The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 25, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 25, 1933
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Served by the United Press BCYTHEYILEE THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS} AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXX—NO. 189 Blythe villa • D»5y, News. Jdlytbevita Couite. 1 Villey Le»der. 81vth»v111e H«mld. 111.YT11KV11.!.,!•:, ARKANSAS, WKDNKSDAV, OCTOliKK 2f>. I'.W SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS TBEJGOm PUTS IB jLaud School as Best Ever Held ihrvillc n Action Is First Move in Roosevelt's New Boosting Program. H> United I'ms The Uniled Slnt(-.s treasury udi-r of Prcsideni Roosuvi'll fixrtl • Tt the price of iis open market goM' o:lc ._ purchases loday at $31.36 un ounce. | )ng by Ibis was 50 cents above the price i fixed in London on the basis of] tole exchange quotations. ,The action was designed loj carry out Mr. RooseM'lt's new pro-, tram for lifting prices in America Farm From Senate Forma lily by controlling the dollar. The gold price will be announced daily. The price yesterday wtfs 529.80 an ounce. In London fixing ol the so-called world pric? on gold this morning pad shown an increas/: over ycs- the Umt- i DoclariiiK this, year's Cuurii-r ; Ni MS CcckinB Sc'hoo' is the !«' \vet held here, linndivd-i ol' lily- L iviill uiiditoiuti!) this ullt-rniiO! i lhe sttcontl il.iy'.s s;.vslon. 'lc | i:ilend;;nu- fur uuuniiubfii'd i<.]:'.ninc day. will, must of lhe «o- j men there ytsu-rduy buck nxain. [t;ir>r for moii- iiiMrur-linn In lhe i of i^ood ihinK* to eat. program was a Ihrillmy I 1 !!!!!! t'oud was made appetiz- a few trick. 1 -: which Mrs, Thurn slid her- assistant, Mrs. L. C. Kenbchlcr, showed their eudience. Mekl pie, potato nufts, Ix-et salud und i.uL cookies, which would constitute a substantial meal, were prepared in a short Him 1 . Then a spice cake, caramel nul froslhis ami chocolate inint crtam ^ere madL 1 . Jlalir Tusk Easy The. modem electric range i-rda>'. thus rtmierjiatin; td States aciion. The pound slciline strenstliene<l 1 la | S ar( . „ :n relallon lo u. weakened dollar. (. m pi oj -ed In Purls tiie doll&r was worth rcc jp(. s . 17 francs, makinn the franc worth A j, rorx >,.]y ie i dining table ad- arx>ut 5.8 cents. The close yea-1 dfd to ll]e p i cula ,. aioi^'with other iaclillies nit-d in Ihe demon- :tration showed how simply a meal may tc pre|>ared if the kitchen i: properly equipped, lhe best malcr- ed, nnrt the besi mctho:is m c;irrylni: out the and tcrtlay was 5.C cents. Al the new \;iice the gold value of the dollar is 65.91 cents today compared 10 6938 yesterday. All coinmodU lusher. markets were r.jgge.siioni for making the home more attractive. Th« stage kitchen was orderly hut busy ifoui the time the session opened al 2 p.m. until it closed. Mis. Thurn and Mrs. Rentschler mixed and beat, stirred and gar- Gains Advance nishcd; opened the refrigerator to CHICAGO, &:'„ 25 (UP)-Wheat pa; ^^ desserts ^^ ^ ijuctations. boomed by the govern- atll?ntled ^ e cven alld other ^^^ i.v.'in's new gold price, Jumped ex- try on tl[e riU]gc as x{rs Tn . In) dtedly on the board of traue to- discussed the preparing of the dish- day lo close 3 to 3 1-4 cents above, , s with tne VVO!tien jesterday's close. | Today's program included anoth- Obsorviilions ^ i>y <;. it. n. : IICViV Ll'l'll fllllv Mlll.s ' ih;ii attempt 1 , by nt;w.