The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 15, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 15, 1937
Page 5
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MONDAY, NOVEMBER IB, 1037 CLASSIFIED ! ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rale per line for consecutive insertions: One (inio per line )0o Two times per line iior day ...08c Tlircc limes per line per day ..Me hue I lines IXT line por day 05e Monlli rate per lino 60c Curds of Thanks 50c & 75c Minimum charge DOc Ads ordered (or three or six times and stopped before explrn- Hon will Ire charged for (lie number of times the add appeared and (l.iuslmnit of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing out- lide of the city must IK < (>niiiod by cash. Hates may be .'aslly computed from above table. Advertising ordered fov Irregular j.scrllons takes (lie one time rate. No responsibility will be taken for more than one incorrect iiu-cr- lloii of niiy classified ad. Business Directory Have your Mattress rebuilt, mndc like new. Our plant has the best equipment and our workmen arc experienced. Our prices ate reasonable. IVVII.LK RJAT'i'KIiSS FACTORY Phone 589 200 Sycamore TEXA(JO ~GAS Kl'/ic Gal. Nice Frcsli KEELFOOT CRAP»>IE and • 50c I LOOK- LOOK- Personal VAGB VlVh WHY TAKK A CHANCUV Si: 10 THICSK KAKliAINS TODAY 'iS 1'iml V-S l : cnlor, lladio Hc:iler $1'..~>.VO \M Chevrolet Coui:e. Xew (ires, original |iaici( ... SISIH'U 33 CliiT. Sedan, clly ili-iv-n S'ilU.UU 35 Tord Coach, lladiu .V Klrby's Tasteless CHILL TONIC Contains More, Quinine—More Iron MM.AUIAI. emu.S and IT.VKK BWAMr FliVEIi — AGUE FKYKU Al All Kliby Drag Slor«» Late Victoria Nyauzu, in Africa, has an nren of 2U,500 square miles. I'XECTitic a ACBTVUJNK"" WELDING AT BEST 1'RICES PROMPT SERVICE ! Barksdale Mfg. Co, PHONE J» WAHMMi OltlHvU | Mary lyola jonlini, Ueli-nihml.* IN TUB CHANCERY COUlff,' ,'' h ''/ U '" 1Ul "'! t ' Mm '- v Ml1 Jy| - CII1CKASAW1U D 1ST HI Or! """' ls Wlllm ' ( ' <" W'»' «llhin MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, AilK- ANSAU. 1'aul Jordan. I'lalntlll, vs. No. 05l>'8 I IViil Ccui'ti, nnv paint elean ear :K riymoinii CuaHi, Ural COAL d in niylli id ii|). Afl C HARRY BAILEY'S Delivered in Blylhevillc I'or S1.75 and up. Afl Coal Guar anteccl. At the Stale Line rhonc s-F-4 Si 878. Batteries Cuatlt, original ) Chcv. r:iiut ) I'cid Coupe, IK see this one 5 Tord I'tinlcr, dilicncd it. s ..S1M.WI N. W. TltANTHAM I:OAI, co. COAL PHONE 964 Used Trucks & Cars ItWli Chevrolet pick-up ,.$J7 Ciooci Tiros. ItWt PI- (mi Clicviolot 15S" W.II. Stnkf . •Hih truck Is a good bny IfJl I'i to'n Chevrolet 133" W. 13. Stake Body ............... 