The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 25, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 25, 1933
Page 4
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PAGE FOUK BLYTOEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS •-WEDNESDAY, OCTOliUH 25. li)iJ« THE BLYTHEVIUJi COUK1KK NKWS THJi COUH1EH NKWS CO.. PUBLlSHKUb C. R. BA3COCK, Editor H VV HAlNhs. Advi-rUblnu Manager Sole NHtlcnnl Adverusinj' Rcunsi-ntallvps: Alkalis^ Uailicb. Inc., New Yoik. Chicago. (Jelroil, St. Louis, Dallas, Karons Ci'.y,. Little Rock. * Published Everv AUcrnoon Except Sunday. \ f the post oflice al Hhlh.'Ulle. Ary kftiisas, under Jd til Ci'iii:r<'*> (;< V.-l tobe: 0. 1017. Served by l!w United Tress. dictator^) ip. If it work--, il will he n great ucliievemciH. If it fails, it will \<MYV us in H good position to Uy somutliint' else. —Unite Cation. SUBSCKlPTlON KATi;S By carrier in uic Cllj of Blytnevillc, I5o per »ii'k or KM year In ndvanro. lit mat UIIIHII .1 r;niiii.~ »t ^i- 1111:1-^. S3/X) rn!J S'l-ar, $1.50 (or sl:< months. Sir (or three months by mail In iwslal zone* two to six. Inclusive, $0.50 per year, in zones seven iinct clalil. 4'O.Ou per year, payable In acl-anco. • America on //M •'' </ io Planned ocieiy The time lias just iiboul conn wlu'ii it is possililu lo siirvuy lit" v.holo lidil Oi .lon in wl: idi we i:i.i. MI.-!: survey cnlitcly uo\v licids, il ci'.iiliuu.i '.i;r.'-' 1; ] !•_• tti '^:!!;\i( ('••'.(. I'.ullcu!' <<" t.i ii-.": ten the con .en-alive. Tilt various nets taken :il \V:tshin^- toli l)Qi;in to ilvoi) iiila pliux 1 , now, ;iml their iiitct'-i'oliUioiipiiip hciji cltai'. Ijt'l's liavc ;: look ai ll'.cm. A rigiel sclitmt! -if proriiiction anrt j)ricc udjusliiiL-nl in '.lie ^iv industry is frclliiitf tiiulor way. Production control is ln.'intf oxuri-isi'd in a broad, iweepinsj way over agricul- connnotlitiuK. of oil t,.... ., $,„•• 1:;;,: Tlie colton textile -industry voltin- tavily lias given to tlic NRA the power to veto tin: installation of ;t<l,ittion;il productive irmcl.inery iu any tinil of the business. Senator ttoiierl F. Wiiguer, rli;iir- miui of the National Labor Board, lias sci'vetl notice Unit MR A pcmiltics can lie used to ciil'ovcu llie board's decisions in intluitrial disputes, and liu adds tl al 11-e conduct of both business and labor "now. is a matter of public;'intur- The Fi'.Hetiii fradu Ciunmission is 'begimiU'.'V lo investigate I lie salaries of executive*) and director:; in practically every big corporation which does an interstate business. Lump all these thii:-jrs together and add thttii lo such plans as the .Muscle Siiouls scheme, llie federal housing plan, ll'.e "subsistence I'aruii" proicnnn of Secretary Ickes, antl -imilar ventures, a?.d what do you set? You get H coherent, definite, ;;nd spirited advance towf.rd lhat :;iitU:iiiiij abstraction, ;i pliinnud Kaciely. "Now a planii'.'il society is a new Ihinir under the SUM, on this si;U: of the Atlantic. Yet (he form which I his plan is taking is not ir. !be lunst It certainly i.-. not Sociah'sui; il certainly is m)i Fascism ; it i-ernis In be, in fact, a new ami ilistiut-livfly American effort to solve a invbli'in which has driven inanv nl!