth, Lewis Husslnger, Dorothy Hunt, Hvelyn Smith, Martin Smith, Louise Tiffany. Kredu Vail. Kobert Vail, William iiobbins, James Samson, Daniel Weyna. Kobert Whilaker, Jesse Howe, Austin Psters.

Frederick Jay, Marguerite Clark. Kleanor Davidson, Irrno Halstrad, Doris Woodworlh, Lucille Decker, Marion Roberts, liuth Mill Bae fiale Taylor, Annie Marie Kagan. Dorothy Kagan, Hussellne Xlinmer, Aleen Carey, Kloyd Clark. John Crane, Clif ford Decker, Itlchard Uehr. Jack llreen.

Kenneth Hanna. Kussell Jen kins, Harold Ijiwrence, Itobert OConnell. Charb Prentice, Anikrosc Smith, IouIbo Kns. Klolse llaiiiiltou, liose Meaker. Klmer Van Vorce, Harold llolbert, Laura Maudsley, Xaoml Iiobbins, Klizabeth Witt man, Thomas Duncan, Hairy Smith, ntlllani Hassenger.

Kenneth Hunt Warren Anderson, Hubert Fail-child! i Corby Pratt, Kenneth Cone. Kussell Coolcy, Lauren tiurney, Laurence tSurney, Floyd Shear, lllehard Wil- lard, Ralph Woodvvorth. Irene lior-don, Madeline Jenkins, Louise lilch-anis, Louise Mneotnber, Ititth lluli-blns, Anna Smith, l.uella Van limekiln, Marjorlo Whlttaker, Frances Newton. Florence Maudsley. Edith Kalmbacker.

Irene Jenkins, Frances Hotchklss, Myrtle llolbert. Gertrude Hoerner. Greydou Puffer, Wlntleld Hulse, Chester Haines, Hester Hell. Margaret Carroll, Gladys Coolcy, Eva Jenkins, Gertrude Macomher, Madeline Ross, Helen Sesrles, Jane Whit-aker, Robert George, Anson Haw-ley, Frank Mneotnber, Gray Preston. Paul Purple.

Harold Searles. Kenneth Barrows. Grant Bishop, Clifford Hoollttle. Raymond Lally, Charles Taylor. Robert Woodwortii, Richard Ziniliier, Elizabeth Crane, Dorothv Cohoon, Louise Hunt, Marin McKune.

Louis Abbey, Hadley Purple, John Sherpr, Charles Woodvvorth, Winifred Hoerner. Nettle Gordon. Elizabeth Thompson and Anna Steger Pl.Mrb 4 Olcnn A. Slater, prln-rlpti). Carl Bucliland, Orvllle Huck-liind, Robert Heilner, Wlllard Harris.

Fred Kurst, Sieve Lojpesbarger, S'lintey Smith, Bernard Yulus, Klolse Fuller. Strphte Jakubek, Mary Sauupik, Mary Tachuro, John Cbopk-o, Allyti Messner. Helen Jlar-eiik, Lizzie Charsky. Mary Dmiicak, Helen Kinliits, Sushi Klvenehutl, Anna Roebuck, Lottie Smith, Mary Donolonsky. Slacia Steflik, Lizzie i iimaK, i lirtHilne Durca a.

Kielvn Hi -liner, Anna Mb -helm-to. Elizabeth Sltzuk, Anna Susie I'rhank Joseph HacUo, Albert Hucklatid. George Barck. Mike Cermak. Edward Foltln.

Frank Roebuck, John Roebuck, George Roebuck. Louis Skojcc, Joseph Scarley, Raul Mrsk-Mtiakas, Jennie Stroka. Stephle Shupa. Stephle Kata. Phillip Mes.

sner, Francis Kretzer, Alexander RipinsUI, Marian Kurst, Llzido Hksco, Camilla llrncirlk. Joseph Remcha, Gordon Jacobs. John Ontko, Lyle Barkvvell, Julia Stroka. Mary Bogdan, Katie Kock, Anna KolbA. Stephen Mirhelavlc, Charles Piilmlskas, Harry Wilbur, Walter Durgala, Anna l'oltln, ful Speaker-Program Announced Indicolt.

