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Jackson, Mississippi
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2 THE CLABION-IZEDGER; THUBBDAY, MABCH 6, 1890, RAILROAD TIME-TABLE, LAWS OF 1 HE I visors, the assessed property of the parties JJJDG CALHOON'S VIEWS. owing the back taxes snail oe naDie ior i Vi a ua mo nndi ih norrMted assessment. Amral and Departure of Trains at h. Union Depot, Jackson. STATE OF MISSISSIPPI.

governing power, nor was there any such promise or previous design. To so share will jeopardise his own future and that of the whites. If he brings his own reason to bear on his condition he must see that his future is better assured without the ballot. ILLINOIS CENTRAL. THINKS THE NEGRO SHOULD BE DEPR1VEE OF SUFFRAGE.

Arrives at the same time as taxes of 1890 are collected or distraint made therefor. This act shall take effect immediately. Approved February 24, 1890 5 :25 PUBLISHED BT AUTHOR.1TT. jrizan 8:15 a ITOBTH BOU1TD. Express SOUTH BOUND.

Expreu. ail i "WHAT IT IS TO BE A DEMODRAT. 3H5pm 1 25 am 3 lift A Consideration of the Various Solutions Proposed of the Negrro Question This Country Must ba Ruled by the White People. 4:05 Accommodation AN ACT to amend an Act to declare a failure to pay a poll tax a misdemeanor, and to provide for the punishment of the same, approved March 8th, 1888. Section 1.

Be it enacted by the Legisla YAZOO AND MISSISSIPPI ALLEYS Accommodation :20 First-Rate Description of What Constitutes the Genuine Article. "A subscriber put the question to the Memphis Commrcial, "What is it to be a Democrat?" and that paper replied as follows: "It is, as we understand it, to avow those principles now fundamental with the Democratic party, and which find a fresh enunciation by every National Convention, to defend them on every available occasion and press them in a logical and reasonable way for the acceptance of the publio gen ture of the State of Mississippi, That a failure to pay a. poll tax as assessed and levied under the laws of this State be and the same is hereby declared to be a misdemeanor, and punishable by the fine hereinafter set forth. Sec. 2.

That it shall be the duty of the SOUTH BOUND. Ht 7:10 pm 5:20 pm Daily except Sunday. VICKSBUBG AND MERIDIAN XAST BOUND. Mall. 5:10 Loca freight 1:30 Em AN ACT to authorize an equalization of land assessments.

Section 1. Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Mississippi, That the boards of supervisors of the respective counties are authorized at their meeting commencing on the first Monday in August to equalize the land assessments as hereinafter provided. The clerk of the board of supervisors shall give notice at least thirty days before said meeting, that all persons feeling aggrieved at the present land assessment, will be heard by the board. Such notice shall designate one or more days for hearing complaints from each supervisor's district, so that persons having complaints will not be unnecessarily delayed in securing a hearinc. Such notice 1:55 II :50 a WBST BOUHD.

Mail 9-10 a Local Freight :30 a NATCHEZ JACKSON COLUMBUS WK3T BOUND Mail, leaves Accommodation KA8T BOUND. Mall, arrive Jackson 8:00 ni Accommodation 1 1 -fm sheriff, on the first day of January, to prepare a full list of the names of all persons who may be delinquent in the payment of a poll tax for said year past, which lists he shall cause to be posted at each postoffice in his county for thirty days for the information of all delinquents, to which lists he shall attach his affidavit that said lists contain the names of all persons delinquent for poll tax as shown by the assessment roll 5:15 2:30 From a lengthy paper of Judge 8. S. Calhoon, published in the Times-Democrat, on the negro problem, the following copious extracts are made: Negro suffrage is an evil and an evil to both races- Its necessary outcome is that conflicting aspirations and apprehension most produce continual jars and frequent hostile collisions, which do not occur with homogeneous races. It has been tried for over twenty years and only heartburnings and violence are said to have resulted, Unless it can be harmoniously exercised, it is, of course, an evil.

