The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 25, 1933 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 25, 1933
Page 8
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Ell i!T JBIATHEVILLR, (ARK.), COURIER NEWS •Putting .Contract in Proper " Hand Makes Slam Possible Today's Contract Prcblera • Would you iMfa * COO* tract o( six bwttta by Eeit, tt y.m held i)u> South U»nd IKTC! lioet and 'are vulnerable v < 4 • 7 6 * S 7 G 4 (Blind) N \V (Blloil) A * S V -Q 1 n S 6 2 » :U •! X J. 1) .1 I') nil ill IXM !"Kl ek. .'-o Hint Inlorp.'.l Is nmln- iicd '.hroiigli tlic winter Wiison. 1 iliopjml 111 for the first round v.irli a lourntiii'.riu ai Clovc- i one 1 bid of one BI . , he r.upporl the henrt bid. His proper dtclmllon Lt two nn tnirnp. Why? Bfcou^ hp has the king of dlnmonds nnd the j king-Jack of clubs nnd, If po.v>|. 1 ble, ho wanls his hand led up to I rather limn through. Therefore, | he prepares lor IhLs Im.r.rdlalely with n forcing btd of iwo no (rump. Solution to Previous Contract Problem BY IVM. C. Mi'KCXNKY !-rtrU:iiy, Amcrlran tirldtf l.c.;;u.- A r.c.v: lyix 1 of touiniuiii'm bridge. enllcd Conlrnct fair Championship, if bfi-nir.inu i>u;>- xilar. Contrsmnts mw. rvei 1 }- Glhc: ivJ icc'inUy and c.-ime across :i ?iy iir.!-ii'>tl.'i t limit). Tlieiv are \ i;ii;iKlyfMK rounds in Ihls lour- <ime:ii ami a pair is required lo hu - in four of ihe MX round. 1 ;. 'Ilie 28 liisil pnlrs then (jualify •it llif finals, of which (ben; »IJ1 e f.vo joiinds. mid the winners •ill nceivc n ivophy. lit rcpoiii urliclrs I hnvfl been' •niihaFiriiig the Imporlapco of '• an the linnd 1 w'lltehcd] nn cvcL'llenl example. ' i The Illdillnjc _ I .'1'liuM- ulio believed in jiretmp-' 'v<- Ijlddhii! opened Ihe••' South •mil wilh four hearts. Personally,I. . llilnk this Is ii bad bid.'Thi' bvt- South ihen bills three hearts, '!• original bid Ls one -tifyrl. nud sliowliis Hun lie has nothing more 11 would have no serious objection' lo offir. Noilh then eari safely i'f my partner were the denier and!show his spadi? suit with a bid of li>:i.s<cil vi'ilh Ihls hand, w..\l has three spades. Soulli's nest bill of j very lillle defensive . slrciigth. j However, llw oiild be asklnc a to: lg have parlner puss wllh this 'innd. Ha wilh the orl»liml bid of hearl. North, huvhi^ ' KUEiiwrl n Ills inirtner's will, nnd o food biddable, Mill of -his own, should cr'Ol those nces hf *oulil not have nn original bid. With thU informstlon North run go to sin no trump, exeepi thm. if lie dies, Jl may ennoiiroffc hi.? pnrtner to go to sfven htart*. Thereforo. the safer bid Ls five no trump. Ttwn, »hen South goes lo 'sir. hearts, North should go to six no trump. The Nay On the play of ilie hand, you run «e tltal If South plays tlifi hand at Itciirts, West will open the quern of diamonds and only five hearts can. be made, while no openfiiK on EaM's part ean defeat six no (rump. If East makes the niiiiiral opening of the six of clubs. Ihe declarer will make a grand st » m - ' four practically shows : heart suit with 100 liouors. Mirth reallws thul the success U last Time Today MATINEE 2::ift—10c - 2f,c NIGHT li:.|i)—Ifk - 35t Warner BaxtiM 1 ,1TI(1 Myrtui Loy in 'PENTHOUSE' Paramount Nows Andv Dlvile Comodv one of his kinBs led up lo. He of tin; hand depends upon having can count on hi.s holdlni; either the ace of dlntoonds or the in ovetcnll with n forclnu one overucc of clubs, bi'ciuis* without elth- Bantam Hen Sings Song From Piano Top AJO, Ariz. (Ul>)—A Bantam hen lliat slugs Is t'uc proud possession 01 Mrs. lilta Wallenstcin. 