The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 26, 1950 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 26, 1950
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS VOL. XLVI—NO. 55 Blythevllle Courier Mississippi Valley leader Blyihevllle Dally Newi Bli'thevllle Herald THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI BIA'THEVILLE, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY HAY SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS CABINET MEMBER'S ESCORT—Blytheville High School's band led the escort given Secretary of the Treasury Snyder this morning on his arrival prior to n speech at a civic club luncheon here. iKAVOR EXTENDS WKI.COMK-Secrelaiy Snyder trlylil) was given an official welcome by Mayor Doyle Henderson. ^Briton Claims Allies Will Be Victorious In Big Berlin Rally BERLIN, May 2G. (AP)— Britain's Berlin commandant predicted today Russia's l>ij? weekend propaganda show —the rally of Communist-led young Germans—would end . in a "dear victory for the Western'Allies." As Maj. Geti. G. K. Bourne made the prediction, British nrmored ears staked themselves out within gunshot of (he hot-spot mid-city sector boundary for which Britain is responsible. The Communists gave every appearance of not looking for trouble during Sunday's six-hour parade in the Russian sector. Their leaders celled on the Freie Deutsche Jug- der'ahd discipline,"-'and issued this f ^PT Do Not Overstep -' "Under no circumstances overstep the (Russian) sector boundary. "Be wutcnful against, all provocateurs who want to mix in with your . ten-per.son groups. , "Follow the orders of your friends, the people's police, and help them In their difficult task. "Dear young friends, the aim ahd purpose of our German rally in Berlin is tn demonstrate German youth's will for pence before all the world. The imperialists and their German henchmen will-attempt anything to disturb onr peace demonstration thrcugh provocations. "Our Best Arms" "Our best arms against that are to keep order and discipline. Don't lot yourselves be provoked and drawn into thoughtless actions." The Western Allies Intensified their precautions. Bourne said there might be some Communist agitation groups infiltrating the West sectors, but that Western Berlin police would be capable of dealing with such. He said Moscow apparently had diopped originally planned Communist putsch tactics after the Western Allies announced they would back up the Berlin police with force, if necessary. "Victory Next Week" "By next week,the Western Allies should have gained n clear victory in Berlin for their steadfast attitude," Bourne told n news conference. Communist officials appeared as anxious to keep their "Free German Youth" out ol the Allied sectors. Warning the demonstrators away from West Berlin, the Reds brought in li.OOO "People's Police" from the surrounding Russian zone to augment a force of 15,000 alerruiy on Sec BERLIN' 011 1'aRC 12 Weather Arkansas forecast: timndershowers and •'cooler In north tonight and in north and west portions this afternoon Saturday partly cloudy with scattered thimrtmhowers and cooler in east porlion. Missouri forecast: Partly cloudy, with showers in extreme _outh and east-central potion; cooler cast and smith; Saturday partly cl'jlldy; low tonight SOs; high Saturday 10. Minimum this morning—63. Maximum yesterday—92 Sunset today— 7 :04, Sunrise tomorrow—4:50. Precipitation 24 hours to 7 a m today—none. Total since Jan. 1—29.86. Mean temperature midway between high and low)-78.5. This Dale Last Vcar Minimum this morning- -57. Maximum yesterday—RO Precipitation Jan. 1 to this cl.u- —26 92. Big Three Issue Unity Challenge Western Vbwers'Ask : ' ; ^ Russians to Permit Free German Election BONN. Germany, May 26—W)— The three Western powers challenged Russia today to clear Ihe way for unifying Germany by consenting to completely free all German elections lied in with guarantees of full individual freedoms. The time element of the statement of the three western high commissioners to (he Russian command in Germany was significant, rt was'issued while world attention was focused on the rally of 500,000 Communist-led German youth in Berlin. Soviet propaganda belabors the theme that only Russia sincerely is committed to German unification. Three I.cllers Three identical letters o( the United States, British and Frencl- commissioners were sent to Gen. V I. Chuikov. Soviet commander li Germany. Enclosed was a statement of the three Western foreign ministers which said the West was agreed thit with formation of an all-German government "the four powers should immediately address themselves to a peace settlement.' Proposed Program The letters proposed this procram: I' A freely elected all - German government. 2) Individual freedom of movement, freedom from arbitrary arrest and detention, freedom of association and assembly, freedom of speech, press and radio throughout Germany. 3i Freedom of action throughmi all Cermany for all democratic po litical parlies. 