The continual intervention of the strong arm of the general government is an experiment quite dangerous to liberty. It will not do to familiarize the Federal power with supervision of the ballot in erally. To be a Democrat is to be for a fair and liberal construction of the Declaration of Independance, to be a strict constructionist when the rights of the States LONGFELLOW'S MAIDEN Who is Standing, with reluctant feet, Where the brook and river meet. Womanhood and childhood fleet 1 Is a type of thousands of young- girls who are emerging' from the chrysalis 6tage of their existence, as they enter upon their "teens." Nervous, excitable, irritable, stirred by strange, unknowable forces within them, each a mystery- unto herself, our girls need the tenderest care, the most loving, patient oversight, and the aid of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription, to safely carry them through this critical period, during- which, in too many lives, alas, are sown the seeds of distressing: forms of diseases peculiar to the female sex.

But this boon to womankind will prevent all such diseases, or cure them If they have already seized a victim. Woman owes it to herself, to her family, and to her social station, to be well and strong-. Let her then not neglect the sure means of cure. "Favorite PrescriDtion "is a lec-itimate medi Dailr except Sunday. in his omce, and that he has endeavored, as LEO If GOD CHAM shall be published in some newspaper in the county it there be one and also by posting a printed notice in ene or more places in each supervisors district and at the court-house.

If there be no newspaper published in said county then such notices shall be posted at not less than three places in each supervisor's district. In counties having two circuit court districts, a meeting shall be held at each court house. Sec. 2. It shall be theduty of the Auditor of Public Accounts, as soon as practicable after the passage of this act.

to have printed a sufficient member of affidavits and distribute the same to the clerks of the boards of supervisors of the several counties: said affidavits shall be headed. AddH- far as possible, to collect the same, and the sheriff shall have and receive twenty-five cents for each delinquent so included in said lists, the same to be taxed as part of the cost against such delinquent; provided, however, persons so delinquent for poll tax who shall voluntarily, without personal demand therefor, pay the same on or be Wholesale Retail i I I Cloth and Federal Constitution are -supposed to be in conflict; to be for reform of the tariff to the point of revenue only; to be opposed to all forms of" protection; to be opposed to all forms of subsidy; to be opposed to all raids on the public treasury; to be opposed to all forms of combine, monopoly and trusts; to be opposed to everything and anything for which no justification can be found in the Federal or State Constitutions, or the laws made in pursuance of them, that have stood the test of time and of the Federal or State Supreme Courts. It is not Democracy to nhpRt. or lie- or steal, to bludgeon one's FURNISHING GOODS EATS, cine, carefully compounded by an experienced and skillful physician, and adapted to woman's delicate organization. It is purely vegetable fore the first day of February in eac.ti year, shall only be liable for and required to pay to the sheriff the sum of one dollar and twenty-five cents.

Sec. 3. That the sheriff shall endeavor to collect the delinquent taxes as now pre in iu composition ana penectiy Harmless in its effects in any condition of the system. Sold by druggists; $1.00, or six bottles for $5.00.. Copyright, 1S88, by World's Dis.

Mid. Ass'ir. cation for relief from erroneous assess- A 1 1 I I 1 iueuis, auu snaii De so arranged as to re- Noa. 81, 83, and 83 Canal street. new Orleans; THE LARGEST CLOTHING HOUSE SOUTH Oohntry Orders Solicited, Samples and ru-es for self measurement way at the polls, or murder an opponent, quire the party seeking relief to state the It ia not Democracy to stuff a ballot box at specific property claimed to be erroneously nn'mnrv or Htate.

Federal or municipal assessed and the assessment thereon and scribed by law until the firstJMonday in February following, when he is required to make a report to the board of supervisors, and he shall be entitled to the fees, as in the Code of 1880. and chaDter 4. Acts election- it is not Democracy to assault an true value thereof, also whether Dr. PIERCE'S PELLETS f. i not Democracv to reuei 18 sougnt ior over-valuation or on lyaent on application free of charge.