Xo 20 This week's program of the special meetings now being conducted at the First Methodist Episcopal church by the He v. Dr. Thompson W. McKinney of Philadelphia vas announced today the Rev- Utmn jSanford. Tonight will be Women's Mn' nictit.

"Mar we have the church full, men in the majority, and the officiary of the church in the front seats, says the pastor, women arc Invited to attend. Thursday night Will be Community night. Invitations are extended to all the other churches. The ushers will be pleased to make reservations for members i of any congregation wishing to attend in a body. Everybody In the community i invited.

Everybody also is invited to attend the Friday night meeting. Music is a special feature of all tha meetings: gospel songs are sung with much spirit. The Rev. Dr. McKinney on Sunday preached forceful sermons to large congregations both morning and evening, and apparently all who heard him were well pleased and likely to continue attendance at meetings.

AT ENDICOTT TO NAME CANDIDATES Endicott, 20 The Women's Av nf American Legion, will meet at the Legion club house tomorrow night, 7:3,0 o'clock, to make nominations of officers for the coming year. Other business of Importance will be up for consideration. Including plans for entertaining AVorld War NERVOUS HACKING Can not he cured by a glasa of water, bnt will disappear under tbe healing and soothing effect of CHAMBERLAIN'S COUGH REMEDY Every user is a friend DR. E. W.

CLEVELAND OS1I.OP.VI IMC PHYSICIAN Press Bldg. Phone 1420 OHice Hours 0 to 5. Evenings ami Sjindays by Appointment. iMLUMKHltibfttMtlUl DOWN Everybody's heard of Menter, the accommodating mer chant who cheer fully trusts every, one. $2 down on $30 purchase; $1 down on $15 purchase and you chooft from the choicest styles of fashion centers.

Unbeatable low prices unequalled VALUES! Meet Menter! He Meet Your Means! MENTER 43' Court St. nil otn i t. I I liRiiiwranwiWaw I The ntim-l ni milimuni iumii, lie uuiii-, bor present at last Sunday's session of the school was 159. Richard Campbell, George Fair, Harry Farr, Evelyn Campbell, Christine Case. Carlton District 9, Helen Youngs, teacher Louise Hewitt.

Erma Brink, Tena Wagner. Leon Saxby, Harriet Colo. District 10, Sarah Andrus, teacher Piatt Hubbell, Wlllard Stannard, George Wormuth, Ruth Stannard, Dolores Wormuth. District 11 Lily Carson, teacher John Trelesse, Elmer Hartz, Lyle Oalusha, Albert Palmer, Frank Kunkle, Robert Griffiths. Eugene Griffith, May Trelease.

Ruth Plxley, Esther Hartz, Gertrude Thomas. District. 12 Ilelene Webb, teacher Okie Tlnkelpaugh, Floyd Tinkel-pough, Lewis Payne. Frances Stcln-brecher. Viva Salisbury, Gladys Thompson.

District 13 Florence Carson. teacher James Shedd. John Ed Edith VanHocBen, Marion Atwell. I District 14 Mary Wheeler, teacher I Glenn I'omeroy. 1'ercy Pomeroy Bertha Austin.

Vera Austin. 1 vmu uiii-, George Akulls, Joseph Akulis, James Keller, Frank Siveetay. District Ifi Alice Hard man, teacher Clara Richards, Anna Wiles, May Wiles. Ray Wiles, Joseph Rybackl. District 17 Walter Parsons, teacher Dorothy Ingraham.

Mildred Lantz. Ella l-antz, Evelyn Dodd. District IS Mildred Carroll, teacher No perfect attendance. District 19 Fla C. Nusom.

teacher Thelma Matthews, Irene Matthews, Raymond Winters. District 19 Sarah Truesdell, teacher Evelyn Cannon, Malvina Shinier, Gladys Shinier, Thelma Shinier. District. 21 James MacGlbeny, teacher Artie Bouren, EdMin Pease, Dorothy Prase. Rena Houlton, Edwin Church, Lena Houlton, Ruth I't ase.

District 22 John Rogers, teacher Allen Fenescey. District 23 Gladys Freeman, teacher No perfect attendance. District 24 Dorothy Constable. teacher Jamie Lbblle, Floretta Way. KKSII.NS I'ASTOKATE.

The Iter. William T. Webb hss resigned from the pastorate of the New Berlin M. K. rlmrrh, efTis-tlve Her.

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