-.]ia!H'rs i) ad\i:>' their miili'rs in ixilllk'til n:;'.'.ns 'iTVf-d :mv very useful •).:i !)-;••• KrviiU-. 01 my own nut '.i: r>.'.;.|-.-|Yt- I'XIHTii-IUV alOll"^ i- linvi- no'. K'SM'tied my , Ci'iliiinly they huvo nut hiyhjy .'.ar,:<riH:lorllY. GI'IKTT llu t:;u'.iliri:i'." 1 .siipiiori ivi'is Whrii In 1 wins I :im usually ;i!!cnvnrd thii' I Miuuorled l-'nnn two or three nuarUTs have ii' >.u«i" i lions thai tin- Conr- Newr, iiiitihi (In .1 wrral fuvur 11 iv voll-re of Mi:.sls.slpi;l ciillll- by Bivlm; lln'in iho lowdown CiiiUlldiilei for the St. Francis rv bourd who will be clecled tl Nou-mbi'i- ii. Wi-ll. I have niv uoliilons iibom n nuinlKT of ilu'in. bill most of the iiiopcrU ' wncrs who will vole in that clec- .1:1.11 have lived here loncer than I have and know ihe Kei 1 in tiur.ulon belter than 1 by any chance lliere me vtiier.s who kno;v nothing alwul h lo Give •mis I ice Day ss Here do. 1! somi riinrlrs Illllman llrouith. \uir- Urn.. Kiivrrno: 1 of Arkansas, will b: i!:' 1 jj/ .s|H'iiki'r ill liu- Aimis- They'll Slon Shi,K ! -»;;;;.;™;; £* ™K IllPlllS by Force H UlllCr "'Hi <:u*m p^t. U-slon. -ij p -i • GnuTiior i)vuii!iti. aratoi- ami >•>!- iVIC'lllS rclll. lUCJUl;- ;!.-. Wl'll U* sllllVMIWIl, Sftiliril ! lor Arkiinms iri'oxnlllon as one of UKS MOINES. lown, Ocl. M'the (DIHIIOM stales hi lu siippuri (Ul'i—Miil-wi'sU'rn liirinois diiiiiii-joi ilii 1 national (•ovorniiirni ri)l!o\v- " mill; niul lurneil bntk ship-! lii^i. ihi- tU'clnnulon ul war l» 1917. l.i of llvosiock 10 miivket tniliiy||[.- \\ m ul^ays Ix'i'ii u slrtmg [rlrml In nn vffort lo cntorcc ihc Kii-lkc'- u . r rl'.c men who MTVCC! in llu> world railed by the NiUloiinl Pimit llnll-l wilr . ilny iiNSoc-liiilon. liivlintlo:is lo occupy ihr plnci-; oinnnlzAtloi» In lown uiuilor tionor al Ihr irlcbraUon tin' nl- SEI flT SB, Defies Court Order for ammnlion of Safety De- Vuull. Wisconsin nollllcd dairymen nndj sj dinners of their InUniion Unuc blockading highways to slop! • extended to Congressman J. Driver untl Senator llalllo Crtrn^ay. Governor Hifluyh's Khlpmeuts to market by -foiwrul pul(iic,:s. however, will 1* the only menus" if npce.unry. . | 0111( i Mk , lf ,] K . l(nj . w ],|,, h v .| n „,, Al Milan. Wls., 100 fnrm .sirlki-, clo . A - t | C( , KUh olh( ,, m aivllles. in- InviKlcd H cheese plant ami Hi- caiulidairs. (heir records ami !c|i':!lifieal!0iis."lhcy will Just have I to strutt'idi' nloiiK .somehow wllh- • oar lhe advice o; 1 Oils column. draw Back home in Uvalde. Texas Jack Garner Is jusl one of the folks. | I hope that no one scorning formal foible,',. Jiul perched at a rukl.sU amils, tout to.v-ccl : '--] 1 ' nnpiiVjirin r *|) j lc tiic."'^™ aside, lhe vki: president, harangue.: u throng of townsmen, his first! f^j^ c ] rc ,j on as important. H Ii speech in his home district" sliiBO he went to Conja'us 30 yeans IIRO. : uti'.lly imiiorlanl. as imyone will An admiring sneciator. left. Is 1'ostmn.sle.r Genera 1 . James Farley, i has lic-i'n pi>.vln« taxes In thl: ; county for nny IcniUh ol tliiv 1 "r.rrt iTnll7i> Us brmrd should b dninpeil 10,000 iwunds or mllkUi, ow ' from Trucks loaded with live-i ls „ , D| . n , 1Ci lllr ,.