Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 19, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 19, 1896
Page 5
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Dunlap's . . Celebrated HatS Silk, Stiff and Soft. Spring Styles — - DEWENTBR, The Hatter and Furnisher. WE WILL $18. Dissolve Partnership July i. And must have Cash for retiring partner, for that reason we make suits to order for $15, $18, $20 and choice of our Summer Suitings for $25. Tills is no fake, but actual facts. Tucker & Sharpe Co., Tailors. £ 315 Pearl Street. "THE APPAKEL OFT PROCLAIMS THE MAN" Is the wise -maxim handed down to us by the immortal bard. The well dressed man. the man tha't procures his stylish, exquisitely fittlns • woll-mado suit of clothing from Hera carries with him a mark of distinction aud com- nnands respect wherever lie goes. Thu bicycler, golfer or sportsman fitted here even looks a higher typo of mini than the general run of sportsmen. Ke.inembei- the number 409 Market street. DAILY JOURNAL Family Hour. )?1.7."'.-Rctlieriuel. Oh dou't get left o.n tho bargains in wash dress goods now at the Trade rolnce. The.ro will Ix; a Ohrist.ian Endeavor social at he First. Presbyterian church this evening. The BahKvi'u club will meet toniifht at the home of tlie KCT. H. A. Pcrcival. George Harrison handles Laodretii'i flret class garden, flower and Pel* seeds. Today and Saturday we sive special attention to iuf;iut,s' slips, drosses and absorbing cloths.-Traile Palace. The people nppi'ccliiitc Harry Frank's liall'-price selling out, aud hundreds of eager buyers throng his Move daily. Hammocks! Hammocks'. To close, only 100 left, all must go.—Trade I'al- ace. Sec our silks at such bargains. A beautiful engraving given away with each dollar's worth of hose; socks 3c a pa-ir and up, worth- double the money.—Trade Palace. The Walton school board elected the following teachers Cor tho coming year: AV. S. Kepuer, principal; .Iconic Lawtcr, inte.rniediatc, and Edna Deacon, primary. Charles E. .Tolruson, of No, 1710 High street is the first man hi Ixigansport to linng the portrait of the next President of the United States, Major McKinlcy, in the window of lus residence. Huckleberries have ripened ip the southern comutifts and will m-ako t.lieii 1 appearance on the market In a few days. The huckleberry crop In t.liis counitiT wiJl come on during Mie i.'cxt few dayw. John IfcGrow was rhrown. from liis bicycle Wednesday afternoon while coming down the hill on the Northside of the Davis brklgc. He sustained "n broken collar bone, a dislocation ot his riglit shoulder and a partial fracture of bis arm. W. T, GIFFE. The 'J.'ei-re Hauto Tvibunc iai the supplement. pnW'isJied for tlie State Music Teachers' association convention, publishes a good picture of W, T. Giffe, o-f -Miiis cit}-, aiKl >tl)C rollowiug bio- grapliical skc-tcli: \\~. T, Giffe, of LogaJisport, one of iho principal iustiga.tors and movers i.n the orsa.uiy.aition of the Imdiaua MUSTC Teudhers 1 AsSOdintSoiij. li-:is Held ti.li the jiri-ntipal ofliccs ot thait body. Ucof. Crifl'e was bora at rortJJmd, J«d., .T-iiu' 1 2^, ]SrlS. Ho was reared ou a farm, where during his boyhood . lie o.ndtirad nvtic'h O'f the -tolls and deprivations consequent in the work of converting a forest in:o a. farm. He now owns a !ui'lf interest in the Home Music company, sv.iiicii is composed of Jtlimsolf, 3Ir-. T. II. AVilson ami Ro.Uert Itiiimpl-.reys, Tli-oy occupy a.largo double three-siory buildrng a.nd ;u-o lia.cked by it capttal wSthin '('.lie firm o-f not less than ?r>0,- 000. Thfe linn publ-Lshcs the "Home. Music .Tounial." of wiliicli Mr. Giffo is .the editor. As aii eclMo-r lie is a great succi-ss. Mr. Gi-ltc is happily married, ami is very popular and highly respected by all who know Linn. He Is the •:uvt.hiOr of a large mun'ber of music books and songs. Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. •DR; CREAM BAKING MOST PERFECT MADE. t p-we Grape Crenm of Tartar Powder. Fr« t r Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant 40 Yeats the Standard. TH75 DECREASE IX FISH, Fish coin-mifewkHicr IClrsfh, of t.h's Sfavte is led to believe after careful 1n- ves.tigat:ion that, tho docrensc o£ llsh is mainly due to overiialitug with hoc* and line (luring Uie spasming season, aud wH.li spoar, seine, net and dynamite nil 'Who year round. Not oji-ly are the ad-ult llsh caugh.t faster thau-iwituro can produce them, but the .spawning bed,-', /tlie oiuly place where nature performs -the work of ireproclncliou, are robbed of their workers. If this stale of a:f- f:i:irs is suffered to continue—if a halt Us not. soou called—Hie bliteglli, »un- tlsh. ring perch and the black bass, t.he pride of the sportsman, will soou share t-he fa'le of the pike and of the eel. ANOTHER CALF STORY. Wutosh T.viilnmc: George Haynes, a pro'in'mon.t ftu-niQi- living near Somcr- ,set., called at tllus ollice this morning and stated th-it he was lu a position to relate a stranger'circumstance than the one appearing in The Tribune concern- ing'a calf which jiff? chfclcens. He is tlic owner, of a «Jf which is being ra.ised by a sow. Although shb has a family of four pigs, the sow is abundantly able to provide for-her adopted child a-nd dons ont-appear to regard the matter in 'the light of an imposition. Tho calf is but three months old ami Is waxing fat a.nd "sassy" from its uu- rurtural diet. Only three more days of the grandest imisltn underwear sale ever held In Logans-port—Trade Pa-lace, Ask to see the Eureka patent corset cover. WnJdcrn & Co. offer tan shoes nt cost. Two wheels, chenp.—717 North street. WEWILLffiiY Cass County Republicans Wil Second the Nomination. ;, ON SATURDAY How the Repubiicaas Jake tlie Ticket, •;':-<:••;-' -~ The Republk-iuv? of .eas»-^pun.V')v!U ra-tlfy the nomination-of ^Icly-ulevvaud Hobart on tomorrow- evening: a* the riuk. As soou :is the result' of- •f'he:;ile ; liberations 'of the eoriventld-ir''uocai£ie known throughout tlie city,,'!t. was''de- termined to. at once beglii .prepnrajiojis for a ratification- meeting, -and the arrangements begun last'night will be completed today. 'A 'spealUT will -be-seen red, songs will bo prepart'd/'.'vm'ong theiii the original production''of''a local musician which appears 'cm .the fti-wl jagc of this morning's Journal, and a general good time with the Itepubll&uis will be In order. Tlic IJi-puWicans of Cass county feel that tlic uoiuin:il'ion of McKlnluy means victory.,- aud vic.tofy means ]>rnsperuus times. '.They.there- fore feel that they have a groat deal to be thankful for mid wli] jollify over It accordingly. Throughout thu at'icrnooii yesterday there wa.s an anxloiw group o.f Republicans fathered about Tin; .T6urn-.il o'liec. eagerly awaiting news of'the convention. The bulletins came slowly, but the crowd a watted tlu-ir coming with unl'aili'iig good nature, aud as the afternoon wore on and it became evident tlwt a nomiriatiou would :b<: made before supper ti'ino, many remained to learn the result oil' (lie /Irst bailor, thereby missing TlH.'ir suppers. Wlien the bulletin announcing the result was read to the crowd by Sol 'P. Br.iudl. the crowd of seventy-five or more surrounding Che liiilK'tln board broke into a chew, and as the picture of McKInk-y. Iraped in tri-color liituring.