The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 11, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 11, 1935
Page 3
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MAECK 11, 19B5 BLl'IEBViLLE, (ARK,)} POIJB&R li!Tu3 PAGeSTHRKK "Wild Bill" Cummings Drives Second Chevrolet Full Hour Show Necessi- lalccl Klaboralc New En- torluiiirneril System Thft recent cliango In Ihe-.FQrd dealers' radio program. {taini'lng Prc-cl Warlng's pcnnsylviinlnns, lo a. full hour show Instead of a hair hour us it Has foe™ previously. Involved an amount <tf work Hint to /f?o.-;t j-fldio iistoner.s would .seem in'•i«li|>!e. To the majority of UK- radio auiliejico ii mlgbt XCIMH ' tlini Hiri'mily change nr-r:c-3.v.\ry wfJUU have been llic- Inclusion of a I'Xti'u nui)ibcr.s to make up tin; '."1 dlllrjiial half-hour. Actually llio change was accompliKhed only afle an elaborali} new of miter laitmienl bad ber-n worked out am extensive uddUlons hal br-en mad lo Wnrlng's sinfl' of arllsts who ar heard on fiieM- Thursday evcnin hroKdcosus. , - For one Ihlng, tilt; number of .sSng 9'--' tiiid instrumentalists had to b //[are tiiun doubled. Instead i tv.'enty-eiglit as were formerly hear on ithp Waring program, nfiy-clgin iifo'. jjou- being employed. One of lliej innovations is a {,'irl.V choir of fourteen voices under tbe leadership of Kay Thompson. Another ba.4 been n quartet "Stella ami Hie Fellas." In addition lo these lea- Uirts, an almost unbelievable amtmnt of additional work has been necessary behind the .scenes. Rehearsal lime has been more than doubled, so that six days a wee!r aroj no 1 ,'.' given lo preparing for the. horn- show. }Jesides this Waring's stajr of arrangers had to l» augmented to work out special musical scores lor the longer shtnv and for Uief new voices. TJhc new features and the addi-1 lional work were considered necessary- by Fred Waring for a good renton. For two years his orchestra has] been selected by radio editors an -.the outstanding musical attrac- tioA 'on the air. Waring felt that lo pprcad the half-hour show over a full hour without giving the listeners something new might have maile many of them lose interest. Prom tbe response of tbe tremendous radio audience reached by the broadcast, however, tbe extra attractions have proved well worth Wilde, Waring .lias not only sttc- cceited In keeping his program as Interesting as it, was before, bul lin.'j macis it an even better show. In;doing Ibis he solved problems sim'ilar in many ways to those faced by {his sponsors idion t.hey bring out 1 a nesv model car. Especially Designed (or Travel Over R o n $ Ii Counlry Roads DETROIT—A liifihwheol uulo- HOljili'. specially designed for .ravel over ilio rutted raids of he nation's runil soollons, as well is on smooth rowcrolv writers deplored this apparent nogr- lecl mill asktnl fuv more "liy-wnys" cms. Since liilroihiclng Its hlRhwlieel cars, Plymouth hits found 11 wlilo- ipread imirket for them. Relnll ilo- llvorli's in the rural si'i'lkms have ned In projtoilioti lo the ritpttl sulos iHlvunces nuxle in mi'ltonoll- Inn centers. Priest Debunks Ideas About 'Frozen Nortli* CLKVEWiNIi (Wl—"There- live tnino polur lion rs In I ho w>os of the United Slates than In all ol Alaska—more Ksklmus In Hollywood ii tslk here. 'T saw inoro snow In Cleveland than during five months on my list trip U> AlnsKa," ho Kaid, NEEDBUILDER? "Wild Hilt" oummlngs, national A. h. A. ratlins thnmplon, recently took delivery of his second Chevrolet— a new IMS Master Do Luxe .sedan with which he us plciurcd above. Cuuimlngs becamo ;t Chevrolet owner fallowing bis victory fit Indianapolis last Drelaralion Day. Tn Ihe oval he is shown n.s ho finished the Indianapolis classic, wi-arinn tlio, new type crash liolmel lhal was recently adopted by Hie A. A. A. Contest J'.iKixl for nil lacing drivers In 1335. ... , . . • ilium in lho capital ol Alaska," .snld vent, Into pioducllon today ,u llu'j,,,,, |{ ,.,,„;,,. ,„, , , „ , h|b . Plymouth Moior Corporallm. Hte-1^,.,^ f , l|m , (1 M . a]i{ ,,„„,„,,,. „„„ ,,,,. 