| rcll<- and dance Corn and other grains w " e .er fashion show with Mrs. Anne Mliws War> . Irma Laura Mrong In sympathy wllh the ad-1 sicv(ms Potter vanw in wheat. i E U eil . elevens and — ~ i B£mes as models.! Missionary Released ) 'by Marichurian Banaki - . Th 1 * giving -away of prices was a TO.HEM SI ilLE OF 181 i block were turned back near Sioux! City, Iowa, nnd deliveries of produce weic halted on highways near Gallsvillc. Wls. Pickets blockaded roads to Ktralford, Wis.. by piling timber r/jvoss them. Protlucllon wns halted In cheese factories of llnr- rou. Dunn. Kusk, Polk nnd Chl[i- pewn counties in Wisconsin. 'realize. Us bon'rd should bol Delegates from farm holiday ns- up of men who fire repre-! tocliUlons In Iowa. Ncuruska nnd vi- of and will defend lhe South Dakota mel In Sioux Cltv lo Intcri'M'.. of thn tnxpnyers. They luy plans for cnforclni: the Slrlki; should be able anil honest, and th" I called Sntuirliiy l;y Mllo Rcim. '•!"••• eniiiieftlou they have wilh president ot the nssoclntion. liolitlc.1 ihe iH-ltcr. A resolution endoi-slni; plckclln; 1 KEEPS mm IDF! NKW YORK, CKt. 25. lUPI— A siipreiiii) c:)t.rt order permltllnij New York ivjllcc lo qxamine a safe ileiiosll Iws hi'lil uy John • Oorch, l-lixlberyh Miupeci. arrested In Hos. suii ICnon:d inslay by olflelnls o; i!n> Nalloiml City bank's Gilrti sli\'ol. branch. Delcclivcs mined wllh 'llic cider crenlcd by Justice Levy uure re- riifjrd ndmlttancc tn ihe bink vault. DOSTON. Oct. 2S (UP) — Hail v.-ns Incn-nscd troni S10.000 lo $r>0.- • COO heir lodny. in the case of John Clnrch, hekl as a inspect 111 Die hiiliy Ijindbfrgli kldnaplns!. Ai th" fMKC lime Miinlclpnl Jiidsi- Cli:ii'li's 1.. Cii'vr Ixiosted IiOin si fCO lo $ll,ttO llic bill for \5lss E\:-iyn Kilniamriskii, a:l, of Sprltuf- licld. Vet., v.'ht> was arrested wllh Hi-rch on r. slauitory charge. Police Mild lit.'.l a rold un Oorch'8 fXjiith Knd iiurlincnt rcvi'alcd nnm;;s and adthi 51 ^?- 1 ; in New York an:l New Jti'tcy thill should ptove EckllCV Molds .Ship in Alt'jo: areal tm>-.ovtr™e. AH ki- i . , A ' 1 rv Colncldc.llcc:; All Night to Avoic! Dis- turhing Chile). O., O=l. 25. (UP)— Pcnv Found Clurcii once lucil at- Enst 145'ii riin-l. New Vort city, police said; :i.s they rvvcjilerl.-'.b.'H ll \v»n in t)!jit .street thiil bills ol be £50.000 vjil- rom money paid to the kldnapsrs Kft Rev. Eli Myers Near Chase Prospectus i\lisrep->; Completion of Fifly resented 1'acls, Pccora Years in Ministry. ' Charges. * obtaining it. OSCECTLA, AV'K.. Oct. 24.-From WASinNGTON. Oct. 25. (UPl-'nT. ov ivillins -M let poUttrtil con- the pulpit of thr: Firxt Mellipdis: biHeials • of t.:e Chn^o NalioujiiK.-idcrations influencu ., Ihrtv vote: Rev. 'Eli Mey- tank were astted t<> answer loday rl<e\ will Eel a board of nolH-lclnivi, for a rl-allfiKB of sjntitr- sto-k nnrk-jl iind rsploitlonisls whose interest; church Sunday the ers, who lias been uanor yenrs. v.ill deliver will be simply 10: „. ,,„ ' i i ,» ,, * „ ,, - uiuue vcara. \viii UL-IIVLT the ser- invcst^itors that Amsrican tnvis- PEIPING, China, Oct. 2 3 (UP)-;ileak. Mrs. H. S. Hearn the prune mou whlcl WJH , ormallv co ,, cii , (1 , |OI , CT , e lni ,, C( , bv p ,, b i, L . s , :i i ; . , ;n t wbra there Is in U for IMni- )lr. Nils NcUscn, an American mod- pie, and baskets of groceries were hi mhljsll . y OI - nciirly mty ycnrs . m ,, nls m a i 92a of r, r of sio.cOJ.