The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 9, 1940 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 9, 1940
Page 2
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TWO BLYTHEVILLE CARK,) COURIER NEWS Star/ having : at "Venetian Blind" Motif ircielia £xW fl h i t§ v entertaining Charievoix'j chapter; Daughters of American -Devolution, 1:00 o'clock at Hotel Noble. . '. ..'.'.. Double' G club meeting with Mrs. J.••• Harris McCalla. ' : 7 •:-. /.Mrs, \yUliani Cofder having Duo- Quad, .Bridgech4b. • ... .J^aijame|.,y. r entertaining Tuesday-Contract club. Tuesday Bridge club meeting with Mrs. : W. p. Chamblin. ilrs. Riley B. Jones havinf Tuesday club. . :, Mrs. ,L. S. Benish entertaining Fridav Contract club.' WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Chepter Dof the P. E. O. sister- hoodmeeting I:W. o'clock with Mrs. 3* A. Lynch/ 'Mrs. Fred V. Rutherford entertaining Delta Contract ; club. Junior-Senior Parent Teacher association meeting 3715 .o'clock a\ school preceded by executive board meeting. : , .•'....:' .-" ySdrs. • Clarence . E. White enter- tajhing 'Wednesday Bunco club. : "'•' ^C)C Bridge club meeting wit}. Mrs. Tommy Tipton. -^ Mrs: James B. Clark* havin. Tpwn ano> Country club. 7 ^.^Ti^RSDAY'S. EVENTS ;:;'Mrs,-/A." Gi ShibleyVentertainln: .Prosperity club, 2:30 o'clock. ? ^Mrs: ivy W. Crawford entertain' Double Four : . Mrs.; John Burnett entertainin. , , • ;•: JMrs. ,C. ;i A. Cunningham entertaining^ Mid-Week "/Bridge club'. •''•.'.Thursday;' ' Afternoon : club , meeting ^ith -Mrs.: Eddie; Regenold. Ci ; .'W ; ;; : . Afflick 'having Luncheon, • club., • yS Dessert club -• meeting; '" .,,. ,- VMiss?;Jane_; ; McAdarn5 •• entertaining Bridge ' ' club; . . •' ' ; ' •' . ; ?'W^ McCutchen Having 1 club,: • . ; 'EVENTS -.• ••'.•'•: school ; class, . First : meeting 7 ;QO eicck sponsoiing • ing dance, Friday. -; p'clock|^city auditor-' ' "' "" ... . .. Mrs.'iPaul KSmbrough entertairi- ||| A BEAUTIFUL t$&te J- i dmner dress of pale blue _, . silk crepe js covered from throat to hem . with' panels of wide, horizontal pleats, turned up at the corners like the slats in Venetian blinds. In fact, Sophie Gimbel, who designed "the gown, calls it the "Venetian blind dress. Msi* Coleman Entertains North County Council Miss Cora Lee Coleman, county home demonstration agent, had a luncheon for the North Mississippi County Council officers and club officers Thursday at the Woman's club. Thirty seven members representing 14 clubs were present. A Christmas centerpiece ol silver and gold and turkeys for favors decorated, the luncheon table. Following lunch, Miss Coleman discussed the curb market, Red Cross sewing, district meeting, best time for all day meetings, w; P. A luncheons, mattress project and, sponsors, Friday's, page in the local newspaper, radio programs, scrapbooks, how to make this Christmas a Cction Christmas nnd 4-H Club activities. C. club; 'Minister ; :•••' '-'.'••• : t Here. .47; ;"„.'. ••'•• • .,.. ..^B.;: Tillman. ivSapBst^ church, a; Trends/ in Re..,._..„_. .ichebri meeting ot the;, .coimty^branch" of ; the Ameri- eain Associa r tion.of University' Wo-, men: "Saturday' at' th^ Hotel Noble :werc Miss Lillian Pat- Mrs, - C. L. Moore, of Mrs,. Ed Quellmalz :aiid ; Miss Effie Lee Terrell. ;; ;:-A v: miniature :S : anta Claus and .sleigh;: ; ornamented the -f luncheon .table on which ;red tapers; were ar• ranged in keeping .with - the red aiid; white color.,schenie.',A. 'small booklet'iipi.iChrtetrnas- carols leaned gainst: -r.eindee£Utp '-majk''' each pla^yMrs:VA. B:'Fairfield : led the 35." guesJB' 'in singing , the ;: carols. Mrs.' R.; Iv; Houck, of/Luxora, was .accompanist. - . ; , - " .