The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 7, 1940 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 7, 1940
Page 4
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 'SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7,194.0 THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TH» COCKIER SIW8 OCX . . H. W.. KAINS& FuWtoher J QEAHAM SCTDBURT, Editor F. NORRIS. AdverUUng Mansgec. kw __ Advertising Itaprei*nt»tive«: Wifcner Co.,, New York, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta,, Memphis. ___ Publish*! Bvery Afternoon E»cept Sunday Entew* « second class matter at the^ post- office at- Blytheville, Arkansas, under act of Con* cress, October 9, 1917. Served- by the United Prett SUBSCRIPTION RATES Y carrier in the City ol Blytheville, 15c per ot 50 miles, and eight, $«.50 per year; in zones per year,, payable in advance -—— • —— Those Dutch Are So Stubborn An old saying-'It beats the Dutch." •Hitler agrees. He thinks Nazi might has beaten, them. His troops occupy Holland. His minions have looted its food. His airmen, after Holland honorably surrendered-, blasted the great city of'Rotterdam to pieces just to teach other little nations a lesson. But—the valuable Dutch East Indies are still in Dutch hands, guarded by Dutch- ships, planes and troops. The dauntless Queen Wilhelmina and her ministers still function as a Dutch government, even though they do so in England; not Holland. But they do more than merely carry on. They act as though morally sure Hitler will be beaten and the little nations freed. This Dutch government has just issued .its budget for the second half ol: the year 1940; It is confident the money needed will be raised. \ The budget is ; smaller than in 1939, when Holland spent 750,000,000 guilders, most of which went for armaments for national defense. The present budget is for only 96,000,000 guiders (aljout $50:000,000 under pre-war exchange),, but every single cent ol: it spells the fighting determination of the government and the hope for better clays to come. In this budget, 91,000,000 guilders are provided for maintenance of the Dutch fleet, which is virtually intact in the waters of Great Britain, the Dutch East and West Indies and Dutch Guiana. . A smaller part is to be spent for the maintenance of Dutch legions in Eng• land and Canada. This money is inclc- pedent of what the Dutch East .Indies are spending on their: armed forces. Perhaps not in a dozen guesses could an American figure how the'Dutch government expects'to raise the money. It is raising it by asking patriotic Dutchmen, scattered .around the world to impose a considerable Dutch income tax upon themselves. If this should prove disappointing, then the government proposes to use a small part of its gold stock for budget purposes. And" here again comes proof: of tlie ^wonderful faith of the Dutch officials in the future of their country. They say they want to hold on .to most of their. gold ; stock,:" 1—As cover for.; Dutch bank notes'in circulation'. 2—As provision for the post war needs of a country once more free. So it may be the old saying will have to be changed. Let's word it: "You can't beat the Dutch!" Turning Tabks On The Senate It is an old newspaper wheeze that if a dog bites a man, that's nothing, but if a man bites a dog, that's news. So similar reverse Englishing has made news in Washington. As the Capitol' badly needed repairs, the United States senators betook'themselves for safety to the old Supreme Court chamber in; which In pre-civil war days the upper house of Congress used to meet. Many and many a time a bull-voiced senator, uttering what pleased the people in the gallery,, has brought the roof down. This time the root has brought the senators down. I Turkish Tobacco No British Delight Great Britain and Turkey recently announced a commercial agreement in which little or no real money is involved. British manufactured goods will be exchanged for Turkish tobacco. This will obviate cash purchases of American tobacco. The Turks hailed the agreement with delight. They like the British. They like dealing with them. They especially like getting goods by the barter system. But in Britain no hats were tossed into the. air by smokers. Britain happens to be one country where American tobaccd is consumed: almost exclusively. The British take their Virginia leaf like Kentuckians take their "licker"— straight. SO THEY SAY SIDE GLANCES ; 1*40 BY MCA StftVICC. INC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. Off. Every nation's women want peace—we have no patent" on the wish for peace. But I believe we ought to think, not in terms of a hundred years, but of a hundred clays hence—Mary Window, U. S. representative on the Intci:- American Commission of Women. * * * There is no other country in the work! where a group of women can sit clown together and talk as we have talked—and feel safe.