The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 12, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 12, 1935
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Served by United Pre?s TOB nOMINANT NRWHPAPm OF NORTHKA ST ARKANSAS AND Blythevllle Courier niythcvUle Daily Hews Blythevtlla Herald Mississippi Volley Under vii.LE, ATJ^ANSAS, TUKSDAY, MARCH 12 w, SfNGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Rising Representative Resents Charge of Drunkenness Asks Hangman's Job for. Thrill' Tenant Exemption Measure Near Sales Tax Rebel Grocer Ls .lulled Repetition of 1933 Flood at Kennel I Predict eel by Engineers. MEMPHIS, itfarch 12. (UP) — Mississippi tributary rivers In .southern Missouri, eastern Arkansas, west Tennessee, nml Mississippi rose menacingly over flood stages today, driving hundreds from their homes and damaging crop. 1 ; nntl property. 'Torrential rains,of the past (.wo ami three days had. abated today but almost freezing temperature made rescue work, sand bagging or levees, and taking of other precautionary messui'es difficult. Strong winds accompanied the final deluge of rain over the mid- south last night. Five persons, including a child, were severely injured near Kussellville, Ark., when their home was blown away. Several barns were demolished and roofs of houses lifted. White Kivcr Rising Centos of the flood danger were on the St. Francis and Black rlv-' ors in southern Missouri and northeastern .Arkansas, and the White river, which flows down out of th" Ozarks through cast, central Arkansas. • At Calico Rock, Ark., on the upper White river, water was expected to reach 41 feet, 24 Sect above flood stage, by tonight. Farther down lh= river, at Batesvllle. the .slase will .b e 38 feet by tomorrow, 15 feet above flood stage, .the U. S. weatlie.- bureau I'li/ortcd: It .wns. : 349- ; .fe>t at Batesvllle today. Newport will'get n stage of 33 by Friday, seven feet above 'h" ic- foot flood stage. By Sunday the river Bill, be 27 feet at.QEprjreiown,: £Lf feet, over flood -stage,'''and'-at' Clarendon 'the stage will be 33 feet by March • ,?o. .seven , atom' flood stage.' • . •.;••-.'•'•: •.. : Fear Trouble at Swelled by a Jrcsh dmniponr; nt Its headwaters near Frcdc-rickstown n^H !? St - , nl ^ htl UlD st - Pri "' ris flooded rich della lowlands In the vic.nity of Kemiett and F isk Mo' and threatened cities and towns In its course in eastern Arkansas The stage at Fisk today was 25.7 feet, 3.7 above Hood stage nfD '*" catI °" or «'« serious flood of 1933 was predicted for Kennetl U. S. army engineers said tho river would reach the 27 foot stare in the vicinity. The St. Francis at St. Francis Ark., was 21.4 feet today and was rising rapidly, pjood stage | s IB feet. u. s. Weather Forecaster p w Brist predicted it would rise to nt least 20 feel, by Friday or Salur- day. levee workers under direction of Memphis district engineers sand bagged levees today near Pi-oti and Paragould. Ark., and'near Kennet I and Cardwell Mo Refugees Hem overt ,.J!? PLAR BLUF P. Mo., March 12. (UP)-About SOO refugees were removed today from lowlands adjacent to the Black river, near here , = large areas and encd considerable damage. Winfrdake Will Seek Congress Seat March 12. cced himself. Lake said, he had be support of senator Pi-lr of Fort smith, and Senator 1 ? r "S Featl,ersto-.i, of Murfrecsboro ti ^ senatorial districts are in the (0 nh congressional district. Interrupts Long With Plea for "Starving" nr. 12 , U P>_ X)ng movwl n e» f " into er Cr " K VMOWW wo* relief |)ro B ram (lie senate was varncd today t,,a t ..„„ t he p" who are dying or starvation ole before we pass (Ills bill we make faster progres-s." The warning came from Senator ^^ M. Logan (Dem.. K.v.) who Interrupted a plea by Loii* for aid to colleges. Applying for ihe Job ot spring, ing the death trap on Frank McDaniel, condemned Kegro, because "she would Ijke to seo bow ii (eels 10 tianp a man'." Tit/*Jma llediger, nuovc, ourac.- tiv.o SO-year-old Surinsneld. Mo., bnsiuuss cOUesb.-, sunlpnt', declared slie tins plemj- of "nervo for that sort of thins." Tha slicrirr declined to deputize tier, ••• .'.because sie is p minor. #== University Entomologist Developing Remedy for Livestock Pest. LEACHVILLE, Ark.