The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 11, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 11, 1935
Page 6
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Gianls "Big Four" Again To Carry Load for New Yorkers Kim'OR'8 NOTE: This Is nn- ollier of a terlr-s of articles on the bljf hagac training c:ini|is, .tm! the ^Pfbnd of hvo stories on the Oi- aiils, nV IIAKRV fiUAVSON ' Kirarls Kdllor, N'liA Service MIAMI BEACH, March 11.—The New York Giants are an old- fashioned baseball club. i They still play for Hint one nni They failed lo swing Into line with Uu lively ball, prompted most managers lo seek runs In clusters. That was one of the lato John McGraw's weak spots (luring the fag end of his career. He hn played t)i<? t'nme Die other wa so long that he couldn't chain; Am! he never could round vn pitching stall cnjwWo of riwMii off ihe opposition. The present great Giant pitch ing .staff was Just forming whpi Bill Terry took command in mid season of 1932. Pat Freddie Flm Simmons is the only one of the Big Four who saw many years o: service under McGraw. Carl Hubbell was just coming into his own when McGraw .step Jjcd down, and Hal Scliumnrhei Whom McCran- signed, hnd hn;: .time only lo reveal fine promise Leroy Parmelee came along from s t]ie s Jvinerlcan Association lo complete (lie -quartet. The Big pour members 'nave combined yjercentage during their veais with Ihe Giants of .Gil. They have won 34!) games nnd lost 222. Know Them In Their Civvies? Inseparatjle I'als Hubbell. Schumncher, Fitzslm- inons, and Pnrmalee nre Gianls In the truest sense or the name. The lost three have pitched ror no othei major league club^ nnd Hubbell had only n brief Irlnl hi Detroit before reporting to Hie Polo Grounders. Members of. the Clp Four nre firm friends, but ns different they can be. Hubbell. Hie masterful Icfl-liander. is a tall and rawboned lG5-poimdcr from an Oklahoma farm. He throws n screwball, , .. -. v;a|( Schumacher Is n 23-yenV-old collegian He Is n serious chap, handsome, and squarely set. He. weigh; ISO pounds, lie is n curve ball pitcher Irani upper New York slate. Vitzslmmons Is n roly-poly, rollicking man or 34. He weighs 105 pounds. iHciJIres only, n couple of miles, jfrora the. Santa Anita nice tiatk at Arc'a ; dia, Calif. He throws n knuckle ball. Pni melee is the son of a conn- i try doctor in Michigan, He is a loose 200 pounder. He banks on blinding speed and a slider. Once more It is these four pitchers that the. St. Louis Cnr- dinnls will lircve lo beat. Only, a minrtet like them could have: nni abled the Giants, with so' many .2CO hitlers in their litipiij); to-bal- lle the Curds mull; the last day of the '34 campaign., . Tlie Big.Four turned in 23 shutouts junl933,' and held the opposition|tot one -run on 20 occasions. That! niadjC 49 games which the New'York -club could have cop- Fed with two runs or less. »ij<in(r Sccomlary With Terry Bill Teny leans to the defensive player. Although a splendid liil- ler himself, Terry prefers lo chat nbout nn athlete's fielding, tils favorite subject is Huehle critz. Ihe polished second bnspmnn who can't hit the size of Judge Lnunis' felt hat. • ' • During the closing weeks of Inst seafoii, s rerry kept Phil Wclntmub ar-4 Frank O'Doul in dugout while I wns in the throes of n (erriilc battmg slump. O'Doul had slumped somewhat, too, but certainly he would have been an improvement at the plate over Hank Lciber, who just then wns the All- America out. And Weinirnub. with a'battmp nverage of .351. sat there 1 <IF the club slumped. Even when he faced a desperate situation. Tony si rang along- with his best defensive men. Tenv is particularly happy to ha\e Kindo Davis back to spell or replace Leibcr in' center field DaUs hit .293 for the Phillies in 1934, bill the Giant maiwer doesn't speak of thnt. "Davis