The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 25, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 25, 1933
Page 3
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\V K1) N K SI) A Y, Of TO HRIi 2S, . -;:•.•:.., BiA'THEVILl.E. (ARK.) 'COURIER NEWS PAGE THREK Macon Comes to Rest in New Home Local Man Has Strong Sup- , r-ort to Fill Vacancy on Commission. !!lyl/.L>:llu may have a repi-cscn- OiK'thi.- ' Misfits'Ppl KK " i-!iirni.s:,;o!l svllk'h is Lu iu;vc two n:--.' member:, appointed '»!' I''" ' Mir. IHovveK ill an early tlu 1 .'- .)c.' P. I'.^.'ii-. vi".v:aii civil cii'j :!.•;.., is iKin- n-L.j.nmejrJvil lo llir- potion by » largi nu.ii'oc:- of sen- i av.J oL.'i-i 1 iiKiGii.iHy r-.nv.v Untica :1 li;- cr.!n:iil.«!-;n. whir:'. hii-. J'jven me:iio---is. is lo ai!ot lunils !): (!<!(«] ]):•:'. -'Clr.ll un<l i-nallm-l | v -. : k on Ol" M:vi*sip;>: rhcr anil I on it.s irio'.i',j.T j s -a:j .is tht-y arc a!l3c.-ti-cl by b.rjk «-au-r. , • Mi-. I'li-Je. a native c:' Alabama, lBin<i lien: 30 jv.ii ; .mO. II? -,vas : '>•:•, Mill ;\-.i i c-.iicf i'lisineer ;:)r I re St. Frauds l<-v<" uMi'icl Tor iibou-. IS years a!id was consulting and chie: cntunc::T 1 j;- many ul the Isii4r:r hvi'C-. <ir.'ii:ia^i' ::ii-J roaii dis- tri'.-i.s in ihe Mai", istnliii'j MKIIC.-- thing over $-j;i.ODO.iliX) in L-xj^titli- tmes.. In addition to the <inclor;enicnt-- o r a majjrilv of I!IL' Arkansas con- ynssional de'.egaiiDn hi- has' endorsements IVom Senators J. II Eankraad of Alabama. Walter i 1 George of Georgia. H. P. Fiilmer of South Carolina. IMrk Trammel) of Florida, anil many others. There has never b;en a member iiom Arkansas 0:1 thc commis-jfori ano because Mississippi county ha' never hud any ref.-ognltiun of any kind in nation::! .j!fic(-s. except. our congrptsiiian, and is the second larsesi, county in Arkansas in |»u- ujation and t::e~ Lugest county ir EHM protected by the levee system v.'ith more frontage on (\j e Miss;., . c :ppi rives- than anv other count; in '.he. titalc, Mr. Pride's suoporten- Ulieve thai- a resident o« this C ty V'a:; an upuortunHy to be ap jxilRtc-cl. •nlnry from Ilio Hew Hope Mis- fiionar; 1 Bapfbl church lihd two of Ilio members of the church Iwafd. Tnr IWBTO prenchor ch»rg«s Iho church tvnd Us board, Including C. C, dainty rind Tom Clln.v, nrn Indebted lo him In the sum of $16484 j fov his services as pastor, i Tlic nctloii was filed through Hol- luiiil and narlmrn. local law firm. MOM Undcrinklnc company was In | charge ol funeral ntrnng*m«]it'!. Thf dtofftwtl Is (!\ir\1ved by three [taughtcr::, Mrs. Emery, Mrs. Andy Evans nnd Mls.1 Cevllln Dnnlels, nnd one fon, Alex Dnnlels. an S c h oo Workers Will Galherl Saturday al jonosboro. !t) 'es at Daughter'* I'olnln Dlitrr Found Old Coin '"'OCKTON fil'RIKOS, Me. 250 Chlrkeiu SALT LAKE CITV, Utah (UP>- Cliictan on tout would hire teen o timely suggestion when 250 ch!okeii< burned to dealh nt iho W.illl Frailer Coops, had there boen any loasl available. he Magnolia Comoanv Will Present Film Thursda Macuii. siant U.\S. dlrigtble.-cllps down In an impressive landing in ilu- above piclure, 1-M.onlineiiliil llisjht to Us new romc at Motfel Held, Sunnytiile. Calif. The IIIIBI- craft vnv bi-iii!; drawn to its mooring lo bo trundled into the hangar beyond. In the San Francisco Bay. JCNKSHOHO - Mor,' limit onr iKll^alld X'lluul H'lU'lU'l'S, I'XCl'U- iu'.s. iiiiii Piiii'iii-Teticlu'i's Assoi 1 !- ilui wiiikfiN mi- vxpiTti'd [o as- I'.'inblc ai Ark:. nsus Siuli 1 collide ::.t\[ -SiUnrday :ri liii 1 iinnual <'«n- i \i-ntion i'.'