The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 12, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 12, 1935
Page 3
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•TUESDAY, LIARCH 12, 1935 (ARK.)', COURIER PAGE TEBEBS HILL'BILL (Contlimcd from Pane One) the senate, would not become Inw unless approved at. the next uen- erul election. Dffe.iC I'm- Slol Machines If, !!. 371 (Thorn ati;l ChrUtltin). To license and tax slot machines, was 75 to H, after its sponsors defeated a move to place it back on second reading for amendment. Chinges by llcrton of St. I'ran- els that 5'.?f).000 )i:id been raised at Hot Sprint's and tt'fls "(IrciihU- ln!> inoiintj." enlivened 4lie di-bulc on ilie sliil machine bill. Among 1' 1P hills parsed bv ti'i' .senale was Senate Hill filCi hy Parish and others to aii'.liovi?.e 0)ierallon of do* racing (racks and lo li--Kali/i- h"tlli!i: on sucli Supremo Ccmvl Collengnes Walk Wny of Sorrow $25 Fine Assessed for Reckless Driving .Ses.sle 0<io|>er was filial $-- r > cliar»e of reckless driving by e C. A. Oiimiiiii;- Tlie court ordered Misiiemled duilus Inlcnncnl al for Curlier l.raclivillo. HonicrsviHo Marl in, of I-KACHVILI,K, Ark.—Viuioral .services \\-en 1 held ,S:ilindny ntter- ncwn, llm'f miles wist ot I.nich- vllh'. for On! lice Marl in, :ta, \vlio was shot and killed by D;iu l/'\vls. two and one-hull mites WVM of hero l-viilay mornini;. ](uv. .1. W. Moc.iv. pnslor ol (lie MeihiHlls! eliuieli. iu ehiiti'A 1 iil 111; 1 ,st>rv- Icv.s. Mr. Mnrtln \\eiu !•, Mr. i.vwls' home uboiil iwci o'llink Friday niorniiif/ njul llred an luiMmiilli: Dlslol n\-e (Imrs. l,i.wi.s took ills <sli'>U:un and .shot Mmtlu. who illcd ' Municipal ham Saturday. $lf> of the fin jNXKl Uehavlor. Cooper fieurcd In n traffic !ie- cidenl hers about lv.'0 wwks ago. Ewing Cantrell was Tilled S10 and .sentenced lo 10 days in jail for petit larceny. He was convicted of the. theft of n chicken from a pen in an alley-way of a chain store. - The court has taken under ad- vi.^einenl the. case of Ruy;eV Rauh, charged with evasion ol the .state gasoline tux. Raul:;, attendant at a slate line service . salion in th? 300-foot mm, north ol Lcachvillc, was arreste:) by Bill Armstrong, revenue deputy, after ho had sold sevr-ral ftallonr of iini;oline in a conltiine.r against a statiil-' forbidding such sales l>v Arkansas slatlcuu having the privilege of selling nl the Missouri tar. rate. Re.iils admilled that he .sold thi! gas. The man who V;ought it said it v/sa for use in a farm washing niachiue anil he could not find the riiiht klixl of [»as <v.'hil.C) at Leachville. The .'.tr.te contends failtire' to collect the re'mlnr state sas lax make; linn!. 1 ; liable on a criminal c!innv:>. Seven justices of the Uniied States Supreme Cain:, their lust; .sorrowful farewell hidden ID Oliver Wendell Hcliues. ar^ .sho\vn here a.s they left All Souls Unitarian church in Washington, followii^ services for America's Ijesi-loved iesal authority. Ix'ft lo rl(;)il arc Justices Benjamin N. Cartlozo, llarliin P. Stone, George Sutherland, Owen .1. Hoberl.s, Pierce Butler, Charles Evans thighrx and Jume.s C. McReynolds. The two otlisr justices were absent. Willis Vim De.vantcr being 111 and LouLs I). liinndel.s ux> crief-slrlcken tn atteix Hi- Is survived Ijy lii^ wife, one [NIII, Wallace, bis lather and i. Mr. :in:l MIS. j. \y. Muilln. Uvo brother. Clyde and lli.m'il Mu;-In. nil of Leuehville, and six .