The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 25, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 25, 1933
Page 2
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Social Calendar vllle, Ky., where llicy have tesidtti het mother, Mr*. Harriet. Glasgow for a year. Mr. Traylor has resum- Wilson Society Personal Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Coleman vi6- his position as Auditor In the iied In Jonesborb Sunday as guests offlce ot Lee Wilson »nd company. ot Mr. Col mean's parents, Mr. nfid WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 25, Osceola Society ~ Personal Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Ma'r.ew ccle- wrvlcc at the Norlli Arkansas con-; evening al a banquet, of Rotarbrs fcrcncc In Jonesboro n<jxt week,' tui;i notary AIWCE, with Congress- Ms complimented by members ot' man Driver the guest spc-aker ol Circle "13" o[ the society when (hey! tho occasion. presented her with a. sugar and [ Mrs. w. B. ttaimlgan will have cream service al their regular as her Bixsts ever tho weefc-end Mr, nifetlng Monday afternoon. She and Mrs. w. B. Johnson and their has also bten i>rcsent*d with orig- son Walter CarleUm of Beiiton, {II., Ilia! booklet:, autographed by all the I .ii:d Mrs. Val Campbell and l:er members of each circle. Attending the meeting of Circle 'IHURSbAY'6 EVENTS Mid-Week Brldse • club, Mrs. O P. MOSS, "....,... Thursday Contract club, Mrs. O. W. McCutchen, hostess. Church of Christ, Bible study, Mrs. B. B. Shclton hostess, Oil West Park street. FRIDAY'S CVEN7S Pre-School P. T. A,, Mis. E. B. Woodson, hostess, 2:30 p. m. Clnb iUs Luncheon. j The Tilcsday Contract club, which, usually meets in Ihc ntii'riiocii.hiul a'lunchton Ihis week when Mrs. Elton \V. Kivliy was hostess. Included In the- lira tables or gucsus Mrs.. Fletcher Minnts ot huuscguest of hev sister, Mis. W. Leon Smith. Th= drains table MS arranged for the two course menu with centerpiece of roses and other flowers. i j A silver nut basket went to Mrs. May L. Aldriclse lor the bridge prize in the sailics < vnlctl Wo*'" 1 , luncheon. # * * . Club Has Oucsls. When Mrs. Ritcy B. Jones ?iitcr- toiued the Youns Mflti-ous Bridge, eliib Tuesday attcrnoor. she also- iiac! os her guests her mother, Mrs. j Walter G. Card, nnd Mrs. H. C. Davidson, of Wlkon. Mm Crawford Greene won hosiery Jor the lileh score club prize and the guest prize, tacc clolllcs, wcnl, to Mrs. D.tvidson. A salad course was srrvrd with liol lea, Baptist Prtaditis Have MN-sloji Rally. Ministers of Baptist chmchi 1 * In Mississippi county were ui'KCd to I enlist (heir congregations In the cause of stale missions in a meeting at the First nnpltsl dnirv.h yeslrrday when Dr. J. H. inioiv <i[ Oklahoma City, Okln., met with the ifiinlslcrs of Ihc county. • The Rev. D. II. Heart!. piisiuv o! the First Baptist church at Joucs- jioro, -was also a special siwaker. Other ministers who atiended were: Kunbrougli ol I.uxora. James FUz- f.ersld of Drll. A. B. Ciathrlg'ni. of Manila, Caulcy ol Wilson and .1. L. . Ncwsdni mid Alfred S. Harwell of Blythcvillc. ifts Bridge Luui'licun. Twelve ladies wore L'ralcd lliclr fiftlclh wedding anni- 11 '.'"