. tlu- Noithi-ast Arkansas ! l:diK';i'.!o:i A woe i?. I ion. | Ol iMniiciilar inti-iTM at this j;. fin's i-ujivi-niinn will be a until- 1 1 rim: of I'arcnt-'lVachurs a.v.<ieln- I iiun iiieniln'is lions .schools in (hi? IIHIII th: 1 !! '20 iHiitlusiHl Arkansas, ini-liid'-il in '.hi- Kdncalvm I Mrs. Si-oil Wiujd of l,!ltl<- riv.sidviii ul ll:i i ArktiiMis C ot Ijiiii'ii'.-'lVnclKi-s. ivlll litiioi- niu-.ii al tin- 1'. T. M mUit-jf. Mr.;. T. H. 'nili.- inoivl. disirlci chairman P ''• A " uft'in 1 -'""" Germany mobilized 11,000.000 - \\hib illfjgiiiH notiuoai ou! mPI , during the World War, over Ills farm. Orargc Crockett un- 7,000.000 of them being casualties: i-i'rtliu<l a capp?r coin timed 1124. Kv^a mobilised 12,000,000 wllh I On cuo slil; -vus an inscription g.ooO.OQO casualties. U ki U' It U ' iiliovflnif Hull It wns minted In | .— notne Near nait moon u : ,. I0 i s n of KIH* pinup v, uicin- I Kir of Spain from 1100 to 1HC. Mis. Evm Daniels, 53, died MOM-j - -- -— ! Kor duy afternoon at the hoinc of u i Th'- lar^c boulders founil scat- daiiKhler. Mrs. ,Mm Kmery, m'ni | Urori about the country, and now Ili'll Moon. knnwi 1 to have to 1 en Mt by u\a- I'Miu-l-nl si-rvk-cs vrrc held yos-1 cli'.«. once were thought lo have s .sliown distance err is sold )Iessic's drink and ?/ary CiiUum, Welba, IKKS, Gladys inch siai-d and his living quarters Trammel, Charles Gocde. Anna re ia the same building but. oc- Martin Lewis, Lucille Pipkin, Lois upy s»paiate rooms. I Goodwin, Margaret. Goodwin and Trial of Rufus Wells, charged I Doris Bancum. vith carrying a concealed weapon] . : . . va.s continued until later.. Cotton Receipts Here Continue to Lead State The rtderal Compress and Ware- lotise company's plant here continues t" H-ad Arkansas compresses in volume of receipts, according to the weekly report of the Arkansas Cotton 'lYa'.U' association. : Receipts here for the seven day rcrioi! ending last Friday were 10.610 bales, bringmg the total for thft sfason to 55.1SG. Compress receipts last week for the entire state were 80,109. compared to 105.411 for Ihe corrcspond- Fear Member of Sheriff's Force Kidnap Victim ing •«ek last, season, Thc total "Partners."!! feature-length talk- lor this season is 434.472. compared itil! picture that has delighted to 548942 at tSe same date a year crf.V'ls throughout the country. 1 , ago. fill be- sho-i-n at the Roxv tin-litre i rol'.owinj are receipts tor the hi-'innintr at "i p. in. Thursday. • v ee'& and for the season at lead- October 26, with the compliments ;„„ Arkansas and Missouri points: 1S I !U'« in l!oom W(j o! ii. is | YVilmii lull. I A liiiye mill lepj-escnlallvo _', ol P. T. A. workers frcim noilli- i CMS; Arkiiiiiius Is I'xprclrd for tin ! I'tnU'rencr- at Aikansas Stale coi- Icuc. \vhlch will be devoted to a ilivcii.ssion of th? present . i tfiiii,' carried out in Arknn: as look- Mi-s. Tabitha Smitlv. 27. tlied'iw lo iiiiuiovins Ihe i-llklency suddenly Monday at thc family "'• »"? l>"bllr :.chools, i-llmlnnlinij home near Armorel. Her dcuth (liipl'.tailon. .intl clfMting oilier was attributed to a heart ntlnck. ] ir.iprovemtnis. Mrs. Smith is survived by herj A number of oiit-Mandin;' cdu liusbund, Iry Smith am! seven c.ituis will nppi-uv un th" Resident I Heart Attack Victim | '•'Thunder", ''deputy sheriff and assistant jailer", was believed lo ic in ihe hands of kidnapers lo- cay. The big black and tan German police dog di=2ppe»red Monday ond his fiot b«t-n Kf.en since by ,iis owner,- Eddie B. David, deputy fherili and Jailer, or oilier officers. ' "Thunder" was 85 pounds of fury when he xvas added to the children. Funeral services were held this v ill afternoon at two o'clock at Hen- ih<- dcrson, Tenn. Tlie Rev. Mr. Henry fi^l officiated. The U O. Mass Under-;cis taking company were in rliiirgi;. o funerul arranBenicms. jail force three years ago. While he still wpijrhs us much now he l?a.