The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 12, 1935 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 12, 1935
Page 5
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{TUESDAY, MARCH •!!},'1985 SET PflOPEUTT ' Results Great; Costs Lo\v to 0 II Administration Seeks Eliminate Risks Mortgages. Properly standards will play im important part In the mutual murlgage program established uii- ^••.r Title II of ti'.e National Housing Art. for tlic purpose of facllitathiij the construction of now, and (lie refinancing of old homes. One of the first purpose.'! In the csukblislnncnt o( such standards is to eliminate, .so far as possible, tlie risks to which the funds extended on mortgages Insured by the Federal Housing Administration may be subjected. Almost equal in Importance is the obligation placed upon the administration by tlic act. to encourage improvement in housing standards and conditions. This obligation to elevate housing standards nnd conditions per- niitj Hie administration to view property itauaords from considerations of the health and well-being a! (!ie occupants of (lie dwellings, entirely apart, from factors Involved in l!;c safety of llic investment, ifself. I-'cononiiu Srjuiiiluc.s.v Assured It is the conviction or the ad- riinistnilion, hinvcviT, tbat hi lung-time invcMmenis tlir. t|iralilic:i wliicli produce :i satisfactory social condition ,ils6 (end to insure economic soundness, Tlio <?3neral basis of the .standards. umarOiiigly, is (hat mori- [Mfjcs insured under • llic Federal Housing I'logvam shall be upon dwellings which arc subslaiitial mid duraqlc in structure, convenient and efficient in arrangement, attractive in appearance and appropriate in their neighborhood sel- tinf. Tlit same standards will bu iipjilicd to existing buildings, both en to strnclurc and -neighborhood, as to new- buildings. In judging (he eligibility of a dwelling, neighborhood conditions lire imimrliinl. The pro|>crly' must be accessible to employment centers, markets and schools, and also so located as to oiler security against physical hazards. Tlic ri£ighborrmod must be of a hbmo- grjtca'us clrarac'ler and should offer .security against decline in desirability due lo the encroachment of inharmonious land uses. Every property will be considered in relation to its appropriateness to the district in which it 'a iucaliid as to type, replacement cost, quality a! Uic buildings, i(,s general character of design, its pliicc-nic-rit in relation to lot lines and adjoining buildings and lira relative amount of lot coverage. A major point In (lie Hdininls- Rcmarkabte transformations arc possible i;i inotleniizalJon projects without extreme outlay .as l;> 'shown in the above photographs. The top 'view, shows this su.-burb.iB dwelling before the Improvement's changed it InUrlhe attractive, modern structure shown below. Careful scrutiny will show Dial llic- mlnclpul change/;, aside from llic rcm.xlil- jntr of (be front -porch were principally a coat of paint, m-w loiiliDR and a'aiMll decorative dormer. Such improvements are easily available under (lie provisions of jiioclcrnliailluii credit loans ami well K'itliin (lie menus of thousands of American properly owners, • trillion's housing policy is that ample light and air in all Inhabitalcd rooms is essential to (he welfare and satisfaction 'of the occupants, and hence lo Hie long-time 'stability of the property. . It fixes a desirable maximum for single family detached houses at 'aboul .20 pei tent of the lot, while In no t.'isc is the coverage permitted to exce-d 30 per cent for interior lot and 10 per cent for a cornsr lot. Standards established in respect to .the.service.mid' cmiijment of u dwclllug-'fiicliidc .(lie. following: An adequate supply of pure water from an approved community source or' a • drilled well, safe from pollution;' n water, supply-to the kitchen, over-a sink with a waste' outlet to an approved -public soweragO: system . or other proper place of disposal oC.ivnsle water; at least one, water, closet .drained to an approved .public sewerage system', or--an .approved'Septic lank or ccss : pool; plumbing, sewerage, electrical wiring and apparatus installed In accordance with the provisions of. the local code ' or, where, these are lacking, according to approved national .'standards. Every building, shall have an adequate heating system, uliilc 'ji cenlral heating system and a system lor providing hot water are generally recoimr.etided. Minimum Itriiuircmcnts Sci Each single dwelling ' and' each family unit in u multiple unit structure snail contain not less than thrc-c rooms and a bathroom. There are also minimum : equipments for the floor ••.JWK iind Iiciijnt of rooms, \he aino.ini of wln;:r.v