The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 11, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 11, 1935
Page 2
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TWO (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Social Calendar TUESDAY'S S.VENTB Evcutne Board wnl°r high P.-T. A meeting J:;w p.m. j'oiiowcd by general P.- e. A. mating, 3:3!) p.m. Mrs. Elton W. KIroy Having (he Tuesctay Contract club. Mrs. Uttie Crawiord having Young Matrons Bridge club. Mrs. uarry Kirby entertaining UN \VeuiKsciay Bridge club. Bioie CMtiay oilmen of Christ meeting wirn Mrs. o. U. Grimes, '4:39 [Mil. •I'llURSDAV'S BVBNTS >I*d-\V;«cK Bridge two mefling jvijtri Mrs. Harry W. Halnes. Mrs. cnanes Wylic having Thurs- daV'BridgD club. uiluiEalif Liuicojcn club (nesting viyLVM^} "A,'(>'>'.Little..'. .,'.• „ ; u 1J C *iri£trilry$y^-ii-V Mis. ^,1, Fiiajlpimons. Huffman 1>.-T. A. The Huiunan P.-T. A. met Thursday aiterncon with an attendance oi eleven members nau jive vj£jtoi:>, nvo ol wnom liuer enrolled aSr members. Plans were completed for a home talent play to be given mo night of March 22. Daughter Eorn, A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Muvell Wnitenead, ol Clear Lane, on Saturday, Miuch ^. The baby, wno weigas seven and u nan pounds, has Men named Teggy Nell. *• V * Has Birthday. 1'nrty. Jimmic Louise Dickerson hail it birthday pirly ) = na«y luternoon In ceie'Drat.on 01 her tenrh birlh anniversary. It was a costume aiiair in which Bc'uy McMuihn won a set 01 jacks for tne bfst girls costume. The i-'oys prize was a top. Mairlage Licenses Issued. Among tne mai-rlngo licenses Issued trom tno oiBce o' ihe county couft clerk here recently, arc: Rog- ert.Onics and Miss Mary Louis Wllks, both 01 here; Herbert Uyer- ley and- Mia Aloa (jannaiuore, both ol noseisnd, by the ficv, .*.. s. Mc- Miun; Woourow Alexander and Miss Beniva Hay, bot'.i of Blytheville, by Justice oscnr Alexander; Calvin C. Clayton, of here, and Miss Lillie B. Baker, of Marie, by tile Rev. T. B. Shepherd; Ferrcll Gay anil Miss Jewel Jones, bolli of Ucloisc, Tjnn,, by Justice Oscar Alexander; Koiii nelh C.. Alley.of Roseland and Miss Clara. E. Mciintyrc o! Marie, by the Rev. J. A. Knight; joe V. :Rodory of Luxora, a nd Miss Marie MpLeod, of here, by Ihe Rev. V. E. ChrOfunt, pastor of the Lake Street MeJhod- ,ist church; Gordon Qrcen, ol Kon- •aell, Mo., and Miss Flossie Evans, of Dell, By Justice Oscar Alexander; Reuben j. K | ng and M , 5S Frances Estell Ball, both of Hayti, Mo,, by.the Rev. Stuart H. Salmon; Lecll oee and' Miss Katie Uttle- iicld, both of Burdette, by Justice J. K lompkins; Jesse (Jiarx, 01 Manna, ana MISS unnhv Fuirlcy, o( u««, by the l<ev, W. C. vanoiooer; Alien bpieer and Miss Stella aen- '•"is, boi/i ol innfman, by tne Kev. 'S'n; Joe u, MIcme, ol Slcclc, aim Miss ohriiimc ushohcr, oi Uraggaaocio, by tne Rev. smart, ji. -••-311, pastcu- of me first j'r«s- ian church; Dave white and Mils uila Henderson, both 01 Jiiir- ,<lette, by lite Jtev. H. m'stcin; Jesse Gorrton and Miss Edna liaktr, both of Manila, by me rtev. Paul H. ;)elcw; cnni-Jee 'J Jio;ni«o)i and Mm lilla Kilburii, ootn oi biwlt by jus- uce Kit Walker. B^i tcbc7hie»kz-yii jti-r. Anuouncetnent has neon mudc of the nmrrlayc or Miss Annie btra- i-cr 10 Mr. Peter Uariosczklewlois, coth ol Durrtctts. The Huv. D. U. Wnite pe;-ioirnetl .tne cere/iionj •Febniary L'l. Osborn-Uay. Annoiiiiiieniciil iuis been made of ihc uuuTiagc ct Mrs. Ullen Uay and Mr. VI. D. Oaboin, which occurred February <j. 