The Coosa River News from Centre, Alabama on February 24, 1893 · Page 1
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The Coosa River News from Centre, Alabama · Page 1

Centre, Alabama
Issue Date:
Friday, February 24, 1893
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I J ,7 mm. .0 .V i'X W J BE JUOT AflD FEAR HOT." U0 A tEAEnCt) IUAD7AI: CENTRE, CHEEOKEE COUNTY, ALA., FEBRUARY 24, 1893. 10. 50. 1111 department IROPSIIIRE, and Manager, . J 'onnty Superintendent of 1 )e in Centre, first Satur t ,ith, Parties having bus f, islwuld bo hero on day t lit G. P. Smith's store. 4 JROH DIRECTORY. noncti Rkv. T. A. Kerr. r st and 2nd Sunday nights, morning mid nigtit. ! r Meeting every Monday p. it. 1 - - yer Meeting every Wcdnes-7 00 p. m. ; . ;do1, every Sunday morning k a. M. jf ..VS OFFICE RULES. re not at liberty to to remove lges unless by permission . of spapers aro for sale at this of- flsurs, and not gives away. ; likewise applies (o blanks, 1 pay tbe Lightest market t ail Kinds 01 lurs lor tbe f lirty days. W. A. Cobb. pRNEYS AT LAW AND 80LIC-j ITORSIN CHANCERY. dsdcti. Alabama; actice In all the courts of the Con-sional District, in the Supreme court, Uie U. S. Circuit and District courts. . Ir. Burnett will attend all the Obero-b courts and will be akied-by the others en necessary. dcc30-ly ,X C. APPLETON Attorney at Law. Willpractlee in Cherokee and adjoin ing counties. Delinquent claims a specialty. May be found at H. W. Cardnn's office Old Masonic Hall Centre, Cherokee county, Ala. scpt30 92 J. DMcGhee, Leesbdbo, Ala. Physician and Surgeon. Diseases of Women and Children a specialty; . apr22w6 DR. J. L. SUTEERLlNy ' " JCentbe, Ala. I ; Chronic end Female Diseases a Specialty. Office 2nd door below Pratt's drng atora. . nov27 ly P. WARD, DENTIST Centre 'Ala. All dental operations neatly performed, Will go to your home and work if desire ed. septl6tf W. G. M, SIMMONS, Lawyer, CENTRE, - - ALABAMA. Will practice in the various uouits 01 Cherokee and adjoining counties. Collecting a Spolcially. L.F. Smith, M.D., PHYSICIAN & SURGEON, Alexis, Alabama. Strict attention, to all calls. aug5ly ' -' Boarding House. Cherokee. People, when In'the Hill City stop with MRS. SNIDER, 213 East Second St Kome, Ga. - Loca ted in a quiet potion of the city in easy access of business. dec2tf CH&TT&NQQG& SOUT HE RAILWAY. "PIQEON H0UUTAI1T LOUTE." TRAINS FROM AND TO BRI8TOW STATION, For Chattanooga and all points north. DAILY First Class 3.54 p.m. .2nd CLASS Ex Scndav 11 30 a.m. FOB GADSDEN, ATTALLA, AKNISTON AND . -r-.' ALL POINTS SOUTH. . DAILY First Class 10.28 a. k 2nd CLASS Ex Sunday 12.1G p. m - Good Connection and low rates to all points. V One fare lor round trip between nil citations on Sundays. Special low rates on car-load and small shipments of freght when from or destined to Cen tre- V-:"- For information call on or address, . W. J. CARTWRICHT, Agent Chattanooga Southern Railway, . Brlstow, Ala. J, W. Burke, Receiver. P. L. Dudley, o. y. r. a. Chattanooga, Tcuni LOCAL LUCIDITY WJIA T HAS HAPPENEDAND GOING TO HAPPEN. QUOTHIKGS AND QUOTHED Matters Personal and Pertinent ; Items Known and Made Kno wn to "The News'' Reporters Con-denced For Hasty Headers. Trees have been trimed for spring, i Gardening time is almost in order. The champion liar is not dead. Wa know who he is. ' We - have bad some' thundering showers of late. The weather reminds one that his lot in life is like it. Dr. F. A, .Gillespie, of Hanceville, Ala., is at tbe Alabama. Mrs. Cbas. P. Ward paid Cedar Bluff a visit Wednesday. . .;'.. What difference is there between a base ball and some belief Don't forget that issue 'of tbe 10th of March. Place an ad. in it. A delicqnent who refuses to pay a printer, is a "dad burn fraud." A goodly nnmberof townsfolk visited the Coosa river last Sunday. Rev. S. B. Lester, of