>:la- M'.-.. MTfS, ('Ol'a I-ve l,»mbcrt, Kux"ii. Mo , Mrs. Ldilne l.inviy, itoiue- •ell. Ark.. Mr.;. Kjeinioi- Ciule. Mlss- Miirlln. nil of . f'oi'ii Manin, Dlll'iul was ul K-iery. lale KM- Ihe years wn und Hill for Ilie laml now in (lie 1:11111 will be needed In lllllnr; oul nibl,- I: Tn- hil niiinbei' of ueiv.s In Ihe limn Ihe number of Men's in eiililviillon. Ihe nuinbei' of unvs In all mip.s. ll«< number of ucre.s plunled lo cotion. and Ihe number of acres planlt'ct td wlu'iU, tdhiuH'O, pennuts, mill rice. I)3li\ reriulivil fin nillnij out Iu ble II /Include. Ihe following: l. Nunilji : r ril hules of i-otlon proilne- ed nn farm dinlnir ench year of Ihe liiise pfriod, lilac Ilirouiili 1032. mid In ench of Hie yenrs li)33 mid I. 2. Avenijie weight of lint per ii'le t'oi' eueh of Ihe year.s. ;|. 'i\i- ul lint, pnxluced in ench of tlm ):IM' inn'lnil years. -1. Aerenyo ilnuled 10 cotton in ench busc. leiiml yenr. r>.Numlier nf ]ioundH 1 lint per acre piodnn-il In ench Sirl.s ilollyhoHe Title A.11.UN1-:, Wl«;,ll.' UJI')--M1S. A. II. Siii'iHTi 1 will a^ain seek tlu> world liollyboek title this yi'iir. She clniined It last -Miiiuner will! u stall: Ifl lo-l, .seven lin-lies Ull, bear Tnilioy Hen Kels Ki-eovd C'KNTIIAMA, WllStl. lOl'l-I^".; yliiK reeiml fur turkeys svn chiinu'tl hy Mrs. A. ICohlcilii, Un coin Ci'erl:, Inr » '.M-tnonUi-iilt !> hen. Tile biril iirodnced vtl Today's Markets New York Cotton NKW YOI1K. Marcli IS (UP) — Jotton closed .steady. open lilch low close lurch 1108 1108 107(1 HOC lav m;i ii'.':i lovo 110:1 illy 1117 HtJC 1070 1107 r.1 101-1 10M 10ir> 1075 I'll 1010 1100 1051) 1073 in 101f> 1103 10M ICSS S|xils elo.sed strndy (it H'25, oil fi. fiff) Orleans Cotton NKW ODLKAKS, Mnr. r> lUPi- Olton closed steady. open lilijh low Marcll Ulfili 1005 1073 10H3 May 1110 1171 10(10 IDilll July mi \\'n inno 1111:1 Oil 107!i I0!)3 10-15 1015 Dec IOH K)iV7 ICSO l()8r> Jan 1071 11)88- 1011 1085 Kpiit.1 fltvsed Billet ill. I Ull, oil I'l. Closiiif/ Slock Prices Qencinl American Tank 'J2 5-8 General Electric ........ 213-8 General'Motors 201-3 f n lorn allows I Harvester 35 Montgomery Wiml ...... 21 3-1 New York Centrnl 12 1-2 Packard ,,... Phillips Petroleum Kiulio Corp St. Louis-San Francisco Simmons Boil c 5-8 Standard of N .J 30 1-2 Texas Co 17 3-4 U. H. Smelting .'. Ill 1-8 If. Fi. Steel 29 1-4 /onlto 3 (i-3 '3 3-4 13 7-8 4 3-8 A. T. and T. .... Aiuicondu Copper lielhlehem steel Chrysler Cities Service .. Coca Coin IOC! 1-2 a 7 2:1 i 31 I 178 Chicago Wheat open hleh low • close Muy IU 5-8 04 l-H 03 93 1-4 July Wl 1-2 (W 3-8 (la 1-4 88 3-4 Chicago Corn . . . open high low closo May 7!) 10 3-4 ^l-jj"-^-!! Jiily H Ti-ll -iti'S'-t 74'5-H"'!') ; 7n 1MO, Ctijmdii ranked, umong countries producing .surpassed only -by l*lu> Mrs. Abie Gardner, formerly MiM A lcw ' vnri!s ' Madeline uangh. an;l Mrs. Melvln •''•>" Hie grave lioekmnn, formerly Mis* Violet V/nrrcn. were (juesls Pf honor at several a flairs over the. wet end. Mrs. J. L. German and" daughter. Hells, enlertained in honor of Mrs. Bockni<m. now of Memphis, and of her parents at llieir country home. Mrs. Gardner, now living al llayli, v»as given a 'miscellaneous schwer in Hie 110111° of Mrs. Jetlie Vickrey. Mrs. Edward f'feffer and flattie uine were co-hostesses of Hornetsvllle. My. he liorncvsvlile ee:i ii'day iilterno'iii. 