•" „ J ... „ r-mlH, I /uienuuiii lllu iiictiuig Ol I^IFCIU mfary here Monday with a farallj ,. D ,, Montll , y afternoon were twen- dinner party and all day open (J ,. fivc mej j )bel . s . 111e wm <,„. I'.ous* to their friends. I i cr u(ned at the home of Mrs, F. They were married at Morgan- „, Morrow tt . ltil Mc!daines Mor . town. tfy.. on October 23. 1883. at ro ^. s M Hod w Morr 8 o'clock |n the morning so thoj T w mt as , ( would have all-day to attend the- .,. Southern Exposition at Louisville,I ° lrcle ..,, A mc , 1 Mon(Ja i; "»«- teturnhis lo Moreantown. lhat »°°» wltl * vc ""«» '"embers a ±' nuin^^^T^'tved t3 & "*?* *™^J' T. ATtoHW^A Hved here p««1eh. Virginia VValKer, and W. since that, time. . , | L - Set-ars *ere aUo hostesses. Their (UughUr, Mrs. E. C. Har- j -^ j : .^. p{gg (m hostBSS lo l(;e son, James Wallace of McLeansboro, 111. Mr. Johnson is Mrs. Flan- nll{an',j brother and Mrs. Campbell l.s her daughter. Mesdames Hale Jackson. J. L Williams, Ida Tucker and H. J. Hale were Memphis visitors Monday. her -home '. in Vlnwnnes, Injl; Tl| . -j d ^-^ Flosslc •i1i=re are eleven Hvinr grand ^-^ boll ,.' of Luxora ; were mar . dre"- . . ' ried by •Magistrate H. J. Fondren. The Mahcw home »'as attract- . E. c. White of Osceoln and Miss \^\y deeomted in a yellow coloi Lm^se McSpadden of Biite.ivllle scheme employing autumn flowers. TCrc married by the Rev. b. J. Friends and neighbors called during smith. the day, extending greetings and Jam( , s w Johnsoll alld M;SS M11 . , lEhowcrlnu Mr. and "Mrs. Mnhcw nose Cl otkctl, both of Blytr.e- I with nuny appropriate gifts. They v[ , 1( , w , r( , un|tca |n marrlagc bj . were assisted In receiving by their J|!Jt|cc flf U)c p< ,. lce &1 Walkcr daughter. Mrs. E. A. T'ealord, their, o B Scgrftvcs . j. L . Williams niece, Mrs. W. G. Smith of Mcii^i ;11Ki Mj£s Emma Cox wclu , o sl phis and Mr. Teatorcl's sister, Mw. ^^ Molldav oll a short business J. E. Morris of Luxora TONIGHT Ihe FRANK SMITH PLAYERS Big Tent Theatre —Opposite (he Armory— !'resent 'Pole Cat Perkins' A Threr Act Comvrlv I-\ Dlomcyrr liniBllt the Bible les f .on from the 12th chapter of Hebrews with "Trials" as the tub- Jccl. Thn closing prayer was said jby Mrs. W. M. Crow. Bib oj Netfs Mostly Personal The llu|ilisl Mlulonary Union met m tht>. homi 1 ot Mrs. Newt Thompson Monday afternoon with Mr. and Nin-. fiod Allch of . _„, town. Miss., have returned to their hollies after a weck'K visit, with their brotlicr, Archibald Calchings itlid Mrs. CatchiiiBS. at Bassttt. Mrs. Mollle Butler Via.s returned 16 her home al Marie aflcr an rx- Mr. ami Mrs. A O. Liltli! Invc returned from several d;tyfi stay in Oklahoma City. Okb. Mr.x a. E. Keck iiini Mrs. Eds"' 1 Bcrum are r-prndlus today in Mcm- H. T. Dlylhc o! Memphis spent Monday wllh lib Mrs. i.'ohn nljihc, and laniily. Hubert Doyle, formerly of New York city, lips (ivrivcd here to make hib home. Ml!