Gaylesville, was among the visitors this week. Three good farm horses for sale, for cash or credit. Wabd Bkob. 1 The dying days of February are stealing a March npon tbe in-coming month. ' . Mr. J. S. Harwell and Wm. Shropshire, Jr., left Tuesday for a visit to Gadsden. What real difference is there be tween the word8,v''fashion," "fake" and "fad"! A horse and cow was seen floating down tbe river dead, last week at lieesbnrg. The waters that caused the river to get hump-backed are beautifully disappearing. That much is now assured ; Centre will have a neat fence around the Central cemetery. Miss Belle Clay, of Maple Grove, this county, is visiting Miss Hallie Stinson near town. A Dew blacksmith shop is being erected by Turnkey Garner, npon a corner of the jail lot, Don't fail to place an ad. in the "Fifteenth Anniversary Edition" of The News. It will be a hummer. Daring tbe blackberry season a printer neither asks, or gives quarter. Nature bas done that much for him. Bing in your Otter, Bear, Coon, Muss Bat and Mink Hides and get the cash for them at W. A. Cobb's. Miss Allie Webb, daughter of dep ty sheriff Webb, left for a visit to AlbertviHe, Mashall county, Tuesday last. We, for one, would not object to a Presbyterian church being established in Centre. We rather like the idea. Butcher Bed Barron will establish a combination shoemaker's and barber's shop, at J. J. McElrath's store. Good. N Place your ad. now for our big issue of March 10. . Every business in Centre and the country should be represented. Itdid look as though that Alabama legislature tried to kill military, base ball, and eyerything. .Bat that bloated body has adjourned, at last Mr. J. M. Randall, of Farrill, wai in this week. He paid Tbe News a visit, and of course, be subscribed. Nearly all of onr best men want The News. - V' ;v;'-"v "Clenliness," we have beard it said, "is next to Godliness."' This prob ably accounts foi the great inroads made npon tbe morals of some works ingmen. . ' ' ; Be sure that your business card ap pear in that large 8-page, 56-column edition of The News on March 10th. Advertising rates furnished upon ap- plication. , - . ; ; The rivers are all upon a razzee. They are about the fullest looking things we presently know. When the blackberry crop ripens we will "fill up," too. Who made the suggestion that tbe public well be pumped T Name that thoughtful personage. We'll gladden his heart with a years subscription, free. Name n The miserable public roads in tbe county but we'll have to let that pass 1 The road question may trouble onr people, and that's all it won't better their condition any. - , ' We are advised that a contract has been let by the Honorable Court of County Commissioners' to mead a few cracks in the chicken cocp. We are futher advised that the grand aggregate to be expended iu this enter prise will cost the county 5000 mills. i J. P. JorieB, alias 3. P. Sanders, an all-round tough character and desperado, was arrested at Mackey, Cherokee county, Thursday, by de-tecives. He is claimed by officers to be an escaped convict from Mississippi, and is wanted for murder, robbery and bigamy. He has a ; wife and two children at Jasper, Ala., and has a wife at Mackey, where be was arrested, and where ho bas been living for several years. He is a har dened criminal and great tronble was experienced in effecting his captureH Gadsden Times-JVeps. Begular communication Sam Dix- on JjOdge, Ho. 2I0, Jr. & A. al., Thursday, March 2nd, 2 o'clock, p. m. Work in 1st, 2nd and 3rd degrees. Master Masons in good standing fraternally invited to attend. - , ti. If. Smith, w, m. W. A. Cobb, Seety. i i ' 1 " 1 An obedience to the simple laws of hygiene and tbe use of Ayer's Sarsa-parilla will enable tbe most delicate man or sickly woman to pass in ease and safety from the icy