Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 22, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 22, 1895
Page 5
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Holiday Novelties! .Neckwear! 'Handkerchiefs! Gloves! - - Suspenders! Night Robes! Elegant Goods! Great Variety! DEWENT THE HATTER. FATALLY SHOT. DASTABDLY ATTEMPT TO MDBDEB WARREN KSOWLES SUNDAY. in Inoffensive Ma» the Victim of Harry Warden's Ticioas Assault. I f\M GOING flWflY, g Said one of our Customers, but I want you to save £ my measure. When I get a GOOD TAILOR stick to him. You Suit me to a T. :'A./'. E. FLURIBUS UNUM! TUCKER &YOUNG, TtIB PErtRL STRBET TfllLORS, DAILY JOURNAL "TUESDAY MORNING, JAN. as." stoamlaundry—good wo'rk To Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Shoerio, a son. Additional Local on Fourth Page Cold weather h\jS been promised for today. Guy Leedy is employed at Grain's, the architect's. To Mr. and]Mrs. Fred Petrie ol tbe West Side, a son. The linen department at the Bae Hive la booming, (Moors wore last night Installed by Erin Council, C. B, L. Short length linens at one-third price during the Boa Hive'a sale Russell Leon Maurer at home. Logansport, lod. Born Jan. 20, 1895 '•A_Bad Boy" company waB In the city Sunday en route to Wateaka, III. Tho Peter Bakor company waa In the city yesterday on route to Monticello. Tho remnant and linen sale is etlll oa at the Bee Hive. Bo sure and attend. The wind blew tho window cut of the'front room over Rolbemol's grocery yesterday morning. • Rov. McDanlels is holding revival ^services it tbe A M. E. church on the ^iVeet Side this week. Kokomo Tribune: G. W. and Mrs. Clevonger will tpsnd Sunday with friends at Logansport. The funeral of Mrs. Zoa Grlmea was held from the Blue Ball church vesterduy morning at ten o'clock. r Only once a year does the Bee Hive give you such a chnnce 10 replenish your household linens. Be sure and attend this sale. Lost—Ladies' open faoo watch, between 13th and Market, nnd 122S Bioadwav. Finder return to Clema • Cooke. 1315 Market street, and receive reward. • John Bushing, who was charged with shooting a man named Smith in Oatober, and who has Deen In jail for almost three montbs awaiting trial, was yesterday released on bis own recognizance. HER CRIES WERE HEARD. Mix Your Old Vida Nmlih Fall* In a iit-rn und IN ItrMcnrd by Her 1,'iH'lc—A Xiirroiv KHcnpe. Little Vida Smith, a six year.old daughter of William Smith, was tho victim Sunday night nf what would have boon a fatal accident, had her uncle, Lycann Smith, not been at hand to rescue her. The little one accl- dently fell Into a cistern that had been loft open to careless steppers. LUtle Vida, when she fell into the opening, mndo considerable noise in spite of tbe chill of the ducking and . the /right occasioned by tho fall. The water wae deej enough td'have drowned the child, and she came very near sinking for good befoie her uncle, who was in bed at the time of the accident, could reach the place and leap Into the water to her assistance; • Both were taken out in a badly chilled condition but were, brought around by a thorough rubbing, and they fear no evil results. Tho accu Jent occurred at tbe home of Lyman Smith in Johnson's addition. " Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. DR, CREAM , BAKING POWER MOST PERFECT MADE. A pure Grape Cream L' Tartar Powder. Free Jrom Ammonia, Alum o. -iny other adulterant 40 YEARS THE STANDARD. WHILE ON HIS WAY WEST. John MoAllman of Philadelphia. !'£•• I« I «>j nri'ili n ThtM City— A llroken tuff Itocolvod inn Fall. Yesterday a'ternoon John McAlU man, a stranger, aged 72 years, slipped ana fell on tho sidewalk in froct of Church's jewelry atore, and when he was assisted to his feet his left leg was found to be broken at the hip joint. DCS P/yor and Powell cared for the member, which gave the victim much pain. Tbe irjured man is- on his way to Sibley, Iowa, where ho claims to have a brother, Judge J. D McAllmau. In Olilen TiriPM People overlooked tbo importance of permanently beneficial effects and were satisfied with transient aotion; but nowihitit is generally knofrn thst Syrup of Fig? will permanently cure habitual constipation, well-Informed people will not buy other laxatives, which act for a time, but finally Injure the system. _ Xo L*ithi Nur Fire. Oa account of me wild of last night blowing out tbo lights and the fire at the First Presbyterian church, tbe meeting was dismissed. There will be services tonight, and