The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 25, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 25, 1933
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, OCTOBEU 25, BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) CQUBIER NgWS Slfil ID SHE JEET1 Delegates Hope to Agree on Date for Reconven-; ing ,Co'^ erence - CiENEVA, Oct 25. (Ul'l—UOlc- Ples of world novels ny>=inj|cd lo- <ijy in aiiol'.:cr elTovl to save llic! world disarmament coiilcrciwc. j (icrmiiny's withdtaol had placed j tile conference on the blink if lail- i inv. i Private meetings o( cm'i'l di'lc- ;;alc.s this niovnin? prececlci! a inu'ling c! llw coniciviK't slccrins cuiinnilliie ibis aflrrnoon. H was uccfiisary for l".:t! :lcle- t;r.lcs to agvc. 1 c" a rrcamin;ii:l:i- iion to lhc full (liMiniaint'nl ron- leicnce \vhitli inect.s comorrcw as lo I lie lenglli of its udjounmisnl. 'I'l'.i! world pall'.iral siluiiliun will linvc cleared Midicienlly clnrhi':; U:c nci.loiiiiiiiienl :o permit n useful rc- iiUir.piiou of tr.o ccnfcrcncc, U was licrjcd. Norman H. DavLs. cliief. United f'Jica Jclcgnle. alone was ready to liglu hard fcr .a relatively brief ad- jcummeul. 'Japfta and Switzerland j:iiB'n a to's afljoiiriiiiii'iH. Anollicr ])i-cb!eip wai a proi>c.;iil i--a; llio conference clrafl a disurni- nn.enl agrci-mciu in Germany's' absence :ind siibinit il 10 Germany. Globe-Trotting Zeppelin Visiting U. S. uvinrd uiw} captive, antf otl:«r . desperado*? were heavily enned ^ih jnnchlne mms. sliol- Biins, [ilsloh, anil ainninnlllou ink- e:i from tin 1 Mlchin'rili Clly prlsjn :i»:nal :ind ,i IJmft. O., Jail. MET 1EQ •in •lsca|K!() Convicts B]mw4j Pioneer Woman, 84, Witnesses Support French-', lor Series of Bank Rob-, Crowned Harywt Queen cr's Claim He Killed in : bcries. I INIHANAI'OLIS. 1ml., O:l. :'i. <UP)— Federal wins fnicri'd 10- Inio nn liuciislvc scare 1 .) I^r l hi 1 |>ant; o( outlaws. composrd principally u( escaped rimvlcls. lias .-proud terror ihrongli- IiKAIl LAKE, Midi, illl'i— Hear L;ite p:efi'i'S use to beamy In ii:.iku)g rouol sdcclloiiR. Al u n-ci'iil harvest ( Mi*. Jovspliliu 1 Kclllcr. m, was dimm Self-Defense. . jilonrcr woman. Sh JO.VKtillOIK), Ark., Orl. 25.—Tlif lli'v. Dale s. crowley won Ills Unlit lo: 1 freedom p?>u1ln-i Ills murder . . . < inal tin 1 llu i ,'iMylM'; cl n Joiie.sLxxf she was i, lyitol;,, , w u , H . im { c i; Ja]lit , r nllfll Jif CIUHC. here | nl ,„.. j f . m , J ,, noy „„,,.,.,.., Hayti Society — Personal u"i Indiana. Scute [Wlkv and county olllcci's jii.liollcd lilpliw.iy.s nud pushed U'e:r srnrch lor I he I'fcnpfd crlin- iu:ils Into ihc MIU! dune talhuuh "'. northern Indiana where U'cy I are uclleveit to bo hiding. ] | Pour men, icrntllli'd us members. o! ll-r jj.iin;. ribbed the Central j from Ciiiiiicln C'2 years ng:>. A srr.uic: pilllelntucd In Mi™. Keillor's (Oicinnlton ceremonies. Neb. College Students Have Governing Body I-'HKMONT. Neb. (UP) — Under lh Hmi o f S2.- ' -,„<- tml v, v ,,ll mfom, a ml, "I i Cro«'l,y i mums rules nud nil vbhtlom! M,. rl , 0i} ln Ills relensv on liond Crmvlry was [tvc*;l a linlf hour nlii'r chancellor Cinuluey had or- ''tied him nilmlllrd 10 $3.000 Dim:l. 'Ihe liund wns signed by Cv3«ley uiul of Ills religions folkiu'- er>. sonic of whom were required lo Milmili ilnnncln! stalriiK'iils bcfoiv they were accepted n* lionilsmin. A' halt-dozen, snnporl- i'd tin' preachers |il«i ;il the Inuring. The killing climaxed Him' years of foctlonnl religious Mi'lfi 1 . The Malr eonleiuled Unit the janitor, J. W. Mc- SSE2SE3 Herolc-.' Brigade 1 ' faces cawxon at Ba\a- encc faces recitation of Natloji-Al Dank ami Trust, C3in|).iny j tin jnri.stllclbn ol » recently C.T- '.'