- was •dis-- ilayed fro-m an upstairs window of The loiirual ollice. they cheered again. A .jronp of disconsolate Democrats across the .ftrout in front of tho Pharos ollice ooked on and veutured no 1 comment, mt whispered among themselves ihat "we will have our inning at Cbieagn icxt mouth." If their present form is to be counted for anything, they will mvojso mauy errors in their inning that .hey wild be lucky to escape being shut mt this fall. WHAT THEY SAY. C. E. -Johnson, 1710 High street', ••laims tlie honor of ilr<?t displaying the ik.rure of tho next President of tlic United Stales this year. He had Me-' Kinloy's picture haiwlnjt in his front window wUliiii thirty nn'mitei of tlw Line the nomination was m;idc. A small boy drove :i thriving Ira do olJing McKinley buttons after f! o'clock. Tlie nomination o:.' Hobart as Vice President was received by those' who. incw something of the mail with dis- .inct approval. They think- thu uomi- lalion a soo<l one. McKinley, Pnrtwiioii and' Sound Money! What better could-wo-ask?" Is and si-nil tar remarks were heard in all .sides last uight. Of course, there vcre a few disgruntled Democrats, but vluu'vcr heard of a Democrat who was lot. disgruntled at a Republican noml- ation? SpfcPQ NECKWEAR, SPRING OVERCOATS JOS. Q. GRACE WILL SELL YOU A SPRING SUIT TODAY EOR LESS MONEY THAN ANY OTHER CLOTHIER IN [LOGANSPORT. LINE COHPLETE. Buy a Lougley Hat and be up to Date 426 Broadway. P. S. If you want a Tailor Made Suit don't for. get my line of the Celebrated Stein Block Clothings u the State this afternoon at the park. The Atlanta^ will also play here to- iio'rrow afternoon, and then comes the •amc of t.he season. Everybody, crank r no era id;; is on the lip-toe of expecta- ion over 1110 .^aines with Kokomo. Doiiiiy r.yen and Harry Starts, after iey had been virtually fired from the.•am, went over to Kokowo and pnftVd he fans Miere inlo the belief that all lial: was needed was for Iheiu to .si;;n vi.f!i t.'ie Kokonms, and l,o?ans]iort ould not he in it. Maybe flint's so, but ift'iWiH-sue w.liat.wc shall we, Sunday i afternoon. • NINETEENTH ANNUAL. THEY PLAV SNAPPY BALL he New Players Have a Practice Game. There's more base bal<i to the square inch in Logaiif-port jnst now than tlicri: ever has been, Tlie 'material manuer In which the local team 'lias, been strengthened has added to the 'interest, aud the crunks are enthusing others who dou't know a bajse' hit from a foul tip. The ream was- out for practice' yesterday a-1'tcnioou and..-the -half-huu,- dred o-r mo.re critics who saw them handle the ball were satisfied that Ixigiuis- port has the best amateur team in the State, barring none. Crosliy. the! .new pitcher, is an Indianapolis boy, and he. lias a good record behind -him. With Crosby or Firfier iu the box. Byers be- hiiid tlic ba!