The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 7, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 7, 1940
Page 6
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PAGE STIC BLYTHEVruJJ (AKR.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7, 1940 Gafego To Gallop Again Rice-Or : S.M.U. Will Fill Vacancy In Dallas Cotton Bowl NEW YORK. Dec. 7 (UP)—Th? . \940 football season closes officially today and the outcome of one • :arn e—Rice-Southern Methodist at -Houston. Tex.—will decide who Bills'the, last vacancy in the New Year's Day bowl lineup. Eleven "games will be played from coast to coast but only six are of major-league variety—Rice- SMU, Southern California-Notre Dame at Los Angeles; Citadel- South Carolina at Charleston, S. C.. Florida-Texas. Gainesville. Fla.. Aiiburn-Villanova, M o n t g o m e ry Ga., and San Francisco-Texas Tech, San Francisco. The "game at Houston will deckK •.vho'll face Fordhom in the Cotton Bowl at Dallas and also determine whether the Texas Aggies are going to break precedent and become the first team in histqry to win (.he Southwest conference title two years in succession. The Aggies already have completed their season and have won five and lost one in conference competition. Rice and S. M. U. are bracketed next with four and one. Should these teams play to a tie today, then the Aggies get the title. Should the game go to a decision, then the winner ties for the title. If the Aggies win the championship outright, they will -get the Cotton Bowl bid. If-the race ends in a tie. then the bowl bid will be decided by conference votes. If it is the Aggies, then the cast according to an early line issued today by one of the section's leading gridiron betting commissioners probably will be on the short end of the bowl betting. The commissioner said that the Aggies probably would be established as early favorites at odds of around 7 or 8-to 5. If it's S.M.U or Rice, then ' the opening price ' probably-will be 6 to 5, take yoiu choice. ; / The commissioner quoted n price oh the Sun Bowl game be 'tween Temple Teachers and Wes.t em Reserve because no one hdc yet asked for a bet and he sai that the east probably will be fav ored over the west in the all-sta game at San Francisco but was no quoting any price until the pei sonnel of the respective teams completed. ' The longest opening odds wer quoted on the Rose Bowl. If yo want to .bet Nebraska, you can g 2 to 1 .''but if you want, to pla Stanford you. must lay 12 to 5. That's so the commissioners can come out ahead no matter who wins. In the Orange Bowl, Mississippi State is a 17-10 favorite if you want to play Georgetown. If you bet the; other way, you must lay 19-10.; 4-In the Sugar Bowl, pairing unbeaten and untied Tennessee and Boston College in the only New Year's -game featuring perfect record elevens, the Southern squad is favored. The Volunteers are 9 to 5 if you want to risk a few bucks on B. C.. while you must lay 11 to 5 if you want to ride with the favorite. Lott And Monty On Card Again Jimmy Lott and Bob Montgomery, two crack mat performers who made their debut at the American a - \; , r\ , ! Legion arena here a week ago, will •ganization Votes Lhang- : a ,, ain ;u on next week , 3 pl . ograin In Rules To Solve ! Monday nisht. This time Lotf will Draftee Matter "Wild Red" Roberts of Little Hock will bs; the opponent 01' Mont- ATLANTA, Ga.. Deo. 7. (UP)--The selective service program has appropriated a word from baseball Ther ^ Lwo 1)oub; V ' U1 be ifl the nature- of a double feature and language and minor league men i each bout will be two out gi were thinking twice before they U>«* fa»s. ^ minute time limit. said "draft" today as they moved toward Chicago lo consult the majors on the problems of players in- ; ;1 ( ' losi ducted into military training. At its meeting here, th<> Nation- I al Association of Professional Base- Key Men in Pro Football Playoff Votl Zu P- ui ha -' 5 appeared here several times and should give Lett tch, but many mat followers believe that LOLL is one of ^ hc fastest performers to appeal l»w in lhe P^t y eiir - Montgomery ball Clubs Voted to place players i is a classy matman and his j drafted by Uncle Sam, on the volun- i battle with Roberts will attract tary retired list without their count- ; "U'«y lovers of the grappling sport. ing against the clubs' inactive player limit. But when an amendment. was introduced to cover baseball players drafted in the baseball sense— by clubs in higher leagues— complications developed ,and the entire action had to be rescinded. Judge W. G. Bramham, president.! of the association, finally appointed i a. committee to work out the prob- j n ,, , r-j »«• • T 1 ' lems with baseball high commis- j bulldogs DUl'y Miami LJpJ,- sioner K. M. Land is and major league heads at the big league -meeting in Chicago starting Monday. The