•'. Grecncnstl.' of cash nncl bonds i ^-.niza! "Court or Jusllcc," under-' |v,i!nr;l ai $74.187 Monday. Ycslcr-1 gracinate.s nl Midland Collet this I I tiny linn- men robbed (he Western j uni . wln ,. 0 veni Iheinsi'lves. Slate tank of So " ' ' •IW ami escaped. Cii|:t3in Matt t.?aeii r.f the In- v.lli bo sir-all with by n Justice and;' tii.ina slaic ];ollir s:ild lie vns CDII- fuin Jurymen selected from Ihi' Tile I'ulu dc l-ccho Is the tow thicrd ll'f Bang i* coini>:)s?d of. con- '.• r.fin 1 el.iw. l-Mciilly meniber.s us lice ol the truiilc; It yields n pul- ».i'ts who e-seaujd fnnn the Miclil- «<•!! ni iindorgradunles will bn ex- uuiWo milk wlicn the bark Is cut E:III City stall prison a riionth aso. ]X.-cted 10 observe lhc rules. o]irn. liend Cornier News Wiinl Ads. HK.MOHKIIOIDS (Tllw) cared wltliaui (he kclfr. Sk(n cancer, vatkostrt vtltui, ton- DKS. NIKS and NIKS icr 6H Malu Pboiw UK Paying licr lifll) visit lo (he Unilwl Stalst—this li no to rcci'ivc lhc sah.i.- of World's Ftiiv IhionBS— the Kluke-trottiiig Oral ZcpiX'lin clipped 10 ca,th ai Miami. Fla.. and Akron. O.. tiMore proceeding lo; Chicago. The large plioio shows ll:o blf German flinsible and tl,= GooJyoar-ZcpjX'lin Imngar ot Akron. Sirtbplace of lhc U. S. Navy's ill-fined Akiou and its ii.-ter ship, ihj Macon. Up|V_'r left. Dr. Huso Eclccner. Ihc Orsif Zeiipelln's dmighly coinniaiicl:,'. Loner i-:j!it. Mrs. Erin Purkn- of Cleveland, b.. innkins I'.er HElh trip 01) the :iir cola'jsiu. Mrs. J. li. Buckley iiiid J. W. Hay left foe Memphis Tuesday to i'isil. tlic former's husband, wlio is in lhc Baptist hospital. -He 1 underwent an operation o!H his leg. whlcli he injured a lo.w veeks ago. Mrs, O. N. Walts of Chaffcc was Uie weekend L:UCM of' Mrs. J. B. AlbriRhl. . Mry. Joe Knlin.- \iho for lhc past me«- days has b?:-n visiting in St. Louis, returned honw Tuesday. Or. J. -w. ./oiiiKon has been 111 liii- \jast lew days with 'a light, attack ot llu. ' | Mr. and Mrs. J.- M. .-vines and' son, David visited in Sikestcn Sunday. Mr: and Mrs. .1. W. Gnidch and .'•on. -.verc Mic quests of Mrs. Cold- ens parents. Mr. and Mrs.- J. W. Garner of Urccnway Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Hiamaii Kohn, Eliis Kohn and Noah Barkoviu al- ttndeil a mcL'tiiiy of tHe B'nai iiiilh a( the Marquelli' Hotel at . Capt 1 Girardean Sunday. •••' J.' T.' Buckhy and Xfnsdaines j; I!. Buckley, and Houston Bucklev moLored lo Memphis . Sunday and visited.-vith Mrs. Blair Buckley's husband, who Is rcccivine medical lr»»lincnl .llRTC. .Mr.s. J. B. Ka^cmano. and daiighKr. Mai-j". who has been in Birmingham. Ala., .for the past motuli visiliiiy relatives and fi iends, have vclurned home. Dr. .-uid Mrs. J. S. ComiKTc ancl the Reverend J. W.' Cunningham iiilondcd n mcciin^.bf llns division of the pastors, at Hikestori Mon- tlay. 'Ihei'c were Ivvcnty two rop- rcsentalives altenciini: from the Neu- Madrid Uibtrict. Mrs. J. W. Rhodes and daughter. Mary Sue. allcuded (he funeral of John Medley Davis of I'oiiH Pleasant- Monday nficmoon. I RuNicIl Thoruliill sKnt the. j vcekcnd nl rohil Pleasant vlsitim I in lhc lioii'.r.' of Mr. and Mrs VV j . W. • Laws. • -. Champ Whittler Worried f':c an inorlernistic c-Jd rcoms." he cliii.cry. lie claims tlm machlne- • . .. ?y will find it in Oi 1 .- c.nve:! doo:.; iiiiisJo ])ro<lucts are dull and lifc- Over Extinction of Craft ! saW "They nrc looking for \innulli. !IM : ov wail pmi'.'l." . , lie is coni'onied brrauso lhc' l(.iiv.nil Sliulrnls .Seek Jobs yw.nsrr generation i-; nut IiMriiiiiM' CAMBHirXiE. .Mii.'