every night this week until Saturday. * '• She Rninrd Her II al'li n» School. Sad but needless With proper care and tbe use of 2oa-Phora, at needed periods, her splendid intellect mlpht now be supported 'by perfect physical powers and graces. Sold by B. F. Keesllng and Coulson & Co. The Ball Entered K«owl«« ! in»j[«nd He Will Probably Ble-BII*y Ellin •Al«o Participated lu the A««»n«l— Both Worden >nd E11U Were I>mok • ndtneShuotluC WBM Entirely Cn- pro»«ked-The Vlellm T«km to Sc Joirpli'* Honpltal Where He Id-ntl- tled HU A»«iiIlBnt» Whcu They Were Brought B fore Him—Contr»dtctory Statement* of thi> Acenseil Who are Promptly Jailed. At 7:30 o'clock Sunday night Warren Knowlee, a young man who came here from Crawfordsville in search of work, was probably fatally shot by Harry Worden, a laborer who has been employed oa the race contract by John E. Barnes & Son. The shooting was done at a point near the Vandalla depot, und the aaaault was entirely unprovoked by Knowles, who. was at the time trying to escape trouble. Worden and Riley Ellis, who was.with him and who is accused of assisting In 'ib.9 assault on Koowle?. were arrested and looked up shortly after tho snoot- ing. The injured man was taken .to St. Joseph's hospital. His life may go out at any moment. An 5:30 yet. ter'day evening Dr. J. P. Betherlngton succeeded In extracting tbe bullet, a 88-caHbre ball, and at midnight Koowles was still alive, though very low. THE STORY IX DETAIL. When Harry Worden and Rlley Ellis addressed insulting remarks to John Lawler and Warren Kaowles, two quiet, inoffensive young men across the street, and afterwards crossed over and followed the pair, heaping abuse upon them and later assaulting Knowles, they were drunk. This is tbo story in three worde. Jobn Lawier, a switchman at tho Vandalia yard, was the companion of Warren Kaowles, the wounded roan, and an eye witness to the unprovoked attack on the latter. He says'that he aud Knowles were at the door of Paden's restaurant and that two unknown men addressed insuHIng remarks to them from across the street. Lawler and his friond wero not hunl- iog trouble, though the man, who seemed to be drunk, pressed them to fight and followed them north aloner the sidewalk. Knowles was overtaken by one of their pursuers, on the railroad track a few feet from tbe platform of the Vtindalia station Lawler was still followed a few yards beyond by the other man, when Knowles called for help. Ho turned at once and hurried toward tbe . spot where Warren Kaowles and his assailant were struggling, in the full glare of the electric light. The stranger seomod to be striking with some heavy Instrument at and at that city he wag always wel respected. Oaly the best reports ar heard from there with reference t htm. HAJIET WORDEX. The man who Is accused of doini the shooting, ia a son of Charles Wor den, of Peru, tie has a wife and tw children. List winter Worden wa tried on a charge of highway robberj on Charles Helvie. but he wad quitted. He Is'the same man. whi with his side partner, Riley Ellis tried to take possession of Wm. Bopp' Sixth street liquor store. Mr, Bop "plugged" Worden in the neck with i pellet of lead and gave Ellis a ver; sore head. Bopp said that Wordeo was trying to draw a revolver on him when be 5red. Chief Morrissey and Capt. Thoma' went to the home of Worden's father in-law, Henry Galloway, In search o him shortly after the shooting, and found him In a very badly shaken condition under the grape arbor at th rear of tho house. He was easll secured, and when searched was found to be unarmed. Worden claims t bave no knowledge of the affair. H aays he did not do the shooting and that be has not carried gun for montb.3 He- claims to be twenty-four years old. His story and that told by Rlley Ellis do not agree Ellis'says that he was too drunk to remember the affair very distinctly but that Worden did the shooting and did U In self-defence. ,„When the officers, Smith and Gra ham, went after Rlley Ellis, they siw a man enter the barn, at Medland brick yard, whero Ellis keepa his team. They tried the barn door, and finding it fastened on the inelde they decided that their man was trapped. They secured heavy iron bar and broke the fastening of the door. When they called on Ellis to surrender and come out he threatened them with a pitch forte Two 44 calibre revolvers were prompt ly guzlug into his eyes, and the ner vous twitching of tbe policemen's business fingers caused bira to recon aider