'I VI I Oni a Nmlrd i'Voni Nc\v Collon (lonlr.ic.l Signers Colton fininers In Mississippi eoiiiuy who did not si(;n n '.K> cotton production adjustment rontiiict hut who plan to cooucr- nle in the 1935 cotion pronoun I'nn do much to help the local coimniticemcn in tiie propai-allon of their contracts- by asscmblhi'i i>ll dnla which will Ue used lii nilinrj out tin 1 necessary forms, ac- eordini> to Connlv Awnls j. i-;, Crim of lilv'.hevillc and Joe K. VVolker of O.-ceola. . N As Ihe basis for dctermlnim; tiie ^ rented ncres. the ullolmcnl fur the; , i farm, and the amount uf the pay- ' or niiidv under the con| tract if accepted' by the sccieinrv. produei'r tnllsl Mipnlv iluta' active every day of the month the winch will lie m-.etl in nilinir out, (:t''-!"s 1 ami Tl nf lorni No. 101A. The counly nijcnih smtKCst Unit producers Ijeijin now lo anther the lecuilred Information. CJinriini; (i:-):i:lr; miii salw records .slioulcl pirns' helpful u, growers in ol>- laiuing accurate information nn tliei:- eollou production tlurltu' Hie ' se pel-toil. The foll(iu-iii|; (lain fns- eaeh of Don't envy them and Just wisli you dkliVl have to sutler every moiilli. Seek relief, now strength and hnpiiincs.s, In Ciirclui. Try it. If you suffer monthly you may gel the same relief that ihousnnclfi of women have gained by Uklng Card til. It .should iicl|j you to build up your V.-M-O ;-|:aki'!i. the linn-draped cc/i'in ol Olive;- Wendell Kolme'i 'x;\~ !r,wem! slowly .-I:-: ihe.i.s or I lie army >*rvif« ernrkwl i.h/irly. :i! -.d Hie final hoix.v ol a Hirrmvinfl 11,1- is a IjiHer ioftly tilev, 1 Hips uv.-r the bed,'- v/lien i! wits |)inceil at rest in a sloping lull- r.ii ei'iueterv. Tlih was tin; se-1:^ as !e.';l v.-rviirs w;rc held for the former juslire, v,-ho ranked as Ihe mil ton's smntc^i juris', since John Marshall. supreme, couvi Oak Ridge-Methodists Will Build New Church File Divorce Suits Beuliih tln'oy health nncl strength so that tills trying time may come and ijo without severe tll.'.coir>.l'ort. Letters from women everywhere say tlint Cimlul helped them. Try H. Start today. If it does not benefit YOU; consult a physician. Sold at all drug stores. Recommended Women to Women For Over 50 Years ST EELE , Moe old M ist church building at Oak Ridge . dlvorc?. Ed B. Coclc i:; nttorncy Blilie Brook,s an:l ^rs. Elizabeth Wallace, pioneer settlers of tills community, celebrated Ihclr 83rd liiiliidaj's last w?:k. Mr. Brooks inivkr:> his home \vilh his grandson, Haymoiut Brooks, and family, and Mrs. Wallace lives with r.e;' daughter, Mrs. A. J. Ovcrturf. Harry .Jenkins iias returned to his horns at Brunswick after several days vi5:t with his parents. Mr. !'.n:l Mrs. Charlie Jenkins. Mi?s I'iiuline Blacktoni has returned home aflcr all exlendod visit with Miss Katf.ryn Jfmes. of Memphis. Mrs. Willis .ffihns'on arriv:-;! )iome Simdiiy eveniii" from Dyersburj; where siie was e:illnl by Hi; sori- ini.s inji.vy of her bro'.Vjer. Mis. G. G. Travis an:i son, Guy SunvaiL. have returned hnme after visiting Mrs. ivarl aie'.vart, in Bly- llie.ville. for several (Liys. Mrs. 3,1m Hamra and children Iuv3 rolurncd horns from Fiilton. Ky.. where they were ti'.c guest? of Mrs. Hamra's parenls. T3r. .1. R. CrorkeU. who ha^; IKCI: under tir-ntmonl nl M?!hoiiV; hospital. Memphis. »u? returned to his home here !nst week, und Is improving rapidly. Mr. and Mrs. Mito G. Atwoad and Miss nnby AJhlej were week cn:I gnr.slsof Mr. and Mis. R. K, tlieli- oK in Maiden. Missjs .rosephine iioily and Ruby: are enl?rl:iinim- U;« Cooler basketball squad wl!]' a par- ly in the .school gym Wednesday night. ^^l's. Charles nal?.