atmosphere rt February to the warm, moist days of April. It is tbe best of spring medicines. ' The Anniston Times is responsible for this: "An AnniBton hen is so near-sighted that she mistook saw dust for Indian meal and ate heartily thereof, then laid a nest full of bu reau knobs, and in three weeks hatched out 'a full set of parlor furni ture." Tbe gallows upon which Sherman Arp is to be hung, is being cut, and will be erected by Stinson Bros., ef this place. It is very likely that the gallows will be erected witbin a few days. The old chimney, that was among the first built in Centre, at Dr. A. M. Pratt's Drug Store, concluded as ha stated "to lay down," on last Friday. Another one has been built in its stead. Rev. S. P. West, agent for the Alabama Methodist Orpanage, after delivering a sermon at Cedar Bluff, 11 p. m., Sunday, preached at the M. E. Church here Sunday night. v Cash taken in exchange for Dry Good, Groceries, etc., etc. - W. A. COBBr Send in your correspondence. We the want news from all quarters of county. LOST Blank book of accounts. W. J. McBee. CONFEDERATE VETERANS Held Their Meeting last Saturday at Cedar Bluff What Was Done by Them. Cbdab Bluff, Feb. 18th, 1893. The annual meeting of the Chero kee County Veterans Association, cooyened at Cedar Bluff, and was called to order by Joe M. Kef d, in the absence of President. The Secretary also being absent the reading of tbe minutes of last meeting was dispensed with. The Board of Control submitted a verbal report which was adopted. Under the head of new bussiness, tbe Association proceeded to the election of officers for the ensuing year. Bro. L. D. Griffiths was chosen President and Bro. F. B. Bankson, Chaplain, when on .motion the remaining officers were retained in their respective places. The following del egates were selected to represent this body in the State meeting : W. W. Stewart, B. G. Hampton, and D. B. Bell , It was moved that the Vice-Presi dents of tbe several Heats call a meeting in July next, for the purpose of erecting head boards (where it has not already been bone) at the graves of our Confederate dead, and also tbe decoration of such graves, and carried. ' Moved that Bro. M. C. Anderson be authorized, to select the place of our , next meeting. Pilgrim's Best Church was chosen, carried. . ' .Moved and carried tbat we select some able speakers for that occasion. Moved ani earned tbat tne rresi dent appoint three members whose duty shall be to correspond witn and secure such speakers : Bro. F. B. Bankson, D. B. Bell and M. O. An derson were chosen. : Moved and carried that we the members of this Association cordially thank Mr. James F. Burnett and tbe gcod people of Cedar Bluff, for their kind hospitality to us on this occasion. Amount of dues paid, - $2.00 Amount of fees paid, 50 Total dues and fees, - 2.50 Moved and carried that we request the publication of these proceedings in The Coosa Biveb News. On motion the Association adjourned to meet in semi-annual session at Pilgrim's Best Church on the third Saturday, the 19th day of Au gust next. . ; : . . Job M. Bked, Pres. Protem. ' B. F. Wood, Secretary. AND HE IS DEAD GEN. BEA UREGARDP ASSES OVER THE RIVER TO JOIN A VAST MAJORITY A Man With a Brilliant Military Career of Many Years Standing Last of the Great Generals Of the Confederate Army. New Orleans LajFeb. 