—Eleanor Roosevelt, on'woman's Centennial Congress in. New York. • '••*.»•» '.•Thumbs-up. Britain! Chins up, America! As long as men and women rededicate themselves to the cause of democracy; the democratic way of living shall not perish from the earth.—Fred- crick Cone, vice president of the New York chapter, Sbns of the American Revolution. * * * The American national defense program can be accomplished only by work. It can't be accomplished by arguments about; who won't work and how much he won't do.—C. E. Wilson, acting president of General Motors Corporation. * * * I admire Colonel Lindbergh as an aviator, but he is no better as n pilot in political theory than r could be in a pliinc.—Charles E. Merriam. emeritus professor in political science in the University of Chicago. * * * Nazism is political cynicism coupled with a romantic view of the supremacy of one people. Mrs. Niebuhr, wife of Professor Relnhold Nieb- hur of Union Theological Seminary, addressing student group in New York. * * »• The very purpose of our American Constitution wa.s to create one nation, one economic and unit, with the conflict of the stales eliminated.—Maury Maverick, mayor of San Antonio, Texas. * * * American students arc awake to the need ot the timo and seek a way to meet that need. —President MacCrackcn of Vassar College. "You'll have a lough time scaring your father today- he's just had a going-over by his'boss,'the bank and the •" landlord r . i THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ferguson A. UATE. COAAER. AAAONG? WAS THE REACH SOME THREE CENTURIES AC3O- '*-? ANSWER: Off the coast of Cherbourg, France, during the Civil War NEXT: What to do if you meet up with an octopus. * BRUCE CATTON IN WASHINGTON SERIAL STORY BY OREN ARNOLD . MEA SERVICE. INC. YESTERDAY: FroH tfca elUT 4vrellS»K,. Uoanle ••« We* watch Lorn*. TSte girl meet* m tttrnnger, ko appear* imddenly. Then, after » brief e«*ver«atlo», Loan and the •ftttk disappear, apparently into the caayok wall. *• * * SECRET OF RAINBOW CANYON CHAPTER XVI "It is. Notice that the device is j 'Tart of my faculty responsibil- in a sealed metal housing, largely: it& is to-help guard the,: uh, gen- Its secret can. be kept from the eral welfare of the students," Wes-l man who uses it." ley was saying, as if to himself, "What of subversive activity, "but I confess that I don't know] Colonel? Spies?" what course to—" "Oh bosh! Our Intelligence De- Ronnie interrupted. "They're] partment is not asleep. But, of coming out! There they are! . /-inr nwirr n/r r> ^rm „ V M ,C«,IP I course > ever y precaution is taken. She's going back toward her horse (COLONEL McDAVID, a brusque For ^^ ^ have two bomb 1 . And the man is going off dovm| but friendly enough man of sights with us here; and six men. the canyon, Wes!" almost 60 years, was explaining We" six will never let these planes things to Andre Girardeau. He out of our sight, while these tests HTHEY waited and watched for lo| had accepted.Thomas Bailey's an- « ^ tw gi^^^ ^S "* a °" tfteB " tta « ^ nouncement that Andre was soon residence for ^ We evea sleep ,.^ eSi th e man is dragging some-l to be in the family both persdn- in the planes." ^^g; a brush, or limb of a tree."! ally and financially. "I see," Andre nodded. "Wise Wes inspected the man closely.! "Terrific waste and inefficiency precaution." "It's too shadowy there now to seel has been the concern of us all in He wondered just how much well, but I think I understandI that. «tnrtv,-n» K™^;T,,T rOon-c Mr more comment he could make.' He He's draggmg a brush behind him! studying bombing planes, Mr. _ f wasfi'his tracks; A-stronz wind fo erase his tracks . A -strong wind Girardeau," the colonel was say- questions, and to study the way nearly always comes up this can-l ing: "Now take this ship itself— the bomb sight was attached to yon; it would conceal the brushl it is as fine a craft as ever entered the ship. But he decided not to marks. Any chance traveler would! the skies an extrPTnelv powerful P ress his g° od luck to ° hard for never suspect a thing. tne slues, an extremely powerriu ^ time ^ "Where is Lona now?" ( motor, maneuverability that is a * * * "On her horse again, riding bacVl dream to any pilot, long range . . . toward home." * -, -i 11 i.L i. *. c j „ nTHERE in the Ramboxv Canyon luel supply, all the best ol modern 1 cli££ Roiffiie Bailey invention in both aviation ^nd starea off with a sense o£ mount . military fields. Notice the gun ing excitement. She bit her lower Lj own -.there! 