The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 25, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 25, 1933
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BI.YTHEVILLt:. fAKK.) OOUK1UH MEWS WEDNESDAY. OfTOHRR 2r», Undefeated Bulldogs And When Tl Comes lo Pass Conic llrrc With 1 Cl«an Record; Chirk G'.sua'ly ,Lisl Grows, • Hlyth.-ville |-.! : .'h Chick- :': ill 1 ijul'.ls fixV^ri'.'.i OUT i-aL-. ai'.jraic": « re-i'ii :> '. !:i'r.'rii : :!i'iii' favor i>\ liie visitors 'mull Jii'.-. Ciii:."V nr.igdoi!. lire! hallbac-k. •viio ei'i t-.!•;>•*• and catch passe* \ in --' ability, .sustained an Ini. l: , .; |,! S j,aek in Die shauiu-e ~'c'r>!» "i-hich lias put him "« »>" "idf-iinos ftir pow;lbly two weeks. iii-j \vi!;on. did and pass match- tr * luxa. Is fiivorlng a Irlek knee, and r.lincr Liiiilwy, IM'kk- and gv-.ard.-hai a bad hip Hcrsclu*. ".«»:?/ n'.ii.nei'bK'.'fc i.r.d Hie in.iin- '.•-•)!: in LO: I'M Chick;; passing attack •i>siilTiTl:]R from malaria. Ho all tether '.hero K sum; n .is':;i for t.':^ Chick (-rjcifhe:; la be i!nww: t!i" DliiFS. Til" Hull-Jogs hive yet to iusu a Ifi'ni 1 .- l':<ls year ami wli! be out to i:cep t'aeir retard uKsmirrfml when liny u*e n:i the Maraon and While ijiiddci';. shawii=o. bea'.i'ii last \\ee\i. by Ihe Cr.lck.-i IS lo 12, was d?fr-a!.'xl earlier in UK scusim by PiirssfiiilU, 20 10 0. Ho-m-er, six papers nst'd liy Parae 0 '' l id l n ^ u ' S!isv.:iw game liavo .since ijeeii ]tL!c'»lji)f.r3 and "-.vlll not piny In the t-Jini- her-.'. iX'spile the less IhrcNZii inelisiKlily ParagouM lias i.ciiilni >J to p!ay winning foDlball and v.ill be. able to map out- a. de- 1'auio'jltj ;s sl'Jdying Biythr;illc fiiay.: \~r.l-; week, having kepi a earc- lu 1 TX'L':-, on Ihe Ciiifkv ofTenst in pvrrvtai': saiiic-s. No Cii'.i-k, pbyer ii.- i-ji-.a. iiss .seen the U'.illrlogs in ' aux.i thU season and consequently aia not o.uitc to >vcll informed on ir.eir offense us llie visliois will bo en the locals. Tiiylr.i-vilii: mentor.! art: familiar with the style ol play in vo^ue al Parogould. ih?i>;h ani vsill bo able la may a de- if-iina Frltlny will be i ix 1 - of ancient rivalry between U:? tv.'o T;:e Bulldogs u lumber of years ago ranked supreme in northeast Arkansas fool- bail \vh?n they prxlucsd such gre'at ftars as Pntrell, D?rry, Sailers, Meriwelhe-r and others. Since lhal lime- .idnesboi-o and Blytr.eville iiave ifiliif-i- consistently kept the Bnll- itei;:; ant of the tilic picture but this may b^ he year (or the return of the Taragould school to suprem- I surely. Bui no! He says no-* 1 hel batleicd features didn't couiu? hern undergoing some : hlireiy. llllL 110 MC Sil*^ HUA llt - '/llt-tnu II.IIIIH..T uiun L cuuillt JJVIll mull L&""'6 -i"iui: lUi^rLli.i || I M . read/ 10 battle Don McCorkin-' As has been said year afler year, workouts in anticipation of tin; U_ \/~\/*\\/ f i , . . . . ' ... , , jSiuirkey is n slrange man. And in combat, which promises plentv of i IVJvJNbl '\. a „" , • • r ,, ! this, llie ohaoter of his book, lenaciiy. as llie nrsl cncouim;-' b, . . ^c.,1 Mii:< Baer in .Miami lor "•<•. llc !s showi] ,,, himself slranBcr Uvr-en Ihe iwo resulted in a 0-0 and Ipivlr-se of being pushed around . j **WP>fl r*1« I i '' * G1:l ' : "' r fr ° :n !uiid,-,MmKl. ^V>Jii"^A V^j . _J _ Wh;u\ more, lit s:iys lie iusi lo! _ .r€^®i; ^^ ' *-J"o '. im-"ilmnljMC-ss of" l'he' h of!ieia!s- Lenanto ; •' Bill Braucher '.liuit'h whal part llie uiiieials To .-.orl of enhance the Miws Mayiiiv Nell I'riilu. rei-?i;i!:- for Past , j ; ., u , ( (< flit Coaches; Maclignn ., JI ^ I .,'"^',^ comu OII MtH ;;,,;;,,r t() '^-^ nll I', luilc Ja;<: fJJiaikcy is tiloioilgllly de- Aiu arul MarlfP/1 Trpp tl!Mle<1 'oolball queen of the !«••! ana inarKea i ree i (v . lin _ wm ^ on h . uui [0 clKC . r lhc Gridders to Meet Friday locals of IIV Vlltcn. I'INUI.IIY I niled I're:* SlJlT ('(ilKspalldrul 1 OS AN'CH-:!.!-;-: ill!', - N,I":, r,.:» :i I'.i-.iV: C;.i',: iD-Jt'j.iii n.l-'-;; ;: ;•;• :.a:;-.'.: 'I'll ;>.'. ,S'.-inf:r.-;l U ..> i. i ^i!-'i ::<• T.Hirnjr .ysl'.'rr..' ; c:,:.-.l,:-irri-j:i o.' "P f." War-' Scouls with Dictaphone ^'•'X.^^'te™^-^" Ihe [jUiiuit \voiuler of his en'ire r;o\in''. eiin-er. I'.'i' :i donlji lie v;as 'n-atlv ff.r i:i- ri):-kiti!! eiiair after PiiiiiD (.!ui.. i.-. |iiii-li>-ii that u-lepiioiie i P.!" unilfi- iiis chin. As Shi::-! k '•' '>•-'.'• t!i. •.neiiii Unit ill-sin. IK' av< 'I (o (:»• ri-j;: :ind ihe wurll N !l!i:'ii 11 ilkilfjl'- '^eslllix- ul (iile- '.-.'•• an-.i i-'riiiy -uru'iimii.-.; fi . ]} w.-n-i.s in Lli< l:ii,;ililli:, v.'.isi'.y tJJ'jli a'. h:.x:l- ],;„;.,.,[ ' !orr : this :--';!S(jn, v.'us Warner's as- . for t'.velvi- jear.s. ... : g',.uj,.,. e .\!-ek, C.ili!irrnb; Ciip'.ain i ' |.,,!:,:.-:•. B«mih?!'n Ciiliforniu:' , !l;u! ., lvs ,, is Minil :nr. Hi" ! : .lliit:!. \V;i.'..'inK'.On. aru| ..],.,,.,,.... i v -. i '',' ''r'.', '^''I'.'i'i'-'ri'' -i" U ' ""i-v"nk i !: " 1 '-'1 : !-'' 11 llis -snippy roadster V ".'•' '.. ,V,',l-''' ',viii'''iw vn'n'h ' •'"• '•' ] '""' Ul " lv ' 1 .''"ad. Die v.'ril- .-,;'.'-;,r- •*" . •"""• f- ; ' : " k ' i " !1 " " :prossc<l lfe "'• |i( ' 1 ....„., >»1..-'!. - •";'''- '.- ' U!:e;. n-.-vr-r v.o-.ild see him retnin- Nr-w On-KOli .it.Hi 1 Alimur . , , . . H| V " l Maybi- l TiL-k 1 \ i im«r l tlK' LEPANTO. Ark. -The Marked ei- to <lo his dui-kiiii; for iii:i;. TIM- f!.'li:ins will jo:irney over ui the tinkle of lov/belLs witii ;h.-:r did he expect the officials at Lepuiito Friday uflcnioon for an- linn: ant! prevented Djllon. Ga. I.ough- i •!