The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 16, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 16, 1937
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOLUME XXXIV—NO. 207. Klylhovllle Courier Blylhevlllo Herald Blythcvillc Dally News . ,'~— _&HssiMi|ipMfiilicy Leader HLYTIWVILUC, AHKAJJSAS, 'I'UKSDAV, NOVKMIHCK 10, 1OT SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS' ELBE! KILLED Air Liner Smashes Into Factory Chimney In Fo[; and Burns OSTEND, Belgium. Nov. 1C (UP! — Finven persons, including eight passengers, were killed when a f!el- Klnm air liner crashed into a factory chimney and burned near here today. The iilanc, enroute to London from, Frankfurt, was anproachhi' the Blcenf airdrome here, n a thick fog, when it hit the chimney The left wing was torn from lh» lusilase and lhe plane crashed into the faclory grounds. Will) a terrific explosion the plane burst into flames. Workers in the faclory. who nislvci to flip wreckage, were driven back by the fire. T(IP <j ra ,i included the pilot, mechanic and radio operator, reported to be Belgians, and elaht nnssen- gers. all of whom were believed to be Germans. Average Man Can Synipalhi/.e Wi ( h Roo.s(;vfli Today WASHINGTON. Nov. 10 (UP) — President Roosevelt, (iincelle« all his nppolnttnenu today, upon «d- vice ol his personal phvslclnii. because of a painfully infotieil looth Mr. RoofcveH was kept awake all night by lits toothache, This morn- Ing he ran a slight temneralurc and Dr. Ross Mclntyre advised him lo rost all day. nie president n«veeil and can" n "»d }>ls .s"hedui"d awuolutineiit with the United Slates conference ••f mavors. a lunch with RKteral CommunlculloiLi Chairman Prank R. McNlnch and his regular Tuesday afternoon press conference. White House aides said the prosi- - 1 ""! 'lid not rail for treatment until tills morning. Dr. Mclntyre, white House physician, found he was running a slight temperature" because of the Infection. Mr. Roosevelt received treatment from Lt. Commodore A. H. Yaudo. navy Duke, Family Perish LONDON, Nov. 10 (UP) — The German embassy said today that Ihose killed in the crush of a Bel- i;ian air liner, at Ostcnd, included Prince George. Grand Duke off Hessen; his wife and Iwo children, liudwig- and Aldenbach, and his mother, the dowager grand duchess. Use of Trucks May Follow Rate Increase LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Nov. 1C.— A statement iliat oil companies might use trucks if Increases are made in freight rates came from representathfis of the Lion Oil Re- iiulng_£pjnpany of El Dorado and !he~ Standard Oil company 'of Louisiana yesterday at a hearing Ht the capltol on a petition of railroads for increased rates on heavy basic commodities. "We prefer to stay en the rails." tnid P. J. Anderson of El Dorado, "but If an increase in petroleum transiwrtatlon rates Is granted we will be forced to start trucking and the loss of business to the railroads will amount lo more than they would lose through lower rates." Vocal Trio Entertains Lions Club at Luncheon At the regular luncheon meeting of the Lions club today at the Hotel Noble a guest trio compos cd of Mrs. Paul L. Tipton, Mrs Russell Farr and Mrs. George M Lee. sang three songs, "Pale Moon," "The Bells of St. Mary's and "Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes," for the program. They were accompanied by Mrs. Murray Smart. L. J. Pfeffer of St. Louis was also a guest of the club at which 33 were present. Validity Questioned Anew In Proceedings In Supreme Court WAREflNGTON. Nov. 1G (UP)— Validity of two New Deal programs —public works administration loans 'n mui)iri»alitte.; for power systems and nationalization of gold—'.vere challenged ane«- today in the supreme court. The gold program was challenged ">v attorneys for Arthur W. Machen of Baltimore whose suit