-,!" nalinns tt> Sign oj ImproO"inent --V- :.,!.. ;., ,.' .ij-1, (if YolloWStOlll! Park have a lilllu Oil of evidence to mat prosperity is returning to the land. They found it in the roll of visitors to the park. I'ur iiiroi! lunst'i'iiiivc years the niitii- ber nf visitors In Yrllim'.-H'jne declined. Until 10;!0, there I'.ad briiii a steady annual increase: for UK- tu-xl thive years the trend was reversed, mirror- in;,' the genera! decline in business conditions. Now, I'.iw'CviT, thini,'.-; .'iiv InukiiiK lip. So I":']' llu.-i .vear. the number of visitors at Yellowstone is -IK! I abnvc the total for 10112, every stall- in li'-e union being i\'|-ve (-ntcil. Yi'!!'.>w:Uoi!'. : is mir <>!' the nation's (n'ojttcr.i' pbiyKrcJUM 1 ':-'. Il' inure people are taking advantage nf it lliis year than last, it stands to reason things art! X' that BoycoUin" Germany SIDE GLAJNCES liy George Chirk Cotton would sulfrr nioie directly than any other "commodity from ihr- cflects of Mich n boycott and consequently 'lV;:u> '.von'.d .Miller more limn ;uiy olher .slate funii liicin. Normally, Germany hiiys more shin Iwo million hilcr, of Amcric.ui cotton a yf.ii' and during .'cvcrnl reel-in yenis (.'.rummy IKLS been our Iiiiropriin customer foi uAtim. II is all very \vj-il to tay lhi'1 Germany is ill nol boycott American cotton beca'i'i' of tla- fad the Gcr- in.Tn textile Industry camio'. i;iM nlons without, il. Tin fact will remain tin! Germany can pay for American cotton only with the proceeds cf Gcimun goods sold lo it or sold lo some oiher country with which we onde. Germany's alilhly lo buy American colU'ii'will be unpaired. The only way Germany could continue lo l:ny r,:s much Auic-iican trllon iluriiiL,' a hoyuiti nf C;cr:nan youd:; wouKl IK by reducing ifs iiiirchnsi'.'; of other American gocds. Tliat no!- only u'onld injure the producers of those ether r.uo'.ls. \;ni il would lend lo reduce me home markel Tor Aineii?nn cotton. Texas, the United Stales, and the world i.ecd inoic Irude, nol boycotts. This onylit to be clear as we enter the fifth year of the depression. H Is dir.conraging when leaders of Hi? most, enlijjhl- - cncd tutor movement iu the v/ovUl fail tcrrecog?- uiiri- it. —Texas Weekly. The Editor's Letter Box \ iTo llie editor:) Will you please Rwiicli, rui: the risk of ti-nviiv: up llio -strength of cur nnr,il.i|.'rs hu> wnnon, and not :i iraiu or :-he l> j'iMIficd in [ or NHA > unrihiiig comiiii; a; ;-,ll. The iwimi: codes for teachers, engin'j wa:i btanding sun up on Tills L-, our opportunity: If we Hi' 1 north end al Steinberg's (jiii lei It flip by. we ate pcrmairr,;- and the gules were kept down for ly unemployed. Oigur.izaiions liavc 11 mlnulrs. i and several olher.s failed to act; whatever is acconi- countrd lii machines (hat left Wai- pushed will be done lhvon»h in- •cve me -i iitle -i"icc in yoiir nut MM antl ramc u >> "' dividual effort. Mrs. ItooievcK has ''•-irar the' letlcr deiiailmc-nl. l i{ ° Mui " £trect io llu 'J' < - i °' 1 '"' Bel shown her InlcrcM; lliis cdilor ol «3S k f'ucr in ;ou, U'IIR" a few ^ ""* » I"* ^«vl«? llio NEWS na s printed 1nvs tack that Mr. Ktanlon Pep- . Wl> »••:<•'.' to -^cv ri-tvlci! then- and tins lelter: can yon nov: 1,01,1 ler wrote on Hie N'llA and Hit- 't looks like a could to arransed yourself? 