spate, dimensions' and location of ope<iiti['s and technical details. other Among oilier technical provisions is one that, where there is lie basement, a well-ventilated spaco, not less than two feel in the clear, shall bo provided beneath all joists, beams and girders. The administration is especially insistent upon this requirement because ot the great danger of rot and risk occuring in such spaces when poorly nired. Another provision 'is that all exterior surfaces shall be prcitecled by paint or otherwise to (lie satisfaction of (lie adinin- istratiou. Tlic homicide rate in tills country was the' highest of all in the world last year. MAYFLOWER WALIPAP Makes Every Room Inviting We have a splendid selection 'of 1985 VVashuljle Patterns at only 1^'X.c per single v roll.' ; Glean it like you'clean spots from your clothes.' ' ; • ' l^N, A. 1>IAN ^OU ' C A N ItUDUCOUATE * 0 UK HOMV A ND /M }' VOlt IT MONTHLY Call "The i%in i<Vom,the'-Lunibei' Yard" for Estimates E.C.ROBINSON : IHMBERCOic LUMBER QiYTHEVlUE PHONE Id We Do The Res<t Buys and Enlarges Former Nick Dawson Property on Soulh Second. Jtick Installing ; . jyj>w Store Fixliu-cs The Jnck ^pplebnuin store is being remodeled Into an iin-lo-rtn'tc store for' geiicral wear for ladles, children and boys. Both (he Inside unii cx(orlor are being rcdccovaUd *IKI modern flstiircs arc being Installed. A feature of the Interior will be Ihc shoe department, for children, which Is to bo called the "Kiddle Corner." Mechanical loy animals will move about Ihc department constantly and other attractions tor children will be used, Tour dressing rooms, with nilr- Implements, Inc., has purchased the, building al 312 South Second St., next to the armory, formerly oivned by Nick nnvraon, "ml is making extensive improv:- uciits, after having taken oper (he agency for the Iiitrrnallonal Har- und Ynnoo Ully, Miss., and lily- IDevlIle, is headed by J. B. Oilibs of Inland. Mis;.. ' ns president. L. G. Nash, of Bowjlng Green. Ky., is vice president and mnn- "get. Jim Hand, Jr., of Hollinn Fork, is secretary and Jerry U. Nash, of Greenville, treasurer. The improvements Include un nildltion to the building. :1Q by Biiys Resjdf nee Lots , at C(iic(ta«aw|)a and Tenth Mi?. Uussell Phillips has piir- cnnseri two adjoining lols on Iho uoi'tMwcsf -corticr of olifoknsiuvba avenue »nd Tenth .itrcct from Mrs. J. G. Sudbury sr. It Is understood tlmt Mr. nnrt Mrs. Ptilllljis pliin to erccl n hnnd- sonie rcildenct on llic property, now vncant, possibly In Iho near future. Washable Walls A^ A Sound Investment Walls ..,,, vestment . Mrs. N. Johns Is owner of the building. , •15 feel, which is to be used for the service department. Other facilities are being installed lo care for the stock and service of trucks, tractors nncl farm tools. Most of the improvements are confined to the interior of the building hut, the outside will ulso be remodeled Inter. Associated with Mr, Na.sli in the firm arc Ciuy Brilcy, formerly uf the hci'-Copiiedgi: Implement Co., •vho is in (lie office, J. n. "Busk'' ' lug Ls completed within two or Illrcc weeks. C. E. Hawkins Buys Barfield Road,Place A number or real estate deals have recently been made with resl- dentlaJ. fann and business properties changing ownership. C. E. Hawkins, who has been living on a farm near" Gosncll which lie recently sold, has purchased 40 acres on the Barflcld road, known i as the Ulackwel! place. The prop- I city has a live room house, barn and ixmllry houses, all with clcu- li'lc lights. Thomas l.tind Co. linii- illwl the deul or wu vest: ball: splendid n a Iron SllVfll In here dust and riblc P05S and limn (favc,' -C.;, <J, ,Alc,C(iln • «|ici • Noy Hiinl.- late of' Dycrsb'urg, Term:, as. salesmen, 'Pucker jlipp, 'of PyErsburg,.arid Johnson Moore,'as mechanics and Floyd" Simpson, un tlic jloor. ... , Thomas .'Uiiiir-Co., handled tho : tale of the properly, by Mr. Dnw- •—i to--the-new corporation, Barboro Company - . Enlarges Plant The A. s. Bnrboro company has enlarged its warehouse so as to be able to take care of-rivc more ciir- londs ol foodstuff: Sliect metariiiifl oak were used .. for tlic building, which, has'just been completed.- v IV". '"'? five room house, with balli, ' '' , Marguerite street V". "'? '".'i; 0 ' 1 Marguerite street In the i'rldo addition, has been sold lg M. j. slovcr who been living c-H q . (arm noar Mytlievlllc. Thom'»s Lund CO.' made Ihc sale. Mr. MUl. Mrs. Jack Marsh Iwve |iurcho.<cd thrf collage owned by Mr. iind Mrs. Joe Watson on Luke si reel. They plau.lo.make minor improvc- matils lo-llifl. /our rooms and bath. They have already -moved, • Mf. and l|lrs. 'H. II. Houchlns nave- moved iiilo their new home at 1000 W. Main street, which they purchascil, ' from the Mississippi County Building and Loan association. . ' .