11 mountings, even the new type ar- lip; turned slowly to look, wide- «^ iere they— were?" mor, light but effective. Only thing the Pro fr , . , ,, ,, her. She "looked like a little girl on lacking is. a dependable method j a high adventure of childliood. of aiming and dropping explosives. And that, sir, is precisely what we have now developed!" "Excellent!" Andre nodded. "Step into the ship with me, please," the colonel, invited. When once to the bombing controls. "See] this? See this odd-looking device?" "Yes."- . "Yes! I'm dying to see if any- there!" "Come on!" "Gee-e-e-e, Wes!" she breathed. I. Adventure spirit engulfed them. "It is mysterious. They haven't They waited until a long'ground] reappeared'so they must have con- rise concealed Lona from possible cealed themselves behind a view of the cliff dwelling, thenl boulder." "Wes, I don't believe it is simply they were inside" the big army spot Uke this far away to meet> plane Colonel McDavid pointed at] would they?" '"'She is a Mexican girl. Perhaps e is a Mexican. Perhaps one who is not an American citizen and is unable, to gain, legal entry into the "All right. Now here is the eye coun try, but has just slipped up piece, here the manual controls. In a matter of seconds, Mr. Girardeau, a trained man can have the exact range on any target — battleship, building, anything— and re- canyoll: to meet her. "No," said Ronnie. "Why not? I think it's a good « It snows w h a t you know about lease-his bomb with complete ease girls? j think. Rather, what you and assurance. Almost automati- don - t i-now: Wes, your binoculars cally the correction is made for are very s t ron g: I could see that ship speed 1 and wind. It is little | man > s f ace ^^ everything in detail, and I am certain love isn't the Andre looked impressed. "Price-1 answer. For one thing, he was less!" much older than Lona." "We expect to give it every rigid "That's so." lest here in New Mexico where air "And a more—well, roughei currents are more variable and type. No, there's something afoot, visibility different from the coastal Wes. All I can say is that Lona zones. We will use smaller targets, picks strange places and times to greater heights. Any detail learned] meet her men." will be. of infinite value in training ]. Wes. 1 nodded. He could agree to that, .for he had seen Andre Girar- our forces." I understand that the operator deau leave Lona's apartment. Now himself'needn't know the exact here was Lona meeting yet an- construction-of the sight. Is that .other man under mysterious cir- correct?" cumstanceSi slid down the ladders and the steep slope to the canyon flooi again. In''a moment more the} were on their horses. * * * 'THEY rode as quietly as the} could even though there was nc apparent need for silence, anc presently came to the place where Loria had dismounted. They dismounted loo, nursing a sense danger, real or otherwise. "Gee-e-e-e, Wes, I'm all tingly| but—come on!" They passed the rock enclosure they had seen from afar, anc neared the boulders where Lorn and the strange man had disappeared. No evidence of mankinc was visible anywhere., no sligh^ track or other sign that these twi could see. But when Wes anc Ronnie had crept past rocks higheij than-their'heads. Wes—in the leac —abruptly stopped. Ronnie/ already was holding his big hand| like a scared little girl. "What is it?" she whispered. "Trie dark crevice there—seel It's a cave!" He squeezed her hand, sensing her "alarm. Plainly sh"e~ understooc that their danger. ! .was genuine. (To Be Continued) as a ssrt of William Allen White Committee put together "in the United States in the interests of .he DC Gaulle group. De Si eyes i.s coming to Washington, however, more as the am- Dassador of Do Gaulle than as head of an unofficial civilian com- .nittee. His arrival will touch oft i high-powered campaign designed to front-page the De-Gaulle movement, with the American public. Beyond that, the real hope if the De Gaulle group is—ultimately—to- gain recognition by the U. S. government as the actual legal government of France. BIG STAKES That., of course, is a long way Selective SeVvice (Editor's Note: Below is published a list of registrants ,is Ghey are sent questionnaires by Mississippi county's- three drat': boards. Earlier groups have already b'een published in their order number and others will : follow.)' 505. Joe Board A Allen McDonald; 50(3, Brooks; 781. Edward Rose Reynold? 782. Fred Winford McGrew; 781 Willie O'Neal Lambert; 784, Herbct Adkins; 785, John Woodruff; 78<] Clyde Jones; 787, Willard Jonea-] 788, Jaclc Williams; 789. Walt Scott n; 790. Leeroy Langston; Oryel Franklin Bozarth; 792, Jam'e Albert Johnston; 793, Freidma| Weinberg; 794; Benjamin PranV liiv Johnson; 795, Wilber Noil burn; 796, William Henry' Halt 797, William Jasper Watkins; 794 Otis.Thadaeus McRac; 799, WUliai Henry Raspberry; 800, .Earnest Led off probably. But since the BY BRUCE CATTON NKA Service Washington Corre;- spondent WASHINGTON. Dec. 7.