1882, for any delinquent poll tax he may collect; and on the first Monday of February of each year, the sheriff shall furnish to one of the justices of the peace in each May 2 r89 lr. regulate and cleanse the liver, stomach and bowels. They are purely-vegetable and per- by druggists. 23 cents a vlaL the States. Better to disfranchise one or the other of the races at the South at once; yes, better to disfranchise the whites there, and expatriate them, than to familiarize the central government with interference with the ballot in tl-.

States. But the evil is upon us, and we are now exercised by tho inquiry where is the remedy It is now a fact accomplished notwithstanding the warning of such far-eeeing statesmen as the lamented Gov. Oliver P. Morton, of Indiana. How shall we rid ourselves of it, or minimize it3 pernicious effects The South is at her post of duty with attentive mind and listening ear, willing to bear her fall share of public burdens, but unwilling to have political ruin in her borders, and unwilling to paralyze capital from developing her resources, or to present obstacles to white immigration.

Shall the ballot remain as now adjusted, the whole country in the meantime taking the chances of the rapid increase of the blacks, and leaving, in the meantime, the whites a3 they now are in those localities where they are outnumbered? EDWARDS HOUSE! account of a valuation excess of the average valuation of similar property in the county. The following questions shall be appended to said blank: Have you any other property assessed for taxation? Have you any solvent credits or other thing (of value liable to taxation which has not been returned to the assessor? Is the value of your property liable to taxation, taken altogether, assessed for more than its real value? Is the assessed value of property in your neighborhood, in your opinion, assessed at its real value? Other questions may be added if the Auditor shall deem it expedient, in order DRS. BETTS BETTS, justice district in the county a full- list of delinquents for State poll tax, resident in the district of said justice respectively, which list shall state the fact of the delinquency of the persons named, and shall be sworn to by said and the same shall thereupon become prima facie evidence of the facts therein stated. Sec. 4.

That each justice, on receipt of said lists so sworn to by the sheriff, shall execute to said sheriff his receiDt therefor. Handsome Three Story Briek 38 St. Charles Street. New Orleans, La Addition Elegantly Furnished. Main Building E9paired and invite the supremacy of the criminal class, or those who are on the ragged edge to help in managing a campaign or winning an election; it is not Democracy to knowingly disobey and violate the law; it is not Democracy to break down the integrity of the party by preferring men to measures, by preferring partisans to principles; it is not Democracy to attempt to control and direct the influence of the party to accomplish the plunder of the people, or make of publio offices a means to the end of strengthening cliques, rings or combinations; it is not Democracy to deny to a political opponent the rightful exercise of the right of citizenship, or to declare that a man, being a Republican, has no rights that a Democrat is bound to respect.

And it does not help or strengthen such an assumption tosay that the Republicans are doing wrong wherever they are in the majority or have the power, as in the recent instances furnished by Speaker Reed. One wrong does not justify another. The Commercial believes in and sustains the Democratic party because it believes that the State and National Governments can best which shall be a release of said sheriff for furnishodl to enable the boards of supervisors to cor- I the total number of delinquents furnished Terms $2, $2.50 and $3.00 per Jfcij. icLijf equalize me property in meir re- uui oniy as- to any matter there- spective counties. Said affidavit shall be after occurring respecting said delinquents, filed and sworn to before any competent or failure thereafter to collect the same, officer of the county.

and said justice shall immediately issue a Sec. 3. The board upon receiving such warrant for the apprehension and arrestef applications and affidavits shall proceed to each delinquent noted in said list as mav 3P. W. IPJEESMES, Proiriotor.