to collect inicrest'mi a gold clause bond, called by t|je treasory in 1935, will be ; argued orally within n month. The itlorneys filed a brier, urging the court to compel the treasury to pay the intervening Interest coupons. At the same lime a brief of lhe Alabama Power company .was filed In Its attack on the PWA nower program. The brief charged tliat if certain PWA loans and grants are completed the company's business In at least four Alabama communities will be "wholly destroyed". The entire ]>VVA power program, the company charged, is unconstitutional. Eight-Stale Alarm Sent Out From Syracuse For Desperate Trio SYRACUSE. N. Y., Nov. 16 <UP) —John J. Oley, Percy (Baby Fnce) Geary and Harold (Red) Crowley, members of the gong that kidnap- ed John J. O'Councll Jr. In Albany, N. Y.. In 1033, escaped today from the Jamcsville penitentiary. Slate police, believing they were headed for a nearby hideout, patrolled all ronds in central New York. All available officers were irdcred to participate in the search. An eight state alarm was broadcast, warning that ilu- convicts were armed. Albany police immediately placed a guard around O'Connell's home and announced that everything was being done lo protect liim and his uncles. Daniel P. and Edward I. O'Connell. powerful Democratic leaders ot Albany county. Prison Superintendent, Herbert, PadiJcck said that Oley, Geary and Crowley. who wer- 'caiitu/e'd In Ne<v York City last February, surprised John Corbett, a guard, while he was making lhe rounds of the penitentiary's time clocks. The bars of Geary's cell had been sawed through "some time ago," Paddock said, "and Building South's Highest Bridge lures Storm Likely In Gulf Coast Area Ry United Presx northwest was lirlu^lnv frorahw 1 "'"""'"'''"'"s. snow and sled lo lhe sonlh today. 'Hie cold was vldln? lhe crest, of a high pre.ssuro area Ihus nnml'ii Rk "' "' 81 ' aBainst lhe In slecl. above, I. the Imlf- ago." Paddock said -.. nd hadl , n se. aove, . e m- bsen stuck together with gum " I C ° mplclP<1 * 2 '™' OOC p °''' Arll.m-, Tex., bridge across (lie Ncchcs rlvur Laughs at One reason why we have'la be so cautious all the time is because rvil influences spread a lol faster thati good. Three of the fastest spreadin' things I know of are poison osik. devil grass and gossip. Once they get the least, foothold they're on their way. of the three. I suppose gossip spreads the fastest because it's the only one of these evils that is actually cultivated. We had au old gossip down home that had lalked about everybody In town but. my Uncle Orchie. He Just couldn't get anything on him until finally one day Uncle Orchie boi- rowed a quarter from,him and forgot to pay him back. Tills gave the old gossip a chance and as the years went by. he gave Uncle Orchie the reputation of belli' one of the biggest crooks in Crawford County Finally one day Uncle Orchie remembered that he owed the old man twenty-five cents and he went to him and says "Here's that two bits I've owed you so long." The old .gossip says "No, you keep the money—I wouldn't change my opinion oj you for iwenty-flve center With not even n cane lo hint his Force Guards to Aid Holding n revolver in Corbett's side Geary took him (o a door near the prison guard room where three other guards were on duty. He forced Corbett to shoul that one of the prisoners was hnnging himself. As the three guards entered the cell block -Geary covered llr'em and ordered them to open the cells of Cley and Crowley. The four guards and a matron. Mrs. Nellie Hills, were bound and gagged. The convicts went to the yard, tried to start an automobile, were unsuccessful and returned to get Guard Eddie Hnys. Hays started his own machine equipped with oflicial county license plates. Hays then ' was bound and gagged and thrown Into the rear seat. They drove three miles to Syra• cuse, stopped at one of the p'rin- I cipal street Intersections, jumped j out and transferred to anothei highway bridge In the south. A mile and a half long. Hie bridge rises Horn inarsliland to the Height of a 20-story building, 230 feet. The almost indistinguishable n B ure of a workman In the circle, affords an Idea of the great size of the structure. Marly Snow Today Heralds Approach 01.', Winter Season Crippled Negro, Long Sought, Taken Into Custody At Osceola OSCEOLA, Ark., Nov. 1C.