>••• encounter \viih ih<- Lepanlo fain:c-rs from finding l.-.eir c.if!' Hint pi-cked uv:ay at hi.-; gridtler.s. The l.ep:m(c -.yiiiui lias're:enlly. l" • io\v I one iinolher :i-.v jnciuor at Orc- j u:tkli' :n Mi--;:;i'-ka. . . .liniiny I'he- CL.-.I-I: Hi'.: linji'iini- C.ilifornia. TCI i! l.'.cli. l/i;.ohi. and !!)!! Hp:ni!d- iii;;, l!i!Kcr:.!ly cl Cjlii'oriiia ru i/j.-; Anni'lvj-. name A;::c:i Hosen- i. ;is the n 1 ^ (o tile rliivc v.-ar.s. Bm in n-.-ston a week heloic fjiiDM-d tliiit, he wn.s bn-in-i i!i:iE tl-.e mo.-l ainbilion:, liyhiin;;' i-'inpaimi of Ins rara-r. He would mist up wiih U'Vinsky.' lxiu»liran iinrt iiM>!;e ;i i-u-iiple of oiju-rs. iin4 I'Dlii's li:ick for aiujtlirr d.icV 11 • C;,i ]:-.-;,. «"• : li.ili :! il!., lunillij II]) in ; t 'Uciilediy off-key. Ti:<- Kiiiylisll liiiii with loi-iisslmo i ' . M- : f.-s v';". : .-y-!; v. : :.'..;-;'-f.'Vj"''Wv--.;••••• " •' -: ! -' : '". IM-I-, 'lVoj:.!i i-isniniu Utiani. as the i|o-.iri.-,I;ns nl Vmc-.tai, Piuh' wi'nV _^ J V?,-; •'-.-....'^.1^t%^,-/^^Ji^l-^----! |n;..lons .iili.un-linii l,n-*mon. . l,. M , rrsvd a ,, ollbl ;,;„ ^ ^. llo^uTl^ipst,.,'. yomie coaeh of C.-rne^e T-.,h. i:,0 rtrllivd ms ^°-*. ^^.^'^"^ \ •"''»•<><*» v,ir.h the l.ou.hra,, team elleclively lo Mop Hint Nolle Diini.- aerial i.iiuik. Above .™ ll ^°',, v },. fi VM ' !-'vent'ijefoie i' rM.'oM [''r'l ''^ see lv.0 of the Tech uriddere knocking <lo«n :isi UMi !»'« «> Ln/.iH. 1 . !to , [rd j,,,,. s sjntUrrii C.iiifor-1 i np . ., v i lic;i v( ,;, „;„;, '.,;, ^ "° j'^" , ... . , r, ,, „„...,, ,.f,i- r >i -i. fri'- f*-ivriPi.'f* ..i . ^ u ..i.-i.'.- ,,V. \,U- nKfinci*'/! i «i. ' . JiH,*'*- ; in the isamo which resulted in a 7-ft upset, victory for Carne fc :e. GRID VICTIM HID VOI! KNOW Til AT— Harvard piobably was lhc .speediest backlieW in llie eounlry . . . with fonr 10-scc- ond men in lock, Laiie. Pesky and nean. . . . Hut they're not nearly i'.s fast as that iai-gt: mill di:uilii'<l lookius: fjeiH who v.'ore a bailee and ijirected the crowd at one of Ihe gales during Ihe. San l-Vanchfo-OreBon •• dilate eame . . . afler Ihe crowd M-iis all In, tin: badge- weaver walked over Ui llie yule nnd rcinarke:! . . . "Ail riiihl. t:o>'s. I'll lake llV' money over lo the box oftice. 1 . 1 . . . Where- iipun I'.e was li.-.nded 270 bucks . . . nnd is still on Ihe go . . . nntl several oilier guys weal-Ill's badges are following him. Herferer, and fast linemen lo v.::u the niiiy succr-s-.ful. says Dick llanley. coach. As Hie irtny bci:in.s. Uie qunrter- Ad'| "> "»'_ =i«'iivinu hsi ,.i nek is llie man in niolton. The ^rl'l injuiy li.iims ilu- ;i.,iei- all Is .snapped oil "GO," which, "f I 1: "ry T.-ni[.l-:. r:i|.iani .i:id ily li:illli;ii-l; in Ni-w Vurk i IN FAVORITE PLAYS OF FAMOUS COACHES BY ART KIIKN7. Nl-vA. Service Shorts Whir P.unnbi'? 