HAY anil FEED! ctjuanic iuo uascseuieilb Ul real anu. pef tcomcui yyilUlU ills JUSIlCe OlStriCt and sonal property, and to grant relief where in their judgment it is proper to do so. They shall also examine the assessment roll in cases where no application has been made for relief, and ascertain if there be undervaluations which when corrected also for such others as were assessed in his district, but who had subsequently removed to other districts in said county, and said justice shall cause the constable, or the sheriff, if there be no constable in his district, to forthwith arrest all delinquents and bring tliem before said iustice for trial will leave the aggregate valuation of land be administered through such liberal inter- pretation of the laws as its principles per- in the county as much as before said equal- I as other persons charged with misdemea rnitnf and not because particular men hold ization. In making report of saideual- nors are now tried by law. mit of.

and not because particular Also Mowers, Rakes, Bale Ties, Wire Tighteners Sickle Grinders, Saw Mills, the celebrated Clark Cutaway Harrow Magnolia Gin, Farm Wagon Scales, Hay Stackers, Hay Gattereu The lightning Hay Press, ization to the Auditor of Public Sec. 5. That upon the trial nf rln. Accounts. -ii i If this be the deliberate judgment of the American people, of course there is no more to be said.

It has been said that the cure for the evil will appear in white immigration -m in the black belt which shall furnish a preponderance of our own race. It is true that the question, in large degree, ceases to be a question where the whites are in large majority. Tho only danger there arises from the balance of power, and the manipulation of demagogues. This is serious, and it is jt unlikely the black race may, by the balance of power, and solidification and they will be always solid in the nature of things practically govern the whole country. Still, the introduction of whites iuto the South is very desirable, and in mitigation of the evil.

The South is keenly alive to the importance of it, and is encouraging it in every way she can. If the whites will only come in sufficient numbers it will very much mitigate the trouble. Bat this is, at best, a doubtful and perfunctory remedy, and one which leaves out of view the propriety of the- mixture of races in the power to vote, and leaves quentfor the poll tax assessed against him by law, such delinq uent mav show in Ha. office or put themselves forward for office. For this leason it is opposed to the professional politician to the men who make or comprise the machine.

The machine is doing mischievous in politics. It regards the masses as merely a means to an end, in an cases wnere any reduction oi tne aggregate valuation of land in the county has resulted therefrom, the supervisor shall each make an affidavit that they have examined the land roll in accordance with thi 3 act, and that undervaluations 1 JiislP And all kinds of fence to said charge, that he has paid said poll tax, or that he was not liable to assessment as a poll tax payer, and if the justice shall adjudge the party guilty, he shall assess the fine against him of one dollar and costs, which costs are hereby fixed at one dollar for the justice, one "dollar for constable, including mittimus, andtwentv. IVTrT? IlTTG Debility.Spermatorrhcea T91 Nieht jl -LiAi v-r KJ seminal Jesses, sufficient to make up ior necessary reductions could not be found on said roll. Sec. 4 All alterations and corrections Emissions, Loss of Vital Powers, Sleeplessness, WILSON HEMINGWAY, 429 Capitol Jackson.

Miss. au 8 tf Despondenc xmbs oi uomusion ci Ideas. UlSSltUde. Gloominess Do shall be certified to the Auditor of Public Accounts, and entered on the duplicate five cents to the sheriff for Aversion tO SocietV. Easilv DinRniirairnd T.arV r.

A x- and smothers principle with greed for office. The machine is the curse of American politics everywhere, because it perverts principles and organization to its purposes, and leads to corruption." In ttie Chimney Corner. What do you see in the fire, my darling Gold-haired lassie beside my knee Is it a castle in Eldorado To it a. invm from o'er the sea land rolls in the office of the clerk of the said fine and costs shall be taid or Confidence, Dull, listless, Unfit for Study or Bus- SAM ASHER, board of supervisors, and that in the hands out as fines and costs are wnrW.i JPSSJi nn8Jlr? SAFELY, PERM A out bv costs are NENTLY and PRIVATELY CUBED. of the sheriff for his guidance in the collec against i.uuac wunitreu ui Winer OuCnCtS the criminal laws of the State.