-.; DJroil.y Holleinan Is n iw ticnt at the Memphis Baplbl h [ Mrs. Wnllci- Collins as co-hosl^ss. , . The l<cv. .luhn Cnnglilcy led the ; « nd ^ , ii v- V, HH .,,,.„•,.',. HK |, 1s .Mrf. V. L. Hatwell atid iiajer, ah ms _.,... .. •^..••..j ~... her daughters Bakor.-Wllson Tuesday lor a luncheon a'.id bridge game at her honia i '" vu " ,,,..• 01. Davis avenueT | M ''- all(l 'V'-' 1 Cl J ', ^ ol th ,° „ Roses formed the centerpiece (or ? co i l ™y..:* 0 '*'_, a !y?. V,':...?"' 1 .^° Uic dining room table and dnlilia and chryBanlhcmums dcccraicd iHi. jo( living rcom. •• - •'• • -i lo -' s > Alter the Iwo coiuse menu bridge' played. Mrs. Carrol nlakemore von hoilcrj' for Tirol prize an:l src- orid hi^h award, cavds. \vent lo Mrs. J. H. Elkins. Icvolloiiul, with "rrayer,' .heinc. Mrf.. J. Bryant of Para- jould wnti a vlsllor. Thlrly-livrt Wilson high school •students, euloyrci a gypsy costume iravl-y "I ll'.c club liouce Friday night, given by the glee club and Miss Mary Synioiids. Butler, lit bonna, Tex. Oteo Blue Slecle's orchestra has bsen igajed to furnish music for the allone'en dance to be given Thursday evening, Oct. 20. in the ub rooms at'tlie court house. » » * The: niemMrs of Circle "A" of the Methodist .Wotnens Missionary solely, garbed In sheets and masks. nM V, iTQ\inil-n'n« uicif Tllil^flflV' aid a Mr. and Mrs. Walter Card had 1 as their gufsl's' Sunday Mr. ahd Mrs. W. S. Hailley of Steelc. Mo., Mr. and Mrs. Dixie Crawford ahd Kir. and Mrs, Ililey B. Jones of Slumbering Hunteri Fin4 Plenty ol Ducks in Kind BUTTE. Mont. fUPi—Pred Fair- clilld and Ross McOrcw are plan- liing to lake only bedding on their I duck hulUihg cspeditlon—at leas Blylhevillc. Mr. and Mrs. Albert <lan=htff. Alina Mnrtln, spent, llic •, ? returned from a buy hi j tvlp , iioine 1 T.\'lci; hrjs- week eild as Euesl. 1 ; of Mrs. Lewis sister, Mrs. O. W. Pclway. at Ml- tie Rock'.'.. '. Mrs. .Hudson Wmnr attended Ihc htiili; hpmc ccphpinjcs mectiiig lit Little Rock HiUiirday. Mrs. CiuV.BIrd'sjx'ni Vridny i" Jmiesljoru. She was accompanied Mo. . fellrtls l °* cl1 of Hlt>t1 long as they have tlielr- dogs with them. On a recent duck hunting trip Falrchild and.McGrcw fell asleep in llielr early morning .vigil lilt birds. White 'hey slept, their dogs ap iwrcntly were busy bringing' i ducks dropped by other huiilers ., .. ,t _• , AI-H n,c- K"" 5 - When the pair invskene Mr. and Mrs. Carl Bird, their Jeniilo Lee Stikes, 'and Carroll Bird of Oweola bnent Saturday ^i Bu|; Ul( , |riosl lmllsual -^ rt „ Litllc Rock. . J tllt cxpcrielIM , va4 U:Bl t he dogs Mrs. Sallic .Bryant .'oj. /Rec(pr, | . brol ,ght in rxactly the limit al- Ark.. is vIbHlne-:hcr. -sk^r-,- • ^»d: , 0 «. ed hl i n t crs in ihis state, both niece. Mrs.'MolU? ^Wlcr.