amendment as introduced by the association's executive commit- versity, 28 To 7 3 At Miami George "Bad News" Cafcgo, All-America halfback and outstanding player ot" 1939 as a member of the University of Tennessee volunteers, returns to the South as a professional performer next Sunday nl Crump Stadium. Memphis, Term. Cai'ego will appear in the ineup of the Richmond, Vs.. Arrows against the Chicago Indians. He viH run figainst Gay Ion Smith, the former Southwestern ace. pass and kick against Parker Hall, All-America halfback from. Ole Miss. One of. the outstanding football attractions ever ottered MidSouth 1'ans at popular prices, the game is certain to attract a huge crowd. Today's Sport Parade % HENKY MeLEMORK before the World War when the Irish, with Rockne and Dora is ai stars, licked the Army and moved into national prominence. I promise you it would be a staggerin; sum of money, even to the citi- ice would call for refunding of the price of players who were called into military service within 60 days after reporting to clubs which had selected them from lower leagues or claimed them on waivers. Ordinary player deals and sales would be covered automatically by the same amendment unless the parties to each transaction stipulated beforehand what should be done in case the army drafted one of the principals. 'Frank Shaughnessy, president of the International League, contended the amendment was "potentially one of the most dangerous ever submitted" to the minor league association. Clubs usually have' a r^adv use for money obtained -in player deals. Shaughnessy said, and the problems of refunding, especially when it 'involved players as well as money, would cause confusion and H-will. The possibility of trades involv- MIAMI. Fla.. Dec. 7 (UP)—Flying Frankie Sinkwich lived up to advance notices last night and led the Georgie Bulldogs to a 28-7 victory over Miami University's Hurricanes in Burdine Stadium. Georgia was behind 7-0 at the half, but Sinkwich took care of that in short order. He ran 15 yards to the Miami 32. On the next play he wriggled right down to the two-yard marker. Then he plugged over and Costa converted. A few minutes later. Sinkwich crossed the Miami goal again, but a clipping penalty nullified the score. Frankie promptly brought his team to the Miami eight with two passes, and Allen scored. Costa kicked the extra point again. In the final quarter, Sinkwich circled left end for 20 yards and another touchdown. A pass play. Demonstration Club News Notes Ti> Have Party Armorel Home Demonstration club will have its annual Christmas party Tuesday at the home of Mrs. Howard Caldwell. It will be a Dutch luncheon to which all members are invited, those in stated today. H:tvi» Quilting; Party Members of the Dodwoou Home Demonstration club met Wednesday at the home of Mrs. W. S. Langdon for a quilling party. Mrs. J. H. Smart Sr., and Mrs. Rivers Dickinson were guests. A quilt was completed for Mrs. Langdon and another was made for the club to present to Mrs. J. A. Payne in appreciation for her work as chairman. During the business session, Mr:;. R. E. StringR'.- gave a report of the bingo party at. the club he use. Mrs. P. B. Jarnut. canning- chairman, urged each one to turi^' in her report of her canning al. the next meeting, Dec. 11 ut the club 'house. Plans were made to meet with Mrs. John Burks Tuesday for an all da youilting on the quilt which the club is presenting Mrs. Craig, who recently lost all her household goods in a fire. Mrs. E. A. Craig and Mrs. G. P. Scrape, hostesses, served refresh- men Us. To del to Goodman. brought Georgia's fourth and final play. Likes Domesticity KINSTON, N. C. 1.UPJ—A big frog hopped into the barber shop of C. C. Hill five years ago. Hill provided living space for the hefty croaker under a water pipe, and the frog — apparently contented— has been living there ever since. Read Courier News want ads. STORIES IN STAMPS South America's Condor Tower Dives' for Fun WHEN a condor wants to frolic,' " he "power dives 1 '—folds his •wings and falls 1000 feet or more, reaching a speed estimated at 180 miles -an hour. His huge wings are suddenly extended, and he soars aloft to repeat the performance. This vulture of the Andes, pictured on Ecuador's stamp above,* and his California cousin, are the largest birds in the air. Wings measure 10 feet from tip to tip in many adult specimens. They feed on-carrion and the structure of .their feet belies stories that they. 