can certainly fro nnd uet 'cm." beams Memphis Bill. Police Want Thief Hunter WAKEFIELD Mass. (tJP)_ Re - lersinj; the usual order of ihinzs Wakeneld police appealed to the public to help them recover their stolen atilonioblle. COURIER NEWS MISSED A ..HAIRCUT BY A SHAVEI I DON'? KNOW WHY TH " OOOLA COULDN'T Two Bad Actors of Mai Circuit Meet Again Armory Tonight WHEN | HOLLERED/ Two bad actors who Have " M ° r thcl1 T asions m bang , mll . ))fl , u , , j r n , ° Hint, Includes "'™ls Lou Cha '»"'«» "liege match. "i>.s|)lio Clmney's morp .howlnn the lack Scon,lon» ;i lM. ra lie iiionnle Ls cnrialn WHY, YOU DUMB GLUNK/ YOU'D TAKE A AT ME, Vy.-out.pJA/ SWING WONT MISS •\YOU cocoAN *-' HEADED APE exhlbttion tonight Ir any Lime thoy '' I "' t "f,'- T "«'e will be blows, fmii otherwise, choking, eye ' probably even m or« I e v,ni,°'''f " f may " ein e .-w over. Promoters p- niul their favor when and Welch Weld, >lns two W)JW •nil m reCen , tly< ns tl!c r ," " l lrast - 1 ""nB gained by foul route when, Mr ctisimy quirted sodrt 'pop m I '' By Harry Graysdn Sirnnse. not to say dnffy, rum's keep silling back, to America om the far corners of the enrlh u result ol the "Join Piofcs- onnl Baseball and See the World" ovement. that swept the major leagues tills winter. When the boys finished their bnrnstormiiii! visit to Japan, thev llsured • that only a punly.wnls'l. would come slrnluht home, nnd so most of them mounlcd their hobby horses and rode wildly off ; ln all directions nt. once. Back lo (be home grounds came little snatches about Lefty Gome/ visiting the Casino nt Monte Carlo -on a pass, nbout the Gehrigs seeing R 01m . on n bus, about Babe Ruth .laklns n whi,ck at cricket- in Dean or Liinnon, mm fm-ls was n foul bnll. American ball piayci-s kept li, n ,»>B up in Ba|i and Singapore and ed Uronner as a memento." Berg practically knows it by hi'art unv- \vny. , , ' Now liei-g Is also something of nn expert on food. He is none or your Lefty Gomezes, who couldn't wult ui K et back lo the USA for 11 little home cooking. Moe hiis been everywhere nnd eaten every- from sliltih khnbab lo ----- ''iBlit «» down through Moccoli and canned brans Bui Uramicr stopped him bv ilomlones " ^ " "''*' SWMl (thllt ' s runt where they ' serve tin' "' oem-res piping hot. Nov.- hors d'oeuvres. In With Carney Laslie Sunday John Hurry" cnln, 'fanjoiis All- mt>rlcn fullback or 1032 Yd the Uni- ^"S'or Alabama, visited hsi old vlllc high schob! head coach bore yesterday. ' ' . ' 0-iiin and Laslle played together for the night Mr' pal '« ti:b y J- -P.'Wiend'with the In.,.., , .... BUI. Mr. (emfoii of covering ail possible points of he pretend to 1 lOt'S ls nn ••" »i «uuviii>, EH ins clon'l know, IU-D the little cdcl eiKls of dead fish nnd cut-over csetnbtcs that they present yo, * uh bef ^,..,!! le ,-' 10 - c-tW "icy nre served colder thnn Grov son. e's arm Inst . Seeing nils sort of dcl'icn Hut most, pcripnlcllc of nil seems to be Moe Ber L ;. that illustrious catcher who already hns carved Himself nn linmorlal niche In ih c "»•»» or the nalionn. game as ihe bnl] player who ivi-ilc-aml flOW! Berg for many years i I hat mrurable mnlndy can read inrt . victim known Jraclicnlty all the known world 111(1 .Pl'ologniphcd most of it for is own jn-lvatc travel movie exhibit called by "his Wends "Por•K Ihe Periphery of me Plnn- cl, or a Sucker for n simv Oiin-f-." Seeker After tin; Trulh '•" Moe is the kind of .guy w i, 0 H-ver will be sn lbfl M . until he Sees All, Knows All. so this win- lie disappeared into (lie fast- !c.5scs of the Far East Periodic reports kept drifting i n b»ch n.s a cable from Moscow lo ' he president of the Internntionnl atop-Havitig-Fiin Society, of which «C"-e. is an active vice 'president Ihis succinct cable .