101 "'*• !wl«Blsl nf Simla cliuii Onlvorslty, Iu This .suwlal I'lymmuli has w-\ nc.h sU'i'l disc wheels, Hi viintnisl "" to lh<' 1C uml I'Mnch wheels or oilier inmlrls. To udupl Hie clms- sls to this larger wheel I'uulpim'nl,! special .s|>rln^.s art; n'C)Ulred, I Wllh [In 1 inrgcr wheels. tht> hli;ii- whcel I'lymontlt has a load t'l«ir- inwe ol a 1-ii inchos, wlik'h Is I 1-2 Inrho.s more than other inotl- eUi. Tile disc whtnils uro more vii{»god limn lusl year's wooden wheels and loss liable to cako up wllh ITw PHILLIPS USED CARS in sections in dcnunul. Will Make Film Study ol Big A\pes Jungle in African trucks, despite tin 1 osjwnsc of ocean 'The eoii)» model will bp priced at .shiuincnl. JSIO factory Detroit., and Ihe T\vo- "Our .suecoss anil perhnps our I5oor Sedan nt S535. These ears arc lives," said Miss, "will depend on oui trsnu>i>ortallon. To reach the home of Uic mountain yorillas in the Tlclginii COIIBO, the', iransporl has to take plenty oJ I „„ M n l n - Salp,. pimLshmciH. Nalurally, we cliow !lljtt _ molor . Jd . les it more carefully lhaii any other j jjart of otir ertuljuneiit. We picked j Dodge, not only for Its reputa-j mud which abounds whore ears urn A special gear ratio of •1.515 lo I, ovliles crrater jxnvcr for pulling it of uuul and deep snow, while icclal double-action shock obsorb- •s exercise greater conlrol on the omprcsslon .side lo reduce "piteh- additions lo the 1935 Plymouth line ami do not change, the Ben- oral Hnc-up of Plymouth models. The Second Leila Roasevelt E.t- gcdition and the Armancl Denis Belgian Congo Expedition, the, i wo independent, but co-ordinalcd pro- ecls for exploring primitive Africa vvhtch just got under way. will keenly interest the scientific world. Both expeditions will set out from Brussels. The main objectives ave Coast Gorilla country of French Equatorial AFrica and the Mountain Gorilla Preserve in the Belgian Congo, which is known as Succeeds Lce-Copneujfe . __ r)]( , Lee . Cop ,, C( , „ Arolo| . . o lion, but from the dependable way, , n , hfts ^ rco )lzcd n t , these cars and trucks have served!,^ Mo , or Salcs CQ ,„,,__ ^ M) . other expeditions.' | nnii Mi . s acorgc M . lfe ns mcm . the King Albert established under National Park. the supervision , ,, , . „ , ,. , of the late Carl Aketey. Alivo. vital and Keen to bi> oil on (lie great adventure, Miss Hooscvelt turned to her husband and fellow expeditionary, Armand Denis, for eonfimialioti. "Absolutely ebrrecl," agreed Mr. Denis. "PavUeulurly the w a y Dodge criiilpiDt'iit. came through for Prank Buck, and for Roy Chapman. Andrews in his famous c.x- plonilion of Ihe Gobi Desert." P.utl\ of the expeditions will enter Africa through Morocco and make the 4,000-mile lieh to the Congo, over Ihe lloggnr Mountains, lo Tinibiieloo, then lhrou_ This park includes thu Monn- Nigeria and the Moimtnim of Ihe laiiLS of Hie Moon, the groal vol- Mooll lo N n j ra M. canic Congo and between Uganda the Belgian and Tang- •MU»s ,loyc Adams wns the Wednesday night Riiost nf Miss Mabel Brackin. Mrs. C. I,. Crabb motored lo Cooler, Mo., Thursday'afternoon for her daughter, Miss Geraldinc, who attends school there. W. E. Hagan and Joluinle Webb were business visitors in Memphis Thursday. They were accompanied by Mrs. Hester Hughes and Gene