Livery, Feed and Stable, Cor. W. Capitol Farish Sts. sec. 0.

lhat the justices of the peace shall maic full reports, and pay over all delinquent poll taxes collected by them on the first Monday of March in each year and at each regular meeting of the board of supervisors thereafter unless tion of the tax of 1890, 1891 and 1892. All laws now in force in relation to equalization of assessments and for reports and returns of same, shall remain in force except only so far as they conflict with this act. Any person aggrieved by any decis-sion of the board of supervisors under this act, shall have the right appeal as pro BLOOD AND SKIN Str most horrible in its results, completely eradicated without the use of mercury. Scrofula, Erysipelas. Fever Sores, Blotches, Pimples, Ulcers, Pains in the Head and Bones.Syphilitic SoreThroat, Mouth, Catarrh, PERMANENTLY CURED WHEN OTHERS HAVE FAILED TTX TXT A PV Sidney and Bladder UJAlliYXV Troubles, AVeak Back, Burmne Urinn.

FrMniti(v nf tt: 1 T. 1 VI JACKSON. MISS. mercirom dv saia Doaru: and nn fhnco davs the clerk of the vided in section 0U4 of the (Jode of 1880 For the purposes of carrying out the pro- shall revise said delinquent, lists by eras- Buy and Sell Horses and Mules at all times. visions or tnis act, tne Doards or supervis-1 mg all names who have paid or wnrkpd ors may remain in session ten days if busi- out their delinquent poll taxes, and high colored or with milky sediment on standing, Gonorrhoea, Gleet, Cystitis, etc promptly and safely cured.

Charges reasonable. To YouDg and Middle-Aged Men. "First-class Teams, single or double. Telephone No. 7P.

may30 891y. Leave the castle for others, lassie, Let the lover come whence he may Love is love in the humblest cottage, Never mind what the world may say. What is there in the flames, my darling Do you wonder what I can see The old white house and the little garden, Oh, how it all comes back to me Oh, the sound of the mill wheel turning, Oh, the scent of the lilac tree When I was a girl like you, my darling When your grandfather courted me. You wlil grow old like me, my darling Time will whiten your golden hair; You'll set at eve in the chimney corner. Dreaming and watching each empty chair.

You will not weep as you sit and ponder; You will remember granny's smile For we know that the hearts that are gone, my darling, Are but lost for a little while. Frederick E. Weatherly. out of view the possible greater ratio of increase of the blacks, which ultimately, may turn the whole country over to them. Colonization has many advocates, but it seems impracticable.

Education and christianization, are thought by some to be in themselves a sufficient remedy. This is a grave mistake. As a matter of fact, the races fraternize less in religion than any thing else. In the desire and effort to christianize, educate and elevate the negro, the people of all sections arc a unit. Toward this, the North, out of her abundant means, has contributed with great liberality tor twenty years, and the South during the same period, has submitted herself to very onerous taxation.

But education has small connection with the negro problem as it appears in the suffrage question. It furnishes no solution hardly a paliation of the evil. The dfficulty lies not in the ignorance of the negroes, for a large part of the whites are ignorant of governmental affairs, which they will not take the trouble to comprehend. It lies in the principles of human nature before referred to, and the want of ness require it, and if the equalization cannot be completed in ten days, they may continue longer, but shall in no case receive per diem for more than twelve days for aid meeting. Sec.

6. If it shall appear to the Auditor of Public Accounts tjjat the assessment of land in anv countv is so inc.nmnlata oni A SURE CURE fects of early vice. Which brimrs or tr an in wenkniu said lists to the justice of the peace for proceedings against those who have not been found or who have not paid. Sec. 7.

That the board of supervisors shall not allow any insolvencies, as provided in sec. 541, Revised Code of 1880 until the justices of the peace shall make their report, and then allow only such as cannot be found in the countv, or those who have died or removed from the county or who were exempt from the payment or a poll' tax, as lor erroneous assessments. Sec. 8. That any sheriff, justice of the both mind and body, with all ts dreadful ills permanently cured.

URETHRAL STRIC- NEWMAN'S HACK LINE! Hacks to Trains and all Parts of the City at any Hoiir. NosS receIved at residence by Telephone i 1.. I ft 4 IS -ft 'r HIU" urea i removal complete. Neither Knife, caustic or dilation without pain or imperfect that a satisfactory roll cannot be made by the board of supervisors and clerk as provided by this act, the said Auditor shall refer the matter to the Governor and the Attorney-General, who with the said Auditor shall have authority to order a new iujuij. l-iuui lUUllipUUlDie.