5250.00 A-I Mechanical condition. AU. THUC'KS tiUARANTEED TO 1'ASH STATE INSPECTION 11. M. CliAU), Clerk .. -•--. n Hy Klli'aljcth lluddv ,1).C. iiiity days in the i-uurl named (u-ni' 1-;, Dimllcy (Attv .id" Mteim n Hie eaptton hereof and answer c. V ,i;«))H'r lAUv lor pllfi tin- ivuiiilttlnt of the itlnltitlfl, Paul Jordan. Dated ihls li day of Novcuibrr SAVE MONEY mi I'KKII TIKKS ami liA'lTKlilKS K. M. LARKIN rii'iiii' 10.1 eonlnln 'J-l per cent ol oil. Klelil {.Vncralloiis llsu Spoon ItAVt.NA, O. (UI')-A SOO-ycnr- eld butter ladle, limidcd down tlnoiiijh olv,lil nencratibns, Is owned by Mrs. T. O. annul). Ambulance Service DAY & Niairr CALL 661 Holt Funeral Home J. C. EVANS llitt UIH lU.vthcvlllc. Aik. DMi-Irt Manacer IIAM1I.TON 'VlltlST TVJNU SpnasDU'il Hy ll.milltim Dcpuiiltor.s Corp. We SiH'i'iiili/.c In if PRESCRIPTIONS-^Phone I'll FOWLER DRUG STORE G. 3U I'crd \'-3 COUIM-. ;i rc:il buy ..................... .S1H.OU <;onic by Today, We Tradi: Kcmcnilivr, Wo (;ive YIIII,;I Wriltcn Money I!;ick Ciiiir- on all li. cv (I. <J;irs. HSLLSPS USED Bsed Car Values '« Itulek roach (40 Rcrlnl &95.UU ':« Olilsnioljilo sedan .... 5005.06 '3(i tllCV. .M;lstC r Couth . , fVJ5.Ul) '31 riymoulli CoiU'h ...... S2».II'J Mure Iruvks; O.S1.U.. Cheiroleli, Vlcx-Vfs. i<,.. ton sly.- es, Iroth sbgrt & loii^. "sec llicm In fore you buy. Wv. arc i-()iilii|H'il (o .srrvlce any nil 1 . "Let us XVIiilerije your car." Lee Motor Sales 5lh ,v vvitlnui Itoy C'alrin Sls I'lioiir 1UU Useii Car I)C|il. BATTERY SEKV1CE J. Ben Ciune Phone 8 at Tom Jarttson'g Radio ~~RADIO SERVICE WADE FURNITURE CO. PHONE 155 WE 2ND HAND FURNITURE HubljEol 2nd Ffand Funiiture Stores Plume 1031 I'hmiG 52) Xe.vt to Cioil Hotel lilaiii & L«k« Tailors TKADK VOim OU) SUIT IN ON A NEW ONI) GKOJUJli L. iMDIlt "Blythcvillc's Only Tailor" On Railroud south of Main St. Furniture New mid Uscil Furniture at Rnck Boiiom_!'nccs. Wli ISUY, SEU, ,t TICAIJi; Arian-Morris Furniture Store 126 K. Main Phone llij Slioe Repairing Quality Shoe Shop Today the only bargain in shoe irp.-iiving is Quality mntcrinls ,^ vvorkniii.iship. Rubber Heels. 25e ill). Soles 50c up. Dyes. I'olishcs, luces. Any Kliocs dyed black. Me. Tree Delivery Plionc 1'JO H. B. Campbell An 11011 neeuient AI.ADDIX LAMP TAKTS CK\ H5c VINE 1UIRKK HDAV. CO. For Sale lieai), 1930, l'-j ton ionj; wlicel l«.';c Chevrolet truck, with high stock rack. Full tarpaulin cover. A-l eondition. Phone 127, Blythe- vlllc. 8-ck-3 Stveamlinc COAL •! by '2 •(£<• sc.oo per ton (j by •»• luni|i $G.2u per" ton Kim Tiautham Phone 47 WALLPAPER Kcw 13:iS p.Uterns. Some bargains in 1937 still left. ARK-MO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 G room mortem house nt 1500 W. Ash, for sale or trade. See J. \V. Maloncy, Clark and Railroad Sts. My home place. 2 acres, 5 room IiL'usc. electric lights, clccfcrie pump. Good smokehouse. Good stables, Pnce reasonable. W. D. Osborne's blacksmith shop, 133 Franklin. 16-pk,-Il-l(i Tivo roui|)!e(cly modern remoticlecl henscs on Holly. Call Mrs. S.S. Stcrnberg at 984 or come to 1209 Holly before 10 a.m. 30ckt( Gtaiuiarrl Reference Boots. Complete 10 volume set with Loose Leaf MnUcr. Call 230 or 792. 20. ooo For Rent rto room house, unfurnished. 