«ni<l: "Work ' sea- the. epicurean ~Moe. Uiii."7.6 nlnlipr !' I) " ITO1 -'' llckl "B '"S Pinter ns.clean as Jack Spratl's nnd then looking eayrly about for wore, only ,„ nil cl that that'. n | Wh lV r- tb?re W11S1V ' n "V MM Which proves ||,» t there's a 'lot mo,-e to-bu lenrned I,, bnsebni l'!™.' 1 "^.""' 11 J««flo keepyonr o» more Man one cidtfon _. „ Crimson Tide, n, addition lo beiiv « star performer Cain exhibited one ball players, ability lo "001°a baM WeU ...., with hLs left toe better than '' Wtlch ani1 of the nation's kicker* could their right fool. f "> 11 nvj KUU»- jjv us n, •eferee only because he was once heavyweight boxing champion of "" world, wns tlie thir (1 man in ™ K on the Inst ciiiuimr- ich Program here. •Without,' in- lung to toss any Rovers nt Leon cdretty, local match maker and [Pioniotcr (with the American Lego,) hc-. . i" v * f '*'siy tta it Del «!f job tlian .Will mil cot.ld it much . nccompllsli. - .... ...,.., font out of (lie bucket. Texas ^and Minnesota eet ; bn Gridiron in 1936 •I natinnal football will inrct the Universit of. . • •> •i'.iu, W11J1 ins-;. ," ; m 8n '" L ' 1 ' fl ''<- "> litforli. lo bring the Coj.lieis to ihte^lnm,"',' 1 - cclcb ™"oiv PC ;ilic itnLt.^ iu\>m Oirthdny in lO^r i "i ed and . Coach jack Clicvlgny to meet Minnesota at home supporters point to -111 , till ns »fugli)L> the L Soft Ball Loop Board To Make Plans Tonight A meeting of (he executive com', "ittee of the Commercial Soft nail £T™ hn . s , bcen Wl!lwl f0 '' I"" 1 !!"! nt 1:JO o'clock nt the city hall bv Fred Saliba. chairman . ' rt«i"i b "?" U1SS nmis Or '"'llvidnnls desiring to enter teams in the len°ue tmiiriir" 'Y" 1 " 5 re l> rescl »tivc.s°«t tonight's sssion. Pine Bluff Zebra7~in Third Cage Title Win • HARRISON. ~Ark! _ Pine ' Dluir won te third .straight A.kaasa" Igl Mlioo basket ball title wben it- defeated Orecnlnnct :i(i to -ii I" the finals of the state tomm-v here Saturday night.. r bras ahead „„„,;' bive'lilaiuM "my hnd led, 20 i,> be n, njo . s hornV in(«,' v< -" Tor .,.,„,„„,( ^CANBY. Ore. (UP)-Enrr ow him to smoke in bed, Busier rowne, 15, left, his home with : em . " 1Kl slr »ek out for Lout- i nd miles awny. pare the-fans for the climax when _.iaiiey mix. Jack Pur- I".... who cnn gel tough ni his own right, nnd Max. Glover, the latter presumably „ newcomer here will meet in ; n one hour, two out of tlircc mils limit, mulch. On The Outside Looking In By "DUKE" The Turnstiles and The "New Deal" A total ot $2,175 was paid lust tall by fans attending Qlytheville ngh school football games and one college game, incidentally a decided lop. for Haley Field -gridiron: cii- ertaimueht. • . A report, details of which will be •evealed shortly, shows thai the New Deal" in high school alhlelics •pally dirt get somewhere lust fall. . „;*.-....£ UJ! JJU.VllUle PUJIILS which might be the subject of controversies when piny actually begins next summer. Tlie soft, ball loop should be even "'We,.of,.a success this year-than last. And if the league officials ad- closely to their league rules dissension should IK reduced to n minimum. They'll "Look Up" :: A|| night Clyde "Shorty" propst, new head mentor of Southwestern University at Memphis, Is anything but "short- as yon miglu guess from his nickname. Is one of generally, hailed n.s_ the greatest me of 1'iilliii.f rt In VVriltiijr A lenstliy cojistitniion for the lo»' «oft tell league has been pre- see anywhere outside or a cir- tns side show. And lie's far from rail too. n wo ,,'t be ut all hard Tor the Lynx to "look up" to their bo«. Them have to look up. And »» ess 1VC miss our guess "Shorty" will be head man in fact BS well as name. How About II, Dizzy? When Babe Ruth departed from r, »?*'" lo joln Ulc Bosto » raves this spring he !c rt a record Ihe American League thai includes 28 all time marks nnd seven ties, one other strictly American League record and one tie, and is U'nrld series marks And despite the fact that lie Is — —-.