'evtsui. I waul lo s.iy here tlml -° wc could ycl. Now t am not Write never was HUlerUm pul over our <''•'•<• iurjWi'.u lor myself, bin ask Hccsiivclt ?ocd people and citizens of our " ll: public liere thai if the Frisco Teachers. i!00d town as Hie r"i'iico railroad Cu • cannot sec Ut to pul sonic one company is pnliln; over us loilay "l> '» that tower thai can handle mid luive for the last two monlhs 'hose yales the city council would wilh the service they arc uivlr.g us pass an ordinance lo nuikc the . wilh Ihose old cro;-sinu eates, the ccmnany rvmove llmso old i-ate.. vay they ave handled j uiiU pill a lUKinnn al cicii cross- £=5=%H!ilfi|jI|:-s •lov.-n two thirds of llie time. Let "" L " ll - J •"': !'' , ne vn,. immediately for NRA to Mis. Codes for Marlha Pilfer 140 Claremonl Ave. Kr:w York City. train to Ii". v" '• I" wnit as •- 'liirly niiinites (o got h " Our (raffle Is balled up aU Ihc lime. . ; -. . J. u. Hearthy. HlytUcville. Ark. I'l'iir-iii n, :ii)ii tlir XltA AGO From ihr. files nt the Itlytbevlllc flnity Courier .. , An-.'- O"" 1 ' i Ptter - lo Uneniplovi'd motor car m-jsril one evenlrii; [.. '•'Teachers: '- avoMiid four-ocloek—I On ijeplcmbiT 3 llio National Vlieve ility urc i-iilJt-tl the section i). ;covi .|. y A ,'; t n ,i cd llul Lj,,.,, inteiebi in about": ••--•ni'l we had to wail 23 mi"-] t-chcols, colleges and universities i'llerei-'od ones an "1 think (hat's her hist yoar'.s cuiit made over, hut would never guess it.' 1 Proper Temperature, lluiuidily:-: and Venlilali' n Arc Essentia uv i)i!. r.ioiiiiis i-'rsnni-:iN L'dilor, JruriKil of ihc Aravrlr-ui Medical .Association, anil of lly- geia. jllic Health Mugaiine .••pace, williuiii any venlilalluii. Ir.a c.cnUialU s~ui'' cf l!:em will (lie i '['hi 1 bad eliccl.; of bad air ar- 1 dKr lo the »Y£h temperature, the l: relalivc humidity, and the lac Ais is iiicsl- necessary of all suh- UIIICCK upon which you depend fur or motion. The clv.miw ol any one H C . ' of llie.-'.' fuctOK may inllni'iico lh< ' Von can live about W day^ wilh- ";• hivoi.iUy or unfavorably, i ait fcod .inrt about four days wilh- the leniper.iture ,, ]o' ; «-rcd. Ih, hn about four t'.i'dlty iv.iUir.illv will increase n!onsl'.]|) to the out water, but only minutes without air. Air i'- a mixture ol about '21 p.'v iil oxjueii, 7H per cent ntlrogcu. u'i frnctioiK ot one per cent of a lot ol gnses. Bomo 3f thv-s:; gel into Ills air uy coiitaminaticns from men and from industry aiv : lempernlu™ ami when ;li'' iiumiduy is high. Ill' rvf.pir.uljn of i)'.':'.-;]iir;>.Uon i.s stop ped. When the air n in motion, i tends to evapoi-ite '.va'.er trom IV. surface cf tl'.c bo:l. more rapidl others from the merb pre.scncc. o; ; :!: ''" ''lieu ""I,." 1 '»^»».- »"d nil- Uyuig mnttcv. • l'-^™^ :i "-"'''J (l "'^- ' Aiv in our Urge cities nlsii can-! nr •.alns panicles cf dust and bacteria of various kinds. You inuv Ijc able lo live in s'-'Et lenipera'.!!!-!' of air i' 'a ioo:r. i.- ii-^n: GJ :o (JU degree with siiflicirni «-:iicr' vapor in th air lo tliow a icl.ilivc humiuit ^ I!,T cent. O! liurtilJj-, Del. 2,'i, «:-:;:. Here's a liuo one that, will l:e of 10 yea-.-s when penning il:e »!•« nnr.