'LOS ANGELES. Dec. 7. (UP)— What's in a name? tingle. Well, there's a small fortune (and I gay Ismail" only because money came so easily in-my cotton, picking and chopping;.days in Dixie) it you'nre a football team ?.nd your name happens to be N T otre Dame. There may be better teams, year In and year out, than Notre Dame. but there isn't any better name when it comes to pulling in the -.uslomers and making them put "he money on the line. The Irish •ire box-office, beautiful box office, and with the exception of Army and Navy have no genuine competitors as a football attraction. And ences ; you almost have to throw out the Cadets and the Middies because part of their appeal is based on the military maneuvers and superb cheering of the corps. Notre Dame offers no side Attractions. It hns no synchronized cheering sections that puts 01 whirling drills. " It doesn't tote : •)i\nd. around, and it doesn't go in •"or high power pressure. It relies the name of Notre Dame—i name that more than any othei means football. It, is helped, o course, by the fact that it is th national football school. Thousand upon thousands who never pu foot on a campus have adopted the Irish as their varsity eleven, and sweat and bleed and suffer with them as keenly as does the rawest sophomore at South Bend. You couldn't want any greater proof of Notre Dame's tremendous football prestige than will be offered here today when the men from Indiana take on Southern California in the giant- Coliseum, that pile of concrete which is a hangover from the 1932 Olympics •md a happier day when the athletes of the world played at games and not for keeps." How many persons do you think see this game? Just enough to! make for the biggest football crowd of the year, that's all. A safe es- j rimate is that 90.000 will be in the stands at game time. That's quite a tribute to Notre Drme's ^rawfiig power. The Irish i aren't fighting for n national \ Thev aren't zens of this country who have be- »ng ' players .with the "handicap 1 come accustomed to a government of low draft order numbers was that speaks glibly of millions, bil- also pointed out by the Interna- lions, and trillions. It would prob- tional League head. The committee appointed by ^ooter Wins Pair From Holland Teams ably even make Jesse Jones' ears How is the game going to come out? I'll tell you. Notre Dame 20, Southern Cal 7. W. S. Johnston Is Wild Life "Key Man" W. S. "Johnston has been named \ "county, key man" in the Arkanas Wildlife Federation which has been reorganized. . The "key men" will call county meetings to name delegates to attend congressional district confer - Fronv these will follow selection of names to be submitted Lo Governor-elect Homer M. Adkins for appointment to the Game and Pish Commission. Judge Bramham to iron out the many wrinkles in the problem with *h« majors ^ext T «eek '' himself, President Elmer Daily .of the Mid-Atlantic League. Sari Mann of the Atlanta ball club, President George Trautman of the American Association", Dr. E. M. Wilder of the South Atlantic- League nnd George Weiss of Newark. Men Plan Club Suppers . The majors attended the minor league meeting in force but there were few deals. The two most important gave the Brooklyn Dodgers catcher Mickey Owen from St. Louis Cardinals in exchange foi catcher Gus Mancuso. pitcher John Pintar and cash, and the Chicago Cubs got shortstop . Billy Myers from Cincinnati for infielder Bobb.\ Mattick. outfielder Jimmy Gleeson and another player to be named later. A member of the Yankees' for- lammy Baugli. left, and Sid Luckinnn pass, kick and run for Red- kins and Chicago Beans, respectively. They lead clubs in playoff for National League championship in Washington, Dec. 7. How Greece Fits Into Colorado COOTER. Mo., Dec. 7. — The Cooler Wildcats opened their season last night with a double victory at the opening of their new gymnasium by defeating the Holland teams in a double header. This was also Holland's first game. The Cooter girls won easily by a score of 19-2(5. Coach Lois Tipton played her second team the last quarter. The Cooter boys took an early lead later letting Holland get in the lead and the last quarter was a close battle throughout, a few seconds before the game was over the score was 23-23. Hopper for Cooter made a free shot giving Booter the lead b yone point. Ralph Jones, captain of the Cooter Club Has Holiday Party Mrs. John Clouse entertained 14 members of the Promised Land Home Demonstration club Wednesday afternoon with a Christmas party at her home. Mrs. Felix Hill presided. Several games and contests were conducted. Mrs. Tom Clouse, Mrs. James McGaughey, Mrs. Crawford and Mrs. Paul Nokes received prizes in the bingo game. Winners of the jumbo pitching contest were Mrs. Hill. Mrs. Ace Woods, Mrs. Joe Hill and Mrs. Houston Skelton. At the conclusion of the social hour, Christmas gifts were presented. The hostess served a sandwich plate a combination salad and sandwich plate. The next meeting will be with Mrs. Emmit Wilson Wednesday, Jan. 1. Read Courier News want ads. — PRESCRIPTIONS, Safe - - Accurate Your Prescription Drugglftt Fowler Drug Co. Main Flnt LOGIC! 