—Prof. H. H Schwnrdt. assistant entomologist, college of ag-iTculture, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, spent a few days studying tile black gnat (Buf- 'alo gnat) problem near Leachville last week. Tlie buffalo gnats were hatching so rapidiy that. swarms could b« seen near streams of water and over nenrby fields. Prof. Schwardt has 'prepared a ;nat repellant for livestock which he s experimenting with, and hopes to >e able to furnish this i-epcllant to farmers in the near future. Tile repellent is very economical since t can be prepared for only about 10 cents per gallon, whereas farmers are paying about si p« r gallon or gnat repellents at, present. Prof Sclnvardt hopes to have this mix- ure available to farmers and stock- uen of this section at a low cost before another gnat seawn, A Dumber of farmers have used liis preparation and found tt sat- sfactory. The following farmers are using the remedy: w. H. Bryant, Bruce Culp, Fred Davis, W. E. Roddy, of LeachvlHe, and B. B Threlkel, of Manila. This preparation can be applied by swabbing or spraying and has is yet caused no damage lo the iair or skin of animals. Tlie pur- JoJe of Prof. Schwardt's work now s to get a low cost material for 'anncrs use Immediately and if pos- ilble to find some means by which niffalo gnats can be eradicated entirely in Ihe future. Urges "Safe" Definition Of Interstate Commerce WASHINGTON. Mar. 12 <UP>— Donald Rlchberg, director of the latlonal emergency council, urged the senate finance committee ~to««>• lo write a -safe" definition « Interstate commerce Into any 'iture national industrial recovery Richberg urged the committee to write a definition which came ntliln previous findings of the courts as 'to wlwt constitutes ntcrstate commerce. W. Meyer Sees No Immediate Danger, Even l! Si. I'l'ancis Levee Fails Flocd u'aler.s v.erc llii-puK'niii St. Fronds river levees nnd B| Lake was rising today following thi-f-e day;; of rain whfcli brought a total precipitation of more thn.. five Inches lo the uupnr Si. Francis bnsln. Rainfall hen- sii... Saturday night amounted to 3.27 inches. J. W. Meyerj engineer for Drainage District 17, was confident that the nig Lake-Little River levee system would withstand the oncoming rise. lie and C. O. Rodman left, this afternoon, hov.'evrr. for n first hand inspection of water conditions In the Missouri area north ot Di? Lake. The water level at the lake today was ni>- proximately 240 feet. When 'it reaches 245, as seems certain, patrols will be placed on the levees. Mr. Meyer suld. If it goes to 248 the situation will become critical. The volume of water now coming the St. Francis make, levee breaks in the vicinity of Kennett almost certain, according to information received here from the army engineers oliice at Memphis, which today sent men ami equipment to combat the rising "water. There are weak places in the St. Francis levees southwest of Kennett nnd on the Arkansas side, cast of Paragould, which it IB feared will give way. While breaks in the'St. Francis levee in fornisr years have spil- ed- -disaster for the' Bip 'LnlMf.-.- Little River area, due to wntpr from the St. Francis finding Us way.into the Little River drainage system, :io such trouble is anticipated this year by Mr. Meyer. Should ;the st,:' Francis .levees give way H, f will •'probably : :'be- 1 nt- 1 a pohil Ion far south to r.end \vuier into Bis Ifikc. Circuit \Court Padlock Closes Billiard Parlor A permit for the sale of Intoxi- catin<; liquor, obtained from tile; federal internal rcvcnu-j bureau, was used as the tesls of action which resulted In the iMiiance of a padlock order by Circuit Judac O. E. Keck against, the Blue Eaetc, Leachville billiard parlor. The internal revenue bureau's office, It was revealed some time ago, had Issued permits to a number of liquor dealers in "bone dry" Arkansas and amonsf the number were from Mississippi county, although the big bulk of permits was' centered In Ultle Rock and Hot. Springs. A padlock order was also Issued by Judge Keck, ngainst Mary Devoarcl's place at Leachville. When officers arrived they found flic had Islt town. WASHINGTON. Mur. 12 night of way In tin- huus? today was nssinvd Kir U H > blli'Vxennit- from the cotton control ml. I ersom gi-ov.