'ihc ceremony wa s pci'ioiTiiecl by the Hcv. V. b. cnuii'iint, pastor ut the Lake d'trvet Meihodist. church, Mr. Osborn, owner of the Os- oorn Utacksmith slioi). has liven ill this city lor a iiiimtier o[ sears. CONDITION i Ends Promptly, Easily Thi lu.nlific iction of Fe«n...m!m, ihi ' l.! o« OI , r ,, Jtt ib, i,, !,„,„. ;„ n! f»r .v.ry m.mbtr of the f, m j| v , « „„ ,,, , - '•This New, Cream Sep. aratqr Bottle Gives You About One-Half Pint of Whipping Cream From Each Quart of Craig Milk. in Jonight's Milk Delheicd „ Time for Your Breakfast. CRAIG'S DAIRY Phone 74 lias Easier ESS Hunt. 'Keen Morris, diiushtcr ol Mr. and ills. Samuel R Morris, hatl a(j iilends us iicr guests Siiturfiuy al- icnmon at ihe country club lor an Easier esg hunt in celebrating her "hird bntnday, Easter baskeu;, decorated to re- cinblc nests with miniature chlck- ns in tlicm, were given us. Iiivors and these were useci to collect the colored eggs bidden nbont (lie club House grounds. A pink ami white birthday cake, decorated with "'Heeir written on it, was the centerpiece o[ the re- li-esinncnt table. Thli «a»-sii'i ; - loundccl with yellow jonquils and yellow napkins were used In rc- mjtnberiin! 'lie Kister molif. The cakp was served with Dixie cuiis. Included In tiic guesta were Virginia Brooks, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Berry Brooks ot Memphis, who came .over for the day, and Jacqueline and Betty Jones.ot Dj\tcr, Mo r:ous=gncst.s of Mr. inul M re . Hugh Nelson Thompson. Jtayo Dlrlllday l';tlly. ' 'Francelia and Wjmdtt Fisher, davieht^s. of Mrs. J. if. pisher, v.u're lUnovniid 11,years ol<|"oii Friday shoppiug around for uolhiug ... . I might 'have known it ivou Id . 6'c^jij,.. AY TAG For many years (lie choice of most womeubas been the Maytag. It J 3 built differently than any other washer. 'IV square, roomy, one- pic ce, cast-aluminum tub and tiio Maytag Roller Water Remover, alone, arc enough to make you n-ant a Maytag, but there are a score of other good reasons. Sea it for yourself now. Prices ore still SENSATIONALLY VOW THE MAYTAG COMPANY CO., pud Saturday 50 they litid a blrlh- iliiy party Saturday oliernoon. The 3i) giiesls. Including Dana Cauehan of Holland, playco games, Mm Missus Mnrjoric OucKeti aim Owendoiyn p'lsher nsslstiiiB Mrs. 1'ishcr In cnterallnlng. The two decorated birthday cakes H-crc served with ice cream und mo favors were shamrocks. Gives Mother fsnrjufsxi Parly. Mrs, Eddie B. David entertained 12 guests at her home Saturday evening us a surprise ty her mother. Mrs. B. p. fouor, in celebrating ncr birthday. Jonijiilk and hand made tallies hud score pads, in keepinif with the .St. t'atrlck motif, were u«l and Jor relrcstimfiits a cold plate \ was served with green candies. Mrs. w. W. snnver received a hand made luncheon set lor high scocc, Mrs. Ed Stanley was presented u potted plant lor low scora and the cut prize, a double deck ol cards, went to Miss Marie begeett. Dr. Williams \vill Address P.-T. A. Blccttng. "Can wo Control the Product ot Our Jloincs" is to be discussed by Or. J, M, Willlitms, formerly licad of Oaltoivay college at Searcy, Ark., at iy i meeting or the Senior High School Parcnt-Tcac-her association fucsday...afternoon. 3:30 o'clock, at cho high, school auditorittm. Thd association is extending mi mvilutlon to all mothers of the city to hear this speaker who has had ivlde; experience in dealinn with .Jlrls pf thQ 'leen ages. Another liumbcr on the program irtll t« a piano number, "Vnlnc" by i^cvllzk, by Miss Laura Jtalc. "El (inipo Amigo" Joe Wright has been elected president of the new B. Y p. u. at the First Baptist church nloDy with the following officers: vice- president, Bill Crowe; secretary Helen Harwell; Bible Quiz Leader' .Waryarct Moore; Group Captains Dick Tlplon and Bobble Jeaii Olaylock. An interesting study of "old myths and legends relating to the missionary church will be presented by theso members: Mythological Antioch, Grace McFarland; Historical