-, seive:c or their friends, with the iral missionary whose home was m, awarded Mmes. tlza Wheeler, Haul. H( , wil| ^^ S nn[:r-anniiaied bv MinneanolLs. was released from the | Orcenwell. Fred_ Fowler. Marvin , nc Nol . th Avi:?.ii.4s conference n't baby on hoard. U|T: Iheve It coiuforublc but oi)|," wns windy. The linve been disturbed." Wll-1," Lawrence MuniEon. who maile laxpaycr^ left 10 fool the bill. oOo who knew the Edward B. of two or three years ngo i-d today. - I ™ mo ™ v w11 ' b « n W 8 d »V »l' ^ff po'^ a gcmilne sense of Caiitureii by bandits on April 11.'the cooing school. Some more .Freeman near Montlcello, ' Ind., : vlifd In invcs' their monev fi 1|J5S n ' lhi ' 4 "™' 3 ° ! llls de!U "- ihe American missionary had been! will be learned about steaks ivhen! wn crc ihey will live Uucl i>-iit m il't .six years \w\y to Pll|t "' lo 'u 3 lo "S illness, from ; : dd capiive longer than any for-ia Boston steak will be cooked.) Tht . Reverend Mvers has been n' V^s receipts c' ' ' " ' liiisds of \fnndv.irian btindits, Uic,Lsiw and U. S. Branson and Miss lllt . vmu ^\ meeting in .Toncsboro United States Ic-gntlon was inform- j Nfargueriie Mason. [ llcvl v . ( , el ; ,, tld ., vl(h iri ., f ,^(,i-s. OHi in Cuban s5i.'uritics. Fc-rdiuanil Pec^ra, hivesligntlon counsel, placed in the record of the' All Ir.quiiy n 1929 prospectus upon ihn Hoblo i IIRVC been <ti I The baby w I llnm l.awrenc •• Oin 1nnrnf!\/ p- lime it v>na Tn j, y nlso aivulgi'd tlrct DrV-Jaiht.-; '.. lhe prouna U k . ur.rn-i camion.-..ra(('«fnV..;Ro-'. ,;: KIL • tabj- MiKiii-hfotwen." hnd t^i-iH-iffiHWfljd •*W~ Journey from South America . I wllh his parents. m ,1 •!! r> 1 \V/'I1 r I '''lie Ornf 7i:p|M!lln landed nt S Blytheville People will uo[„.,„. t(Klny ,, t tllc Akrou nln>orl . In Innp^iorn for Sei'V- Tlivoughont the nMn the !MIR:> 10 joncsuoro 101 jeiv | 0mf t , m|£M ovc| [hc c|ty wullln . t 1CCS lomori'OW. !'or the wind and ralu so.uulls to nimie. Hr. Hugo F7ckner, cotnmand- gn victim since the establish- Ment of the slate of Monchukuo. Of a ransom payment sup- memter of the North Spanish corn, peanut biiucr cookies, graham cracker cake, mocha __ cream filling, cranberry salad and held oustorntcs Conference r.incc Arkansas t! , c nt cxcecdc 1DH iind has t;3.ccO,OCO. | i this state nt- ri was shown immediately lint in procsefs f the Cuban govern- which he teemed Lo be rccovcrinBj A lar^c number of Blylhevllb «. \' -rf »viu>nriiiiiv»v hv ""til a fe.w days before his death, people plan to attend the funeral I All! " C1 I he was a sirone force for civic o: E. K. Noble at Jonesboro Tiims- ^s" 1 inmnm ncjothitlrm-s to p!a:e luuiK-y In ii bo>: t exncv diiir.'n- of which were given Ijy lhe kldmipm-.. T,Vhcu a l:ox o[ ('Imensionn u'as coiwlvuctcd it. ..was fni.nd that it was exactly large rnouyh to hold the SuO.OOt) ill bljli nr. specilird. a coinclclenct! thai tniifed the police lo believe that m:L> of Ihe klilnniiire al wa.» of n technical mind. i:osed to have been extracted forjpviiiine icing will also be prepared. Rogers. !':ir!5. D.irdanelle. Forrest ltK . lrisl roll , of his release were unavailable at the! Did you ever cook round and veal City, nnd the First Afetliodlsl legation. istiak tcsclher? That is the way church of North Little Rock, tie j Mrs. Thum will cook it tomorrow. I Is well knorn hi the conference " rh ~- is one of her most popular', for his church building activities. New York Cotton ,™?, er, veteran of hnlf a r.uudrcd trans- <,' ( . l ".mini," s 1)s r> r . Cmnltin \ laulic cros.siniis, railioed con-, u,-. Condon, in New York, viivvcd' •one force for civic a f E. I). Noble al JonesSoro Tlmrs- |--'»nlly to cHicials al lhe airport j ,,e. W spapor photographs of Oorcrt well as 11 genial friend [i n j- nrternoon. 