DR RFTTQ iddieBS tho9e who bave LsllOi DLL I ininaimri thumUi. fi peace or constaoie, iaiiing or neglecting to lm proper indulgences and solitary habits, which assessment in such county at the expense I do his duty as provided in The man with plenty of X's and V's Can well afford to take his E's, Terre Haute Express. And yet a and and Is pretty sure hii life to vex. ruin uoiu Doay ana mind, unfitting them for bui-ness, study and marriatre- II MARR1ED MEN, or those entering on that hap- ot the county, which shall be made in all tions-of this act, shall be deemed guilty of respects and under the same rules and a misdemeanor, and fined in a sum not less regulations as now provided by law. When than five dollars in each case or imprisoned said assessment may be made, it shall be in the county jail lor thirty days or by as binding in law as if made at the regular both such fine and imprisonment.

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A C. IL DELMAS. OUR SUCCESS Is based on facts. First Practical Experience. uiv u.i jiiwiiut ivi sgcuciu asuessmeni ou.

j.nai cnapter acts lbo4 oecona r-very case ia especially studied, thus MisB Eedingote "No, Atnt Brindle, I am not engaged. When I mnrry it will be a great man." Mrs. Brindle (doubtfully) "Well, I dunno. You can't always oi realty, xne Doara oi supervisors shall I proved March 15, 1884, entitled an Act secure the faithful collect inn nf siarune arignc j.niru Medicines are prepared laborator7 exactly to suit each case, th nn equalize ana correct sucn assessment at their regularmeeting on the first Monday personal taxes, be and the same is herebv I i i cuwuug luics wiiuoui injury. tell how a man will turn out.

Now there in August, 1890. The Auditor shall furnish in Ancrnat IHQil Tha AnililAo hubj, n. uwu'uj letter or can may aye you future suffering and shame, and add eol- uea years to me. t-JNo letters answered nn less nov28 2m ocranton. Jackson a Mi tlftsiah Miss Unndle "Now, you don't the necessary land rolls, and if such mean to say that Uncle Brindle has ever changes as the board of supervisors may distinguished himself?" Mrs.

Brindle make, render new rolls necessary, the Au- homogeniety in the races, and this nothing can so far overcome or modify as to make safe political affiliation. Repeal of the constitutional olause conferring the ballot is, of course, the only sweeping and certain remedy. Of course I do not suppose this will soon be adopted, and I hope the course of the black race may be such that it will never be absolutely necessary, but if they continue to put everything on a race issue the time will come when the white race of all sections will yield to necessity and have repeal. Every negro' political convention now adopts resolutions for 'race recognition," as they call it. Every delegation to the icpeaieu, auu iiiui, sucu part or parts of sections 540 to 544 inclusive of the Code of 1880 as may be repealed by chapter 3, acts 1884, be and the same are hereby revived-provided, that this act shall not be construed to affect in any manner the proceedings against any person for past delinquency, but all such shall be- nrocepdod auvuinpamea Dy cents id stamps.

Address or call on DRS. BETTS BETTS, "Well. I'll tell vou what he did. I sent uuor s.Dau. mrnisn tne same, tie you PRINTING ascertain in advance by corresrondennf INKS.

him down to the store with a ribbon the ot. nanes street, Ken Orleans, jL, MASUFACTUBBD BY and 318 Main Memphis Tenn. june6 ly with the county officers, the necessity for such rolls, and if he is satisfied that new copies are necessary, he shall supply the same. And the assessments, after being so equalized, including all apportionments made under this section after being equal- lODGE EVANS against as if this act had not been passed. 10.

