The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 25, 1950 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 25, 1950
Page 15
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THURSDAY, MAY Z5, 1980 BLTnfKVTLLK (ARK.) COURIER N15W8 FAGli OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams OH, WERE PL AVI MV HE'S TRVMA PULU MV PAMTS OFfi BUT WE'RE WELL, SOMETH1M' AIN'T.' WASN'T A BUTTON THAT HIT ME IN TH' MOUTH,THEM IT WAS A CARPET TACXJ THE WORRY WART Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople I WI6H WE WER6 GONMA BOS THIS ESKIMO, MA3OR' I COULD ' PUN'CM HIM SO COLD rite SECONDS WOULD MAPTA .CARRY HIM OUT WITH A\ITTeNS.' > -~~ 8LVT RASSLiWG/ THAT BIG APE'S LIABLE TO 5QOEEZE ACCORDIOM POLKA EXACTLY. gURKE.' AWD MOW IT'S TIW& TO Y<?0 A6TOUIODIWG 66CRET WEAPON.' CLOSER A*iO X'LL WHISPER YOU WOULDN'T EVEN T 1 — i 1 ] tmm ^^v • WMCT Television on Thursday 1:30 p.m.—Headlines 1: ID—News 1:45—MiilSoulli News 2:00—licrlc Olswanger Z:IS—What's Coohinfr 2:30—Fashion I'arnde 3:00—.Ir. Disc Jockeys 3:30—llon-rty Dowly 4:00—C'aclus Jim 4:30—Spins & Needles 5:00—Kukla. Fran & Olliu 5:30—Spinning Images 5:45—News Caravan 6:00—Stop the Music rijf :00—Kay Kyser <|:00—Martin Kane 8:30—Wind Dale 9:00—TVIorey Amsterdam 9:30—Gnrroway At Lare« 10:00—Alan Young 10:30—News We offer complete Television service., supplying and install inj General Electric, Motorola and Capehart models. SKw Dnt ki NEA *E*VrCl,lMC nrr STOFIV> K»in-* ml IJfen rit7 Imnt Cletni' on 1 * pi mi. **hr» • !»* nr*rrj KiivernrM* 10 Hn niichii-t of Sjrie «D*i Jo i-y. who tlvv with Juu' •lrr» IB North Africa. 'loiiirTiry )• mKnifrd ririiit-Jtcr (*rl» thr I I '~ Hot, to quiet her, bul his eyes were lroubl<*d as he rose Crom beside the bod. Rent A Car... JJrive If- Yourself ^T Fresh Crappis Chicken Dinner Package Delivery Anywhert Simpson's Cafe STATE LINE Phones 4948 - 937 I' I l» Invited 1ht*m *o h<* and Sj'r . Ctrmrnt-y c" to Plrra lor I'lrr* nnd Syr I* Sy rlf- creniew the- I Jnn'm word* were XXXI A S Syrie reached the door, she ^ looked back. Clemency was bending over Baba, who clutched tiold of her with one small, lever- healed nand. The sight of her rhild clinging to the girl stirred nn illogical resentment to life. First Piors, then Baba. A mo ment before she nad been on Ihe brink of a revelation, now she Now my dear mndemoiselle. he said, "in pneumonia rmirh— almost everything depends on the nursing. I can trust you to carry out my instructions. "Yes. doctor, of course. You— she's going to gel belter?" Clemency pleaded. He spread his hands In a swift expressive gesture. "Medical science can do ,1 great deal today— once L could have given no hope at all, bul now there should be every chance. There would be more il 1 had been calJcd in yes terday.' blame myself," Clemency told him. "I ought to have tnsisiet on your coming yesterday, but 1 thought she only had a bad feverish cold." A not unnatural mistake, flow did she calcb cold in the first place?" She hesitated, then compromised by telling him that while she was out of the nursery someone had was something to b« thankful (or, Clemency lold hersett Or was it? iven while she despised bersell, tcr heart yearned f<jr him—that icart she knew she would never be able lo call back into her own keeping Sh« had taken oft net ing—in any case srje could not lave gone oo wearing ii with tier lands constantly in disinfectants. Although Sister Thercse look over from about B o'clock, Clemency was still determined not to ?ive up her vigil entirely, to case Baba realized that she was in strange hands But sbe had been going almost constantly since sunrise and she knew shi must rest. First, she felt she must hav* a breath of fresh air. Wrapping * coat about her, she slipped downstairs and out into the courtyard. I FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSEI Now You S«« H C#U/ - *fc- eof* I»M >v MIA service, we T M BEO, u * PAT, Ofri "Before you start, dad, can't we postpone this and give mom's child psychology books one more chance?" Aw. Pvtocev/ ARE THEY TWINS- TO KIO? MOT WHEM us WORE FUM T& 6F FCOLED / ITS LIKE WRESTLIfW / WAYS To GET us CUSTOMERS/ PEOPLE Will- KNOW life JUST A BOWlxOF WATER/ • ABSXUT -iiy SPC IN CAPTIVITY/ JUST WMTLL I GtT THIS FAN BU3WIKJG OM THE &CMH-; TflE WATER. RIPPLED! SOMETHM36 REALLY THERE./ 1'RISCILLA'S POP She's Not Fussy BY AL VERMEEH , changed her mind, saying instead, I lett the window wide open, and "Send for me if you want me. I'm Bafaa had a habit ot kicking her going to M e down again for a little bed clothes off. while. I'll tell Justine to come to He nodded. "She was hot, and you." • |ther lay there in cold night air?" She went out, and Clemency, remaining by Baba, who was mur-JTTE frowned, but that was some- muring broken, dimcutt-to-intcr- ij -thin Corrugated Metal Culverts Sizes up (« ft In. Automatic Flood Gates Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes up (o 36 tn. Concrete Septic Tanks Metal Septic Tanks Sewer Tile Btsl Trices We Deliver A.H.WEBB Highway 61 at Stale Line f'hnnc 714 prcl phrases, was thinking that U things bad turned out differently it would be she herself who was driving away from Red Aloes. Piers would come back; and she would have to Cace him— But that was something which she definitely did not want to contemplate now- In an Incredibly short time, considering the double journey he hac to make. Piers returned to Red Aloes with Dr. Rigaud. ig which could not be undone, and he went on with instructions for the things which could he done. Then, telling her that she must not be on duty all the time and saying he would arrange with Mrs. &rhV>crley about a nighl nurse, he went away. Dr. Rigaud brought Sister Therese with him when he returnet that evening and arranged to stay the night with the sick child. Syrie sat. while-faced arid des pairing, staring at Baba. am The diagnosis was even worse Clemency was IhanKIul when sh than Clemency had feared^dou- left the room. Jon prowled abou ble pneumonia. outside the room, like an unquic By now Baba was tossing and] spirit, white and haggard, and 1 turning with unceasing restless- years older lo look at. ness. Having made his examma- 1 Only Piers seemed to keep awa tion the doctor gave her an injcc- I from the nurseries. That, at least. A BOVE were the same stars that ** had shown only two nights ago when she stood in lh« circle of Piers' arms and felt that singing joy in her heart; when she bad believed that the particular star ol her destiny had come; down to bring her heart's desired It was alt over. Piers must realize that as clearly aa she did- He had kep; clear of hei all day. bul she knew that there could still >e no escape from that inevitable ext meeting with him. and again panic desire to get away irust itself upon her, \ Foolish! she thought. There was o escape. 