2:30 o'clock, m tlitl 11 "^ lic woul(J remain alofl until; n nd'said he vsis not Hie "John" ix VPI« the ""'d ncighlxir. No one In nlvthevlllc Episcopal church. Mr. Noble died: 11 " »' ina '""' tllc(l lloxv " ° 15 '""^jio whom he paid the $50,ODO jnouey r,,*-,, ,-vinimrni 1.-..1 « '.iMirii Af was more ready to give cither time. , u us | :0 tel here shortly after noon ! P"" llo " r - , |,i a New York cemetery. April -2. «11 anon ' ' <"' 11101;e >' to a "V worthwhile move- ycsterdav following a two days Ill-i n»a«y. mt'' I':' approach of, 1ML ,. Dr . Cm!( | 0n s , llc , nc believed M.3io.wm. . _ nd from n(j oi!c wns n ne __ s tr( - m a]i ab(lomln . ll h( , mor .!dtiybreaK ; a calm jellied over th^-jd,,,'- i lm i b ,; tn slciui for .-his ••\Vr-ere dia you fiel l^c Inlormn-. (dishes and it is expected that at [having cither couslructed NEW YORK.-Oct.- 26 Cotton closed steady, open high 960 966 975 982 _| least new 500 women tir.n iliai the surplus had been $23.- n Ihcsc six years?" I'ec',rj friendly bmlle and a cheerful word r i ;n i7 C . , walch h?r' huldiiiss, bou°lu church property demanded of Slici>ii"fd"j,io"an "on? Ocl Dec Jar. March May 075 S30 997 1000 101U 1013 1023 1025 low 947 963 971 986 1000 1014 close 965 M8 9% 091 1005 1013 or paid off church debts at every nasiO'Mte. with te-liil funds raised : for Lhe various builuine projects j totaling more than SGO.OOO. ! Born al Fintev. Ohio, he was | educated al Ohio Wesleyau Univ- WM5mN<-TnC~"fv,i .>- rrmi « sl 'y- ne'.awnre. Ohio. Followini; "~ WASHINGTON. Oct. 2a (UP)- ,,,, j, rad . jr , tion in i 885 he united lca i The census bureau reported to- .... Cotton Ginning to Date Ahead of Last of th? c'"ase's many vice-presidents. "From the Cuban mhfctry of financ?." ^^orgnn replied, but co-iid I'.oi nvodirc? imme:iiatel\* pro^f \ KOS!>;ma s i :iLClV ..;..i w:1 , ,. 0 .- I ""•• „*•":*?* Ul "^ u rei»'-i«i 10- w n, thc , nUllsln . nn[ i returned to Spots closed sle.idy al 930, up 20.! any 8.C03.380 running bales oi cot-! )l!r h-,,,,. i ov , n " ns a circuit rider | Ion from the 1933 crop were B ln- j ^ ]n " z ' , h] -,. c nlval ' churches. more ceriain. . Is Candidate ' A <= tl The Rev. C. C. Binkc ol M<irl- . aima will cond>'t the last riles. be: Shane. B. A. Lynch and John C. _ i c i ane. . . ync an on . tor Levee Board Seat McHnney Jr.. Blytlievllle; II. T. ' 1'arks. Memphis; Hoy Slglcr. Her- area nnd the ground crew which • j.i lurc O f the SSO.COO. hud been on duly all nighl mtidci ready to mcor the s!:lp. ] The Graf sailed downward. Roi>es, ,.J cl i 0 , were lowered and grasped by anv.-:i H1[ tt .,, s cleared. ions hands. Gorch had ucon riUJStionrd by Jei-se.y police before In cpn- ; Lindbergh case Later authorities ileciilcd to n'icstlon him again. I When Gorch was arrested police New Orleans NEW ORLEANS. Oct. 25 lUPI — Cction closed steady. Oct open 954 SS5 9'S Jim Match May July 102 Kpols closed - ( 1003 high 381 973 981 998 1011 1022 low 954 959 9C6 OBI 997 1013 close 961 964 973 989 ! 