>a(id-Mrs,Us ifth ,j d Vn j N ! C rj rC s-averted... ' n »» '*» til •' «,! >^».1 n " •._'.' n visit Tuesday trip. They were accompanied by Mrs. L. B. Swift. Mrs. Bruce Ivy ami her small son. Bruce Junior, are in Chicago this week attending the World's fair. Tiiey are accompanied by Mrs. ivy's 'brother. Robert. Murphy, of San Antonio. Texas. W. P. Quinn .of Little Rock is here for a week's stay while attending to Eas interests. vening to Mrs. Ell Myers, wife of j Mr. and Mrs. George Adams and he retiring paster, presented her i'lnall daughter. June, came- oviii with a silver platter as a farewell irom Little Rock for the week-end i- with Mrs. Adams' mother, Mrs. a Jo'r.n White. Mrs. Adams and Jane Kig Added Attraction Thurs.-Fri.-Sat. Nighis The Ozark Mountaineers' Direct from KMOX Uwlio Stntion You have hi'iirtt theso arlist-; nn the air. Now sec theni in. gift, and ' enioyed a delightful ial evening • pre-arranged by committee of their iiuml>er. On Monday afternoon Mrs. Myers, who 'goes with l:er husband to ^lonticello, Ohio, where they j are remaining through the week. Mrs. S. L. Gladish is ill at her Lome he;e • will) influenza. Congressman and Mrs. W. J. Tent Comfortably Healed lllc and.20c Auspitcs 01" American make their home foltowms liis re- Driver spent Tuesday in Earle . :ir€meiit-'. from active ministerial wiiere they were guests Tuesday 11 One. Aiimlll-.-d lo UK- lilylhovilk- ll!:il: Ami Bhifkwrll. Rnmc illy: Roy Np!.«u'i. city. Ulsmis'cri: Uiily Jw Brccleiicli. Steele. Mo.; ^'.is. Shields Edwiu-dr, niid tmby. To Have Hirvret Supper Tire ant:ual Hsin-eM Supiwi- o! the Promised Land church will be held Friday evening. : t:iy. This event Is attended by more I than 20C people each year uud the; p; 11 Mn,^. proceeds are used for the com-' l!el " mollj <- mmiity church. Rattlesnake The tickets ate 35.rc;us each. Have mercy on your stomach — Cook with CRISCO—it digests quickly 6h, Mother, I want tomoVe rtiubaibple for Dad tonight— he loves il! Catcher! Circles Have Tliclr Bible Sludv Circles of the Woman's missionary society of the. First Uapitst GRKAT FALLS. Mont. lUP' — Krui'.eth Meeker Is a brnvr- man l —as witness li'n fncl tlial ns a | professional r?tilcsnako catcher church met Mondav nricrnoou'Vor! "- !™l'!>^.">ore than 100 of the their Bible studies" ° • nplilK this summer. snipping Mrs. Pleas Secov was hosless to, t1 "'™ 1 lo Ul ° Cntago Coiiluvy of circle 1 when 15 members and one ' f™?'™ Fair lor exhibition pur- visitor. Mrs. R«yn:oml Zachry. at- ; I 1 *' 1 -' 5 tended. Mrs. H. L. Heeder u;ed the' "i-' ti'Mslnnis. ihvrofaiv. '-(ore flxlh chautcr of Ads for her talk I alarmed recently to hear him on ••Christian Character." Mrs. T. j shout lor help in a lai^e field. R. Shepherd mid Mrs. Herman i Tl cy ran to Ills uid — to flnd :> Wuiuolc offered lirayeis. ' Held uim^e had scntU'.xi iii> Meek Circle 2 met -.rllli Mrs. KolKrt i crVs Ic?. GrimL'E. Tin' 1-1 prereul heard a i discussion from Genesis ov Mrs. C. \ W. Afflick. Mrs. E. U. "woodson' began and Mrs. Raymond Schnuicl: concluded the sentence prayers. Sandwiches, cake and coffee were served. A joint meeting of circles 3 and 4 was held al (lie church uitli ten present. MIT,. R. L. Cli;nnbcrs said the o(>eniuy pr.iyor. Mi^s. 1^. You don't nccillo take the joy out of. cat jng in orrlcr to protect your digestion, ^"ou caj> glailly say "yes" to