55 yank 101 u to'.i:-h rtown. • "Pug" ilenlr.or scored for NcitlnJ'etierii against Ohio Stale in 1931 when the score stoor! gocso-ce; all. The same traron. on a 7a-yri:d run. he scored asuinsl Illir.ofs.' ran 40 y.irds to tally agalr.s't U. C. L. A.. Nebraska s civen by the fpinrtci- when he • s i" £ in the' 'eap between fullback: rmvi-i-sity's MIUI»I. 'IVnii.le. ;n. ind the deep man: in this case, j Aliimna. I'a.. iw>. Mi:iin!il i 1 . ^•-ii:ncr. Tlii- qiiarler ilieu mops! •oiii-Hj-'.-iirn an.-r in-ina i.ickni le defensive' left end. who '" " 1 - l " 1 '- 1 ' il; Hi-' l.'if:i>'i--tii: .. i Worked In hv Ihe i-lRin "..i«'-- !!<• i> i;-. .1 N-v.- Vorl; if. 'thr- lullbnck is the nevfonnl II'^IHI.!! in "i.iir 1 ..iiniiiu.i;." ntciferei 1 for the ball carrier. The . ... ivi-.i -_;n.nd niops uj) on tl-.e de- 'enslve tackle, wlio hus been block- d in by the right end. while the 'i'fi Kiuirrt cms tlircu-Oi ) ont- -iile rl»ht lackli: lor Ihe defensive fullback. O: course. Northwestern has •'''•~\ Ti'iiys on Ihis. sncli as tlie pn;s and reverse, bill the ical Til? l',lvtlie\ll!c Chirks,- o'.n Grid NPIVS and Vii Proiii 11. II. S. \vs ni-i ciiavh, jilana nil his offensive | einin^h. ami i! -ien-:;ve piay.s <lurln<; tlie early in;:;iiln;,; I'.o'.ir.s at home with Joker uhi|i'-.. . . . Si: Mary's lias the lu-i'viis'. line In .'.he ivcil this fall. iivi-i-i'Mlns 2 ' u pounds. Gil-1 ten. i;ua:-d. W, p->uiul.s ;nid Yezer-l ski. i-hhr, ur.k!e. 2-12 are heavies; j no'.v thai M.i 1 --. Urasyno. runnins S.-tio«l. riV |-rOiii::li. i:; <j;n- for thr-- n-'iivo::. IJ.'.i:;y:iu was the fourth lii r '.-.'.st iiieiiirx-i' o; trt-j Gael':; tnn'id fj'j. iiin:iin-{ llie uundred yard I (i.'.sh u:iur-.- i'l:v_-i:. seconds. . . . I'srs IlitUininme. j Coach Edward P. iSlip) M;u!i- ijT'ii. Hi. M.'.ry's couch, talks into a! d.-.t.ipi'.oiv.' -Alien scanting an op- I-J'.'.MII; f'Jiu.!!!.- barks in.Uriir'.ioiii to ln.s lep.m in ;i <iuiek. s.::up voice. Ran Fraivl-^co .~porl.s writers le- r to Joe !M ili.i. Saiiw Clara full- ur.ek. as -IJ-.auijnJ Jo?." and his ID. loin- pnni.s as "colliii eor- The spiM! piss from cent?; i- ic«- periniMrd at Stanford fines W;i:-n?r h.i.s ir-.rr.vd 0:1 n Temp!' UiiiversUy. During his refill:'- : ; . ; Kt-.iiiford. inily i-ii'.i-over-cnd pa.-ie v. ere allov/i-ll. . . L'liii.tion .1;!;:..-.-.-, IP l-.f from Ai". Ai'L'jncii. irij:!e-ihrna: halfback. :u M 1 ..:; Muc2yn--ki. luiif. or his MI':- stuiiir- Olv- I'.-:! 'is.'::. . - . f'!i>:.;i U'; other C. 1 .!;- li.u.i ii'.i,-l:s. H ; s p.irt in the #;. M.i!, 1 .-, S.U1V ::au- c.ilitornia u 1-i t-, 13 vic'.;ry in ;i.e rle?:u> IHIII- uie.s o! f\ttv. . . . lull r.-jniililint tiev?l"p-:.i ati- o'J.