1003 I 1017 i dy at 95y. up H compares to 7,309.094 running bales'i. lto ( | 1C North Arkansas Confer- curinj lhe same period lasl year. I c ' ncc hr was |Ws!or ' of a Chattn- rhe bureau seid lhat cotlon con- ',, cr .on Tern church nnd has IHM :limed during September. 1033,;,, cl(1 pastorates in Indiana, amounted to 499.486 bales. Cotton Di!din» liis nineteen years scr- 011 hand In consuming establish-1 v | cc m Arkansas Rev. Myers Iws nirnts on September 30 was 1.1GO.-! received into the church n thou- 4S7 bales, and in public storage i sand souls .has christened 210 in- arid ai compresses 7.374,55G haie.s. ! fants. and married 170 • His minislry since \Wi has her.n ; continuous wilh the exception of "o Damage as Quake '*""• Los Anc Clinton Caklwdl has agreed la lic-rt Parker. Fred Shauver and Eric $40,000 Damage 3S Fire fuwl(1 a ""'l 51 fO''.« New York ncrmii the us» of his naui" n; Rogers. JofTcsboro. Honorary pali-j n r-- , I t 'mink's safety v.-.ult in his IIOSSM- ! ""nrt'oa'e lor the St. Fiancis bearers will be members of the) Destroys Gm at LepantO f lon. The conterts will r.e investi- levce Dlslrlcfs l>o,ird nt lhe dec-1 I^ns and Rotary cluta of Jones-i 11"'" 1 tion Novomtei 0. nnd 111- neced- • boro and Blylhovllle nnd Juil^e O.|A lire shortly before last midnight i _ LOS ANGELES. Oct. '.'5. IU'! J '-- nnld lores Hint jolted Lcs Anj3:fj a::d iaimeiiate environs from s!et;> lute las! nijhi. left t're district i:n- scathcri. a survey clisr'.oscd iD.lrty. The earth disturbance, rccDr:!. 1 :! couples. n , n . 0 , pil)1 _ ( ., lllc .,,.| ln -I,.. .,,, b . urban cities of P;isaclen:i. Alh.atr.- iL;-iy niiiia fee hns been paid in | E. Keck of this city. ', destroyed the lniildlu K and c<uilp-' Para^OllM Invites U- hi- behalf to the secretary of the! Among others from here whn will! mem of the Stuckey Brothers Gin; ^. '• Uicctiou Iraard. )uppcrt:-ri of Mr.'Attend the .vill lie einpioyco comimny. 400 bales of ccllon. and; OingCTS 1 here OUHuay ', C:''dv.v-ll in Manila advised thoior the Hotel Nobl?. owned an:l op- • ' ' few vrnrs reliremenl because of Chicago Wheat bra. and E.igle Ro^k, where the c-in- Windows rattl:d ana ;lD:.r> trem- Dec May open SS 89 high 88- 3-4 91 7-8 low Local Men Incorporate Farm Mortgage Concern! 111 Articles of incorporation for th:|DePUtV Shot Farm Home Mortgage company, a! - n • i c C KeVIVa! OOng oCrVlCC A deep rumbling noise acc.inipin ier.ntcd by Mr. Noble and his son. two box cars of cotlcmseed. J. O.'StucRey. wbo with his bro-! pARAGOULD. Ark. — Singing ' C'jiuier News la^l ... J .... . . ________ Mr. Coldi ell will make no per-j Crawford. | ther, Fred Stuckey. owned ll:c classes, quartels, di:ets and soloists tonal campaign, they said, but jnj A large number of oui of lown properly, ?odny eslhnafcd lhe loss f ;u ,. throug!i3ut northeast Arkan- crsani/Litlo:! oi [;.';p;rty owners | lelatives nnd friends. In addition 1 m $40.000. He said parl of it was sns and soiithsasl Missouri, and all •11 the territory west of Bis Lake to those v.-lio came here, arrived at t covered by insurance. | others interested in music, have rrd Littlo River will make 11 \iij-iJoiiesboro toddy an3 will remain! Origin o! lh« nre !s und-i--.