4) Indcncndencc of Ihe courte Police Prohibited 5) Prohibition throughout Germany of political secret police and police formations which are military in character. G* Assurance nf German econnm- Sre FIIG THKKK nn Page 12 Lie Announces Hope for Break In UN Deadlock Ijby June, July Secretary General Declares Russia Has Faith in World Group LAKE SUCCESS, May 2G. (/!•)— Secretary General Trygve Lie saW today he hopes for a definite break by June or July In the United Nations deadlock over China. Lie made his statement at his first news conference since returning from talks with Prime Minister Stalin, Prime Minister Attlee, Premier Bidault and President Truman. Russia Has Confidence Lie also declared Russia still has full confidence in the United Nations and wants it restored to. its normal functioning. This has been disrupted by the Soviet walkout- strikes.-Which started Jan. 10 over the China representation question. 'Hie secretary general said he has not taken any proposals from President Truman to Stalin or brought any message back to Mr. Truman He expects to sec the President and Secretary of Slate Acheson next week. Details Are Declined Lie declined to give any details of his talks with the big power leaders but said he had left with them some memoranda. He would not disclose the contents. Lie expressed hope a high-level Security Council meeting would be held this summer with foreign ministers or heads of government.* representing the council's member nations. "Year of Decision" "This is the year of decision for the United Nations and the world ' he said. Lie reported he found a profound desire for peace In all the countries he visited. Lie's comments on Ihe China question were in response to a nues- tion. He said there had been no change in Ihe situation but, added "I still hope something will happen in June or July." Something "must happen" Mien If the Security Council is to do the preparatory work needed for the opening of the 1950 General Assembly of the 53 nations in September. Lie continued. He refused to say whether Russia had offered any proposals or had indicated nny willingness to make concessions. HEADING THK MOTORCADE—Leading the escort Irom Dell wns this car carrying (left to right) Mr. Snyder, Mayor Henderson, Wlllinm Lawshe. B. S. Simmons and Eugene Still.—(Courier News Fliolos). Snyder Asks Reliance On Free Enterprise "Treasury Chief Says Economy Is Flourishing' Chicago Crash Worst in U.S. History — Street Car Collision Kills 3 3 in. Chicago CHfACO, May 20. (If,— A flamhiK collision of a crowded .street car and a Bpsolinc truck killed :<3 persons in, the worst, traffic disaster involving i motor vehicle In the nation's history. ' •Tha collision last night touched* 'j21iit^ > '_^^_ oil .'explosions and a Mock-long 3 ),apcs. TOMORROW IS POPPY DA Marilyn Mahon pins a veteran-ma co-chairman of the Blythcville An that is to be held here tomorrow Howard Schcnidcr, and a group of early start. 13-year-old c poppy on Mrs. James Nicrslhoimcr erlcan legion Au.xillary's Poppy Day j metal. Marilyn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. other Hlytlievihf Junior High School flood of fire that wrecked five buildings. , The truck was loaded with 8.- COO snllons of gasoline, which flooded the street, flaming up us It spread. investigators today tried to find whether jammed rear doors of the trolley made it a blazing prison on wheels for many persons. 30 Persons Injured At least 30 pei-sons were injured —three critically. Twenty were in hospitals. Many o( the dead and injured were Negroes. All are from Chicago. Nearly 200 persons — mostly Negroes— were made homeless. But it. appeared that all occupants of the fire-swept buildings escaped death. Thousands of gallons of burning gasoline — liquid, and vapor — swept the streets like a blazing river and shot upward 300 feet in a terrifying sheet of flames and smoke. Pns- sersby screamed and fled. (Indies Charred Half a dozen automobiles, the the street car. and the twin-lank semi-trailer truck were scorched Into twisted, blackened piles of The bodies of 32 trolley passen *£ ""Un^Sj^l,^ girls will assist the Auxiliary In seeing the poppies, with funds to K o to the disabled ex-GI's who marie llicm In velrrans Hospitals. In addition \ Doa Owners Warner! to the street sales, poppy booths wil be «,t „„ ,„ -^ 9™ ,„„,.