20. Gen eral P. G, T. Beauregard died at bis home in this oity at 1030 to-night. He was born in New Orleans in 1818. He graduated from West Point in 1838 and was assigned to a corps of engineers. ' - : ' - '-' He served in the Mexican war and was twice wounded and twice breve ted;. ' 'r:, He was promoted to a captaincy of engineers in 1853, and was for five days (Januury 23 to 28, 1861) Superintendent of tbe United States' Military Academy at West Point. He resigned February 28, 1861, joined the Confederate forces and began the civil war by the bonbardment of Fort Sumpter April 12, 1861. He was in actual command of the Southern troops at Bull Bun,' July 21, 1861, in which the Federals ex-i perienoed defeat.. -For this service be was made a full general of tbe highest grade. From the summer of 1862, until the spring of 1854, be defended Charleston and its out works, when beseiged by General Gilmore. At the close of the war he was sec ond in commond in the army of Joseph E. Johnson in North Carolina. Since the termination of the war, he has resided in Louisiana. He became President of tbe New Orleans! Jackson and Mississippi Bailroad and for a number of years was one oi tne managers oi tne Lion-' isiana State Lottery and was also Adjutant General of Louisiana. Washington's Birthday. Wednesday, February 22nd, was a a natal day Washington's birthday. It was observed in an appropriate and fitting manner, in Centre. At tbe High School, a very tasty program was carried into execution. Recitations, essays, reading and declamations, furnished by the students and gotten up at their suggestion, ras a feature commendable. - The students reflected credit upon themselves, their mentors, and the fair name of the school. An address, appropriate and be coming the occasion, and tbe place, was delivered by Chancellor Mc Spadden. A unanimous vote of thanks was tendered the Chancellor by the students, when he bad concluded. The News regrets very much tbat in tbe hurry of getting to press, and for lack of space, the program so kindly furnished by the Principal, Mrs. Gillespie, does not appear. FrixPugh Nuptials. - Another happy, "fair life" wedding bas just occurred. Married At the resiJence of the bride's parents, at Lawrence, Ala., Mr. Cbas. T. Frix to Miss Julia Pugh, on Wednesday, February 22. Rev T. A. Kerr officiating. Miss Julia Pugh is one of Cherokee county's fairest and sweetest daughters. Mr. Frix is a son of one nf .ho mnct. nrnannrniiR fnrmnrs in this I section country, Mr. B. F. Frix, and tha Vwat akaa nf Tin Nun orA t.hitf. their voyage on the matrimonial sea, will be smooth sailing and very pleasant. - Topics of Tecumseh Told. Teoumseh, Ala , Feb. 20, 1893. The continued rains for the past week have caused all of the ore mines and washers to cease operations in and around Tecumseh for a short time. Tbe Bluffton Car Wheel Company, which has gone in the hands of a receiver, will go in blast ty March 10. Considerable : damage was done yesterday by the overflow of Hurricane creek, - which flows through Bluffton, by washing away a great number of bridges, sidewalks, etc The nicely graded., streets were also damaged several hundred dollars. Mrs. J. G. Weaterly is visiting rel-atiyes and friends in Borne, Ga, ' Mr. S. J. Fearing, Superintendent of the Tecumseh Iron Works, returned Friday from a business visit to Rendulhy Ala. - : ' ' - ' Mr. Wm. Sigliu, who is largely in terested in the Bluffton Land, Ore & ; Furnace Company, has again located at Bluffton. - r' j Mr. P. D. Landgon, President of i t" - J t rr, - 3 me JjBUlfUOU IUU w icwuieu Hionatoh from AnrrnsU. Ga . inform-1 disDatcb from Ansrusta, Ga , inform ing him of the death of his brother, lie loft at once for Anguala. BY-THE-1VAY. After all of what has been said of the county (jail) cbioken coop at this place, it is perhaps in more les pectable condition now, than ever in its long standing; More attention is being paid to tbe cleanliness of cells and debtor's rooms and, since our earliest observation the first twelve months have passed without taking with tbenv'an escaped prisoner. : ft It pleases us very much to receive advise of this kind from our friends t v Dear Editors; Please send me those numbers of. The News which contains Ihe and case, with other conn nows. As I hav'nt seen it, I will be very much