—The arrest of Dim Ford, negro, also known as "Papa Skeeter" on a charge of attempting to pass counterfeit money, has been an".... «..u iiuiiMt-rreu to another nouncc d by county officers. Sec- car. Hays freed himself and re-' lel Sc 'vlce men will arrive tonior. ported to police headquarters row morning from Memphis to Believes Plans Went Awry question Ford, who has been He said one of the convicts was scl '8 ht for more than two months, irmod with a "nickel plated ve-i He ls "' lntie >' Indictment at Mem- volvcr" and another "talked about llnis on a charge of manufactur- a tommy gun." He said he galh- -nd from their conversation that they had "missed a connection" that their escape had not they and _. _ worked out entirely ""as planned'. No description of the second car wns available but Dslective Ser- sennt Arthur Casey reported that !all officials had seen a roadster bearing New Jersey license plates s u>ral times on the highway near the jail yesterday. The trio, linked by ~i\.\ police to the spcclaculai S427.S50 holdup of an armored car In Brooklyn. N. Y.. in August 1S3-I. wfie awaiting appeals from 'heir convictions in the rase. Ing ant! passing counterfeit money. Foid. who has only one leg and walks with crutches, attempted to Pass some counterfeit money at D's Cafe Sunday morning when he was arrested. At thai lime Bond Buyers Ask Delay Refunding Conference , • •LITTLE ROCK, Nov. 16 (UP)— 3ov. Carl E. linlley today announced thai his planned conference with u group of Bl* Louis bond buyers has ben posctponed until later this week. Employes of the governor's office said lhe bond buyers, who hnd Intended to complete tlic details of the proposed refunding Program ul the conference, asked for the dehiy until they could (jet a last legal opinion from their counsel on the legality of the transfer. slfttes weather bureau re- porlcd, Rhlimlnir was advUM In tuwwrl •nil (inntion in UK, rsav si. Ixmls- Carrn Belle urea whlln sinnli rrnfi •••-, ,..™.,, n ,| „, r nr so , llh ns Tm,,,,^ Fla. Tlio weather Imrcau rotiorUxl Oml « disturbance Is cculral near Ilic Mlsslsslunl const. moving cast- ward and will bo followed bv frcali to strong northwest winds this nf- teruoon and tonkhl," bnow and slecl was forecast for '"*" l~'iv H"'l lonklit In imri.s of 'Oninrky. Tennessee and North I'-viiitw. i<v<!f>7.hi<i (cinucratures were expected also In Arkansas, \n<- tcrlor Louisiana, MKslsKloiil. Aln- Inma. north Georgia and parts ot South Carolina. ""•» «it,i ivavo wiis being pro- ccclcd by rain over n wide area. Cold Wenthcr Ocneral "Pair and cold" was the </i>neral forecast for most of the south tomorrow. In Arkansas vnrvlm s'"wfn" ...hWi m«n-) U rcd four Inches al Bentonvllle to n sllolit fnll ni. i.'iil" Rock, which soon moiled, preceded the slni^'s first, nold wuve of Iho niiDToachinij winter. There had been one previous cold smul l>>il. Thickly falling snow greeted all but lhe earliest risers among llly- Ihevlllo clll/.ens this morning, ef- 1'ctlvcly dispensing any doubts thul may huvo existed ns to the ipproMl) ot the winter season which, "crucially" opens Dec. 21. Atom one-half Inch fell throvigh- oul the morning but, had Mopped shortly before noon. 11 melted almost us nipldly nl Is fell. This Is lhe earliest dale U 1ms nowed here, at lousl since the cltlcliil weather recordings \iere started eight years HBO, except lust year when three-fourths of in Inch fell on November 4. Thai believed to he u record. Last winter was not a "snowy" me, di'spKo an all-time early bc- llnning. It did nol snow aguln last winter until February 211 .vhen one-fourth of an Inch fell md llierc wus none In Mnrcli. Tivo years ago. it snowed first in December 22, for n white Yule- lido and again on December 2B uul 20, In addition lo several inows early In 1030. FllElSs Ell If Crawford - Coppedge Cot- fallod lo Ihii Antique Plaie Develops I n • n i Roclt ttl c*l-her bureau record Into Growing LrOCkery ' ""t disclose an early snow there. standard of 20 degrees In lhe course or 24 lioiinrnx Ilic federal wdnther bureau defines a cold wave. In the centra! part of (ho stil» tl\c lemporaturc dronned 10 degrees In 12 hours— from o p.m. vn.stnrday lo n a.m. todav— aid tlw "idrciirv hrledv broke its fall to rise two devices In the mornlnp hours. The weather burenu nvwl lut- ed Hint, the mercury would drop a"" In (n below freezing tonUhl. Preczlnir tcmpernturcs also were fnrn/iast for the slnte In general tonight. Earliest in 25 Years Bentonvillr's recorded snow fall wus tlia earliest for that section of the state In 26 years and tlii UtU" Rock tt'oather bureau record.? do fall ton Gin Rebuild urns. Ian to COLLINS CENTER. N. Y. (UP) —Th« rare phenomenon of "growing crockery" Is displayed In an antique plate owned by Mrs. E. C. Mugrldgc, of Collins Center. Probably one of the world's hist specimens, lhe "growing plate" Is covered with eruptions and pro- oh nl .i<T i T, ,, , ., i F-: 'iterances resembling said he had three five trces alu , „ °' IE d0 " ar W11 '" T1 "" miniature sis possession. The currency is a crude Imitation of the real money, having New York ixrn ma< ' e u y hand. spectacular] Tllc cashier at the Osceola cafe recognized the money as counter- r [ said lo be caused by lhe chemical aclion of sulphuric acid on the magnesium In (he clay from which the plate was fashioned. Usually the "artistic blemishes" extend only a quarter of an Inch, . T . , ,., . • • . viii.- yium was the i at a Blythcvnle bank yesterday. ma ,, lrcsl the , Rro ,, !She was given the bill In payment , , ; -JUS. ,^HO guvll LUV Ulll 111 pU^'UIUIII. Diving Ixion Hookca (for rent in a negro section known DELMAR, Del. (UP)-Mrs. Scw- '11 H. Waylnnd cauirht more than she bargained for when she went %hing olf Bayvleiv pier at Lewes. When she drew her line from the .. Tater. she found she had caught i 7-nound diving loon Instead of.BulIsnake Put to Rout •cut in a negro section known!,,, , 'Meyers Quarters" there, but, tome Again. Says Clerk* >int rornLmiTrk tlin vnr\nrm rtc W\ ^ Patron Does, as Bandit lid not recognize the money as counterfeit until '•§ bank employee called It to her attention. age, Associate Brandels leaves home In Wash ington. D. C., on his 81st birth day lo join his collwgurs of the, ,j X g S Supreme Court In a conference,' u. s! sieel Stock Prices NEW YORK, Nov. 1C. (UP) — Stocks fluctuated over a broad area today and ended slightly atxn'e the lows, but under the previous closing levels A. T. & T 150 3-4 Anaconda Cop 297-8 Assoc. D. G s Beth. Steel 52 7-8 Seeing Air 24 Chrysler G5 Oca Cola 115 Gen. Elec 411-4 Gen. Mot 37 5-8 Int. Harvest 647-3 Montgomery Ward 383-8 N. Y. Central 19 3-4 Packard 51-8 Piilllips Pet « I- Rau-io 71-2| •;;;;; Echcnly Dlst 29 1-2 y Simmons 24 3-4 Socony Vac. 161-41 Std. Or! N. J 48 1-2 41 3-8 62 ,i. 57 1-2 May PHILADELPHIA (UP)—"Thank you, come again," said n clerk in Leopold Hclfand's drug store as a customer paid for a cup of coffee "Sure." the customer replied. Two hours later Ihn customer returned wllh a revolver. He took By Cottontail Rabbit PRESCOTT. Ariz. (UP)— Jusl ---- ...... «..., „ .t.