— A new campaign aimed to bring recognition of. the "free France" regime of Gen. Charles dc Gaulle is "about to get under way in Washington: Under the surface, it has .some extremely interesting' possibilities. DC Gaulle is sending to Washington his personal representative stakes are huge. De Gaulle can afford to take a long-range view. Half of Mi esc stakes are right here in. Washington. They consist of approximately $1,500,000.000 in j:old and securities owned by t,ho ' French- government and sequestered by- the United States Audrey Mitchell Penn; 507, "Paul D. Combs; 508, Leon Eugene Scherer: 509, Roy Lloyd Gilliland; 510 Simon.Cherry n; 511, Tom Padgett; 512. Woodrow Wilson Johnson; 513 Henry Pollard; 514, Don McKissack n; 515. Carl Lee Marshall; 516. Woodrow Woods n. 5.17. Leroy Fips n; 518. James Matthews Moore n;- 519: Truman Woodrow Smith; 520: Willie James n;. 521, .Elbert Tucker: 522; Robert since the occupation of France by. Wesley Huey: 523. Leeman Edward the Germans. If De Gaulle, could' Stickler; 524, Major Williams iv one Jacques dc Sieves. De Sieves, ever pain recognition and get : 525. Charles A'. Wopdj J_26. Olon a French importer and a former I con trol of that fund « fully half o"" schoolmate cf De Gaulle, has been in America some time and had a leading pan. in organizing the "France Forever" movement — which can be described, roughly. which is jn gold> be would be enormously .strengthened . The other half of the .stakes nrc in Africa, where Gen. Maxima OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople Weyaand cannily hi.s Lime WAR WORK/ THAT MEANS BOMBINGS/ I GO AS A SOLO\ER THE FIRST WAR, WHEM THEY WAS KILUW SOLDIERS, AM 1 MOW I'M A MACHINIST WHEM THEY'RE K1LUNJ' MACHINISTS/ I'M JUST A HULK OF BAD LUCK/ THEV JUST GOT IN A BIG £DER FER. GOVERNMENT WORK PREPAREDNESS STUFF WE'LL IF HE DONT QUIT WORR.YIN' HE'U- BE TIME THEY BOMBINJ' US BCV, HE WILL BE 1M A SPOT/ THEV'LL HAVE. TO PUT HIM IN TH' ARMY TO T. K. Rta U. S. TAT. OFT I COT*. 1i»e BY HCA 8CHY1CE. U>C THE GREASE WARRIOR. OKAY, 6OTTA GPRlNiT ACROSS UE'S ASLESP f^OW, ORDERUYy BUT DR. SMARPE WANTS SOMEONE TO SIT \\ATW f vAlS PATlENvT SO WE WON'T PUMOA HIS TIME OUT/ ^ THE MkM UKE A AND IP RE: STARTS MISS1N6 JUST A SHOT OP WIALEAH CO\\E6 IM IPTK\S SUMP GOES PLAT in Virtual control, of the 'immense rescnrce.s of the French African empire. Weygand could transform the "frrt- Prance" move from an unofficial group to a power which could logically claim to speak fbi France. So far he has kept aloof from Nazi blandishments. .The U. S. government, of course. i.s playing the cards very close to its vest on ail of this. Nevertheless. it isn't exactly ignorant of what. Dc Sieves i.s up to— and them are sign.s that it isn't exactly hostile. either. Unofficially, Dc. Sifiyes has talked to hiyh government officials in Washington "already. The fact that Britain" is working closely with the He Gaulle group u> also calculated to be an item in Ms favor. Beyond this, there is the recent appointment of Admiral William D. Leahy as U. S. ambassador to France. This appointment almost , Hab- bersastPd persons who had a good close-up look at Leahy'? r ^p" f - expcricr.ce as sovernor of Puerto Rico. They report that while he i.s an excellent executive "Hid ad.- mini-straior. his Puerto Rican ra- recr was unhappy simply because he is no diplomat. Purely ».s a supposition, how- i ever— the appointment- becomes • undrrstanrtsljlc if it' be imagined that, the U. S. doosn't propose to be rniK'iliHlovy with Mir Vichy regime but instead means to be hard-boiled and firm. Edward Sprayberry; 527, Willie Bob Robinson n; 528. Thomas Lee Kenry n. Board B 776. Jay T. A'shabranner; 777. Euil Edger McGcc; 778. George. ter Fowler. I 801, Joe Walker Judkin's; 80'J Samel Anther Bbllinger; 801 Chrystal Ardell Newton; 804, Jacj Buster Caraway; 805. Elmer Gblc 806. Johnnie Clovlin Newton; 80] Joe Roberts n; 808. John Deljnc Arnold; 809, Demps Fredric] 'Adams:. 810, Patrick Henry Gav ter'n; 811, Jessie Winfred Montj gomen'; 812, Tra Newton Bradle:* 813. Carl Preston Over ton: 814 Hugh Whttfield Cliaik"; 8I.T. Everetl Thomas Young; 816,- Floyd Tit.-/ worth; 817, Sterlin Bunch; 81*! Raymond Bnmis Foxx; 819,. LestDavis: 820, Floyd Lee Ramey: T" W. C. Hollis Stlltts: 822, A. Norman; 823. John Turner Andcr] son:, 824. Wilburn Lee Hanna; 82^ Charley Clifford McElrath. Hirshel Johnson; Washinctou FUIT: 77D. George 780. ' Troy Read Courier News want Has. FIMNY BUSINESS "Goal al lasl, neighbor! How much royalty arc you asking?".-

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