obliged for a copy stamps enclosed. May sncce ss crown your special number. Yoory tmly, A. C. Smith. People troubled with Bick and nervous headache will find a ,most efficacious remedy in Ayer's Cathartic Pills. They strengthened the stomach, stimulate tbe liver, restore healthy action to the digestive organs, and thus" afford epeedy and permanent relief. Notice lor Publication Land Office at Hnntsvili, Ala., January 26, 1893. Notice Is hereby given that the follow ing-named settler has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in support of liis claim, and that said proof will be made before the Jndge of the Probate Court for Cherokee county, at Centre, Ala., on March 13, 1893, viz : . For home stead entry No. 18,031, lor the N of 8 &i and S of 8 V., S-c. 20, T 10. R 11. East James Chambers, He names the following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon and " 1 1 T C 1 1 , I Z. ITAnn CUlimiMOU 111, NUU IHim, lla, XACiiijr Fife, Louis Berry, Benjamin Fife and Henry Stubbs, all of Howel's X Roads, Ala. Wm C. WELLS, feb3w3 Register. ..I. Wanted. By tbe Singer Manufacturing Co., a young or middle aged man, who can furnish horse and harness, to pell our sewing' machines and collect in this and otber localities. We re- quire a small honesty bond for goods and collections entrusted to the care of salesmen. For parties lars, call on or address, H. G. Earnest, Piedmont, Ala. Wanted To pay tbe highest mar ket price for cotton seed. W. H. West, Stop tbe soda water sizz m ycur nose, by taking Kilmer's Kough Kure at New Drug Store. VERY HOT IN THE COLLAR The Meanest Man in the World is. The Newspaper Deadbeat, Says "F. J. E. The Hustler of Rome contained the following communication : "It is said that tbe meanest man in tbe world is tbe man who drinks up all bis money on Saturday night and goes home and jirks hia wife out of bed by the hair of the head and beats his children nearly to death. We will admit tbat this is a very mean man, but in our judgement he is not a circumstance to the man that order a newspaper sent him- by car rier promising to pay for it on demand. Tbe newspaper man sends it to him by a poor little bare footedJ boy who is trying to make an honest living, and perhaps helping a ids owed mother. This little fellow carries bis papers through rain and shine, beat and cold, and bears it with Christian fortitude, expecting his day pay at tbe end of the week. But, lo and behold, this human monster, who we think, is the meanest of the mean. Says "Come around again, I haven't got the change," or 'nnt.q him off some other way and keeps putting him off until his bill gets so large that the newspaper man has to evensually drop him from the list for nonpayment, and coosequen-ly he never pays and beats the poor boy and the . newspaper, which is probably bard pressed to meet its own obligations, out of the whole amount. We are glad to say that, aa a rule, the great majority of newspaper readers pay for their papers willingly. That class we appreciate and admire, but every newspaper has its deadbeats, who are professionals at tbe business, and of them we have the utmost contempt, and we believe there should be a law passed by the legislature making it an offense for any jne to beat his paper bill, and thus protect the newspaper of the land against this class of professional deadbeats. F. J. E. , WOOD'S PHOSPHODINU ;.; Ihe Cret English Remedy Promptly and permanent- It cures all forcift of $ervoti t Weakness, Hbniasioi. Spermr Le.f-Q prescribed ever 85 years In thousands ot casest Is Ihe only Reliable and Man. est Jfrdirfne 'oa-n. Ask ilrmnriM for Wood's Phos- Rtfnrt umljl fW PHODiKEj It to oftera aoros of this, leoe his dleboneat store. Inclose price in letter, and we will sed by return malL Price, one package, til Six, 5 Oni a?amphletinplain sealed