-iiift U\s ; than Uvc: Ijule.i when I he rules committee voted to ii'pml ii ruli' Tor cnii.siilci-ntlou 01' till' IllfHKIIM'. [>ro|ionem.s of tjii' ineiisiiro. Hn- UOClUCCd by l(t!)>, \Vi(|| HojiL-y, Dem.. Miss.) said ilmi relief, of this l.y|i(- wns ni'ce.ssai-y 1 "tor (hi: continued existence" of sluirei-i'op- pers nml tenvinl. furmcrA. II. wns opposed by tin- Agricultural Adjustment Admlnlstiatlon, Mrs. Susie Dyer Dies at 5-3ome of Daughter Mrs. Susie Dyer, 6S. formerly of Ball, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. John Brock, on East Sycamore, at 4 o'clock yesterday after- ncon after a week's illns.w of pneumonia. Tlie body has been sent to Cleveland. Miss.; where funeraj services will be held and interment will be made tomorrow. The L. O. Moss UnderlakSij comuany is in charge of funeral arrangements. ^She is survived .by four daughters, Nfrs. Ed Lampart. of Cleveland Miss., Mrs. L. N. Neely. of Hum- told t,' Mrs. Earl Howard, of Dsll, and Mrs. Brock, and two sous. Walter and Jack Dypr. Huey's Pal Again Indicted For Income Tax Evasion NEW ORLEANS. Mar. 12 (UP)A federal grand jury today returned, another indictment. against Abe Shusulian. president of 'lie Orleans parish levee board nnd political lieutenant of Senator lluey P. Long, charging evasion of Income tax. The new Indictment alleged that Shushan had concealed approximately $90.000 of Income for the year 1933 on which h.» owed a tax of $16,000. The European golden-crested wren wetgfca no more than a single englc feath?r. Families Driven Prom Lowland Homes as Water Spreads Over Fields. JIAYTI, Mo.. March Vf— A fivc- nch rain which fell In Pemlscot comity last night, yesterday, and Sunday night forrsd scores of fami- ies living on ditch banks and In A "rebel" against the "King o[ Kcu- Coimly Office Expecls to Pul About '100 M«, to Work Toinorro\v. Tin- federal relict nrograni In Mississippi county, suspended since Marcli 1, will be i«uuic<I tomorrow when perhaps .100 men will be assigned to work projects, It w us learned today at Die office of n N Wilson, county FERA ndmlnLslm- lor. Funds suniciciit to caiTv on relief for about a week have been allotted to the comity. To us large an extent as passible this money will be used for employment of men from relief rolls on work project? Bob Miirlin, In charge of tlie FF.Rl works division in the county, sal that ho hoped to provide Jobs fo •ICO men fur two days—Wcducsiln nmt Thursday. Whether the relief program wi: be continued after lliu smnll HCI allolment is wlmiulcd rcinains tin certain but liopo is held, by relic officials that action of the stnt legislature will satisfy the demand ROCK, Mai, 12. <UP>- Aii ucciisnlion of u( .|n K drunk nt tin- session last nlgtit brniiglu llrst llijht on the floor O f i)f ropireentallvos loday. He]). Fred N. McOollum. of Monroe roimly, went |o tlj,. ,|es)t ,,f ncp. I', w. Putt, of C'nriflll comity and struck him in n> s fftl , 0 uftcr'iiutt luul accused McCollii m «f 1^1,,,, (inink last night and of tec|) |^ Butt Irom Bvtlltur his r 0 ]| cM lo bi'lng up a bill. Tlie men were separated by the sriynnt nt iivins mid oilier mi-rn- bi'rs of (he house. ^Spcukci- Hmvc Thorn advl.scd Hie jinirntil clerk Dial, the rich! wouhl noi I,,. „ p ,, rl of ,, " nil. McCollum later tipoluglml to the speaker and the house for his ni'Llon nnd snld he and ritilt had liiUchct. of Fedenil ,. >t>ire.' Relief Admhiistr'aiti nnd that rcgula :rvcd his 10 days, Davis. IH, says he'll milt business rather tjinu lie a "iniblican." collecting the- levy. Ouida Keeton Guilty; Jury Recommends Mercy UMTREL, MLss... Morolj J2. (OP) —A Jones county 'jury" 'tod ay found Oulda Kccton, 32.' guilty O r the. butcher murder of her mother, Mrs. , . but recommended tgg City district vicsl of here vere flooded and farmers werf! undergoing hardships in taking care of stock. All drainage ditches were wollen to capacity and in many loints'the-ivater had left the banks o flood nearby fields and roads. The storm, of Intermittent durn- ion of over 24 hours, was accnm- nindreds of dollar^ or \-ooI and mall property damage in its wake, and sent the temperature , plunging 4 degrees. Frisco train service from Poplar Blun to Haytl was disrupted when ivs'sh-out occurred nt-.onc'Of Ilia altroad's trestles on the line,. The Cotton Belt railroad had a crew of uen stationed at Its trestles across ho Floodway to keep floating dobris rom choking ,,p (),„ piling and washing out the framework. ATHENS, Greece, Mar. 12 (UP) —Eleutiierios Veuczelns, 71-vear- qTY1 _ ,- -•-•••— [old leader of [he unsuccessful STOCKHOLM. (UP) -For the rotcllfon ilirouuli which lip honrrt ninth t:,,K. n white olbino moose to overthrow tliV Oreel- B o ern- '.vllh pink eyes was'brought down [ men t, lied into exile today m, thn in Sweden recently. The latest Italian ~ ' specimen wns bagged by Dr. Tor-! 