Stafford. The latter is reccivinR treatment at a hospital there. . Miss Max'me Copcland has rc- lurncd to school at Armorel. Misses Bfilie Ray and Essie Slokes visited Miss Verdie Brewer of Tyler, Mo., Thursday aflernoon. Ed Cris and Elvis McCann of business 'ge wr.s or Ihe firm. Associated with Mr. Lee in the business will be his l)rollicr-in-la\v, J. ll. Kinniui, o Dallas, Tex. The firm, which handles PonUai aul Buick automobiles, will conthmi in business nt the present locatioi on Enst Main street. A carload of Pontiacs arrived lo day, Mr. Lee announced. The Lec-Ooppedgp Motor com i>any was formerly owned by Olive W. Coppedge and Mr. Lee. Mr. DenlS filmed "Gfiona-Ooona," Cooler transncleci Tluirsday. Neely Peery Ls confined to her home on account of mumps. \ Mrs. J. T. Walker was called lo Jonesboro Tuesday because or the death of her brother. I. A. Wim- borly. she was accompanied by her son, Louie, u'ho drove her They returned Wednesday. 1. II. lliitfman was honored at a birthday dinner at the home o[ his daughter. Mrs. Max Ray. and Mr. Say. Thursday. March 7. Mr. Huffman was 83 years old. Among those present were Mr. and Mrs. E. M. \ Huffman of Blytlieville, Mr. and j ' Mrs. Jim Crocked and Mrs. Zcb Reno, of Stec-le, Mo.. Mrs. Mottle Cassidy and family, Mr. and Mrs. I '£.. c. Hughes and" family and Mrs. | "Uia Harrison. Miss Florence Slokes. who has I been visiting in Newbern. Term., for Ihe past, five weeks, returned 1o her home here Saturday. "Honey" p ai ,i Green is confined lo his hortip here with mumps. Approximately 230,000 persons are employed >u Hie banks of this country; New York state alrmp has fjl.000 bank employes and loads all states in this rrapccl. anyika territories. Far up Ilie slopes of thts great' country is the last, known vefuue of the big, juciiiilain gorillas. With the air) of native guides and traveling in motor vehicles specially constructed Jor_J.hc purpose by Dodge Bi'O- .tiers""cx>rpbL'vitToir 67 Delroil, [he Arjiiaud Denis Belgian Con|?o expedition will .spend sevt-ral months recording Ihe lives and habils tiot only of the big primates, but of the herds of clephanls and the widest variety of wild game, which inhabit Ihe reservation. The second Leila Roosevelt exjiccli- tiou. also motor-equipped, will spend some time also 'in this territory, bul in addition, will push south through Ihe African jimglos and on to Cape Town and back.] True to the strenuous blood of her clan, the charming Leila Roosevelt, who Ls related to both President and Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt, failed alonj as co-leader of the African expedition that is expected to film amazing evidence. with Andra Roosevelt in Bali, and recently was production manager Frank Duck's is thoroughly Ihe hardships Steele-Cooter Society — Personal and director of "Wild Cargo." Miss Roosevelt equipped lo meet of Ilie adventure, through licr own cxjwricnce-in ^lard.nud .dangerous Iravc 1 !. With only a girl companion. Miss Edna Olmsted, she made a round-thc-\vorld moU>r tour td 1934. Going by freighter from Hew York to Antwerp, her 23.000-' mile drive took her through Belgium, France, Italy, Bulgaria, Turkey, Syria, Irag Beluchistan, India, by water toiPenang, down the Malay ^Peninsula, by water lo Batnvia, through Java, by water to Perth, across the Australian desert, to Sydney and by boat to San Francisco. Plymouth Adds Two New Models at Lower Prices Mrs. T. E. Briggnnce was hostess to a bunco party at her home Thursday afternoon with members of , ( the Jolly Cuib attending. High -.score -award • went "to Mrs. Clarice GUUand, low scare to Mrs. Oils Cooper and bunco lo Mrs While. hero | of "human" characteristics