'llii' liwi, "Pibby," hns performed many tliiits. uceordltig (o Airs. Wallcnstcln, and litr vocal Wents apparently arc unlimited} Wli*n Mrs. Wallcnstoln plays • IHT piano, "Pibby" will walk back ! ami forth on lop of the instrument., "tinging" ui perfect time with UK- niiislc. MARY'S KITCHEN BV SISTER MAHY Xi:,V S.rvlie \Vrlifr ,'n Inilalin? tendency 10 pie- ;cnl tho loo-lmnlllni- dish In thi; loc-obvlous vay (reqiK'nlly prc-| i.iik in family meals. Hamburg | stt'iik Is a mitrlllous dlsli thu 1 !] handicapped in many, (amillet.l Uoiuidcrlii)!, tint the beef creature \-'^^ urnishes compel atlvely few ten-1 1 '" K«ad Courier News Want, Ads. Thursday & Friday MAT1NEK 2:30—Kit - 25c NIGHT «:-ln—10t - :i5(: Stork drama told in a new way ...MARK AT AGE with SPENCER TRACY COLLEEN MOORE . A leue L. Laiky Production piMried by WI1UAM K. HOWAID Sennet I Comedy Cartoon Wed. and Thursday MAT. and MTU—!0c - 25- W*%K<-M -"•'- '••. : -.v;^-rv.:,:--^ft '•••• ¥,- v -*'.'<,-..-^Js*; Daughter of an aristocrat, she forsook her Jamily for an outlaw love. IT'S TERRIFIC I •with LUIS TRENKER, »|g£ VILMABANKY^ Fox News James Glwson Comedy Mrs. George Thurn Famous Lecturer Praised Sweet & Pure Flour X*. - Before a Large Crowd of Housewives at the City Hall Auditorium Yesterday! Mrs. Thurn had this to say regarding Sweet & Pure uniformity: "I .have used Sweet & Pure Flour many times for alt baking purposes and have found it always the same . . . you get the same results every time, you bake — no uncertainty, no guesswork. Sweet & Pure Flour'offers the surest, easiest way to bakjng success . . . never, a failure when tested recipes'are used.",'.•:":.,..- - '•••.':: Belter Cookies and Fancy Pastries in .a cl e from SWEET & PURE Flour Better Angle Food and Sponge Cakes made from SWEET & PURE Flour Better Rolls and Hot Breads are made from SWEET & PURE Flour Better Pies are made from SWEET & PURE Flour ems and ihiL are hlyh I " or a green pepper may be )<•(! meal. 1-3 icasjioon sol'l f,>w .YM throueh the food chopper v/illi irnlns peppor. ^ slice.-; to;isl j ilie meat. It's lhr> variety In ren- tiring erenm (o the tolll/KT su.!:i£ mid -!\i:tr' l!in! matfB j/iIr.L Add meal- nnd eoo}- and. iT.mburu steal: inio dlilerent dish-[stir until m«it Ir- lightly colored.! <r . .Add sail nnd pepper, pour over! Brollfd Meal Cakes u>ast and s»rvp nl once, i'nparc mea 1 . a.s iuggfsicrt ami! Salisbury Sl.->ak • : liapo In elghi flai round cakes.i One pound chopped beef, 1 ten-' Cr.oh five to cuiil minutes under fpcon fill. 1-4 teaspoon popper, i !);•-• (saa fiiim •, uiiiiinij once or 1-2 cup cream, co'ars« fre* bread! jv-n-irrji! In a iiot. ll-jluly ollisl eiumbs, 1-2 cup Vdlling ?:atcr. liyiiis; |ian. lurnjit frequenlly at! Add sal'., psppi;:- and cream lo :n.v. and aficr«ai-d occasionally. | meal. Mix v.cll and form into in:'lowing ita '.i i;(«vn mimiu-s.; L jvidno! eakt-s. Coal v.ith bread (U-lK'iidlng on vlvihei- Hie cakes |di:mte and brcil eight, minim's in a hot ]i!ouc!'. .<-prra<l wilh but- . imrter u^s llann 1 or pan broil In fi.' ali<i( |»j'.uic.-. ;,p!-i:id tt-flh b:i;-,';ioi trying pan, turning mqiieni.- ier and sc-rve. '• 11>. Hut on a ho', planer wid add Mirfk Fillet Misnon I v.ater lo fat in pan. u>i bolj up Prepare 'mee.L us siifegeii'cd aijd j once mui pour over meal cakes. in four round cakes aboul ii Ihick. Wrap, u slice of NSWERS GUESSES . broiler bi-fore": broiling ill(i ° r li: '- al - ' S;lu)r >' Ml>! " r ' lk '^ Tomoi row's .