envelope, a stamps. Ad5re XMSi iHW, For Pale by Dr. A-JJ.PraV.and Druggists cvoiywbore, lebU WHAT'ER COON! A MASTER COONCA UGHTIN COOSA'S BOTTOMS. ' IT WEIGHTED 25 POUNDS A Rae'coon Caught in the Wood land Coosa River Bottoms, By a Sheriff's Posse, Declared to h.e ihe Master of Millions. f What a coon T What a coon ! I Wonld von believe it, a coon caught id tbe Coosa river bottoms weighing 25 pounds f . ' It's a fact One night last week, Messrs. J. Beeves Kellett, Deputy Sheriff Jas. M. Webb, Worth Mor- ris, John E. Webb, and a whole pas-sle of smaller boys, after making extensive preparations, called them selves to order, and with a division of bird dogs, set about to thrash to depletion and evacuation a cane brake of black birds. The dogs,, setting to work for higher and greater game, discovered the whereabouts of a monstrous rac coon. When the limb npon which sat said "rack koon" was eereved from-its belonging, a royal fight ' ensued. Round and ronnd went tbe coon, the men, end tbe dogs ; sometimes tbe ' cuoe" would scrath the dogs, and tbe men would naturally cheer and leg for the dogs. ' V - We are told that when Sheriff Webb bad executed his bench-warrant to the extent of its limit, which left the brave coon limp and jifelass, a wholesome cheer was given the smaller boys and dogs joining in to swell the chorus. This monstrous coon, it is properly vouched for, tipped the beam at 25 pounds. He was declared by all who saw bim to be tbe largest coon ever caught in this country. A Great Seed Establishment. $1,100 fob Early Tomatoes. : We are in receipt of a seed Catalogue for 1893, published by V. li. Mills, Seedsman,. Rose Hill, N. T. , Mr. Mills has a very novel idea in getting up his Catalogue. It is very plain, and his idea is to give his customers a very large amount for their money. With every order amounting to $1.00 or more he allows tbe custo mer to select 50 cents' worth in pack ets free, their own choice, thus yon seTevtsrypne gets $1.50 for their $1. ' Among the many premiums offered far Cabbahe. Onions. Pofatoe. .and PansieBwe might mention the Early' TomatoeSs-Awt) is.cflerei fo. an- rfeergou crowing a ripe one in 75 days or less TfOTl4yBeea is son, aiso $400 to person growing " ripesT,,-mato in least nnmher of days from day is sown, $125 for next and $75 for next. He offerB one of the finest lines of Vegetable and Flower Seeds that can be found, and prices are very reasonable. He offers $1,500 to clab raises for largest club order and largest num ber of customers secured by any one person. v . Last year be paid Mrs. T. B. Young, Rock City, 111., 500 for lar gest order. His Catalogue is very interesting and no one who plants seeds can afford to be wituout it. It erives a birds-eye of his establish ment together with interior views or his Seed Houses, Bhowmg how tne work is carried on, and photographs of persons who have won prizes. His Seeds are becoming Known everywhere for their excellent quality and Mr. Mills guarantees to piease all his customers. After looking thia Catalougue all through we would ad vise onr readers to write for one at once, far it is free to any one apply in&. and trv some of his Seeds thia spring. , Notice for Publication. Land'Office at4Hunisville, Ahu. January 3, 1893. : Nntira is hereby civen that tbe follow ing-named settler has filed notice of his intention to maRe naai prooi in suppon, of his claim, and that said proof will bo made before the Clerk of the Circuit Conrt for Chenikee County at Centre, Ala., on Feb. 25, 1893, viz: For Homestead Entry No 21196, tor the 8 EM of N Yfi, Sec. 15,' T 10, S, R 9, Eas, .