his first rash determination. He waa collared and is in a lofiely cell .separated from bis partner in crime. Ellis is an unmarried mu.n. FOUR NAME JLN I'BIXT. . Fl«nt Xo More. Thorn** Lynch i>nd John Granger were dUmtssed by the Major yesterday on their promise to engage In fistio exercise no more. The men were arrested for fighting Saturday. Tb.9 defendant In the case of the city against the gas company, was yesterday granted a change of renue to Ml am I county. Knowles who was apparently unable to cope with the strength of tho assaulting party. As Lawler turned and ran toward him, he states that tbe other man who had been after him, drew a revolver, and while his companion held Knowles, placed the weapon close to his breast, so near that the report was mullled, and fired. Kaowles fell, rose and fell again and did not move. Tho two strangers who had deliberately committed tbe assault, ran northeast across tbe common and disappeared. Mr.. Lawler, W. S. Paden, John Riy and Joseph Harper, carried the helpless form of the wounded man into the station, and he was afterwards taken to St. Joseph's hospital and attended by Dr. J. P. Hetherlagton. TSE IDENTIFICATION. The injured young man fully Identi fied Riley Ellis as tbe man who first attacked him, and Harry Worden as the one who fired the shot, which entered the left breast an' inch.'above the heart, ploughed'through the lung and was found imbedded in the region of the shoulder blade. THE VICTIM TAJ.Ka The deputy prosecutor secured yesterday morning a statement of the facts from Kaowles. his condition being such that his death was conald. ered only a question of a few hours. Knowles postlvoly made oath that he had dona nothing: to provoke the as eaultjmade by Worden and Ellis but had tried to avoid them. He wae cer- that they were his assailants. •VTHO KXOWI.ES is. Warren Knowles, the victim of the drunken frenzy of Harry Worden and Rlley Ellis. Is about 22 years of »ge and bis father resides at Virginia, 111. Mr. Kooarlea. sr., reached the oily last night, starting as soon as he heard of the shooting. Ha w»s mucb affaated by the sad" »ff*lf. Taung- Kaowles had been for seven raoatha at Cr»w- fordsville, working in a, restaurant, lions of a PofMOnil Clinraetcr Oon- ceriiliis r,<>K*i>Ni>orCoret and Their FrieuUM. la the city yesterday: D. M.Hurd of Converse. Noah Martin of Gas City. JV'D. Johnson of Kokomo. Ed F. Newton of Winamac. James S. Uorbett of Marion. J. H. McDonald, of New York. Harry Shunk, the minstrel man. James P. Forrest, agent for Germans. Chas. R'.Hay and Forest Merrill of Remington, Mr. Keas of Legonier is the guest of Matt Horz .» end the Mrs. R. S. Gleason of Peru visited friends here Sunday. F. A. Miller of Peru was in the city Sunday with friends. George Harrison was at Kokomo yesterday on business. Al Young-has gone to Baltimore, Md., on a business trip. Miss Ka'to White returned from a .visit at To edo yesterday. Eugur Hill of Frankfort is visiting friends in tie city this week. Will Kraus of Toledo spent Sunday in tbe city tbe guest of friends. • 'Frank Barren of Diyton is visiting John Jackson In tbe East End. Miss Anna Gilbert of, P^ru is the guest of relatives oa Race street. Sam Murdock of Lafayet:e was tbe guests of Meeds in the city yesterday. Ed Long las returned to his home at ludianapolis after a short stay here. H D Hunt of Warren, 0 , is visit, ing his niece, Mrs. D. I. 3obb3 of this city. Mrs. Dr. Faber was called to Chi. cago by the illness of her sister, Mrs. Hutchison. George Clevlnger of Kokomo is the guest of his brother, L. R Clevinger of this cliy. Mrs L'zzie Jacobs and MUs Lydla Hamcnon are visiting Miss Hammon's parents at Chill. Capt. Vanarsdai, editor of the E'wood Daily Press was here yester. day oa business. Mlsa Minnie Elm^ric'i of Third street, is at home again after visiting several days at Mouticello Al Michaels has resigned his po»U iloa at R^nburger's restaurant to accept one wUh John Mcdiand. John R Niylor, .Ed Cookiing, Will Loggee and Frank Morris of Marlon, were In the city Sunday morning. Mrs. A. Lirgar of P-qua Obip,.hM returned home after vifiiilog her son?, Frank aa-1 Jsrome Lirg»r of this oily. Ill Less Tfian Auction Prices. 45c worth 75c» Natural Wool Underwear. [See stack piled up in front of store.] 50c worth 75c, Cardigan Jackets. 27c for Engineer's; Jackets. 8c for Wool Mitts, and 25c for leather faced. 25c per pair-off on all better grade of Gloves and Mitts. 