-i'mlU nutKinj insuuiiioiv. Daily Courier: ili'.'v do nol need to coinulv with Ociober :!5, 1(123, near Clear Lake 'lie NIJA. n"ovisioi!S'."l'lius the morj on wiial is Known as Uie Lc-fnvL-li . S9.(!OC nn'.-moloved teachers, plantation, 30 acres o! collon wa- iiiiti'tic'tbr.s and profciwrs. whew all picked and ixvcn teams wen 1 iiutnbers ave daily increRMn^. now plowing Ihe l:ind, making ruady Vi:ow that ihnv cannot loot; in lor il;c 19'J.| crop. NRA for coiuideriiticn uf anv kind. - — ave belter service uu there in nm , lhM .. Mm ^] t u,.;od like all Among ihc Indies «ho are at:at tower than what we arc k'i'l- ulh er r-iiizens to tucrilkv with In- alUmlius ills- Coinilv Fcderalio:: r.ij. I am not, Ihe one tlial i. ::ja . {! njn-iuisiny „, increased cf Clubs al Wilson Thnrsdiiy ;irc; nrtcc. thev are dtKriinlnaled Mrs. J. V. 1'ride, Mrs. C. M. Gray. a»:iin=! vilhoiil pairdlel. >.irs. Roy Walton. Mrs. W. F. An attempt lias been made 10 Brewer. Mrs. .Tames R. Clark and enljst in the cause of the group Mrs. J. W. Under. t helieve our town "Ivcs ilif the supporl of Mrs. Franklin D.. 'iseo Co. as much biiiinc.v; or KooECvelt, wi;o has already in' ' Tile report lhat. 1 made the ".nr>- lluin aiiy lo'.vn iKtwcen S'.. ninny ways proved her unselfish Jlatemen! that I did nol cnrc and Memi)liis and H docs devotion lo tho v/clfarc of the op- whether the schools of our city Gok like they would pul some one uiesscd. A reply from llie While ever opened again or nol is nb- P in thai lower could and House suited that llie maitc-i- is rchitr-ly lalse. I have never al any 'ould sive us fcrvicc with tl'.ose beinp referred to Mr. Hopkins, time made such u statement- lo ales. I saw an old man wilh a Adminisuntor oC the Federal Km- anyone. I am In hearty sympathy oad of cotton c:uiahl beiwi-en eraencv Relief Dureaii. Deeply an- with the schools of Blythcvitle nnd liosc gates on Wninm .-^ivei't n few prceiative of the intere^. in us. wo I have never by word or deed':-aid ays back and severni (Hhei .^nw rcsllxe that, it is oniy a unipotaiy or dene au<-:hl afjainst them. ites before Iho tower man won •>'• could raise Ihose Rales. It seems lo me nnd several uth- "s here llial our good people of '•is in'vu itnrt tile |)eoulc that live •'U thai com? to our yood lutlc •'ty to do their tliopplny and -larketinc; their produce should ils held at iliesc crossings :. <lui- timrs a day or jiuive nil the :"•• from 15 minnles up lo as min- tcs, unnecessaviis'. nil well as me. Well, hi- hr.d In measure am! therefore we are out arumul I hem "V'-r i'.lryinij to slujv. 1 Mrs. ftooievelt by 1 Main by J. Slorc CioUlbamn. Xi-\v Vurl, inillii.iiair,.. nr,,! r:ill In liitr. 'Jlic. r<* ^r/i^rrKM*« lin|i|iil> until lh lii\l(>.<L In a IKIH^C i';ir[y. ihruu^h tli.- -"l,.-|,li"i; •,( !!.'\"in li'.'.ii.'j'oNi'.'Ld 'iio/rii Jean laughed nc him, As llanicy li^il foreseen, llie •rile™ masked idea, linmlled "diSereiilly." IIAU- > n-na eiilliusiaslically received by --. S'uc eiitcrtnhia n Joan explained. "Vei it's all one his aiiarltueiil." ".last bwell. 1C you ask me," said Kulc, taking in Ihe rich liiirrouml- iii!;E. "And tho aiisv.-er to a moil- ,,.ciii. ih:,i A man should at leasi l)c i i Ills right mnul when he goes to cleinlly. --E. A. Hcnccck, dry leader. 4 .