in lh£ family life of th4 great gorillas. While a great many modern ex- Plymouth Introduced Us first' Ighwhee! models l\vo years uuo. Phey were welcomed by rural mall arrlers. country doctors and antlers, who needed the additlon- 1 road clearance nml higher near nUo and at the- same time wnnt- d style, speed and Ijeauly for notleni highways. The special cars proved such a success that they are continued in .he 19115 line with all of Ihe new Jevelopmcnts found o'n other models, plus additional Improvements added lo make thorn even more •actical in rough country. Like otljiT Plymouth models, (lie iehwherl cars have allslci'l bodies, hydraulic brakes and the now scientific distribution of weight accomplished by moving the en- Bine and body forward. The six- cylinder. 82-horsepower engine suspended oil Floating Power mountings, has several new economy", features, including a hlgluT compression ratio of li/( to 1, calibrated ignition, full-length walei jackets and directional vvalor circulation. Despite the Increasing numl>ci of paved highways throughout thr> nnjloii, iJicro nra slill tlitiusmidf of miles of rough, counlry roads A recent survey showed that approximately 65 per cent of tbo oads in this country are unnavcil tccenlly. Time Magazine publlsh- d lelteix from rural readers, win ompluini'd lhal some aulomobllr nnnufncturcrs apparently forgot nail carriers and farmers when hey designed (heir strcamllnr-d ow-sUmg 19J5 models. Tbe loiter •IIICN ytm'rein iu\'d u{ a iomc — \v e i [', I] \ llclow :md ytm (c tircil-i'in aiul \via lulliAV tlu- advii'o v Mr. J. Al. TinO nt 7^1 Ii, Scronrt St., Mossier I'ilv, La,, wlii) saiil: "I am glail n> say a 'icn't'1 »7oHrn i>:'"v IWl'l I' 1 "''' "> flllVKKS! WK HAVK niruf>nvn 1'lllff v.lir . tti >raii ay,.). sitr. uliltK 5U5"., HiiuW tl.'W, or ti.ftii'l, fl-JS. All Wtilc iu Dr. fi (or IECL- [iu,li,-Al - Cliolf, llolfil •:« roiti) v-« TIIDOII. (Ms- luil -CiiToti I'alnl, Illiifli \VlicoU, Itcal (iiiod Tiros, Mo- lur A-I. nrlvon Only 13,001) AIANV A CAR TO KIT YOUR NRK!) rrcn IMUCRS '29 FORII FOUnOIl SUDAN S 01 'lift I'ONTJAl! OOHJ'U $97 'ltd OflAllAM I'Al'fli: SKDAN ? US I'Oltl) \'-8 Vl(."I'<)J(tA .. $275 nmvitou'.T coui'i; .. sssr, v-s in; J.IJXK $375 $185 $110 •:n i-oiii) v-« Tiinnit 'M I'UDI-IIAl, TllllClf. Dual ".',<) FOHD l!i TON TRUCK . •:w cnKvrioi.rr IK. TON TRUCK, l)u n I Wheels, Clovil (lull IN OUR LOT PHILLIPS' USED CAR LOT t'onu'i- Wulmil Ji l'hs( Sis. Walmil & l' l''lione Sl.'l . DETROIT — To meet a special demand from business organizations for lower priced transportation to be used by ..their salesmen «ncl other representatives, Ihe Mrs. H. desiring was hastess to the Woman's Missionary society of the Cooler Baptist church Wednesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Allen, of .'Blylhu- ville. spent Wednesday " night with her pareiiLs, Atr. and Mrs. Charlc. E Pollard. AccotniHinyhig" them home Thursday evening was Miss Lorcne Pollard, who was llieir guesl for two days. Charles Bates. Charles Mlclili and Leonard Limbaugh atlendet an oil meeting in Cape Wednesday night. Ben Burns and Harold Steel' are on a hunting trip near N» Madrid. Mrs. O. Ci. Travis and son, Gil. Stewart, are guests of Mrs. Trn n.- Stewar Ihe new and greater Studebaker Corporation UP TO $ GET THAT GOOD GULF GASOLINE FOR POWER—SPEED' "AND PICK-UP. Plymouth Motor Corporation todny of Blytheville. Mrs. J. B. Windcll and son, Rods at African safari priced m&dels are bei the 1935 Plymouth line. sisted on absolute dependability of transportation— and and s«tan. will soon bo in production. 