25cfor Ladies Felt Slippers, wool lined, a bargain. lOc for Child's Rubbers and 25c for Alaskas 58c for fine Silk Plush Caps, $1.50 last season 40c for Ladies' Storm Rubbers; 50c for Alaskas. 75c for Ladies Calf Shoes; Boys' same price Lace and Congress. Men's Suits and Overcoats, also Boys' absolutely at your own price. OTTO KRAUS. J.C. BRIDGE. P I A N O S o G A N S BEST STANDARD MAKES. PRICES LOW. TERMS EASY 410 Broadway. Rear Hauk's Jewelry Store. Mr. and Mrs. Hanry Stellluer of. Toledo, who have been the guests of >tax Fisher returned home yesterday. Adam Graff, '.he plumber, is at locheater, Ind., making an inspection of the plumblrg in the Fulton county ail. Walter Closeon will shortly go oa be road as agent for cigar clippings, le will still continue his business lere. Tho Rev. H. A. Percival of Mlsha- waka, was here Sunday aad preached morning acd evening at theB-oadway resbyterlan church. Mrs. Edgerly, who has been visit, ng her father Henry Bruner ia Wash.. niiton township, returned ;o her ome in Atlanta, Ga., yesterday. II. P. Johnston, ol Ledro. Washing on. an old Logansport boy, wai in the .ity yesterday calling on friends. Mr. 'obnston is in the lumber business. W. D. Pratt and C. 0. Heffley were' ,t Lafayette yesterday on business canceled with tbe settling of tte ffairs of the Star dry goods bouse at hit city. n memory of the Rev. llcniy IVuIterii. Among the many sympathizers and upporters of the missionary cause, one have baen more enthusiastic and ersiscent than the Rev. Henry Walers; late ol the Olive Branch U. B. )hurch of Fulton county. Ind. He not only donated very liberally o the mission cause during his long nd useful life, but in his last will equeathed to the missionary cause 40 In memory of hie two dead cbil- ren, Samuel Wilson and Mary Elizabeth. Although these two dear ones were aken from his care and keeping, where they no longer need the thingt f this woTld, by one who Is able nd willing to care for all. Brother Palters remembered these in hU last will and testament, aud Eet apart a ortion for tbe mission ciuse that thers might bear the glad tiding of ove and redemption. Let others follow his example, .that maoy poor souls m»y be brought to ihrlst ' F. M. F. Fulton, Ind., January 8, 1895 t«md Hot Upon iat> Order oT Y»nr Gotnf. ut go at once tod buy a bottle of the .grant SOZODONT. You will never •egret it It not only beautifies and reserves the teeth and wrests dec*y, at leaves the mouth cool, and the reath M fragrant as a rose. Si tin led Children. If your child is not. growing, Is taunted and unhealthy, tho caueo is most likely lo be owing to tbe pre«« ence of worms, and unices they are expelled tte child will not improve, but gradually grow ofcrvous, fretful and pale. The remedy to use is R'ne. hart's Worm Lizengee. They remoye tho worms and the worm nest. Sold by B. F. Kcesllrg and Keystone drug store. * Drnih tit a. Kittle Ukrl. The death of Helen the two-year, eld daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Diinwnodio of Miami street, occurred, la't iflght av8:15 o'clock of membrane- ous croup Tbe time for the funeral will later be announced. ConlVrf iicc lo .Hurt litre 1 . The Northern Indiana conferencp of too M. E. churcb will meet her* in annual cession on March 25tb. Over \ four hundred ministers areexpected to 1 be present. H.I liiH llum'* Ulrilnlay. Toe ISGtb anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns, the Scottish' burd, will be celebrated In the public schools of this city Friday afternoon. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. St. Bridget's Council entertainment Wednesday evening. "Teddy" Roblneon bae. accepted a .position at the Murdock. Linens, napkins and toweling *tone- third price during our annual remnant gale—Tbe Bee Hive. A son of Allen Boyer had a thifrh. bone broken in a fall yesterday. Dr. J. B. Shullz set the fractured limb. Curt Stevens has bsefc heard he having reached Los Angele?, all riebt. He says' that tbe country suits him. Mose Bainard entertained a number of friends at his home on Fourteenth straet yesterday evening in honor cfc*.-. Mr. and Mrs. Eli Greensfelder. Be* freshmentB were served. See the prices to make yon pick, you bought old goods when you can— buy new weaves and coloring* «.t l^es loan you buy plugs. Bemembf-r you will repret It: wait until DCTS »*ek and save your money and come ro the Trade Palace. See tbe 2^-lnch Push, ess only 75 cents, worth $1 50- Don't mi*s our bargains.

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