• : .Has, Four More States Join Cancer Control Program CHICAGO (UP)—Pour states, this year embarked on 1 cancer control measures which if applied nationally, experts said, would save 35,00ft lives- annually. : The council of state governments reported that Illinois, South Carolina, Vermont and Wisconsin had sstablished cancer control divisions Six states — Connecticut, Georeia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York and ' Pennsylvania—previously had adopted programs for control of cancer, which is the second rnajor nuse of death in the United States One high school in' New York 3ity has 10,000 male students: . You'll Be Seeing Her—Next June Queen of Holland High School Tcmlinson and daughter, . Betty Lou, who will visit here befon .joining Mr. Tomllnson in Dallas, Tex., to spend the Christmas holidays with his parents. Attend District Scout Meeting At Helena James V. Hill, president of the Eastern Arkansas Boy Scout Coun- 3il.,' and Floyd A. White and Clar- .nce. H. Wilson v Council members, attended a district meeting in Helena Sunday. BiUy Wilson accompanied them. The selection of an assistant scout, executive was discussed ai the luncheou meeting. x r : 'Rodgers; and Mrs. E. R. Jackson, are nev>' members, of'.' M M S Martha \Vilirec3 Grissom tiie Double'Fo.ur. Bridge"club which : was recently chosen queen of th? met Fjriday afternoori at. the home Holland, Mo., high .school. «F n^J ™ B. qook; ' = .Tallies-rand; -house decorations with her son, Eddie Regenold, and were in the Christmas motif. Mrs. family and in Wilson with anJohnfoster: was. high scorer. ; other son, S.' A. Regenold, and A.-aessert course was served at family the;^usion:pf ; the games. . ^ Betty B lack, daughter of Mr Announce Plans ' • •'• a f Mrs. FamsFOrth E. ; Black, For Bam Danro ' i vho has been m M ™V*"s for a lonth for special treatment, Rosco Graf ton. j. Nick Thomns To Show Wildlife Pictures At School Scouts and their parents are invited ,to see the technicolor pic- ures of Arkansas Wildlife which •vill be shown at Lange school to-light at 8:00 o'clock, those in .harge stated. Tlie pictures will be shown by Captain Tom Mull, of Holly Grove, at a joint meeting of all scoui troops at 8;00 o'clock. viori, .it "was announced today. Plans..'have: been completed for the affair and the Jewel- Cowboys. have, been, secured -to play. . and Graham Sudbury attended a divisional training -school for incoming .Kiwanis Club officials held ' The. -dance -will .;begin v at, 10:OO afc Para £° ulcl Sunday afternoon. o'clock and .continue -'until two with! M r. 'and Mrs. Russell B. -Stout an intermission at ^midnight. spent the week end in Memphis. . - - -..•.--. — ,.'-.. . .... •'.•.. Mr. and Mrs. John R. Tansil of West Memphis; • and. Hubert. Fly and son. Johnny Fly. of Memphis. spent Sunday here with Mrs. Tan- sirs sister, Mrs. O. C. Gan?ke. an:, family, In the afternoon, the Ganskes and their guests mo'torea to Paragould. Mrs. B. F. Fry and Miss Mary Bits of News Mostly Personals B...: Woodson. ^-underwent Hubler spent phis. ; Saturday in Mem- Mr. and Mrs. A. s. Mitchell and ' J " ,•-.-'"..''•, - •— :, " - »>»**rtw* i» WAAV *• — * - i*-iJH-» •*** i v7. 4 \. 1^7, LVJ 11-^llrJt* vj/lM ernergency-operation for appen- (daughter. Ruth, of Mount. Pleasant I TIC - •On*-i«*o£s*..- -*"_ i. -*TT >^ * . . _ ' -T ___ . . * Sa.turday ;at Walls hospital, j "Iex.. came Friday' to spenci ^ i.-u r ..r.Condition. 4s : .very -good.. • days here with Mr. and Mrs W , ;^. JvH/pxmari of RoseUe. N.JC; Cates: The Mitchells and . Mr" J., t came ^Friday for a. vteit with her; Cates arc spending today in points -Parenfe Mr. and. .Mrs. G. H; Grear. (of Tennessee. -She WT]] be, joined here the 20th ot 1 Mrs. Essie Davis and daughter ^ 0; ,ttiis,month;by ; rDr. Oxman/who will I Miss Patty June Davis, spent" Snt- fe^ 1 "^ 1 '^ spend the - hol ^ a ys. - «rday afternoon in Memphis • • ••- .' ' I • LI' TTrv i f • *.*.* i__"» . i I «. ^ . . » * At The Hospitals BJytheville Hospital Mrs. Otto Btadberry. Munila, admitted. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Everetl Holder. -CnruthoriiVilJe, a son Sunday morning weighing seven pounds and fourteen oi:nces. Kabin Chalkraft, St. Louis, admitted. H. S, Hearn. city, dir-misseci. Billy D. Simmons, city, dismissed. Mrs. J. P. Friend, city, dismissed. Alberta Brackin. city, dismissed. Mrs. Raymond Krurz. city, dismissed. , Mrs. .1. s. Sandidge. city, dismissed. Wails Hospital Mrs. E. B. Woodson, city, admitted. " Mrs. W. t,. Lambert, city. mitted. Mrs. L Limousine Is Clements' Luxury; No Kicking Women For Fields MONDAY, DECEMBER 9, 1940 Dick." .. ._ . Incidentally, that gag wasn't in the script. Director Eddie Cline wanted to cheer.up Fields and the whole company one day, so he "had built a sort of super-De Mille palanquin, complete with rocking chair, fringed umbrella and a nuge megaphone lettered "A PISMO CLAM-DIRECTOR." The comedian took it big. Borne to the set by four prop men, he got so many laughs from the company thai the,'.'stunt; was worked into' the picture. • Production went smoothly this lime, though ' Fields never once spcke a. line as it was written. Only thing he balked at was walloping a gal, even though the situ- alien was comic.. He srad. "I have kicked doga u. pictures, and I have 'kicked babies m pictures. But never, sir, have I insulted a woman!" ' North Carolina Births Rise RALEIGH, N. C. (UP)—North Carolina's birth rate is on the rise. The state board of health's division of vital statistics reports 60,537 births in the state for the first nine months of this year, a gain of 891 over the tota] of 59,646 for the same period in 1939. INO state in the Union ever has had a woman as lieutenant-governor. C ARD OF THANKS We wish to thank, all of those who so kindly contributed to the Greek War Relief Fund. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Argencl. w. c. Melds . . '. no matter what kind of role he's playing,' he wears the same buttoned shoes with" no heels. This super-director scene started as a gag, but.was good enough to'make the'picture. NEA Service Staff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD, Dec. 6.— Supplementary reports: If anybody has been wondering about the moom- .pitcher • progress of Stash Clem-' enta, the Brooklyn urchin with the galvanized- gall. I'm happy to report, that he's doing fine and probably will end up as a producer if he sticks around. -' J ';SI;asli has .grown so fond of most members of < the cast- and crew 'of "Tali, Dark and ,V Hansome" that he doesn't cheat 'ern at checkers •my more — not even in maintenance of his ciainl to the title of -hampeen ol WUliamsboig and Culver City; And although he still won't confess, any special thrill in ina a movie actor, there arc in- caiions .Stash is relishing his job. Only. players of some impor-r fcance" are assigned stand-ins, and Mr,?, Clements has one whom Fields, I've only now got around to finding cut about his peculiar footwear—the. buttoned shoes with no heels. He says he began wearing them when he was a juggler, for better balance and because he sometimes caught a trouser cufT on a heel when he did the trick of tossing balls under a raised knee. The fiat-soled shoes are responsible for Fields' duck-waddle. He w.on't wear any other kind, whatever his rcle or costume. They couldn't even get him into fancy field boots for a satirical movie- Director sequence in : 'The Bank MISERY hep regards with .-^uspicicn and re- semment. .At first... he ; figured -the stand-in . wa,s, an undersLudy who scmeho-wv V migiU '.- '•;. supplant''^- -(hmp •'You can fire dat kid; ! he.iold the director. "I .ain't go'rita' get'sick";6r mufT my lines or nultiaY" , Even after they explained how scand-ins are used. Stash remained skcDtical. He considers it his duty i;audjpriyilege to spend all the time ? pcs^iblf.'on the .set under the iign pcgsitl? en the -set under the: lights. whether the camera is grinding ov Cnc •courtesy hd 'c'oes enjoy is being brought 'to"' work . every " day jn : B studio limousine. This is none Tor .economy, because Stash bagan going !o the .set on hour or two saily c.ach c!i5.y. Vvhen rules governing hours and overtime were I adcpieci in Hollywood, nobody even cossiclered rhe possibility of an.actcr geLLuig to a set ahead-oi time.'