-, Bolan on first. Haulcy on second, Horsley, "old horse.'" on third, and Briitou at slioit his old position, the infield is impregnable^ Then there are uo better liflders frrow ihan Haekett iu left StemJcr in center, and Shavur In third. Look at the gang of hitters they arc -too. Crosby and Fisher are thu weakest, o-f the lor, so considered, and Fisher has proved his ability to.'hit- sometimes with good effect."while Cros by is said to be good Tor a'hit under most circumstances. The-Atlanta. Athletic Clul,i • teaiii. of Atlanta, Georgia, came lu yesterday moriihig from CrawfOrdsy.iJIe, . where they wore scheduled to play yesterday afternoon. They-found, upon their at 1 -, rival -tJic.ro Hint there was'no--c]ub to play them and 110 .arrangements had been made for a game, so Hiey-';lcft-' iu disgust. -They are'a fine.'Jooking lot oJ! fellows and in the practice yesterday- )ifteraoon played snappy ' ball. They will have n cliance to try the'best'club - Ann STILT, WINNING. Clovd.inds Take a Game Prom Chicago—Baltimore Wins. Cleveland won tho first o'f a series of-three games from Chicago yesterday. T\vo more will fix tin- Spidere in a very comfortablb sliapo for some time, and t-ln'.v ca.n all'oi'd to 'lose a game for Uvo ni)\v :!nd rheii. Fallowing are the scores of yosteixhiy's ga-mes: At Clevfhiridr-Chi«igo 3. Cleveland ,'. At: Baltimore—Philadelphia 1, Baltimore S. \ f Ai; Piltsbnrg—St. Lonis r>, Pitts- burs S. ' . '..' At. Brooklyn—New York' ", Brooklyn -j. Cincinnati/ I.oriisvHIc.', Washiiigion 'and Boston each had an open date, STAND!N-G OF THE CCUBS. 'Clubs ' Won Lost PerCt. Cleveland 20 ' Mi -G-H Baltiinqre 30 IS -'''-•> 'Cinci-nnati.'....;-...:!!, 20 .<!OS Boston .'...- -7 1!' . : "S7 Philadelplnia .'..-.'. .29 2J ..")C,9 23 .-"31 2.'5 . ."-11. 23 -W) M 3." St Joseph's Parochial School Commencement. Tlie uincicont.il annual: conuiieiK-e- incut of St.' .losepifs rarochial school was opened last evening at the haU. The au-dience was small but was very a.ppiixri.-Jtivo. as tilje friends and relatives present were highly pleased with Uie perfonnances of tlie cliilJron, especially with the impersonators. The chorus was also deserving of praise. Tine uiiitertaimnent will .be concludi'il t.liis eveniug. AT MON'flCELLO. Mont.iccllo .Tounial: A number of Hod JIe.il. of I.oganspoi-t. were visitors to our local lodge last: n-iglit and eon- fei-rcd the Haymakers' degree on several nioinbe.i-s of '.lie Monvicello lodsc. A street nar.ulc was given in !be evoji- ing ain.l was soinethi-ng out of the ordinary i-n Hint line. Tlie Logansport ristlors rwna-imcd in ulie city until this morning a.nd expressed th<smsclvos a,s royally oiilertflinod while here. Howell. a i\venty-yoar-o-ld eigarorle smoker of Marlon, has become insjiiio. tiic result of excessive indnl- g?nc« i-n cigiire-t.te sir.oki'ng. Now, you IHrle soft-paitcd cigaro;te fiendsT says an exchange, give your l)ig headed wines an exira 'twirl, a-nd t.hon irot away to tiie nearest place where cigar- cites :iro sold and lay i-n a fresh supply. .-400 B'rookiyii'' ..... ;....2ti Pitts'lnirs ..-.>• ---- -^ Chicago ....I. '...-.. -2C, Xew.Yovk ......... 20 S>f. Louis /'..'.•. .'-'... 13 Louisville .. '..'.:... 10 "•! -'X'- ' ' . NOTES, •The- Friiu'er.s' JH'U'C of tOiis city will zo to Lafayette to play the printers of that c'i-ly a pame. . • .. 