-v * I'lpos dDii't carry serins. —A Half n Hill Murray, covcinor of Oklahoma. * * T Suicide seems lo me Ihc svuircmc blasphemy against Clod and nuw. —G. K. Chestciton. * * , It ii conceuatlQ that th; experiment (NRA) would ce successfiil !f the United btaics were a little v.orld nil Us own. —Walter Ituncimaii. + * r If I have a dollar today, H's only because 1 couldn't liclp it. —Marie pitsslcr. * * ft i j Wo slid are bac'-jwurd hi our i-florus to iinder- :tnii;i liic inr.i in onr chaise. --H;ui>:d Ii. Uciii'.i-ll. .sur.erintcndenl ol Msrylmid piisons. air lor n lone turn:, but if yon p;.^.,., ;i, 1(1 , m , lM -, HS i,aUv ri ;nlno your health you .•.liould he I v ,- m ., ] . 1! , h( . l . i cin|r ,. aU]ri ; fc •:urromided as inucli of the tune a mfon lu-cans- their bodies pro ,s possible by good air ol l-:e jril;c , U . M 1]( ..,. t!u|1 (|o lho ,^ d i c esl quality. ^ | C [ ycunger p.'i.^ni. j ft is p£irtir;d:irly imponfini tha' The air about us is used lirtl | ,- n ,. vrnillntion I)!-' ^ocd while yoi: :>r breathing and second us n; . s !,. cp . x m ,, utcuiiK't, or sliould mtial coiurol o! our body i•.;:«-1 occupy, aijp'roxiuistely one-f.-.ird of >L-raliiK. 11 i.s llio surroiip.'.'nis j all yoi:r tune. Thcic-f'orc. go=d vc-n- air lhal fcr:ps ymir. i.imticn riii:-i»i! the hours nf sleeu blanket of eody temperature al ;\i>cu'. 9R.(i ciees. The temperature m:;y i r ' i raited by cluni;ini; tho clvjyai f::' of ti'e air in which we I!'.: 1 . , AH air contains a cevlutn amount.! •f moisture. Tlil^ nicislnre in-'M-i'.sbl j!:c \-.'.\':<- 01 bnd vcnlilatra'i >= in..'.', hk.-ij- (iuriiii; lrjui'5 't. <-i irrloiij- ;iiiiu5?inents. L!I-J :V,-i p. vrni can control u-niia-uturc of yo;ir Ixidy by .v.'i-lnjv Hiul t'.uis pcr- Jt-rr< i fultvr ,U-nt :uiU naLn Jimii. I'nt riinn n*i J'imi rulliiM!,, l,lc li^r tti It-Mi She i^ l-nsHK *Inf;iT r.t ;, nil ii A UNI-: v in,A: * 'l-al '*!» <ll»i- in 1: Or- rAV HFE. M.OR& WIGHTS T- THIRTY M&M^TOO SOON. crcarcs ullli Ih.c tcmji.-'iiilure. i m'l rc'un ;• niporalurc lo bb S'JIIK- T.-.crelou:, Imnndity is mtiMirctl I i: .::at I'.v.-r ihnu i.s pcrmi.^ibl'. 1 relalivc uumidily. whicii ;s i'.:v : 'ii:t'i!i': tiir d-.iv. tmrninl of moisture 1:1 Ihe iiir! Under mcdi-ru working coiidi- ccmpnrett with the' amcinU :!iat i iic-n;. it. is dilViciilt. because ot the the air could rold if it v.crc .*.it-1 dilleri'iil lyp.'s o! clothing worn by i.ratet!. men nr.ti wcnv.-n. lo } : e-jp woikins I-ersons \vlio ;irc in :i !<;orly vcnlil:itcd ri>3in do ml fcr-i us well ;is tho^e in n rooa: prop^vl' -nttlnttd. They are likely io b? : ull, tired, somelimc;-, initabV :-.:jd "ii other occasions weak ai::l ii.liil Vs ill 1 .- :upply <if yo:::l ,111 l . ir kron. von bi-csine" niK-r.:-.:!ir.i.iblc Air may, ot ceurce. 'j :• f •at: by Ihe cro'.vdn:^ :.! .1 /.r.--'- nimber ol persons in ;i \.'i\- -:n^' j pir.r.'; :un:ibly \:-n;il.lie(l for all." •Seattle Mayor Refused To Abolish Speed Laws iilKht chili natron!?. No dut-ill was • einistic niarrlngc for liusbam .ovcrloolicd. Discriminating selec- -obiorl lo mceliiiB llicir v.-lves three, Kisii'r T i» Vn'M.V'mi- i Uou of Joan's songs. Lcr costumes. I Mines ii dny al the lable. Joan, '' id jY:imv | all played a ]mrt. ALd then tlierc do you know yon aro lucky?" I mi .