11! the whole world was el ween them, and a thousand yries held them apart, her'heart would still be his. ' It was not even as though he were happy—or ever could have jeen happy with Syrie. How ut- erly incredible that • man like Piers should forget every scruple of honor for a woman like that. No wonder he looked tortured. But he had loved Syrie; loved icr desperately and was going to marry her, and then something had gone wrong. But it wasn't that which mattered. It was what :iad happened here. Had not Piers told her: Ther* are many things you have to, forgive me. Men are tools, mistaking dross for gold, the mirage for reality." (To Be Continued) LOOK, DEAR! I'D LOVE TO HAVE ONE OF THOSE! MAY6E FOR MOTHER 1 BUT, HAZEL t MOTHER'S DAY HAS JU5T PASSED f** OH, WELL... MAYBE FOR FATHER'S DAY! VIC FLINT Vic Gels a Lift BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANH StE YOU ^ VIC R!KT, YOU'RE PREFER A CHILIIINCORRIGIBLE.' I KISS BEANSHflDEpf \YOU AND YOUR RE- IPSTICK.CWIHlA.l ACTION IS TO START ANALYZING COSMETICS WITH THAT STRICTLY IWERSONAL BRAIN, YOU. SHOULDN'T. RAVE MUCH 1ROUBIE FIGURING OUT .WHO'S TRYING TO r"/VW BEST BET. kill AlEC STEEL. SORRY 1 COULDH'TT THAHK5.10 LIKE OBLIGE. CAN I I TO PICK UP ALEC GIVE YOU A LIFT?l AT BOBBY RAND'S PLACE GET 1H-- BUT I'D BATHER PULL A TOOTH / CAPTAIN EASY Niblik's Story BY LESLIE TURNER VOU MEfVN X I DO'. THE PAPERS WERE FULL OF IT I'M CLEARED \LlkST SEME. BUT I GUESS THE PUGH 8DV5 OF MUROEKf... ISAW TO IT TH«T VOU DIDN'T HMD OUT 1 . I P H nor STILL r WISUTED By Lake Baikal, Siberia, believed the world's deepest, has been plumbed at 4.S92 Icet. You'll Love Our Flowers 1 Bl.V'IIJtVII.I.K FLOWER MART Memphis tllw*} ('boat «H1Z LOANS CARS, TRUCKS Real Estate il FHA United insurance Agency A. F. (I)ce) Dietrich, Mgr. 1st & Main— City Drug nlytheville, Ark. "George is a whiz at breaking records . . , why only last week he got a loan on his car from GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORA- T /ON in 2 minutes flat!" RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DRS. NEES & NIES (All Types Except Cancer) Cllnir 514 Matin. PlTthevillt. Ark. Phone SHEET METAL WORK. OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom 'Shearing up to 1/4 inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 Sniifh Hroadway Phone 2651 iLOHGAsVOU "V VES... % 'THOUGHT YOU MKDTO /aurwow woe. sou COULPM'T ( DID you TEIU POUCe WHAT.THOSE \ KNOW? 60VS HAD DOME WITH / CCK.TMU 435.000'. I KNOW VOU GOT HERE BEFORC TUB PLAME CCHSH. A«D VOU W1SVUE LFAKWE0 SOMETHING FOOT MHDE IT VERV IMPORTANT FOE THEM TO SEE THW SOU WEREN'T A,TT*v« <A^I,«r3i.T-»- s * > ' IT II-i % - ". f - -.* . VBS.PIHAOWT HEURO FH»T«.»KE HIT THt RIOGt A QUARFEKMUCOFC. ' I WOIXCVC HUUS LOHO EEfOU THE UAL MURDCKEE cou«ssei>!. t ~r -£j? -- * *• ^ —-*- BUGS BUNNY You Win! FOR SALE C*neret« cvlTerts, 12 Inch to M Inch, plain mt reenforccd Al*c Cancrrte Building Block* cheaper than lumber for barns chlrfcen hopscs. pamp houses, Irnant hau^cs tool sheds We deliver C-alJ •• for free •s(lmxl«. OSCEOLA TILE ft, CULVERT CO. n»nt Ml. A BETTER LAUNDRY For Expert Laundry Dry Cleaning—Call 4474 NU-WA^ ALLEY OOP Aren't We All? HY V. T. HAMLLN Chamblin Sales Co. • Sales & Service • "Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer" RAILROAD & ASH PHONE 6888 VEZZK. THIS IS EXACTLY TH' R.A.CE WHE<?E TH' PIBWE IN MY SAID TH' TREASURE V.A-5 BUEIED' "HEtGHT O' CCCKS WOJLDA BEEN TH' <7NE L.C ' ON THIS COAST I T'HDE ~ SPOT ifty, *>•-• *?M^ ,:-v,; £f^^*^ : '^ BOOTS AiN'D HBK BUDDIKS r«s is H BY EDGAR MARTtS ftUT ICAMT DO n i*»«m Mtl Wv ^ WifcYVCSW

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