711 stsn Oardell, in Koppom province of Cfrinland. Daisy Keeton, mercy. This means a lifo sentence In Mississippi. Venczelos Flees Greece As Revolution Collapses Dodecanese IslaiuLs. i-ebelllon had collapsed ul- thc]t(-rly and with u Venerator,' ambitions feli, Roosevelt' Defends Holding Company Ciirb WASHINGTON. Mar 12 (UP)— Pending legislation for slrln"cn regulation of public utilities liold Ing companies was vigorously de fended by President Roosevelt to day/ ' -''Answering -lormed" propagamta cnmpaigh of mlsrcpic senlutlon, (he president Infonnc congress the legislation "will no destroy n iienny of nctunl vain of those operating properties whlcl holding compnnics no«-. control. am which holding compahy securftlc represent Insofar as they have aiu value. "On the contrary." said Mr Roosevelt, "It will surround tin necessary reorganization of |hi holding companies with safe guards which will In fact prolec tlie Investor." BOSTON (UP)-The New Eng land c h c c ker , Association he. Marled a campaign seeking to re pnal an old Massachusetts "bin- law" which prohibits the playing of checkers or chess on Sunday. BANK ANOTRUST CO. 'IS A MEMBER OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE BAMK-AMD BELIEVES AMD CONSERVATIVE > COWQOLT THEM OK YOUR FINANCIAL AFFAlKG. MR.6 A 1.VNCH IS PRESlO t^^^^oawMfi* /I KKOWMVM / MOiVEV 16 ) \ SftFE IM ) \ HERB' S ^AcH ACCOUMT IS IM6UREO BV WE - JURE GOING ALOTTlieSE OAVS-l'D LIRE TO SEE THEM TIE TH' KMOT T«Er"0 MAKE Go On Air Within Week in Answer to Father Coughlin. WASHINGTON. Mar. 12 (UP) — Cien. Hugh S.. Johnson today planned another radio speech to carry forward Tfls camiiaign to exterminate (he Influence of "(his puir of political tcrmitos 1 '—Father Charles, E. Coughlln and Senator Huey P. Long, Following up .lha .general's call to "thinking Americans" to Join his ' campaign, his secretary, Miss Francis Robinson, said "he Is go-^ Ing to go on the ah-" to answer Father Couglilln's nddre.%- lust night. "Tlie. epcecli probably will be made within a tfeck," ^thc snld. Father Coughlln, ' answering Johnson's original denunciation. o[ him and Long as "pisd pipers" of revolution, called the former NRA head n "ehocolnle soldier," a demagogue, nnd n servant-of the; "money changers," particular- ly/of.vBerhard M. Baruch. .OFHIUBILL Demand fs Strengthened by Senate Defeat of Excise Tax Meagre, , Marcl > "2 <HP> -Admlnlslrntion forces « W e ,.;&. liiMl into line today In a l^t minute attempt to puss the Hall tv,o l»r cent sales tax ulll, Speaker Haws Thorn said the measure wo'.iid be called for li vot» in (he house this 'afternoon and Hint it "In nil probability win pass " Meat in the senate of the excise nx bill passed by ll)(s , 1011JD lMt night gave new hope to sales tax ' ,' ^ve D need privilege taxes on utility services, bott!e<| niul -fountain minks «"d on pimchboards. it was d<^ (eatcd by the senate, -23 to 11 While |.hD senate was defeating 1, rmS* ,'"" b1 "' (!sl S ne " to KlVC $l,OOT,ooo lo.unemployables, relief and schools, representatives were C Ct ° hleh f ""ministration n and urged to pass the sales today. Revenue from the ex- bill would -be insufficient to meet the needs, admlnlstiatlon leaders said. / Action Is Hastened Action was speeded on measures today as th- fiftieth general assembly neared adjournment Tlnirs- ciay at noon, vote was tnkeii o'n , s n several bills simultaneously tnkeii o'n B>lls i'n- Creation or a seven member hMi- way commission, clearing of delinquent land titles, another county '"'"back bill, prohibition of prac ! icing law ln Arkansas after be& "l ei] 1n ft '- lot!lcr st "">. P'o- Mb Uon