-i niK'ii club nnd i A yodsip coluinnitt F.tarted the "Xot'cverybody has such breaks,™ ii:ui iiccn. iirhikhiK..! iunior ii la i Hie masked cabaret : Kntu i-uid ihmislilfully. "I know un 10 K'I^C'UP Uiuser was Croiji ll'io Orieut, dcclar-ja girl liere iu Now York who caiao . . . r iu',' ;iifjre was certainly R'jinciliing ! lo 'nuke £uo'.l' in llie bl'^ city mid •fcli!i; r "or "hrr | oriental in lier slender hands nnd i got a tongli deal if auyonc ever j,,i> (ii <-iir<- j|h 0 \vislfitl nie'aneli'jly iiualily in! did. Hhe was a model—-" j hcr voice. • "A moilel!" siihl Juan. When| fjarncy \vjs shrewdly capital!/.-, ever :dio heard llie vrord atio jini; such speculation. Uuiiurts. cure-! liiouglil ot I'.it and someUihiK I fully elrculitteil. v:eic heard that! tlcbtened altyul her heart. • llie mask hid a sr.irrcd face, the '• - A \- M \ c L , loil j blizzard who result of mi awiileMl. There were ; wurkeil in a wliolrealo house ami rc|iorij llial tlic .sii.Ker wa'j I Wllh i ;i | ; i us t | ie j ll;lce b _ v Elorul . a ot an liujuive.rished fam-1 j a ,, c Johusou, it model I've known her wonderful voice, yd proudly I t],j,, k sh y (ima ff0ia u , c 50 .ji,,_ witliiioidiu" lic-r itleiility. • tuo." A yulltliflil f;Hi I::;:! writt'Ml loi • . » cWr lovely vulcc lifted In'mi ulilj.liuu. "I hear ><.u drive :,n '-'spe- , _ ;i-i clianly. Tlic yomis liKiivc swag-j ciallx built, iupuriid tar. la tbai;"( " <•- s - *•>•<* •>"">• lrM»B "> ' lm-.l-.i- tnicv Ai:d do yon driulc only- __ _™nirollur voice. veler-iu tar At tlie c:al ulninni;i.mie, wear jour ilreibcs o^ce "vtcll. it SMIUJ thU sirl bail a su rocked Ilia ! anil bailee in ;: marlilv peal.'" ;"'<>" vvilh "it"- J"st naturally goutl "Tell her 'yes'." Ilariicv lam-died.! '"oknii; nmj vveariiu: her clollicj the drc-=sitis <mnrlcrs. Uarncy li-jr-! "And add Unit yuiir IVkiuucoo lias like iioiwdj-'a business. One of Iho un. U.L.MU^ i .^ rtj . 1111o ,, ||3 jn Wd w]l . dr nll>J a ]iirms ln.-cl huyci'i. u iirlzo IKS: s-.You'll; i 5 reii:il clief cooks his food." j cording tu Jane, saw lliis Kir', and .1:, tiliu proves a nrKCil Ilif i fur mi:,<« v 1 ,I«,L|I-|. ^tic uiht-r juli \\llliniit .,i]rri->.s. Jc,:,it iiin!;rN her Jllilir:ir- nittv »» n t-nbnrcl fiilinCr :ititl i» a u:;; bticcni. NOW fit) (IX WITH TllK ST01IV C11APTKU XXIV •JillKriE was a ripple ot approval *• ami Ilien silence as Joan's ' . acirn, tbo plallDrm In l lion of a of Her «o lilace vJiliiiB tbnnderonsly hack lo lied to meet Joan. "Attn girli" lie cried. "She'd lie smpriitil tu kuo'.v nutt HE I across. Now hurry into . ', b .,., „ ,„.,„ n.,,- ,,,; lutlc it COM? me to hvt," Jiinii thai yyiisy oultit. -loan tiev> lo i ^ l:er room, rcltiniiiin '" » nioiiicin. * ""• 1'hu ainilnuae wi:3 still coaliimius '' liey were h.Ai::; dinn«:r lo— a jailed public'^ reaction to . wilier aijaiu. Uiirucy leaned across D:anty atnl llie unusual. Juan. In her yellow and scarlet eoitnnie, with hcr cloudy hail ahoul her sliouldera. leceivcd mi- niost hail apoylexy. Tiie matiager bad to Ib: up n date to cure hm. j lie took the yirl out. but uo sooner had tlivy leaclied llic idate Ihnn i Ib-j sir! Ibrcv.- bis soup hack at i!.o table. "Joun," !., 5 ;-.i,l. "I wc-at !"| m ' ^".''