6NIY AND YOUR OIDT1RE . SIZE 6.00 x ] KILMARNOCK. Va. (UP)—Male mer world champions, outfielder members of the Kilmarnock School' Jake p ow ell. was sold to the San League grew tired of the usual Prftnc j sco seals of the Pacific Coast food and "ethreal salads" served as League the group's regular suppers, so a men's committee, headed by Russell MacMcans. has displaced the women in planning the supper menus. The amount, of coin and currency in circulation in the United States reached a hi£h of $7.679,Rend Courier News want ads. 000.000 on Dec. 20. 1939. THE MAD RUSSIAN - - - By Art LOU champions of their section. Twice bf.aten—frst by Iowa and then by Northwestern—they are just winding up a rather "unhappy season.] Nothing to gain, not a great deal' to lose. The sale of tickets can't be credited to Southern California's pull at the turnstiles. The Tro- inns. even before they were ban- lied and battered by any number of teams, didn't perform before 90.000. They didiv't have that pert cf crowd when they were still attack living anknals. ' ; I in the running for national and - The condor is a last link xvithi f! acnfic c .? ast honors ' Certainly the prehistoric age of saber- ihpv arent anv ™ f attractlon -toothed tigers, elephants, earned and sloths of America's Pleisto-; icene period. Skeletal remains ofi ? condors twice as large as modern! 'species''have been found in the*. :asphalt pits of California. Al-i 'though abundant in .South Amer-i !ica, the California condors have .been decreasing and conservation! 'authorities -are making every! 'effort- to protect.the .birds. «^ they aren't any great attraction today, in addition jo the defeats they have suffered, they are at their lowest ebb physically. The flu epidemic hit the squad with a full power play, and upwards of fifteen of the Trojans have! been hospitalized during the week. It would be interesting, not only to a sports fan but a financier, to go through the football books at Notre Dame and see what the team has grossed since that day COMBS Id CtiWGO CU8S:$ COAST LEA& AND SHOWING my 'IN PRACTICALLY/ .ALL OTH£K A &OOD SNOU6H , THE MAD ONL1 DUE lo THE FACT IS A SAP BALL boys was outstanding player for I the evening. He was high point man with 1C points. Kenley was high pointer for Holland with 9 points. Lineup: Cooter girls — N. Fitx- maurice' 7. Weinsfield 3. Brown 16. M. Fitzmatirice. Wright and Green. Substitutes—Webb.' Brown. Riddick. Jones and Wagster. Holland girls—Edwards 2. Slaten 5. Bunch 2. Bingham. Stiles. Lovall. Substitutes — Capehart. McArthur. Gaines, Hurst and Griddle. Cooter boys—Barger 4. Threet 4. Jones 16, Woodward and Hopper 4. Substitutes—McGee. Parham and Templeton. ,. Holland boys—Pinkston 5. Kenley 9. McConnick. Hendershot. Bunch 8 and B. Kinley. Lyon of Jonesboro was referee. Approximately 800 spectators witnessed the game. Greece, with an area of 50.257 square miles, easily fits into the state of Colorado, whose area is twice that of the invaded Balkan nation. The population of Greece. 7,196.900, is seven times thut of Colorado. Inset map shows comparative size of Colorado with U. S. F.OR A Middle East Head of 'Tree French/' Former Local Pro Is Now At Palatka, Fla. Ltxnier Reed, former golf professional at the Blytheville Country Club r has accepted a position as pro at the Palatka Golf and Country Club at Palatka, Fla. A native of Atlanta. GaV-where he began his professional career in 1928. Mr. Reed has been connected with a number of clubs throughout the country. Last summer he was pro at the Marshalltown, la.. Country Club. He was connected with the Blytheville Country Club in 1939. Bobcat Hunting Good BTNGHAM. Me. (UP) — Maurice Monson shot four bobcats in one week near Bald Mountain. He sold j the pelts and got an additional $60 state bountv. STANDARD TIRE, s Read Courier News wont ads BUY YOUR HOLIDAY LIQUORS & WINES BY THE CASE AND SAVE MONEY Complete Stock BLYTHEVILLE LIQUOR SHOP 107 S. 2nd Phone 16" BUY NOWI PAY LATERIj BUDGET PLAN TIKIS as low as CHAXOI SO WlBt PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5ih & Walnut Phone 810 Dr. Saliba's Clinic EYE, EAR. NOSE and THROAT 128 E. Kentucky Ave.. Corner Franklin & Kentncfcv GLASSES FITTED J. A. Saliba. M.D.. M-E., Ph.G. Office Phone 418. Res. 4U) Roys Dye Hair Rlomlc COALINGA. Cal. (UP)—A number of Coalinga Union High School boys dyed their hair a golden tint during <i fad for "golden hair," causing sharp speculation among their school girl companions. General Georges Catroux. above, former commander of the armed forces in French Indo-China. \vas recently appointed head of the "Free French" forces fighting wsth Britain in the Red Sea. Balkans. r.r.d Middle East areas. WRESTLING Jimmy Lott vs. Red Roberts vs. arl \fon Bob Montgomery American Legion Arena. Monday ,8 p. m. Try Our "Warm-Morning" Sentry Coal, For the New Warm Morning Stoves GAY & BILLINGS, Inc. PHONE 76

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