-. gradually grown moit friendly hrough constant, assodalioii v:ith iai! vbilors and is no loriuer the Blythcvillf Ljule Rock West Memphis Fine Blufi .... Walnut Ridge Fort Smllli .. Botcsvilla N f cw[>ort 1-orresl City . McGehee ...... Helena TTope 10.619 B.TO 9.832 8,145 5,190 3,110 3.525 3.382 55,796 38,Kil 44.587 so.m. 20.145 15.10+ !*,42B. 11.172 14,948 13,992 14,499 26,805 of dealers and service siations of Ilio Magnolia Pctrnicmn Company.| if is announced by E. B. Woodsonj Mavnolin agent.' ! Eiinctod bv nn all star Broadway \ c*r.:. "Pinners' has been a smash-j in* hit \vhere^er shown, Mr.: Word'oii said, piickert with dramn | from the rirs.1 reel to the last and; v-iih Dlculy of heaity lauyhb to diy , in> Ihe tears, the fast moving plot' provides more than wo hours of- (H-livliifiil enicnainment. : "Partners' Ls the story of a sue-: cess in the service station business, and was produced by one of the, leading motion picture companies! fnv t>ic socony-Vacuum Corpora- 1 lion, of which Magnolia forms a' ~T ~1 ,i7-iT o- major unit. The picture reveals; Wilson Pupils Will GlV6 what it takes to succeed in.lho' ;1W jj. ,, . , /\',_.i aulomotive service business under' Weflfling and VJperel the high standards bet. by Mag- '•. —:— n.-ilia and other Socony-Vacuum WILSON.—A Tom Thumb -wcd- co!iii>aiiies. din« will be presented by'the first • The public i* cordially invited to arci c ( . c cnd «rade .students of the enjev the Fhoiviiw of "Partners" ; W iVon school Friday ni?hi follow- 2.T25 2.707 2,691 2.530 5.COC - jnnesboro 2.118 -6.854! Canuliersvillc ... 4.342 11,303: Hayii 4.507 15.195 Maiden • 1.130 5.027 Aged Farmer Succumbs at Home at Half Moon . Ur. o: Sam Holdbrook, 75 year old farmcr, died Monday at Ills lionic in the Half Moon community af- tin leacheiii mi-ctinjj. whk-h Ki'L under -,vay formully wi'.t^ veglstrailon of delegates al it o'clot-k. AnionR thtc will l;e Duan C. E. Prall ol Collide (if Kdiicalion of the M'isily of Arkansas, Prcsidviil JI. Kcthlty ot Ek-Hu SI me Tears coilL'ti- al Clevelnnd. Doak S. Cnmpbt-ll. Director Koscurcli at Geoijie Pealioily '.•Be ai. Nashville, Tonn.. and Hownril Daw;.o!i, president Arfcnnia:; Mi:catlon Awociii- imirniiiR ill 1U North Siv.vlw ccniclery. lllbllcal Pairu monthly discomfort, tired nerves, run-down women will do well to try CARDUI. It has helped thousands. Build tip wllh pufrly vegetable CARUUI to overcome. periodic pains. Sold at dr.ig stores. Ask Yiur Grocer for Four Leaf . another cup, please!": SURE SIGN SHE SERVES Four Leaf COFFEE Cliiver hoHtcssft.-! know that the- botit of meals ave not successful unless the coffee is «ootl. No coffee is sjonil' it is t'resli . . . For tlutt. reitson tliey servo Four U'lii' Coffei!, becatist; it is iilwuys fresh. If. you serve Four Leaf Coffee, yoi!, tno, will hem- youi- BiiDHtu nsk for auotlicr cup. tt-r a five days Illness. Funeral services were held ycs- teiday afternoon with llic Rev. Loais Hughes officiating. Interment was made at North sawba that he one; was.' cemetery. The L. G. Moss Under- jail he remained as taking company was in charge ol as ever b'.it out- j Mineral arrangements. | The deceased Ls survived by a Mster, Mrs. Allic Evlns. GMiccrs of ths. Northeast Ar-j j I :m^;>s KtS'.iLHtlQn Association arc: 1 Crawford tl:v. no. nljthr>villi-. prcs- lilint; R. a. nainwnl?! 