In any supervisor's district in which there is a city of over inhabitants, or an7 part of such city, the board of supervisors may in their discretion appoint a special coustable who shall serve ail pro Health is tali! ATLANTA, GA. THE ONLY FACTORY IN THE SOUTH K3This office uses their Inks. i i i i 1 i i I i other day and he matched it." At a recent meeting the democratic editors of Nebraska adopted a resolution declaring their 'sympathies with the Farmers' Alliance in its great battle with transportation, protective tariff, and other monopolies; that we are more than ever convinced of the justice of Grover Cleveland's position on tariff refoim, and that we are in favor of some system of ballot reform which guarantees absolute secrecy and protection to the elector." izeu, snaii ue oinuing ana conclusive; provided, that no change in the assessment roll, for any cause whatever, after the equalization provided for by this act. shall cesses oi me justice oi me peace under the Provisions of this act, and collect the 1 A be made before the first day of March fol ueunqueub utAcs uuu uuea as iterem provided; he shall give bond payable to the State ia the sum of one thousand dollars and shall report monthly to the clerk of the board of supervisors and pay all collections into the county treasury on the warrant of the clerk. Sec.

11. That this act shall not apply to any one physically unable to work out his fines, and this act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage. Approved February 22, 1890. President is to ask appointments to office, not because of the fitness of the applicant and his party services, but 'to recognize their The idea of repeal interfering with political parties or detracting from Southern representation in Congress or the electoral college is a mere bug-bear of demagogues North and South, and finds no response in the hearts of the people or of real statesmen. With them, of both colors, the only question is what is best for the future of both races? There is no politics at the South now save the race question.

Uer people naturally adhere to any national party which is the least threatening to the encouragement of blaok domination. Let this fact be well understood, for it is a fact, and the Southern whites look to their Northern brethren, regardless of politics and politicians to save them. AK. IV Kj. WKST'S NEEVJ5 AND BRAIN TkKAT- I STATE BUSINESS COLLEGE MERIDIAN.

-mtsb Senator Ingalls, it is said, is preparing for another speech. Probably he is going to explain why the black man isn't prosperous in the republican State of Kansas, which he represents in the Senate. Let her go, Senator. Harrodsburg, (Pa Post. for thorough Conner- cial Train in illustrated catalogue.

FRY OSTIEN, Propr' juez it. W. E. TODD, M. D.

1-5 AN ACT to amend chapter (12) twelve of the acts of 1883, entitled an act for the relief of certain soldiers and sailors and servants of officers, soldiers and sailors of the war between the States. Section 1. Be it enacted by the Legisla guarauirea speciuc ior Hysteria, Dizziness. Convulsions, Fite, Neirous Neuralgia, Headache. ww bT the us of alcohol or tobacco.

Wakefulness, Mental Depression, Softening of the Brain resulting in insanity and ieadine tp misery, decay and death. Premature Old Age. Barrenness, Loss of Power in eithw sex, Involuntary Losses and Sepermatorrhoea caused by overexertion of the brain, self-abuse or over-indulgenc. Each box contains one month's treatment, 81 oi a box, or six boxes for 85.00. sent by mail prepaid on Teceipt of price.

WE GUARANTEE SIX BOXES To cure anv case. With eacn order received by us for six boxes, accompanied with t5.00, we will send the purchaser our written guarantee to refund the money if the treatment does not effect cun. Guarantees issued only by R. R. XEDDETTER, octn-iyl SoiK agkmt.

An Alabama murderer, who was hanged a few days ago, smoked a cigar on the way to the gallows. The difference between the cigar and the murderer simply is that one went up in smoke and the other went np in the air. In reply to a reporter Russell Sage said: Offers hi professional sorvip in- xene of Jackson and vicinity. Office Helm-Kells Building oter Monteomerv'ft Khno tii I residence. No.

05 West street. lowing; nor between the first day of September and first day of March following of any year. Sec. 6. If in any injunction or other suit now pending, or which may hereafter be brought to restrain or prevent the collection of taxes, it shall be determined that any assessment hereafter made was void for any reason so that the taxes claimed or involved in such suit cannot be collected, then the board of supervisors may, at any regular or called meeting, cause the property which has escaped taxation to be reassessed for the year, or years, in which taxes were not paid thereon, and when assessed, and equalized and corrected by the board of supervisors, it shall be in all respects as valid and binding as if made at the regular time provided by law.