-.;•• ' A number of minor improvements were itlsdc. ... . • " . • Reud Courier. News \Vunl Aits. . about a new set of rooms for your hou«? Dingy walk, shatbj- floors, nicked woodwork TMiish in one dar willi Oicse Fanioaa Four OaeJJjy Pittsburgh Painl TrodtKU: Wallhide, Florhlde Enamel, iWaterspar Qaick.Dr r in( Eaamct (one coat eortrn tolidlf!} «nd W*lOTp«QoicV- J>r7lnj Vuairim ao ikt job in half tha time ind h«l( ihe neH. And at a decided economy 100! Bring new life lo old room* with lovely petal shidcj. Viri* tu and Ictrti Inw rxnnomjr^tir it can b« done. Da ii wilh «a IVTIA renwdetmc !»«. Aik jour busker abort dxU. TURPENTINE Absolutely highest, grade. Gallon ,. : LINSEED OIL Absolutely purest boiled $J 10 Unseed Oil. Gallon .. ,J- Beautiful fiigli gloss PLASCO PAINT jgggf Suitable for inlcrior or exterior surfatrs. 5!iush« i — ' e «nly;lu!c*« r uonaUovrringqu,lJij,.j| co | OISi SCREEN ENAMEL High gralfc utility braiid. Will not clog mesh. Quart l l /2, in- Ename! Brush Famous Gold stripequalltynre pure brWles set In rubber. ^"^ Quick-drying clear. WATERSPAR VARNISH WALLHIDE brings Qne-4ay;paintit}'g KodiJaysoiiijtis! youifurUiiijanJ me- '' •*. ("KjtjiibcJiiiiijtliesariiilJi'yKillsaiiJ- •' • : M "l'i 1 ]? 1 ^. e .,P?'' 1 ! ei i.^t'>V ! !thH t p6ne 0 U4 ., coaliiUiuallyr.nou»l|. , ('colon. QUART ••• Quick-D(yin S WATERSPAR , Brings new bcauy to, (uniitmc iVd wood ,-votlf. Dim in '* hours..' ^f^ 1 , color*. Hubbard Hardware Co. AUTHORIZED PITTSBURGH. PAINT PRODUCTS AGENCY covered with washable iian illpupcr. nrc an excellent In- ent, especially in ktlclicns, irooins, ami children's play- In tad washable 'walls are ----- for stairways nml nil rooms home or apartment where chll- nrc liable to fingerprint the ices. cities mid neighborhoods Iho air Is iwlluled with -soot. and destructive fumes, walls ceilings covered with wash- palnl or wallpaper niukc It ilblc to keep tJio home dean sanitary at all times »l a mln- in of oxirensc. Nook for Telephone Offers Convenience Modem home owners ftml great convenience In Uio Installation ot a,small telopliono nook or closet, Sucli Installations make possiblo Hie elimination of dlscomforl ot ouse noises. Tlie leleiilione ciibliict, or closet should Include a small sliclf or tnblc Tor HID telephone directory and for \vrltlng space. A smnll ioli or clmlr Is nlso a convenient utdlllon. An clcclrlo llglil m ay be Installed convenient lo tlie writing lublc or shelf in the closel. Tlic Uglit can be wired lo tlio door switch so thai it automatically lights when the door is closed.. Overcome ralnl Checking f iwklng'(iiid a]llgatorlnr : ot the coats of. paint canrOo oier- come-by applying a. priming coat with fairly heavy pigment concoi-- U-utlon on diy material, Tlio Ihln-' nor used In the priming coafc should preferably be of a volatile- ntitnrc so that firm, hard drying will be obtained. Tlio practice of adding large titmiilitles of linseed, oil to thin down a priming coat at pnlnl Ijs one of (he most fret cniises of checking. ' Charm for Ci'llliij Waster, millboard and plywood ceilings in* o(ten decorated with niottllng, ijlcmllng or uk-ncll borders, producing new uliarm niul nt- inosiiliero. in Homo cftscs s to n ell designs are used In corners only. Beauty, llulitlng nnd ollmlimtlon ot glnrc arc deslrctl of the properly Installed celling. iHONE 134 FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE PKPT, Krl(htcn v v Walls , Clean, light-colored walls a nil cellines give a maximum rcnectlon of both artificial light and daylloht, thereby H B hllng up Hie nooks and corners in n room n i n nilnl, mm i of cost. Walls and ceilings renovated In a light, cheerful color are especially appreciated on drab rainy days. U'l Us (,'ive You A Free Hut!miite On BUILDING A HOME BRICK' - - HTONK STUCCO - - FRANK HLC.HALSELL U06 \V. Ash To Our Farmer Friends: We itre now in shape to make you loans to build mid to repair your homes. It makes no difference if you linvc a mortgage on your farm— so .vow U.srjb and jwiynienls arc in good We can ;ilso make loans of most au.v kiiul lo build or reiiivir homes in lliu clfy—Don'l forjrcl lo let ,lt' Webb liftu'c iviUi yon on your building needs. E> "Tliu Farmer's Kriciul" M'. Miiin ul Collun Hell K. |{. Phone 275 w sresmm CASH- works wonders Our sales oJ: FURNITURE for CASH have been far beyond our expectations, which means Quality and Right Price, But II You Want TERMS It wii) pay you to come to this store and talk to us about your individual needs.— •Ample Stock of Bedroom Suites, Mattresses, Springs, Rugs, Ranges—And other things will be found. Every Day a Sales Day Household FURNITURE Moderately Priced BmMBOTCTCTa i

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