„ „„ „„.,. ,° 9 U *" G " Warne(l After Killing of Jl Ducks in Walker Park to the street sales, poppy booths wil be .set up in :hc 200 block on west Main Street, in both banks, at the Postoftice and in the firryhound Bus Depot. Mrs. H. L. Ilalscll Is the other Poppy Day Soybeans CHICAGO. May 26. ffi—Closing Soybean Quotations: High Low Close •'"'V 322 .111 31IV. Nov 226?i 221"; 222'i Jan 227 222',i 22314 Retail Merchants Group Discusses Bicycle Week, Early Christmas Plans Bicycle Safety Week, business promotion for the summer and preliminary plans for Christmas activities were discussed yesterday at a meeting of the Retail Merchants' Division of the Blytheville Chamber of Commerce. Complete plans for the Bicycle Safety Week are to be made aflcr a committee meeting at, 2:30 p.m. Monday. E. D. Sawyer, chairman, announced that the contests would be staged on June 1G and lhat a schedule of what prizes were to be awarded for which events would be released afler Monday's meeting. "5 f.ast Year Almost 75 participated in the bicycle parade last year, conducted on a relatively small scale, and those in charge of plans for the Bicycle Safety Week activities, have estimated (hat about ISO will participate this year. Entry blanks will be available at the "V" rooms at City Hall, or at (he stores of the •li'Ven sponsors. Thr. Rclail Merohnnl.s' Division I yesterday voiced unanimous appro- val of the plans, and agreed to feature sporting goods and bicycle safety in advertising and displays during lhat period. Christmas decorations Barney Cockrell, chairman of the Christmas planning commitlec. reported lentallve plans for Christmas promotion. He said that the same decorations used last year would be used again, with small specially-treated silver Christmas frees with blue lights to be put up just above the height of parked ears on the street light posts in addition to Ihe other decorations. He said that plans were under way for having carols presented by various church choirs during the week preceding Christmas, with a Joint chorus being formed for the final night. Mr, Cockrell said that they were beginning plans immediately for the Christmas parade, and It was hoped that it would be twice as large as the one staged last year, Fl. L. Wade reported on business promotion activities for the summer montru. 11 Blytheville Boys to Leave Tomorrow for Boys' State Eleven Blylheville boys will j leave tomorrow morning for Camp Joseph T. Robinson near Lilllc Roik where they will attend the annual Arkansas Boys' State. ! t _ The seven-day Boy's stale gets; underway tomorrow and lasts unlll June 3. when Ihc boys return, girls' from over the slale will take over Camp Robinson to hold the annual Girl's State. Both are sponsored by the Arkansas Department of the American Legion and Legion posts throughout the state. The Blythcville delegation will leave here by greyhound bus at 1:30 a.m. tomorrow. Civic Club Sponsors In addition to Dud Cason Post 21 of the Legion, other Blythcville civic clubs are sponsorins: boys who wil! take part In Boy's Stale". The boys attending from Blylhc- vll!e, and the organtzalions sponsoring each of the. follow: John Charles White, son of Mr and Mrs. Jesse M. While. Kiwanl.s Club; Sonny Stires. son of Mr. and Mrs. o. o. Stires, American Legion Auxiliary; Murray Smart, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Smart, Lions Club; LeRoy Crincr. son ol Mr. and Mrs. Dee Crlner, Junior Chamber of Commerce; Charles E. Booker son of Mr. and Mrs. Upton E. Booker, American Legion; John W Wilks, son of Mrs. Brace Wilks Lions Club. Legion .Sponsors Weeks Joe Ray Price, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Price, Lions Club; Hilly Crafton, son of Mr, and Mrs, w. Craflon, Arkansas-Missouri Povier Co.; Rlrti.ird Reid, son of Mr. and Mrs. Max- n. Reid, Lions Club; Graham Sudbury, Jr.. son of Judyc and Mrs. Graham Sudtjury, Sr., Kiwanis Club; and Jerry Phillips/ son 01 Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Phillips.' Rotary Club. Another Mississippi Counly representative at Boys' Slate will be Jimmy ixc Stevens, so- of Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Stevens of o.iceola. who is bcinn sponsored by Mack Oridcr Post 150 of Osccola. Boys' Slate Is sponsored nnnunlly by the Legion to provide a training course ir <Iudy and practical application nf the problc-ms of self-government. Flo\s' .st.tte is Mib-dKI'Ird in to city, county and .stiuc govcrnmrntiL! levels and the youths elect their own officals and conduct the operation of Ihe Mate's political subdivisions. Chief of Police John Foster today warned dofj owners of East Blythcville against letting their pets run loose in Walker Park. Chief Foster said that dogs caught running unattended In the park would be killed. His warning came after a dog yesterday killed 11 of the 40 ducks placed In the park by the Mississippi County Fair Association. The dog later wax killed. "Dogs must not IK allowed to run Icxisc in the park." Chief Foster said. "The ducks and squirrels in the [lark have l>ccn placed there tn help beautify the park and dot! otoncrs should not allow their pets to chase them." The National Safety council said .he death loll is the greatest ever :o result from a motor vehicle collision. The previous record high total was 2D killed In n 1040 truck- train collision in Texas. . During Kvrnlng Hush The accident occurred neat- See CRASH on I'aiff. 12 the Drowned Boy's Body Is Found Near Cardwell The body of 13-year-old Jerry Stokes of Cardwell. Mo,, was recovered today half a mile from the spot where the youth drowned Tuesday afternoon In a drainage ditch that Joins the St. FrancL' Ilivcr near