^ivn. av iu««. another of those slories which' 5175 from the cash register, a car- have spread the fame of Arizona's 'on of cigarettes and the clerk's belligerent jackrabbits: j wallet. According lo S. P, Lewis, Co-j cliiss county supervisor, and Sam Thurman, county highway fore-; man. a cottontail fought a bull- _ CrC[llt «« Named In UI1L LOUIS <UP>-Beeause his / -.creditors were considerate and courteous toward him. Paul Sarlc, steamship tlckel snake—and won. The two men watched the cot lontnll - perhaps »rotcctlng Ms!J.., ,? s "'• , . young-come out of the tinder-1 n-. ,,« i"*"! 1 ^ m'V,, brush kicking and biting a three- ? cnrlcs ln nts * IU nled >" fool long snake, and chased It 40 batc conrt llcrc feel before the two were lost from I ' sight In the brush. , who died Wheat The Gulf of Mexico (ins an average depth of 4632 feel, being Iho the seas of the world. open 89 897-8 °° ! " 8 low closc M1 ' 2 897 " Chicago Corn open high low 53 54 53 565-8 57 1-8 56 1-2 close 53 7-8 World crude oll production In 1935 as 1.642,600,000 barrels. The United Slates supplied 993.900.000 barrels, or 68 per cent, ot Ihls total. Weather bureau officials In lhe cnnlhl clly salil Hie lliermoincter would drop to 28 decrees tonhht while fair and wnrn\"r weather wa^ forecast for tomorrow. BciHouvllle reported a reading of 24 devrrecs last nlghi. with a lower reading cxnectcd tonight. F\)rl Smith, In the west, central rwrl of the state, reported a reading of 36 decrees this morning and slight rainfall while Arkadelphla. in the c"iitrnl Indies of rainfall. . reported 2,4 Boughton, In Nevada, county, reported 2.1 Inches of rain while Catmlcn, In the southern section, recorded 3.33 Inches and Pine Bluff, 1.08 Inches. Helena, In th- eastern section, had a recording of .2 inches of rain and Arkansas City 1.48 Inches. Balcsvlllc. In (lie north central secllon, had a thermometer read- Ing of 32 with sll?)it rainfall while Montlccllo had rain and a 42 degree tcmperalure. Slreams In the state will rise with the Ouachlta river expected to show a rise of several feet, but not approaching Hood stage. cd recently. The fire spread 'through (h before tho flnmtit could be extinguished by members of the city flro department who wero called Two large tanks of oll oxplodtd but firemen prevented tho flames reaching! a llilrd tank. The gin was completed In October of last year by Oliver W. Coppcdue and Ira Crawford. Recently, iVfr, Coppedge purchased Mr, Crawford's Interest In the gin, y.vhlch Is located Just outside, the city limits. The estimate ol the loss had not been completed this afternoon. Mr. Coppcdgo plans to rebuild. Pvonosal Preferred To Wallace's Marketing Quota Suggestion WASHINGTON, Nov. 13 (UP)— Tho house agriculture Rub-commlt- re on cotton today decided on a •roilucllon control plan, based on crtMigc limitation Instead of mar- ''ctlni! quotas as nskcd by Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. Wal- 'ri>. The plnn was proposed, by Rep. '•aiupton p. Fiilmcr (Dem., S, c.), itb-commtUco chairman, and re- •olvcd full cndorccmcnt, of clmlr- •nim Marlon Jones (D'm., Tex.) f llio full committee. It was glv- 'ii n good chance for Incorpora- 'lon in the permanent farm aid '-III, Fulnier said the stib-coininlUco "as conslilcrliif! Imposition of a 60 per cent penalty for cotton •narketod In excess of acreage '. Hall Assumes His Duties At Leachville IJ!AOIIVU,!,E. Ark—The Rev. E l '. Hull, formerly of Mavmartllko, Ark., has arrived In Leachville lo 'miimo the pastorale of lhe Methodist church, replacing lhe Rov. A. II. Dudley, who goes to Perry, Ark., ns naslor. The nov. Dudley has been pastor of lha Leaclivlllo church the past two ycnrs and under his leadership more than 100 members have been added to lhe church, exceeding all records for tho past five years. Tho °>v nnd Mrs. Dulaney are going to Uoxlo, Ark,, for a contemplated exchange of paslorage