-.;- line d:ie:isi\\' foDilnll team .u U.C.LA.. b;i: :!-..! eleven M;H GOOD HOMES For Sale at about one-third Their Value for Cash Tlase honu-.s are loiuled throujrhdul the city anil in iink-r to hrins to it definite tiosinj^ the business nf it t-ertiiin lo;in tomiwny in lilylhi'ville all :»'<-• hi-iiiu ofl'cred at just ahiiut ono-lhird (heir iiclnai iy:i:) value. Priced $250 to $1800 Cash !•'<>!• DctitUvd Inforrnatinn See- J. C. CONNER .120, Hotel Nnlilc -.lin-.i: i.s iiie sprint around :i fasl- i:f the Shnwnw ba'.llo w.i.ii ^ iiiin:- \:viii:nir defensive end. Hoh F,llioii I> "llaniiv Man" I'oi Arkansas Stale ii.- bpr ol" Injuries. l-huisfy. l.ork.'. Motley, Wilson. Bincdon ;inrt Hen riFhor :iro nil on llu 1 ailim 1 . \i:*'. this \vcck. Bro^ctop .nirt Fislirr j:vobr»bly niT out for ill? ml in \\0fk. Tlir Cliii'ks in-H m-'i-^'-:,\l fp i i:^::)iiiio» in lhc SlU'.v neo I^MIH Tlu'y liad cxnccted n hard IL.IHV —- , ]nl nol as | ia .. tl as johnny U'.:i• wlia: n Jouesboi'o F-pou notto's pvolcgcs provliitd. It- nniy -rUi-r IILIS to say iiboin Hoi) Kl- ;novc lo In- u tuxxl tome foi '.be •'.r- Blvtlievillc' tjoy nurt founi-r Chicks. ":i : .;V; :.i»r. now tit Ark.!:i;:\=; Siaii"-: Hoivcvoi'. (iic Chicks shoved [\\-.\\ ' r \ N:-rlhrnr,f Aik:;noas Hciy. llol) ;(i«v wfiv iw^rwoi'.s nf iili'Kt 1 , 1 of "-';. of lllvihi'villc. is inovirv; finluirn? spivil ntid lhn f . they •. r-nhl he hnr;!v man oti the Arkniis;is consc from' bclilncl <o win. CnlloRo football to:uu tin-, ••MI . 13yvoci Mrtrse jv. is r.inuun nf •Kll'cu i'^ P. ivsnlar. bin f'.'cin thr yquad lltis work for Uio hoin? Hv r.nnnlc ;o the* ncxi he doi-sn't coming gmnp rrtr.^ould. ...s v . v:!ir'!l: 0 r Couch K. T. Hr-nfvo — - i.oiiv. tc uat* him in ihc- lino o: Tlu 1 Coarhes ;i»-p wnrVuv.: h.ird . th" Urickfidd. In hnlsii'v the wiMknr^r-: o£ t);? Tlio Tily;hr\ril!p p.riridor us;i.i'.ly Chicks. Tho »t;p.iessi\c In0i:in> i:i)il. Bra-l-5Ji:i\v. former NVv;uLi njvn fuM :ICP and ro\v Slnr.Io::! || .ur. ^II.U-.'.T. jr. th:: c::.i^l* .r.;-'uii ^'.-\\r ••.unf \V,n S( ••:!-. a «</yavci? LOi 1 mio ic'.'.c. : ; T.'i >.ivo:= f. :' ;i!ir»lh?r. ANOTHER HELPFUL AND INTERESTING LECTURE l^rlr rasr n '. M,l U son Ti.-li- bent T.-iir,-.'. or-'-; Vi-- : , his scpi'.oir.t re !nli!i;i:l; n;ic Kl.rx- villo Mwrt v.viii-r ri:-.!.'u-ii. Ci-a'.j: iiHinetl |ivf,'.i.i!i-:i-.-u n- •. ti;-i\o tiliil li s ;l to Tf ;iii-.;-i e'. :. touclidnwn nnd x or, ,1 i:i.*i-c ;..r ii'4e thiin ^nv o'.he: \\':\ b.t-.-!--. •'.:v. ^ hi'lfhnck on olfuv-e r.r.:l :|,;n the Chick line witie open on -^•k'.i- nn [ b'.n h;-- MIW .e:- fevernl occasions and '.i-., 1 C::u-k tio:-. :it < in one c'.n"=h iintj ii kickers were given iilcnly ro •>;>•,•- li-.t.-rt fe: :> wins job nnnin:.: M.i-:- iv sboill. i. ' •• A".';;-.