Background Dick Tiptoii; The Church Established, Joe Wright; Evangelistic Spirit, Frsmcis Holland; Libcrul Giving, Helen Harwell; Missionary In Principle and Practice Bill Crowe; is Our Church Missionary, Margaret Moore. o/ Mostly Persona; B. F. Biogdon, who Btilferstl .a stroke o( paralysis 1331 Monday, is now greatly Improved. A)rs, Maule aclirock, of Cape'Gl- rarcleau, Mo., is the guest ol her sister, Mrs. W. H. Stovnn, ana farn- ily, lor sevci'til nay.s. MIS. Sclirock id Mr. unit Mrs. stoval) aru m cmpnib today. Mr. a«d Mrs. Ned M, Jones ami daugmers, Jaccpieiine and Betty, of Dexter, Mo,, were guests ot Mr. and Mis, Hug" Nelson TJimnixsoii lor ins weekcnu. Mr. Jones and Mr. Thompson SIXMR aaturday evening in ivjcmphis. Miss Mary Alice Thompson, 0 1 Mci7i]ihls, visited In t'hc-clty yestcr- uay, wTls King Thompson Is 111 at, thu home of als |mrents,.Mr. and Mrs, Hugh Nelson'Thompson; <iu Ninth and Holly streets. Mv. and Mrs. J. Ernest Hjissoii \vcro called to Meridian, 'MISS, Sunday morning by the critlcaj Illness of Mr. Hassan's I'atnur, They will probably be away at least two weeks. The elder Mr. Hassbn, who prominently known In Mississippi anil Texarkana, where he has been In the cotton business lor. a umber of years, underwent an emergency operation at a Meridian rtos- pimi lato Saturday night after huv- ms been stricken suddenly 111. U. A. HoVol underwent a sinus opeiiiiion Siilnrdny at tac Memphis fcyc, Ear, Nose and Throat hos- intnl. Erman Luttreil Is atlenrtlng to business in Nashville, Tcnn., tills week. Mrs. Clyde Davis, who has bam critically ill at the Memphis Bap- list hospital, ig slightly improved. Her dniitfnler, Miss Dorothy, returned home yesterday. R. J. Peterson, who has been critically 111 at.the home of his daughter in Paragould, js no better. Mrs. Peterson Is with l» m ana ],j 5 S011S| Remedy Removes Cause of Stomach Gas Most stomach GAS is ' liue" lu bowel poisons. For ciultik relief use Adlcrikit. One dose cleans, out body wastes, tones up your system, brings sound steep, city Drug Store and Kirby Bros. Drug , Co. — Aaron and Jimmic, and their (ami- ! lies, are going over at ditlcreni 'IIDCS. Mr. and Mrs. H. jj, Jones"a'ihi -laugntsr, Marina Ann, ana Paul wjiks, ol M«ni>Ws, -,|-er<; gl |«sis of Mr. und. Mre. j. f. fox yesterday. Mr, anu tors. Jmi VICK unu Mrs. Young Lynn, 01" Osacoin, »-cw nuwis oi iwr. vice's ai.nt,,' Mrs. u. o. UU'CK, aim ipmny yesterday. i>irs. U. o. Travis and son, or Siceie, arc guests ol Ant. Travis.' rnomc-i 1 , Mrs. I'esrt Btcwart. 1 Mrs. Paul HucKins, jr., W ent to Grenada, Miss,, iwuy iof t, n c iiinciai of her unclu. sue was .accompanied by her mother, of Memphis. If. Uignflll, who IB spelling much of Iii.'i time in Hot Springs durnitf the racing season, win come liomu tomorrow for a brief stay. Mr. iint.l Mrs. yteplien 11, Brooks and Mis.'C. A. Uoyey accpinixtnied Mr. liovey to tne Meinptiui 6ye, ijar, i-iosu an« 'I'uroat, rjospiiai, i-mimT ni(j honie last everting,: Olyue Poland will return tonight from not Springs. where he spent cue weekend. Jlininle Cannon, w || 0 W as called to O'hattanooga, l\nn., by tnc dcain oi JUS mother, has returned home. Mrs. Glcnda Smith, oi stcele, her sister, MISS Mary Virginia uaps- liari ol Holland. Misses Vera und Venn Jo Uicliarc! iintl Pinnci Caps- hint ol Hotliind, tnoiorett here Sun- <iay lot' Dana, Oapehari, who returned home auer spending tne wwjfciid with Prancella and Wan- ciii Pislier. Miss Vivian Covvgill lias returned io her home In ssi. r. W!15 !UU . r a Uriel stay with her iMncr, li. A. Cowglil. She was accompanied by Mi.wcs Mildred Shriller and Her-, nice Daiiser, also ol'st. Loins, who were making tneir lirsj visit to Arkiinsas. Louise Tucker and Maurice Lynch Wed Mr. and