52 Celebrates reorganization under finest financial sponsorship with sensational price challenge E. M. McCALL Dislrilmlor FIRE CHIEF GAS Siavis 47 'o Fastef than the u, s. Government • requires {or Us emergency equipment. JOYNER & BONIFIELD Teviro nistrlliulors Te.vuco Fire-Chief Gasoline plus Kthyl makes the new Texaco-lithyl. Texaco I'irr CTii'c/Wiis originally developed for use in fire engines, ambulances, emergency vehicles, clc. Add the Ethyl compound to Texacn Fire- Chief and yon have n superior gasoline—in quick starting, pick-up, power, pep and antiknock smoothness. Stop for Texnco-Uthyl, -CHEF GMbUNE PWS ETHYL BILL WUNDERLICH Phone 711 Corner Main & Fifth A Gallon For the World's Rest 'Regular' Gasoline STANDARD KSSOLKNU Buy it at Terry's, the Arkansas .«la- tion with the low Missouri tax rate. Complete lino of Standard Products. Free road service within a fl mile radius. Goodyear & Mansfield Tires TERRY SERVICE STATION Highway Gl—Ark-Mo Stale Line T ODAY Studebakcr, once more "the Great Independent", in co-operation with Studebaker dealers, issues a sweeping challenge to (he automobile industry by sharply reducing delivered prices. Only the new and greater Studebakcr Corporation can offer such values. Its financial structure has been adjusted to a thrifty 1935 basis and all burdensome overhead has been swept away. Studebaker now has millions of dollars in new,capital ... no bank loans ... no preferred stock. Plants have been written down from $49,000,000 to $15,000,000. • ,-• And Studebakcr is immediately passing these economies on to the public by-building finer cars—by increasing and improving Sludebaker's quality—and, most sensationally of all, by unexpectedly reducing delivered prices on the greatest Sludebakers ever built. New Reduad Ddivery Prices in Blythevitte Stwlebaker's sensational new delivered prices spcnk for themselves: DICTATOU -SPKCIAl;.: {'.Coupe. $813; St. Regis S=(l:m. $833;' Sedan, $Wi4; Custom Scdiin i.vvith .trnnkl^ 5890; Convertible, no:iel- tiler. $874. .' •.':•. \ V' .' • DICTATOH PLANAR: .. .Coupe. $838; St. Rcsis Sedan. S8fi9: Sedan. $900; Cnsloni Sedan iwilh trunk). $925; Convertible Rond- ster, S9IO. COMMANDER . . . Coupe, $10G7; Custom Sedan iwllh truntc), S11C4; St. Regis Sedan (irith trunk). $1133: Convertible Roadster, JI123. PRKSI1)BNT . . . Coup?, $14W; Custom Sedan (wllh irunk), $1501; Convertible Roadster. S'l-iGl. Above delivered prices In Blyttieville include bumpers, bumper guards, spare tire and tub?. mrtnl tire cover, \vliwl lock, metal covers, ladialor emblem nnd Federal excise lax. Studebaker Makes These Provable Statements! The superb New Miracle-Ride Stude- '! bakers arc the only cars on the market that combine real roominess with sleekness of line. All you need do is to tapc-mcasurc other cars! PROVE THIS FOR YOURSELF! t * • * Studebaker's Miracle-Ride for the first time in motoring history gives you the perfect combination of restful riding, sure-foptedness ami obedient handling. AH you need do is lo go for a convincing "third-degree" road test—the test that Studebaker challenges all cars, regardless of price or size, to take! PROVE THIS FOR YOURSELF! Studebaker's New Compound Hydraulic Brakes provide tlie_ world's safest, swiftest, straight-line stopping. . . '"'.' PROVE THIS FbR YOURSELF! » • • Studebaker's All Steel Bodies Reinforced By Steel are the safest bodies offered by any manufacturer -and WE CAN PROVE IT! Yavt present cjttirillbt Accepted as par tF#ymtni on a Mti*ch.Ria'eSluJfb*k»r . . . the baf«nce in conveni monthly ptyaitnls at t»ry lo* raf»i Automobile Sales Co,, of Blytheville Rlythoville, Arkansas STUOEBAKER DOESN'T BUILD JUST MOTOR CftRS.-.STUDEBftKER BUILDS CHAMPIONS!

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