-miir.'d.. ijttn Invited lo attend an all day ............. ..... nous effort to secure his election. , there unill alter Trursaay. The blaze v^tis well underway when Mr. f'tv.s Caldwell told the Courier him in the race Lhai if his Irlemhl V/es* Virffiniin Declines; ,-..,.„ ,.,-.,! Mpr-ii-ri v/c ° l Virginian UCLIUICS 1 it was discovered. I The S elected j jn'i mm in me i;nu umi L-JCUIVU | /i n t i liis first tic', would be lo de-i LOU to Local n'.and an sxamlnHlion of the dis-1 ! company wilh $100.000 of capital! -,_i • ...V- 'bhd on thair hlnaes in Lto Anp.eles uj^fs i) CO ks wllh a view lo deter-1 The Rev. Hairj- G. Goodykoont?. .a: early sleepers Jumjied from the'.rj,,,,,,!,^ n -]icllier it Is In posilio'.i I O f Blueflelci. W. Va., who was re- beds, fearful of recurring shocks, to function or 50 into a re- j cenlly called by the officers of the t' 1 " was one of ihe largest in Poin-wtl county. Ciiy Firemen Answer ' _ led thc Jolt. Chicago Corn I stock, of which $15,000 has b?en' ' I paid In, have been filed at Little: ELIZABETHTON. Trnn.. Oct. 25 '.Rock. Hie lucorporators are c G.j <UPi—Shot in the back as he _ 1 Srpith and Chester Caldwell of this' stood in a church at Crabtree. Uip WinfjS Ol I city, and Waller S. Love jr.. a Mis- lcadii:g revival slnaing. Deputy I s'ssipiilan. Sheriff Dayton close 1 The business of the company. Mr. near death. on or ceivershij:. mubical cnteriaiu::i?nl at Ihe Par- agouid higr school auditorium next Sunday. October 29. Any Individuals or groups dcsir- int a place on the program are urged to communicate at once with P. A. Thomas. P&ra'gould. who Is Acnctt today Is at Prison Air School; IFire Sweeps Garage on West Main Street ', First Presbyterian church as a . p- ltc _ breaking out in a gin stand, 'stated supply pastor, has declined . col ;:,ed slight damage, at the Home call to the church. Officers g i n ofr Highway 61, south of Bly- _ _ _ B «| r > 11. L iiujiiio, trtii uyijui to Home Gin riant In charge of nrrangnncn The. Stamps-Baxter quartet of Chattanooga, Tenn., • and . ot'r.e'r v idcly known singers will be on the stated today another minister will. early -c called within a short time. i Wcl The Rev. Mr. Goodykoont?. hod j a s , and| was nrod (11 some . man program. Two cars anel n truck valucd at' " cvcr P rrartlcd h « c bul visit<:d ini:i-. and a small blaze reached cot. I (UllVU <il i-_,.- »„_ _ ^V.*. M » li™,\ n.<o-nii> f> i rt 1 . ... n trt,t • Tile auditorium scats about 1,000 "becoming'packed in l»isons'aixl Is conveniently ar- fired in some man- ""Bed. There will be no admis- stated. sion charge. The program will commence at, 10 a.m. and will continue throughout t'-.e day, with a sl-.crt intcmilsston at noon. 4,000,000 Back on Job El ' lnc rald ! A. T. and T 118 Anaconda Copv;er 15 Bethlehem Steel 30 1-4 Chrysler 41 3-4 Cities Service 23-8 General 01 American Tank 30 '"'' p!o >' ment sl!!cc March 4 Ls conserv- . , General Elccirlc i93-4l atlve ' ll "•*•*• saUi at lhe WWlc j HASTINGS, Neb. IUP)- Hast- j Pastor ASSCSSed Fine General Moiorr 2? 7 _ 8j Hcusc todny. l lngs col!cgc 110 w boasts its first; WASHINGTON, Oct. 25. (UP)- resiaat Roosevelt believes that the 4,000,000 estimate for reem- v . crR wtth ,i !e College Boasts of lU First "Third Generation", moved ihe wln ? s of the pinne at. a family, -were also destroyed. lhe fusUige sc- tlial now of die' The garage, cars oncl ln;ck VI;IN lvlll) „,,. ( . ull( . il . „.