-' Robert Cowan. He names the follow'ne witnesses to prove his continuous residence npon and cultivation of, said land, viz: Kicnaro Jones, John Pratt. Pitt I'enson and jno. Cluney, all ol Cenire. Ala. Wm. C WELLS, janl3 w6 " Register. Administrator' s Notice. Fstate of Louis Blacltwell, deceftd. Probate Conrt. Olieroket'Cmmty. Let ters of Administrntin nnon ihe Estate of said decedant, having been granlel to the undersigned on the II ih day ot Jan-nary, 1893, by tbe Hon. R. R. Sava Judge of the Probate Court, of Che' County, notice is hereby giv-r " persons bavins claims ogainst? will be required to piese' within the time alliAml b' the a?e Will be barred. j JOHN Mi. junl3 If Adw. For Constipation - " w Ayer's Pills for Dyspepsia , Aver's Pill; Tor Biliousness Ayer's Pills For Sick Headache 4 Ayer's Pj!s For Liver Complaint Ayer's Pills For Jaundice 1 - Ayer's Pills For Loss of Appetite Ayer's Pills For Rheumatism Ayer's Pills For Colds .Ayer's Pills For Fevers Ayer's Pills Prepared by Dr. 3.C. A jrerfcCo., Lowell, Hit. Bold by all Draimiati. Every Dose Effective Notice for Publication; - . Land Office at Uuntsville, Ala., February 6, 1893. Notice is hereby given that the lollow-ing-named settler has filed notice of hi intention to make final proof in support ef his claim, and to commute to cash and tbat said prool will te made before The. Procat Jndge of Cherokee county, Ala., at Centre, on March 17, 1893, viz: For Homestead Entry No. 21,118, for the 8 K, Sec. 23, T 8, S. R 0, East. -: ,.-v Rolert Kennedy. ' " He names the following witnesses to prove his continuous residence npon and cultivation otV said land, viz:,, John A. Leslh, J.Forrtst Emerson, John Maples and Edward Kingcr, all of Taff, Ala. Wm O. WtfT.LS, feblO-16 - ".' Register. ' Notice for Publication. Land Office at Montgomery, Ala., . . January 17, 1893. 1 Notice is hereby given that tlie follow-ing-namad st ttler has filed notice of hfs intention to make final proof in support . ot his claim, and that said proof will be made before the Judge of the Probate Court, at Centre. Ala., on March 4. 1893, iz: For HoinestMl Entry No. 22,289, lor the 5W J of N W, NWoi 8W of Sec. 26, T 12, S,R 9, Fast, GoVB iShAHP. : ' - He names the following witnesses to -prove his continuous resident e upon and enltivation of, said land, viz ; Melvin C...' Gail It, of Piedmont, Samuel Tanke'rely,; ot Giiatvilie, Ahv .Benjamin F. Savage, Mi2-Gt negater. - Notice to ; Nori- ;r Resident. THE STATE OF ALABAMA, " . ." - . Chebokeb uodnty. Justick Court. Beat No. 7. KM., and J. D. Stewart, vs T. O. ADKiNsoN.' Whereab, J . D. Stewart of the firm ot B. M. and J, D. Stewart, has prayed Tor and obtained an attachment out of the Justice Court of P. D. Snider, issued on the 26th day of January, 1893, against T. Gi Adkinson aa defendant and . executed... Dy summoning o. a. yausnan nu mueia . as Garnishee and it appearing t the undersigned Justice of the Peace tnat the . said T. O. Adkinson 1s a Non-Resident of State of Alabama and resides in the State ot Texas. It Is therefore ordered by said Court tbat publication be maue for three consecutive week in Tint Coos.v RiVEit ! . I. I. ,I f ..i in said County, notilying tbesaid defend-' ant of said proceedings. Don at office, this 10th day 'of February, 1893. P. D. SNIDER, ; Iebl7-w3 Justice ol the Peace. Agents Wanted, Everywhere; For "The Life, Speeches and Vfritin!s of Senator Bt nj. H. IlilL" Special ii.duce-ments to young men aftd women who de-Bire to make nioney to complete their educations and to all whe desire to attend the several Business and Medical Schools and the Law School of this city. I also waut good reliable Agents, general, spec ial and Local, in North Ua. ana am., tor the fnion Central Life Insurance Co. Addres, T. II. P. Bt-noDWORTH, Manager, 30J Marietta SU Atlanta. Ua- J2Sm Centre High School tOpencd on 14th September, 1892, r and will continue nine mouths. , Tuition moderate, and Patroryjge So-t licitevl. MRS. F. A. GILLESPE& r,ISS;EK?itEHA A'

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