^bl «y. nud f.dej out that idacc-i ot ,!!.';» ^ l ^j . ,., e t| .... iliiul; yu'i ...,>;' ','.., < ' I ' I ! C '' '°' °-' c " " ll - IX1:I " lo lalk to yon CHURCH EXCUSES * v.erc me: than fa:,' i;.nii lln^s llnaril shi-fj) ILh'LEXA. Mm::. tUPi-Mi)ii1;i- ' Is! lie l:iml:< ; ave 3.i)!i(j v!::-. p. I Imve roi been in rh-.-.-cii •••.'.'" '-•v v,Ti-in-la'.v nnti inrtt!-:i:;u i . v as mil off ilu- ehincl-. t.v.'.J rn:ti :hc !n:inaccmt-iH ot ll-,i chirth i ki>n mil of mv hand. 1 -. 1 fn; ;RI...;IVC that .sooner or I.UIT ii.^y will calize their mistaki' a:ui .• \ me Lo ccnne hack tak* 1 I'U.ii.ii. 1 have been told that Uu i::\ :rb:r- ship and rcc'.il.n :HUiui.u:c.- lias ihcicai-cd tjinic :i L;it :-huv •,'.i- '\L-I-J let mil but ><•! :.".!• a(ii:(>.ti!:,'ii- is nol the .'-ait'.e. '1 i'.e\- -na\ ii;:', ; - ai- crci'scd ihc incinbcrHup mil ,,1- Icntiiinc!' like '.!:cv- y,:, iv.j? tliey are coimd t" :nii» a cl ;ny krc.u-lcd^e :uitl abd'.iy; il-.ri-i- j:i hound ti> be main- ihn;;.* i-onu- up where liicy vould m cd mv advice and if Hie pn-aclicr ;md i|-, ( ,. : ..,.|, a claim lo hi: lender', will i.tme to me as they Miould ar.t! aiwlo-iiic and promibo to tx- yu:dc;l b-, ":nv iiiuce. I will ijlvc coiisldcr,i:ion in :he ([iirslinn of cuiiig b;uV.. If they don't do (his,, u will be nulhinl; !>m ihort Mijmcdnc» v.\ their liai'L iu-,ti ot counr. Will cimlinu-.- ! 'o work u l-.ordbliip cu th.' fliiii-ch" ;I-'iiiliirc of preacliciv, and ihi.u-U j >.u>-s In tin nils l^ now 'M-ep:;.t; n i; of U'DK; lu-o:)!'.. oiu c; ch'nvli ,iod.iy. If thrro is nr.y tlu'ib: ai.n.u ill- ill illt- ini;io of nnjt.i:,.. i||.-y may be eoir.innxl by j'.:^l .T-'KU i:-!i'tl.i and J :)k aili'r tl.:'in. arr.irdin;: '• t:m.iv':- i>\' Si..-icl;ny Mun S'-!) e.f ;'.::•"' /V^tici-llioll. Stt-bbin.s 'aifl [hi- ii. rrr.-:vi-tl un, a n; v, a : ,i\ oiaer ovaliou. ".Vii more i>vi::=. Ji>:>n. We'll j ir.r.Uc 'tin lies!" : They did Off. Ami tinally Juan an encore. A liauntingly iiiiji.nd move. .'•Aiu wpulcliiT li-ar !•; it. K]H- ' " 1 ' i - J •- so on." sai'l Joan. "Wiut .-• Hlic w;^ ci.ii:foi-talle. \V!iy | liapiuTiivl IbenV" .-lio.ihl sit 1 : move? ^l.e. c\Titaini:d | ' J 0.'3, the ^iri Aas fireil, of o:>u,v?. about litjiny ilien. He was iiuprov- j Von M : U tbu hii>er wus a hi^ ^-iii;l in;: steadily under a ypcciallsl'.-i 1 ami Ti'j caijculkd hid order. 'I'!:? v;:lar>- Uarney : l-::i. ctarUd huiilin;; for auollicr tills j:i!i. Plenty nf pluck, b;n iiocr I food- ::mi litilc ot il. 1 aueis—aud | ::i-uu:;il iu ull kinds ot M-'.V lulrl li-?r llicsi :ilnnil li'u '. weallitr. Well, sbc sol p:icui:iou! i. prnullK-r. She bad bvcu : "- t!J " c Nv " 5 u «r last night wilh ! i!|>;irt::iciit t-n Parl: Avenue ' :i «' ri wl1 " "•-<••'' lo sliiy with tliii liini, but l.c found i'. ncccj-: iiil '- ' Iilc '- v 'airl tho landlady and '" S |E:IIV i,, 'ti'isvo lo' ;i hotel n=ar tlie i" ^clor w.-n doiliK all (hey co-jid. but Jan.; di-lu'l lliiuk they could do much." "i\:it(j!" Juaa ericd. "Hurry! (»ct ... lintl i»v< r the phnise and a^'s i iiictiicr. Sh-; didu't.Milir frlfiiil lor Ibi; ^drLSi. \Vjil ,<-.ccl i;ypsy love Fiiua. lu coiitra=l u: ., ,,.,vi,i s |, C r l:;..| ti-a-le to Ihe Bay, provocative song luforo. | Ilujs ii,| n " Other performers cro»i!cd' anjiiud lu ccnsralulatc hcr. Il-.a I r.