Cardwell. Details of the recovery were incomplete at noon today, but an inquest was scheduled lo be held at CartKvcll. Divers and grappling hooks had been used since the accident wa; reported Tuesday afternoon. Jerry was the son of Mr. am Mrs. I'reslon Hendrlcks of Card well A professional diver, Marvin Anderson, of Dexter. Mo., workec with others on the scene In an ef fort to locate the body In the snag covered ditch notion. The ditch I an overflow canal running out o the St. Francis River near Card well. Young Stokes reportedly tried to cross the ditch while swlrmntn with two companions Tuesday. II., stepped In deep water and the current carried him under almost immediately. His parents were in Memphis taking a relative to the hospital when the accident happened. Oiling Uie extent of America's post-war economic :] ' ' Truman Nominates Lee WASHINGTON. May 26. (/!>)— President Tnunan nominated Edward Lee Norton of Birmingham, Ala., to Ix: a member of the Federal Reserve Doard. Norton is an Investment banker and radio station owner. -, ar. o -rsk ury John Snyder 'today' sitid '," llint the nation -must, "rely strongly" on its system of ifree cntci-prise to attain its goals on both domestic and foreign fronts. Speaking at a joint meeting of the Rotary, Kiwanis and I. ions Clubs at Hotel Noble, Mr. Snyder said: "Our economy is flourishing and our financial position is sound ... I feel that we are making unusually fine progress." Calling for reliance on a free- enterprise system, the cabinet member and former Rlythcvfllc banker termed it "a system which has brought us safely through every trial and emergency of the past Has Faith in Future "I have a deep and old-fashioned faith in that system— which gives me a calm and pervading faith In the future of America." Secretary Snyder's address followed a greeting nnd escort extended him this morning by representatives or Hlylhcville civic clubs. In his only other speaking engagement In Mississippi County during this visit, Mr. Snyder will address a public meeting at 8:30 tonight In the Dell High School auditorium. His appearance Is being sponsored by the Dell Kiwanis Club. Following his arrival last night. he stayed at the home of Mr. and Mrs. B. S. Simmons at Dell. Mrs. Simmons Is Mro Snyder's sister. The civic cltib representatives and Mayor Doyle Henderson met Mr. Snyder at Dell this morning and escorlcd him to Blyth.'villc. Band Leads Kscort The RlyliiFVilln High School bam! joined ihc precession at Sixlh and Main and led the motorcade down Main Street and back on Walnut to the h.ilcl Representatives of the Rotary Kiwanis and l.iins Club. American Sre SXVDKK on P.ijc 12 N. 0. Cotton July . Oct. . Dec. Mar. Ma, Open High Low Clo.;e . 3315 3316 3M8 3313 . 3183 3191 3179 3185 . 3172 3170 3171 3175 3175 31R4 3174 3180 BHS Seniors Graduate Tonight; School 'Out' for Many Today Commencement exercises, a rcccplion and a dance tonight will conclude the graduation activities for the 126 graduates scheduled to receive diplomas from Blytheville High School tonight at Haley Stadium. Immediately following the tnm-4- mencemcnt. at which A. W. Ford, assistant commissioner of education and consultant on school law with the state department of ^duration. Is to speak, the seniors wil] be honored with a rcccplion at the home economics cottage. The general public Is being Invited to altend and give the reniors wishes tor "bon voyage." School administrators will be hosts for the event and the commencement speaker Is also to be honored at the meeting. The graduation dance will fellow the reception. Most of Km nearly 2.1,000 school s.ttidcm.1 In Mississippi County were ••-•-••.>oijj|/i \ji)iiiii.y *»e»c .... 3178 3181 3171 317iB j toting home book, and report cards today, with most of Ihc classroom work having been completed last week. The spasmodic work this week gave teachers most of two days off to complete school records. A few schools in the county are remaining In se.ssion until June 1. and others have been dismissed as much as two and three weeks earlier, but all of the 16 schools In the Blythcville district, are closing their doors today. At Haley Field tonight, honor students are to be recognized and Blythcville High School's largest graduating class will he presented diplomas by Max B. Reid, school board president. New York Open HK'h I/iw Close July . 3325 332« .1323 3327 Oct 3195 3|t)9 jigj 3192 t>cc 3!81 3188 3180 3184 Mar 318.5 3192 3IH1 3182 May 3183 3187 3173 3182 York Stocks Closing Quotations: A T <fc T ... Amcr Tobacco Anaconda Copper Steel Chrysler Coca Cola Gen Electric Gen Motors ... ... Montgomery Ward N Y Central Int Harvester National Distillers .. Republic Steel Radio Socony Vacuum Sturiebaker . ........ Standard of N J Texas Corp .......... J C Penney U S Steel , Sears . ........ Southern Pacific 161 1-4 fi7 5-8 33 36 7-8 69 3-8 151 43 1-2 89 1-8 61 1-1 13 5-8 28 1-8 22 .1-8 33 1-4 19 5-8 19 34 1-4 74 7-8 69 3-4 59 1-2 32 7-8 45 1-8 U 1-1

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