of-Inking fur bearing ani- < "(I s. regulntlon of the raw furs business, aujhorlza.tbn of munta" traViS* ° n? ' lp eta!ule cmi - tmita and- conveyances of real os- imi personal property and to" and rent — A bill to prevent "utilities "'from nerchandzlne appliances failed, » Sheriff's Office Releases Jury List; Killougli Will Preside. The spring term of circuit criminal court will open here on Monday, April 1, with Judge Nell Killough of Wynne presiding. The term will continue for two weeks. Members of the grand and petit iurles have been summoned by sher- d's deputies for the term. The grand Jurors arc: j. H. Smart, Charles 3. Lemons, B. P. Brogdon, Jim Gurley, w. L. Horner, o. \V. Lewis, L. 1,. Ward. J. j. Guard, C. W. Ramey, Blythc- 'ille; B. C. Adklsson, Aniiorel; Joe Morgan, Leachville; Ralph Gregory of near beachvlllo; Guy McHenry, Harry Wright, ,\fani!a; j. B. Westmoreland, Dell; Dick Crawford QcsneU. Alternate grand jurors arc: F. H. Roberts, Armorel; Eddie Hogan] luffman; Calvin Duncan, L. G. Jyerlsy, LeachvlllD; S. E. Vail, W. J. Faught, Cliarlcs Wylle, Jfarry itirby, Ira Parkhurst, B.' L. Holmes Blythevllle. ' ' Members of the petit Jury nre: Sill Whitwordi, Frank Webb, Chas. Nosh. Wilson Henrj-, Worth Godvin, Frank Grlgsby. Billy Mann. Louie Applcbauni, U. S. Branson, "i. G. Thompson. O. W. Copp:-da;s '. O. Coulter, C. G. Redman, Fret! tutherford. Henry Rcidman, Fred Sandefur, C. S. Baggctl, A. c lalcy, Blytlicvlllc; Bob Siitton To- lato; Ernest French, Milton iunch, Bd pai-rish. Yarbro; Howard Brooks, Lenchville; Han-ey Lynch Gosnell. Alternate petit jurors are: chns. "en-comb ST., Chester CaWwcll. W. Scoit, w. A. Pickard, Joe , . . , Trlc.iohman, shield Edwards, S H , E'jstburn, C. F. Fry, Blythevll!e- Louis Malone, Tomato; prcd Wri»ht Manila. ' County examiners would be au- uer, r tBrad ° M »»mlnatI 0 « Jiipers for teacher licenses undei He terms of a bill passed In the house. H to 20. Thellce,4"oud only in counties where HOLC Gets Nev/ Lease On Life From House WASHINGTON, Mar. 12 (UP)- Thc house today passed the HOLC extension bill which makes an additional $1,750,000 available for loans to distressed home owners. The house passed a bill by Ren Ivy v. Crawford, or DtythevlUe"u S - .nori7in s a school district, foimed at Dyess colony rehabilitation com- •nunity, in Mississippi county Thompson of Hampstcad obtaln- id passage yesterday or a bill in- ireiismg the tax on Incomes. Only nc higher brackets" would b" af •ccied. The vote was 01 to 24 A similar bill by Thompson was' inssed by the house earlier in •lie session, but was defeated in the senate. The bill provides also that "Every corporation organised •mder the laws of this "late shall ?ay annually an Income tax with respect to carrying on or doln" business equivalent to five pel 1 it of the entire net income of such corporation as defined herein, •cceived by such corporation dur- : ng the income year; and every 'orelgn corporation doing business within the jurisdiction of this state hall pay annually an Income tax ?qulvalcnt to five per cent of a proportion of its entire nst Inline to be determined as here- nafter provided In this act." Speaker Thorn was In the chair when the bill was voted on -and 10 ruled that it passed, although t did not receive a tlvree-fourths majority, required under Amend- ncnt 19, adopted at the last general election, for ' increasing rates ' •f existing taxes. > The speaker said that Attorney General Carl E. Bailey had advised him that such bills should be regarded as having passed, biit hat if the majority was less than three-fourths of the membership, then the measure should not become effective unless ap- oroved by the people at an election. Thus, under this interpretation of the new amendment," the. Thompson bill, even tf parser! in (Continued on Page 3) WEATHER Arkansas—Fair, frost and freezing; tonight Wednesday fair, rising, tempera turcs. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 72, minimum . 40, cloudy with 1.20 Inch rainfall, according to Samuel F. Norris, oillc- ial weather observer. Rainfall since —•••*• v.,*iv.,u. j»i ntnuici uuiviviri. nuunaii since The vote wns 400 to 20. • Saturday night totaled 357 Inches,

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