„„„ pupils would be temptea to "grad- lon s c <5 to Tom W. Northcutt. Thers fluenced ), lm lo accept vale" and leave school to quick-, was not insurance en the building: clulrch or Its contents. ' :!ay he staled his opportunity lo students In- that International Harvester 37 I-/ Middlewesl Utilities .... 1-2 Nfontgomery Ward 19 l>tj New York Central 33 Packard 3 \-2 Phillips Petroleum 153-8 Radio Corp * 7 3.3 Simmons Bedi is St. Louls-Snn fYanclsco 2 3-4 swnd&rd of N. J « l-z Texas Co 25 1-8 U, S, Stetl « !•» Strike Breakers Stoned BROCKTON. Mass.. Ocl. 25 (UP) --Riding'In ten new because the old cues were haltered In two ns.wults yesterday, 50 strike breakers from Boston were irioned again lodny when Ihey drove to work at llic p'.nnt o[ the \V. L. Douglas Shoe company. ("granddaugl-.ter." In the Middle West, where most 1 on Traffic Charge i • Dr. I. R. Johnson Buys j Former Sanders Home j Approves Loan for HELEN/ Water works; 1™"°^°' j Dr. I. R. Johnson has purchased 3.2 Administration Costs Cut by State HELENA, Mont. (UP)— Adminls- » Montana state beer cost the state less than one-fourth tlic amount set aside Institutions are comparatively The Rev. J. L. Newsom. _pa::or- thc [onn( , r j. R Sanders home lodnv " a ii 0 Ued $55,000 for a water yeung, lhh_ represents the^flrst of_ Ihe_ Second Daptls;: _chur.-.• ;.yas, w^ilch ^IJolns Jik property_on. vvor £, project at cot ter, Ark. iicii'.o was i uue-rjuriii nit; aiiiunui oe^ i\oiuc WASHINGTON. Oct, 25. (UP>- for 5Uch U5P| sta t c Accountant abllc Works Administrator K'<« William Hoskinc has reported. Public step In development of trjdl'ira. fined five dollars in Miss ElouUe Slrcvei- ot Co;ai U this alwruooii on o lr:'ifi~ v;^'.! the first third BC!ioratlo:i mern'oer chnige. n[ a family lo attend Hastings The pastor was convicted ;„•: College. Her grandmother, Mrs. i;re to drive his car to ll.c r'.;;b street. The dup:ex puichasod from ll:o American Duiklln; and Loan as•'-' sedation througl: the local iigents at Morse nnd Kirshncr. The two story edifice is . Mary Utinton Watt, attended Hast- the appriach of a city fire truck, i The two story ings CflllCKc In 1831— jus', five years Hal! or the fine \vns ordered sus- redecorated both '—•' —•-'•'" BJizzard at Montreal The beer law provided that 15 per cent of tt.e state's license re celpts under the act might be use for administration expenses. Uev. cmie from Vicentes has totaled ap MONTREAL. Quc., Oct. 25 (UP) j proxlmalely S200.030 to date, but, Lindberghs to Scotland OALWAY, I. e. S.. Ool. 23 (UF) —Col. and Mrs. Charles A. Lindbergh led Oalway In th;lr seaplane at 11:40 A. M. tcdiy tor Shetland. WEATHER Arkan<2<—Fair ami .e^dsr to- n!g'.-t and Thursday. Frcst In south portion, heavy frcst in north portion Memphis nnd Wcinity—Fair, and colder tonlgla and Thursday.- • - --. . ^ . Thc mBXimum temperature hera dug"lliclfoiit" of lci\ly' Sl.iso' has been spent by the yesterday was 71. minimum «. _._i_. v.n_ _„...»,. !„ i Hi if. v r .'._j *.* nmi-^iif 4(i/Mi t n «f1« P? pti r. sr i rftTrt!n'T Irt Kfimupl P. NOT- nftcr the college was founded. irandcd ^ood betovlor. I and outside. . In lhe interior icnr of the worst corly bll7^rd.s in Mhtc board of tire city's history. ministering the law. in clear, according to Samuel P. Nor- rls. official weather observer.

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