-^e her an initiulblvc hue. \\n\s 1 |y pcrin^, "How deed il feel lo be a i . tilj; bit3" liarnoy bad paiteil lie:' i "' = hands, a lislit ot apin'oval iu e - Cb - :tii--!.i tliiLi ll was uiurc couvenieut All of il secliicil unreal tc- Jnau j.,,,',,. i.i^n^ijic ( 0 be mn.r his An hour before' she had litcii Jwn (, !is i.,,.,.,: Ilt . j,,,,] I K I CU |- ;R -kin B his j Wanna. £lr:issllu5 'or couiii'iMiie. !,„..,.,, vvmu ^rini; whii! !;•: would! iiai.iliur; on the vc'.'sc of un :M|VC:I- I,;,, ;|]| lli:c. Nuw -Jig Mils un all r.jnr.l [ |j [;0 h fouling wilh llicsc olhcr eutert;iln-1 .-,, crs. Sbe wr.; a cakircl i-inscr! i , [itmi The irantilion b;id been iiiiiin- willi j ,;„.,,. a cosltnac. cxpi-rl iiukc-np and a ,.,.,.; lillle black 111,1--:!;. ; io int. I duu'l know ut auybndy liarnev. \on'll linrry!" Iliirncy was li-.u;liiiio CMiIliinlly. | I'd I::|!:..T have wilh b'jr lbn:i juu." Ujrncy's icassurlus volte c:i:i:i "You iiiiiik Ibein til up. dldu'l yun? !!3:iuy liiuilly «o:i. 'lie c-j : t'ick. "I'm Icavlui ;il oiiLt. ;;-it t.illlc blugi-r of soasa- Juan, tlierc | i.!uliic<) Mint J<MU caniil :<i-pfy whai ; rei::i-ii:b'.-r. Join. Miere art- iSou- mntl have liccn ,1 tail "l:u loveil i flu- s^t-ni uu llie rcuinl. S!:v uni.t . sar.ds ot nimiils iu New Yei k iiij.J Hie tea auious S |j: ' r ancc^lors and j HI:IIinlj.r. toe. Ihnt H would t.ivo , his of Hum from t!io ;^u!'.." 3 gyi^y |;i;- s wbo luivd men nltlillifiu what otlicrwlse urn-,'. Lo ti,:--jt "I 1-aow- ibal liarucy. tui 1'ru so t-cr eriW,-- i-'::il sv.ctt tiufiiiii;. Mni;!c. i for s |uld companion, lie brui:clit j (ri-Jliteucd—" liiy dear I am a rank i:iutcri:iHti, ! lil.< n:,itl:-:r to t-:i: J.v::i Ei-.d tier Kale, ain.izeiiiiiil In i, :r eye-, l«o|io: ins lu commercialize It." cuidiality and iiiilii^l.-.-i-.i . ^uji [lie iirlcpiius... .n.d talk-J They iiail n uililnlEbt miiftf lo '• inj; ibe plan licl|-cd Limey o\cr- ; Jam:. "I'liaisii.^- ;:j r | KT lolil TOO io:el life. v.-ruld ec iloiuf r,-: a lie- ji:-: tnvur. .loan, if yuu ti r,u in Liny. Klic-'i; unite a darhh;-: MS beou like my own incthcr — lirst let me U'. : c llie iibunc!" She called I'arncy. "Oh. Uarncy." the sai'I "can you couiy? Kntv hna j-itj ivlj me aljunl a model, u cirl from the Eoalh, wbo'ij very lif. Ob, "(.clebr;;tc." Uu the way lo Joar.'s eomo Juan'c hold Uarney lohl hcr she tie a:heiliscd alwnl—\\ln r Kulc came ti-.'a tu L:C .lu.iu la.'r.ei:'! "f her iiiiitull^cut i.ew sellitu;.' 1 woman." and ll:c "Wrl \Mlli the ' "Artn'i >u:i UK: IUU-IL -.1 Kli i la tbc Ma-li"' And llicu Wild!' 's-.-r f.iu | nuritl?" tlic bri-aiiii-d. ,,,M grow! K^e «. lt liiil.rri'-d t-y tb, :,r- 0 • • - | i-juijciiiciit cl ti.c ci.iSi'i.iU ti.lle ol lier wi KtU iibonl Iho uu|.rctcn-' rcoiii. wliltii vio'.lilul f-'-o inib.-; l-.i'l ij U U 1,001' Hull-, liutcl lobby, (roiiulus :i mile. Tlii-n niiniicil. "Who ever n:>i- ilii.-'i" he asked. ••llil.c It." Jiv:i Mu'l. "l!'- •: •'• I % .l; tlllhk llCK'!" ig: A l 10 3CO li" a-ldrcii cor> eij I'LV, fi'j^.j ij C rcoui un ' U'I-.MJ to 'r'-.ct Biriicj. K»^c i l I'-ouj'.ii tu a:i IvaU t>>\ - ti'-j :r-cd'7l o UL.3.C. u iv.;i.;i u, tec i to frlgSii- •< 1 -' 1 "^-U UOt .T L'bilUCC ll! * ..'ft iiiUr- tiloii'l :;. -'-•

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