.s. IUIM — Tut Hade lo uke ll,;- pl;:rr n[ ila- Nearly aft |>. ;r cent '.-f I'u- nncbr- older gcnerntlun wlii;-':>. 1- ;;r:uinal-'^:-:,clualtf oo:ly of Harvard Collar ly dying off. ; h.ivc ;ip !; iir<i "| 0 Huaell T. Shnrpc OlEcn, v.-)io us?o nn:o tii.m 'JP ; i ciiti'clor of slndent employment icola In l:e cx,-:ution of a Miijb fe>' work through which llwy RACINE. Wis. iuri—WlFi:cn- .sin'.s elniinaiH for Ihe Utlc of chain- iltler. John U. Ol:*n. H. will ctlobrale his liOlli anniversary ai a wood carver this year. Olscn .vUirtcd to carve when lie H in Norway. . •"People are slarliiiB lo turn away . piece o! work, is "down" earn part of l' - cir expenses KI/E1! FOR J1IJSVKV i It Will Pay You To Attend COURIER NEWS Cooking School It Is Being Conducted For Your Benefit MRS. GEORGE THURN will give you valuable information on home economics and thcproducts she uses in her workj Be sure ami notice ficv demonstrations using the economical and efficient BAKING POWDER visit our showroom and see the new Ftigidaire that uses no more current than a lamp bulb 25 Ounces for 25' SAME PRICE TODAY as 42 Years Ago IVrsihlL'ul minors Ilia! n FUb;ti- iiiliou fcr Mis head tuacli L>I f.'clvu IJauic is lo' uc inuiie liicn- liuu Nolit-1 Kizcr. above. 1'urduo j uivulyr. n J U>Q si'icecsfor lo HiiDh' AuJcitOU. Jicporli Indi- '•^ilQ Kizor in In succeed i\uck-t- | s'Jii it his Uollunuakcr tqiiart j Oclc:iu Uic Irisli. Nov. 11. ! is KHLEI'SY INHERlTBDVi CAN IT UK CURKlV? I A Ixwklcl containing llic opinions j »:" ramoub doctors oil ihU Interest- j ins Miblccl will be tcui,- KREE.i vlillc they losl, to uliy reader \vr|l-1 ins. lo Uic Educallonal Division,! I.'cpl. S23. 5<j rifth-Avenue, New; Vcrk. N. Y. . -Adv.l The demonstrator will .show yon Viuw in usinn this c!o»!'fc- I«(L'I! —cioiibfe-action baking jxwdcr you (jet Fine Tenure and Large. Volume iti your baking')— why K C is economical am! c//ieienli rcquiriiiR only one letvl tcas|nxinful to ;« cup of flour. It is not necessary <o pay high prices for h,ikii;y powder lo KC' best results. After seeing the demonstrations use KQ in the same way in your own home. Give it lhc oven test and judge by results. MiUtofM «f Pounds Used by Oar Covtraawnt G, G. Caudill ( \HMiranrc IK N. IJru^dwiij- riniiu- 7:1; .-•<SK>w<y£r*->> 35*^S-i3* ^=^^2J^f, ECONOMY Here is a new ttandard of econ- omy. A genuine Frigidaire that operate» on as little electric cur- rent as one ordinary [amp bulb. CONVENIENCE Automatic defrosting—ice trays that slip out of the freezer at a touch of the finger—'extra room for tall containers—and a compartment for frown storage. V4 MORE FOOD SPACE A highly efficient, space-saving insulation gives lhc cabinet imallcr outside dimensions, Insl much K rcilt * r food storag 1 capacity.- Sec the new I r rij;iiUirc3 at onr jiiowriKun. BEAUTY Thij new Frigidaire intrwlncts s distinctive style in .cabinet design, with a finish of white Dnliu and handsome chromium hardware. QUALITY With porcelain interior, every detail reflects that quality whkh has made Ftigidaire the choice of a million more buyers than any other electric rcfrigcr 'or, THE SUPBR FHKHUAIRE LINE INCLURKS SIX NEW DI-LUXF. ALL-POP CEI. AIM M"|? B ''' 1 -" WITM MANY EXCLUSIVB PK ATURIsS—THE riNIJST PRIGinAIRES MVER BU1T.1 .1 t; f.' N li K A I. .If 0 T 0 K. .< '' MOT. Be suic to sec this Revolutionary DevclopmciU. . .Come in Tod^y EVERETT B. GEE SALES CO. 0S W. Mai,, Si

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