with llin as-, signed pastor' of the Hoxie church. There aro some technicalities tffat v lo br. worked oul with tho The Crawford-Coppcdgo Oln. located on Highway 18 on tho former Chicago Mill Innd. was destroyed by fire of an unknown ori- tln Inst nlghl which Mnrl'et shorlly before ten o'clock. Th> gin-waa u lotal loss'but the soei house, the colton' hodsc • and".tin office were saved, It was thd we- r. wore ou w tho ond big gin nre here (his tall, the presiding cider of the Joricsboro 3lcrnber« gin having been destroy- dl>trlct before the exchange will bo definitely completed. Billy Says He a 'Holm' Milk Grades Announced By County Health Unit The proper labeling of milk bottles Is to be strictly enforced In Blytliovlllc. according to Mayor Marlon Williams, who has announced that the, standard mill: ordinance will ue abided by In llio fulurc of lhe offenders will be hailed into courl, Tiio Arkansas stnto board ot 'icalth aiul lhe Mississippi county health unit have announced grades if intlk handled by local dairies as follows: Grade A, pasteurized, Green's Ualry; Grade A, raw, Craig's dairy. Fault's dairy. Halsell's dairy and Dickinson's dairy; Grade D, raw, "igert Robinson's dairy. York Cotton NEW YORK, Nov. 10 (UP)-Cotton closed steady. open 771 714 782 158 793 802 hl«h 782 782 790 7S7 801 810 low 771 714 782 788 793 802 780 782 790 106 801 809 Dec. . Jan. . May .' Jul. . SpoU closed steady at 795. up 2. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Nov. 16 (OP) — Cotton closed steady today after a late rally which lifted price, 1 ! over v eslcrdav's tclosing figure up lo four points. |||Vdyc« MWs Death 1 Is Declared Suicide Grace's warbler, a bird of southwestern united States, was discovered by Dr. Elliott Coues, and Mar May ....... 798 Jul ........ 802 Oct ........ Bllb 816 open high low close 788 793 780 702 787 792 781 792 792 798 802 807 191 795 801 810 798 802 807 814b 51 I named for his sister, Grace ........ Spots closed steady at 797, vm- I changed, Il's a well-known fact that marriage and careers oflcn r>on't rflix, so Swimmer Eleanor Holm and Showman Billy Rose, pic- lured above when earlier reports of their romance were current, will divorce their respective husband and wile and marry each other, they announced together In Denver. Then Eleanor will desert the spotlight which has broken up their marriages lo Band Leader Art Jarred and Singer Fanny Brice, to make a home, for Billy. Thai's .what '^ fc 5-'-'Z Eleanor eald, .'-"—'• " . Ark., Nov. 16. (UP) —Coroner H. B. Eenton today re- •••nrd a verdict of s"iclde In ths '<-u»h of Jf-n Mavs, 58, near here •rstcrdny. The body of Mays was 'ii'nd by his sen and daughter 'n the parage i at, the rear of ' r -flr Irrne. a bii'H <voi-nrl in his "!>•' nnd n .52 caliber tine lying '•fide the body. Ill health \vas glvn'as the mo- Mve for lils committing suicide. GTn For London Museum LONDON (UP)-A rare Byzan- Mne gem, said to be the:finest in iny mUFCttm, has been acquired by 'ho Victoria and Albert ''Museum, 'South Kensington. The gem Is & -ameo, In Jasper, of (he cruclflx- '111. wllh lhe Virgin and St. John. The 12t!i century lias been sug- ^cstsd as its date. n<-t.r Popular In Canada OTTAWA. Out. (UP)—Canadl- ins are fond of beer. During the '2 months ending last v August, 53.459,455 gallons of beer were brewed. WEATHER Arkfliisas—f^slr and colder, temperatures a>me\vhat lower today, freezing tonight. Wednesday fair and rising lemperalures. Memphis and vicinity—Snow this afternoon, cloudy and colder tonight; lowest temperature lonlght 23 to 30. Wednesday fair find cold. The, maximum temperature here yesterday -was 53, minimum 33, clear, v.-ith approximately orx- halt Inch of snowfall last night, according to Samuel F. Norrls, official weRther observer.

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