-. here Ihis wrck. ..... "E'.lioli w:»J\s IPO |Wi'.i-.A=. lie Ho'ceri risher. lornn-i- h.i.-k. :s n renicr i-.r.i! n possible .ili-sMie who lias been playini; cm! select ion." himself drafted fcr bnekfu-lil tluty _ when Ihe Chicks run 01:- of avail^ ;ib!e bnckfie'.d men. •T/ernment Teacher ' - - . ,,, i i ,ri i i r> n ' 1 " 1 '- r Tiipco^e:- will :itu-mpi lo Would flunk LolkagUeS ; : , n , t!-.e lablcs o-.i the J»n,suoro ;.Junior High Whi-lwlr.iN I-'rldny iiltoviioon. Jonesboro u-.-i'inly tle- fcjieri ll-.e 'ii>cnl.s vho liuve .- ! .n:e won t\vo baltles :in<l lee! more cnnfitlcn! of Ciihnhift :!::• NVhir'i wind. at Son I hv,-.-s t r; n \] i-.iv.--r- ccidir.\ r to Ihe iiiinibi-. he rnrrifd the |:i!-.okn: Tcxas Delays Centennial Plans for Sliovl Time '.'JKT1N. Tfx. iUl'1 -H: •-.-;. ^t.ite r?prr: I-I-.I-UL' —lir.iik' rr.sny cf hi. tfliow xiVt |lf:s lf l;ry '••""" ' ftKiA AU.'jTi:;. Tex., l rt\ bv ^ i.iiiu-. - The C-nles-.n;.-. 1 . •„.;; ,-,•; If-r.iii or '\.-\. -. •,-,:. • .- KEJUr.E*. ^t;cA [ *" *^^l'» ''^ OV'l.l.l." .-,' . i: \Il.l.-L- | Cill^.l-.S li.\U Lil\i';-. IT 1 111 ', -- |< lt y ... , Snow,Koncc I" Save Itc.uls • inent ni.prjvii'i. Tliov ;ino;>.e.-. .•. cha:cd him 6iS yards to Ihe goali Seine; pr.icticp.l a,>;:i; geiilnjr ie-. " . ,. _ ... ....! cn:iMUin:--.i:i; a:v.c-r. Imi-iit :-. , line, nnd lowti 19 yards. Each time hvlts in isovMnniem ns well as the- ii^c.' 1 "!. .MI.III.. ] the l-ocis'.atuiv ip.iy .1:1-. -. he scored with the famous spread.o-.illcsl. he declines lo specify v »'- J s i«.iy "•-«'. »'J' *»'- > v ". ; ' l0: 'prbte as n-.uch as So0006V ' .run play explained and diagram-i^hich of t^e H9 men who sit witn er.!t on highways lo D? protrc:c:lj present plans car. (D;- an ed hore. With this play'him In lhc Texas House of Repre- In- 16.400 linear feet of snow fence- i-.a'.ional aft.iir. with f.>ecia! inr- nvcraged about 12 yards per try. itcntitlves he would noi pass. ptirohascd bv t>e SlDntP.ii) H-.•!•.- '< licip.i'.ion by F.-ii:::e s-i--- -••-; This .point scorer Is nm from] Presumably, the state sales tax way Commission lor $30692. The' M«\lra whoso Tut; oii.-'c iu.i'.rl what Is known to the Wildcats as supporters would be among t'rtcn-,. fence will b; erected at stri'.ci'.c over Texas. the "O" formation, ind fakes an HEiter opp^os extremely last tack,' a good flying. wrong. ns basically points lo prctrrt hii;h«ay.- fi-'-m Iriilfilnc M-.O-.V. Ctillen p. Thomas. Dallas. ]-.«.•;: a committee ;.->•• the Ccntenni.i; AT THE COURIER NEWS FREE < <f s \/"M./lk.l^ O^LJ/"N/"\I DOKINu SCHOOL C7IFTS GIFTS MRS. GEORGE THURN ...L AG *IN ADDRF.SS LOCAL WOMEN AT THE. CITY HALL AUDITORIUM IT WILL BE TO YOUR ADVANTAGE TO ATTEND THESE SESSIONS

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