It shall be the duty of the sheriff and tax-collector when collecting the taxes of 1890 to collect the back taxes required to be assessed by this section, and in case of default, the landupon whiehtaxe may be unpaid shall be sold for all taxes due thereon, including 1890 and any past year. Such sale shall be at the time now provided by law, and subject to all laws now in force for the sale of land delinquent for taxes, unless in conflict with this act. Sec. 7. The board of supervisors of any county in which injunction, or other suits to prevent the payment of taxes may now be pending, are hereby authorized, with the approval of the Auditor of Public Accounts and the Attorney-General, to compromise and settle such taxes on a fair and equitable basis, and the State taxes shall be settled on the basis agreed upon, but this section shall not be construed to conflict with the preceding section, or to suspend action thereunder until such compromise is made.

Such taxes may be compromised on the basis of the equalization or reassessment provided for in this act, and the taxes made payable at the same June 14. '88 -tf. "I refuse to let my left hand know what my right hand is doing." Yet when it comes to cellaring dollars both of Russell's hands seem to flap together in sweet and perfect i ture of the State of Mississippi, That section 1 (one) be amended by inserting after Mississippi in the eijrht line and any one who at the time of enlistment was a resident of Mississippi and who enlisted from a different State and since the war has returned to Mississippi, and the widow of such person; and amend section (2) second by striking out twenty-one thousand and inserting in lieu thereof thirty thousand. Approved. February 24, 1890.

QrattO 3HJL 3irinD3H unison. Bui's Qatar Record brakers: Lover Don't with mm urn JO nonxwrrqx tr i poS Why should the negro have this dangerous power of suffrage He has had free dom suddenly thrust upon him. Of all the peasantry on the planet he is the best paid for his labor, the best fed, the best housed, the best clothed, and he has the absolute certainty of growing rich with moderate industry and economy. In the administration of the criminal law, it is notorious that, because of his ignorance, he is absolutely favored by the courts, while his property rights in judicial proceedings, are perfectly protected, and he is furnished free with every advantage of education. The president well called attention in his inaugural address to the danger of suffrage bestowed too freely on immigrants even of our own race, from foreign countries.

He is right in this and the danger is greater in bestowing it on another race which can never amalgamate or be made homogeneous with the Caucasian. hold your consent on account of my income, sir I can support. your daughter on $25 a week." Pater "Then you are a imss jim dandy, I never if xs .4. klLVrFEVtin mat Probably deuces "What have yen Cleanses tlie Nasal Passages, Allays Pain and Inflammation. Ileal the Sores.

Restores tne Senses ot Taste and Smell. got asked the minister of the coachman AN ACT to amend an Act entitled "An Act reserving State Lands to the citizens thereof, and fixing the price of the same." Approved February 17 ih, 1890. Section 1. Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Mississippi, That the first section of the act named in the title hereto be and the same is hereby amended by inserting after the words "Lowry Island Lands" wherever they occur the following: "Aed except the lands commonlv known as who rang his door-bell. "One pair," replied the coachman, as he opened the carriage door for the eloping couple.

i When it takes a young man half an hour to put on a girl's skates and she de- AnooiO 'Xioraare ARaajaa 'lT 2 Wqtnr ak jo saoMJ nXs unu 9m jo ama2iBitp ccnooi lianas ana other sr.hnnl TRT THE CORE iWfiSUiiiJ lands' That the negro fought for the Union is true, but he fought for his freedom. He has been awarded what he fought to obtain, and with his pension, and there was no warrant in his expecting to share in the rotes twenty-five minutes to tying his time as the taxes of 1890. UDon filing ai Sec. 2. This Act shall take effpt.

necxtie it is generally safe to regard them 4 as engagea. written agreemenof Inch settlement in and be in forw from and after iU passage wfe- i1 fiSSgSFV the office oi the clerk of the board of super- Approved February 22, 1890. passage' SSItSSot TifinlM. i -ma retail trade. We are tM ot;.

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