Mrs, J, jr. •,^, t ,| ?e o[ Ke.»er have announced the ni3iTi t age of t|,eir daughter, U>«l5ei to Mr. Maurice Lynch, of WlKwfhc wedding was solciiinlsetl February n at t'ne home of Rev. T. J. Randal, of Joiner. Mrs. Lynch a»«nd«d cchool at L. A. H. S. and Uiilycrslly high. Mr. Lyiwii Is the son of M. R. and Mrs. C. E. Lynch of WH- son. He attended Jonesboro Baptist, college and Union University at Jackson, Tenn. The couple will make their lioinc at Wilson. Mrs. Lynch is the sister ot Kev. E F Ti|ekcr, of Columbw, Miss. '' Demonstration Club News Notes f; nsi ie 11 club The Gosncll Home Demonstration club met. Thursday evening with 2G members present. Mrs. J. W. Crawford was In charge of the business session, at which the following officers were elected: president, Mrs. J. W. Crawford; vice- president, Mrs. H. E. Vanclevo; scoreUtry-trcfisurcr, Mrs. MeCilieo, Co/rimittee chairmen ; are: cl'oih- lnf,'Mrs, M. E, Cook; gardcnhif, Mrs. G, W. Potter; yai'd, Mrs. Les. lie Dorris; -home-' improvement, Mrs. M, E, 9r*wf9«(j food, Mrs. Head Courier News Wunt Ads. STOPPED-UP , L NOSTRILSJ Use MeittWaluni lo help ojpeii)},,, nostrils ami permit freer breathing. MENTHOLATUM Civet- COMFORT Unity ', MARCH, u, 1935 '• "" j i •'''••*••" . i...... , The- clifb ; wil|- meet Thursday, Marclr U, in : the' new kitchen. There will be -api a|May session iind,. everyone is urged to bring iMnch and enough pieces to make a quilt block.. . Youtfi Seeks rfome ' A. lad of H/ with no known relatives, Is seeing a home IhrouBl; Mrs. John R: Long, county probation, officer. .The boy has been iji?k)n ? s his (iproe, W | t j, a (»inlly who are now without a job a))d una!?!o' to care 'tor him • " •••••-•• •""' Mrs. Long, who says (hat thn- ; lad b very nfce and, we|| cd, will place him In a •ie home or for adoption. Read Cotmoi; New*, w*nt Ads. Blue Star Kills The Itch Germs To feet rid of Itch, rash, Idler, foot Jlch, ringworm or eczejn?,cov*r with soothing Blue Star Ointment wilch contains tested medicine that melts, soaks in quickly » ni j 1,1115 (h« byk it fjfst jar Oillj, :: ANNOUNCEMENT ^'e are pleased to announce dial we have secured the services oi 1 MISS ERNESTINE HOLLAND Miss Holland will welcome the opportunity to serve her many friends in Blytheville. NEW YORK STORE IT'S THE TALK OF THE "TOWN. Meet Your Friends at Johnny Btitnei-'s Silver Moon Night Club Where the Music is Even Better Than Beiore—the Crowds :u-u Bigger—and There's Fun Every Night When You're Dancing to George Foreland his New Teimesseaiis —Featuring— Miss E1 ixujjelli Foster Tlic Soutli's Finest Blues Sinaer Two Miles North of Ark-Mq.SUle Line - Highway Gl Dainty Party, v ! . •' -'/ ' (*• '• •*' v/^^/r-^.i i.f^ ,,.. Beautifully cleaned and brightened by our modern methotls. School Clothes Received Saturday morn-, liig-'aje returned the same evening. Our-" customers appreciate this: service. CLEANERS Phone 180 Buck of40,»iillit>n depositors there is over 20 tilHon dollars on deposit in (he. Untied Slates-a ircmeiKhtu reserve for the future. fChesterfteMthere ' is more than 85 million dollars invested in mild ripe tobacco, ..•.'• for milder better taste -Because you cannot make a j^ood cigarette from jiist-onc yetir's crop there are today -\ 1 A miles of warcliouses filled with cigarette tobaccos from the crops of !.93l-32-33-:34—most of it for Chesterfield cigarettes. Just as money accumulates interest, two. and a. lial.£. years of iigciMg makes these tobaccos milder and naturally sweeter. Think wluit this means—an eighty-five, Hiiltio^ dojfar reason why men and women who smoke Chesterfields will always enjoy a milder, bettej>-tastii}g cigarette. ' & MYERS © 15J5, IJGCITT & Mvui Tos.itco Co,

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