^ am | S n n . were guests of relatives in Caruth- crsvilb Ihe latter part of the • Rev. Pranks, pastor of th e Hayt : Baptist church, was in charge of Ihe B. T. U. study courso he!d Sleelc last we;k. Practice is und?rv.-ay on the on?act play which is to b^ presont-J lit the P?mi«'ot fMiinty Lltsnry meet to b3 held r.t CarutliTsvir'-' March is, M: 1 . and [vir.s. Clarence Pollard. Mr. mid Mr.s. Henry Pollani anrl son. Jack, of Ysvrbvo.'wcvc guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pollani, ot Tyler, over t!ic \.-eek end. Miss Mary Ella Wilker&m Is confined to her home by Illness. Hooper Azbill was Ihe guest of liis brother. Amer Azblll and family al Wilson, Monday. L. L. Rushing, who has foe.on 11] for several days, is unimproved. is being torn down lo make room j l ''c plninlilf. J. H. .Coleman ha;; »ws THE SAFETY .me story frame istrucliire and will oe ready for use in about two weeks. The Rev. H. L. Wagner, pastor, is in charge of construction work, which will be done by volunteers unit ,\ feu- hired car- .uil ers. PRICELESS IKFOflMATION - furtllu.-c siim-rini; from J ative Refief For Stehy Skin Cooling .mid sonlhitijt Blue Slur Omliiwnt melts on Ihe leslul nicrtii-inrs deeply into pore's wnc-c it uuickly Mils' ilelr, letter, ras.i. ffzcnia, iool itch, riimvvorra. Money kick if first Jar 'fails. HOlllN.SON* Phone Ml - i!ii5 with HUBBAilD TIME Ex, BATTERY CO. I ONLY PLYMOUTH GIVES YOU ALL FOUR: 1. GENUINE HYDRAULIC BRAKES 2. SAFETY-STEEL BODY 3. WEIGHT RE-DISTRIBUTION 4.-12% TO 20% lE&GAS SOIL Mos: "Go;;!:,' p.uLo,", ail »:.u: "Kniv. It's SI'.KiNO T1MRP StM-inpf tine is jtwl ;irouii'l (he eornur. Us lime lo !i\ tip \\i\\. car with Qi'AUTY Ali'fO PARTS fro!" the HITBHAR1) T1RK AND BA1TKRY CO. Voirll '"•(I our slock most comnlclc antl our priics rifilii. Kvcry part ^unrantcrd to RIVO sali-faelioii. TIRE&BATTERYCQ AUTOMOTIVE DEP'T. REAR HUBBAflD HOWE. CO. JI8 W. ASH yjK'K. in- (lie. (iiipc'r ^inv reason j ii.i- <lrr,i;uuliiip; drnulic lirnlrcs oil your IK\V cnr. nnt's\v!iy!'lynuuit]ili:!S|;e]Hiiiirl[y<!i.iiilicl!ia!<ts .. .ll:iS(7/Vfiy.r h:ui llien:! 'I'lioy'n: the snl'csr ill llie world. )o this Plymouth adds .inotlier vital safeguard . . . the strength of an nil-steel hotlv. You're alv.-.svs . .. it's the woild's ssfcs: low-priceil car! this !>caiitifii] now I'lymoiilii nnd discover iis thiiiling perfiMin.iiicc ... its \2'.'o ti> 207i gr-ntcr ffcru n;y... the restful luxury of it.! "Kloating kide" (iMS'.'i! on the \veij;hr dir.ti'ihuli 1:1 principle the lamoiis "Airllow" c.irs intnuluci'd). See Dodge, De. Koto or Clirvsler dealers. Ask about offi.-i:d fliryr!; 1 ! 1 Motors Conimerchl Credit Plan. : ; IGURK YOUR SAVINGS. ..New cooling and ijnition reduce gas and oil consumption 12% (o 20% in the new Plymouth . • < today's most economical full-size carl

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