^. '.U....II )(,-> me jyj-j Niter in the game's hlslor/onc 01 Babes.stellar world series'feats was achieved wlule he was southpnwing cm from the mound years ago. inbbels, Benders, MattLwLwTid tlie like when you tb| lllt 0 f- worM wnes pitching. n llt muybe ( , , , ^pitching baseball,.for''you? Babe holds the-, record for tile uost consecnUve innings pitched it- allowing any nms in the Aeries he hurled 13 straight in- -J18 he pitched is fnnlngs'Vuh- out allowing'a run—29 '-• : •'• -- • bnd at that, eh Dizzy? -. Ads. iMoinr Death Costs SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (UP)- Pigurcs of iho National safety gp».«;« reveal that every motor ve- ROXY Malinee — Friday, Siitnrclay 1 and Sunday Onl>'*- , BANK NIGHT & TirESDAV NIGHT Last Time Today AVI?" DELIVER ANY AMOUNT OP COAL is little as 300 Ibs Try X-CEL from Alabama Best In hold Tire, full or lie-it THE SUPERIOR I'HONK 100 MAT. & NIGHT_10c 2Sc Phone 644 Now Located at 101 Nortli Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS. Proprietor All .rakes of rebuilt Typewriters. Adding Machines and Cal- nilators—Rcnalrln JT — I'arls — Ribbons ,. , ...... sectionnl triumph. ---- —••<">. ir first bin Intcr- Burton Service Sla. ARK. MO. STATE I.1NT. Super Shell Gas , at Missouri Prices Frances' Sandwich Shop In conned Ion .. Brent over here- iloupMi havhi g fun five vcnrs at »!'<-." When .««, ,hink of t ™e cV- MO .""I 8 '?",' S|OSMW - y°" fcmnv Mocs heart is in the wick. But despite mcaiidcvings in Ma cca. Treblzoiid. Inner Mongolia no! W Tr 1>oints - " lock Lon<lo » '«' oor Moo. IX)ndon. that is us ijioOTi him by the erudite Milton •-r v'r r i ^. h ' < ' f °' Eur °l*'<>ii staff M NEA Service. Broiiner, who writes pieces foi' antish encyclopedia in hi s spare' v'wh 0 - 110 ™ 11 l ° Bcrg ''"'""'.'K'e- ind lived in Paris for Mme'^tMs. studying nt the Sorbomie. And then Berg blandly minounc- « that one of his chief interests in life. »i ter "How to Block nt the Plate Without Octling Your Leg Cut Off." wns Hie "Impact of Norman French Upon English When William the Conqueror Invaded Mei-ric England." • « *.'.'' Ah. the Horror of It! Together they hfed them to n Boosshop. And Berg practically bankrupted the Berg fnmily for- imps in a spree of book-buying ibol In Chinese." he bought t and presented it to the astound- f '° ! " mcols , If uc y dut • f lller , Confcrt ' llces - T » vvesl °Conrne r ncT"g n m c "n,'S""l!e fis: uS ° tllr M ">»«oln contest will cccili)y l]lo , NWI on Texas- calendar Courier Ncivs Want Ails. Tliere Are MOUK GOOD CUPS f*r Coffee In Kvcry I'oimd Of !-our Leaf asri^a WRESTLING I.ON ARMORY. MONDAY. tANEY vs. 2 Out cf 3 Falls. 2 n our ,,,,„„ 11TH HOY WELCH •JACK PURDTN Oklahoma VS. (3LOV15H 2 Out of 3 Falls, l |f OU Stichlf ir Limit Are you taking advantage of our liberal terms? BuyjtowPay This Fall Wo advertised February and had one ofithe best Feb.nva$fs'wo have ever had.iOur l^us- • mess was nearly double/last Peb'rii^y:'^ ^" :;;< v6;^? i Now if you arc interested in furniture we suggest that you come in and make your selection now as we have only a limited amount that we can furnish on these terms. Hubbard Furniture Co. Blytheville, Ark. DOGS'OF with JAMES C I'AT .O'BRIEN. Roscoe.Atcs Cy - Novelty Reel ULLZ) TODAY ONLY B1AT.—2:00 - 10c•& 25c • NITE—fi:J5 - lOc'At S5c " ' GKORGR 1JRENT and •JOSRPHINE HIITCH1NSON ; •','•••.' : • in ' ' 'THEIUGHT Tiies.-Wed.-Thurs. ••-: Musical Short : 'Paramoiml News Mickcvj ii\IoiiSQ Cartoon Tuesday - Weds. A love story as human os o kiss! As srtrring as a baby! As thrilling os a carnival! : EXCITinO flDVENTURE BINNiE W BARNES Ntil Hamilton,"'Piul'CayanagV/ Eus«nc ' Pox News Comedy y .with TRACY • EUERS JIMMY DURANTE DtraoM kr Won,, i . A>CptOMBIA PICTURE Paramount News Comedy

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