^Itnu bucon around each. BREAKfASl 1 —Citapc fruit, cer- CT.I; cream, crisp broiled bacon, least, liiilk, co!fee. LUNCHEON — Eg^ hakcd in r.omlny. mixed vegetable salad, ilii^i r.'o^l;ed- apples, milk, lea, ' Hemove wnls' 'iml *hite pllhi DINNER—Salisbury steak, riiash- fron u (jn'wi'iX-OKi-. Cliop iBC iw' a '°«. loitered carro'A ban- uiul cooK lime mlimics in 2 ttbUv.i ':! la and peaiiii^,.Indian pml- n price, It becomes nece.wary for j u ^ 1 ' !Llld oro 'l under Hie gas flame lie home-maker lo make the le;^!' '•-''" to "'" "li-iiiii'.s.. Always prc-" !esirablc cuts popular. Unless the .'re.ll is lo be iisi-<i U'y .soon afler It. is broiiRht fiou: lii* market, it's a good idea lo p\r. '- t)ir(Higu ihi- food cliopper your-; n.>-.. j.. ; jj,... ^..«i "•,,- i (If. Cliopjied ment, IOO.W-K mudi j " lui co °k. iline miimies in 2 Uiblt-.i ".!' a Jn .,-. f l!.s juice and flavor if allowcu! s i ;(;o "s b'.nter. Add lo .1 pouiid . ng -. ."" lt> o .siand for some time. Alter j'hopped meal with 1 teaspoon salt hopping add ) teas|»0!i salt,, l-4! !;n d 3-4 cuj> (-aiinid lomatocs, e;is]xx)ii iiepper and 1-2 cuj) imlki 1 ' 1 ' 1 ' 11 "^ pe|)pcr and milk from 1 pound chopped meat. Tins .dditlon of liquid- insures juicy amburi; afier cooking. A fi'v.- crops ol onion Jttlce. muy l)e udd- K'undatlon nil-'. Shape in flat. c'ki-s and pan-broil in hot. oiled "'Vim; pan. Creamed If.imDurg uu 11. or an onion, ;i feu. sprigs of 1 One cup ihin cream, 1 C'.ip chop- not be localed. 700 JUIr Iliuli-Hikf Failed LYNN. Mass. (UP) —After Andrew Johnson, 70, had hitch hiked here from Dover, O., nearly TOO miles, to visit a sUter, he discovered she ,lwd moved and could PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT carried KOIITV STATES on hi* WKRT I'OINT be- eanib a Mll.lTAllY ACADKMY July 4, 1802. The baltleship WKST VlllGINIA.COt the U 8. $20.610.000. St. Louis Food Costs Show 35 Per Cent Jump ST.. LOUIS. (Ul'>— Kood costs iiavc.'.increased 3b per cent during |hc- 'j>ast six months here, according to Supply Commissioner Boaeh, in charge.of purcha.sts for city institutions.' Only two items for which bids v.erc called, were quoted lower ti'.iii last April. Tney weic cofl'ec and mutton. Million was 60 cents a 100 Ibs. under Hie April bid and coffee war, yuoied at 10 1-3 cents a; compared '»ith u 1-2 cenu> in April. . | !.;> •SEKTHE Westinghouse Range Demonstrated at The (booking School This Week Hy Mrs. George Thurn At All Grocers THE CRAFTON CO. Distributors 30 in S lo *0^o fatirr nlattona oooivcj wilh 10 ort e fF.cicncy. fto mw unit five" nr ami frjiog bMt ...THAT MEANS MORE THAN MONEY TO YOU The saving you.tnake in money when you buy a Wcstinghousc Flavor Zone Range under the lernw of our special offer is only the bcginnini; of many other savings to come. Orice you liave this wonderful range in your kitchen, you'll save yourself hours and hours of the time you now spend in cooking. And you'II save yourself work., .you'll save oH the tedious waiting and watching while your meab are cooking. The Flavor Zone Hange is economical, too, so your food bilh will 1« Inwnr and you'il find that you are actually spending less after you have this range in your kitchen. Come in and let us tell you morn about this real bargain in convenifioce and belter cooking for your home. 32 Cook Electrically This Beautiful Wcstinghouse Range With Flavcr Zone Oven will be given away Free at the Cooking School this week. ARKANSAS-MISSOURI POWER CO. At Your Service 1

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