8(M S. Lake. 15-pk-19 Furnished house on Holly. Call Mrs. S. S. Sternberg at OM. • 12-ck-lfl Nlrcly finni.shod bcdiooius. Steam 1 heat, (ill V,'. Main, Phone 280.'• 1-ck-tfj Small stole en Ash Street near | railroad. Reasonable rent. Ap|>ly tioldslciu Hide and nir Co. 10-ck-H Ronins with iiiea^s. Near halli. Mrs. B. !•'. Lonin. 100 Kentucky. 9-pk-lU We Give EAGLE STAMPS PiCKARDS GROCERY 1011 Chtckasawba Flione 6<S Expert Glass Ctittinff Aiito glass, desk Inns, balh- rooin shelves cut to "rdcr, circles & picture frame glass. WE DELIVER Rlylhevillc Paint & Wallpaper Co. Phone 880 111 So. 2iut .Move '-'1,1 from M'. Miiin. Hold to I'hon — For iradc e 2.1<). , T , 1 ]\j a ) e „,. , Wanted _ __ ABLE MAN to distribute Families, 1 rcrraplaue~4lloor sc'clan. Nice car! llnn «"= Coffee Route. Up to $45 Cicod condition, ecod (ires. Trade, f week - A«'nniobllc uiven as 1 bonus. Write Alberl Mills. 123G for lot or small house Co. Thomas j 13-ck-20 Mciniicuth. Cincinnati. O. Lost nrindlc IJjiil Irnier. wliile .uunl.- : ings. Cellar with lag 170. Naitali Toby. Reward. Phone 429-w. j iV:C<?'cri« * tteclrlc \VELD'tNO l>cl(a Implements, tna. SPECIAL 40c HOTEL NOBLE Itnily Wiirk, I'ainl Our MiTchauts I'liiU- Delta Implements, Inc. WANTED Auto Tires FARM LOANS isoo Arhunsa.s and Missouri l.o»rt.l ratfs—luwi'sl Also cliy DON U. KASSKKMAN Thom.n Ijind GO. Olllce P. 0. JVi.v ,.|VO, I'lmiie B27. You liiul Thai WINTER CHECK-UP? W.vllievllle iron & Metal Co. 517 W. Ash 1'hone 418 If Not Don't Delay It's Time... COAL PHONE 76 6AY& BILLINGS Don't put on this necessary precaution. It means safely to your car. onus Mo to i See Us For ~ Prestone & Correct Lubricants iun MOTOR co. Walnut j'hon e 810 MARTIN WELL, WOW THAT WE'VE GO71EM RID OF OL' GUI WHAT ARE WE GOMMA DO ^-/ A\.V& OOP EMEM " r " ITSA YOU'RE WAWTIM', { RIGHT NOW.' R3R£5IGH1 CARE OF7HAT LI17LE WAITEft MVSELP. SEE-PRESTO.' VOO CAN STOP VOUR IVOULPA MADE USA GOOD WKJ6-OMLV HE'S GOT 6LOO GOOFU5..TOO.' . .. . -^MV OF BOWE HAVE GOT VOU > KWOCKED RIOHT J 6CWUD WIZEK SO-WEVEALL GOSH, ' BOV THIWKS Of EVEE.V- THIWCi- \~ : -^.~ '~t& *•) ~ - «..! BOOTS AND'HER BUDDIES MAO EA1EM Wb HE orowv 6a BACK HER.E A PASS MAY SL'R- PRISET '^, NOV/....THET/ V/OWT 'EXPECT MAY BE A • TOLICRDOV/M FELLAS,7HE?r' HAVE A 6...2...2...I DEFEWSE.' THAT'S BAD FOR US, "*' BUTTVIE COACH SAID i;':> v .i. ~ K> PASS , so WE'LL , YOU WERE RIGHT, COACH v ,, ., \ BUT -THE GLTf WHO'S SCORtMG \ :;'J" ;.;?-V IS \VEARIMG THE wonLfiw /,' COLORED JERSEY Well located sloiu 1 business building, living quarters included, on highway south of Manila. Rent reasonable. Sec owner, O. if. Bish, Manila Star Route. Room adjoining balh. For couple. Call 036, 813 Chicka.sawba. 26-MD-tt Building on Railroad near court-1 FRECKLES AND HJS FKIBNDS ! house, suitable for warehouse. Will remodel for rijht parly. Phone Mrs. 8. S. Sternbcrg at 084 before 10 a.m. a-ck-12-9

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