wliulesonlr. _, Criscn jiie.i and rrispy Crisco-lricd tiradsf' Yes, they can lie good for you—becaus* Crifco is Ihc di<jc?libk rracfutlc sliortenin? that dcesii't over-burden your stomach. Most every day something is fried i? your house. Is it greabc-ioakcil and hard to (ligebl—or is it brown ant), crispy the way Crisco-triecl foods are? Crisco tan l>e healed hirjlier--?o it seals fuod quickly in toiisty brow n --which prevents fat from soaking into the fooil. Thai's why Crisco- fritid fnods liigvst quicklyl Uut lei your common ^CIIFC tell you. Luuk at Crisco—fee Iw-v it pile.-i up lil"' thick country cream on a spoon! Tiistn ils swccti:c-=s. Wh}', there's nothing likr Crisco, because Crisco is mudo from divegetable: oils by ils own tecrut ! When you bay Crisco, look for tlie familiar blue-aud-v/liite label. Critco'.' cJ can is a liealth-protcclion to you. O M. Mill. 1 at. Marie. ' ' Buj-tpH- and' daughter and Miss Jennie Lcc. of I'ocahontiis, who nre attending /onesboro college. Checks ^Ularia in 3 days, Col* Miss Rea .Cimgliloy ot Memphis first d;i>, ncadiches or Neur»W» frflrh PorlagevillCi Mo., where she in 20 minutes. Fine Laxatnc and Tonic Most Speedy Remedies Known visited her. sister, Mrs. H. J. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Hi . Triiylor and fumlly have relurneil from Louis- Lane :nccompnnlcd But, Mother, the »hortenmg may be Ihe trouble. In cooking class today, Miss Abboll told us Crisco 15 often used in diets because il's so wholesome. You know your lather has Created by Cardais / he Colon. YANKEE HASH vou hiivc never C'Ai'drtis Coat you do ^ not know just how much .style, tailoring and tine fabrics nnd furs ctm br molded into a popular rrlcc cosL-.Tliesc coat» are cxclnsivc with tins .••lore and we know you will praise tlicm most iijhly once you sec them... bee them modeled at the CooVjihg School IhU vcek. tiicn come lo our .store nntl trv Uirm on. . iT-jileil rot Hoc Mi.Jl (>]-<•" in (r>i:i|r j-in. ,\c]*l onit-n. . *r c; r.5T cd ! m:i c\chlj. l Mother, Dad can eat Crisco 'pie-crust. Criicois a quick-digesting fat! serrt* y*ur Jtomach . J until nlcvly lTU*r.'.-! a-jgar. FiU c^ulc/s Klly- ('Ti.=r,» 11 irrc rciriittrcrt iri'icmarV. yl a vlicit mnnuf:vClijTcJ by Itw IVxtcr A.. GamHc LV- No, ma'am, I haven't had a bit of trouble. SPOUT SUITS CLEAN SYSTEM FOR HEALTH rio:w Hie plrasanl ttlici Ihnl i To.-d'i B]ark-Drnv:gl;t bimgs in c.-viCJ ol I consilpatloft. ITIU r»n work bttttr. play j lizrdcr r>r,d enjoy life rr.oro tally. Blac«- Draiisht tends lo cMtfillsh rrsn^rlty or LOT.-cl i:'.o\cr>icats. SoM In 3 "Pasteurized Milk ts Your Best Guarantee Of Purity- \\'c f['k0tc ^ llUll'l!. \vlv U:' 1 !' milk in IHT stralions at Ihe Conv- ii r ,N i- w s Sduvji al I IIL- Cilv II a ! 1 Auditorium. Surely.a food (uiiltl I'.avc n'o 'inure 1 Models Displayed al Cooking School Today t At the Courier News CiKiking^ School conducted this week) Mrs. George Thum usvs a«W recommends CUISCU, the modern, quick-digesting shofleninjr : •

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