'The Military-Band'hase ball club and the grocery clerks will meet in a dentil siriwsle' " l: H. 1C driving park Sunday iiioi-niiij;. , The same will be called at 0 o'clock in (he .morning. \, ' A CllfLD SCALDED. "A"c!iiJd of Mr. and Mrs-, John Sljii.ons, who lives in tlio .lo-hnson- addition, was, painfully scaMt'i! yesterday inoriiirig -by falling backwards into a "pan of liiiiling'waleiv Dr. Ballaird was called. l TJie hi.)urles i: 'are not though-t to be ser- SAID TO BE FALSE. • A sensational;flrtk-le wli-lcli, appeared in a Waba.«h ]uiper recently telling of a man named .John Tucker who resides i-n this'city, 'manning a-'second wife and jturalng'-liis-eight little children luto the %treefs because's-he ordered him to do 5so', is.'said to Be. false. v Subscribe for^the-.Tournal. 40 cent* 'tee'f -month;-"' . • ADDITIONAL LOCAL. Special 9Sc ladies' cycling hats only Sf.—Trade I'alace. Base ball outfits gra.lis wi:h boys' suits.—Hany l^Kink. Sjiecial on infau-fs' slips, drcfsc-s and absorbing cloths.—Trade Palace | Siwuliol. the young horse of Henry Brookmeyer did a mile yesterday in 2:20. ITa.rry Frank seems dolwrniucd -o ()u.it 'ousincS'S here, hence his goods aro being .sold at. oOc on t.he dollar. J. B. Messingcr's team ran away yesterday from the alley by his plumbing establishment to the barn on Front | street. No damage was done. I Do you want to invest, in gold mining istock in the best sold producing district lu tl;.is connrry at. Cripple Crcok. Col.? If so, call on Jacob Horz for p,-irticu!ar.?. Gents' and ladies' ties, slightly soiled, were I5c au<l 20c each. lc- apiece -oday. Siispi'mliMW 5c and TOc a pnir in the Trade Palace undrnvnar department. Mrs, Sam Sliney was suii)rlsed at her home in. Noble township Wednesday by a party of her friends. Refreshments were served and a social trme was.reported. William Galllon was sm^risod at his iicnio on the Nortbsido Wednesday evening, by a number of his friends, t.he occasion being the twenty-second. anniversary of his birth. Many beautiful presents were received, ra'resh- mcuis were served and a general good time was reported. For $2.98 Otto Offers Choice of Men's Tan Shoes worth up to $6.00 including the Wide Toe Ox Blootf R. S. Shoe and Smith & Stoughton's best. Choice of all $2.98 Ladies' New Shade Tans Worth $3 for $[.$£• The Celebrated "Otto" $2 50 Button and Lace $i,4€ The Free Distribution of WATCHES WITH SUITS Closes this Week. Otto Kraus "Of Course" TH'NGED FROM A BRIDGE- ass. Hwirj' Wriglu of Kokomo rase s' tlni Prtuluuidlo bridge near the -plate-glass factory in Ihat city, carr>- jitf ;v : lias.ki>t of lunch to her hushawL A lra-ui approached from behind, Mi-s. Wrijrht. Itwpcd from the into.f-pnr foot of water. She was no£ eveii lirn-w'd and vctJiuH'J the Jmieli basket ajld coiMf.n's. It was .a narrow escape. PICNIC AT THE TARK. y ( >s!erda,v at Spencer park with Mitx ,Ed Sweet and fri-ends. tlie foDowlac ladies oji-joycd a !}»-ni<.- dinner auB ploiisjuil day nndor'i.ho trees: Mesaa Wallace of Illinois, Frax^ of Miss Kusick oC AVinamac. AndcM'<?on. W. G. i?weet. E. B. Thonisis. .1. T,. Tliomas, Thos. KisUer. and Misses Blm«5ic P.usicl; and Ua.bol Kistler. THE PRIZE BAOF OF fijlk cmcufit ECZEMA ~^ RCMEDJES O»r h:ihy vv| H :!i ii, n'ml* 1 iicnv'iy «-W:r'v'Y»iiiii")ii in-r'N^ty was niw and ItKsijftJiE-'. ' {vV'f'«v^i' "'vJiii ** l rr»rt;uA tolnt- "^r^V i i^ l *i--i'i\--'^' : i''i i: *'' K< ''*v''* 11 '- ifi •^• f ' ! ' ;;i " * (nvlr''^'^^"''!..'-''^^--!,'! i"ii:«l I:-:If »*• :ili ? r c!:!liL . 8llcw i i-i'«-Jt(m*ii •••' 'I''' f? *"».*>•:*.• Kr.ir. nil'l V««k .* MIL*'.vV: 1 -" V ; A'V;V. } lV^'j^'^'-'.-A'^.Kaii.Oit^ /« •M

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