1 !. Wnlmii Uiti^c. vLce-]n-esii!t-nt: and t:. L. V.'ImslK. ArLai.',as Slalc collotc. •one-man Inside thc ulert and w'ary ,ide he was litely to roam. Jailer David says "Thunder" would leap into 'any car should; a door'be opened unit he believe*- A raindrop con never attain a someone offered the dog a rid? speed of-more than about 30 feet and thn drove away with, his per second no matter how far It "deputy". Negro Preacher Sues to Collect Salary! 1 T. W. BcU. Yarbro r.egro preacher, hus Tiled suit In common-pleiis court '.wtking to collccl pas*I dkic Raasted and Packed Daily ly Central Coffee Co. lle, Ark, as the »ucsi of Magnolia dealers and service stations. ed by an operetta. "Sleeping Beati- and Ledbetter ty.' to be given by the third,'fourth, fifth and slxih grade students. • Dora Dean Cannon will be ' the . t . r\ bride and We =!<:>• Apple, Ihe bride-i in Liquor Cases sraa m. Belly Ferguson, Mary V:r- [ ginia Vincent. Gloria Ashmorc aii:i' W. E. "Billic" Hcssic. thc first Doiothy Ann Sullivan v.ill be the r-'ni!«r licenser! by the city of .-b-idosmaids. The ushers are Billy; • Blytii'eville to .*c-ll beer wiih the • Luclwie. Percy Hollowcll. Realization of the 3.2 per cent Harmon and Wayne Douglas. Mar- j. 1 .-.-era^.e. entered a pica of guilty Ilia Jean Hollowell, Alice Ann Ua- possession of intoxicating vidson. Betty GD'.dman and Botly 'i'-'cn for thc purpose of sale yesterday and fined $50. Carl Ledbetter. arrested along wi'ii lle^ic- iji n seiics of raids by ro'iw and county officers ycstcr- t!ny. was convicted on a similar chartc and fined $100 after he had cnlered a plea of not tmlly. a , "[),- IJoth have been fined before on )""i:r>r chaises. Sam Jfanalt. city attorney, took i") the mailer ol revocation of Hissie's beer permit informally with Municipal Judge C. A. Cun•• ••"iinin The. latUT indicated that nndinp of liquor' in a residential room of Hessie's building would not subject him lo withdrawal of ixissiblc when Jock Mitlican will be llower girl;.. John Hughes will serve as minister • and the bride will be given in mjr- ringe by ll'.c father. Paul Priwi. Mary Virginia Flowers is to b; soloist. In the Operetta. Jane Carpenter : en and J. D. White as thi king, will have the principal, ra'.ei.. Others to take part will b=: : Jean and Jane Williams, Sherry : Winfcrd. Mary Frances Regenold 'I'-ry Ch^.tine Morgan. Pershing Burnell, Jerry Ctillum. Nettie E.I'M i ijnmim. John Dou?las. Cancie Bell : Slrcetcr. Mary Chloc Morgan. Jj'.m LJ Williamson. Jimmle Beall. Bob- Williamson. Jean Davis Frazier,; his permit, which is liquor is kept on premises where Uora Jtaii Speck. Alice Williams ; ON THE MR TONIGHT 7:01) l>. M. lo 7:30 P. M. Over W-M-C K-T-ll-S 7SO-K. C. a " (l 1040-K. C. Memphis I'"I Sl»'iiii!s, Ark. FORD V-8 REVUE Through the ('oinlosy of Phillips Motor Co. Authorized ^dmnfc Dealer keep coming back to that word "balanced" on the back of the Chesterfield package Y OU oflnn hear Ihe word balance—something is out of balance—top-heavy, not on an "cvrn keel." Wlmt you rend, "Chesterfield Cigarettes are u balanced blend," means that the right amounts of the right kinds of tobacco are welded together; that is, home-grown tobaccos, thc right kind, the right quantity—are bleudcd and cross-blciided with tobaccos from Turkey aud Greece. When these, tobaccos are balanced one against the other, then you have a mild cigarette. When they arc in balance, then you hnvc a better-lasting cigarette. May tee. tukyon to read again the itntemenl on the Ixtck of tJie Chesterfield package.? May ice ask you to try Chesterfield? A Balanced Blend

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