.'But St^sh had been xviing- ling a .tidy bonus by punching the elpck^ practically at the crack oi For tonight, say "GOOD NIGHT" TO _ Slip away from aeliey muscles, stuffy sniffles, into sleep. Rub throat, chest, with Penofcrp. See it disappear into youi skiri "surface. Feel double help work' almost instantly—inside and outside 25c. Double supply of Penetro,'35c — PRESCRIPTIONS— Safe - - Accurate Prescription Druggy Fowler Drug Co. vialn & Firrt Fhoa* 141 Hrt;senti.,g—just to take your. mind off nipped ears and chilblains — the 1941 Swim-for- Health girl, She's Angela Green, of Whitestone, L. I., and recently \von th3 title in a New York contest. She'll nose for posters you'll see during Swim •far- Health Week, June 23-28. . :'After all T/vr seen o f W. ,C. I Da • ; FALSE TEETH , :; Rock, Slide or Slip? ;pA5TEETH; an improved powder tq,; be : sprinkled on upper of lower plates', holds false teeth more firmly in place. Do not slide, slip or reck. No gummy, gooey, pasty taste or feeling. FASTEETH is alkaline (ncn-acld). Does not sour. Checks "plate ; odor "' (denture breath). Get FASTEETH at any drug store. Adv.- 3 missed. .A, Reaves, iVettletcm dis- Aucirie Bell. Manila, dismissed. Memphis baptist Hospital Miss Zula Bryeans. city, admitted. Memphis JTethortist Hospital Roy S. Dawson. Csceob. nd- mitteri. J. PL Holt, city, admitted. Mrs. Don Coats, city, admitted milled. Holt. ; who has been critically ill at his; home,- has ^been. removed to. Memphis Methodist, hos- , : pital;>:.-;'; :; . - ;; -.- ^/:.:.. ••-, ;.»• ',-.,-.;. : ,; . Born to Mr. --, «i.N/*A*wii 4(| i«l.t^l[I IJI He* I * «**••«* I 1*4. A v >. A^ 1 Mrs. J. c. Hodgson and grand-1 Crt »thwait. Osceola, a daughter, daughter. Amelia Modinger? have, retiuncd from New* Orleans where they spent three months. They O. Lufkin; Tex.V 'are: the s- ' They uu- •.,_-. . '"j'ir ' , -.^w. JV n.ivc. mvuui?,. I (lUy •-'T'' : rt^''* n ^£ ^:.L: SpeHmgs oflcamo home to be with Hodgson „....,... .. ' Moci j ngcr -pf..the-y. S. Navy, who was .visiting'' his- parents. Mr. and Mrs. .Cornelius Modingcr. He left Sa.turday, to. reiiinx !,o Norfolk, Va 'Mrs/ s. P.' Craftoii and daughters. Mrs. T. W. Jeffries. MISR Zola CnUton and Mrs. R, G, Edward,'. of LilUe Hock:, have, retirrncd from J^ew Qrleans-where . thev spent a few days with-' Mr. and Mrs J \., Little aud; daughter; : are x speiidhijg; ;•>; .jfoSpiyV in vA. ; :,:'Regenold^oi7f^risi — ' ;;to';^s^ndj^ihe! F. Tomlinson and family.' They were accompanied home by -Mrs. Courier News want- ads. NOROLINE WHITE PETROLEUM JELLY Johns Ice & Coal Co. Good - Clean - Coal We Deliver-'-100 N>s. or Carload AH OKI I by Rail Phone 83 CHR5STMAS TREES SSc up All heights from 2 feet' up Arkansas Paint, Glass & Wallpaper Co. formerly Wilson-(;vecr Paint Co. Phone 711 '105 K. Main '.^ r ' Specials For Christmas - pyj^i^ Marble-Top TH hies — Corner and Wall Whatnots— Chairs, etc. Over Lay Ya^\s—Singles and Pairs — Pal terns — Lamps. HL-W/61, 2 Miles South Phone -JSl-W MAKE YOUR GIFT A JEWELRY.& OPTICAL STORE CAUGHT COLD? Get direct relief from discomforts...rub throat, chest, back with clinic-tested DANCE EVERY SAT. NIGHT BLUE ROOM HOTEL NOBLE BONNIE-BUTTER STEAK SANDWICHES SEBVEO WORLD LARGEST SELLER ATIO< RUE DCUYK&T W. Main Si, Phoor IS J. he moon casts oval shadows from reels of cable in the warehouse yard. New telephone instruments mark time upon long storeroom shelves. Thousands of parts - - . relays, crossarms, insulators . . . wait in Western Electric warehouses for their call to service in America's telephone system. Tonight.. .all quiet on the Western front! But for how long? Who can say when disaster will strike.... a fire, a Hood, a storm... to cripple some section of the telephone plant? • ' Perhaps within the hour heavy trucks will back up to loading platforms. Bearing tools and materials they will roll away to meet repair crews at the trouble scene- Disaster strikes. . .the Be/1 System moves to meet jt. Western Electric supplies high quality, standardized telephone equipment... usable in any part of the nation. Its warehouses in strategic locations insure prompt delivery when materials.are needed in a hurry. That is one reason Americans in any emergency turn to the telephone, knowing they will revive fast, dependable service. SOUTHWESTERN BEtl && TEUPHONE CO.

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